God’s Message Now: I Will Never Leave You [IN 2024] | God Say | God Message For You | God Message Me

my special message is only for you do

not make the mistake of leaving I deeply

care about you and earnestly desire to

solve all your problems in the final

seconds I will answer all your questions

so watch the entire video my beloved

child I’m here to remind you that you

are never alone I’m always with you

holding your hand guiding your steps and

surrounding you with my love your life

is precious to me and I have a firm and

unwavering promise for you the same hand

that created the universe is the hand

reaching out to you now trust in me and

I will fill your heart with an abundance

of joy and peace you must hold fast to

your faith my child nurture your

patience and release the burdens that

weigh you

down I am here to lift those burdens

from your shoulders to shower you with

blessings and to extend my grace to your

family your children and your parents

what I provide is eternal a Wellspring

of everlasting

blessings have faith in my promises and

embrace the words of Isaiah and

Nehemiah I am your constant companion

your unwavering support and your source

of Endless Love I see your struggles and

your tears I know the trials you face

but I am here to transform your pain

into blessings You are not alone my

child I stand by your side drying your

tears and filling your heart with hope

trust in my presence for it is more real

and radiant than the air you breathe or

the sunlight that warms your

face through faith and humility you will

witness Miracles extend your hand to

those in need for an acts of kindness

and humility you reflect my love you

must nourish yourself with my word and

seek me in prayer treat others with

dignity and kindness as you would wish

to be treated in doing so you will find

an increasing desire to seek me more and

I will reveal my will to you speak no

ill of others walk in humility and

respond with faith and gentleness to the

Wonders I desire to perform in your life

I hold dominion over your life my child

I am your guardian and protector guiding

you along a path of blessings and wisdom

my beloved child every day I have a

special message just for you to bring

joy and light into your life through

this YouTube channel I am reaching out

to you with words of love and guidance

make sure to subscribe to this Channel

and join me each day to hear my message

and don’t forget to listen to the

messages you might have missed before I

am always here for you guiding and

uplifting you with my words my child

open your heart to me and commit to me

for life I promise miraculous

occurrences solutions to your

predicaments and the eradication of

sadness and loneliness I will shield you

from your adversaries and bless you with

new friendships obey my words and let me

dwell in your heart as your most

cherished presence I forgive your past

mistakes and guide you towards the right

path you possess everything you require

in my presence in times of pain and

despair remember that I am by your side

I see beyond appearances social

standings and limitations

I see your heart and I desire to guide

you towards wisdom and strength trust in

my purpose and plan for the greater your

trust the greater your wisdom and

strength when you feel weary and

disheartened know that I am here to

guide you and transform the impossible

into great Miracles believe in my words

for they ignite a sacred flame within

your heart and nurture your

faith delve into my teachings with a

thirst for truth

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