my beloved child look for me and find my peace come pray to me constantly day and

night keeping up your strong faith and hope when you reach out to me approach me with the certainty and

strong belief in my presence knowing I will answer because it Delights me even

if things haven’t gone as expected put your trust completely in me once more

I’m working behind the scenes preparing blessings for you and your household

should you lose something material think deeply about it your life is in my care and I wish

for your happiness growth unwavering faith and strengthening I will give back to you

what you thought was gone returning it even better and more wonderful than before surpassing what you had

asked so don’t worry or cry over what you’re missing now

instead focus on loving me valuing your family doing my will and waiting

patiently for the blessings that are on their way material things can disappear and

reappear don’t let that upset you nothing is truly gone forever I will recover what was taken

from you and bring back the good from your past making it even more incredible trust me with all your heart

I want to give you the peace you crave deep down but you need to find rest both

physically and spiritually hand over your anxieties and Sleepless thoughts to me have faith your

future isn’t as Bleak as it seems I listen when you cry at night

wondering how you’ll get through tough times hear my Assurance today your faith

now stronger will see you through your faith is incredibly strong now stay

close to me your trust in what I promise is enough for you to walk on water and

witness miracles in your life don’t be afraid of anything or anyone as you wake

each morning fill yourself with courage and strength you’re truly courageous your

faith is vast this represents my word which you trust deeply use it when you

face Hard Times I’ll be right there fighting with you I love you my blessing

is with you always my love fills you up my peace surrounds you and my arms hold

you I heard you when you silently battled despair turning your thoughts

into prayers and lifting them to me I caught each one in my hands my spirit

listen to you there’s not a single word from you that escapes my

hearing even even when you felt your prayers didn’t get past the ceiling I’m

here to tell you I’m real I’ve heard you I’ll respond to your requests in the issue only you and I know about will be

resolved everything will turn in your favor trust that it’s already taken care

of I want you to come to me today again with all your trust you talk to me yesterday but life

moves forward and our friendship endures never miss a chance to share your

feelings with me don’t pretend all is perfect that you don’t need me or that

you fulfilled all your dreams with no more to reach for don’t pull away from me when you’re

happy life is full of changes and I want your faith strong for times you might

need me ahead I know you still love me even in

your happiest moments you yearn for my presence you won’t find true Happiness

by ignoring me and not walking beside me alone your spirit will chill and a deep

emptiness will grow within you so I keep urging you every day every moment I

knock on your heart’s door I’ll make you uncomfortable until you see that even if

you try to pull away I’ll keep searching for you I won’t let go and no matter what

I’ll always love you today I share these words with you filled with my deep

affection as a loving caution let’s maintain our connection

you and me in close Fellowship follow me seek me out keep

praying and witness how profoundly I love shield and bless you remain peaceful no longer worry I

will alleviate your anxiety if you allow me pause all your concerns and

distractions momentarily and welcome me in so I can plant these words in your heart I am by your side even if those

you think care for you leave I will never abandon you should you face

hostility from those who despise you and feel isolated know that I cherish and

protect you I am your father your God your companion it might seem hard to believe

that someone could love you this intensely offering a love beyond what you’ve ever known or

felt don’t be harsh on yourself thinking your errors make you Unworthy of such

affection stop punishing yourself and putting yourself down as it only leads

to sorrow and despair I will lift the spiritual blindfolds that stop you from seeing me I will change your heart so

you can truly believe in me come to me because I know you are weary and

burdened draw near to me to re receive that peace you so earnestly desire and

to find rest I don’t want your days to be heavy for you to rise sad and

discouraged my death and Resurrection are a gift of love to you so that you may live your life with Divine

joy in your heart I am breaking those chains that hindered your growth today

those bonds that prevented you from moving toward the future of blessing that I offer you are destroyed

do not walk backward to seek the opinion of those who once bound

you the decision to love me and follow me is yours your peace and well-being

concern me your enemies only wish for your downfall be brave have courage and step

boldly into the new life I’m giving you your blessing is on its way you will

soon witness it trust in what I say and and embrace it with faith and happiness

don’t dwell on past errors or let them hold you back your future is before you remember

don’t get stuck in the past when you’re feeling weak and weary

just remember I’m your loving father reach out to me I will help you

rise above your troubles turning your challenges into victories don’t let sorrow and tears overcome

you please take a moment to listen and let this message heal you don’t hold on

to the enemy’s deceptions that bring you down look beyond what you can see choose

your faith instead think back on my words to you pull those promises out

from deep within and declare them loudly for all to hear when the enemy hears the strength and certainty in your voice he

will Retreat see how you’ve changed and stood firm against his

attacks he knows he can’t defeat you use your faith in every part of your life

your work your dreams your home in my words you’ll find the direction you need

for every challenge you face my beloved in this world afflictions abound yet

trust that no turmoil shall break you I’ve bestowed upon you a profound sense

of responsibility your influence over your family can Usher in Salvation and

blessings that endure eternally the troubles you perceive shall vanish from your sight refrain

from seeking them out for they shall elude you focus instead on matters of genuine

importance and value which shall bring edification to your life and your family

bearing fruit blessed and multiplied in your home I’ve chosen you to experience

my incredible power and be a messenger of great Miracles reach out with your hands in

prayer to those who are sick and they will get better you will safely step over

dangerous creatures be brave tackle life with the strength my words give you work

hard and if you’re jobless step out in faith to find work don’t turn down any

chance no matter how small it might seem because I will bless you in your hard work and fill your life with plenty

stand up show me that spark in your eyes move forward confidently knowing that

your faith will clear your path and defeat your enemies your win is my win

your success gives me joy your thankfulness touches me and inspires me

to Grant you even bigger blessings have faith and look forward to the good things coming your way it’s not by

chance you’ve asked and uh I’ve given generously as you help others without

expecting anything in return I will greatly bless you because I want to fill you with

certainty let your faith grow and your sadness Fade Away welcome my strength into your heart

and find immense Joy ask be thankful seek help and

believe through these actions you’ll see even more incredible and divine

Miracles my promise is solid immerse yourself in my word for it contains

promises that when embraced bring Rich rewards to those who plant these truths

in their hearts for you and everyone who loves and trusts in me no foe will overcome

you illnesses will vanish and my blessings will fill your home your table

will be abundant and your family will experience peace Joy health understanding communication respect and

unity I affirm again my word is potent and active bringing Miracles wherever it

goes it won’t return to me without accomplishing what I desire I joyfully

accept your Thanksgiving your eager heart and your Soul’s desire to know me

deeper and to execute my will I have an abundance of blessings for you beyond

mere material wealth which is transient my words will have an everlasting

impact this is the power of my holy word when you choose to trust honor and make

me a priority in your life I don’t send blessings that can be stolen by the enemy or that will decay in your grasp

if you’re committed to following my will and pursuing a holy life decide to

ignore the enemies deceit and protect your children from doubt and Rebellion stay away from people

and supposed friends with bad intentions who might lead you off course I cherish you deeply and wish for

you to experience my love every morning Embrace this feeling of warmth and allow

it to strengthen you remember the blessings you receive are not by chance they are gifts from me

to you you’ve just woken up burdened with worries know that I am here not to

judge but to comfort you please take a moment to listen to me to Let My Words

ease your concerns reflect on the deep love I have for you if you care so

deeply for those you love imagine how much more I care for you even if you can’t see me with your

eyes I’m always by your side you’ve seen how I’ve stood up for you raising you

when others thought you were down and out think about all the ways I’ve shown my love

for you remember the Miracles you’ve witnessed none were

meaningless you have been abundantly blessed and your faith has

flourished but today upon Awakening those thoughts assail you once more and

your soul is troubled by these emotions tossed to and fro by the cruel

winds you know what you must do on this day to begin do not place your trust in

negative emotions if if doubts assail you insisting that no one can help you

remember that you believe otherwise put your faith into action

your future depends on how you choose to believe if you trust in what I am

telling you and cease to be intimidated by the problems you perceive the obstacles before you shall

vanish today after listening to what I’ve shared please pause for a heartfelt

committed prayer talk to me about each of your worries I want to hear you say you love

me deeply that you trust and believe in me no matter the hurdles you encounter pray and request that specific

Miracle say it out loud I’m eager to listen your voice is like sweet music to

me it’s not just your words but your faith speaking to me unlocking the door

to wonders I’m grateful you’ve spent this time with me and listened I can tell

you’re feeling more relaxed now and should doubts trouble you again remember

I’m here with you keep in mind how deeply I cherish you everything will

turn out fine the miracle you’re waiting for is on its way whenever fear and

despair come knocking when doubts and uncertainties try to overpower you when

sadness and tiredness creep into your heart think of me me I’m always right

there with you if you feel lonely remember you’re never truly

alone and if you feel like crying let those tears be ones of happiness for

you’re surrounded by my love my care and my guidance I want you to be certain

that when you pray and call out for my assistance I immediately command the Heavens to dispatch numerous angels to

act in your favor I send Joy to fill your heart and dispel all

sadness I impart wisdom to Grant you mental Clarity enabling you to find solutions to your problems I lay my

mighty hand upon your spirit filling you with unconditional love and Tranquility

in moments of difficulty When you pray all of Heaven gets to

work so grasp how critical potent and valuable each one of your prayers is I

have the power to shift heav and Earth to assist you with whatever you need I

don’t want to see any of my children overwhelmed by troubles sadness or disappointment I’ve made you to

experience my fullness in every aspect of your life to make this happen you

need to trust me with your heart and let me take care of you like never before my grace rescues you my Mercy

cleanses you and my love turns you into an overcomer

be joyful and smile have confidence your life will start a new

from today your past will no longer hold pain new seasons are ahead when chances come

your way welcome them embrace them with belief I hear your prayers and today

I’ve commanded blessings to flow into your home and change your life healing any hurt and sadness giving you strength

and wiping away any spiritual Frailty now I Infuse you with faith and resolve

so you can feel complete never again be sorrowful over life’s events I cherish

you I’m always attentive to your words and never grow weary of it keep praying

and never think it’s in vain just be patient and allow me time to work out the details to bless you beyond your

requests when it’s time to answer you stay calm meanwhile see how your belief

and strength grow your faith is becoming firm and steady you’re not as troubled by

troubles or scared when challenges pop up you are walking with me and that is

good in those moments of Anguish when you felt lost you did not stray onto

other paths or flee down twisted and dangerous paths you remained faithful to

my love and that pleases me greatly you should feel very confident

that I will always answer your prayers soon I will come to you with the

best response do not worry some will come to try to discourage you but be careful whom you

listen to many will disguise their disbelief with sweet words and

friendship but you cannot waste time with false friendships that may lead you astray and fill your mind with

bitterness they see how I treat you with such a affection and envy you seeing how

things go well for you despite your mistakes and they want to steal the blessings you already

have forgive and pray for those who come to discourage you but close the doors of

your soul if you are not careful they will try to destroy your family and your

home I told you they do it because they Envy you and instead of focusing on

seeking me they waste their lives and time trying to rob

you don’t fret I know everything and as long as you stay connected with me I’ll

send alerts to your heart when danger is near hold on to your faith deeply rooted

in my teachings pay attention and welcome it when you hear me

speaking always keep in mind the wonderful things I share with you and cherish them the answer to your prayer

and the blessing you’ve sought are on their way you and your family will soon

experience immense Joy how are you feeling talk to me open up about your

burdens and feelings I am right here with you wrapping you in my love easing

your heart I see your weariness from past trials I get your frustration at times

suffering seems endless and it feels like the pain will never

cease you get anxious and worried about the future doubting whether your circumstances will

improve understand that I’m not judging or punishing you for your feelings or

thoughts even if doubt has clouded your mind I’m not upset my love for you surpasses all your

uncertainties and emotions I will keep loving you even if you choose to turn

away from me today and forget all the blessings I’ve given you over time

should you decide to stray and reject me trust me my love for you remains

unchanged yes I will always love you and I’ll follow you wherever you go

continually reaching out until your heart recalls our shared moments and the battles we’ve fought together for your

life on this day I am cognizant that your affection for me is profound and

you will not Accord undue significance to either doubts or those emotions which

seek to obfuscate your soul you know it belongs to me however express it for I yearn to

hear it and let the entire Cosmos bear witness to this enchanting tale of

love you were searching for true love and forgiveness and I came to your

rescue washing you clean with my powerful blood from now on we are united forever

this is our reality we cannot be separated so trust in me hand over your

uncertainties to me right now and stop letting them occupy your

thoughts I’ve planted the seed of my vibrant word in you doubts fade away my

promises rejuvenate you I love you you are mine you belong to me and I promise to look after you

Shield you and love you endlessly I treasure the moment when you

open your eyes each morning you see yourself as a toughened grownup but I see the innocent image of

a child if only you could see yourself through my eyes you’d spread your wings

flying high Rising above challenging the world overcoming adversity transcending

time see past your reflection sense the Lively curiosity the Purity in your

heart the ability to dream of a world filled with beauty how I wish you could

hear your laughter as I do its tune even when hidden is profoundly beautiful

touching my ears softly I listen to your laughter in times of happiness and during struggles

laughter filled with trust and Delight a sound that echos in the heavens a beat

that uplifts the Kos in truth you are content if only you could perceive what

I behold see beyond the somber Veil the world at attempts to shroud over the

Glorious plans I have laid for you if only you could see what I see

within you you would shed the burden of guilt and pain once and for all for you

need not bear them I have taken them upon myself if only you believed in what

I believe about you of your capability for beauty greatness and the creation of

marvelous Works rivers of blessings look around my dear one and

Trust in what I tell you do not view yourself through the world’s lens do not torment your spirit as

though bereft of love for you are cherished with the Undying Love of your father the almighty

God my love for you is a consuming fire slow to anger and rich in compassionate

Mercy now gaze into the reflection of my eternal words see yourself as I see you

look at the precious person I watch over with care when the burden seems too

heavy Lean on Me rest on my supportive shoulder when resistance wains offer

your heart to me let me Infuse it with my encompassing love if there comes a

moment when life feels unbearable know that hearing these words today is no

coincidence it’s by Design because I’ve chosen this moment to reveal my love to

absolve your sins to Pardon your errors don’t be harsh on yourself many past

grievances weren’t your doing you were misled undervalued and wounded still you

stood up persevered and took action understand this I’m your maker I

understand you more profoundly than anyone can my wish is to heal your mind

your soul to liberate you from guilt and anxiety embrace my forgiveness trust

that My Sacrifice has purified IED you and you’ll witness your life being transformed by

Miracles I promise to cast all your sins into the depths of the sea where none

shall have the right to condemn you now your garments are white though

challenging for many to comprehend you possess the capacity to have faith to believe to accept with the innocence of

a child the truth of my word you can recognize in your your

heart that it is I your God your heavenly father who speaks to you now

and with my mighty hand I have come to relieve you of all burdens to expel from

your life by the power of my blood every Spirit of death every notion of defeat I

want to see your happiness and celebrate your triumphs my dear child feel my loving Embrace grasp my hand and wrap

yourself in my grand splendor now boldly face the obstacles before you

be diligent Brave and fearless let no one deter you as all who confront you

will ultimately falter Embrace these words with faith

you are immensely cherished you are my son you are my daughter and this bond is

eternal I will transform your grief into might your tears into laughter bring you

health and joy and alleviate your anguish should you refuse to remain oppressed by the burdens of sadness and

despair trust deeply in the words I convey to you today follow my guidance in every aspect

for it is the just path be imbued with my might and vigor Adorn yourself with

the armor of the spirit so you may Triumph in this spiritual Battle For Your

Existence the adversary aims to sever your bond with me forever but I

recognize your resolve to endure and progress rest assured I will never leave

you isolated engage in the fight persevere

and wield the sword of my word your conflict is not with flesh and blood but

with the dark spiritual entities when confronted by these malevolent spiritual

forces pray steadfastly call upon me and I will respond

equipping you with the means to Prevail unveiling wondrous

insights you stand on the verge of realizing your cherished dream discarding all grief and dismissing

every inkling of discouragement and defeat Triumph is within reach it merely

requires a step of fth from you if you feel you can no longer endure give me

your hand and I shall assist you cling to my truth clothe yourself

with my righteousness Place upon your feet the Readiness to walk the path of my

blessing Shield your thoughts and your heart with the faith reject the enemy’s attempts to sew

confusion in your mind pray continually for yourself your

family your friends for all your prayer is vital to entering

this new time my grace and peace shall be with you never forget you are deeply loved I

shall Endeavor to touch your heart in a potent manner so that henceforth every day you feel compelled to come and

Converse with me to spend time in my presence may you receive my wondrous

Grace I want your relationship with me to grow stronger to become solid and

flourish beautifully don’t lose heart let your soul experience profound and

fresh feelings I will give you such a powerful blessing that you and your

family will turn to me with love and sincerity I will remove any

Discord in your home and give you a fresh start but you need to believe in

my power to transform your life expect miracles soon in your life and your

family’s life keep faith for nothing is impossible with me if you see your life

is broken your spirit downcast and your future uncertain trust in what I’ve

promised you I will soon provide the love Grace forgiveness and understanding

you need I will eliminate all shortages disputes and separations in your family

the moment you’ve been waiting for is close be ready to appreciate and grasp

it so Joy doesn’t escape you grow in character let wisdom guide you do not be

fooled or robbed of this gift stay alert in this season of your life I want to bless you richly and wish

for you to keep everything I bestow upon you the envious ones may come wearing

smiles and speaking sweetly aiming to ens snare you in falsehoods to piler

what is rightfully yours and then to mock your distress for long you have sought

Prosperity from me and I am bringing Divine Prosperity into your life devoid of sorrow or tension only joy and

blessings peace and Tranquility at times in your weakness you have doubted me questioning my

existence and the authenticity of the love I Harbor for you here’s my

response you shall feel it in your heart you shall witness it with your eyes my

promise shall soon be fulfilled and all that I speak shall indeed come to

pass my child offer your heart to me and let your eyes follow my

path your blessing resides with me my dear child place your concerns in my

care trust deeply and hand over those daunting challenges to me fully truce

and stop trying to resolve things your way in such stressful times your

feelings can mislead you decisions made hastily can lead to Serious mistakes to

swiftly improve your situation and ensure the best outcomes here’s what you should do today rest for a while in my

presence with my hands upon you I will grant you peace and Infuse you with New Hope and divine calm your demeanor will

reflect patience steadiness assurance and bravery your foes will not see any fear

or weakness in you instead they will witness is my Holy Spirit working in your life providing answers and Freedom

by opening your heart to me you’ll achieve far more my strength will Empower you to confront obstacles

directly any remaining fear will fade away giving rise to a new Inner Strength

the heart of a conqueror Victorious and robust filled with steadfast belief your

victory over this problem begins today but your Triumph was secured many

centuries ago you need only believe and ask for it

with my word in your hands and my promises in your mind with your eyes fixed on the prize that awaits you

utilize all your talents with enthusiasm and a steadfast gaze upon the ultimate

goal for you do not fight merely to fight you must impress none other than

yourself you strive to continue reaping spiritual victories in a supernatural realm your

battle is real and so take this message seriously While others remain stagnant

trapped in the pits they’ve dug for themselves you march Straight Into the Heart of the

storm there you stand tall brandishing your sword in one hand and your flag in

the other for victory is nigh the storm shall cease and you shall plant your

flesh upon conquered ground continuing your journey I understand why I guide you to

confront your troubles fearlessly you have my backing and I promise to Shield you from damage and ruin your victories

come through my strength as you’ve overcome many challenges with me as your protector and

stronghold when you called I responded I reached out my hand and at your most

vulnerable when you were nearly swallowed by despair I rescued you you are alive and well today the

difficulties you face now will end and those who ridiculed you will find themselves

embarrassed no one can block the blessings I have for you I cover you

with my sacred protection my shield is upon you and my warrior Angels encircle

you ready to guard you from harm your destiny is secure in my care alone I am

your all powerful and supreme god my love for you is Everlasting

filled with patience and kindness I am committed to seeing my purpose for you

realized affirm your trust in me and let go of the hurt caused by harmful chatter

and false accusations those words will disappear like chaff in the wind easing the pain

they’ve caused you won’t be overwhelmed by sadness for you will be embraced by My

Love Open Your Heart to me fully and turn a deaf ear to those

malevolent individuals who aim to dictate your future know that I love you in manifold

ways imbuing you with courage and security so that your emotions are not swayed by the opinions of

others before attaching importance to those venomous tongues remember that I

know who you truly are I know the goodness in your heart I have a special

purpose for you I have bestowed open you a family and others who genuinely love

and will support you in many and devors invest your time in seeking me

serving me attending to your loved ones and aiding those in

need I can utilize you as a vessel of blessing to your entire city to serve as

an example of righteousness and honesty therefore I lift you up granting

you the courage and strength to be a blessing through you I shall perform

great Miracles promise me that you shall fear nothing and no one keep going don’t

give up hope because a bright future is ahead of you my child I understand the

tough and challenging times you’re going through and I know about every loss you’ve faced fear and doubt have turned

into sadness cooling your spiritual fire clouding how you see things and causing

you a lot of pain you’ve started to give up on many dreams and plans because your hopes have

gotten smaller these Hard Times make you feel like you can’t go on that you won’t

make it I’m aware of every night you spend reflecting on your past self and

past actions missing what used to be there was a time when you relied fully

on your own abilities and sought approval from others making yourself the focus but then your heart filled with

self-importance and arrogance pushing you away from me and ignoring my

teachings now you’re deep in sadness and feeling lost not seeing a way forward it

seems like time is just passing by without any positive changes but remember I haven’t abandoned

you I’ve always been right by your side so today I’m man asking you to

listen to me and pay attention to what I’m saying I want to encourage you to come

back to me return to my presence with a true heart and I will make your faith

stronger look for me with all your heart and in me you’ll find a life that’s

truly satisfying and get back the blessings that were taken from you the enemy wants to take everything

from you and bring ruin and destruction into your

life that’s why my child I’m here today to save you and offer you all the help

you need turn your heart toward me give me all of yourself and I’ll clean up

anything that’s wrong in you I’ll restore your core and make your heart new

again all that you’ve lost everything that was taken from you will come back

to you many times over just trust me completely with your whole heart mind

and strength remember my promises are always true and reliable have faith my son my daughter

and you’ll see how everything you once lost will be restored to you joy peace

security and an abundance of blessings will fill your life again just trust in

me believe what I say and let me shower you with all the love you

deserve let me guide you providing protection at every turn

turn understand my child no matter how deep the hole you’re in or how often you’ve turned away from me I haven’t

left you I’m here to support and Lead You Back to happiness so put your trust in my power

to heal and restore and watch your life bloom a new in me you’ll find the peace and

strength to overcome any challenge or hardship know that in all your struggles and battles you’re not alone

I’m aware of every hurt in your heart but don’t beat yourself up over

these things for my forgiveness knows no end in me you can find all you need for

there is no hardship when you lean on my love and wisdom you need only trust and

I will heal your wounds renew your spirit and lead you to your true destiny

do not give up my child do not do not forsake your goals do not discard your

dreams do not let the enemy snatch away the desires I have placed in your heart

for in me there is still a bright and promising future awaiting you rise now

take my hand and walk with me I will undertake to rewrite the story of your

destiny a story replete with faith hope love and purpose

remember you’re never on your own I’m walking with you by your side at every

moment even when things seem their darkest my love for you never wavers and

my kindness is Limitless no matter how many times you might drift away I won’t leave you

behind trust in me and realize you don’t have to shoulder everything alone I’m

here to help carry your burdens hold my hand and you’ll see that with me no Lo is too heavy come find

rest in my loving Embrace I’m attentive to every word you say and every silent

wish of your heart let me be your safe place during tough times and your

strength when you feel weak now is the moment to look forward

with hope leaving behind past regrets enjoying today and anticipating a

brighter future each day offers a fresh start and every morning brings my favor Grace and

Endless Love Don’t Be Afraid even when you’re unsure of your path I’ll be the

light that brightens your way leading you to a fulfilling and blessed life your day will be filled with joy

and my blessings will surpass all you imagine Trust In This Promise today

you’re set to receive wonderful blessings because I’ll be active in your life from this this day’s start pouring

out grace and favor ensuring your endeavors are fruitful and successful my wish is to not only bless

you but to also fill your heart with happiness and peace in every aspect of

your life feel confident in your actions knowing I am with you loving and guiding

you at each step walk boldly and confidently for I watching over you keeping you safe under

my watchful care child I know that yesterday you felt sad

and discouraged but today awaits you a radiant and marvelous day a day that

brings with it light hope and greet opportunities a day where I will bless

you and Grant the desires of your heart close your eyes and feel the warmth of

my love the tenderness that I’m instilling in you let my presence permeate every cell

of your being let my spirit fill your heart with my pure and inexhaustible love until it saturates your

soul beloved child today I urge you to place all your trust in me although

today may be a wondrous day filled with great blessings it is also true that you

will encounter significant challenges and trials there will be struggles and tests

moments of difficulty but remain calm for all will be well and no no harm will

befall you these experiences are part of life

and essential for your growth I’m blessing you today with a day

full of wonderful opportunities I Proclaim well-being

health and prosperity over you doors that have been shut tightly

will open wide today showering blessings on your life and your family you’re going to hear good news

today the kind you’ve been waiting for with patience and faith you’ll witness the

success of many plans and Ambitions that seemed Out Of Reach which brought you distress in the past nothing will stand

in your way because I’ll be with you giving you strength and surrounding you

with my love stay determined and fearless when others try to stand

against you I’ll protect you and lead you forward I’ll Grant you wisdom love

love and courage directing your path to avoid any Falls always remember that I am the one

who cares for you though many may rise against you and seek to unsettle you I

will fight alongside you when others wish you harm I will be your shield and

strength against the assaults of your enemies no harm shall befall you for I

will be with you guiding you along the path of Victory light and

prosperity always remember that I will fulfill my promises of blessing upon you

therefore beloved Son beloved daughter do not be intimidated by present

circumstances never forget that you are precious to me the most beautiful

creation just as I can see your outward form I can also discern your innermost

being I know all your aspirations and projects I see into your heart moved by

The beauty within you that is why I have prepared many beautiful things for you

things that I Has Not Seen Nor Ear heard reserved for those who love

me today I bestow these things upon you without further delay for even now I am

working in your favor to fulfill all the blessings I have promised you just trust

and have faith with all your heart because I’m going to give you much more than you can ever

imagine you’ll receive not just great material and spiritual blessings but also peace joy and contentment keep

moving forward without any doubt for I have given you the power and authority to break down every evil

effort you’ll be a light in the darkness a role model for others touching many

lives with your story so be brave and tackle the

challenges of today because I assure you of Victory you will reach your

objectives and nothing or no one will stand in your way just believe and trust in me for I

promise to be right there with you giving support and strength all the way

I love you now stand up proceed with faith and resolve for the blessings

coming your way will surpass all you’ve hoped for remember you’re not at the

disposal of your foes you in my safekeeping bring me all your troubles

and worries hand over to me all that you think is lost every difficult

circumstance or dead end you face put it all before me and I commit to sorting it

out for you though your enemies May shout that you cannot that you are lost I tell you

today that you can that you are not lost I will not let you be lost I am the

light that illuminates your path I will stretch out my arms to lift you from the abyss and unfold you in my

divine grace and love simply have faith in me for even when you have no strength

left I will sustain you just trust in me and I promise to help you overcome the

obstacles in your path watch as difficult situations

transform and Pathways open for you you to advance step by step in moments of

weakness in those instances where your strength falters I will be your strength

amidst the storm I will be your calm and in moments of doubt I will be the

certainty that fills your heart keep going my son keep going my daughter move ahead believing that my

love is with you at every step I’ll be right there with you cheering you on

giving you support and leading you to the Future that’s waiting for you just trust in me and I assure you you won’t

be alone I’ll never leave you keep going knowing my love for you lasts forever

I’ll be there to pick you up if you fall to light up your way when it’s dark and to carry you when you can’t walk any

further the past is behind you today is a new day it’s time to look up and

expand your horizons it’s time to make choices that will shape your future use your faith to

look forward not backward and don’t dwell on Old

mistakes it’s important to let go of what’s gone forgive a forget hurts leave

old resentments behind and don’t let holding grudges imprison you in pain be

filled with patience and love don’t let others judgments Define you remember I

know you best nothing the world says can change what I declare about you you are my

child sacred clean and Flawless in my eyes with me you’re strong and more than

a conqueror so don’t let narrow views slow you down keep moving ahead knowing

my love is with you at every step each experience and challenge is building something wonderful inside you I have a

special and amazing plan for your life my dear child I want to tell you again

you’re not on your own I’m taking care of you and I’m here now to help you climb that mountain and

break down barriers I’ll give you the strength to get past the tough spots blocking your way my hands will be there

to steady you at every step and my light will guide you through the

dark don’t be scared of what you don’t know even if it looks like a deep pit

I’ll be there to catch you and help you fly my hands won’t just support you

they’ll lift you to new places to Chances you haven’t seen yet but will

soon come and bring blessings to your life just keep going and don’t give up

don’t let this situation take away your dreams remember no one gets to the land

of promise without going through the desert of challenges I will be like a cloud shielding you from the day’s heat

and a fire giving you warmth at night put your trust and faith in me and I

will bless you in ways you can hardly imagine move forward knowing I am with

you every step you take when you face tough challenges that seem too big to

handle remember the power inside you is greater than you think even when the

journey gets tough and the storm hits hard know that you’re not on your

own my love and guidance are always with you giving you strength and courage

my dear child from now on see every step you take and every challenge you encounter as a chance to grow and

learn don’t be scared of making mistakes believe that my wisdom will help you

reach your goals and become who you’re meant to be no matter how big your dreams are I’m here to support you in

making them come true don’t give up keep going with

determination because with me you can achieve any anything you aim for

amen my dear child listen to my response even though the whole world may abandon

you I will never forsake you even if all those who claim to love you let you down

I will never fail you my love for you surpasses theirs and I speak the truth

you can trust me I will never let you down your family your future and your

well-being are in my hands cherish value and protect them do not risk the

blessings you’ve received do not underestimate them if you remain faithful in the little things and take

care of what I’ve given you in times of need my word promises you that your blessings will multiply and I will give

you even more of great Eternal value and remember my child you love me

prepare yourself because you’ll be amazed at the size of the door I’m opening for you

have faith be dedicated and wise in all your actions and prepare yourself

because everything I have planned for you and your family will come like an abundant rain of amazing

blessings you asked for confirmation so that you could make decisions about the things you’ve been contemplating all

these days and this is your answer clearly I come to tell you that you must

take risks and leave behind all the fears that have kept you trapped for these years and in this situation that

you can no longer endure your dreams are vast your desires are marvelous but you’ve been held back

by the fear of failure it’s time to take my hand and soar nothing will be the same as before

do do not be afraid hold on to me now before every important decision I’ll be

with you day and night ensuring that everything aligns with my divine

plan open your Bible and offer a sincere prayer because that’s when I’ll show you

that everything I’ve spoken to you is real it’s not a fantasy Heaven and Earth will pass away

but my word will remain alive and come to pass I will guide you to where you need

to be to the place where you will prosper I will show you exactly where that special door I’m opening for you is

located starting today many things in your life will transform except my blessing you will

reach a place that will be the starting point for all your dreams to come true you will meet people on the same

path as you thinking like you together you will build a future of blessings and

wonders because my plans are M and you have no idea of the greatness that lies

ahead in your life be kind and considerate to every person you meet from today onwards you

will encounter good sincere and interesting people you will receive help

from unexpected places keep your eyes open and your senses alert so that when

the door opens an opportunity comes you won’t be distracted by worthless and senseless

projects you know me well I don’t need to say more my message is crystal clear

and you’ve understood it you know that I will guide your steps and be with you at all

times I’m here by your side always you know I won’t leave you I’m as firm as a

rock nothing and no one can move Me Close Your Eyes breathe in this Divine

breath I send to you in case you’re in a hurry and need to leave take this beautiful peace with you

and leave your anxiety with me sometimes you feel you don’t deserve it but I will remain by your side out of

love I won’t change my mind you want to draw closer to me but you hesitate when

you’re about to surrender the things that disturb your peace doubt Creeps in and you continue

to carry that sack full of bitterness listen to my voice feel the healing

sweetness it brings let me write and seow my word in your soul listen I love

you you are free with tenderness I embrace you I guard you in my hands

today you may face many challenges on your journey but wherever you go listen

once more and feel it I will be with you I will continue Whispering healing words

in your ears so you won’t forget me so you won’t drift away so you won’t let

your emotions deceive your mind I I will keep a flame burning in your heart and

when darkness surrounds you enveloping you with its coldness and Terror my

light will shine brighter just like the sun illuminates your world evil cannot hide when it faces my

eternal light any spiritual enemy trying to bring you sorrow today will cease to

exist give me the opportunity to show you how much I love you pay attention during the day when my

voice Whispers In Your Ear I’m speaking to you I’m pouring Divine oil on your

head I am preparing you I am removing false ideas from your mind if you have

falter it my forgiveness cleanses and lifts you it is not my will for you to

crawl on the ground totally defeated by fear and guilt for past mistakes I am

here to love you if my will were to punish you you wouldn’t be here

reflect on this and accept all the love I’ve offered you for a long time don’t

reject it there are two paths and you must choose now the path of truth and life

leading to a wonderful eternity or the path that separates you from me life won’t be easier if you follow me

but you’ll always have my help and support when you need it my Holy Spirit Will Comfort you in

your sad days and my word will bring wisdom you have an open door to my

presence day and night you can bring your beautiful and sincere petitions with

confidence if you pray for your family and give me your heart I will keep them in my hands with great

love I will surround them with a mantle of Joy bless them with abundance and Harmony keep all their enemies at Bay

the Devourer the thief the false friends I will surround your home with

thousand of angels ready to fight and protect you from any threat I am the same today yesterday and forever and

Just As the World Turns day by day and the stars shine in your nights my

presence will embrace you always let there be no doubt I will

fight against any enemy that dares to raise its hand against you do not fear

anyone do not tremble at anything your family is not abandoned

you are not alone I have been with you since your birth waiting for this moment to speak

to you clearly and confirm the great blessings that await you I chose you I

gave you a name you belong to me and I won’t let you go even if one day you say you’re tired

of me remember when you’re where you are you’ll cry when you recall all the times

I fought for you I extended my hand and rescued you from danger I filled you

with peace and pulled you from conflicts everyone abandoned you no one

else watched over you but I always looked at you with eyes of mercy and I continue to love

you my love for you grows daily in good times and bad in times of poverty or

prosperity in health or sickness I will fulfill my eternal

commitment I know that today you feel my presence in a real and Powerful way and

it will be like that forever I will never leave you reject any doubts there

is no one in the universe who can steal this tenderness this peace this immense

happiness I have for you I love you and care for you with

love and even though people say otherwise I will find ways to show you my affection daily today your

tribulation ends your storm is over for me nothing is impossible possible my

love knows no bounds you can’t even imagine how far I will go for

you a new day has begun and from now on you will only receive blessings and

opportunities open doors beautiful friendships and holy

Prosperity you will be free from Financial slavery and I will bless your prayers your work your efforts and

everything you have when I make a promise I guarantee that it will be

fulfilled I am with you and I will always be there no matter how difficult

the situation seems I am your protector and your comforter when you need it most

I will guide you and lead you on the path of righteousness nothing will confuse your

mind anymore I will always be in your thoughts filling you with beautiful and eternal

Serenity your heart will overflow with joy and you will experience the beauty

of life I will give you reasons to laugh those pains that made you cry will come

to an end I will never stop blessing you my love for you is

unconditional here I am ask for the good and holy things you desire bring me your

needs and I will answer your prayers with blessings and freedom I will bless you with Peace and

Freedom I will bring abundance I will prosper all your paths nothing will

confuse you or take away your sleep because I will always be in your thoughts reminding you of my promises

and my Commandments nothing and no one in this world can give you the beautiful peace

that I can I have listened carefully to your blessings and Praises as well as

your complaints and apologies in your prayers but I have to tell you that you

move me when you thank me in the midst of your problems you have been through a lot you asked to

fight against that process that caused you so much pain and kept you from sleeping to put to work what you do to

strengthen your faith I am pleased when you raise your hands in the midst of your battles and say father I love you

thank you for everything you know what you’re doing even if I don’t understand it I know

that everything works for good I trust you I’m listening to you with emotion

tears run down your face and my ears Delight in it because I know you’re telling the truth you trust with all

your heart that I will provide for your needs I can feel your gratitude and your

sincerity don’t give up your success is on its way you will see dry valleys in your

life turn green again resources you thought were depleted will reactivate and return to

you more abundant than ever you know how the enemy Works don’t let

his lies deceive you no matter how you feel I will continue to bless you if

conflicts come back to you don’t despair call on me and I will answer you don’t

worry anymore I have sent my angels to protect you so you can live confidently

and securely I know you know it you’ve seen it don’t forget these words and you will

have the strength to overcome your enemies you will see how fear grips them

when they see that I am working through you you are in the right flock don’t

leave don’t jump around confused don’t distance yourself from this indestructible protection I offer

you don’t reject my reprimand even when I correct you listen to my messages and

give me your full attention don’t let Pride fill your heart I want you to be

humble and simple like me it’s time to stand up and leave behind the mistakes

of the past without losing faith stop looking down lift your face and enjoy

the good things that will happen because I your heavenly father have chosen you

to give you my inheritance you know that in my presence you can find rest and strength you’ve

listened carefully to my promises and if you truly believe them show it to me by standing up and facing

every problem with determination and faith I am your God the creator of

everything you see I know what I’m doing I lead you by the hand I inspire you

with my holy spirit’s light I will bless your Dwelling Place I will send a reign

of blessings so that you and your family can reap the fruit of your efforts and in my perfect time receive an answer to

your prayers if you’re hearing these words you will understand them bend your knees

with reverence because the place and time you are in is Holy I want to work

Supernatural miracles in your life but I also want your faith commitment and

loyalty this is a token of my love and because you asked for it these two words

are my sign to you I love you everything will be fine every situation no matter

how difficult it seems is in my hands and I will grant you

Victory don’t be afraid I send you these words to strengthen your faith to give

you love salvation thanks and forgiveness but I also take care of your

problems I have already answered your prayers but the forces of Darkness have risen to steal from

you you’ve done your part and that’s great you didn’t give up and you

continued to pray with faith now you can’t stop keep plowing

this field get up early and sew wipe the sweat from your brow don’t let it

discourage you to see others faint and give up their faith keep working and in

my perfect time you will see a great harvest receive this message and keep it

well when you feel down listen to it again open your Bible feed your soul with

Psalms and Proverbs search the lives of my servants The Heroes of Faith who

although imperfect shut the mouths of lions defeated armies and nothing and no

one could overcome them to others I gave the grace to endure pain and suffering they were

persecuted by the world fought day and night but never denied me until their

last Earthly moment they remained faithful to my call you too will not give your enemies the

privilege of defeating you those who seek to take away your family’s

Harmony you will confront them in my Holy Name you will fight to the end they

dare to challenge you but they will pay a high price do not submit to emotional

suffering run from those who hurt you with their shouts and their way of speaking you committed to supporting

them in Good Times and bad but they have no right to take away your future and trample your

integrity stand up you have great worth and precious dignity protect your little

ones flee from violence and wickedness don’t worry about what people

will say none of those who criticize you are extending their hand to help you in this time of

conflict so take these words into account and fight for your freedom don’t

put your hopes in people and don’t seek support from those who can let you down this is the truth many promise you

eternal love but run away when the storm approaches they take your joy with them

and steal the little hope you have left do you want me to speak more

clearly listen now to this escape from violence for the sake of your

children don’t be afraid I will provide everything you need but don’t follow

people who want to clip your wings so you can never fly I rescued you so that

your future would be bright I healed your soul to fill it with my

love I will pour peace into your heart and anoint you with Supernatural joy in times of pain The Winds of the world

bring pessimism and Whisper negative thoughts in your ears but no matter what happens how you feel cling to the

security my words provide don’t be afraid don’t lose heart be strong and

courageous I am with you wait for me at dawn come into my presence when you

receive the first rays of the new day the brightness you see is my love

announcing wonderful and Supernatural things that I want can and will be in

your life give me your faith early even if you are tired or troubled bend your

knees bring all your conflicts and problems to to my feet your anxiety and

frustration today I spoke to you with affection and told you what’s in my heart you have decided to listen to me

obey me and walk toward your future with faith and determination I have said it and you

believe it I will prosper you greatly despite the situation you are in today

and all the obstacles you see everything will be fine I will defeat your enemies

You Will Raise Your Hands to Heaven in Praise give thanks for your blessings

and tell your family that it’s worth hearing believing and obeying the word of your heavenly father I love you amen


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