God’s Message Now: CAN YOU HEAR ME? || God Message For You ||Gods Message Today ||God Says

hear me my child for what I share today is not by chance but a message of love

and understanding intentionally crafted to reach into your soul urging you to

reflect in this world many are lured Away by its currents losing themselves

to distractions and temptations that not only distance them from my love

but also lead them towards destruction therefore I urge you do not

follow the transient and superficial paths prevalent in these times the world entices with a life full

of desires and Pleasures but these are mere distractions pulling you away from

me and steering your life towards ruin in your era I see many ens snared

by worldly desires chasing Trends and practices that only bring

suffering these Temptations are manifold their paths deceptive though they may seem

attractive and promising they ultimately lead to spiritual demise I implore you

not to fall prey to these traps the darkness and desolation they bring are

profound do not be fooled by the fleeting Illusions and false promises of this world’s ruler avoid voices that

mislead you from my path and distort my truth my desire for you is a life of

true happiness and joy attain this by heeding my word holding it dear in your

heart and applying it in every aspect of your life my word is your Guiding Light

the secure path to follow and the strength to overcome adversity understand my child that I do

not ask you to withdraw from the world but rather not to identify with its values and harmful

practices instead Endeavor to be a positive influence in your

surroundings share my love and truth with those around you be a beacon of light in the midst of Darkness a Beacon

of Hope in a world in need of Love remember that by following my

Commandments and principles you will find inner peace and experience true

Prosperity that comes from living in communion and harmony with

me so do not fear facing the challenges that arise in your path for I will be

with you at all times do not be disheartened if you encounter obstacles as vast as Mountains

for amidst them you will discover opportunities for growth and fortification your trials will be like

Steps leading you to a destination of Victory success and prosperity therefore

I urge you to have unwavering trust and to place your life in my

hands obey my will so that in every decision you make my spirit May guide

you on the path you should follow my beloved child I exhort you not

to follow the current of this world but to strive to obey my word and live

according to the principles within it do not be swayed by the Temptations

and dishonest practices that surround you instead seek wisdom and guidance in

my word and all shall be well with you you will be able to experience a life of

fullness and true Prosperity remember that if you Endeavor to live in obedience to my word I will

abundantly bless you for my desire is for you to progress in all areas of your

life and to experience true peace happiness and prosperity that only come

from me do not stray from my presence nor allow the world to pull you away from my

loving Embrace trust in me and always obey my

Commandments obey me for I always desire the best for you do not be discouraged

by the challenges you may face today believe that my grace is sufficient to sustain you and know that I will always

be with you listening to your prayers and responding according to my perfect will

I love you my child I love you my daughter I speak to you today so that my

voice resonates in your heart and mind reminding you constantly of the importance of obeying my word and loving

others with kindness and compassion today my beloved child I

bless you raise your hands and let my light shine through you may The Melody

of my voice calm your anxiety ities whisper words of encouragement and courage in your ear leading you to

Tranquility amidst life storms understand that this message my

beloved child is not merely a reflection but a living expression of my eternal love and my fervent desire to see you

flourish in fullness treasure these words in your heart bind them to your neck Let each

phrase be a balm for your spirit and each teaching a Guiding Light illuminating your path believe me when I

say that I will carry your burdens and alleviate your worries bring before me all your

problems even those you believe to be insurmountable and unsolvable place them at my feet and you

will witness how I resolve them trusting in me will open the door to profound and

positive change in your life do not fear when your adversaries shout that you

cannot that you will not succeed and place obstacles in your path for today I

tell you that you are not alone I am with you going before you like a mighty

giant if your enemies seek to intimidate you allow me to remind you that none of

them have the power to determine your destiny you are not in the hands of your

enemies you are in my blessed hands I am the source of light that will

guide you through the darkness the compass that will show you the way to peace and

prosperity I will extend my arms to lift you from the abyss in which you find yourself carrying your burdens and

easing your worries You Are Not Alone on this journey beloved child I am by your side

upholding and protecting you at every step so place your trust in me and I

will assist you you know that in me you will find the way the truth and the life

I am the door through which my grace and blessing will flow through that door you will find

abundance and joy the desires of your heart no matter how challenging your

past has been the present offers you a new day I am extending to you an opportunity

that this world and your sorrows will never Grant you a chance for rebirth a new life

filled with purpose and meaning it is time to release all your rebellions and

resentments and allow my love and forgiveness to flow through you

lamenting the mistakes of the past will serve you no longer let go of what could

not be open your mind and heart to this time of change and

renewal grant me the privilege to augment your your strength and alleviate the burdens that weigh upon

you it is my fervent desire for you to Traverse lightly and unburdened towards

a new dawn brimming with achievements and successes fill yourself with patience

and my boundless love and do not allow the critiques of others to assail you

learn the art of forgiveness for those who have wounded you affording them the opportunity for Redemption and

growth keep in mind that compassion and mercy are virtues that shall Empower you

rendering you more magnificent with each passing day therefore forgive those who

transgress against you extend love and offer another chance to those who have closed their doors to

you then All Shall bear witness that I reside within you and you within me my

beloved child let me remind you once more that you are not alone

I am beside you I come to assist you in scaling this mountain so that you may reach its

Pinnacle and Triumph in your journey for I shall provide you with the

strength and endurance necessary to attain all that you aspire to in this

lifetime thus do not falter my child and do not allow the challenges of life to

pill feere your dreams and hopes remember that even in the darkest

moments the Light Of Hope never extinguishes no one reaches the promised

land without first traversing a desert confronting adversities and trials but have confidence that you are

not alone in this desert I stand by your side as your constant guide and

support I shall be like a protective Cloud during the scorching heat of the day offering you shade and Solace amidst

the trials and during the night I shall be your pillar Piller of fire providing you

with rest warmth and Direction my beloved child please do not

doubt my words place your complete trust in me and you shall experience astonishing and Abundant Blessings that

surpass your circumstances once again I say to you

trust in me and do not fall into the enemy’s trap for it will endeavor to bewilder you convincing you that your

life lacks purpose that problems and worries outweigh your faith yet remain steadfast clinging to

my word for if you abide in me you may ask for whatever you desire and it shall

be granted to you remember that in the face of life’s adversities the most profound response

is prayer and meditation upon my word so my child take my hand and you shall

achieve things beyond your walk wildest imagination you shall overcome all

concerns and adversities and your Victory shall become a reality my beloved Son my cherished

daughter seek me always in prayer do not cease conversing with me in the mornings

and evenings seek me at all times and with all your heart keep my word close

to you and I shall reward you with remarkable blessings that exceed your

circumstances do not fault persevere for everything swn in tears

shall be reaped with joy my dear I understand that you are

deeply engrossed in pursuing your goals and projects and I recognize that all your endeavors are marked by diligence

and dedication however above all else do not forget the importance of prayer nor

relegate my word to the sidelines there are those who place

their trust trust in themselves disregarding the counsel and wisdom found within my

word these individuals not only reside far from my will but are also driven

solely by materialism striving to achieve their goals without reaping any True

Rewards they are vain ens snared by their pride and arrogance looking down

upon the humble and scorning those who honor my word with love their conceit envelops them like a

dark shroud concealing their true intentions often they forget that

Simplicity and humility form the foundation of genuine greatness in their quest for recognition and power they

ignore my word and the principles it contains living in blindness and selfishness prisoners of their own egos

which only sow Division and generate conflicts therefore my beloved child I

implore you not to disregard these words for anything in the world let not your heart be troubled and

do not fear what lies ahead for everything you do every Endeavor you

undertake I shall prosper do not waver during

adversity do not be disheartened if you do not see Swift results for the length

of time it takes to achieve your goals is inconsequential what truly matters is

that you never give up for every step you take brings you closer to your dreams those aspirations

I have instilled within you always remember that you possess incredible potential as I have endowed

you with abilities talents and gifts that will manifest wondrous and extraordinary occurrences in your

life have faith in me my beloved child for I shall forever remain by your side

guiding and supporting you at every step of the journey maintain your faith with courage and

determination and never forget that with me by your side you shall attain all

that you set out to achieve I shall transform every obstacle in your path into an opportunity for

growth and learning therefore my beloved child proceed with unwavering Faith courage

and confidence for your success is assured do not let anything or anyone

discourage you nor allow sadness to take root due to the murmurs of those who may

speak against you do not be distressed by constant criticisms that may come

your way as you strive to reach your dreams for there will be those who place obstacles in your path out of jealousy

and envy instead walk with courage and steadfast Faith bearing authentic

witness with honor and integrity never Tire of placing your trust in in me and my promises for all

you will ever Reap is compassion and dedication in due time remember that beyond the dark

Valley of Shadows lies the expansive Garden of my promises a place where hope

flourishes and every step draws you closer to your deepest aspirations it is a realm where your

dreams shall come to fruition where love and gratitude abundantly

flourish there you shall find joy peace and innumerable blessings for yourself

and all whom you hold dear therefore Traverse this path with courage and

determination my child press forward and never be daunted

by the challenges trials or tribulations persevere knowing that at

the culmination of your struggle awaits great rewards and Splendid blessings keep moving forward my child and let let

patience be one of your virtues Faith as your Shield against doubt fear and

despondency patience is the key that will unlock the doors to success enabling you to persevere amidst

adversity meanwhile faith shall provide you the strength to surmount any obstacle and the courage to continue

advancing have trust that I am with you and all that befalls you shall ultimately serve your

well-being beloved child maintain faith and patience as your allies for through

them you shall attain all my promises they shall open the gates of

blessings manifesting opportunities that will Aid in your life’s purpose always remember my words my

child inscribe them upon your heart and anchor them around your neck they shall

guide you like a beacon illuminating your path they shall be the compass

leading you toward happiness and and success put them into action and I

assure you that all your endeavors will flourish never cease to trust in me I

shall always act in your favor bestowing upon you a life filled with peace

blessings and abundant Prosperity have unwavering faith in me

with your entire mind all your strength and your whole heart I shall ensure

Grace favor and blessings upon your life and the lives of those you cherish

I love you my child persist until the end and I promise you shall reap my

blessings continue moving forward my child do not halt soon the blessings you

rightfully deserve will be within your grasp

beloved do not forsake your path or abandon the place where I have positioned you do not let obstacles make

you doubt your course or release the promises of blessing I have given you

what you are experiencing Now does not define your destiny it is a sign that something

magnificent is about to unfold in your life rice and press forward for with

each step you draw closer to the blessings you yearn for do not grow weary and do not let what your eyes

perceive discourage you much less let others opinions limit the potential I

have instilled in you a potential that will lead you toward a blessing and prosperous

future trust in me wholeheartedly and I will bring Grace favor and blessings

into your life and the lives of those you love have faith until the end for

through it lies the certainty of what is yet to come it’s time to gather your strength

and steadfastly continue on your journey you stand at the threshold of

witnessing the Fulfillment of my promises to you do not not grow weary or

doubt your abilities remember you’re not defined by failure or loss nor should you be swayed

by the words of others dismiss the negative murmurs from those who do not understand my teachings

they may envy your Compassionate Heart but know that my love for you is unwavering and my blessings are assured

regardless of their opinions do not let your heart be troubled instead anchor

yourself in unshakable faith in this Faith you will find the fortitude to

surmount any barrier I come to you today to soothe your anxious heart to renew

your faith believe in my ability to guide you whether it means parting Seas

or enabling you to walk upon the waters trust in the Supernatural power I

bestow upon you which will carry you through Barren deserts and stormy seas feel my love and Power enveloping

you as I lead you towards a future filled with grace and

blessings fear not the possibility of failure for I am here to strengthen you

to heal your heart’s wounds to dispel the doubts and uncertainties that hinder you and to nurture you into a person of

wisdom and blessing continue forward with unwavering trust in me the plans I have

for you are Grand and beautiful do not let world challenges dishearten you I

urge you not to dwell on the past or be apprehensive about the future experience

my love and Power in the present in the lives of those I cherish there is always

an opportunity for a new beginning a chance to rewrite your narrative allow me to shape your future

with my Divine hands transforming your life with opportunities and

blessings heed only my words not the judgment of the world in my guidance

you’ll find the wisdom necessary for each step of your journey my direction will lead you to

fulfillment and achievement enabling you to realize your aspirations walk in faith and

continuously listen to my voice for it illuminates the path towards abundance and everlasting

Joy understand that today’s challenges are merely Stepping Stones to the

greatness that awaits you do not waver for each obstacle carries a lesson

drawing you ever closer to your destined magnificence remember that every obstacle is an opportunity to strengthen

yourself to mold your character and to prepare yourself do not halt in the

midst of your journey do not let discouragement make you regress have

faith in the potential I have instilled within you in the strength residing in

your inner self do not limit yourself based on what you perceive as impossible for even

though the path may be arduous each step brings you closer to the realization of your dreams the Fulfillment of your

desires and the Grand and beautiful blessings I have always reserved for

you continue onward my son continue onward my daughter with courage and

determination in your persistence you will find the path to the fullness of peace and prosperity you earnestly long

for believe it and it shall be done continue praying I am listening what I

have for you are thoughts of good and great blessings dear

child today I want to reveal to you all the goodness I have stored for you since the day I formed you for you are the

work of my love and grace everything that exists I created to provide for you

and meet your needs therefore know that I will grant you everything you have dreamt of

everything you have asked of me there shall be no obstacles or problems that hinder my blessings in your life because

everything I do I do with purpose so prepare yourself for what you are about

to receive is not a mere coincidence but rather my desire and good will for your

life from today your sorrow ends the there shall be no more pain in your life

today is a new day where I shall fulfill each of my promises in you everything

you have always yearned for I shall Grant you I shall make you a Victorious

and prominent figure these things are not a matter of chance but the fruit of your effort and

obedience to my word I understand it was not always easy

to remain steadfast in it for there was a time when you you strayed from my word

directionless but just as the morning sun rises your future Glory shall

surpass your past your blessings shall be multiplied

greatly all those offerings and Aid you provided to the poor the sick and the needy shall not go unnoticed for nothing

of what you did shall be in vain I also want you to know that I am

renewing your spirit Your Enthusiasm M for life I am restoring in you

everything the enemy and the world tried to steal from you all the gifts and

blessings in the spiritual realm are already yours so rise rise every morning

and place me at the Forefront of all you do dedicate the first moments of your day to me go forth with faith and

anticipation to receive the blessings unfolding before your eyes hold on to them and do not let go

for I give them to you because of your dedication and love for me continue

onward my child do not falter take sure and steady steps on

your path to success and prosperity remember I will be with you

holding you in my hands keep moving forward without wavering Cast Away doubt

and fear from your mind for no one will be able to shame you I will remove your

enemies from your path those who angrily watch as I bless and prosper you and who

fabricate lies from which they will never repent I will remove from your life

those who have risen against you for they have also rebelled against the blood that has redeemed

them therefore my child distance yourself from these Wicked individuals

those who invent slander against their own brothers and sisters using their tongues to attack and humiliate

destroying innocent families trampling on the chosen wheat while aiding the

growth of Tears they paint their perversions as righteous Doctrine they are like wolves

in sheep’s clothing stay away from them for they shall receive their just reward

for their wickedness you on the other hand continue onward do not stop on your path

of Faith remain in my word and heed my voice listen to my my counsel and I

assure you that all will be well if you need to hear my voice in your soul there is my written word open

its Pages etch it into your heart with hope believe it with passion and Obey it

your spirit shall rejoice for within its Pages lie Abundant Blessings and eternal

life my child receive this word and treasure it I shall Grant you everything

you have dreamt of everything you you have asked of Me no obstacle or problem

shall hinder my blessings in your life for I love you and my will shall always

be to bless and prosper you in all things you shall achieve the plan you

hold in your mind you have my blessing and it is part of my will do not Tire of

placing your trust in me do not be disheartened if things do not unfold as you

expected do not let your emotions weaken you rise and strive for it is not the

time to falter much less to give up it is the time to cling to my promises and

put my word into action remember that I have placed an extraordinary purpose of

life within you endowed you with great qualities gifts and talents so that you

may achieve everything you set out to do you are special and unique I chose you

before the foundation of the world called you predestined you to do great and

marvelous things through faith therefore do not give up fight

with courage and determination give your all then I will open new doors in your

life doors that will bring blessings and opportunities for a new and better beginning in everything you

undertake I want you to always remember that I am your God and your protector I’ve destined you for

blessings and prosperity in every aspect of your life I provide for all your

needs from my abundant riches and my plans for you are always for good never

for harm so don’t be disheartened by the challenges you’re facing now don’t give

in to the struggles and trials before you instead rise up and

rejoice Cast Away fear and sorrow and stand strong in the name of

Jesus rebuke every evil work speak my word and claim the blessings I’ve

provided for you don’t let the enemy steal what You’ fought so hard for resist and he will

flee remember he has no real power or authority he’s already been defeated on

the cross of Calvary he’s just a deceiver who tries to lead you astray

but trust in me wholeheartedly and I will guide your steps giving you strength like a buffalo and nothing and

no one can hinder you so my child rise up with courage and

live out the purpose for which you’ve been called a purpose of success and

prosperity stop looking back and dwelling on past mistakes for no challenging situation no matter how dark

can determine your destiny your destiny is in my hands I

planned it before the world’s foundation and it’s magnificent let nothing hinder your

progress let nothing discourage you place your complete trust in me and

you’ll have a fresh start where everything you undertake will be blessed and

prosperous remember that my will for you is always good pleasing and perfect

don’t doubt it for a moment just keep believing that I won’t forsake you until I’ve fulfilled my

promises to you my child I’m here before you with words of

love and strength I want to remind you that your future is in my hands and nothing happens to you

by chance my Divine Purpose is alive in you I’ll never leave you and I promise

that if you trust in me everything will turn out well I’ll be with you in all

your endeavors blessing and prospering the work of your hands stay faithful and trust in me my

child and don’t let the adversary defeat you even in the toughest

moments stay firm with a humble and dedicated heart don’t let the world’s

currents influence you hold on to my promises and live according to my

word your reward will be great I’ll multiply your blessings

abundantly I’ll satisfy you with Grace goodness and mercy until your soul

overflows with joy and happiness remember that I’m always working in your favor and a shout of

blessings you never imagined is coming your way new doors will open bringing great

opportunities so my beloved child keep moving forward don’t give up and don’t

be discouraged by the problems you face including the struggles and trials they will pass and they’ll become

a testimony that those who trust in me will receive a just reward I am God and I owe nothing

nothing to anyone that’s why you must continue to place your trust in me putting in your

best effort each day always knowing that my grace and favor will be on your side

guiding you toward the success and prosperity I’ve planned for you I love you my child deeply and

unconditionally I Am with You caring for you and guarding your soul seek me in prayer and allow me to

fill you I’ll take care of all your needs filling your life life with my peace joy and

strength I am about to do something amazing in your life because you have been chosen to overcome and be

blessed listen carefully to my voice for today I speak to you to say Do not

despair or fear the things that are yet to come do not allow worry to invade your

heart nor let fear Cloud your path I am by your side I walk with you

even in the midst of your your struggles and trials I will not leave you I am

here to sustain and protect you as you Journey Through This World do not let adversity conquer you nor allow the

criticisms and murmurs of others to bring you down in the midst of all your trials and

struggles I am with you I have seen your faith even in the face of the enemy’s

attacks I have witnessed how you have remained steadfast and unshakable being

a genuine Testament to my love and power you have boldly and determinedly

shared my word and that fills me with pride and joy regain your strength now my child

and rise with determination do not forget that at the end of the dark Valley of Shadows you

will find the vast Garden of my promises there you will discover joy

peace and Abundant Blessings it is in that place where you

will see blessings flow for you and for generations to come always remember that I fulfill my

promises and I will fulfill them in you that’s why my child I ask you once

again on this special day do not give up do not Surrender Your Will to Vain and

dishonest things resist and maintain your strength and courage

high in the midst of the storm I will perform miracles in your life

accomplishing Feats with you demonstrating that my love and power are Limitless and I will always act in your

favor leading you to a life full of peace and prosperity do not forget that my

presence protects you and my grace never runs dry nothing and no one can take away the

blessings I have prepared for you and the generations that will

follow so my beloved child move forward with bravery and confidence

in me let my love envelop you and guide you to the prosperous and successful

Destiny I have prepared for you never forget that you are my

precious treasure and I will be with you holding your hand and watching over your dreams goals and desires with infinite

love I love you my child amen you surprise me I instruct Ed you

to be strong but you exerted yourself and chose to fight with all that you

possess you have gone above and beyond what I asked of you you are an Exemplar

of loyalty and Fidelity I observe with joy that all the seeds I have swn in you which sprouted

and grew have borne such beautiful fruits that is why better and brighter

times are approaching you are advancing beyond your desires and dreams and you will not see cease until you conquer

that land where blessings and happiness abound I understand that at times you

perceive things differently your emotions falter when you begin to feel envy and rejection

from people even those who profess to love you instead of recognizing your goodness

they persist in seeking ways to make you feel miserable they delve into the past

dredging up memories to wound and shatter your spirit but as you listen to me today make this decision just as you

have demonstrated your faith and strength in the midst of pain also adopt an attitude of Victory do not allow

anyone to destroy your efforts to do right do not grant them the opportunity to dictate your

emotions place your trust solely in my word and be guided by the promises it

holds for you know that you belong to me I will invel velop you in my love I will

personally confront any enemy who dares to challenge you they may attempt to

sneak into your mind sewing confusion and mocking your faith discard those thoughts that are

esay when problems surround you when conflicts converge when weariness sets

in and when you are burdened with numerous decisions when your spirit is

weary come and rest rest assured that in my presence you will find comfort and

hope the sum of your troubles will not diminish the protection of my love understand this I did not send

these situations your way I assure you that from where you are you will emerge

with my mighty hand to rescue you I have never wanted you to suffer

Beyond Your Capacity I would never send you a trial you cannot endure you will

emerge from this situation and I will remove the heavy burdens from your

shoulders it is not my will for you to live in solitude and sorrow your future

is so magnificent that your enemies seek ways to steal your blessings however in this battle you

have the choice and your faith is a sword that can conquer the obstacles in your path you will falter if you open

the door to negative thoughts and emotions sent by your enemies but you will Triumph if my Holy

Spirit holds the foremost place in your life and heart I have fulfilled my part I have

granted you salvation I have prepared an inheritance of Victory and blessings for

you now you must stand firm as you have done I come to tell you just in time

that you are on the brink of reaching a spiritual level where Miracles occur in your daily walk do not

regress you have gained much ground do not squand wander the tears you have shed the sacrifices you have made and

the trials you have endured it does not matter whether your family appreciates your efforts or not focus on the goal

your faith and determination are stronger than steel exert yourself and be courageous many have abandoned their

purpose and regret their situation but you have a different future my presence

surrounds you my spirit Reigns in your home the windows of heaven will open bringing

blessings and joy to your household repentant Hearts will return those who had departed it will be a time of

forgiveness and Harmony do not fear for I am with you do not be distressed for I

am your God I will strengthen you I will help you I will uphold you with my

Victorious right hand I have showered you with blessings in heavenly places so

that my glory May manifest in your family this Grace will reach your

friends relatives and neighbors you will be the instrument that brings healing to

many people you know but this marvelous work begins

here thus I instruct you to come each morning to listen remember all the Miracles I have already performed in you

and how this word has become a reality in those imp possible situations that once made you falter I have supported

you thus far do not turn back do not lose what you have gained from now on

great blessings are coming I ask you to bring your concerns prayers and

vigilance to me first do not let anger steal your longed for

happiness do not utter words that can hurt others do not compare them to anyone else do not wound their

Souls it is true that there are rules and Commandments that must be followed in your home but do not raise your voice

never insult anyone before imposing discipline in your family first calm

yourself take a few moments and request that I take your hand and breathe divine inspiration into your spirit I shall

guide you to lovingly counsel those you cherish I shall be with you from dawn

until dusk even as you Slumber I shall sit beside you speaking to you of my

word so that you may dream of The Magnificent plans I have for you you

shall rise with joy and great fortitude equipped to Traverse all challenges with composure and

serenity I shall not permit you to face a burden too heavy to Bear if at this moment you feel you can

bear no more believe me when I say that you you can continue forward Victory is already yours I have

won it for you simply stand and March without tears or complaints for just a

few more steps and you shall discover the reward for your perseverance the recompense for your loyalty and the

fruit of your labor this is my way of demonstrating my appreciation for your faithfulness and

your commitment to fight to the end with your head held high full of determination and dignity

I imbue you with such strength that you shall treade upon serpents and deceitful

demons overcoming all manner of evil forces and no one shall harm you

ever this is how I wish to see you brimming with confidence indomitable

Spirit and the certainty that all beautiful things you anticipate will soon come to

fruition this is your faith the spark of trust that you bestow upon me each time

you open your eyes at dawn you greatly please me and my way of

rewarding you is to reveal countless wonders in your life I love you and even in moments of

Silence when I contemplate the Magnificent future that lies before you I am with you do not fear the processes

do not shy away from trials in my Holy Name take them on and

confront your problems headon tell me that you will that you shall not allow

your emotions to dominate you or be bound by any illness I heal you I care

for you I provide for you and I sustain you I give you what you need multiplying

the fruit of your efforts bestowing faith and steadfastness upon your

thoughts most importantly I instill in your soul today this unshakable

conviction the unwavering knowledge that my love for you is profound and even if

you stumble and make mistakes I shall continue loving you forever assisting

you in all ways this is your daily life a path

filled with delightful surprises numerous opportunities and processes leading to Greater

victories your countenance radiates with faith and assurance and your smile

illuminates those who behold you your interactions with people

especially your family bear witness to my power and my love showcasing the

Wonders I can bring about in those who surrender their hearts to me I have told you today that all the

processes you face serve a purpose so fear not let not your soul tremble with

fear continue on this path with determination for I shall always be with you offering love peace patience and

strength I shall breathe happiness and Tranquility into your life I love you

and you shall feel it in this very moment in the sound of my voice in the

affection I bring to your heart in the healing words that enter your ears and

remain to comfort you in the midst of any situation you endure you are paying great attention

and I know it my Holy Spirit can converse with you in a beautiful and Serene manner

though the battles you face in life may be many you can feel my peace your soul shall be filled with

Tranquility I shall nourish your heart and every word you hear shall fill you

with happiness today you have this immense opportunity to open your eyes to the

supernatural world and witness the countless wonders Miracles and prodigies

I can and will perform in your family your your life your finances your health

and more all areas where my power shall manifest each

day you shall witness how blessings multiply and know that my love is

pouring down upon you and yours I’m not here to demand your money in exchange for these beautiful blessings I have in

my hands for you I ask only for what I have always asked for your whole heart

your loyalty your commitment to play me first and to seek and serve me eternally

I bestow upon you a genuine spiritual inheritance that shall bring about a

miraculous transformation and profound changes in this life I grant you the power to

confidently tread upon all the forces of the enemy that rise against you for you

have my powerful word my promises do not fail they are your shield and your sword

protection for your soul you have your faith and I possess the determination to

fulfill what I promise to make you a faithful and true Testament to my great power I want and can completely

eliminate all your concerns and problems so that you no longer experience the

pain and distress that have been robbing you of life it is my will that you cast aside

these baseless fears and focus on what truly matters your family your future

your spiritual life your education your health and many other aspects in which

my power shall be made manifest each day you shall witness blessings increasing and you shall know

that my love is pouring down upon you and yours everything that malicious

individuals have taken from you I shall restore this is your moment to Triumph

to achieve your goals I shall give you what what you ask for when you are focused on giving me your whole heart

serving your family satisfying the needs of the needy and pursuing many other

beautiful dreams and Powerful acts of kindness envious individuals may

criticize you but pay no heed to their words or their attempts to hinder your

Prosperity I shall be vigilant against anything they attempt to do against you or their ill

intentions the blessing I have for your life is written and authorized from the beginning of time sealed with my

Supernatural power at the moment of your birth nothing and no one shall impede my

determination to give you what you deserve and to lift you up among the Nations and even among your own

people those who currently hold you in disdain shall respect you I have seen what you have done for

people you did not even know you extend Ed a helping hand therefore I assure you that your

generosity shall transform into a shower of blessings from above the windows of

Heaven shall open wide providing abundant provision what I give you no one can

take away so From This Moment decide to believe in me so that you do not weaken

in the face of the Devourer threats if I say it you shall prosper if I command it

it shall be done you need not plead with anyone for an opportunity just be patient and treat

everyone kindly avoid getting entangled in disputes or quarrels speak the truth in

entirety refrain from spreading gossip and pay no attention to those sowing

hatred and resentment learn from me for I am humble and meek of heart in doing so you shall

find true peace for your soul I speak to you with affection I whisper

my word in your ear sing to your spirit and gently stroke your hair in the early morning hours sowing in your

being these promises Laden with love success and prosperity lie before

you so walk with confidence for I carry you in my arms never disregard any of the

blessings I shall place in your hands do not falter and when you feel weak or

vulnerable pray and cry out for I shall be with you to strengthen your soul and

revive your faith be strong and courageous do not be discouraged for I

will be with you wherever you go you can choose to be strong and courageous even when you are feeling very

weak however the weaker you feel the more effort it takes to choose to be

strong it all depends on where you look if you gaze at yourself yourself and

your problems your courage will melt away the choice to be bold rests on your

confidence that I am with you and for you through eyes of Faith see me on the

path before you beckoning you on one step at a time looking to me consistently will

increase your strength and Valor when everything seems to be going wrong refuse to get discouraged remember that

I am a god of surprises I am not limited by the way things are or by the poultry

possibilities you can see I am infinitely creative and

Powerful with me all things are possible the longer you wait for your prayers to

be answered the closer you are to a breakthrough meanwhile waiting for me

aware of my loving presence is a blessed way to live I am good to those who wait

for me trust in my timing and my perfect plan for your life your journey may be

fraught with challenges and setbacks but these are not signs of my

absence instead they are opportunities for you to demonstrate your faith and

deepen your Reliance on me when you face obstacles see them as

stepping stones not stumbling blocks each one is designed to elevate

you higher to a place of Greater understanding and closer communion with me in moments of Doubt or despair when

the world’s noise drowns out my gentle Whispers quiet your mind and seek my

peace it’s in the Stillness that you’ll hear my voice reassuring you of my love

and my promises remember you are never alone I am always walking beside you

guiding and guarding your path so stand firm in your faith let your heart be

steadfast and let your spirit Spirit be rejuvenated by my grace the trials of this world are

temporary but my love for you is eternal you are my beloved child Chosen and

cherished step forward with confidence knowing that in me you have everything

you need to overcome and Thrive I am with you now and forever

more be of good courage and I will strengthen your heart I want my children

to be be brave not cowardly in fact the Bible contains

warnings of dire consequences for the Cowardly the unbelieving the vile the

murderers when you are going through very tough times and there is no relief in sight you usually start looking for a

way out these Escapist longings stem from self-pity and a sense of

entitlement you think you deserve better conditions than your current situation

but when you think this way you’re ignoring my sovereignty over your life though your

circumstances May indeed be painful and difficult they are not worthless so

muster the courage to say yes to your life trusting that I am in control and I

am with you in your struggles come to me with a courageous heart hoping in me and I will bless you

in many ways moreover I will multiply your small Act of Bravery I will strengthen your

heart embrace the challenges you face as opportunities to grow stronger in your

faith and closer to me your trials are not punishments they are part of a

refining process designed to shape you into the image of my

son as you endure hardships let them teach you patience perseverance and a

deeper trust in my unfailing love each difficulty is a brush stroke in the

Masterpiece I am creating with your life when you feel overwhelmed remember that

my power is made perfect in weakness your vulnerability is not a

liability it’s an invitation for me to work more effectively within you in these moments surrender your fears and

anxieties to me let me carry your burdens and lighten your load my grace

is sufficient for you and my strength will carry you through the toughest of times so Stand Up Against The Winds of

adversity with a heart full of courage and Faith do not shrink back in fear but

move forward with confidence knowing that I Am with You guiding your

steps your bravery no matter how small it may seem is precious in my sight each

step you take in faith is a testament to my power working in and through

you remember dear child that you are not walking this journey alone I am your steadfast companion your

shield and your strength with me by your side there is

nothing you cannot face hold on to my promises and let them be the anchor for your

soul in my presence you will find the courage and strength you need to

continue and in my love you will find the peace and joy that surpass all

understanding my Holy Spirit Embraces you and calms you I remove all your

burdens and Grant you peace so that you may sleep and feel free and confident even in your

dreams [Music]


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