God’s Message Now: SEEK ME ALWAYS || God Message For You || Gods Message

my dear child The Voice you’re hearing now Whispering gently into the depths of

your soul didn’t find you by mere coincidence there exists no space for

defeat or despair in your life when you clasp my hand firmly side by side we

will navigate through the storms and calm the waves in moments of turmoil my

Embrace will offer you Solace strengthening your heart with tender

affirmations know this your existence and every detail of your life are of

immense significance to me I have reminded you time and again

that though the world may bring trials my victory on the cross and my rise from the grave have sealed a triumph over

such tribulations I yearn to share with you this Divine strength to ignite Within

with in you the Eternal Wellspring of lifegiving water this sacred flow purifies

revitalizes and breathes new energy into your fatigued Soul your spirit weary and

worn seeks my comforting presence pursue me in every moment be it

at the break of dawn or in the still of night through storms and serenity in abundance and in need your path is not

marked by Fai failure surrender not to despair for you are destined to embrace and cherish the

Myriad of blessings that line your path after every storm there comes a

moment of Serenity the tumultuous waves calm and silence

prevails in the same way as my voice reaches you now the peace enveloping you

is a manifestation of my love embrace it wholeheartedly without rejection or

doubt feeling undeserving acknowledge the Unseen battles that rage daily the adversary

aims to sway and shatter you yet remember you’re never isolated I am by

your side a sliver of your faith is all I ask choose to believe to welcome This

unceasing Love that accompanies you shielding you amidst adversities life’s tide can turn swiftly

sorrow and tears are yours to shed for they cleanse the soul promoting

healing however do not succumb to the falsehood of Eternal grief or a Fate

marred by constant defeat critics and foes might Endeavor to demoralize you to

keep you grounded in fear but my purpose is to bring you life

to lift your gaze and grasp my hand my wish is to fill you with

boundless happiness and Resolute bravery I am intimately familiar with

your struggle perhaps you’ve pondered the futility of perseverance tempted to surrender to

despair yet my love for you is profound I have grand plans for you and your

loved ones you mustn’t relinquish hope or spurn your blessings shun the shadows of

despondency for they do not reflect my desire for you I offer a life filled

with abundance and divine fortitude your worth is en tied to fleeting a emotions or the opinions of

others if today brings challenges and disdain hear my

Assurance I cherish you even if daunting trials emerge abruptly never doubt my

enduring affection these words inscribed upon your heart will be a constant reminder

of my love regardless of the circumstances you encounter let not anguish and isolation

overwhelm you you are not solitary in this journey my care for you is genuine

and unending the sentiments you experience each imbued with love are crafted to

mend your spirit regardless of your feelings I won’t step back should you push me away

I’ll remain steadfast by your side my arms are wide open if you turn

your back remember my love for you is unlike any other I hold true affection

for you and I will never abandon you my loyalty is Everlasting my love

for you unchangable even if today you ask me to leave I’ll continue to whisper of love

to you until it resonates within your very Soul which I sense you’re beginning to feel

now come closer let me envelop you in Divine love and guide you through your

current trials here I am ready to lend a hand grasp it and let it fill you with

peace your days of grief are ending the time of Despair is behind us I aim to

shower you with love and gentleness open your heart to my presence in love I wish

for you to truly grasp that no one can love you as deeply as I do I see into the depths of your heart and mind the

pain might be overwhelming perhaps pushing you towards giving up it might

feel like ages since you’ve woken with the eagerness to face face a new day with hope and joy shut your eyes place

your hands over your heart feel my love honesty and peace filling you I hear

your prayers in times of Sorrow soon with your own eyes you will see how my

love and strength will lift you love me search for me kneel and hold fast to

Faith though you face many trials my strength is your Shield various challenges will come but your your faith

in me empowers you do not dread your hardships confront your struggles and

battles focus on my promises and the words I’ve spoken to uplift you despite

the fierce Winds of adversity you’ve sought my Aid calling out in distress

and when my powerful voice reaches you the storms will subside I will bolster

your spirit stand firm on the Rock to withstand life’s turmoil Hoist the sails

of your journey Venture boldly unafraid of the tumultuous seas that threaten

with scorn focus on me my love and my might for I guide your journey ensuring

you won’t be overwhelmed by the waves it’s true sometimes the load feels

unbearable yet I stand by my vow to lighten your burden stay steadfast don’t lose heart for with

today’s challenges I gift you extraordinary strength preparing you for a Fearless

tomorrow yet those closed off to Hope doubting my existence dismissing my

words and ridiculing the love I offer a love that seeks heals and rescues will

miss out on the blessings reserved for the faithful trust in my Assurance the

stress and worries of today pale in comparison to the Joy awaiting you the day your blessings

unfold I’ve never left your side in time of weakness or despair I’ve replaced your sorrow with

happiness if you seek me earnestly in the quiet of your room offering me your heart in sincere worship and call out

with all your passion know that I am listening and will Elevate

you you’ll find strength and with delight you’ll realize the value of welcoming me into your life choosing me

as your god king and Lord I’m aware of all you endure and

share in your emotions when you confide in me discuss your trials and entrust your future to

my care a Celestial connection forms I dispatch Legions of angels to

Aid you solving your troubles not by your might but through my

spirit victory is yours in every challenge because my blessing is upon those I love and those bold enough to

have faith bring me your grief your uncertainties and your fears march

forward with courage for I am leading you let go of fear negative emotions and Petty

grievances free yourself from bitterness jealousy and

unforgiveness I am transforming your heart this period of hardship is nearing

its end making way for a new era of divine and sacred blessings in your life I’m offering you the purest form of

love there is one that wipes away away your tears and fills you with joy right

now as you hear my voice let’s journey together towards a complete makeover of

your life you’re going to be a Beacon of Hope for your family a shining example

for those around you stand up and March forward into battle because Victory is

already in your grasp hand over your sadness your disappointments give me those dreams you

felt forced to let go those moments you wanted to throw in the towel lay down at

my feet the voices that whisper you’re not enough I want you to experience genuine

love I aim for you to realize that someone cherishes you deeply and

sincerely with a love unlike any you’ve known before this is the love I hold for

you beautiful gentle yet Mighty keep talking to me in prayer I want you close

protected under my Divine care the disp spare your battling seeks to pull you

away from me to sever our bond and Lead You astray yet that is not the future

I’ve Envision for you that’s why I’m reaching out today to boost your morale to Grant you Serenity to alleviate your

worries and to empower you in your moment of need will you accept my love

respond now embrace my strength answer from the depths of your soul promise

you’ll stay in my presence but know this this should you consider leaving or if

the adversary attempts to rentch you from my Embrace I will not let you wander off no matter where you are I

will follow ready to guide you back to my side the foe of your soul may persist

in convincing you that you’re destined for Solitude that I’ve abandoned you for your

imperfections but that’s a lie I will never leave you nor forsake you nothing

can sever our bond not guilt not rejection not failure not judgment my

love for you is indestructible Unforgettable you’re already aware of

this I’m merely reaffirming it declaring it a new and your heart is Catching Fire

With The Passion of my everlasting love you can feel it I am rejuvenating your

will to live despite the challenges that seem unbeatable the hurdles that appear too

high the assaults you’re facing in your life right now from today onwards everything will be different you will be

transformed when you welcome me into your heart you’ll experience a profound

change the old the negative everything that was dragging you down is now behind

you today marks your fresh start today you step into the blessings I’ve

prepared for you eternal life is Promised beside me but even now my Holy

Spirit fills you equipping you with the courage to face the world as the fire of

my spirit touches your soul you’ll find yourself bursting into songs of praise

finally grasping the fullness of my might I’ll guide you to places beyond your dreams where your voice will Echo

with genuine happiness and all that weighs you down will dissolve you’ll see

yourself through my eyes as precious lifted above trials ready to welcome a

season of favor you’re not meant to linger in despair or doubt nor to seek

Perfection as a means to earn my love what I desire is your honest Faith

should anyone try to dim your light turn away don’t be swayed by their negativity

or plead for their acceptance choose the company of those who build you up who

respect your journey and steer clear of interference or gossip reject the chains of defeat and

disparagement treasure those who support you sincerely expecting nothing in

return this journey of belief is a personal dialogue between us I’m eager

to share with you my plans if you’re longing to draw closer seek me out I’m waiting for you each

morning in the quiet hours bring your heart to me listen for my voice and I’ll reveal the Wonders I have in store day

by day trust in me for I will answer you and your family in various ways

revealing myself in your lives call out to me and you will hear my reply I will unveil wonders to you

through dreams and Revelations sharing my plans I am elevating you to

experience Miracles beyond the ordinary Embrace these words with faith for

immense blessings surround you my wish is to enrich your life drenching you in

the flow of my spirit these words are a testament to the depth of My Affection from now on as

you undergo this renewal your prayers and songs of praise will Ascend to Heaven directly from my presence I am

sending blessings to renew your happiness and mend your heart never question my love for you hold this truth

in your heart stand firm and brave confronting your struggles fearlessly

unshaken by any Menace don’t let other skepticism steal your peace those who

doubt my promises will forever chase after Joy yet you have courageously

ignored the cynics despite ridicule you’ve maintained your faith in me thus

I vow never to abandon you to always Stand By Your Side to protect you against adversaries day and night your

emotional health is precious to me let your thoughts be enriched by my sacred

word align all your aspirations and dreams with my intentions don’t hurry to

act just to please others instead be patient seek my guidance in prayer and

I’ll lead you down the path to Triumph cast aside fears of failure

remember you are cherished by me safely in my grasp through my love you will

prevail over all challenges I yearn for you to feel so cherished and secure that you face your

trials and foes boldly without fear dive into my word for promises that will

steer your course and light your way you’re not meant to navigate in darkness

I commission you to excel shielded by my love endowed with bravery and the

capacity to achieve greatness to expand in wisdom to surmount hurdles to defeat

forces and to Vanquish Giants share with me your needs I am

attentive my desire is for my will to unfold in your life for my power to be

visibly manifested so clear that others recognize my presence you will be the

channel through which I dispense blessings to the world start with your family encourage them to pursue me

further pray for your loved ones and I’ll reach out with my might healing

their sickness banishing scarcity wiping out poverty and replacing their sorrow

with joy hatred and Discord will dissolve forgiveness and unity will flow perish

peace will reside in your home so be brave and fear not share with them about my kindness and

reliability let them know that Their Blessings aren’t random or mere luck

help them see the good in their lives and remind them it’s my doing urge them to keep me Central in

all their decisions to hold me dear in their hearts I yearn for their lives to

change and my blessings extend to you and your family I wish for your home to Glow with my

light at night becoming a refuge for the weary where anyone who comes to you

finds relief from their burdens and feels my presence where miracles happen

right in your midst I have big plans for you and those you care about plans that will unfold

even if they’re not clear right now you might feel overwhelmed by others

expectations but my plans are perfect and I’ll shower you with blessings Beyond beond what anyone can

imagine so keep praying immerse yourself in my teachings align with my desires

and listen for my guidance each morning I’m ready to give you the road map and

the directions so you don’t have to walk in uncertainty my wish is for you to rise

each day to Victory choosing a different path from those who give up under the weight of the world’s

challenges I’ve come so you can live live a full life just hold my hand and

Trust in my words and you’ll see my blessings pour over you you’ve been searching for what I want from you now

you understand I love you and want to bless you richly every day the world

tries to break your faith with trials but I’ve triumphed over all its troubles nothing can defeat you if you accept my

teachings with faith and welcome these incredible blessings with love and

humility I hear your prayers making ways through the Wilderness

sending a river from my Throne to sweep away all your concerns cleansing your soul leaving you calm and ready to be

filled with faith hope and peace stop letting your thoughts besed you let me

into those corners of your mind burdened by sad memories I am your lord your

Redeemer I’ve forgiven your sins so you don’t need to punish yourself with doubts and guilt if if you truly love and believe

in me stop believing there’s no solution to your troubles I don’t want you weighed down by stress and sorrow it’s

not what I intend for you you’re not meant to look down defeated unable to

lift your gaze Skyward today I wish for you to be liberated from all concerns yes you live

in a realm of hardships but you were placed here in this era for a purpose

despite the challenges you faced they’ve been part of my design to ignite your faith and Grant you the humility needed

to embrace the wisdom and blessings I’m ready to give your financial struggles

will end once you let go of clinging to possessions remember your family and

your well-being are Priceless recognize my love for you and

extend that same love to yourself with patience and kindness striving for for

Perfection only hinders you leading to confusion everyone makes mistakes but I

am here for you witnessing your struggles when you stray from my teachings and let emotions drive your

actions yet each New Day brings forgiveness and Grace for those who turn

back to me ready to offer you Fresh Starts and mercy directly from my

hands I’ll personally Reach Out shine a light on you with pure Divine Radiance

and show you the immense love I hold for you Now’s the Time to trust in me fully

you have a significant life purpose dreams to Chase and a family to care for

I ask for your devotion and loyalty your heart is mine but take your journey

towards Freedom seriously I didn’t create you to be aimlessly driven by life

storms don’t be misled by fair weather friends who uplift you only to watch you fall and then blame you for the

downfall don’t fear being alone embrace my love and Trust offer me your

childlike faith believing deeply in my care for you and you won’t face life’s

battles solo you’ll overcome obstacles with my support finding health and

strength to keep moving forward allow yourself to feel loved don’t be afraid

to let go of those who don’t genuinely support you I’m here for you offering

encouragement understanding and judgment free companionship approach me openly not

merely because I ask but from your heart’s love for me demonstrate your

genuine dedication I’m not seeking perfection in action or public displays of faith I

look beyond the surface I value true love not feigned affection mixed with

malice your loyalty and heartfelt prayers are precious to me and I reward the honest Spirit you’ve witnessed my

love felt my deep care for you let it be clear from today your fears are

dispelled I strengthen your belief easing your worries together we’ll walk towards

Triumph your heart filled with peace cradled in my love and bathed in my

calm this is how it was is and always will be today I’m here to infuse bravery

into to you chase away your fears and fortify your spirit I won’t let your

trials be in vain after this struggle a reward awaits I aim to change how you

see yourself you mean the world to me no matter your history your wins or losses

my affection for you only intensifies all your experiences have been shaping you for the mission I’ve

set for you and your family don’t dwell on the faults of those you love they Too

Shall evolve gaining Insight wisdom and spiritual

depth the people you see today will transform I will see to their growth

stay committed to prayer this phase will end and peace will return to your

household bring your worries prayers and fears to me first don’t let anger take

away the joy you’ve longed for hold back harmful words avoid

comparisons don’t damage their spirit while rules exist in your home keep your

voice gentle never resort to insults choose to discipline with

Serenity before you correct your loved ones pause ask for my guidance to fill

you with Heavenly strength I’ll be there to help you offer Guidance with love I’m by your side day and night

watching over you as you sleep I walk with you imparting my wisdom dream big

for I have grand plans for you awaken each day refreshed and hopeful you’ll

move through any challenge with Grace and calm I won’t give you burdens beyond your strength yet if you feel pressed

down know you have the resilience to push forward for the victory is already within your grasp rise shed no tears nor

waste time in lament just beyond this struggle awaits your reward a testament to your

endurance a celebration of your faithfulness and the Harvest of your efforts I equip you with such might that

you’ll walk unharmed among dangers Untouched by the deceit of Darkness

stand bold confident that all you hope for is on the brink of reality your faith is the light that

guides you shining brightly each morning your devotion Delights me and in return

I promise to unfold miracles in your life my love for you is

boundless even as I pause and visioning the bright future awaiting you fear not the journey the trials or the battles

with my name as your Shield face every challenge pledge that you won’t be

swayed by fleeting emotions or held back by any Affliction I’m your healer your

provider your pillar and your Shield I fulfill your needs amplify your hard

work and anchor your thoughts in faith above all I gift you today with the certainty of my Everlasting love even

when you stumble My Love Remains unwavering supporting you in every step

your life is a journey of Splendid surprises abundant opportunities and

steps toward even greater victories your faith lights up your face

your joy spreads to all around you how you treat others especially your loved ones reflects my strength and love

demonstrating to the world the Miracles I work in those who entrust their your hearts to

me today I assure you every challenge you encounter has its purpose so don’t

be afraid don’t let anxiety shake your spirit continue on this path with

resolve for I am always beside you offering love peace patience and strength filling your days with joy and

serenity I love you hear these words especially if you’re in a hurry but if

you have a moment Embrace this message that will bring you great Joy I’m truly

delighted with you your faithfulness has moved me deeply despite the difficulties your

trust in me never wavers thus I declare today that I will shower even more

blessings upon you and your family don’t lose heart or halt in your journey press

on fearlessly reaching out to the heavens even when fatigue tests your

resolve take a moment to talk with me share your thoughts and dreams

what are your plans what’s in your heart What feelings stir within you remember

peace alone isn’t enough for life but every word from me sustains you the

sustenance I provide now is designed to bless you filling you with courage peace

and shity my peace is yours to have accept it into your heart

today when the weight seems too much remember the fervor of my love for you remains unex

distinguished always keep in mind I Am with You focus not solely on human

support for it can falter don’t let your spirit rely solely on others approval or

love indeed I made you for love and to be loved yet the one true Everlasting Love

which is yours forever is my unfailing love it’s steadfast and ready for you

guard your heart from those who might leave you don’t entrust your future to those who stop loving after receiving

everything never give the prime spot in your life to people who might betray you wound your heart and disrupt your

peace you sought hope and now it’s here you prayed for it and I’ve brought it to

you remember you’re never alone never forsaken even if those closest to you

turn away you have the most profound and beautiful love from me your heavenly

father who cherishes you there’s a measurable comfort in knowing that your heavenly father cares deeply for you I

get it you’re searching for encouragement I’m here to help you push past these obstacles to beat back the

Gloom and to keep moving ahead without losing faith so you can Thrive trust me I’m your heavenly father

feel free to talk to me and share what’s on your mind because I want you to think of me as a close friend

I’m reaching out to you wanting you to know that I’m always here for you

chatting with me is good for your soul it fills your mind with peace and speaking your heart out loud kickstarts

your faith setting the stage for miracles today is the day for you to

share everything on your heart but also to listen to what I have to say I’m not

here to judge or scold you or to bring up your past mistakes softly I whisper

to you reminding you of my love and that I eagerly wait for you every morning

hoping you’ll wake up and remember you need me and that you love me these precious words from you are

like worship Praises that reach all the way to heaven at dawn my presence

surrounds you your family and your home with love and protection so remember I’m

here to assist you through any challenge I won’t hold back back the blessings you ask for whatever you

request that will bring you Joy I’ll answer swiftly enveloped in my love even

the smallest amount of Faith you show will grow immensely to meet your needs you’ve shown such gratitude in return

I’ll fill your life with so much more than you’ve asked for the world and its inhabitants can’t offer the love and

peace I provide I’ve equipped you with faith strength courage and persistence to

overcome any obstacle to win every fight you believe in and love a God who is

real mighty and works beyond the natural let me know you feel this talk

to me affirm your belief in me today stand up and Embrace Life joyfully live

out the words you’ve heard and read today get ready because the miracle

you’ve been longing for is on its way healing and blessings are coming your

way today I bring you words filled with love and hope I want you to understand

that you’re constantly on my mind and in my heart my love for you is steadfast

and sure a bond that remains unbreakable shining even in the darkest times to

offer you peace comfort and strength so listen closely today for

I’ve got something special to tell you the miracle you’ve prayed for is about

to unfold that miraculous sign you’ve hoped for will soon be a reality in your life

as your father I’m about to show my power in an unexpected way I know the

world you’re in is uncertain filled with challenges that sometimes wear you down

the load you bear might seem too heavy and there are moments your faith wavers yet remember you’re never facing

this alone I’m with you at every step never leaving your side especially in your

lowest moments it’s natural to have questions and doubts to wonder why life’s path has

been so rough or to question my influence over your life but every

challenge serves a purpose each struggle you encounter is not just a battle but

also a chance for growth to uncover the strength you carry within don’t let

hardships shake your faith don’t allow life’s tempests to steal your

blessings always keep in mind I’m working behind the scenes on your behalf transforming your trials into

moments of joy and celebration even though it might not be clear to you right now I want you to understand that

I’ve laid out a perfect plan for your life every hardship in every tier is

part of a grand design creating a masterpiece that will soon be unveiled to you the miracle you’ve been hoping

for will come when you least expect it perhaps in ways you never imagined

at a time you didn’t anticipate all you need to do is have faith in my unwavering love for you remember faith

is your strongest tool against any challenge you face even when things look Bleak hold on to your faith tightly

don’t let doubts take over or the adversaries Whispers cause chaos in your mind I am your God The God Who does the

impossible only I can bring about what seems Out Of Reach for humans and if you

trust in me you’ll see insurmountable obstacles move out of your way hold on my child and don’t give in

despair I understand that waiting can be tough and impatience May grip you

craving immediate answers but know this the waiting period is crucial it’s a

time I use to mold your character fortify your faith and prepare you for the Wonders ahead my plan for you is

flawless and it will unfold in its right time so don’t be disheartened or lose

hope keep looking towards me assured that I haven’t abandoned you and that I’m actively working for your good trust

that soon what you’ve prayed for will happen your awaited Miracle will emerge

unexpectedly and it will be even more magnificent than you’ve envisioned your health will be rejuvenated your finances

will flourish the emotional SC Stars will heal and loneliness will be a thing

of the past believe that I will make this happen for I am your heavenly father meticulously arranging every

aspect of your life even when it’s beyond your perception or understanding

I urge you again keep your faith strong don’t let impatience blur your sight nor

doubts and negativity pull you away from my presence don’t let any situation shake your belief in my love or the

miracle I’m about to perform in your life immerse yourself in my word let the

promise of my power Infuse your life with hope and happiness continue to push forward

fearlessly facing any storm knowing I am your steadfast protector and refuge in

moments of weakness I’ll provide the strength you need when confusion arises I’ll lead you

on the right path and during times of Sorrow I’ll envelop you in my boundless

love you’re not at the mercy of your foes you’re securely in my care lay all

your worries and struggles before me hand over everything you think is beyond

saving all those dead ends and complex situations leave it all at my feet and I

assure you I’ll sort it out even when your adversaries claim you can’t make it

that you’re lost I’m here to affirm you can and you’re certainly not lost I

refuse to let you be lost I’m the light guiding your path ready to lift you from

Despair and wrap you in my grace and love just have faith in me even when

your strength wanes I will hold you up all you need to do is trust in me I

promise to help you navigate through every hurdle you’ll witness tough situations turn around and New Paths

unfold guiding your steps forward in moments when you feel weak when your

energy dips I’ll be your stronghold amid the chaos I’ll be your

peace and when uncertainty clouds your mind I’ll be the clarity in your heart

press on my child keep moving forward march on knowing my love walks with you every step I’ll be right there cheering

you on supporting and leading you towards the future that lies ahead just believe in me and I promise

you’re never alone I won’t leave you on your own carry on secure in my

everlasting love love ready to pick you up after a fall to light up your way in darkness and to carry you when the

journey gets too tough leave the past behind today marks a fresh start Now’s

the Time to look up and broaden your horizons decide on paths that will shape your destiny lean on your faith and set

your sights on what’s ahead don’t dwell on or mourn past errors let go of what’s

gone forgive release any grudges and don’t let unforgiveness trap you in

sorrow Embrace patience and love don’t let others judgments Define you remember

I know you best and no worldly opinion outweighs my word for I’ve named you my

child holy and without Fault In My Eyes in me you’re strong and more than

Victorious so don’t let narrow-minded views stop you move forward comforted by

my love at every step knowing that every trial is crafting Something Beautiful within you your

life’s purpose is unique and remarkable so my child hear me once more

you’re not alone never alone you’re in my hands and today I’m here to assist

you in scaling that mountain tearing down barriers I’ll give you the strength to

push past the obstacles in your life my hands will steady you at every turn and

my light will guide you through the darkest moments don’t be afraid of what lies

ahead even if it feels like you’re facing an endless void I’ll be there to catch you and help you

fly my support will not only steady you but also lift you up to new

possibilities to Chances you can’t see yet but that will emerge to enrich your

life just keep going don’t stop and don’t let this moment take away your

dreams understand that no one reaches their Haven without First Crossing through their trials I’ll shade you

during the day’s heat and light your way through the night’s cold place your trust in me for I plan

to bless you beyond your wildest dreams move forward knowing I’m with you at

every step when You Face challenges that seem too big to handle remember the

power inside you is greater than you think even if the road is tough the load

feels too heavy and the storm too harsh remember you’re never on this journey

alone my love and guidance are always with you cheering you on and giving you

the bravery you need my dear child from now on see each step and challenge as a

chance to grow and learn don’t fear making mistakes trust that my wisdom

will guide you towards your goals and into becoming who you’re meant to be always keep in mind no dream is too big

when I’m by your side to help bring it to life life don’t give up march on with

resolve for with me you can achieve anything you aim for trust in that


amen my dear Child come to me and find solace in my presence I am the prince of

peace and you need my peace continually just as you need me at all times when

life flows smoothly it’s easy to forget your profound dependence on me yet when

challenges arise you become anxious and distressed eventually you return to me

seeking my peace I gladly bestow this precious gift upon you though it may be

hard to receive until you quiet your heart how much much better it is to remain close to me

always remember that I your prince hold dominion over all of heaven and

earth when You Face adversity come to me and pour out your troubles but remember

who I am do not shake your fist at me or insist that I bend to your will instead

Echo the words of David in prayer but I trust in you oh Lord I say you are my

God my times are in your hands you are safe secure and whole In My Embrace

release the burden of your anxious striving and draw near to me with the concerns that weigh upon your

heart trust me enough to be open and sincere as you share these

burdens give all your worries and cares to me for I care deeply for you I am

your steadfast Guardian so rest for a while in the shelter of of my loving

presence when you wander away and exclude me from your life you lose your sense of

completeness the restlessness you feel in those moments is my gentle nudge reminding you to return to your first

love I desire to be at the center of your thoughts and emotions your plans

and actions for it is in this alignment that you find meaningful living

according to my Divine will you walk on a path toward heaven and I am your

constant companion yes you will encounter trials on this journey but take heart I have

triumphed over the world in me you are indeed safe secure and

whole beloved I am ever with you whether you sense my presence or

not sometimes you may find yourself in what seems like a desolate Place devoid of my tender

companionship but you can call out to me knowing that I am by your side eager to

assist I draw near to all who call upon me whisper my name with tender trust

casting your doubts aside share your troubles and seek my guidance then change the subject offer

praise for my greatness and Glory my power and Majesty thank me for the goodness I have

bestowed upon you and continue to shower upon your life in your praise and thanksgiving

you will discover my abundant presence taste and see that I’m good the

more you fix your gaze upon me and my blessings the more fully you will Savor my goodness Revel in the sweetness of my

unwavering love relish the robust flavor of my strength satisfy the hunger in your

heart with the joy and peace that accompany my presence I am with you and will watch

over you wherever you go I Des desire you to possess quiet confidence in me

your living God as the prophet Isaiah proclaimed in quietness and confidence is your

strength while the world often favors loud voices and Grand promises as sources of power true strength emanates

from tranquil trust in me and my promises Rejoice that I am a living God

not an inert Idol I am the living one I was once dead but now I am alive alive

forever more my power is Limitless yet I approach you gently and lovingly spend

time with me cherished one and relate to me with unwavering trust as you rest in

my presence allow scripture to guide your prayers approach me with Whispers of

love I love you oh Lord my strength I am overflowing with Grace and Truth Grace

speaks of the unmar favor and love I hold for you you receiving something you

haven’t earned is humbling guarding you from Pride Grace is a Priceless gift securing

your Eternal salvation since you know me as your savior I will forever extend my favor

toward you beloved my love for you is undeserved unearned and

unwavering so place your trust in my boundless love and rejoice in my salvation I’m not only filled with truth

I’m the truth itself in a world flooded with news and messages tainted by deception and

manipulation I offer absolute unchanging truth knowing me as the truth

establishes a solid foundation upon which you can stand firmly this secure footing allows you to

shine as a radiant beacon in a dark and relativistic World let your light shine

so that many may see it and place their trust in me gratitude is the most

effective antidote to entitlement a toxic attitude that insists the world owes you

something this misconception is rampant in the world but it contradicts biblical

teachings the Apostle Paul instructed Christians to stay away from every brother who is Idol Paul led by example

working tirelessly to set a model for others he even laid down this rule if a

man will not work he shall not eat entitlement is the belief that you

deserve to receive something while gratitude is a heartfelt appreciation for what you already

have if I were to give you what you truly deserve your ultimate destination would be despair with no hope of

Salvation so be thankful that I am rich in Mercy it is through Grace that you

have been saved thinking that you deserve more than you currently possess will lead to

misery but a grateful heart will overflow with joy moreover when you

offer thanks you worship me acceptably with reverence and awe I long for you to

console others with the comfort you have received from me regardless of the circumstances you face my presence and

comfort are more than sufficient for your needs as a follower of Christ

everything you endure has purpose and meaning suffering can refine your character and

equip you to Aid others in their struggles speak openly to me about the challenges in your life and ask me to

employ them for my Divine purposes seek relief from hardship but be mindful not

to overlook the blessings concealed within it when you draw nearer to me

during trying times seeking my Aid you mature and gain

wisdom this equips you to Comfort others as they endure their own trials your empathy for those in pain

will spill over into their lives you will find that you are most effective at comforting those enduring trials similar

to those you’ve already faced you can grow in Serenity through

the discipline of adversity for although it may be painful in the moment it yields the Tranquil fruit of

righteousness trust me to guide you step by step through each day

I provide enough light for one day at a time if you attempt to peer into the

future you will find yourself peering Into Darkness my countenance shines upon you

only in the present for it is here that you find my unfailing unquenchable

love my love for you surpasses even the bond between a mother and her child

though she may forget the child at her breast I will never forget forget you

you are so precious to me that I have engraved you on the palms of my

hands forgetting you is [Music] inconceivable I want you to intimately

experience my love which surpasses mere knowledge the Holy Spirit residing

within your innermost being is here to assist you request his filling so you

may be saturated with my fullness enjoy the richest measure of the divine presence becoming a vessel completely

filled and overflowing with me in this way you can truly Savor my

love to the fullest extent beware of seeking the praise of men more than my

praise one of the consequences of the Fall is Humanity’s excessive

preoccupation with others opinions concerns about social or professional Performance Physical attractiveness and

image advertisements for cosmetics and fashionable attire often fuel this

harmful fixation on personal appearance I do not desire you to be

consumed by how others perceive you I have lovingly shielded you from the

ability to read the thoughts of others their opinions of you are truly none of your

business people’s thoughts are often unreliable distorted by their sinfulness

weakness NES and insecurities even if they offer praise to your face some of their thoughts

about you may differ I am the only one who perceives you as you genuinely are

despite your imperfections I see you clothed in my perfect

righteousness instead of pursuing praise from others seek to Envision me looking upon you my loving approval of you

radiates from my countenance Every Day brings its own share of challenges

one implication of this truth is that you should anticipate facing difficulties each day I am here to

assist you in handling these challenges with composure and confidence events that catch you by surprise do not

surprise me for I know all things I am the Alpha and the

Omega furthermore I am entirely available to you ready to guide and

console you through turbulent times experiencing sufficient daily trials can

help you live in the present your active mind seeks problems to solve without

sufficient challenges for your mind today you may find yourself worrying about the

future I am training you to keep your focus on my presence in the present

difficulties need not deter you from enjoying my companionship on the contrary they draw

you nearer to me when you join me in facing them as we tackle your problems

together you gain confidence in your ability to cope and the pleasure of my company enhances your

joy love is patient in the list of characteristics

of Christian love the Apostle Paul places patience at the Forefront patience entails enduring

adversity calmly even when confronted with prolonged waiting difficult

individuals or challenging circumstances Paul’s emphasis on

patience goes against the grain of our culture often overshadowed when people think about love however there is one

notable exception to this pattern devoted parents the demands of caring for babies

and young children instill patience in loving parents who selflessly prioritize their children’s needs over their own I

desire for my followers to infuse their love for one another with abundant patience

this virtue ranks as the fourth trait in the fruit of the spirit therefore my

spirit can equip you to excel in this challenging Endeavor always remember that I love you

with a perfect unwavering love ask the Holy Spirit to assist you in extending

my Bountiful patient love to others

[Music] amen

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