God’s Message Today: Do this every Day and you will be blessed

my dear child today you will understand

the magnitude of my eternal love and

sincere affection for you you will

understand how much I value you and no

enemy next to you will be able to

separate you let go of the past I want

your hands to be free to receive the

blessings that will soon be knocking on

your door this will free you from

sadness and lead you to a place where

you can grow and Thrive you are blessed

because your soul has been crying and I

have a spiritual crown of blessings that

you can enjoy cherish and share this

blessing will grow and multiply it’s

time for you to do as I say forget about

past sorrows and focus your eyes on the

ultimate goal do not seek happiness in

enslaving bitter memories that may

interfere with the plans I have chosen

for you if you trust me believe with a

sincere heart in this powerful goal that

I have for you for for I am giving you

powerful gifts great talents ideas

dreams and new abilities that have yet

to be discovered it’s all really real

I’ve given you the strength to work with

wisdom and Triumph stand at the doors

and they will open the doors that I open

no one can close I don’t want to see you

sitting in despair from a life filled

with unfulfilled dreams this is not part

of my plans for you I want you to

confidently move toward towards

guaranteed success it will not be easy

you will have to fight but in battle we

be surrounded by Heavenly Angels my word

your sword your faith your Shield my

spirit your banner your desire to live

and do my will is the power that will

support you do not be afraid do not

doubt for even with your mistakes and

Imperfections nothing and no one can

separate you from my love believe leave

stop go don’t look back I am waiting for

you at the end of your journey with your

blessing in my hands my mighty hand is

always ready to help you when you feel

that you need me even when you are

moving away from me or falling into

despair because of your mistakes I

understand you I am your Creator and I

continue to love protect and take care

of you close your ears to negativity

remember that my my word tells you not

to despair don’t let your feelings

dominate your thoughts Behavior or

actions don’t let the disappointments of

Life destroy your faith both in good and

bad times I was always there for you

even when you felt weak please stick to

your faith no matter how insignificant

it may seem even if your emotions tell

you otherwise my spirit and my word tell

you today not to stop believing not to

be afraid afraid of people I am your

assistant a man like you will not give

up you are brave even in difficult times

you will walk through the fire unscathed

cross Stormy Waters and not drown do not

lose heart because I will be with you

wherever you go I will not leave abandon

or reject you I don’t want to see you

sitting without enthusiasm immersed in

despair tormenting your soul when I see

you I feel compassion and love because I

know that no one around you really

understands the depth of your pain you

endure it in silence while your spirit

is crumbling from within I can see you

blaming yourself for many of the

difficulties you face but I’m not here

to judge I am here to express my love to

you and offer you way out of the

darkness that surrounds you I want to

save you not distance you from guilt and

hopelessness I have forgiven all your

sins because you have repented I’ve

forgotten your mistakes now forget them

yourself it’s time to start a new

chapter in life your life is filled with

freedom and joy let go of the burden of

sadness and disappointment don’t let

your spirit hold a grudge I understand

that this is difficult because you have

been deeply wounded you have the right

to be happy and I have come to save you

it’s all in the past forget about it and

and take this opportunity to feel my

love and kindness once again tears of

Despair will soon be replaced by Tears

of Joy the Dark Nights of your soul will

disappear and the light of my presence

will illuminate your life open your eyes

and focus because I bring you good news

whenever you encounter a new problem

remember my words my promise is

unshakable and happiness awaits you

endlessly concentrate on my voice I

speak to you with love I assure you that

we will resolve your worries and

sufferings believe in me give me your

heart when you feel tired and empty come

to me when you can’t continue and it

will give you the strength you need and

fill you with peace trust me trust me

and wait when the days come and you feel

tired remember that I am here to restore

your strength and fill you with peace do

not be afraid

for there are wonderful blessings on the

horizon beautiful and amazing the very

words that Delight your ears every day

are deeply swn in your soul they grow

and strengthen your Harvest is coming

and it will be abundant your happiness

is immense laughter will burst from your

lips and your heart will be filled with

praise therefore do not let the shadows

of negativity that envelop you from time

to time weaken your spirit know that my

word once uttered will ignite a flame in

your soul in your finances in your

family in your life the extinguished

fire will flare up again filling your

body with new energy in giving you a new

life but for that I need your faith

don’t let your mind dwell on the past my

Holy Spirit dwells within you

transforming you into a new creation to

harvest the Harvest that awaits you soon

remember your life in this world is just

borrow time the years are flying by time

is getting shorter but your path

stretches far I’m passing these words on

to you to make sure that you value your

time hold fast to the faith that lives

in your soul write down all your dreams

and prayers on a roll of parchments and

bring them to me at dawn meet every day

with unwavering faith and enthusiasm be

vigilant for I will open the doors for

you keep moving forward never give up

perseverance is your ally wonderful

changes are already taking place among

the people you love I will organize your

finances and put everything in place to

restore Harmony in your home I speak to

you daily in Divine words that will

enrich your song with wisdom look for

Kindred Spirits radiating my peace and

love who boldly proclaim the mighty name

of Jesus let their mouths refrain from

slander and deception May their actions

reflect my kindness for where to all

three Gather in my name I am there

giving you a time of Miracles entrust

your burden to me and find Solace be

attentive observe what surrounds you and

you will see the dawn of a new era of

abundance and benefits


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