my dear child believe in what I say all the tough times you’ve gone through will

soon be forgotten the sadness that’s weighing you down will vanish and won’t come

back a new source of bravery and happiness will spring up in your heart

if you just trust in my miraculous power stay strong in this belief you

won’t ever be on your own in this world my love will always surround you

day and night I keep telling you these words every day so that your soul will

truly understand that there is a God in heaven who protects you from storms and

keeps you safe and loved say this word out loud trust think

about it remember it because I want all of you to learn to believe and trust with all your heart it’s the truth I

love you believe in it show me your faith right now and when

you’re surrounded by problems and fears feeling like everything’s falling apart

remember that I’m asking for your trust come to me with your requests and

I’ll provide what you need be confident that I’ll respond to

you give me your dreams your deepest wishes and your goals and I’ll be right

there with you guiding your steps I won’t leave your side not even for a

second I don’t get sidetracked by Small Things call on me when you’re struggling

and I’ll be there to hear you out when life gets too much find comfort

in being with me I’m here to calm your concerns and bring peace to your heart

don’t think of me as far away because in my eyes you’re valuable and unique as

you go through life look up at the sky the bright Sun and the gentle clouds are

reminders of how important you are to me always keep in mind that with faith and trust in me

everything becomes possible enjoy the blessings you can have today Peace Love

safety forgiveness understanding warmth patience and

comfort you know I’m ready to do whatever it takes to ensure you live peacefully to give you strength during

tough times and to fill your heart with bravery don’t be afraid you’ll wake up

every day feeling refreshed and with a new outlook go ahead without doubt and climb to the top of that mountain no

challenge life throws at you will be too hard so you need to have trust in me

feed your mind with my teachings and let the spark of the Divine gift I’ve given you grow brighter you’ll receive

Abundant Blessings so that you can be a blessing to others your foes will witness you

and turn away as they observe my Holy Angels encircling and safeguarding you

the powers of Darkness will hesitate to confront you this is the spiritual height I aim to lift you to so come

listen to me today and return to hear me again tomorrow let me etch this message

aresh in your heart today I intend for these words to instill steadfast courage

within you tonight when you shut your eyes eyes you will encounter me once

more your spirit will rejuvenate and your afflictions will mend as you

perceive my voice comforting your soul in your dreams I will visit you I’ll converse

with you about the grand designs and formidable wonders I will enact in your

life stand up proceed March ahead with Assurance Triumph and blessings are On

Your Horizon Prosperity abundant Divine insight I will set you amongst kind people who

will support you numerous opportunities will unfold before you don’t overlook

any chance utilize this Vigor to commence new Ventures concentrate on acquiring knowledge and working

diligently I Aspire for you to mature spiritually yet your education should

also Advance heed My Words Be attentive ready yourself and your family for I am

guiding you to unfamiliar territories where you’ll need to communicate in different languages

you’ll transport my might to places unknown to you you’ll Ascend Like an Eagle to the farthest corners of the

world you will travel extensively yet always remember the source of your

blessings never lose sight of the crucial word trust disregard the bearers

of negativity who idle away their time looking for reasons to dismiss my message

ignoring my teachings unwilling to trust in me choose to walk with me steer clear

of insincere friends who flatter you with sweet words yet Harbor harmful

intentions they do not wish for your joy and will strive to distance you from me

if you face troubles approach me if you’re exhausted talk to me if you

Harbor any uncertainties or needs remember I am always here eager to

listen to demonstrate my love you have a bright future filled with blessings

ahead but always remember your heart is mine and I seek your loyalty faith

dedication and Trust I have the ultimate say over everything so you can rest

assured your life is safe in my hands I won’t let you down people might have

their opinions and say things about you but they can’t touch you their words won’t impact you I love you you won’t

stumble or be defeated you will Thrive I will heal you of any sickness

and I will shower your family with wealth and serenity now is your moment that’s why

my voice reaches you who claimed you can’t change they are deceiving you with

jealousy in their eyes and envy written on their faces they told you that you’d stay the same that you’d only get worse

that failure was your only path that you deserved nothing but you chose to come

closer to me and although initially you felt Unworthy of my love and doubted I would ever notice you you found out that

my words my loyalty and my presence are genuine Heaven showers you with an

abundance of love the disdain you once felt has been washed away by this overwhelming

love I’ve replaced your heart hardened heart with one that’s pure and tender ready to love and Embrace Life innocent

yet as steadfast as a warrior the past no longer defines you embrace your new

self enriched with wisdom and patience I bring you peace and your role

is to pray and strive to eliminate old harmful habits and thoughts my

protection and Care envelop you day and night in the darkest times don’t fear

falling my light forms an unbreakable shield around you open your heart to me

ready yourself for transformation and welcome my Holy Spirit who will lead you to the truth he will guide and shape you

just as a Potter shapes the clay fear and doubt have no hold on you your heart

reserves room only for my love do not succumb to worry or uncertainty you are

cherished the commitments I’ve made to you are unfolding my intentions will prevail I

have the final say in all matters and am ever presentes by your side trust in my unwavering nature solid

as a boulder immune to the influence of others pause for a moment take a deep

breath of the Heavenly calm I offer especially if time presses and you must

leave carry this Serene peace with you and leave your worries with me you may

feel unworthy at times but my commitment to you persists out of love my view of

you remains unchanged you wish to come closer to me yet there’s hesitation when it’s time to

let go of the burdens causing your unrest doubts arise and you find

yourself still lugging around that heavy load of resentment listen to my voice lend your

ear to this sweetness that heals you let me write and sew my word into your soul

hear me say I love you you are free tenderly I embrace you holding you in my

hands today you may encounter many challenges on your path but wherever you

go listen once more feel it I’ll be with you Whispering these words into your

ears healing you so you won’t forget me so you won’t drift away so you won’t let

your emotions deceive you I’ll leave a flame burning in your mind a warmth in

your heart and when darkness comes enveloping you with its coldness and Terror my light will shine brighter just

as the sun illuminates your world evil cannot hide when confronted

with my eternal light any spiritual enemy seeking to cause you sorrow today

will cease to exist give me the opportunity to show you how much I love you

pay attention throughout the day when my voice Whispers In Your Ear I’m speaking

Divine oil upon your head I’m preparing you to be blessed I clear away wrong

beliefs from your mind if you stumble my forgiveness purifies and raises you I

don’t wish for you to be downcast overwhelmed by fear and guilt troubled

by past mistakes I’m not here to blame you or to reprimand you you I’m not in a position

of Holiness to pass judgment as I’ve said before I’m here to cherish you if

it were my intention to punish you you wouldn’t be standing here so think again

and embrace the love I’ve been offering you for so long now you face a choice between two

paths one of truth and life leading to a splendid forever or another that draws

you away from me following me doesn’t mean you your life will be effortless

but you will always have my assistance and backing when necessary my holy spirit will soothe you in times of

Sorrow my words will Enlighten you my presence is accessible day and night

you’re welcome to bring your earnest and heartfelt prayers to me with trust if you pray for your family and

entrust them to me I’ll hold them in my hands with great love I’ll surround them

with a mantle of joy I’ll bless them with abundance and Harmony I’ll drive away their enemies

the Devourer the thief the false friends surrounding your home with thousands of

angels ready to fight and defend you against any attack and threat I’m

unchanging the same now in the past and forever just as the Earth revolves each

day and stars illuminate your nights my presence will continue continuously

surround you never question it I will confront any adversary that dares to

challenge you fear nothing and no one your family is not abandoned you are never solitary

you have me I’ve been eager for this chance to speak directly to you and affirm the immense blessings on their

way to you I chose you named you and claimed you as mine I will never release

you and if there comes a day when you say you’re weary of me even then in that exact place you’ll weep remembering how

I contended for you reached out my hand and saved you from Peril I bestowed upon

you peace and extricated you from Strife when all turned their backs no one else

cared for you but I always gazed upon you with compassion and my love for you

persist my affection for you intensifies each day through joy and sorrow in lack

or abundance and well-being or illness my Perpetual promise to you will

stand today you sense my presence profoundly and tangibly and this

assurance will last eternally I will not abandon you thus

dismiss any doubts there is nothing in this world that can take away the warmth

the peace and the profound Joy I hold for you I love you I’m your true father I

came to you kissed your forehead with my holy lips and planted great aspirations in your soul when your eyes first opened

to my light I love you my dear child so much I cherish you I value you I come to you

before the sun rises because I want you to feel upon waking up this gentle

breeze of affection you’re feeling now it’s true that your soul struggled in

your dreams with so many worries there are so many ungrateful ones who don’t treat you well they deny you a bit of

tenderness and offer you bitterness when they see you’re thirsty but after the darkest night

you’ll always wake up to my love if your tears wet your pillow my Holy Spirit

Will Comfort your heart when the Sun rises here I am I don’t want you to lose heart or

abandon the dreams you hold don’t let your faith dwindle your father in Heaven adores you

and his love is powerful enough to lift your burdens stop your tears don’t yearn for

people’s affection or recognition you are mightier than that you possess a resilient spirit I have

dressed you in Regal attire and your gaze reflects my Brilliance yet the world often spurns

those who cherish me they fail to appreciate your worth as I do don’t lose

heart when faced with treachery continue to love and assist others but don’t

await their gratitude or Applause I will remain by your side when socalled

friends desert you and when they turn against you even if your parents or family abandon you or if your own

children are misled to Bear animosity towards you my love for you is eternal

and I will endow you with immense fortitude your spirit won’t be crushed

by the lack of affection they might withhold you won’t be meaned Begging On Your Knees or pleading for their

attention my grace and the love I offer you are ample for In My

Embrace you find your strength particularly when others aim to break

you for their Amusement yet when they raise their hand against you their strength shall wither

their malevolent intentions shall be consumed by the Earth they shall not harm you for I shall always Stand By

Your Side defending you I heal you and support you I watch over you and provide

for you I love you and console you therefore fear nothing fear no one for

my power fortifies you and my mighty hand protects you it has always been so

even when you felt alone and thought your struggles might defeat you you’re still standing if you’re listening to or

reading this message it’s because you hold Faith you long for a better life or joy joy and

happiness who said you don’t deserve that ignore those empty words and false

judgments you are my child having opened your heart to me showing me love and

seeking me daily I’ve chosen you to inherit the finest things Purity Beauty

goodness and kindness your dreams grounded in truth and virtue will come to

fruition therefore March forward with firm faith in your achievements and

work hard for them it’s never too late you’re never too old don’t fret about feeling unprepared

I equip those ready to embrace me I call out to those eager to come

closer and serve me with devotion you are here in this world to accomplish

great and meaningful Deeds despite past mistakes or failures this is why you

believe in My Sacrifice and Resurrection I am forgiving your

transgressions offering you a new chance to rise and reshape your life I will

make you a leader in your family a source of blessings I will quiet those who scorned

you and in their presence I’ll showcase your value and the love I hold for you

so stop heeding those who claim you’re unworthy I am your almighty God the one

who saves and rescues you who crowns you with favors and mercies I give life to

your weary bones and I shall continue showing you every time you breathe how

much I love you you must believe me and accept my love without imposing conditions upon

this depends your eternal life your happiness and all your blessings namely

telling me that you love me and believe in me you know that in good times and bad I will always be with

you I’ll quickly settle what disturbs your rest I’ll bring blessings through

those around you hold on to my words embrace them I’m set to open doors you

didn’t anticipate I’m lining up even more surprises and wonders than you’ve

imagined your dreams can become reality because nothing is beyond my

reach I’ll smooth your journey and be your ally in every challenge I need your

bravery don’t let fear or discouragement take root in your thoughts my love has

fortified you endowed you with A Warrior’s resolve and Infused you with my spirit so grasp the sword of my word

with your hands I urge you to keep battling no ailment will cause you to

run no Financial struggle will scare you or force you to back down no Menace will

daunt you you’re unstoppable when your trust is in me I Revel in supporting you

each day I look for ways to bolster and comfort you to guide you to enable your

spiritual sight to recognize that I am in control of your fate when you feel surrounded by

troubles remember my promises and fear not when bad news knocks at your door

remember that you are not alone and you have a heavenly father who loves you

see how many things you can accomplish when you decide to believe and trust

distance yourself from the pessimists from those who Delight in thinking negatively from those who believe every

problem is insurmountable stay close to people who uplift and support you be grateful and

keep moving forward keep dreaming and believing through belief great Miracles

will keep unfolding in your life humble your heart and allow yourself to be nurtured let me hold you close and

show you increasing love each day you will reach places you never thought possible and rise to Heights beyond your

imagination I am with you nothing can stand in your way when challenges arise

remember you have your faith in me hear my words I envelop You In My Embrace and

protect you I am always by your side especially in overwhelming moments so

remember these words well when sorrow comes think of me and steer your emotions away from loneliness I am with

you that’s the truth say my name hold me in your heart and let the tears

stop don’t let your tears nurture the sad memories that shouldn’t grow in your

heart stop focusing on the past it’s gone and won’t come back don’t feed the

thoughts or lies aiming to claim a space in your mind and destroy

you recall My Sacrifice on the cross where I paid for your sins with my

powerful blood think about my glorious Resurrection I Rose to revive your

dreams to change your life to Grant you eternal life and to strengthen your

heart you’ve faced much in life yet you’ve persevered and now you’re Rising again

you are my child my power is within you today you’ll keep moving towards your

blessings and nothing will stand in your way I’ll fill you with wisdom clear your

path remove obstacles and you’ll witness the return of many good things you

thought were gone the key to finding the freedom

peace and blessings you long for is to truly believe in my words to keep going

without pause or fear and not to be intimidated by challenges or foes aiming to bring you

down you’ve heard my thoughts you know I want to bless and assist you now it’s

your turn to follow my guidance and act accordingly believe me seek me out rise

and walk for surely you will reach your Victory you know well dear child that I

have always aided you do not allow doubts to hinder your experience of this

love with which I envelop you today I will also assist you in your life

performing great Miracles tell me now that you believe

feel how your heart fills with my love my presence and power you need not walk

your path feeling empty yesterday today and forever more I remain the same just

as in those days when you did not seek me I loved you and rescued you even more

so today as You Love and seek me I am with

you it is my desire to help you support you fill you with strength encourage you

and uplift you so that you may witness the workings of my Supernatural power in your life you are now at another level

of faith it is time for your spirit to Behold The Great and marvelous things I

will reveal to you I’ve made this promise in my word

telling you that if you call out to me me with faith I would be there for you revealing my might that time is here so

tune in closely to my voice and pay sharp attention immerse yourself in my written

word hear my blessed intentions in your heart and get ready for a year brimming

with blessings While others may feel disheartened and think about quitting

you will stand as a beacon to Nations offering hope and strength to your own life and those around you

people will be astonished when they see the extraordinary power I manifest in

you miracles will unfold the grief that your loved ones have faced will turn

into Joy the days that were filled with one challenge after another will now

become days where they witness such remarkable and unexpected Miracles that they’ll be convinced of my sovereign

rule over all I’m here to Aid you to stand by you

my help won’t falter you’ll continue to seek me cherish me and you know well that my love for you is

unending I know well what you need today that which only you and I know that

burden that fills you with concern that situation for which you’re crying there are no secrets from me I

hope that as you listen to me now you realize that nothing is hidden from me I

know the burdens you carry on your shoulders share your pain with me tell

me every detail of why you are distressed though I already know your thoughts and your reasons you will see

that as you express your feelings to me your spirit will begin to heal all confusion will leave your

emotions and your joy and peace will return bow down in prayer and share your

feelings with me I am eager to listen let me mend your heart I wish for

your suffering to end you deserve a joyful and liberated life I long for you

to realize your dreams to complete your initiatives to witness your family’s

Prosperity you’ll be overjoyed to see their Endeavors flourish I didn’t create you to dwell in Gloom or despair I

sacrificed myself and triumphed over death so you could be imbued with bravery and strength to Prevail

always to relish my love in my eternal company plenty of Life lies ahead for

you to be lived victoriously trust in my promise and my might and Splendor will

be evident in your life day by day you are meant to experience numerous

Miracles I have crafted your fate and my love has always been steadfast you will

reach your goal powerfully you will conquer the promised land you will overcome all loneliness and sadness with

your faith in my miraculous word do not worry about the days to

come I know well what you will need I will provide for your sustenance your

expenses your needs I’m asking you to have faith to walk confidently to work

diligently and to always trust in my promises I’ll never leave you I won’t

let you endure more than you can handle stay alert to my guidance stay in tune

with me to grasp all that I’m accomplishing for for you now stand up

and embrace this day with happiness relish the blessings I bestow upon you every day from my heart flows a river of

love and life-giving water drink from it and you’ll never feel thirst or loneliness again I’m looking after your

health your job your family and all that matters to

you even before you think to ask I’m aware of your needs and I’m already at

work to ensure everything unfolds in my perfect timing my child let go of your concerns

and take this moment to seek me and sing praises to my name I yearn to feel your happiness and

thankfulness as you grasp how deeply I care for you tell me my child express your love for me I long to

hear you joyfully Proclaim my name I desire for your life to overflow with

blessings and happiness even if my ways seem mysterious ious to you understand that I cherish you and will never leave

you place your trust in me and fortify your faith hearing your prayers Delights

me your faith is precious to me it fills me with immense joy to see you

dedicating time and space for me each morning you bring your honesty and

reverence your petitions your praises and your adoration your Readiness to open up

brings me immense happiness it’s beautiful to see how you offer your heart to me you’re genuine in your

faith while various life events might have marred your self-image today I want

you to hear directly from me you have a kind heart it’s true that you have often

stumbled but you have always come before me repentant seeking opportunity and it

is this new opportunity that I want to give you every day as long as you come to me with faith you have my promise

that I will respond whenever you pray with the certainty of receiving the blessing you

anticipate don’t be doubtful I’ll take action when the time is right I know

you’ll wait with patience for that moment to come don’t get

anxious keep your eyes on the blessing that’s on its way my promises stand firm

and true my word lasts forever my power is active in your life your faith and

commitment are what keep you going I need your faith to perform more miracles in your life you need to

welcome and embrace the blessings I’m sending your way don’t slip back into Old Habits when believing and accepting

the wonderful things I offered seemed so hard for you you felt unworthy your

faith was lacking it’s great that you’ve learned from those experiences and have grown

now you understand that your faith also helps you make significant choices protects your heart from harmful

influences and enables you to follow and act on my words your faith has been the key to

many Transformations you’ve shared that your faith feels small yet even Faith as Tiny

as a mustard seed impresses me greatly you’re starting to notice

changes around you your prayers getting answers and your heart growing stronger

even more remarkable Miracles await on the path I’m guiding you on hold my hand

tightly we’re close to your breakthrough you’re set to rise with plenty of life

ahead numerous tasks to accomplish and dreams to realize demonstrate your faith by

trusting in my words and keeping negativity away from your speech don’t let others fill your mind with doubt I

Am The God Who breathed life into you your future rests in my hands and my

plans for you will unfold my decision is clear I want you

to thrive starting now wake up every morning feeling like a Victor I’m

instilling in you the ambition to scale mountains to change your life to recover

your Vigor and well-being indeed I have the power to heal you but you must also

cherish and look after your health there is a wonderful future for your family

they are as important to you as your own life they are part of your existence and if I have given you so much strength

until now it is because I see how you care for them you have asked me to give

you the strength to keep fighting saying you cannot give up because your family needs you I hold in my hand all whom you

love even when you may not want it you are the leader of your household others

could have taken your place but they chose to be irresponsible to underestimate the wonderful blessing of

of dedicating their entire lives to such a beautiful family out of love your

children may cause you frustration often disobeying and ignoring you but believe me deep down

their souls cry they know they are wrong and just as you have asked I continue to work in

their lives the tears they shed in secret for their their negative attitudes are slowly watering a small

seed and the day it sprouts they will realize their sin and

error they’ll come back to you Tey seeking your forgiveness and you’ll weep too but out

of Joy seeing that all is coming to fruition your effort and persistence are

yielding results that’s why I encourage you to Embrace Life Joy is on its way to

you you will witness your loved ones conquering their struggles and succeeding Against All Odds my promises

are coming true come Be In My Embrace don’t fret so much about your feelings

or the events around you leave your fears at the door and after spending

time in my presence you’ll see those emotions should remain

outside your mind should be free of thoughts that bring you distress my presence has touched your soul bringing

my peace to calm you I am the first to be there my holy spirit will fill every space of your mind reaching every

individual in your household who seeks me relax and feel at ease with me

here have confidence feel at o I do not judge your appearance or attire I only

see your beautiful heart that you have brought to me I see a bright light emanating from your soul Illuminating

everything around you you I feel the warmth coming from the flame growing

within you I see your faith I receive your love value your trust and am

pleased with your worship today or tomorrow as you continue your journey remember my words well indeed there are

times when you will face big and unexpected problems but when these worries come knocking hard on your

Soul’s door trying to break in remember and find comfort in my promise to you I

live deep within your heart where no one can barge in Uninvited those negative

feelings have no way to get inside you even though they try to sneak in through any crack they can

find many people around you choose to live in constant worry I’ve tried so

many ways to reach them to touch their hearts but they push me away they prefer to walk down the wrong

path leading their lives astray ignoring their own suffering and not

caring for their families as they should they continue to pursue dreams

that have turned into mere fantasies forgetting how crucial it is to put me

first in their lives if you meet them on your path treat them kindly but don’t let them

influence your heart don’t let them plant false ideas in your mind because

remember you are mine you are in a better place next to me

now you understand what it feels like to have a heavenly father who deeply loves you and I promise you you will always

stay close to me you won’t find this kind of holy and profound love with anyone

else amen


have faith my dear child for all things unfold in their own time let go of your worries and Trust in

the process nurture your faith and practice patience knowing that my timing

is perfect resist the urge to rush toward an uncertain future or cling to fleeting

empty Pursuits that bring discomfort to your life release anything that obstructs the

flow of my blessings upon you keep a distance from those who lack faith and persevere in your prayers confide in my

timing and do not give in to despair many blessings will Grace your

life and challenging circumstances will eventually be left behind maintain your patience and fear

not for I am with you do not think that I am unaware of your needs I am fully

acquainted with every aspect of your existence I see the burdens you carry

Within in your heart the distress that engulfs you during Financial struggles and moments of

illness but right now in this very moment open your heart to my promises

and guidance embrace my word seek it diligently have faith and bask in my

presence all things will come to fruition in their own time I will Infuse

your life with peace and serenity and I will shower you with blessings as a reward for your unwavering trust in

me always remember that I am a god of power and miracles I am not only

bestowing blessings and healing upon you but upon your family your children and your parents as long as you trust in my

Divine timing and exhibit patience do not lose your sanity or seek

shortcuts for they may lead you astray and cause

harm continue in your prayers continue to delve into my teachings and refrain

from Hasty Pursuits of material possessions keep in mind that what the

world offers is transient while what I offer is eternal and a source of

blessing for your life maintain your trust in my promises for everything will

come to fruition in due course I never delay or forget and I am and will remain

attentive to each of your needs do not despair for I am at your side do not be

Hasty due to the actions of the wicked and do not envy those who engage in

wrongdoing they shall soon wither away like grass and like tender herbs they

shall wither place your trust holy in me and let your actions be guided by

righteousness dwell in this land of existence and take joy in my unwavering

faithfulness Del light in your connection with me and I will grant you the desires that reside deep within your

heart entrust your journey to me have unwavering faith in me and I will bring

your aspirations to fruition I will shine upon your righteousness like the radiant light of

day and your Justice will shine as brilliantly as the Noonday son find your

rest in me and patiently await my guidance do not let the success of the

wicked disturb your peace even when they prosper in their Wicked Ways let go of

anger and forsake the path of wrath for it only leads to harm know this evildoers will be cut off

but those who patiently wait upon me will inherit the very Earth they walk upon in just a little while the wicked

shall be no more you may seek their place but it shall be

empty yet in the that time the meek The Humble of heart will inherit this Earth

and revel in an abundance of Peace beyond measure the wicked May scheme and Nash

their teeth in vain against the righteous but I your lord I laugh at their feudal efforts for I see that

their Day of Reckoning is Drawing Near The Wicked May draw their swords and

bend their bows with the intent to harm the poor and the upright but their weapons shall turn

upon themselves their swords will find their own hearts and their bows shall be

shattered know this truth the little that a righteous person possesses is

more precious than the vast wealth of many Wicked for the arms of the wicked shall be broken while I the Lord shall

uphold the righteous I know the days of the blameless and their inheritance is an

everlasting one they shall not know shame in times of trouble and even in days of famine they shall find

satisfaction as for the wicked they Shall Perish and the enemies of the Lord

like the fleeting Splendor of The Meadows shall vanish Into Thin Air like smoke Carried Away by the

wind the wicked may borrow and fail to repay but the righteous show mercy and

give generously those who are blessed by me shall inherit the earth while those

cursed by me shall be cast aside the steps of a good person are ordered

by me and I Delight in their Journey even when they stumble they

shall not be utterly cast down for I the Lord uphold them with my

hand I have watched over my children from their youth and I have never seen the righteous forsaken nor their

descendants begging for bread they are perpetually merciful and willing to lend and their descendants

shall be showered with my blessings Turn Away From Evil and commit

yourselves to doing good and you shall dwell in my presence eternally for I the Lord love Justice

and never abandon my Saints I protect them for all time but the descendants of the wicked

shall be cut off the righteous shall inherit this land and abide in it

forever the mouths of the righteous speak wisdom and their tongues are ever

attuned to Justice my law is etched upon their hearts and none of their steps shall

falter the wicked may watch the righteous seeking to harm them but rest

assured I the Lord will not leave them in the clutches of their adversaries nor

shall I condemn them when judgment is passed wait upon me continue along the

path I have set before you and I shall exalt you to inherit this land

when the wicked are cut off you shall bear witness to my Justice I have witnessed the wicked in

their days of great power spreading themselves like flourishing trees native

to the land yet in the blink of an eye they shall pass away and they shall be found

no more I have sought them out but they are gone pay heed to the blameless take note

of the upright for their future is one of unending peace but as for the transgressors they

shall be brought to knot together and the future of the wicked shall be severed know this Above All Else the

salvation of the righteous comes solely from me the Lord I am their strength in times of

trouble and I shall be their Refuge I will Aid them and deliver them

from the wicked for they Place their unwavering trust in me come your spirit my beloved for you

will overcome your challenges soon you will reap the rewards of your

persistence I know that you are currently facing difficult times and adversities and the problems that

confront you weigh heavily on your heart bringing pain and constant anxiety into

your life I understand that the difficulties you face have become a burdensome load

casting a shadow over your days and filling you with uncertainty but know this my cherished

one in the midst of this storm You are not alone I stand beside you holding you

with love and care I understand that the burden you carry is overwhelming and I recognize

the tears you shed in the Solitude of the night as an expression of your anguish and

weariness but let me assure you dear soul that these trials shall

pass the darkness that seems to envelop you will dissipate before the arrival of

a new dawn for my promise to you is steadfast and true remember that I have

pledged to be with you even as you Traverse The Valley Of Shadows and death

I will never forsake you I will always be with you guiding you and protecting you with my unwavering and unconditional

love so do not fear my cherished one for in every storm and every trial I am here

Stead fast by your side like an unyielding Rock in the midst of

turmoil your trust in me will not be in vain which is why I want you to understand that my commitment to you is

real and eternal I will never abandon you but will stand firm by your side in every

step you take in every struggle and challenge in every tear that falls from your eyes I will always be there

upholding you with my mighty hands therefore beloved Soul do not allow

anxiety to consume you look ahead with hope for the strength you need to

overcome every obstacle and challenge comes from me I know the battle can be

fierce and draining and the paths you tread may be arduous to navigate but you must remember that I am your lord and

savior the guardian of your soul I am your father who always looks

after your safety and well-being do not give up my beloved persevere in your efforts with courage

and determination immerse yourself in my teachings and seek the greence of my

sacred word do not underestimate the power of prayer for in your communion with me you

will find the strength to overcome any assault that the enemy May launch against you never forget that within you

lies the bravery and courage to confront the trials and tribulations of this life

that is why I encourage you to keep your head held high and to remain steadfast

in your faith do not be intimidated by the schemes of the enemy trust in me for

I never disappoint those who remain rooted in my love remember that the faith you place

in me has the power to move mountains to make the impossible possible through faith my beloved you

will reap the rewards of your perseverance rewards of blessings and

abundance so do not doubt my power beloved Soul trust in me and hold fast

to my promises for like the wind caresses the fields I will come upon you

like a breeze that caresses your spirit with love and Hope just keep your eyes on me and walk with confidence for the

dawn of a new day always follows the darkest night move forward dear soul do not be

disheartened by these problems do not yield to adversity do not forget that you are

stronger than you think and that my power is The Shield that will protect you from the arrows of the enemy and the

adversities you face rise up now my beloved and face the

obstacles with courage continue with determination and never forget that my power and my grace will sustain you even

in the darkest moments keep your faith Bur turning in your heart and never doubt that I

fulfill my promises for I am your father the creator of the universe who will

lead you to your destiny of abundance and happiness I will uplift you like the

eagles beloved why do you doubt I have displayed my imens of power to you

numerous times do not doubt me I have told you repeatedly that doubt separates

you from me and impit my blessings from reaching your life do not allow yourself to wander from the

path for the enemy will attempt to make you stumble he will try to confuse you

that’s why I say to you do not doubt keep praying persevere in my ways only

then will you achieve victory in my word there is a powerful verse for you in Isaiah

but those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength they shall Mount up with wings like eagles they

shall run and not be weary they shall walk and not faint I will renew everything within you

I will grant you renewed strength I am your sustenance and your Swift Aid when you are weary I will lift

you up when you feel defeated you need only seek me and you will find me for

everyone who asks receives he who seeks finds and to him who knocks the door

will be opened I accompany you everywhere if if you find yourself in

turmoil just trust in me do not fear for I am with you do not lose heart for I am

your God who fortifies you I will always assist you always

support you with the right hand of my righteousness when doubt seek to torment

you rebuke them in my name never cease seeking me in prayer always meditate on

my word keep these words in your heart but beloved child believe in what I convey

to you beloved daughter it is time to rise up release your excuses and

everything that weighs on your soul and heart you have exhibited strength I have

witnessed all that you have endured but it is time to progress do not heed the criticisms of

others steer clear of the path of the wicked they seek to make you stumble but

they do not comprehend that I will raise you up they do not understand that my spirit accompanies

you I have positioned a legion of Angels in your defense they will safeguard you

and shield you from all evil I have prepared a path for you a path marked

with Miracles and blessings bearing your name do not forsake my paths do not opt

for the easy route The Narrow Path may seem tempting but the end is not

favorable if you adhere to my principles everything will will be smoother for you

I know the Christian path is not easy but in the end you will

Triumph you will witness that those who criticized you for your choices will be silenced they will fall silent and

acknowledge that you were correct all along you need only be patient my child

you need to contemplate calmly beloved daughter everything will be unveiled at

the appointed time your eyes will witness everything I have reserved for for you my glory will manifest in your

life a downpour of blessings will shower upon you open your arms and receive my

promises into your life open your heart to me so that I may dwell within you my presence will

accompany you in every instant of your life in every moment whether times are

favorable or adverse I will be with you providing you strength you will Ascend like eagles

your ad adversaries will not witness your downfall you will rise with all your might towards your aspirations and

dreams I will guide you and accompany you on your journey it is crucial that you regularly

set aside a portion of your life for me speak with me about your experiences

share your difficulties with me communicate your needs I will supply what you lack I will

quell the storm During trials I will bestow peace and tranquility amidst

tempests do not let your heart be troubled when darkness descends You are not alone in your trial I am by your

side perceive my presence experience how I strengthen your soul how I Elevate you

and endow you with the strength of eagles you will not grow weary you will

persist your head held high possessing a Victorious mindset your destiny is one

of trium Triumph it is inscribed in my word that you were born to succeed you

will Triumph in this trial you will emerge Victorious from every

Tempest believe in what I convey to you my child trust in my promises beloved

daughter you will see that your blessings will come in my timing simply

continue to trust continue to pray with all your heart assure me you will

amen [Music]

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