God’s Message Now: APRIL’S BLESSINGS || God Message For You || God Blessings || God Message Today

my dear child this month will bring a time of great abundance fruitful rewards and

deep insights you’ve faced tough times pain and unexpected

challenges these experiences have shaped you but remember you’re not alone your

recent struggles aren’t the end of your story I’m here to lift sadness and Gloom

from your spirit ease your suffering and take away your distress I’ll guide you to a brighter

future filled with hopes light where peace and joy are your everpresent

allies on this path you’ll discover strength in your vulnerabilities Comfort

during tough times and Fresh Starts out of moments of Despair put your faith in me because in

the upcoming month I’ve prepared wonders for you blessings beyond what you

imagined your faith will be rewarded with plentiful blessings you’re going to

see how I change tough times into chances your worries into calmness and

your hurt into happiness this new month will show you my love and loyalty like never before

even if big challenges come up remember I have even bigger power to bring you to

success and satisfaction you’ll move confidently toward aure future filled

with good things and meaning those who doubted you will be surprised to see how

well you do they’ll see your successes because I’ll show my strength in your life creating paths filled with both

kinds of riches things you can touch and things you feel in your heart so get ready to welcome my

generous help as I plan to lift you up and bless every part of your life the

hard times you’ve had won’t make you sad anymore this month is the start of

something new and the chance for better things to come you’ll get going on your plans

you’ll find fresh energy in your money matters and with your family too everyone will be in awe of how I bless

and grow what you do your success will come not by chance but as a result of your faith and

steadfastness the rewards of your hard work and your trust in me I’m acting on

your behalf opening doors no one can close setting up a feast of blessings bigger than you

can imagine keep your eyes on me keep moving forward bravely and don’t give up

when you hit obstacles even in the middle of a storm you’re surrounded by my peace when things are unclear my light

will show you the way keep going with faith and you’ll see the great things I’ll do in your life

Step Ahead confident that a future full full of Hope and kept promises awaits

you don’t be scared if the month starts with challenges trust in my promises and

the blessings I’ve spoken of you’ll see how I transform your difficulties into

powerful stories of my goodness walking with me means no

barriers too high no challenge too tough because I am your shelter and strength when Trouble

Comes step into this new month with bravery and TR trust knowing my love

holds you up and my might empowers you go forward confident that I will take

care of your needs march on knowing that each challenge is a chance to grow

stronger in this month stay firm in your faith and keep your eyes on

me my blessings will catch up with you I’ll wrap you in my strength and make

you thrive in every area this will be your month of wins and achievements the time when I’ll lead you

to the chances you’ve been looking for get ready for I am about to make good on

my word to you you’ll witness how things start working out for you together we’ll climb the highest

peaks and get through the toughest challenges on this day I encourage you

to trust in me and seek my help whenever you need it remember that I am attentive

to The Cry of your prayers know that I have the power to change change any situation regardless of the condition

you find yourself in I have the power to turn your defeat

into Victory so go forth persevere and

believe in me this month I shall Grant you the desires of your heart and assist

you in achieving your goals I shall strengthen you to attain many of your objectives and provide you with the

resources necessary to initiate new projects

each day shall be an opportunity to grow and Advance toward the realization of

your dreams prepare yourself for this month shall be one of opportunities and

blessings walk with joy knowing that you can always rely on me and I shall be by

your side to guide and prosper you in all areas of your life the Age of Wonders is still here I’m about to do

something amazing for you just believe don’t be scared or let your heart be

weighed down by what you’re going through I won’t leave you to walk this path alone I’ll save you from all harm

enabling you to triumph over the burden you’re carrying stay Brave my child stay

brave and strong don’t be beaten by this tough time for miracles are still

happening all you need to do is put your full trust in me and then watch as I

work a mighty miracle in your life I understand you might feel down

burdened by all the Grim news you’ve been hearing tired of hearing negative predictions that only upset you fed up

with what science or people say about your situation but hear this your story isn’t

over no matter how dark or hopeless it looks now I can do something wonderful

in you I can heal you I can free you from this trouble just trust in me and

hold on to my words for they are healing to your body and strength to your

bones my dear child I want you to understand that it is my will to heal

you that you may receive physical healing and restoration of your soul for

my greatest desire is for you to have life and to have it abundantly so that you may enjoy the fullness of my

goodness and the benefits of my grace so daughter it is time for you to

rise up to stop crying and lamenting the gray days the time of your sadness is over I

do not want you to dwell on the past anymore today I have come to bring

healing to you to restore every cell of your being for I am a Divine healer who

attentively hears the cries of his children simply bring before me whatever afflicts your body

then I will take away your ailments and cure your illnesses I will give you the healing

and renewal you’re seeking so you can press ahead my child I ask you again put your

faith in me trust me completely and hold tightly to my teachings let them be the Salve that

heals your wounds and revitalizes you let them flow through you like a

NeverEnding stream make me your sanctuary and I promise you you won’t face any harm no

sickness or disease will overcome you because I am your healer the one who

mends all your afflictions who pulls your life from Despair and surrounds you

with kindness and compassion believe in my word and stand

firm through this tough period I won’t abandon you or leave you behind just

keep going and never lose your faith remember there’s nothing beyond my reach

no issue concern or sickness is too big for me to handle even the obstacles

you’re dealing with now can’t stop me from working a remarkable miracle in your

life you just need to believe and trust in me then everything absolutely

everything will be fine do not worry about how things will happen my daughter

do not be impatient or try to force the miracle I have in store for you simply

trust trust in my love for you and allow me to do my will in your life open your

heart to the possibility of the impossible let me show you how I make possible what is impossible for man and

science always remember that you are not alone in this world I’m with you I’m

holding your hand and I will guide you to the place of your Miracle you just have to trust me I will

heal you of all illness that is why today I tell you my daughter regain your strength and

Rise do not give up keep moving forward fight for your faith and you will

receive Everything you ask of me I don’t want you to get disheartened or lose your spirit don’t let fear or

uncertainty grip you and don’t let the world’s views block your path put your

trust in me and I promise I’ll work A great miracle in your life

stay strong in your belief and keep moving towards the miracle you’ve deeply prayed for don’t be afraid of going

through your journey for I will complete what I’ve begun in you I’m going to do something wonderful and magnificent in

your life enabling you to achieve your goals and live a life overflowing with

health and blessings you can hardly fathom remember nothing is too hard for

me and I keep my promises continue to press on my child remember

that Miracles haven’t ceased I’m still actively performing wonders turning what

seems impossible into powerful stories of love and

might better days are on the horizon I will restore what was lost and bless

your endeavors my child understand that I’m here with you hearing each word you say

and feeling every heartbeat I know you have gone through difficult times where your finances have been affected and

prosperity seems to be slipping away every day but let me tell you that the tough times are about to end the days of

Affliction and scarcity are coming to an end and a new dawn is about to begin in

your life rise renewed with courage and faith knowing that restoration and prosperity

are at your doorstep declare with confidence that blessing is coming that

abundance is beginning to flow and that my peace which surpasses all

understanding begins to rain in you do not Despair and open your heart to

Hope keep your eyes fixed on me and on my promise that I will never leave you

nor forsake you so even though the obstacles seem insurmountable and the crisis threatens

to overwhelm you do not stop trusting remember not nothing is too

difficult for me and my power knows no bounds when it comes to transforming your life and bringing renewal to every

aspect of your existence believe that the days of lack and hardship are passing and a new dawn

of blessings and abundance is on the horizon for you

Embrace this promise and trust that even in tough times I am acting in your favor

to bring you wellness and prosperity don’t be paralyzed by fear or

doubt open your heart and mind to Faith and start proclaiming with assurance

that prosperity and blessings are on their way shut your eyes and envision

the wealth that’s about to enter your life go ahead and witness how my powerful hand will swiftly alter your

circumstances my child even when faced with uncertainties and challenges hold

on to the belief that my love for you is steadfast and that my Supply is plentiful always ready to support

you trust that every challenge you face is an opportunity to grow and strengthen

yourself in me do not fear taking on the challenge of faith that you are living I

will be with you at all times guiding you and sustaining you with my mighty

hand remember that Faith moves mountains and that when you trust in me there are

no limits to what I can do in your life rise now with courage and determination

knowing that my plan for you is one of well-being and

prosperity speak out with faith and shortess that blessings will pour into

your life and that richness will fill every part of you my child approach each

day with hope and thankfulness knowing that during tough times I am your shelter and your Solid

Rock believe that difficult periods are just passing phases but my love for you

lasts forever keep faith and trust in my loyalty for even in hard times I am

acting on your behalf to ensure your well-being and rejuvenate your finances cling to my love and kindness

and be assured that your financial struggles will end your debts will be settled and all your worries will be

lifted from now on lack will not overshadow your household your children

or their descendants I will bless you abundantly and meet all your needs remember even

when troubles Arise My light shines brighter and in my presence there’s no

space for lack or distress therefore open your heart to

Hope and walk in obedience and Fidelity trust that I will never fail you and

that your life shall be a living testimony of my miraculous provision my child receive this word

with joy and gratitude in your heart declare with conviction that your finances shall be restored your debts

shall be paid and all your endeavors shall prosper for you are my beloved child and

I desire to see you walk in the fullness of my blessings I ask only that you stay

receptive to my guidance and words don’t fret about the future or fear any

obstacles that might appear on your Journey focus on me the one who begins

and completes your faith believe in my ability to meet your every need remember

if you remain in me no situation or challenge can ever disconnect you from my love my grace is ample to get your

finances back on track and provide for all your requirements just place your trust in me

and my Everlasting plan and you’ll Witness prosperity and success in all

you do follow my teachings and steer clear of

wrongdoing and all will go well for you as you advance in your endeavors my

child heed my call and adhere to my instructions in them you’ll find the

clarity and joy you’re searching for do not stray from it obey it and

turn away from sin and you will see how everything changes for the better in your life

my blessings will reach you and all your endeavors will prosper for if you follow

my teachings and put my Commandments into practice you will see how

everything improves in your life my blessings will not only reach you but everything you do will

succeed remember that sin only brings pain suffering and destruction but by

turning away from sin and obeying my word the doors of blessing are opened

hope and peace flourish giving rise to prosperity and abundance so do not be deceived sin will

always lead you down the path of pain death and destruction but if you draw

near to me renounce sin and distance yourself from anything that separates you from my presence you will find

Grace and you will begin to see substantial changes in your life my love

will pour out on you making your relationship ship’s health and plans get

better believe that my spirit will guide you on the right paths bringing wellness

and goodness by following what I say you’ll find the key to a future filled with

hope and good things these opportunities will bring you not just wealth but also

spiritual richness giving you deep peace and true Joy walk in my ways my child

and watch as my love changes every part of your life leading you to the happiness and

satisfaction you’re seeking my child my daughter on this day

I encourage you to make the right decision and walk in obedience whatever path you choose know

that your decisions will always have consequences if you choose the path of sin the consequences will be painful but

if you choose the path of Truth love Justice and forgiveness the consequences

will be wonderful I ask you to trust in me and believe in my

words I’m The God Who created the heavens and the Earth who knows every fiber of your being and loves you

unconditionally I am the only one who will always be by your side ready to guide you on the path that leads to a

full and Abundant Life remember that obedience to my

Commandments is not an impossible burden to bear but a path to freedom and true

fulfillment for my desire is and always will be that you experience the fullness

of life that comes from following my ways use this day to think about your

choices and aim your heart toward what’s true I’m here to back you up to love you

and to guide you to a life filled with my affection believe in me and you’ll

notice that your choices when shaped by obedience and belief will bring blessings Way Beyond what you imagine

don’t be scared to move forward don’t dread failure or tough times just trust

in me and March forward with bravery and resolve I promise if you do this nothing

will hold you back you’ll grow stronger smarter and more courageous know that

every move you make towards following my guidance is a step closer to the Abundant Life I’ve got ready for

you but relying on me and walking in my paths you’ll discover a deep and

enduring happiness that only comes from living in my love proceed boldly and

don’t lose heart in this journey of belief soon you will discover a torrent

of blessings flowing into every area of your life even impacting the lives of

those around you I love you my child I love you my

daughter I want you to grasp the depth of my emotion when we

talk I cherish you your humble nature and the attention you give me touch my heart profoundly you honor me with your

presence listening carefully as I share my words Keen to gain strength and

insight you welcome the peace and calm I provide and it fills me with joy to see

your thankful and moved Spirit when I see your tears it moves me deep deeply

because the sacred words I share are already healing your innermost hurts transforming your spirit your grief and

worry vanish for good as your father I seek your well-being so I shower you

with blessings my light illuminates Your Existence whenever you come to hear me

presenting your requests with patience waiting for my answers I want this truth to be clear in

your heart today your life is filled with purpose every encounter Challenge and moment of

happiness is part of a greater plan I’ve lovingly crafted for you do not think

your days pass in vain even amidst overwhelming Storms remember behind the

darkest clouds the sun still shines if you find yourself traversing deep Waters

or walking through fire fear not for you will not be overwhelmed or

burned the Flames of adversity will not harm you you are shield Ed from the enemy’s plans to harm you it’s said that

feeling fear doubt or insecurity is human but I tell you today do not allow

yourself to be consumed by these emotions failure to rein them in may lead you into a perilous Abyss during

moments of weakness when you feel you can endure no more seek refuge in me when you feel

tired and overwhelmed come to me and I will provide you with rest hand over

your troubles and concerns to me and you will find the peace and comfort you need

life brings challenges but each one carries a lesson these difficulties are

not meant to break you but to strengthen you in facing your problems you’ll uncover the Inner Strength you possess

even when you feel drowned by life’s issues remember with my support anything

is possible I am the foundation of your bravery Faith patience and the power you

have to overcome every hurdle you are an extraordinary creation

made in my image you have a spark a Zeal and a resolve inside you that when

Unleashed will enable you to accomplish remarkable things don’t let anyone’s judgment extinguish your inner flame for

I truly know you I crafted you while you were in your mother’s womb I recognized you before

your birth and I designated you for significant tasks I’ve picked you to be

imbued with my spirit you are destined to succeed in your endeavors however be mindful as some

will be jealous of you and instead of helping fake friends might turn their

backs on you but trust that you do not need an army of followers to succeed to

those few friends family and colleagues who Stand By Your Side give your loyalty

treat them justly and you will be greatly blessed by their company and friendship I see you and I understand

that sometimes your Solitude can be overwhelming and you feel

misunderstood but I know you more intimately than you know yourself before you utter a word I know what you will

say such as our profound connection trust in our relationship seek refuge in me during

the most difficult moments and rejoice with me in your

Joys have the confidence to confide in me your sadness and frustration I will

never abandon nor forsake you even if your father mother friends or relatives

abandon you I will always be with you this promise is unbreakable there’s no

reason to doubt regardless of your mistakes and failures here I stand ready

to forgive and offer you another chance that is my promise to

you in every step of the way in every laugh and every tear you will have me by your side with my arms open wide to

receive you with my Divine and affectionate Embrace so go ahead my child with

bravery and kindness greeting each new day as a chance for growth secure in the

knowledge that you’re embraced by a love that knows no bounds you are mine now and forever ever

and together we can tackle anything the issue that only we know about is under my

control relief is on the way confide in me find peace it’s crucial you learn to

find solace in what I promise I was there when you called out unsure and

anxious that’s why I’m here now to assure you that you can entrust everything to me just trust deeply trust

doors will unlock The Tempest will subside Victory will be yours and your

blessings will manifest don’t fear I’m here to assist you don’t lose heart my

love for you is unwavering continue on your path for I am with you infusing you with strength

now is not the time to falter stand firm I am providing you the fortitude

and insight needed to navigate this challenge I will protect you under my

wings out of the adversary’s reach I will lift you up and comfort you with my

love when you are weary if you need to confide in someone if you carry a burden

and a secret in your heart that you can bear no longer tell it to me I will not

judge or condemn you for what you confess I will not disclose the things

you tell me I shed my blood for you I desire to forgive you I do not want you

to remember remain worried and Afraid many times I have spoken to you so you may find peace and confidence if you

allow worries to control your mind your health and family suffer if you let bad news weaken your

faith and trust you are opening the door to defeat and despair I’m not angered I desire you to

comprehend the sentiments that arise within me when I converse with you I hold deep affection for you I’m pleased

by your humble demeanor and the attentiveness you bestow upon me when you will gift me moments of your

time and listen to my words with a desire to strengthen yourself you

receive the soless and Tranquility I offer witnessing your response moves me

profoundly when I see your tears my heart fills with gratitude because I know you’re being touched by my words

healing unseen hurts within you all your sadness and worries will vanish for good

as your heavenly father I desire nothing but your well-being showering you with endless

blessings my light brightens your life when you approach me listening intently

and presenting your requests with Serene patience waiting for my answer grasp

this deep truth your life is imbued with a special purpose every moment you live be it in

struggle or joy is part of a greater plan I’ve laid out just for you don’t

think of your days as meaningless even When Storms seem overwhelming remember the sun is always behind the darkest

clouds whether you’re Crossing turbulent Seas or walking through fire you won’t

be defeated no plan of your enemies will ever harm you you might feel it’s

natural to be scared doubtful or insecure at times yet today I urge you

not to be overtaken by these feelings if not addressed they could Lead You Down on a path of Despair when you’re most

vulnerable always turn to me for shelter whenever you feel tired and

weighed down come to me and I’ll provide you with rest give me all your worries

and problems and you’ll discover the peace and comfort you’re seeking life has its

challenges but each one comes with a lesson to strengthen you not to break

you when you face your troubles you will uncover the Inner Strength you possess

even when when you feel engulfed by life’s complexities understand that with my

support you can overcome anything as I am the Wellspring of your bravery belief

patience and resilience in all situations you are an extraordinary

creation made in my likeness endowed with an inner flame Zeal and resolve

that when Unleashed will Propel you to remarkable

achievements don’t let anyone’s negative views extinguish Your Inner Light I affirm

this because I truly know you I shaped you before you were born I recognized

you in your mother’s womb and I designated you for special tasks I’ve filled you with my spirit so

you will excel in whatever you undertake even though some may grow jealous and

you might find some friends turning their backs on you but remember you don’t need a crowd to succeed cherish

the genuine friends family members and colleagues who stand by you show them

your loyalty and fairness and their fellowship and support will be a great blessing to

you I see you and I understand that at times your loneliness may be overwhelming and you may feel

misunderstood but I know you more intimately than you know yourself before you utter a word I know what you will

say such is our connection trust in this relationship we share seek refuge in me

during the most challenging moments and rejoice with me in your Joys have the confidence to confide in me your sorrows

and frustrations I will never abandon you or forsake you even if your father mother friends

or family were to forsake you I will be with you always This Promise is

unwavering don’t Harbor doubts no no matter your past errors or false I am here ready to forgive and provide you

another opportunity my pledge to you is this at every phase through every joy and sorrow

I am by your side welcoming you into my loving Divine Embrace so my dear one move forward with

bravery and kindness treating each day as a fresh chance aware that my

boundless Everlasting Love supports you you belong to me forever united we can

face any challenge the issue that only you and I know is safely in my care resolution is

near confess your faith in me find your Tranquility it’s essential for you to

find solace in my assurances I heard your cries of distress your admissions of not knowing

which way to turn that’s why I’m reaching out to you to take all your burdens and place your trust in

me the doors will open the storm will pass Victory will come and your blessing

will arrive fear not for I am here to Aid you do not be disheartened for I

love you keep moving forward for I am with you filling you with courage do not

give up now resist I give you the strength and wisdom to overcome this process you are going through I will

shelter you Beneath My Wings where the enemy cannot touch you I will lift you

up and console you with my love when you feel weary if you need someone to

confide in if you carry a burden and a secret in your heart that you can bear no longer tell it to me I will not judge

you for what you say nor will I condemn you I will not disclose the things you tell me I shed my blood for you because

I desire to forgive you I do not want you to remain worried and afraid I’ve

spoken to you many times so that you may be at peace and Trust if you let worries rule your

thoughts it’s not just your health that gets affected but also your family’s

well-being allowing distressing news to shake your faith opens the way for defeat and

sorrow remember I’m not sending any hardships to trouble you despite the

numerous challenges you face I’m here transforming any negativity because I

care for you deeply so fear not come and have a conversation with me I’m eager to

disclose my plans for you offer guidance and provide the wisdom you need to make wise decisions in your current phase of

life it’s crucial not to squander time or live without pondering your future

it’s important to steer clear of negative influences and those who belittle you for your

beliefs give them to me I’ll handle them I have the ability to change hearts

trust that I know the best approach focus instead on your future it’s my

wish for you to be successful respected blessed and content plant new seeds of love and

expect to harvest abundant joy and prosperity I have the capacity to love

forgive support and impart my word in extraordinary ways show my love to your

family through your Deeds let your touch and transform many

lives now I am boosting your faith to Heights you’ve never experienced if it’s

necessary for me to remind you daily to keep your eyes on me I will do so I will

reach out to you in Myriad ways I’m easing your worries healing your emotional wounds taking away your

pain and thoroughly renewing your heart you will witness firsthand how I

assist and sustain you in every aspect ECT I will envelop you in my love and

Safeguard you I want you to manifest my strength and power to this world with your joy

and your smile I am placing special gifts uplifting talents loyal friends

and a family in your life who will learn to love and respect you when they

witness each of the Miracles I am performing in you I am increasing your strength and your desire to live

do not forget that the enemy will send pessimistic people your way those who

see everything as bad and negative with Barren dreams and narrow sight lacking

faith and enthusiasm therefore I command you not to heed them not to pay attention to

them their goal is to discourage you and fill your heart with negativity be brave and true to yourself

work hard and never give up because you are constantly loved supported blessed

and cherished I’m making your way clear surrounding you with countless Guardian Angels stand tall and smile for you are

precious to me my love for you is immense spend time daily with my

teachings be mindful of your actions and your words keep your personal struggles

and vulnerabilities close to your heart I will introduce trustworthy people into

your life individuals who will believe in you and offer their support and

assistance I possess the ability to lighten your load and mend your heart

regarding the concerns you’ve shared with me I will handle them personally

trust in my promise my love for you is unwavering you’re my courageous child

endowed with a warrior spirit and unyielding strength burning with

passion you possess all the necessary qualities to overcome any challenge you face pay attention to the problems that

weigh you down they will not end if you flee from them you have to face them you

are strong your fight is one of life or death stand up if you were of a cowardly

and weak heart I would not be speaking to you and as you hear my words in your

heart you know that I am confirming everything I have told you before I have

told you many times and I will continue to do so nothing and no one can defeat

you the enemy will use his tricks daily to confuse you and make you

believe that I’ve abandoned you when things don’t go well for

you I’m right there with you every morning by your side through thick and

thin during joy and sorrow setbacks and seeming

losses it’s during these times that I hold you closer trying to show you my immense love

that’s the reason I speak to you seek you out and remain here encouraging you

to always believe don’t doubt or fear when it feels like the world is

against you causing pain and suffering pause reflect and find peace in your

belief I have overcome the world and equipped you with Mighty tools my love

your hope and your faith in in my love always find solace in Hope letting

it replenish your spirit and mind use your faith as a shield against

the adversaries assaults the time will come when you’ll leave many troubles behind joyfully realizing how you’ve

surmounted numerous challenges and received many blessings you once thought were Beyond

reach you will come to understand how great my grace is how immense my Mercy

is and how much I love you infinitely even with all your mistakes I wanted to

lift you up encourage you revive you and bless you in such a way that you will

never doubt how real this love I have for you

is look now ahead with your faith full of life confidently navigate through the

storms of lies that you may encounter on your journey do not look to the side do

not be distracted let your mind not be filled with things that are unimportant

have no value for your future focus on seeking me persist in believing in me

pray with all your heart dive deep into my teachings look after your loved ones

and let my presence in your home and life be your utmost priority soon a significant blessing

will come your way trust this for it will happen

it might seem Beyond reach now but the miracle you seek from me will materialize I’m The Giver of Life and

can also bestow Health upon you the riches of the earth and the heavens are mine to command when I speak the

storehouses of Heaven open showering you with endless blessings I can provide you with

resources and opportunities in the most unexpected places I have the power to shift the

perspectives of those who once viewed you unfavorably I can transform hearts and

Minds with me nothing is beyond reach you must stand and walk in faith if you

truly believe in my might hesitation and indecision have no place

now speak to your family urging them to embrace seriousness in their faith they

should pray engage with my word wholeheartedly and seek me earnestly

ignore those who have belittled you claiming you lack Talent or a future attempting to break your

spirit by asserting that you have no place in this world but what a surprise

they will have this Earth was created for you you have my approval and my

authority I have given you the keys of Faith you have access to my heavenly Throne you were born to Triumph you are

like a majestic Eagle destined to SW soore High depart from those who trample upon

your faith who disregard me and discard the gifts I bestow upon them turning

their backs on me I have blessed you with immense spiritual blessings you are

seated beside me in the celestial Heights I have adorned you with my

mantle of Holiness and even the enemy fears you for they know whom they will face you are here in this world to honor

me to produce good in your life to see your family Thrive and to find joy in

every season whether easy or challenging will you trust me will you heed my words

you know that my ultimate goal and purpose are always for your benefit and

flourishing we share a profound connection you sense and acknowledge the

extraordinary Divine transformation occurring within you your eyes are being

opened to promises you’ve never seen before and change is happening the moment for the miracle

you’ve been waiting for is getting closer be glad for there are even more wonderful things on the horizon for

you I love you deeply I ready to shower you with blessings from above my

teachings will be etched in your heart guiding your every step firmly in my ways ensuring you remain embraced by my

love I overlook your errors Being Human human means making mistakes yet I am a god of

compassion I welcome your sincere regret and I’m here to lift you up from any low

point my blessings exceed any material wealth the treasures I have for you are

more valuable than all the riches this world can offer if I tell you that I will open the heavens for you receive my

promise with faith and respond to me believe me earnestly for this is not a

game my love is not hidden and the affection I hold for you is no mystery

go out and behold the sky feel the air you breathe the sunlight that caresses

you these are gifts I send you my way of expressing my love for you I have

watched over you countless times rescued you from the throws of death delivered you as you wandered in darkness and

error you entered this year with much enthusiasm and aspirations for greatness

and now facing obstacles and trials do not falter do not cease but press onward

your dreams will be realized for their significant and valuable to

me I have bestowed upon you a purpose to fulfill I want to show my love and power

through you filling you with my Holy Spirit each day you’re becoming more spiritually attuned soon you’ll see

beyond the surface understanding people’s true intentions I’ll endow you with abundant

wisdom you’ll grow in intelligence impacting many lives

positively live by my teachings and let others see in you the fruits of your faith and the influence of someone who

truly grasps and trusts in my might open your arms to embrace the significant

blessings coming your way be earnest and accept them with faith for the heavens

are aligning to bless you right now however I urge you to stay close to me

confirm your love and belief in me promising to stay devoted forever allow

me to support you I’m aware of your fatigue your hopelessness and your

indecision my dear one I wish to liberate you from these

burdens I’m ready to calm your spirit if you let me I’m privy to your daily

struggles the obstacles you encounter there have been moments when you felt overwhelmed crying out for help in

silence not wishing to expose your distress you might smile before others

but I have listened to your lows spoken prayers feeling your diminishing zest

for life I am pleased that you have come before me holding on to the little faith

you have trusting that I can do much for you you know and believe that in my

presence lies my love and power here in my arms you will be secure fear will not

reach you you will not be struck by the world I desire to shelter you Beneath My

Embrace The Embrace That Forgives saves liberates and heals I have the best for

you I believe in your potential you have the right to be happy to dream to

achieve more I Infuse you with strength to overcome any

problem let my peace fill your heart as you absorb these words have faith in me

and embrace my love accept my assistance as it’s always the best path for you I

see beyond your vision I’m arranging delightful surprises for you beyond what

you can fathom my wish is for you to thrive to be joyful robust and ready to

tackle any challenges that come your way fill your mind with thoughts of

success and achievement stay quiet ignore the inner voices attempting to scare or deter you from your

aspirations the adversary May Place obstacles in your journey aiming to lead you astray from my plans

but remember I am leading your way combating on your

behalf your moment of Triumph is approaching remember I aim to fortify by

and Elevate you if you’re feeling exhausted or disheartened wait for my timing and you’ll be rejuvenated trust

in my might and you’ll Prevail depend on my teachings and numerous opportunities

will unfold for you use your faith to walk steadfastly and to overcome all

obstacles you encounter my presence within you is real my spirit dwells in

your heart and my will is to uplift and strengthen you it is not my plan for you

to live disheartened it is not my desire for you to live in fear you do have a

future set aside the Grievances and negativity that those in the world cling

to believing all is lost without faith in me if you’re tired downcast or have

lost hope for improvement in your circumstances hear me now belief in the

promises I have made assures your victory over any conflict

you will overcome your trials Undefeated by any Force stand up gather your

strength and seize courage rise high like a majestic Eagle shedding all concerns and greet today with

thankfulness and belief great and favorable changes are on the horizon and

Readiness is key I’ve ordained a shift in your fate

many foresaw your downfall not realizing you would turn to me and be found you

dedicated your path to my guidance and I committed to aligning it now you’re advancing toward a definite and joyful

future blessed with Divine favor heed my directions Delve into the

scriptures and let my word sustain you aim to seek my presence every day to

view life through my perspective and to trust in me ceaselessly I have fashioned you and I

know you intimately I aware of your weaknesses and though you are not Flawless you are my beloved child well

known in heaven in your mouth lies the power to bring forth sincere prayers and

you must believe that I will answer those uplifting and righteous

petitions as you embark on this new path expect great blessings and Glad Tidings

to come your way guard your heart with humility for I will cause you to prosper

ignore the those who say your life lacks purpose for I cherish you deeply I’ve

intervened personally to transform your fate and now your renewed future is in

my care do you trust me I’m always listening to you and never grow weary of

your voice I encourage you to keep praying never thinking it

feudal be patient and allow me the time to attend to every aspect promising to

provide Beyond on what you’ve asked for when the moment arrives your faith is becoming more

robust steadfast amid obstacles and tests you continue on my path showing

loyalty even when times are tough your unwavering dedication pleases me greatly

be confident your prayers will be met as I do not

procrastinate be wary of those who try to demoralize you some will disguise

their skepticism with kind words and pretenses of friendship don’t waste your

time with insincere allies who might mislead you they are jealous of the grace I’ve extended to you and wish to

usurp your blessings forgive and pray for those aiming to dissuade you yet shut your

heart’s door to their influence stay alert for they might Target your family and your

peace be assured I’m always watching over everything and when you stay close

to me I’ll alert your heart to any approaching dangers maintain your faith

solidly grounded in my teachings be attentive and receptive when I speak to

you never forget the wonderful blessings I’ve promised hold them dear your prayers

will be answered soon bringing joy to your family how do you feel talk to me

I’m right here with you surrounding you with my love calming your heart I understand your

exhaustion from past ordeals your frustrations and the pain that seems never

ending you’re Laden with worries and uncertainties about what’s

ahead know that I don’t judge or reprimand you for your feelings my love for you is greater than any doubt or

emotion even if you turn away and forget the blessings I’ve given you over time

my love remains I will follow you wherever you go

constantly reminding you of the joyful times and challenges we’ve overcome together I know you love me deeply today

and you won’t let doubts or unsettling emotions Cloud your spirit you belong to

me but I want to hear it from you let the entire universe witness this

wondrous love story you needed true love and forgiveness and one day I came I

saved you I rescued you and cleansed you with my powerful

blood from now on we will be together for eternity This is Our Truth we are

inseparable so trust in me surrender those doubts now and no longer allow them space in your

mind I have planted the seed of my Living Word Within You doubts will fade

and my promises will restore you you are loved you are mine and I

will care for you protect you and love you forever hear me out and consider

what I’m saying I’m holding your heart gently in my hands there’s no need to be

scared I get how you’re feeling tired from the constant chaos and problems but

believe in me your Liberation is close I’m here to ease your emotions to

lessen your sufferings and to take away your pain I’m removing your worries

calming your mind so you can think clearly and peacefully I’m giving you the patience to trust in my

promises you’ll learn to wait in this trust I’m freeing you from many troubles

just as it takes time to harvest crops the great Victory I’ve planned won’t

happen instantly but know this changes in your life and future start

today soon you’ll feel the heavy load lift off your shoulders as people start treating you differently clearing up any

confusion and changing the minds of those who misunderstood you I’m rejuvenating your life bringing back the

joy you’ve known before my love for you is deep and true

I’m here to pull you out of these tough times I’ll Transform not just your life but also improve your finances Health

and Family Matters you’ll start seeing all the blessings you already have I’ve

set you up to pursue New Opportunities and if you chase them with faith you

will discover them I want to raise you up and make you thrive so you can show

kindness to my children who face hunger persecution danger and

hardships I wish for you to extend blessings to those in far off places where my words cannot be freely heard or

spoken while you are listening to me and growing in faith remember there are

others enduring hardships beyond your understanding I am fortifying you to

grasp the suffering and trials of others to offer compassion and kindness to

those who think they have disappointed me and are losing hope I’ve come to

rescue to elevate to forgive sins and to embrace with strength and mercy anyone

who turns to me regretting their missteps I know well that no one is

Flawless everyone has Ed and drifted away from me yet I give you the power of my

sacrifice to reconcile and save you to mend you for I didn’t come to judge or

condemn I don’t desire the downfall of those I cherish go forth and tell those

you meet that I await them but you concentrate on this calling

this is why I am freeing you from your foes why I’ve drawn you from despair

turned your grief into gladness and healed the scars that inflicted pain upon you listen to my my voice feel each

of my words receive this grace that caresses your soul please realize that I

have not dealt with you according to your sins rather I have embraced you with Mercy I have forgotten your

wrongdoings I have cast them into the depths of the sea today I desire for you

to accept my forgiveness once and for all and not to remember your past

anymore do not walk worried about what people think none of them gave you life

nor do they feed or sustain you therefore do not give them the power to

manipulate your emotions at their whim and make of your life what they want no

one in this world loves you as I do nobody else has come forward to offer you the compassion and forgiveness I

extend to you think back to the times you felt utterly broken no one else

stepped up to help so From This Moment focus on me and embrace the these words

I share with enthusiasm hold them close to your heart in times when the ocean

Roars and the waves seem to overwhelm you remember I am the one steering your

ship and despite the turmoil around you you won’t go under and should you ever

find yourself plunged into deep Waters I will lift you out with immense love

wanting you to recognize the worth I see in you your existence isn’t a stroke of

luck I’ve known you since before your birth cherished you and called you by

name you are my child no force can tear you away from my loving grip I’ve come

to Grant you a life filled with joy and abundance to supply all you need to grow

your blessings and prosper amid life’s challenges this is so you can spread the

word of my unconditional love to others who are in desperate need of it listen to me once again re return

tomorrow I will be here to bless you and embrace you with this pure love and

sincere affection tell me that you love me too I want to hear

it enough for today I am breaking those bonds that have hindered you from

succeeding forever you desire a better life you want to change so I tell you

today lift your gaze change your way of thinking fill your mind with my word and

distance yourself from those who push you to stumble you were born to know my love my

peace to live in happiness to face every issue in your life with faith and confidence without cowardice and fear to

be strengthened and blessed and to do many good things for everyone starting with your

family you have made your own mistakes and do not blame anyone else for them

but we need to talk seriously you and I if my spirit touches your soul and

your ear hears me what I say is this repent I tell you this for a reason you

must distance yourself from that mistake and entrust your life to me I do not

agree that you continue to Bear the sins of the past many around you have a bad habit

they Delight in rubbing in your face the mistakes you made when you were young they say they believe in me but in

reality they do not believe that I have the power to change Hearts you’ve grown past your early mck

is and Mups their history now and I’ve fully forgiven you don’t be downcast

when others ddge up your past stand strong and say to them I’ve been forgiven and made clean through Jesus’s

sacrifice he has removed all my wrongdoings I’ve already dealt with the repercussions endured pain wept changed

my ways and move forward I won’t accept your blame stay out of my life you who

dwell on bygone days and take your negativity elsewhere I am devoted to Jesus I follow

him cherish him and that’s my eternal path should your detractors persist

kneel and entrust them to me celebrate the Liberty I’ve granted you leave your

past mistakes behind in this moment I’m gifting you love well-being salvation

everlasting life and a bright future filled with blessings affirm with your whole heart that you trust in

this amen my beloved child ease your mind and

stop worrying for I’m here to lessen your anxiety when you let me in pause

all your concerns and distractions for a moment and open your heart to embrace my words I’m right by your side even when

those who claim to love you walk away I remain with you when you face scorn from

others and feel isolated I love you deeply offering you shelter I am your father your protector

and your companion it might be hard to believe that you are loved so deeply with a love

beyond what you’ve ever imagined a kindness unlike anything you’ve ever felt don’t be harsh on yourself thinking

your mistakes make you Unworthy of my love of avoid punishing or belittling

yourself it only leads to more sorrow and depression I will lift the spiritual

Veil that hinders your vision of me and transform your heart to truly

believe approach me for I understand your weariness and burdens draw close to

receive the peace you seek and the rest you need I don’t want your days to be Laden

with heaviness waking up sad and discouraged my sacrif rifice and

Resurrection were acts of Love given so you might experience Divine happiness

today any chains that have been holding you back are broken and the barriers to

the Blessed future I have for you are removed do not look back or seek

approval from those who trapped you in the past choosing to love and follow me

is your decision and I care about your peace and well-being unlike those who

wish to pull you down stand strong be brave and move

confidently towards the new life I am giving you your blessing is on its way

you will see it trust in my promise embrace it with faith and happiness

don’t Linger on your past errors don’t let them bind you look forward your

future awaits I emphasize stop looking back

when you feel weak or tired remember I am your love father reach out to me I am

here to help you through fear and despair to stand firm against doubts and

uncertainties and to lift you up from sadness and exhaustion always remember I’m with you

forever if you feel lonely remember you’re never truly alone if you feel

like crying let your tears be for Joy because my love surrounds you my care

holds you and my spirit leads you know that whenever you pray and seek

my help I immediately instruct the Heavens to dispatch many angels to support

you I send joy to lighten your heart and banish sorrow wisdom to clear your mind

and solutions for your troubles I place my mighty hand on your

spirit filling you with boundless love and peace during tough times when you

pray Heaven Springs into action so realize how crucial powerful and

impactful each of your prayers is I’m ready to move mountains for you

to help you in your time of need I don’t want to see you my child

overwhelmed by troubles sadness or letdowns I created you to live in the

abundance of all aspects of life and for that you need to give your

heart to me fully and let me take care of you in an unprecedented way my grace

rescues you my Mercy cleanses you and my love leads you to

Triumph be joyful and confident that your life will change starting today

your pain will stay in the past new days are ahead and when they

arrive welcome them Embrace and believe with all your heart I hear you when you

pray and today I’ve issued commands for great blessings to enter your home and transform your life life to heal all

pain and sorrow to provide you strength and remove all spiritual

weakness today I instill faith and determination in you so that you may

feel fulfilled and accomplished don’t ever feel downhearted again about

anything in your life I Delight in your prayers your faith is something I

cherish it fills me with immense joy to witness you dedicating time and space to

me each each morning approaching me with honesty and reverence presenting your

requests praise and AD your Readiness to seek me brings me

immense happiness your faith is genuine and heartfelt even though various

circumstances have marred your self-perception hear this from me directly today you have a kind

heart indeed you’ve stumbled many times but you always returned to me remorseful

asking for another chance this Fresh Start is precisely what I want to offer you each day whenever you approach me

with faith rest assured I will respond when you pray fully expecting to receive

the blessings you seek they will be yours without a doubt have faith I will act in my time I

know you will wait patiently for the moment to arrive do not despair do not divert your gaze from from the blessing

to come my promises are firm and true my word is eternal my power is at work in

your life it is your faith and dedication that sustain you I need your faith to create more

miracles in your life except the blessings I’m sending your way don’t go back to how things were

when trusting and receiving my gifts seemed so hard when you felt unworthy

and lack belief it’s good you’ve learned and grown from those

experiences now you understand how your faith helped you make key choices

protects your heart from wrong and helps you follow and live out my

teachings your faith has sparked many changes it might feel small to you but

even Faith as Tiny as a mustard seed is immense and wonderful in my eyes you’re

seeing changes all around you your prayers are being answered your heart is

getting stronger even bigger Miracles are waiting in the place I’m guiding you

to hold my hand tightly we’re almost there I’m with you in tough times and in

your moments of pain tell me you believe in me with all your heart close your eyes and sense my

presence hear me say my love for you each day is the deepest truth you’ll

know remember what my word tells you if your father mother family children or

friends abandon you despite anything in any situation the promise of my love is

sealed with my own blood and I will not leave you nor forsake you I will be with

you always day and night I want you to be filled with peace with these words you read and hear I want you to kneel

down and surrender your struggles to me it’s not necessary for you to spend the whole day nervous and distressed receive

my peace now fill yourself with this assurance that your life and your family

are in my hands my firm and eternal promise is to protect you and prepare

for you a future of goodness and peace things are changing around you but

do not be filled with fear I have a plan that is unfolding and my plan is

perfect therefore I tell you do not be afraid of the things your eyes are seeing I’m bringing the blessing your

life needs and I have heard your cry I always listen to your prayers and even if you

can’t see it I’ve surrounded you with many angels to protect and guide you ensuring you won’t

falter I understand you’re not Flawless and will make mistakes you’re not claiming to be

perfect but your humility and honesty will bring their own

rewards don’t worry when it seems others are getting ahead while you’re not not the challenging phase you’re

experiencing won’t last the seed of your efforts has been planted and now it’s

growing you’ve listened to me felt my presence I don’t want your suffering to

persist right now your faith is bringing forth a miracle transforming your

thoughts your soul your heart and your family’s life confirm your belief in me

and get ready to witness the Marvels that await my precious child if things haven’t gone as planned

it doesn’t signify defeat feeling upset or sad when plans fail is natural but

your faith in me will Elevate you guiding you back to the path aligned with my grand design for you I’ve

envisioned a brighter future for you in my book one where the promises you’ve clung to become

reality do not let sadness accumulate in your mind do not allow discouragement to

drain your strength you will go far if you trust in

me your family will always be safe protected and happy if you trust in

me they will have the strength to face life situations and the wisdom to avoid

and prevent the dangers that lurk every day they will be an example and a

blessing to many in the world there are so many things you can can expect when you place your sincere

and complete faith in your heavenly father you can come directly to my

Divine throne and speak directly with me do not feel guilty for anything I want

and can forgive your faults you need and desire the power of my blood that

cleanses and saves you as you can see you are very privileged accepted and valued my

promises are real and true I am not lying to you I will never toy with your

feelings if I have told you that you have a secure future despite the situation you are in now it is because

it is true if your plans did not turn out as you had proposed do not be distressed do not worry just give me

your trust and if you are tired of things not going well for you I will fill your heart with much courage and

hope I understand that deep within you hold strong faith in me yet life’s

changes and intense emotions can be daunting but remember I faced immense trials too so

immense that I sweated blood you can confidently approach my

presence seeking my grace don’t fret things will get better significant

changes are on the horizon for you feel my love and peace enveloping you

today know that I I won’t leave you to face these challenges alone you will

prevail today I grant you Triumph for you are dearly loved by me I’m actively

working in your life in your health your job and your family I’m opening remarkable doors that

will alter your current circumstances I am taking care of the issues that concern you working toward

Solutions raise your head and cease your weeping for my profound blessings are on

their way to you and from this day forward you will come to thank me more and more each day for the Miracles

starting to unfold in your life receive me with love into your home

and let everyone in your household respect and seek me I’m changing Hearts

I’m driving away sadness and pain those who are depressed will smile again I’m

cleansing your home of all illness and scarcity filling every dark corner with

my light and salvon only I bring you infinite love and

peace I am protecting your life and the lives of the people you love with my protective

shield I keep them safe under my wings and here they will be secure I will not

let any evil touch them I will guide you along the paths of goodness and love you

will be free from worries doubts and fears I love you I care for you and your loved

ones with sweetness and affection open your heart to the deep love I have for

you spend more time with me perhaps in the calm of nature where I will refresh

your spirit and renew you I’m at work in your life opening New Paths casting away

negativity and clearing obstacles that block your way I have forgiven your missteps eased

your exhaustion and filled you with

bravery believe that everything will work out for you as my angels tirelessly

work to bless you richly strengthen your faith and praise me wholeheartedly for

you are very precious to me you’ve reached out to me sought my help and I’m

here to respond to meet your needs and to give you my love and comfort for the hurt you

feel do not fear for I see everything in

this world I know what happens in your life and in your family’s lives stand

firm in your faith and keep praying every day I’ll fill you with

peace and wisdom as you connect with me honestly and

consistently through recent challenges you’ve learned important lessons and have become more

insightful you’ve seen my involvement in every challenge youve faced I’ve been your protector and have kept you from

even greater troubles today I offer you this blessing

and Miracle you have beseeched of me rise now dry your tears and approach the

door for I’m calling you open it and I shall take your hand

guiding you to the realm of prosperity that awaits I am endowing you with a strength

unprecedented blessing you in a manner that shall Elevate you beyond the reach of your

adversaries I shall not allow further humiliation upon you I am opening a new

door of such magnitude that you shall be astonished by the extent of blessings and solutions I bring into your

life you shall weep tears of joy filled with the power my Holy Spirit shall

impart unto you rise wipe away those tears and step forth into the world as a

triumphant conqueror for I have spoken to you clearly and my blessing is upon

you forge ahead on your path keeping your eyes wide open for in the days to

come I shall unveil potent secrets and make you feel the depths of my wondrous love seek me embrace my peace and call

upon me day and night unwavering in your Faith and Hope come to me with firm belief in my

presence trusting that I will answer you for such faith is precious to me to

me even if things haven’t gone as you hoped trust in me completely again for I

am preparing blessings for you and your family should you feel that you’ve lost

material things reflect deeply for your life is in my care and I wish for your

well-being growth unwavering faith and

fortification I will restore what you think is lost giving it back even more

beauti than before so don’t fret or cry over what you’re missing now instead focus on

loving may valuing your family doing my will and waiting faithfully for the

blessings that are on their way material things can come and go

don’t let your heart be troubled for you haven’t truly lost anything what was taken from you and the

joys you once had will be returned even more splendidly offer me your heart I want to

give you the peace you seek lay down your burdens and the thoughts that keep you awake at night in my

hands have faith in me your future is secure I hear your nighttime cries

wondering how you’ll get through these tough times I’m telling you today you will overcome through your strong faith

agree with me for your faith in my promises is sufficient for you to walk upon the waters and witness miracles in

your life life fear nothing and no one each morning as you rise be filled with

courage and strength you are brave and your faith is ample today I place this gleaming sword

in your hands feel its weight this is my word in which you have placed your trust

use it henceforth when facing challenges for I shall be with you fighting alongside

you I love you to hide your prayers and each time you pray you bring spiritual

blessings upon your family your home and all whom you love I shall lift you from

this deep pit of despair extending my hand for you to grasp do not doubt do

not hesitate for I must Aid you now your great need your profound sadness even

from my Throne I can clearly hear your weeping heart prepare to emerge from the

trials you now face pay no heed to those who Proclaim it impossible let your dreams be

reborn disregard those who seek to dishearten you without aiding your growth embrace my plan and purpose for

your life attune your ears to hear only my voice your heartfelt prayers filled

with patient and hopeful Faith unlock the doors to Miracles remember those moments when you

faced trials thinking defeat was certain after you prayed the the

overwhelming challenges vanished giving way to triumphant success you chose to pray in the face of

Despair and you stood firm in faith do you remember his is the proof that I

always listen to your prayers my child pay attention to my

words this instant even when all seems engulfed in darkness when you look up

and find no light in the midst of your troubles when you feel too weak to overcome the challenges ahead know that

victory is yours I hear your prayers I observe you even when you silently reach

out for my help feeling devoid of strength today is the day I will lift you so high that your problems won’t be

able to reach you take my hand in this moment and climb with faith every step

of that ladder leading to your Victory your prayer has been heard even

amidst pressure fear anguish and Desperation surrounding you you chose to

trust it is because of your faith in me that today you receive my help and your

story will change forever I will put you in high places where no adversity can touch you I have

the best for you my blessings will reach you and what you think you’ve lost

doesn’t compare to what is to come you may not understand it now but everything

I do has a reason I provide what you truly need for every

sad moment you’ve lived I will bring a thousand moments of joy for every economic difficulty I will give you a

future of divine prosperity for every illness I will

bring healing for every conflict I will provide a solution for every danger I

give you my protection over your life don’t lose heart just have faith in

me understand that I see beyond your immediate View and know precisely what

is best for you your prayers and your aspirations are not unheard I’m aware of

them and I’m preparing something far grander than you could imagine so don’t be downcast or feel

that I am depriving you of anything instead I’m clearing space for you to receive a magnificent blessing that’s on

its way it’s a vast blessing so feel its approach trust in it and await it

arrival with anticipation what I’m about to place in your life is solely for your benefit a

blessing for you and all your loved ones promise to trust in me assure me of your

belief dedicate yourself to seeking me out daily come to me for your blessings

I wish to meet you here each morning keep your faith vibrant you are on the brink of an extraordinary change in your

life affecting your character your mindset and your aspirations to live this new life in

fullness you must remain firm in belief and

Trust don’t be afraid to walk the New Path I will strengthen you and provide

what you need have faith I love you I want you to feel at peace knowing that

your life your present and your future are in my hands if I said you’d be blessed it’s true your blessing is

coming soon open your arms with faith and receive all the good things I’m sending you open your Bible read my

words remember the joy and plans you once had I will bring new Miracles into your

life better and More Beautiful times you won’t have to endure so many

hardships anymore your body will be free of pain and illness false friends will

leave and true friends will return I will surround you with good loyal and

loving people you’ll be filled with new desires to live dream and fulfill my plan and my

will my child listen closely to what I’m saying right now even if everything

around you seems dark and when you look up you can’t see any light given your current struggles even if you feel weak

and doubt your ability to get through this tough time know that victory is

yours I hear your prayers I see you even when your voice is barely a whisper

asking for my help feeling your strength fade away today is the day when I will

lift you so high above your troubles that they won’t be able to reach you take my hand now and climb with

steadfast Faith up the steps that lead to your success your prayers have reached me amidst all the stress fear

sadness and despair surrounding you you’ve decided to trust in me and

because of this trust you now have my support today I’m going to change your

life forever I will raise you to Great Heights where no difficulty can touch

you I have something wonderful planned for you my blessings shall reach you and

all that you perceive as lost pales in comparison to what is yet to come you

may not comprehend it now but every action I undertake serves a purpose I

provide you with what you truly need for every sorrowful moment you have endured

I shall bring forth a thousand moments of joy for every economic hardship I

shall bestow upon you a future of divine prosperity for every ailment I shall

Grant healing for every conflict I shall provide resolution for every danger I

shall offer my protection over your life my hands will hold you keeping you

safe forever under my care AFF ction and love don’t lose hope just trust in me

remember I see beyond your view and know exactly what’s best for you I listen to

your prayers and your dreams and what I’ve planned for you is

beyond what you can imagine so don’t be sad or think I’m taking something away from you I’m just

removing what you don’t need anymore to make room for you to receive this enormous blessing on I have for you feel

it believe in it and expect it without any doubt because it’s coming

soon everything I give you is for your benefit a blessing for you and your

entire family promise to trust me assure me of your belief and commit to seeking

me daily turning to me for my blessings come each morning I desire to

see you here may your faith never waver may it remain

alive you stand on the brink of a marvelous transformation your life your

character your way of thinking and the desires and dreams you Harbor in your

heart all shall be altered by the anointing of my Holy Spirit which I pour

upon you to live this new life in fullness to experience this new life to

the fullest you must remain steadfast in belief and Trust do not fear you’re

walking the New Path I shall strengthen you and provide all that you require I

see beyond what your eyes perceive and I have the best in store for you have

faith for I love you I desire you to feel tranquil your entire life your

present and your future are in my hands if I’ve said you’ll be blessed believe

it because it’s true your blessing is on its way I want you to welcome it with

faith and accept all the good coming your way with open arms every day start with my words and your thoughts fill

your heart with positivity and let go of any fears or doubts your faith is strong

my power is beyond the ordinary your prayers are effective and will bring about the outcomes you seek there’s no

point in focusing on the negatives when you wake up this tough phase will pass be assured that I will respond to

your calls let the light into your home open your windows call out to me and I

will brighten your life with my presence always remember what I’ve told you push

away all forms of Despair don’t let bitterness or resentment grow in you I

don’t want you to Harbor any bad feelings and you shouldn’t either ignore them don’t talk about them don’t dwell

on them turn a deaf ear to any negative talk you’re not defined by this world’s

negativity you’re not and will never be part of it however do not open the doors

of your soul and home to those people many shall come to burden you with

worries and concerns that neither interest nor benefit you stay focused

remain steadfast in your plans projects dreams and Faith thus you must stand firm and

courageous walking with confidence Resolute and onward a soldier of faith

without fear for my eyes are upon you at times you may perceive only problems

around you but I behold an army of angels that I myself have dispatched for your

protection listen well focus on the things I say and close your ears to

malicious tongues fill yourself with my word and believe also this today you shall be

greatly blessed filled with my power my love and my peace I love you start a new

day ready again to face the various situations in your life you’ve asked me how much longer do

you have to bear this here’s my answer I will lift this heavy load off your

shoulders so you can enjoy your life once more today I’m asking you to take some

time to sit quietly and open your Bible look back at those words of mine that

once brought joy to your soul remember those times when you had so many plans and dreams when your face

Shone with happiness yes those were good times but

now I’m about to do something new in your life and soon even better and more

wonderful times will come you won’t have to face such hardships anymore your body

will be free from Pain and sickness conflicts within the family will end and true friends will come back to you while

the false ones will leave I’m doing all this for your good I don’t want you to

be hurt again by harmful words I will bring kind loyal and loving people into

your life you will be inspired with new desires to live to dream again and to

fulfill my purpose and my will for you allow me to confide a secret unto thee I

too Harbor dreams and aspirations yet foremost among them is the desire to

behold thee in eternal phic it free from the shackles of sorrow and

tears so I urge you not to go back to the people places and situations that

caused you so much pain if you don’t want to continue in the endless cycle of hurt and suffering from before you must

let go of the past completely and look forward to a future filled with joy and

prosperity I’m cutting the ties that connected you to the past now I ask you

to focus on what’s ahead and don’t look back I’ve thrown away your mistakes

forgotten them completely the chains that once held you are gone the words

that hurt you can’t affect you anymore you’re no longer linked to those

who treated you badly I’m with you and will never leave you when you decide to

make significant changes you won’t be on your own I will give you everything you

need remember this have faith in me keep your eyes on what’s ahead that’s how I

want to see you and that’s how I will bless you this is my response to the

query thou posed I comprehend thy sentiments intimately I am well acquainted with thy heart and not can

thou conceal from me though thou May Endeavor to do so Thou Art aware that

thou canst approach me with confidence at any hour on any day to share thy

circumstances to disclose thy St for I attuned to thy emotions and thy

needs such has always been the case how could you think you don’t

matter to me when I have saved you and given you a new life you know well that

you can’t expect love or understanding from this world but with me you have

everything you need to feel peace to be wrapped in my love and to fill your

heart with the strong feeling that comes from knowing you are truly loved because I do love you and that’s

the truth no matter if you doubt it during hard times I loved you before I

love you now and I will always love you stop trusting those who betray you stop

giving your love to those who don’t value it don’t put those who made you cry

first in your heart they don’t deserve such a spot only I should have that important place in your heart

acknowledge me respect me grant me the reverence owed in thy

life I alone should be thy God thy Lord thy King and none

other permitting another to usurp my rightful place is one of the reasons thou Hast been feeling unwell of

late thou senses something amiss within thee yet struggle to articulate it let

me elucidate there is a void within thy heart that shall only grow larger should

thou reject my love hence thou experiences sadness waking in the night with tears yearning

to feel loved yet seeking it in the wrong place there’s no one in this world

who can love you as deeply as I do come to me and I’ll give you peace

love and rest what are you waiting for will you continue to give your love and Life to those who cause you pain must

you be hurt again before you turn back to to me with tears even then I will welcome you because my love is greater

than your mistakes and poor choices you don’t have to wait for hardship to seek me you can come to me right

now I will hold you close and show you my love come today right at this moment

I’m waiting for you


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