God’s message on fasting day | Christianity and fasting | biblical great fasting knowledge

my dear child I have just talked to you

about lent with Holiness of heart I see

the sincerity of your intentions as you

embark on this sacred Journey know that

fasting is not just abstaining from food

and drink it is a profound spiritual

discipline Isaiah a time for soul

purification eliminate distractions in

the material world and draw near to me

James when you reject the desires of

the flesh let your spirit rise in prayer

and meditation Matthew

seek my presence with all your

heart for in a calm mind you will find

me waiting Psalm and let your

fasting be accompanied by kindness mercy

and gentleness for these are the true

fruit of a heart surrendered to my will


remember fasting is not an act of

self-righteousness or a way to gain our

favor Matthew but rather a humble

acknowledgement of your dependence on us

it is an acknowledgement of our need for

Spiritual nourishment Matthew and

may your fasting be a testimony of your

love for us it is a sacrifice offered

with sincerity and piety Mark when

you are weak know that we are with you I

will strengthen you with my grace circum


accept this fast as a gift it is a

precious opportunity to deepen your

relationship with me Joel .

so that your heart may be filled with

peace and your spirit may be refreshed

as you journey through lent if you trust

me share this video with your loved ones

stay blessed

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