God’s Message Now: I AM THE UNCHANGING GOD OF PROMISES || God Blessings Message || Gods Message

listen my beloved for I am the unchanging God of promises my words never falter and my

pledges are always fulfilled the blessings you’ve yearned for with patience are on the verge of

becoming a reality as i gaze upon you unwavering in

your faith offering gratitude amidst the world’s laments I assure you that the

long awaited blessing is swiftly approaching take my word for it you will

soon hold it in your hands bidding farewell to all anxiety and distress you have placed your trust in

my word and from the very moment I heard your voice your heartfelt cries I have

set in motion the response your soul so deeply

desires many grow disheartened expecting an immediate answer to their prayers

yet my ways are not always Swift for I take Delight in bringing about changes

in your life I mold your character with wisdom arranging every detail to ensure

that the awaited blessing doesn’t become a burden at times you request what you

need but rest assured I Am The God Who bestows abundantly more than what is

asked I consider your future and the well-being of your family Desiring that

your blessings usher in not sadness or tension but only peace and unbounded

joy our covenant is etched in your heart and mind your sins are forgiven and remembered no

more seek solace in my presence for at my altar you shall find Healing

boundless strength and the Fulfillment of your faith as you patiently await the realization of my

promises banish bitter complaints from your heart cast doubt from your mind do

not heed the tongues that mock your faith if you ever grow weary and anxiety returns simply call upon me and I will

grant you the perseverance to endure I will bestow upon you the gift

of patience ensuring your emotions remain undisturbed you shall receive Prudence

to control your tongue so that no foolish words emerge from your lips to offend my heart

I bestow great blessings upon your life with love and tenderness much like a father or mother

nurturing their precious child I only ask that you be grateful and never dare to demand anything with

pride and arrogance there are many in this world who disrespect me but I possess patience

and await them with love they may raise their voices and play with fire but it is a Dreadful

thing to fall into the hands of a living God I know you feel frustrated because

things don’t always go as planted nevertheless this shall always

be the way you pray I respond you strive conflicts and adversaries arise suddenly

to challenge you there are obstacles and it may seem like my response is

delayed however I will open your spiritual eyes revealing that the situation is not as you perceive it your

blessing is right before you waiting but you must Advance without

looking back discarding any feelings and thoughts that paralyze you if you desire

to be blessed you must be tested I want to see courage in your

heart and observe your reaction when your expectations are unmet what will

you say will you continue to wait with joy in your heart without complaining or

will bitterness fill you wasting your time and effort as it does to others I want you to be strong to love

me with all your heart and all your strength even if I do not respond immediately and you must wait I want to

see that steel-like Spirit I’ve instilled in you a character more valuable than a

diamond I desire your loyalty you will not betray me nor will

you sell your convictions for a few coins you will not engage in dishonest Deeds

or lie to escape trouble for True victories in this world are won this

way and your long- awaited blessing shall become a reality wait with faith do not let

doubts freeze your patience do not heed the foolish opinions of the unbelievers and

mockers with love I implore you to remember these words and hold them dearly in your heart I am faithful and I

also ask for your loyalty return here every morning and fill yourself with these words that

strengthen your faith and engulf you in peace do not fear I love you your

blessing is on the verge of arrival repeat these words with your voice and your hand beloved God I await

you with all my heart I am your heavenly father your friend your lord your Shepherd

if you’ve never heard of me before I present myself to you I chose you before you were born I ignited that unwavering

purpose within your soul I am the love that fills your life and pours boundless mercy upon you I am love I am tenderness

I am peace I am your path your truth the light that guides you in the midst of

Darkness today Heralds a day of Miracles where my words Infuse you with faith

beside you always is my Holy Spirit guiding each step you take open your

heart to the promises ingrained in your mind ready to resurface in times of

urgent need the gateway to my grace stands open welcoming you without rejection approach

with courage come forth in assurance find Healing within I mend the lingering

scars in your soul the secret Pains of your past lose their grip over you this day I absolve

your faults freeing you from their memory let go of guilt it has no claim

on you now do not be troubled or lose your peace in addressing past errors be

humble seek forgiveness repay your debts and purify your legacy if others clouded by bitterness

deny you the chance to make amends release that burden you are cleansed you

are forgiven leave them behind surrender to me all that pains you the Shadows

tainting your emotions the negative seeds sown long ago that still trouble

you release the memories and thoughts long held within and witness my power

transforming your heart I break the chains of fear crush

the grip of anxiety and plant my holy word within you my grace will flood your

being gifting you the miracle of Liberation enveloped in my Mercy clothed

in my goodness you will be surrounded by blessings today the shackles binding

your spirit shatter your character is renewed anger quelled and fury

dissipated your words will no longer be of anger or insult but instead your lips shall utter praises and words of holy

power bringing Liberation and healing you are never alone I have spoken to you

persistently and now you understand that Faith must guide your steps despite

obstacles you move forward and I shall reward your faith today is a day to

believe in miracles a day where nothing is impossible for those who trust and yield to my will every Challenge and

trial even temporary defeats and victories are opportunities to experience my profound love you are in

my hands guarded by Angels day and night my Holy Spirit ensures peace and

Harmony in your home your family is precious to me no force can remove you

from my care I am your protector your comforter your encourager nourishing you

with Heavenly words I provide the Eternal bread ensuring you never hunger

For Love or yearn for affection I offer the Water of Life quenching your thirst

for joy and companionship do not overly depend on fallible humans my Holy Spirit fulfills

your desires inspiring you to live and chase your dreams trust in my power obey my

commands and surrender to my will Embrace each day with gratitude knowing

I am already performing wonders in your life upon waking express your thanks

declaring this is the day of Miracles my God is loving and holds me

securely believe that as your faith is so it shall be do not dwell on the past

or fret about the future trust in my plan for you you are

stronger than you realize and destined for greatness receiving blessings as you fully surrender to my will Marvel at

what I can do through you I Am with You guiding each step with patience and

wisdom you cannot solve all life challenges in a day but I have the power

to shift the world in your favor do not worry about the future let it not

disturb your rest for concerns yet to come seek my peace and I will grant you

Tranquility now do your part and remain calm in the face of challenges and

sudden trials you know the way I have already bestowed my peace upon you trust

in my enduring goodness raise your hands to the heavens radiating the faith that dwells within

you and voice out loud thank you my Lord for your steadfast

devotion let these expressions of trust and appreciation reach my ears in the

celestial realm my angels Rejoice celebrating your praises the Heavenly choirs sing glory

to the almighty pausing the universe in reverence the moment I extend my hand in

response like a compassionate father to your your sincere prayers all of creation takes notice your gratitude and

adoration unlock the entrance to my divine presence the heartfelt worship

arising from your soul serves as the key to the sacred gatway enter and I shall endow you with

my spirit you will gain strength your spiritual vision will be awakened and

you will be surrounded by blessings particularly in moments when life’s challenges seem overwhelming and

darkness obscures your path understand this is not the end of

your dreams but the nurturing of them I am clearing obstacles nurturing New

Beginnings you are sown in fertile soil meant to bloom and prosper my love for

you is immense and everlasting a remarkable strength resides within you one that can exceed even your grandest

dreams filled with my Holy Spirit you you are loved more deeply than you can

comprehend to rise and achieve your goals let go of the burdens that hold you back break free from limitations and

stride forward with confidence do not cling to material possessions fleeting titles or accolades

that many Chase but are devoid of real value remember no worldly thing can

steer the course of your life your happiness is not anchored to material wealth while physical and financial

resources are needed to bless others don’t be consumed by

worry put me first in your life offer me your soul and heart focus on your family

your prayers and your sincere efforts conduct your affairs with honesty and treat others with

respect I assure you that all your needs will be met without grief anxiety

sleepless nights conflict or fear here you are bound for Bountiful Prosperity

beyond your current imagination listen carefully to my

words let them gently permeate your soul each word resonating

within I will imprint my plans in your mind and inscribe my promises in your heart stay alert avoid distractions that

drain your energy in time I long to see you Vigilant prepared well Tred and and

ready with these empowering words I am equipping you personally rise above

every setback and failure as they are part of your growth Journey Focus now on the path ahead

leaving the past behind what may seem like a tempest today will soon reveal itself as merely

a breeze keep faith move forward and you will uncover the beauty and hope in each

new beginning I am always always with you loving and guiding every step you take trust in me and my might in the

dreams I have planted in your life and in the talents I have bestowed upon you

treat your family and supporters well I have orchestrated your success not for

selfish gains but so you can bless others I will make you a Beacon of Hope in Barren

lands those seeking to know about me will be drawn to you Embrace this Divine

love with joy you will overcome any obstacle that lies in your path now with

love say I embrace your love beloved God as your daughter as your son today I

bestow upon you a new life from this moment everything transforms start this

day with your head held high and your heart brimming with faith observe as

everything around you gradually transforms always remember

I am by your side every moment today providing the strength you need to

surmount each obstacle and the sensitivity to appreciate all the beauty

and small blessings I am showering upon you stay close to me and do not let the

negativity of the world distract you remain positive even when everything

seems to be falling apart inhale my peace let your heart find rest in me

understand that every everything serves a purpose and I your omnipotent God am overseeing it all I am aware of

everything you face aiding you in tough times and even in the seemingly trivial matters nothing escapes my notice I

offer you my love and ask you to extend compassion to others to love and be

patient with them and to forgive them your interactions with them could lead many to find their way to

me my child today I bestow upon you renewed strength to begin aresh I grant

you the wisdom to solve all your challenges Embrace this day with joy and

contentment for everything is already within my care I’m fully aware of your struggles

and emotions just relax have faith and strive to do your best if you ever feel

lonely do not fear just pray and you will realize that I have always been by your side my love

for you and your loved ones knows no bounds with these promises I give you

believe trust and chase after your dreams for I will make things far better

and easier than you could ever imagine and when night falls Express

gratitude for all your experiences of the day your thankfulness is significant

your mindset is potent always keep this in mind my dear

child I am with you today today tomorrow and always I understand your situation

very well and the suffering you are enduring your struggles are distinct from those of others and at times your

emotions become entangled yet whenever you feel weak you grasp my hand and that is why you do not

sink allow me to accompany you during this moment of Affliction I wish for you to receive my

word I will heal your soul and banish your pain forever you are correct in saying that

many do not comprehend you but I am privy to all that you have experienced in the past and know what you are

presently going through those around you only perceive the surface and fail to

recognize that your heart is weeping I however understand you and desire to

assist you I yearn to relieve the burden that weighs upon your shoulders and liberate you from the prison of

Anguish I am breaking the chains that still bind you to your past removing the

veils from your eyes so you can glimpse a future of goodness and peace that I have prepared for you those who despise

and fail to understand you will have to remain behind for they have forsaken faith and no longer wish to walk with me

I shall continue to love them but they have strayed from the path if you wish to remain by my side you must distance

yourself from them fear not the path that lies ahead you shall not be alone

my shadow will shield you from the scorching sun and my mighty arm will defend you an army of angels will March

before you clearing your path and safeguarding you from your adversaries your life will soon undergo

a profound transformation and you will rejoice in making the right decision you

were Brave when I touched your heart and you open the door to me we shall be together eternally your pain will will

become a thing of the past your life will rest in love and happiness and I will pour my grace and

kindness upon you you shall be greatly blessed and everything will be

different I love you this too shall pass hear me and feel the Tranquility that my

words bestow upon you your troubles shall soon come to an end this is not the moment to surrender

or engage in actions that might set you back further you are undergoing a new transformation through my power like

clay in the hands of a Potter everything I do is out of love and for your

wellbe I want you to be ready for the higher level I’m about to raise you to

let your character be Resolute and your will strong so that you may be a leader

rather than a follower in the place where I shall position you you and your family shall be well worry not my dear

child listen to me every day come and Converse with me and if you have nothing

to say simply sit by my side and relish this beautiful moment I do not want you

to be disturbed nor let fear steal your joy in your calmness you appear truly

Splendid your thoughts flow your words are purposeful and your actions align

with your faith when you are with me your despair vanishes and the anxiety

that devours you dissipates forever in a scroll

I record each of your emotions and I observe the outcome of your prayers when

you were in distress you bent your knees and I came to your Aid depression no

longer haunts you you felt strengthened Rose and continued on your

path the day sorrow returned you came back to my doorstep brimming with

desperation in a cup of Tears your prayer nearly drowned your despondency was so great

that that your lips lacked the strength to express your feelings but I understood what lay in your soul I

healed you and brought Joy back into your life you kept on fighting and you were very

courageous you confronted Giants without fear and here you are before my Throne

once again ask me for whatever you desire I shall Grant it from your heart

Springs a holy Wellspring your thoughts are pure and everything you need is already granted

be assured Brave One rise up and step firmly May the Earth Beneath Your Feet

tremble causing envy and cowardice to seize your envious and cowardly foes

your tumultuous emotions will be restrained by my powerful hand I’m

pouring a shower of blessings upon you and your problems and discouragement will vanish if you need encouragement I

shall provide it if you are weary today come to me as you are exhausted and burdened

you need this love that will bring you rest take a pause spend a few minutes in silence and listen to The Whisper Of The

Wind do not speak let your emotions calm down the turmoil in your mind assails

you with your own thoughts give me your hands close your eyes remain silent and

trust in me even if you feel today that the armies of Despair surround and wound

you do not fear do not falter these are temporary emotions that must depart upon

hearing my voice as you listen to me now a holy oil of healing is rising within

you mending your being your body your heart and your mind after hearing me each day you will

feel better filled with a new and profound emotion and complete joy

happiness emanates from you like Mighty rivers of Living Water nothing and no one on this Earth

can Pro provide you with the peace and joy you need trust only in me do not

Surrender Your Soul or life to those who claim to make you happy do not repeat

the mistake of the past when you surrendered your soul and body thinking you had found someone who would finally

give you love and a reason to live you were mistaken but that does not mean you

failed you have the right to rise again and I am giving you the opportunity to

to start a new I love you I am faithful to you and I cannot deny you love or

eternal life because you have committed with all your heart to follow me serve me obey me and live for me I will

provide what you need do not fear I will give you the provision you

await free you from debts remove bad habits from your path and bring a

special person into your life tell me that you won’t doubt promise me that you won’t give my place

to anyone else tell me that you love me once more Jesus I love you repeat it many

times throughout the day and feel how an abundant rain of Joy falls upon you this

is how I like to see you full of faith and happiness I am here waiting for you

tomorrow holds blessings in the sky with your name on them I know why I do things

trust me with all your heart many situations on Earth and in heaven are aligning in your favor I have given

the unbreakable command for you to receive abundant provision freedom from

debts Supernatural wisdom and blessings specially prepared for your family and

you the Divine inheritance that belongs to you is your main blessing my eternal

love for you is the greatest of all I loved you when you were distant and I

continued to love you when you turn to me if you ever think that I get angry or

distance myself from you because of your mistakes you are mistaken your errors do not frighten me

I will not cast you away for your sins you always come to me filled with pain

and repentance speaking the truth I know you love me and if you ever he I know

your heart and your reasons I love your sin ready nobody can deceive me Others

May put on masks of perfection and Holiness accusing those who are different or do not share their beliefs

but you are not one of them you do not criticize everyone and consider yourself

Superior your spirit is peaceful your attitude is kind your thoughts are pure

if you fall you will rise with confidence and Faith do not allow Mortals to point fingers at you nobody

in this world has the right to do so if you maintain this attitude of faith if

you come to me every day with humility in your heart eager to listen and learn I will respond with Abundant

Blessings I know material possessions do not interest you you only seek blessings

and protection for your family but that I will give you and much

more I will prepare you so that you are ready when the do open do not be afraid

to enter right now as you listen Supernatural Miracles are happening in

the world new people are coming into your life opportunities like never before situations that may seem like

problems but with your faith and patience they will turn into blessings peace for your home

provision the main and most beautiful thing is already yours you have my sincere love tell me that you believe

me I am gently touching your life with holy t tenderness with love I embrace

you and with my holy mantle I protect you from evil I understand very well

what you are going through your trials are difficult I see your struggles I

know your efforts I feel your despair it is here and now that I reveal

my faithfulness to you what you have done best today is to

believe in me and bring your Affliction and need before me I know that you cannot handle everything

alone which is why I am here I want to help you I will support you I want to

heal you my intentions for you are good peaceful and prosperous I will always love you

because you are essential to me I love you very much I will persist and I will

continue speaking to you as I am doing today you woke up to a new day with Low

Spirits your spirit and body body turd happiness seems to slip through your fingers and it appears that no one

around you shows Compassion or even a bit of love but do not forget I am here

I am not preoccupied with other things and I have not forgotten that I love you and you matter to me I do not get

distracted by temporary matters I am concerned with your eternal life your

endless happiness your complete salvation so today after hearing me do

not forget my words your soul will be renewed your strength increased and you

will be filled with a new and Supernatural Spirit you may not have expected that I would speak to you

myself but you are listening to me now the more you listen to me the more you

will desire to fight and receive now I want you to smile and

realize that I have not forgotten that you need me take advantage of your moments of Stillness to talk to me not

to think that you are living in solitude you have me as God father and

friend you should be very grateful I will repeat it so that you hear it again

you are not alone I will pour my spirit into you I will strengthen your soul

Grant you wisdom and fill you with my love you will Triumph in

everything look at your life how many things have you you had to face how many

battles have you had to fight how much have you had to endure and yet here you stand How brave

you are I admire your attitude your tenacity moves me I am conveying this

message to you to remind you that you do not have to worry do not let fear steal

your dreams do not be afraid to dream big and face the fight with the certainty that I can help you make your

plans come true take a moment to reflect you have shown great courage think of

the situations that seemed impossible to resolve and you managed to overcome them all since the day you entrusted control

of your life to me you have not lost any more battles since then so rest your

heart and continue to trust I know that sometimes it can be difficult to Simply

rest and not lose faith when everything seems to go wrong and conflicts come knocking at your door trying to consume

you completely but in those moments my child cover your ears from the enemy’s voices

do not accept the threats of fear keep walking and trusting in my

promises you are deeply loved by me before you were born I already had

something great planned for your life I’m taking care of every detail every

second I’m always watching over you do not give sadness more space in

your heart I will fill your heart with joy keep walking with the eyes of faith

for victory is certain and what I have prepared for you is greater than you can imagine I love you and I will remind you

of it every day when you wake up I will be here again at dawn you will feel me

and in your heart you will hear me when you seek me when you pray when you feel the need to come and pour out your heart

I will persist in speaking to you even when you may not feel like listening in

your moments of exhaustion and despair when it seems like your every effort has been fruitless and the will to persist

Fades know that I am everpresent your uncertainties your wavering Spirit they

do not deter me I am unchanging in my devotion to you this Divine love crafted

uniquely for you is unwavering my purpose is for you to

embrace and feel its depth to fall to your knees in adoration with all your

might for in this act of love the seeds of Miracles are sown should you with a

heart Earnest and true profess your faith in me today wonders and Marvels

shall unfold in your life my love for you spans eternity

today and every day I guide you on Paths of righteousness I wish not for you to

wander in obscurity but to bask in the warmth of love and protection

this is my desire your faith Delights me it is a form of worship a tribute at my throne

in your adoration peace and strength Cascade into your being rest assured I

am here to lead follow me with trust these challenging times do not

diminish my support even when your spirit falters

when doubts Cloud your faith and you feel distant from me I am right beside

you in moments of Frailty I will not only walk with you but carry you if need

be you have sought me as a friend devoted your time and in return I have

enveloped you in my love I am constant unaltered by the trials you

face I will not forsake you in your moments of vulnerability I will not recede into the

shadows of your doubt amidst the Maelstrom of your thoughts I

stand with you ready to offer my guidance once more do not be

disheartened by tribulations or daunting times remember I your almighty God

affirm that nothing is beyond my reach in your life I will manifest Miracles

profound and awe inspiring beloved child hear my voice in

tranquility and peace steady your heart for I yearn to infuse your life with joy

and fulfillment do not linger in confusion over what is gone the Lost Time The

Departed Souls that left you wounded there was a time when the adversary convinced you of my absence of

a lack of Love due to your trials yet now you sense my presence

believe in the unwavering truth of my love I cherish you deeply and will never

leave your side my Holy Spirit my glorious presence will envelop you bestowing blessings and

love my affection for you is boundless and in this I know your faith will

remain steadfast [Music]

[Music] amen

my beloved child I walk with you in the way of wisdom guiding your steps along

straight paths I know the confusion that sometimes clouds your mind and I

understand your longing to find the right way forward you’ve tried so many things and

at times your hopeful Pursuits have led to disappointment I want you to know that I

fully comprehend the challenges of your journey and I assure you that I can bring good out of every part of it

wisdom dear one lies in trusting me no matter what unfolds in your

life through trust you follow me along the right path although there are things

that may appear random or wrong as you Journey forward I have the ability to weave them into a comprehensive plan for

good my master plan do not be deceived by by the way things seem in the

moment you are looking at a tiny fragment of a vast and intricate picture

from your limited perspective your journey may seem confusing filled with

perplexing twists and turns but from my Limitless view I am

indeed leading you along straight paths confess your sins to me and do not fear

to face your shortcomings honestly in my presence in the brilliant light of my love you’ll

see areas where you fall short of my perfect standard though this may be

uncomfortable do not run or shift blame instead agree with me about these

matters and leave them with me Rejoice for I have already paid the

penalty taken the punishment for all your sins joyfully accept the forgiveness I

purchased for you with my own blood when I forgive you I also cleanse you from

all unrighteousness and clothe you in my perfect righteousness as you walk in the light

with me a continual cleansing takes place within you purifying you and

drawing you closer to me and to others who walk in my light blessed are those

who walk in the light of my presence rejoicing in my name and exalting in my

righteousness I am both sovereign and good these are essential truths about

who I am when you grapple with the Brokenness of this world it can be challenging to believe both truths

simultaneously because I am Sovereign I am ultimately in control of everything that happens to you and to

others I understand that this knowledge can be difficult to accept especially in

the face of atrocities or catastrophes amid such suffering some

can conclude that only a cruel God could oversee a world like this let me assure you I am absolutely

good I am pure light with not a hint of Darkness within me my unwavering

goodness in the face of so much evil is beyond human understanding when you struggle with

these Mysteries come to me pour out your heart trust that I care

and understand and submit your finite mind to my infinite wisdom and Sovereign

ways relinquish your need to fully comprehend and rest in my compassionate

presence cling to me in childlike trust knowing that my way though mysterious is

perfect place your trust in me and I will keep you safe there is a deep

yearning in your heart for security and you can mask these longings with activity but only

temporarily these feelings serve a purpose they can lead you to me and to

my sufficiency I am the only one who can truly keep you safe when you feel

insecure about anything come to me share your fears and concerns then affirm your

trust in me voicing your trust deepens your connection with me and dispels the

Darkness of deception the evil one has been deceiving people since the beginning of

time but do not listen to his lies put your trust in me for I am the

embodiment of Truth as you get to know me the truth better and better I set you

free keep your eyes on me for I am with you taking care of you in the best possible way in moments of suffering my

care may seem imperfect and inadequate you seek relief and I may ask

ask you to wait but remember there are various ways to wait and some are better

than others beneficial waiting involves continually looking to me trusting and

loving me thank me for this time of neediness when you must rely on me more

than usual do not wish it away for I know what I am doing and can bring good out

of everything you encounter and endure do not let past or present suffering

taint your view of the future I am the Lord of your future and

I have wonderful plans for you a future filled with hope my grace is more than sufficient

for you enough to carry you through your toughest times do you believe this it’s one thing

to believe it when everything is going well it’s another when you struggle just to take the next step yet it’s precisely

in these moments that my grace shines most brilliantly when you know you cannot go

on without it my grace becomes the focal point of your life I invite you to drink deeply from

the Abundant Riches of my grace my favor mercy and loving kindness It’s a free gift that opens the

way to Eternity and provides what you need to live in this broken world come

into my presence freely pour out your heart to me and do not be ashamed of your

weaknesses through them you learn to depend more on me allowing my power to

dwell in you in a world where privacy is scarce and safe places are few remember

this I am your Hiding Place call out to me and I will protect you from trouble I

will even surround you with songs of Deliverance one of the most powerful

ways to draw upon my strength is through praise I dwell in the Praises of my

people so when problems weigh heavily on you break free by worshiping me in songs in

shouts in Whispers these sacred Expressions dispel darkness and invite my presence

brightening your surroundings problems recede into the background as you engage in

worship being aware of my presence strengthens you and fills you with joy

when you praise me amidst a difficult day both you and I are bless blessed I

draw near and I hide you in the secret place of my presence let my Comforts bring Delight

to your soul the world bombards you with countless anxieties too numerous to

count everywhere you look there are problems and troubles amid this chaos look to me for

help whisper my name Jesus and reactivate your awareness of my presence

your perspective shifts dramatic atically as my presence illuminates your world view my Comforts can soothe your

troubled heart and Delight your soul if the world were perfect you would never

experience the pleasure of receiving comfort from me so do not let problems

discourage you but use them as remers to seek me my presence my peace my love these

invisible realities are available to you anytime any anywhere and they provide

joy that cannot be taken from you when you come to me in your weariness and burdens I promise to provide rest for

your soul trust me Moment by moment it is all

I ask of you and it is sufficient to keep you standing firm in the midst of spiritual

battles merely making it through each day is a victory as long as you stay

connected with me search for me in each moment and keep

your focus on my presence this is the best defense against self-pity and depression I call

you to trust me even in the deepest Darkness take one step at a time holding

on to my hand for guidance I am always near you fully aware of the struggles you face although

the battle may be fierce and you may feel weak your resources are Limitless my spirit is ever ready to

assist you you need only ask remember that this holy helper is

both infinitely powerful and infinitely loving I too am eager to help you call

upon my name with confident trust for my unfailing love surrounds you in

everything you do place me first and I will guide you and bless your efforts with success putting me first may seem

simple yet the world your own desires and the enemy will attempt to to divert your focus you might justify other

things encroaching upon the space and time you intended for me if this becomes

a pattern be cautious your priorities may have gradually shifted until I am no

longer your first love placing me first is not a mere rule it is the path to vibrant joyful living

close to me and the way to live purposefully allowing me to direct your

steps when I am your top priority everything else falls into its proper

place delight yourself in Me Above All Else and as you walk in the light of my

presence I will open your path and Grant you the desires of your

heart I am the Lord of peace and I offer you peace at all times and in every

way within you lies a deep unfilled void that can only be satisfied by my

peaceful presence peace people who do not know me try to fill this emptiness in countless

ways or pretend it does not exist even my children sometimes underestimate the

full extent of their need for my peace in all situations at all times

recognizing your neediness is just the beginning the other part is to believe

that I can and will supply all you need shortly before my departure I

promised peace to my disciples and to all who would follow me I made it clear that this is a gift

something I freely and lovingly provide your responsibility is to

receive this precious gift acknowledging not only your need but also your

desire then wait expectantly in my presence ready to receive my peace in

abundance if you wish you can express your Readiness by saying Jesus I receive

your peace my beloved I am with you always let these words resonate in your

heart you are cherished and you are never alone lean on my Everlasting Arms

and find your rest in me [Music]


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