God’s Message Now: BELIEVE IN MY MIGHT || God Message For You || Gods Message

listen closely open up your heart and Let My Words soak into your soul right

now forget about all the troubles you’re facing just focus on hearing

me listen to what I’m saying I want my words to fill you up with hope and peace

written just for you I’m here to chase away all your worries making sure you don’t feel alone

or Restless anymore I’m in charge of your life and I promise to always give you peace like a

gentle stream flowing smoothly let me be your

guide every morning take a moment to connect with me entrust your journey to

my care and see how I support you your future is in my hands and if

you let me I’ll show you the way to a place where joy and strength are real where you’re free from Pain and filled

with blessings and happiness I love you deeply having chosen you even before you were born

with wonderful plans for you I’ll stick by you forever I’m eager to shower you

with my love I want to light up your life with my presence everything around you is about to change and you’ll see

the world in a new light full of possibilities always remember I’m the

one who loves you unconditionally believes in you without doubt and wishes nothing more than to bring you closer to

me I’ve placed dreams in your heart that only we know about keep your dreams between us for

now sharing them might attract the wrong kind of attention envy and misunderstanding from those who don’t

see the big picture ignore anyone who tries to bring you down some might say I’m too far away

that your goals are just fantasies that your dreams are you’re too big that you’ll never make it that you’re not

ready or even that I’m not listening some may wrongly claim I don’t

care about you but here’s the truth listen closely and remember this I am

nearer than you or they could ever imagine my spirit lives in you you are filled with my Grace I love you when you

wake up and think of me it warms my heart your gratefulness your willingness

to put me first every day Delights me your heart’s attitude always singing

praises Always In Worship always praying not just for yourself but for others too

brings me immense Joy a tremendous reward awaits you a blessing so vast it’s beyond

imagination tell your loved ones that it’s just around the corner about to shower over

you but when it arrives I urge you to keep your faith strong

don’t stop praying or seeking me with everything you’ve got your dedication and fierce desire to grow closer to me

fills me with joy I have incredible things planned for you my cherished

child this message is for you intended to fill you with profound peace and

overwhelming happiness you will pray you will search for me and I will be there to help you

overcome every challenge I love you stay alert and keep your heart strong

I’m here to support you but you need to be ready and aware you’ve said it feels like there’s

no rest for you but trust in me and come into my presence whenever you’re overwhelmed I will give you the rest you

need don’t let worry take away your peace or shake your faith the enemy is always lurking eager

to trip you up and set snares to crush your spirit and make you give up on your

beliefs this isn’t new I’ve always been there to protect you from your foes

schemes even in your sleep sometimes the battle seems too intense but you’ve already won many

fights without even knowing it I am battling for you in the spiritual realm against Dark Forces

ensuring they can’t touch or hurt you you are immensely blessed and your future is secure with me by your side I

am your Divine father almighty and unbeatable never see your challenges as

bigger or more powerful than me don’t let hardships corner you or choke your spirit when you hear their

menacing voices or threats do not fear you don’t have to be perfect or without

mistakes for me to cherish and protect you your loved ones and your home enemies rush in armed with

falsehoods and Hollow threat threats crafting imaginary issues and unfounded claims against

you I will protect you from their harsh assaults and guide you to victory over

these trials forget the errors of the past or your perceived flaws my promise to you

is that my victory becomes your Victory delivered directly from my Throne to

your hands you’re about to be granted relief for all your troubles a reward

for your bravery a badge for your unwavering resolve the Crown of Life and

countless blessings you must Embrace and believe this truth declare with your

voice and heart that it will be yours don’t hesitate don’t give in to despair

Don’t Stray From your path and don’t leave the place I’ve set you in stand

firm hold on to everything I’ve given you don’t be swayed by current sights

from seeing the Blessed future ahead doubts Cloud your spiritual sight the

issues before you now pale in comparison to the Grand blessing that’s nearly yours believe it’s not all hardship or

beyond your reach you are not a failure regardless of others words ignore the Whispers The

Jealous long for your blessings and envy your joy they see your generous spirit

and know well of my love and the blessings I have in store for you pay them no mind

they can’t derail my plans for you today I reach out to soothe your weary heart I

know there are moments when moving forward feels like an insurmountable task yet I come bearing encouragement

and a promise to rekindle your faith even if the path seems blocked

remember I can Empower You To Tread upon the waters today I bless your steps with my

Divine strength embrace my love I am here to mend the inner scars that

spawn fear doubt hesitation and halt your progress I urge you to keep pushing

forward place your trust in me the Wonders I have planned for you are vast

and marvelous beyond anything you could imagine do not let the world’s challenges dishearten you know that in a

moment your life can transform magnificently leave the past behind do

not fear what is to come experience my love and power right now with me in your

life a fresh start is always possible a chance for a new chapter is always at

hand let me shape your destiny with my guidance your story can

unfold in miraculous ways don’t base your life on what you see that will only

bring frustration and fear instead listen to my words dive into the

scriptures reflect on my teachings and walk by faith not by sight believe in my might your faith has

the power to shape reality I cherish you deeply my child I am acquainted with every struggle I’ve

seen each tear felt your weakness and been there through the darkest nights

and the heaviest downpours but I also came to you showered you with Love Lifted your

spirits and Infused you with the courage to continue reflect on your journey

regardless of the hardships or the number of defeats you’ve always risen stronger now you stand resilient with

the past pain behind you you know the way forward seek Refuge In My Embrace

whenever your legs falter whenever the path ahead seems too daunting to tread

and when exhaustion grips your soul making you question the very essence of pressing on but remember I cherish you

deeply your journey is far from over my love is the Bedrock of your existence my

spirit the Wellspring of Your vitality and your blessings are boundless I notice despite the trials

you’ve surmounted and the triumphs you’ve celebrated a Shadow of Doubt sometimes darkens your spirit you feel

overwhelmed frail and fraught with worry you doubt your ability to Prevail

suspecting perhaps that my gaze has turned away from you but today I am here

to reaffirm my unwavering love to dispel those fears that cloud your mind every

moment of your life is eternally etched in my divine plan Victory is your

destined inheritance I am your Celestial protector your omnipotent Creator

breathing into you the essence of life and imbuing you with unwavering

strength in those moments when the world world seems to press in on you when the weight of your burdens feels unbearable

and the silence around you seems to Echo your doubts remember that you are not

alone I am always with you watching over you with a love that knows no bounds

your struggles do not go unnoticed your cries for help reach my ears and your

tears touch my heart I understand the depth of your pain the complexity of your challenges

and the strength of your desires Let My Words Be a Beacon of Hope in Your Darkest Hours a reminder that

your current trials are but temporary obstacles on the road to fulfillment I have equipped you with

resilience armed you with courage and shielded you with my grace your battles are mine to fight

your fears mine to conquer and your dreams mind to fulfill do not succumb to

despair or allow your faith to waver the journey may be fraught with challenges

but it is also paved with opportunities for growth and transformation trust in my timing lean

on my strength and let your heart be steadfast in the knowledge that I am guiding you towards a destiny filled

with promise and purpose embrace the journey knowing that with each step you

are drawing closer to the realization of your deepest aspirations the victories ahead are

worth every moment of struggle every tear shed and every prayer whispered in the quiet of the night

stand firm in your faith hold tightly to the promises I have made and move

forward with the assurance that I am by your side every step of the way your

story is still being written and it is one of Triumph resilience and

overwhelming Joy I stand as your unwavering source of provision holding vast and Splendid

Visions for for what lies ahead in your journey as these words reach your ears let them unlock the chambers of your

heart inviting an influx of Hope to permeate your being for my commitment to

enriching your life with endless blessings is unbreakable it’s true each day may bring

its share of doubts and there will be times when discouragement seeks to erode the resilience of your spirit yet know

this my grace and boundless love will ever envelop you offering a steadfast

Shield against the trials of Life entrust yourself to me completely with

every fiber of your being and Marvel at the extraordinary Miracles that are poised on the horizon Miracles that

you’ve yet to Envision I long to unveil to you a multitude of divine secrets to implant

within your heart dreams Beyond Your Wildest imagination I am not just your creator I

am your nurturer your Infinite Source of affection your constant and faithful

Ally in every moment of Prayer in every whispered dialogue know that my presence

is near a time will come when I shall tenderly erase each tear from your

cheeks eradicating the sorrows and the anguish that have clouded your days I

impart these words to ensure you never lose sight of the Covenant I’ve pledged to you to reaffirm my eagerness to see

you thrive to bask in joy to achieve complete

satisfaction and to Revel in the blessings that are rightfully yours at this very

instant keep your faith firmly Anchored In Me allowing no space for skepticism

dread or Notions of surrender with unwavering commitment to my teachings and a heart resilient in

faith you’ll witness the unfolding of greatness in your life more swiftly than you could ever

anticipate let this be a Clarion call to deepen your trust to let go of

hesitations and to embrace the journey ahead with courage and conviction the path may be strewn with

obstacles but also lined with opportunities for growth healing and the realization of your

potential remember you are never alone my guidance is a constant my love

inexhaustible and my plans for you filled with prospects of joy and

prosperity therefore stand tall and steadfast nurtured by the promise of

divine favor your future is not just a series of random events but a carefully

orchestrated Masterpiece waiting to be revealed your story is one of Victory

resilience and abundant Joy written by my hand Guided by my will and blessed by

my love trust in the journey for it is within this faith-filled voyage that

your true destiny will be unveiled bringing to light a future replete with blessings achievements and a legacy of

faith that will Echo Through the Ages my love for you is boundless and I

assure you I will never leave your side my aim is to gently steer your

heart back to the Wellspring of all your blessings amidst the hustle and bustle I

don’t want you to stray or conclude your day feeling drained and a drift it’s my

desire to equip you with the fortitude to navigate through life’s hurdles with steadfast resolve and without an ounce

of fear you are on a journey to a brighter more promising destination a

path you’ve chosen with conviction and faith yet be mindful the adversary roams

about like a menacing lion eager to pounce on the unwar and those lost in

distraction your strides need to be intentional your spirit imbued with the

tenacity of a warrior to not just endure but to conquer and Triumph let there be

no mistake those who Harbor ill will or attempt to impede your progress casting

Shadows of doubt and envy inadvertently set themselves against me anyone who

confronts you with spite or seeks to gain at your expense aligns themselves as my adversary too such individuals

will find their efforts feudal and the spoils they thought to claim from you will elude their

grasp this assurance comes as a reminder that you’re not navigating this journey

alone your battles are mine your challenges a call to my

intervention the victories awaiting you are not just outcomes of your perseverance but manifestations of my

unfailing support in the face of adversity remember that my omnipotence

is your Shield turning every obstacle into Stepping Stones towards your destiny those who stand against you will

ultimately witness the strength of my protection over you realizing that what is divinely ordained cannot be hindered

by human schemes therefore walk with confidence today and every day knowing

that my presence envelops you guiding each step and turning every trial into a

testament of your faith and my unending love the path ahead is illuminated with

the promise of divine favor a testament to your unwavering faith and the steadfast love that I your father have

for you let this assurance fill you with peace and courage as you face the day’s

challenges secure in the knowledge that Victory is not just a possibility but a

guaranteed outcome with me by your side let not fear grip your heart you stand

to lose nothing of real value should it appear that you’ve suffered a loss hold

fast to Faith every event unfolds with purpose and my intentions for you are

always for the best arm yourself with bravery and unshakable belief refusing

to succumb to the shadows of fear or despair I foresee a future for you rich

in blessings and goodness perpetually enveloped in my peace and love your family too rests securely within my care

and for your devotion in setting aside moments of your day to connect with me expect to be rewarded beyond

measure now prepare to be imbued with Divine Vigor I’m set to broaden your

Insight and spiritual perception enabling you to recognize and cherish the Myriad of blessings on their way to

you let your smile be a constant fixture it fills me with immense

Delight when you radiate health and happiness you mirror my image at Day end I eagerly await your

return for it benefits you profoundly I love you open your heart to the vast

blessings that are on their approach you dwell under my Safeguard and provision

and all that you receive flows from my deep love and grace grasp this truth and

embrace gratitude the things and relationships you’ve cherished and lost will be

restored to you even family members who’ve grown distant in Anger will see

their errors and seek reconciliation it’s a joyous moment now that you’ve chosen to realign with the

righteous path you were never truly claimed by the adversary despite their

efforts to ravage your life and pil for your joy and blessings in response to your turning

back to me my grace and kindness will be your reward be aware that ample years lie

before you years meant to be lived fully and righteously Endeavor to draw closer to

me to fortify your faith in my promises my word assures you that with

me by your side you’ll conquer adversities surmount barriers and

accomplish wonders at the destined time just when you think all paths are closed

you’ll witness my power clearing the way before you creating Pathways in the wilderness and lavishing you with

blessings Beyond imagination in times of trouble it’s crucial that you seek shelter and Solace

In My Embrace don’t try to withstand the harsh battles of Life on your own I’ve

instilled courage within you not so you can rely solely on yourself but so you

can have unwavering faith in my word and move forward knowing my hand is always

there to protect you while some might take pride in their own abilities and strengths often overestimating what they

truly possess I urge you to place your trust in faith in me instead by doing so you’ll find yourself

achieving Feats beyond what others can imagine it’s natural to stumble to feel

overwhelmed and exhausted to lose the will to keep fighting remember I came to

this world endured the cross and emerged Victorious over death itself for this

very reason to support you in your weakest moments to be there whenever you need me I am always near should you call

out to me I’ll never turn away whenever you seek my presence you won’t find

silence my promise to you is unbreakable my Covenant Everlasting cry out to me and witness

the unveiling of Wonders that surpass your wildest dreams I am your almighty God ever

forgiving endlessly merciful begin your day in communion with me here

I’ll be waiting nothing Delights me more than to express my love for

you listen carefully for you belong to me and under my mighty protection you

are safe no dark force no Act of Witchcraft no spell has the power to

touch you no one can tamper with your soul or dismantle your being in this

universe there EX exist no evil that can inflict harm upon you as long as you’re

shielded by the power of my blood wrapped in my love and filled with my Holy Spirit pay attention for nurturing

the growth of your soul is crucial if you yearn for blessings I cannot bestow upon you

greater responsibilities if you remain stuck in the same place held back by

fears of curses that I’ve already freed you from if you truly desire to walk by

my side side you must commit to transforming your mindset should you fail to do so I might

find it necessary to remove certain distractions from your life I’m aware of your love for me and you should never

underestimate the depth of my love for you the precious blood that has redeemed you should never be taken lightly you

must vow never to return to the darkness you were once a part of you should not

tarnish yourself with old mistakes it’s time to move Beyond repeating the same faults you have been

forgiven and I have showered you with my blessings if you’re still unable to

recognize and cherish what I have given you it means your heart isn’t being nourished by the right sources

forgetting my teachings and listening to those who do not hold me dear will only lead you to confusion and

despair these individuals may appear as bearers of light and enticing you with seemingly attractive paths but their

intentions are dark aiming to pull you towards destruction you are on the brink of a

significant period a Time rich with choices ripe for hard work a moment to

stand up for your family and to wield the spiritual Armory I have equipped you

with this upcoming phase is one of action and discernment a period to

engage in Earnest efforts for those you love making use of every Divine strategy and resource I’ve laid at your disposal

heed my words closely for you are never without my presence seeking the approval

of everyone is not the key to your joy embed these two simple yet profound

words deep within your heart let them be a source of strength and courage for you

I love you when you’re in distress I’m there to answer you in times of peril I stand to

go guard you and in moments of need I extend my help my unwavering support is

yours forever covering you your loved ones and all the generations that follow

fear not for I am with you my cherished one I am the ultimate Solace for every

kind of pain you endure whether it’s physical suffering or the emotional wounds inflicted by the harsh edges of

life’s battles I recognize there are moments when you feel still overwhelmed and uncertain teetering on the edge of

losing your footing yet I’m ever by your side offering reassurance that I’m not here

to pass judgment rather I’m here as your Confidant and friend I’m setting a feast

of blessings in the midst of your adversaries lifting you high for all your family and friends to see I will

guide you to Uncharted territories and through your life story and the message you carry many many will come to know of

my love and grace remember you are not tasked with navigating this journey alone in your

weakest and most vulnerable moments my promise to you is a Beacon of Hope and a

testament to my unconditional love as you walk through life know that my

blessings are not just about material Prosperity but also about peace love and

fulfillment that transcends human understanding through through you others

will witness the transformative power of My Love Leading them to discover the

same comfort and assurance that you have found in me you stand on the brink of an

era filled with Miracles and divine interventions the days ahead will unfold

with astonishing wonders touching not only your life but also the lives of those you cherish deeply this upcoming

chapter demands your Readiness approaching it with calmness and a Heart full of humility ready to welcome the

abundance I’m about to pour into your existence Safeguard your heart and

always remember the source of your blessings dedicate moments of your day

to seeking my presence to readying your spirit for the joy that’s set before

you for my love for you is boundless ask yourself do you truly hold faith in my

power in moments when fears Loom large when the Horizon seems Bleak and an

insurmountable sea of challenges stretches before you hold on to the assurance that I am ever with you

watching over every step you take you won’t be overwhelmed you won’t be lost to the depths when despair tries to

Anchor you in place when fatigue clouds your judgment and the way forward is

obscured remember I am right there beside you offering my shield of

protection I will make a way where there SE seems to be none clearing your path

for Triumph and in times when sorrow overwhelms you when tears are all you

can offer know that I am there tenderly catching every droplet turning your

morning into a dawn of fresh blessings Embrace this new season with an open heart for it promises to be a

testament to My Endless Love and faithfulness every obstacle will be an

opportunity for my glory to shine through every challenge a platform for

my strength to be displayed in your life let this assurance fortify your

resolve and ignite your faith a new As you move forward let the

anticipation of witnessing my hand at work in and around you fill you with hope and courage the Miracles awaiting

you are a declaration of my love a sign that with me all things are possible

stand firm in this belief for you are about to embark on a journey of divine

wonder where every step is Guided by my grace and every moment is an invitation

to experience the profound depths of my love for you no one understands the depths of

your heart as I do I’m intimately familiar with your hopes your dreams and

your deepest desires I see the essence of who you are in ways that remain invisible to others

while people might judge you based on external criteria your looks your social status or the challenges you face i gaze

directly into the core of your being the more you place your trust in me aligning

yourself with my vision and purpose the greater the wisdom and strength you’ll find at your

disposal you are my child a source of Wonder to me you reflect reflect so much

of my own nature your determination your Innovative Spirit your Insight and your

bravery let there be no doubt that there is neither obstacle nor individual capable of deterring you from achieving

greatness this is an irrefutable fact you are my child and this identity

should never be questioned yet remember you are also human you exert yourself

tirelessly sometimes pushing your limits there are times when weariness and frustration creep in moments filled with

doubt and despair it is precisely in these times that I stand ready to support you my

desire is to steer you along the best possible course I aim to save you from

wasting precious moments on inconsequential Pursuits I wish to prevent you from

feeling defeated by the initial hurdles you encounter on the path to realizing your Noble

Ambitions by allowing me the chance to Aid and Elevate you understand that I

alone have the power to turn what seems impossible into tangible Miracles rest

assured I am ever watchful over you ensuring that each of your prayers is met with my generous blessings remember

my child in every step of your journey I Am with You guiding protecting and

loving you transforming your trials into triumphs your questions into clarity and

your dreams into reality trust in my Everlasting presence

and the boundless love I have for you for in my hands every aspect of your

life is shaped for greatness I yearn for us to forge a bond of friendship to become allies

navigating the path of Life side by side our partnership hinges on Mutual roles

yours is to hold fast to faith and trust while mine encompasses answering your calls blessing your endeavors

safeguarding your steps nurturing your spirit empowering you and ensuring your

salvation be assured of my unwavering love for you I am by your side steadfast

in my commitment you embody strength embodying the spirit of a triumphant

Warrior your resolve and vitality shine brightly even in the face of adversity

should you stumble it’s not the end you are destined to rise steadfast in your

journey refusing to be perceived as defeated your journey has been marked by

unwavering Faith remarkable talent and exceptional ability as you inch closer to the

Monumental blessings awaiting you it may seem as though your challenges grow more

daunting yet you’re well aware that your true conflict transcends the Physical

Realm engaging in a deeper struggle against against Sinister forces and malevolent entities that dwell in

Shadows fear not for no harm can befall you you are beyond the reach of weakness

or diminishment my strength courses through you stirring the spiritual Realms with

its might their sole tactic may be to sew confusion within your heart yet your

Triumph is predestined respond not to their taunts with fear or submission stand tall

unflinching in the face of intimidation a crucial responsibility

rests on your shoulders to embrace my promises with conviction to take decisive action to reclaim your footing

and to confront life’s trials with the courage and tenacity of a valiant fighter this is the essence of our

alliance you brimming with faith and courage and I offering unfailing support

and divine empowerment together we are invincible charting a

course through life’s tempests towards a horizon filled with promise and victory

believe in the power of my word hold it dear in your heart and no Force no

obstacle can stand in your way you are invincible when you Faithfully articulate my promises stand firm

against any force that seeks to diminish you boldly declaring the Lord is my

shepherd and when faced with a attempts of theft or harm Proclaim with unwavering confidence the Lord is my

refuge and my Fortress no force can topple me should others try to undermine you

with their words respond with a heart full of joy saying Jesus Is My Truth my

guide and my life he Shields me from the deceit of those who conspire against me

my word is vibrant potent enough to transform Your Existence it transcends

mere text on a page I’ve equipped you with the tools and the might to rise

above any challenge to Shield yourself from the deceit of Fairweather friends and betrayers yet it’s crucial that your

heart stays rooted in my love each morning as you awaken let your first

thoughts be of me I observe the earnestness in your spirit recognizing

your intention to live rightly you are not rebellious my spirit Walks With You

fueling your faith with an indomitable spark before your day begins I am

already by your side ready to guide you to imbue you with the Vigor needed for the challenges ahead and to envelop you

in the profound depth of my love for you my child my love for you is eternal

unfading I know there are times you question this love pondering my presence

fearing I’ve left you forsaken but such a day will never come

this assurance is yours to claim no doubts fears or misconceptions can alter

the truth of my Everlasting Love and presence in your life whenever you find

yourself questioning remember I am closer than your next breath perpetually

engaged in your life’s journey ready to lift you above the tides of

adversity my commitment to you is unshakable a fortress against the storms

a beacon in the night Trust In This Love in This Divine Bond we share for in it

lies your strength your peace and the key to overcoming the world’s trials my love for you is boundless

unwavering and you hold a place of Irreplaceable value in my heart listen

intently to these assurances for within them lies the resolution to your

uncertainties my promise to you is this I will never leave your side because my love for you

is infinite and you are cherished deeply by me each day I am attuned to your

prayers responding with immediate action by dispatching angels to Champion your cause as promised in my word in moments

of solitude when you feel forsaken take a moment to observe the subtleties around you each one is a testament to my

enduring presence in your life my love manifests in Myriad ways daily

through the innocent laughter of a child the harmonious chirping of birds the gentle breeze that unexpectedly kisses

your cheek and through compassionate Souls I place along your journey to

lighten your burdens my devotion to you is expressed through the Vigilant protection I

envelop around you shielding you from unseen spiritual warfare and guarding you against

harm though your battles are many fear not for no threat shall come near you

under my watch from the moment you rise to the moment you lay your head to rest

know this you are loved observed defended and nurtured by

me this is not merely a temporary Safeguard but a Perpetual Covenant of my

love ensuring that through every Challenge and every Victory my presence

is a constant source of strength and comfort let this knowledge embolden you filling

your heart with peace and your steps with confidence knowing fully well that in my love you find an unbreakable

Fortress I promise to be by your side on every Journey you undertake guiding you

safely back to your Haven each day never fall into the belief that I’m too far

away that I’m oblivious to your struggles or that I’m indifferent to your

needs in truth I’m much closer than you might imagine my spirit dwells within

you it’s essential for you to learn to recognize my presence enveloping you and

once you do the feeling of loneliness will dissipate forever let me reassert my devotion to

you echoing my unwavering sentiment I value you immensely and abandoning you

is something I could never do I have envisioned something extraordinary for your life and with each Dawn a new

chapter of your Saga unfolds crafted by my hands what lies ahead for you is a life

filled with immense blessings opportunities for joy and an overflow of spiritual

richness all I ask is for your faith in my omnipotence to feel the constancy of

my love in every single moment and to hold on to the knowledge that you are dearly loved by me my desire is not for

you to carry a heart weighed down by sadness Embrace this assurance allowing

it to fill you with hope and light every step you take every decision you make is

under my watchful eye gently steering you towards a destiny filled with purpose and

fulfillment Believe In the Journey I have laid out for you one that is marked by Grace growth and the unfolding of

your potential trust in my plan which is designed to bring out the best in you

offering you a path that leads to True contentment and spiritual Prosperity let

go of any doubts and fears and walk forward with the confidence that comes from being loved and guided by me your

life is a precious narrative being written with love care and divine

inspiration destined for greatness and filled with the promise of my endless love and

support embrace the support I offer it’s okay to lean on me for courage Your

Independence and resilience have always set you apart making you a beacon of strength yet with each day the weight

you carry seems to grow more daunting it’s time to acknowledge the

need for Liberation that only I can provide trust in me place your faith in

my promise I’ve made it clear I’m not here to judge to punish or to belittle you as some may have including those

you’ve considered friends pause for a moment let’s find a quiet space together I want you to

absorb the restorative essence of my words to let the promises capable of

healing your spirit flow through you reaching deep into your heart and

washing away the deepest of your anxieties understand that no one knows

you better than I do you’re someone who commits wholeheartedly to achieving greatness in every

Endeavor however the effort you put forth some sometimes exceeds what’s

sustainable burdening you beyond measure it’s possible to become so engrossed in

your responsibilities that you stray off the path wandering aimlessly ens snared

by feelings of being lost your pursuit of daily provision and the desire to

uplift your family are noble aiming to forge a household filled with blessings

yet in your quest for success in a harmonious home remember the importance

of balance your efforts while commendable need not be a solitary

struggle allow me to guide you to lighten your load and to illuminate the

path forward by integrating my guidance into your daily life your endeavors will not

only bear fruit but will do so in a manner that enriches your soul and brings peace to your

household in me you’ll find the strength to persevere and the wisdom to navigate

life’s challenges with Grace let let this partnership be your found ensuring that your hard work and

dedication lead to a life of fulfillment and Joy underpinned by my eternal love

and support without my Foundation any structure you attempt to build will

ultimately falter leaving your aspirations unattained and your dreams

drifting unanchored pause your Relentless Pursuit for a moment still your Restless Heart

and allow me the privilege of bringing CL ity to your Whirlwind of thoughts you find yourself embroiled in

ceaseless struggles adversaries stand against you and you face the harsh gales

of opposition yet it is not my wish for the challenges you encounter to cast a

shadow of sorrow or fatigue over you entrust me with the burden of your battles experience the warmth of my love

a new and let the flame of your faith ignite with renewed Vigor there’s no cause for embarrassment

in believing in me I urge you to revive the artor with which you once sought my

presence your spirit is not crushed your dreams are far from being shattered

immerse your thoughts in my teachings devote more time to basking in my presence the time for Action is

now should there be any conflicts in your life needing resolution let our

journey together be the starting point fear not for I reach out to you as a

faithful companion let’s embark on this path together allow yourself to be enveloped by my loving

Embrace and watch as your heart overflows with happiness and your mind settles into Tranquility let this

communion be our daily practice will you take this step with me please affirm

your willingness to join me on this journey

amen [Music]

my cherished child discovering Eternal Joy is an intimate Journey found only in

my presence while the world offers fleeting happiness true and Lasting Joy blooms

when you share your Joys with me I pour blessings into your life and

my heart rejoices when you respond with a thankful and joyful heart

so come to me often with gratitude and watch as the joy of my presence

multiplies the pleasures of my blessings on those days when Joy feels

distant seek my face more earnestly than ever do not let circumstances or

emotions weigh you down instead remind yourself of this ultimate truth I am

continually with you holding you by your right hand I guide you with my wisdom

and in the end I will welcome you into my glorious presence as you navigate through the

Brokenness of this world hold on to these truths tightly for I am the very

essence of Truth cling to me for I am also the way and let the radiant light

of my presence illuminate your path do not despise suffering for it reminds you

that this world is not your permanent home while I do provide pleasures and Comforts along your journey they are but

temporary in your final destination your heavenly home I will shower you with

Everlasting Pleasures there there will be no more

death mourning crying or pain The Joy you’ll experience will be Eternal

unending because you are my treasured follower I can promise that your suffering will one day come to an end so

view your troubles as momentary and light for they are producing for you an eternal weight of Glory beyond all

comparison as you continue your Journey Through This World be thankful for the

Comforts and Pleasures I bless you with and reach out to those who are suffering

just as I comfort you in your troubles I do so that you may Comfort others

bringing help to those in pain gives meaning to your suffering and brings glory to me don’t hesitate to pour out

your heart to me expressing your weakness weariness and overwhelm I fully understand the depths

and breath of your difficulties nothing is hidden from me although I know all I wait to hear

from you pour out your hair to me for I am your

Refugee in sharing your struggles with me you find a piece of full intimacy that allows you to be real with both me

and yourself rest in the safety of my presence knowing that I understand you

perfectly and love you with an everlasting love relax deeply with me releasing the

need to constantly strive and perform be still and let my presence

refresh and renew you when you are ready ask me to show you the way

forward always remember that I never leave your side for I am holding you by

your right hand this truth provides you with courage and confidence to continue your journey as

you proceed hear me Whispering do not fear I will help you hold on to things

with open hands for I am the ultimate owner of everything while you should cherish your

possessions and appreciate the blessings I bestow upon you avoid becoming overly attached to them and in your

relationships with people hold them with open hands as well cherish your loved

ones but be cautious not to elevate them to Idol status your life should revolve

around me seeking to please me Above All Else release your grip on control over

your circumstances when life flows smoothly it’s easy to feel in control but

remember that I am ultimately in charge of your life trust in me whether times

are good or hard good times are better and hardship is more bearable when you

trustingly depend on me my abiding presence is your Eternal

inheritance when You Face daunting tasks do not be intimidated discipline your thinking to

view challenges as privileges rather than burdensome duties replace the I

have to mentality with an I get to perspective transforming drudgery into

Delight while the work still needs to be done changing your Viewpoint will make a world of difference in your moments of

weariness or discouragement remind yourself I get to do this thank me for

granting you the ability and strength to accomplish what is necessary thankfulness clears your mind and draws

you nearer to me remember that my Spirit dwelling within you is the helper call

upon him when you are perplexed as you Ponder problems and seek Solutions he will guide your

thoughts whatever you do do it with all your heart as if you are working for

me I desire you to live in close communion with me open and fully

attentive to my presence seek to remain aware of me as you journey through each day for I am

continually by your side there is never a moment when I am not fully aware of

you stay attentive listening carefully and observing closely

extend this attentiveness to the people I bring into your life listening to others with prayerful attention blesses

both them and you trust in my unwavering love and the goodness that surrounds you

remember that I am entirely trustworthy and it is always fitting to believe in

me and my promises even when evil seems to flourish in the world do not let it

shake your faith in me trust that I am in control working behind the scenes for good be

thankful not only for the blessings you see but also for those unseen my wisdom and knowledge are

deeper than words can express my judgments are Beyond Comprehension and my ways are Beyond

tracing out trust in me at all times and give thanks for I am always with you guiding

you and preparing a Heavenly inheritance for you I am the champion who perfects

your faith when life becomes challenging fix your gaze upon me in moments of difficulty

and discouragement turn your eyes away from your problems and toward me I am

everpresent and accessible instead of letting your thoughts roam freely direct them to

me this practice will anchor your thinking and draw you nearer to me find

rest in the safety of My Embrace taking ref refuge in the shelter of my

presence remember that nothing can separate you from my unfailing love in your weakness I am your strength

Rejoice for I am the one who fights for you and I scoff at those who dare oppose

me know that my unfailing love surrounds you challenging circumstances may come

and go but I am with you constantly I am writing the story of your life weaving

together the tapestry of your experiences both good and hard I see the big picture from before your birth to

beyond the grave I know the person you will become as you dwell eternally in my

presence and I am continually working to transform you into that perfect

creation you are royalty In My Kingdom my unwavering presence is a

treasure often underestimated many believe in the concept of my continuous presence yet

they live as though they are alone this saddens me deeply whisper my name with love Drawing

Near to me even in difficult times this simple act demonstrates your trust in my

constant presence and Care the reality of my presence outweighs any difficulties you may face

no matter how heavy they seem when you are weary and burdened come to me I I

will give you rest I offer you the shield of Victory and my right hand

upholds you my ultimate victory was secured through my sacrificial

crucifixion and miraculous Resurrection all done for you and for those who trust

me as their Savior and God your role is simple believe that you

need a savior to atone for your sins and recognize that I am the only path to

Salvation your faith sets you on the journey to heaven and as you Traverse this world my Victorious Shield

surrounds and protects you employ The Shield of Faith to quench

the fiery arrows of the enemy when you find yourself in the midst of battle call out to me help me

Lord I trust in you as you live in dependence on me my right hand will

sustain you holding you up in every circumstance I wield immeasurable power

and I use my mighty right hand not only to protect you but to tenderly lead you

I will be your guide until the very end rejoice in the assurance that the

one who leads you each day will never forsake you I am the constant the one

who goes before you while remaining at your side I will never let go of your hand I

guide you with my truth and teach you my precepts enabling you to make wise

decisions the Bible serves as a reliable map to navigate your path a lamp illuminating

your way walk in the light of my word for I alone know the best path for you to

follow so trust in my unfailing love and remember to thank me for both the seen

and unseen blessings even when it appears that evil is prevailing in the world understand

that I am not powerless or unaware I remain in control control working behind the scenes to bring forth

goodness amidst the chaos therefore thank me not only for

the blessings you witness but also for those hidden from view my wisdom and knowledge transcend

human comprehension my judgments are inscrutable and my ways are Beyond

tracing in moments when the world feels unsteady the practices of trust and

Thanksgiving will anchor you in me remember I am always with you guiding

you and preparing an eternal inheritance for you the constancy of my presence is

a precious gift often underestimated by many While most believe in the idea of

my continuous presence they often live as though they are alone this Grieves me whisper my name

with love Drawing Near to me even in the toughest of times this simple black

demonstrates your trust in my unwavering presence in care the reality of my presence

outweighs any difficulties you may face


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