God’s Message Now: PUT YOUR LIFE IN MY HANDS || God Message For You || Gods Message

my dear Child open your heart’s door to me today inviting me into the very

essence of your being let the light of my presence illuminate every corner

every hidden space within you allow my sacred blessing to flow freely into your life a blessing that

heals your deepest wounds and brings peace to your restless

Spirit yesterday I purified your home clearing away every trace of imperfection I infused each room with

the Breath of Life my words echoing through the corridors of your mind sweeping away the remnants of pain and

past afflictions you stand cleansed absolved and

whole I do not ask for your Perfection nor do I expect you to avoid every

Temptation after all you are my beloved creation Perfectly Imperfect the journey

ahead is fraught with challenges but take my hand commit to seeking me and every moment love me with

every fiber of your being and lay your life in my hands in every step every

stumble know I’m there everpresent to lift you to guide you forward with

unfailing love in the depths of your struggles amidst the battles you face I

see the purity of your intentions you do not willingly Embrace sin yet in the fierce confrontation with

your adversaries they may ens snare you dragging you through the mud reving in

the sight of your momentary defeat they mock attempting to Mar the

Brilliance of your spirit with the stains of failure but remember it is to me your

eyes must turn I have placed you in this battle and it is by my decree that you

shall emerge cleansed invigorated and absolved once again your journey

requires steadfastness an unyielding Spirit against the onslaughts that life presents your foes devoid of light and

Truth Revel in darkness they are remorseless their

hearts hardened their consciences numb to the virtues of compassion and

repentance they covet the Divine protection I have bestowed upon you the

mantle of victory that Shields you in their Envy they wield their malice like

weapons aiming to shatter the peace and Assurance you found In My Embrace

hear my voice my child and understand the depth of my words your love for your

family anchors your resolve fueling your desire to see them flourish alongside

you you recognize the necessity of diligence of Labor intertwined with

unwavering faith in the promises I have laid before you your blessings will be

manifold a testament to the faith you’ve clung to even as adversaries sought to

derail your path they misjudged you perceived you as fragile never

foreseeing your resolve to seek my face to admit your vulnerabilities and your

transgressions thus I have chosen to absolve you to elevate you from The Quagmire and to bestow upon you a

Prosperity that transcends material wealth my presence accompanies you daily

fortifying you against those who dare to challenge or belittle you no force can

subject at or Vanquish you and should you stumble it is I who will restore you

to your feet for my Covenant is unbreakable this assurance extends

Beyond you enveloping your family your household and even those Distance by

miles or circumstance they too shall witness my glory experiencing my grace in ways

profound and miraculous as we usher in this new dawn together this journey you Embark upon is

not not solitary I am your guide your protector and your unwavering

supporter in moments of Doubt look to me for strength in times of Joy share your

gratitude my love for you is boundless encompassing all aspects of your life

let us walk this path together arm in arm heart linked to heart for In My

Kingdom you are never alone always loved and eternally protected

in the quiet Solitude of last night amidst the silence that enveloped your room I heard the earnest prayer that

escaped your lips before you surrendered to sleep tears soaked into your pillow as

you wrestled with fears your spirit burdened by the weight of uncertainty you called out to me seeking

courage strength peace and the confidence to navigate the turbulent Waters of life’s

challenges and as Dawn breaks bringing with it the the promise of a new beginning you awaken fortified and

prepared your spirit once heavy with despair now pulses with a renewed Vigor

the fragility that once defined your stance has been transformed into a resilient Force capable of facing any

adversity that crosses your path where once there dwelled fear now blooms an

unwavering Faith where cowardice once lurked now stands boldness and

resolve the Tremors that once seized your legs at the thought of impending calamities have given way to a steadfast

resolve a Readiness to meet and surmount any obstacle the call now is to rise to

advance with determination into the very fabric of your being I weave a burning Zeal for

victory trust in my omnipotence for my purpose in leading you to this juncture

is twofold not only to guide your journey Journey but to endow you with the might to confront and overcome

Legions of challenges this strength I bestow upon you is not just for the

battles you face today but for the enduring war against Despair and

hopelessness understand my child that your journey is not a solitary Endeavor

in your moments of solitude when the world seems against you remember that you are enveloped in my

grace my presence is a Sanctuary offering refuge and fortitude

against the storms you face let this knowledge be your armor and your Shield

as you step into The Fray armed not just with worldly weapons but with the power

of divine Assurance Let each step you take be a testament to the faith you

Harbor within Let each breath you draw be filled with the spirit of resilience

I have breathed into you the challenges and trials are but Stepping Stones

designed not to break you but to build you to shape you into a Beacon of Hope

and a testament to my unceasing love and support as you navigate the complexities

of Life remember that my love for you is an unwavering constant a beacon guiding

you through the darkest nights in every struggle find solace in the knowledge

that you are never alone my love encompasses you a Shield against despair

a fortress of Peace in times of turmoil the hurdles you encounter along your journey may seem formidable yet it’s

vital to recall that they pale in comparison to the magnitude of my omnipotence indeed it was I who guided

you to this point in your life and I assure you I have not left your side in every Skirmish every conflict

and every battle you face in this existence know that I am steadfastly by your side

through my strength and love you are endowed with the power to surmount any obstacle rendering you more than

Victorious each adversary that dares to stand in your way is destined for defeat

into your heart I Infuse the resilience and resolve needed to transcend any

Strife your Ambitions regardless of their nature shall be realized as you

navigate through and Triumph over the challenges before you leading you into a

state of both abundant prosperity and profound peace in these moments it is imperative

that you divert your attention from the anxieties that besiege you and instead

direct your focus towards me understand that these trials are merely components of a larger journey of

growth sustain your faith with the nourishment of my word populate your

thoughts with the promises I have made allowing them to dispel all fears as my my presence fills your heart with me by

your side there is no adversary you cannot face no challenge you cannot overcome stand tall and Advance with

confidence boyed by the strength of my love as dusk Falls I invite you to

engage in conversation with me once more let us share a moment of communion

during which I will impart upon you a unique blessing a rice and Embark upon

your path engage in battle with the fortitude of my Holy

Spirit remember you are not frail you are imbued with strength My Love Is Your

Fortress your faith your Shield Embrace this Truth for those who believe all

things are attainable my love for you knows no bounds for me no circumstances beyond

the realm of possibility this truth you have come to know and believe in I ask

of you hold steadfast in your faith patiently awaiting the manifestation of the

Miracles you seek the answers to the prayers you have laid before me I am acutely aware of your desires

your pleas for intervention from the moment you chose to earnestly seek my presence I have

been prepared to respond be mindful that the path to your blessing may be fraught

with resistance your resilience in the face of adversity your refusal to to succumb to bitterness or Vengeance

towards those who have wronged you truly inspires awe they may have taken from

you in material terms yet they could not lay claim to the essence of your being

your unwavering Faith your devout commitment and your steadfast determination to adhere to my path come

what may indeed the seeds of my word that have been planted within you have flourished yielding a Rich Harvest of

spiritual fruit and still their lies ahead a bounty of blessings and gifts

for you to gather a future of remarkable promise awaits you and you can be

certain of my constant support in every circumstance that unfolds approach my altar with

confidence whether you’re shrouded in doubt or acknowledging a misstep my commitment to you is

unfaltering I will never forsake you my presence will envelop you no matter where you find yourself offering a

palpable sense of reassurance you will feel my touch upon your skin a profound confirmation within

your soul of my everpresent support a raid beside you are Legions of heavenly

forces poised to Aid you in your battles to deliver Victory against those who

wish you harm to bestow healing upon your ailments and to imbue you with the strength to declare my truths thereby

dismantling the fortresses of malice your life and the lives of those

within your household hold will bask in the light of Freedom thriving under the banner of

Triumph your dwelling will be a sanctuary of my Divine Glory a place

where Miracles unfold with the dawn of each New Day encircled by a community of

Kindred Spirits your generous heart will serve as a beacon extending blessings

far beyond the confines of your immediate surroundings let this assurance fill you

with hope and embolden your spirit as you navigate through life’s trials

remember that the power of my love and the strength of my word equip you to

overcome any obstacle in your journey you are not merely a traveler but a conqueror

destined to transform challenges into Stepping Stones towards Greater Heights of spiritual fulfillment and

purpose your example serves as a testament to the transformative power of

faith and love love a reminder to all who bear witness to your journey that

the greatest treasures lie not in Earthly possessions but in the richness of a life lived in alignment with Divine

will let your light shine brightly Illuminating the path for others and in

doing so you become a vessel of my grace a source of inspiration and hope in a

world in need of light I urge you once more persist on

the Journey you have embarked upon and resist the temptation to wander back into the shadows of disbelief seek my

presence engage in prayer immerse yourself in learning flourish in your

growth and let yourself be enveloped by the Holy Spirit it is through this Divine

connection that you will come to experience the depth of my love and affection unveiled to you with each

passing day embrace the the peace I offer a peace that empowers and rejuvenates you

my cherished child I am ever presentes eager for a moment of sincere dialogue

with you I invite you now to pause to set aside the distractions that clamor

for your attention dedicate these next few minutes to me they stand to be the

most pivotal of your day bearing significance not only for your life but

for the well-being of your family as well each morning I have come to you

with a message designed to lift your spirit to instill you with hope and to fortify your resolve day by day I have

shared with you the boundless nature of my love and gradually you have come to realize the immense worth you and your

family possess in my eyes over recent months your faith has

blossomed you have basked in joy and recognize that despite the strength I

have bestowed upon you there remain areas of need the transformative work I am

conducting in your life is an ongoing process one that extends beyond the

individual to Encompass your entire family I know there are times when your

children seem distant unresponsive to discussions of Faith their interest hard

to Kindle it Grieves me to see their faith wne to miss the light of their

smiles I fondly recall their younger years how their simple Act of Praise filled my heart with delight this

journey of faith is not meant to be a solitary Venture but a shared experience

that binds families closer not just to each other but to me it’s a path of

discovery of learning and of mutual growth while it may seem challenging to engage your family in spiritual dialogue

remember my spirit Works in ways Beyond human comprehension gently drawing

Hearts back to me Your Role imbued with patience and love is to be a Beacon of Faith

exemplifying the virtues of compassion understanding and unwavering trust in my

promises as you live out these principles your life becomes a testament to my presence a living gospel that

speaks volumes More Than Words alone could ever convey my vision for their lives is

expansive and filled with promise and I tirelessly remind you of the pivotal

role you play in bringing this Vision to fruition when you communicate with them

let your words be steeped in love free from judgment or harshness and to show

any form of punitive reaction to their missteps words wield power they can heal or harm with equal

potency emulate my example for I embody gentleness and humility despite the trials it may

present I urge you to lay aside any any impulses of frustration or anger

approach them with the patience and affection that speaks of my love your

family Bound to You by ties of Flesh and lineage were brought into this world

through you this is a profound truth underscoring the reason I entrust you

with the mission to demonstrate through your Deeds the Miracles I can

perform I desire for your children for everyone under your roof and even those

not of your kin but whom you hold dear to experience my love my wish is for your entire

household to draw near to me to engage daily with my word persist in prayer for

them should immediate change remain unseen do not falter or lose heart

continue to offer prayers unceasingly with unwavering faith and in due course

a transformation will occur their perspectives will shift they will seek

me once again and joy will permeate your family in moments of decision seek my

counsel allow me the space to quell your anxieties and bring Clarity to your

thoughts this Journey of Faith within your family is a testament to the power of steadfast prayer and unwavering

belief in my ability to renew Hearts it’s a process that not only draws

individuals closer to me but also fortifies the bonds that unite a

family through your example of Love patience and faith you illuminate the

path to me for your loved ones showcasing the transformative impact of living a life anchored in my

teachings in the Journey of your life I am committed to Leading your heart along

the path of righteousness and wisdom pause before you act especially if you

have not yet laid your plans and aspirations before me in prayer I am

here to empower you to ensure that you stand firm against any form of

manipulation or undo pressure this strength I offer is your Shield

protecting you from making Hasty commitments from signing documents or giving assurances that could tether you

to a future filled with regret and bondage beware of pledging Your Love hastily to those you scarcely know and

remember Ain Vigilant to the cautions that present themselves to you reflect deeply on the errors of your

past recall the distress of days squandered of precious moments with your

family lost to the shadows of obligations I had not decreed for you such Reflections are not meant to

burden your heart with regret but to serve as a Guiding Light Illuminating

the path forward with the wisdom of hindsight the choices you make today

resonate far beyond the present weaving into the fabric of your future and the

lives of those you hold dear each decision each promise is a thread in the

tapestry of your life let these threads be woven with

intentionality with prayer and under my guidance in doing so you ensure that the

tapestry reflects a life lived in harmony with my will adorned with the richness of true fulfillment and peace

peace I call upon you to approach each decision with a heart open to my

guidance to seek my presence in the Stillness of prayer and to listen for my voice amidst the clamor of the world’s

demands in moments of uncertainty draw near to me and I will provide Clarity

and peace let the lessons of the past fortify your resolve it live each day

aligned with my purposes cherishing the time you you have with those you love free from the chains of unwarranted

commitments as you navigate the complexities of Life know that my love for you is a beacon in the darkness a

constant source of strength and comfort I am with you always eager to guide to

uplift and to free you from the snares that threaten your peace walk with me

and together we will journey toward a future where your heart knows no bondage

where your spirit is booed by the joy of living in my will and where your days are filled with the blessings of freedom

and love avoid retracing steps that lead you into familiar traps resist the

temptation to falter at obstacles you’ve encountered before having experienced the warmth of my love and the Assurance

of my presence by your side let no one and nothing bind you to a yoke of

servitude again I am here to lift you from any pitfall yet it is my hope that you won’t

willingly walk into these snares through your choices your actions carry weight

bearing consequences not just for you but for those around you who may bear the brunt of your

missteps to disregard my guidance is to flirt with Peril to challenge my

sovereignty and to question the veracity of the promises I have laid before you

you have transcended such attitudes your reverence for me and your

demonstrated adherence to my commands have set you apart it is for this reason

that I instill in your heart an inclination towards caution and discernment in your walk through life

engaging with the fool hearty or entering into agreements with those lacking in wisdom jeopardizes not only

your well-being but also that of your loved ones such individuals seek only to

profit at your expense leaving you ens snared in obligations that may Bur burden you with debt or unattainable

promises it is wise to keep your distance from these individuals to choose a path that diverges from

theirs should you find yourself at a Crossroads uncertain of the way forward

turn to me for guidance this journey you Embark upon is not meant to be navigated

in isolation but in continual communion with my will and

guidance I call upon you to exercise vigilance in your associations to discern the intentions of those you

allow into your life and to prioritize the well-being and prosperity of your family above fleeting gains or perilous

ventures in every decision let your first consultation be with me through

prayer and meditation on my word I am a source of infinite wisdom ready to

direct your steps towards Paths of righteousness and peace in doing so you not only Safeguard

your own spiritual and physical well-being but also Foster an environment where those you hold dear

can Thrive remember the choices you make today shape the Legacy you will leave

tomorrow as you walk in obedience and wisdom you pave the way for blessings that extend beyond your immediate circle

impacting generations to come with the Testament of a life lived in alignment with Divine Purpose and

guidance draw near and share a moment of reflection with me as we stand on the brink of a new and

Uncharted year with only a few months before us let this upcoming season be one of Revival filled with joy and

brimming with familial contentment I urge you to step forward into these days not with a heart heavy

with Solitude or defeat but booed by the Assurance of my constant presence if you have embraced the

essence of my message know that my support for you is steadfast and unfaltering are arm yourself with faith

and a Victor’s resolve for with these you are destined to Triumph in every challenge that lies ahead yet it is

crucial that you deepen your relationship with me be assured I do not

linger over your faults or withdraw my affection due to your failings instead I

rejoice in your trust in my word and the strength of my promises I observe your journey across

formidable landscapes over rugged Peaks through tumultuous rivers and across treacherous marshes

even if missteps lead you to fall and Mar the purity of your stride be certain

of who holds your trust aware of your destination and confident in the

blessings that await beyond the mountains you Endeavor to climb know that my love is an

everpresent gift I am fully aware of the burdens you carry and the trials you

face I stand ready to cleans cleanse you from the stains of past errors and lift you from the muck of

Despair my desire is for your continuous advancement unimpeded by fear or

hesitation as you navigate the uncertainties and challenges of life let the knowledge of my unending love and

grace be the compass that guides your steps remember your journey is not measured by

the absence of obstacles but by your resilience in overcoming

them in every moment of Doubt or weakness turn to me and I will restore your strength renew your spirit and

reaffirm the path laid out before you this path is not one of isolation but a

journey shared with me where each step is an opportunity for growth each

challenge a chance to witness my faithfulness as you walk this path let

your heart be open to the lessons I wish to impart the Comfort I provide and the

unwavering support I offer embrace the promise of the future

a future where fear and doubt are replaced by certainty and courage where

your faith in my presence transforms every aspect of your life and where the love you share with

those around you reflects the depth of my love for you the sanctity of My Sacrifice infolds

you your attire will be renewed as I cleanse your path with the pristine

Waters of a Divine stream you will be nourished by the celestial nectar that rejuvenates your fatigued Spirit you

stand as my Champion my Valiant Warrior and in your endeavors I am ever watchful

I will elevate your arms support you in the throws of battle and shield you from

the harshness of adversaries when you seek Solace thus you will tread the

Journey of Life shielded by the veracity of Truth and armed armed with the might

of my word proceeding undeterred your spirit ignited by the burgeoning faith

within you you will overcome illnesses and dispel debts you will break free

from the shackles and Fetters that bind you tearing down the barriers of bygone days and the enclosures that once

restrained you I urge you to immerse yourself in faith my beloved

child the strength you perceive is not a figment of your imagination it is palpable manifesting daily as you choose

to stand resilient shedding the shadows of fear and bewilderment to face

existence with unyielding resolve and purpose those who Harbor the fortitude

to persevere even in moments of Frailty or fatigue repel the

adversary they are aware of a Celestial Patron who cherishes them profoundly and

within this conviction resides the essence of triumph over sorrow and despondency Embrace this invincible

Faith as your beacon illuminating your path through the darkest nights and stormiest

days with this Faith you are not merely enduring life’s trials you are

transcending them transforming each challenge into a stepping stone toward Greater Heights of Spiritual Awakening

and fulfillment let this understanding fortify your heart and renew your

perspective knowing that in me you find an inexhaustible source of Love strength

and guidance let your life be a testament to this unshakable Faith a living proof of

the transformative power of divine love and support as you Journey forward

remember that in every moment of doubt in every hour of need I am with you

ready to lift you from despair to guide your steps and to bestow upon you the

blessings of peace and joy that surpass all understanding in the unfolding chapters

of your life you stand on the verge of witnessing The Splendid gifts I eagerly desire to Grant you thus I call upon you

once more with a heartfelt plea delve deeper into understanding Who I Am My

Love Is An unbreakable Bond one that no Force no circumstance can sever from you

emboldened by this truth I urge you to stand a new with faith the fact that you have faltered matters is not the only

ones who Revel in your downfall are those aligned against you my desire however is for you to rise

to embody resilience the landscape of your life is on the cusp of transformation so let not

the present conditions weigh heavily upon your spirit my strength becomes most apparent through a posture of

unwavering resolve though fear and doubt May Cloud your heart it is The Stance you adopt in

these moment moments that truly defines you display your faith boldly Let each

step you take be Resolute your spine straight bearing no Mark of defeat upon

your Visage grant me a private audience in the sanctuary of your room with doors

closed to the world and together we shall strategize the defeat of your foes in

seclusion yet it is in the open before the eyes of many that you shall be

adorned with Victory and a claim you have not tasted defeat you are

merely in the midst of the struggle persist in your endeavors in the cultivation of your hopes and in the

Valiant confrontation with adversity the battle for your aspirations is Paramount

surrender is not an option for in doing so you risk stagnation compelling me to

pass your dreams to another one who dares to contend for their realization

this moment in time is not an end point but a crucial juncture inviting you to

reassess your approach and rekindle the Flames of ambition and Faith

understand that your journey is enriched not by the absence of challenges but by Your Capacity to navigate through them

fortified by my presence and guided by my light the dreams you cherish those

visions of what could be are not merely fanciful wishes but beacons guiding you toward the Fulfillment of your Divine

Destiny Embrace this period of introspection and combat as an

opportunity to realign with my purpose for you to draw strength from our

communion and to step forth a new with a heart imbued with courage and a spirit

of flame with perseverance in this sacred exchange you

will find not only the resolve to face the battles ahead but also the Assurance of my unfaith failing support and the

promise of a future graced with Triumph and fulfillment I cherish your devotion and

your willingness to follow my path yet it’s crucial to remember the source of your

fortitude losing sight of this can lead you astray my desire is for my word to be a

constant in your sight for my teachings to reside in your mind and heart as Treasures more valuable than the finest

gold I urge you to persist to rise each time you fall and to embrace

perseverance until the moment arrives when I will Crown you myself I will acknowledge your dedication saying well

done my faithful servant throughout your trials and suffering you showed the courage to

serve me without excuses even in times of want you never ceased your struggle

nor did you succumb to doubt now come and revel in your Triumph rejoice in the

joy of your lord your tears have not gone unnoticed they have stirred my heart profoundly it was

never my wish for you to endure such hardship turn back to me now I am here

waiting at the doorstep of your heart longing to be led in upon your return my arms are

outstretched ready to embrace you I will rush to your side enveloping you in my

love and divine tenderness I will turn those nights filled with tears into seasons of unparalleled

Joy your dreams were many but so too were the disillusionments brought on by

falsehoods that chilled your spirit and petrified your Ambitions today I promise to enter your

life to dispel the Sorrows that weigh upon you and to mend the scars inflicted

by life’s battles as we journey forward let this be a turning point where you ReDiscover

the warmth of my presence where every sh shattered dream is reconstructed and every dimmed hope is

rekindled let my love be the balm that heals your wounds the force that melts away the ice encasing your desires

allowing them to flourish once more together we will navigate the path

ahead transforming past pains into Pillars of Strength and

resilience embrace the promise of a new beginning a fresh chapter where your aspirations align with my will leading

to fulfillment beyond your imagination in my love you will find the

courage to face new challenges the strength to overcome any obstacle and

the assurance that your journey is Guided by my hand today marks a pivotal

moment where I Infuse your vision with Clarity guide your heart with Direction

and anchor your emotions and Thoughts with unwavering stability there was a time not long ago

ago when tears were your constant companions born from a belief that your

life was diminishing into Oblivion that opportunities had forsaken you leaving

you ens snared in the confines of isolation yet in this moment I bring

forth a message of renewal it is essential to feed your spirit with the sustenance of Faith the Light Of Hope

and the strength of Courage for today my omnipotent hand rests upon you initiate

ating a profound transformation within your existence I am in the process of softening what has become hardened

within you replacing your cold stonik heart with one that is tender and

receptive within this renewed heart I am constructing a fountain of unwavering

Faith from which the Waters of fervent Love Will Spring forth reshaping

everything in its wake much like a Relentless River shapes the land through which it

flows my intervention in your life is set to transform any lingering

negativity into blessings of unimaginable Beauty I will make adjustments in your environment removing

obstacles and aligning circumstances to pave your way towards true happiness I will shield you from those

who might seek your downfall your heart pure and trusting often takes words at face value I urge

you to cultivate discernment to understand that some truths are meant to be found solely in me let no one

diminish your worth cast you aside or dare to claim you are without value for

you are cherished deeply by me in the light of my love you are

called to rise above the shadows of past disappointments and to step boldly into the brightness of your destined path

this journey is not about reclaiming what was lost but about embracing the new creation I am fashioning within and

around you it is a path of growth of becoming more than you ever imagined

underpinned by the realization that you are infinitely loved and valued by the

Creator As you move forward let this knowledge be the Cornerstone of your

identity that you are a beloved child of mine deserving of love respect and all

the goodness life has to offer let this truth guide your interactions influence

your choices and shape your perception of yourself and the world around you you are destined not for the shadows

of insignificance but for the light of meaningful impact and fulfillment I have

reiterated time and again your immeasurable worth should anyone suggest

otherwise and you find yourself swayed by their words you tread on perilous

ground never question the veracity of my declarations or the intent of my will

irrespective of the opinions that circulate around you with my guidance

Victory is not just a possibility but a certainty and no adversity will befall

you that you cannot overcome my protection envelops you for

you are cherished deeply a miracle is within your reach poised to manifest in your life

imminently you’ve positioned yourself optimally both in location and in

mindset it brings me immense joy to witness you Retreat into your Sanctuary

engaging in profound Worship in the quietude of your space laying bare your

soul at my feet and anointing your offerings with tears your faith and

trust are commendable a beacon in moments when Solitude wraps around your struggles known only to you and me

though the weight of your burden seems yours alone to carry remember I am here

to share that load your wholehearted approach to me has not gone unnoticed

and it is not within my nature to turn away from such earnestness the relief you seek from the

pain the confusion and the anxiety that plagues you is at hand you yearn for my

intervention for peace that allows restful sleep and awakens you to days filled with joy herein lies my Assurance

Embrace Faith with all the Vigor you possess hold fast to the promises I’ve made to you you are far from forgotten you are

infinitely valued my treasured child this affirmation I offer so its truth

never escapes you cling to my promises for they are steadfast imbued with power

and Grace my Covenant with you is unassailable my dedication

unwavering my presence is a constant in your life remember I love you embark on

a journey of healing and Tranquility let the noise of threats be quelled your

adversaries Retreat ailments dissipate and every ounce of pain within you

dissolve allowing your entire being to experience restoration the miraculous unfolds

within a heart that finds joy in my name unashamedly proclaiming it in every

moment affirm Jesus I love love you to dispel the shadows of negativity

Proclaim boldly Jesus I trust in you to banish fear revitalizing your spirit

with strength and Valor embrace my name with faith and Assurance for it is

decreed that at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow and every tongue shall

acknowledge that I jesus reign supreme as the King of Kings the Lord of

lords my spirit once sown within you shall flourish endlessly ly when you

grasp the profound truth that my name carries the entirety of strength power and dominion and that the cosmos

anticipates my return remember though Heaven and Earth May fade my words will

endure eternally within my grasp I hold blessings Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

many have spoken of the potency embedded in the name of Jesus yet now it is time for you to vocalize it to truly feel it

and to w witness firsthand the extraordinary powerful and awe inspiring

Transformations that can unfold in your presence realize that invoking my name

is not merely a ritual it is an act of profound faith and a declaration of

trust in the boundless might I possess as you call upon me anticipate

the unveiling of Wonders and the realization of promises that transcend human understanding

the power of my name extends Beyond mere words it is a Beacon of Hope a fortress

in times of turmoil and a source of infinite love and mercy in this

understanding let your heart be lightened and your spirit emboldened know that in every whisper and every

shout of my name you are enveloped in my presence protected by my might and

cherished within my heart let this assurance transform your outlook God

guiding your steps with confidence and peace as you navigate the complexities of life I call upon you to Bear witness

to the profound truth that through grace mercy eternal love and Majestic Glory I

am here to assist all who approach me with unwavering Faith each day those who

boldly Proclaim my name Jesus Jesus Jesus with courage faith and confidence

will feel my presence in their lives it is a holy powerful invocation that

should be spoken From Dusk Till Dawn a declaration of love and a testament to

belief speak my name with affection acknowledging your love for me in the simple Act of uttering

Jesus this expression of faith is a beacon of light in darkness a source of

strength in weakness and a bond of Love That unites us

amen [Music]

my beloved child in your darkest moments when the world seems daunting and uncertain remember that I am here come

to me with your fears and worries for I am always listening and I deeply care

for you take solace in knowing that I am in control even when the the world appears

chaotic many things are not as they should be but your yearning for perfect

goodness will one day be beautifully fulfilled consider the prophet habach

who faced the impending Babylonian invasion of

Judah he grappled with the weight of this knowledge but in the end he penned A Hymn of unwavering confidence in me

despite dire circumstances he proclaimed yet I will rejoice in the Lord I will be

joyful in God my savior feel free to share your concerns

with me even wrestle with them but always remember that the goal is to find a place of unwavering trust and

Transcendent Joy you may not comprehend my mysterious ways but you can Discover

Hope and assistance in my presence for I am your strength to all who receive me and

believe in my name I grant the privilege of becoming children of God there is a deep connection between

receiving me and believing in my name which embodies who I am receiving a gift requires openness

and I am the most magnificent gift you can receive as your savior God I assure you

that eternal life is both real and meant for you being a child of God is a wondrous

and glorious blessing I am your Savior and your constant companion walking with

you through life in this imperfect world I provide not only light for your path

but also for your heart and mind I take Delight in filling your life with joy both now and for all eternity

your brightest moments on Earth will pale in comparison to the radiant Glory of heaven where you will gaze upon my

face in Splendid Splendor and bask in Endless oceans of love

do not be surprised by the Loose Ends and Imperfections in this Fallen World I created Adam and Eve in a

perfect environment the Garden of Eden and your longing for Perfection is

natural and indeed supernal as my follower your ultimate

destination is heaven a place of magnificence and Glory Beyond Your Wildest

imagination there your deepest longings will find complete

satisfaction when the Brokenness of this world overwhelms you lift your eyes to

me remember that I the perfect one am with you share your troubles with me and

let me assist you in navigating them seek my guidance to establish righteous

priorities in alignment with my will take moments to rest in my presence

and offer me worship through worship ship you shift your focus from the Brokenness of the

world to my glorious presence and in worshiping me you participate in my

glory if it is possible live at peace with everyone to the best of your ability occasionally someone may oppose

you without cause and I do not hold you accountable for such conflicts more often however you may

have contributed to the Discord in these situations it is a

essential to repent for your role in the conflict and strive to restore peace regardless of the circumstances

remember the importance of forgiveness both for those who have offended you and

sometimes for yourself my beloved be quick to listen

slow to speak and slow to become angry take the time to think through your

words and listen carefully to others before responding this practice will help you

avoid unnecessary anger and strife whenever you fall short in maintaining peaceful relationships and

are at fault do not despair I paid the price for all your sins so that you could have lasting

peace with me you are a letter from me not written with ink but with the spirit

of the Living God on the tablet of your heart because you are one of my

followers the Holy Spirit resides within you he equips and empowers you to

accomplish far more than you could on your own do not be intimidated by

challenging circumstances or difficult times the third person of the godhead

dwells within you consider the profound implications of this truth when you walk in my ways seeking

the helper’s strength step by step you can achieve much more than you believe

possible the spirit writes on the tablet of your heart not only not only to bless you but also to draw others to me when

you are in the company of those who do not yet know me the Holy Spirit can make you a living letter from me one of the

most concise yet powerful prayers is help me Holy Spirit use this prayer as

often as you need inviting him to bring the truths of the Gospel to life through

you a bruised Reed I will not break and a dimly burning Wick I will not

extinguish I understand that there are times when you feel weak and helpless

like a bent readed or a flickering flame embrace your weakness and Brokenness for they open your heart to

me you can be completely yourself with me because I understand you perfectly as

you share your troubles with me I will refresh you and offer you a piece that surpasses all

understanding instead of trying to solve everything on your own place your confident trust in me take a break

knowing that I am watching over you and working on your behalf my healing within you is most effective when you rest in

my watchful care even when the mountains shake and the hills are removed my

unwavering love for you remains steadfast and my Covenant of Peace

endures when you feel weak and wounded come boldly into my presence to receive receive abundant love and peace do not

fret about your inadequacies instead embrace them for they are the perfect

link to my boundless sufficiency when you feel lacking your natural tendency

is to worry the best way to resist this temptation is to acknowledge your insufficiencies openly and thank me for

them this frees you from trying to be your own Savior and provider because you are weak and

imperfect you need a savior who is strong and perfect a provider who can meet all your

needs you access my boundless Resources by being both still and

active spending time alone with me waiting in my presence deepens your

connection with me I work for those who wait for me accomplishing what you

cannot do on your own however there are many things you can do when you carry out your

activities relying on the strength I provide I am glorified and you are blessed the next time you feel

inadequate turn to me immediately I will lovingly meet you in

your moments of need come to me and rest in my presence I am always thinking about you

and I desire for you to become increasingly aware of me even when you are busy knowing that I am with you can

bring you inner peace this this awareness flows from the knowledge that I am with you always it permeates your

heart mind and spirit and can fill you with profound Joy do not fret about your inadequacies

instead embrace them for they are the perfect link to my boundless

sufficiency when you feel lacking your natural tendency is to

worry the best way to resist this temptation is to acknowledge your insufficiency openly and thank me for

them this frees you from trying to be your own Savior and provider because you

are weak and imperfect you need a savior who is strong and perfect a provider who

can meet all your needs you access my boundless Resources by being both still

and active spending time alone with me waiting in my presence deepens your

connection with me I work for those who wait for me me accomplishing what you cannot do on your own however there are

many things you can do when you carry out your activities relying on the strength I provide I am glorified and

you are blessed the next time you feel inadequate turn to me immediately I will

lovingly meet you in your moments of need come to me and rest in my presence

I am always thinking about you and I desire for you to become increasingly aware of me

even when you are busy knowing that I am with you can bring you inner peace this awareness flows from the

knowledge that I am with you always it permeates your heart mind and spirit and

can fill you with profound Joy many of my followers become consumed by the

problems they see and the dire predictions they hear causing their joy to be buried beneath layers of worry and

fear if this happens in your life bring all your concerns to me discuss each one

with me seeking my help and guidance ask me to remove the anxious

layers that have concealed your joy as you entrust your concerns into my care

your joy will gradually resurface nurture This Joy by offering

praises to me the king of glory who loves you eternally I am gracious and

compassionate slow to Ang and abundant in love explore the wonders of my grace

unmar favor poured out on you through my finished work on the cross by Grace you have been saved

through faith it is a gift from God furthermore my compassions are new Every

Morning begin each day with expectation ready to receive fresh compassions do

not allow yesterday’s failures to weigh you down learn from your mistakes and confess your known sins but do not dwell

on them instead keep your eyes fixed on me I am slow to anger so do not hastily

judge yourself or others instead rejoice in the richness of My Love For Love is at the very core

of my being as you grow in Grace strive to be more attentive to me more receptive to

my loving presence this requires diligence because the evil one seeks to distance you from

me remain Vigilant and remember there is no condemnation for those who belong to

me when you feel downcast the best remedy is to remember me contemplate who

I am your lord God Savior and Shepherd the friend who will never abandon you I

am intimately acquainted with every detail of your life including your thoughts and emotions you are precious

to me and every way reflect on the countless ways I have cared for you and

provided for you thank me for each one that comes to mind and rest in my loving presence

share with me the burdens that weigh you down for in my presence you will see

things more clearly together we can discern what is truly important and what is

not as you linger in my presence my face shines upon you blessing encouraging and

comforting you I promise that you will once again praise me for the help found

in my presence to infuse more joy into your day seek to increase your awareness of

my presence an easy way to do this is by saying thank you Jesus for your presence

this simple prayer can be repeated frequently connecting you to me and expressing your

gratitude you do not have to feel my my nearness to pray this way but the more

you thank me for my presence the more real I become to you align your mind

heart and spirit with the reality that in me you live move and have your

being you can also heighten your awareness by observing signs of my unseen presence around you the beauty of

Nature and the joy of loved ones can serve as reminders pointing you toward

me most clearly you can find me in my word for I Am The Living

Word ask my spirit to illuminate scripture for you shining his light into

your heart and helping you see the glory of my presence I take Delight in those who

rever me who place their hope in my unfailing love fear of the Lord may be

misunderstood but it is the Bedrock of spiritual wisdom and knowledge it comprises reverential awe adoration and

submission to my will when you exchange your attitudes and goals for mine you submit to me

since I am your creator aligning yourself with me is the best way to live when your lifestyle reflects this

biblical fear I take great pleasure in you seek to sense my pleasure shining

upon you during such moments living in accordance with my will is not always

easy your journey with me may have many ups and downs nevertheless no matter

what is happening you can find Hope in my unfailing love in today’s world many people feel

Despair disillusionment and cynicism because they Place their trust in the wrong

things but my steadfast love will never disappoint you it will never let you

go hold on to hope dear one for it is the golden thread connecting you to me

dedicate yourself to prayer with a Vigilant mind and a grateful heart for my followers prayer is a way

of life a means of staying connected with me however it is not without its

challenges the evil one opposes your Devotion to me and His Dark Forces seek

to interrupt and weaken your communication with me therefore it is crucial that you commit to this

discipline determined to remain connected to me you can train yourself to call on me

even while engaged in other activities inviting me into your world to make your work smoother and your life more

fulfilling allocate specific time to focus solely on communicating with me

this can be quite challenging but effective prayer requires both a keen mind and a thankful heart ask my Spirit

the helper to empower your prayers enhancing your mental acuity and

gratitude a vigilent mind and a grateful heart will not only improve your prayer

life but also enhance your overall existence give thanks to me and praise

my name [Music]


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