God’s Message Now: The Love You Search For [IN 2024] | God Message For You | God Message For Me

my special message is only for you do

not make the mistake of leaving I deeply

care about you and earnestly desire to

solve all your problems in the final

seconds I will answer all your questions

so watch the entire video you my

precious child are held in my eternal

love I formed you with great care

knowing every detail of your being you

are never abandoned for my love

surrounds you offering comfort and peace

peace I witness your Joys and your pains

and I am always with you guiding you

with my Tender Care your heart cherished

by me is the conduit through which my

love flows you magnify my glory when you

praise me becoming more like me in the

process I desire for you to feel the

depth of my love to know that it is

constant and

unwavering even in your most challenging

times my love shines as a Guiding Light

light I urge you to embrace my love

fully you are my wonderful creation made

in my image and I understand your


desires I see how you sometimes become

ens snared by your own plans striving

for what appears right but often leaving

you drained and

unfulfilled release your grip my child

and Trust in my wisdom unexpected doors

of growth and learning are open for you

you will never walk alone alone I

promise I am deeply involved in your

journey providing you with purpose and

fulfillment Surrender Your Ambitions to

me trust in my loving

sovereignty the beauty of surrender is

found not in defeat but in the Triumph

of aligning with my will I will be with

you in both your Joys and Sorrows using

your challenges to strengthen your faith

praise me even when the darkness seems

overwhelming your faith is strongest

when tested trust in me seek my face

through my word and know that I walk

with you every step of your

path you are never abandoned my presence

is your enduring strength and comfort I

want you to derive strength from my

presence not solely from your own

efforts remember you are my beloved

child crafted in my image destined for

great things declare your faith in me

Proclaim it boldly and let my love be

your steadfast

Foundation think my thoughts live in

harmony with my spirit and discover

peace and joy amidst life’s trials when

anxiety and noise close in draw near to

me find solace in my love and embrace

the transformation into a new mindset

and way of life is gradual but it leads

you to see and love as I do allow your

mind to be renewed like a butterfly

emerging from its chrysalis soaring on

the wings of my spirit spend time in my

word pray and bring your questions fears

Joys and Sorrows into the light of my

love my ways are higher than the ways of

the world seek my thoughts my eternal

truths this transformation will bring

you peace tranquility and A Renewed mind

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