Gods Message Now➨I Shall Elevate You My Child | God Message Today | God Blessings Message | God says

my beloved child trust in me and find solace in my protective arms I am the architect of your destiny

gently steering you through life’s journey let your heart be light for I am

your unwavering Shield your steadfast Sentinel ever present by your

side with each Dawn as you greet the day may you sense my loving presence

enveloping you let not the world’s clamor distract you as daylight

breaks draw near and absorb my teachings listen closely to the gentle

assurances of my spirit confirming my sovereign hand over your life fear no challenge for under my

watchful eye you are Beyond reach of harm the concerns that cloud your

thoughts are on the verge of unfolding into Clarity trust that in my perfect timing solution will emerge and the

answers you seek will find their way to you as you commune with me know that I

am meticulously shaping your journey orchestrating each chapter with Divine

foresight the blessings for which you fervently pray are already on their way to you doors being swung wide open I am

here to fortify your faith to lift and lead you into a renewed existence a

rebirth where all will be transformed dismiss the judgments of others walk

with your head held high living a life of faith and honor let not the Envy of

others tarnish your spirit Focus solely on my view of you for in my eyes you are

remarkable endowed with a heart of Purity and Truth carve my words deep

into your heart When The World Turns against you find sanctuary in my

boundless love through every Skirmish and struggle you’ve encountered I’ve remain steadfastly at your side I’ve

witnessed each stumble every setback every Triumph and the full breadth of your

struggles yet now it’s time for your Ascent for elevating your existence to

new heights let go of past conflicts and embark on a fresh chapter of Victory and

Rejuvenation this is the juncture at which I redefine your story marking the beginning of a revitalized narrative for

you let me lead you down a road brimming with blessings and enlightened

understanding I extend to you my love and my peace offering your spirit and

mind Serene Solace will you accept only through me

can you find escape from your tribulations only I can provide Aid amidst the battles you

wage by opening your heart’s door to me you will behold wonders unfold and

uncover resolutions to your plight your decision to turn to me in your moment of

need is commendable however I yearn for more than just your sporadic attention I

aspire to be the Pinnacle of your affections for you to cherish me with all your strength with every essence of

your being your soul and your intellect pledge yourself to me this day and

witness the profound life-altering impact of my presence within you you’ve

sensed the longing the void in your existence that yearns for fulfillment invite me into your heart

and observe the transformation that ensues many who have wronged you will

come back filled with remorse seeking pardon doors previously shut will open

wide and those who dismissed you will recognize your worth I will bless you

with genuine and Lasting friendships erasing sorrow and solitude from your life heed my message to you now my words

possess the strength to alter your circumstances favorably even amidst the adverse situations you

face do not succumb to fear or dismay when confronted with unforeseen

challenges let not your heart be troubled by the harsh words of others

nor let their malice pierce your spirit shed no tears for misinterpretations and turn a deep ear

to the scorn and derion of of adversaries those Green With Envy who plot against you you are held securely

In My Embrace safeguarded from their malevolent schemes awaken each morning with my

assurances on your breath for you reside under the mighty wing of your almighty God cradled by the protective arms of

your heavenly father I have borne witness to your afflictions counted every tear through

the night beside you I have stood offering my genuine

Comfort like a parent to a child I have held you close offering Solace through

nights filled with tears and depths of grief my peace beyond all understanding

descended upon you stilling your heart in the quiet of dawn it was I who

whispered to you laying my hand upon you affirming my steadfast loyalty upon

waking your world transformed Joy replace sorrow hope dawned a new

confidence and Faith solidified heed my voice for I long to see your anguish dissolved and your life beautifully

remade never cease in prayer never falter in faith Victory is already yours to claim

you will surmount every challenge as you draw closer to my strength a strength mysterious yet potent kindling Faith and

Hope offering you a reason to persevere I know you intimately even

amidst your self-doubt I look beyond the surface Beyond societal

judgments many will approach with varied intentions yet you shall remain steadfast secure in my esteem for

you ignore those blinded by their own conceit who seek your company with

insincerity spare not your time nor confide your secrets to them and withhold your trust from their grasp I

have bestowed upon you a life brimming with abundance you you shall Prevail in your struggles and discover profound

Joy however it’s imperative that you cease the pursuit of others validation

only by doing so can you liberate yourself from the shackles of inauthentic companionships true

friendship awaits should you seek a faithful Confidant to share your thoughts

remember I am ever ready to lend an ear with a heart full of love I will listen

to you attentively offering you a silence space to express yourself or I

promise an end to your trials affirm your faith in me your

prayers reach me and with each invocation you bestow spiritual blessings upon your family your home and

all those dear to you I am determined to lift you from the depths of Despair I

extend my hand to you urging you to grasp it firmly without reservation or

doubt your profound need and deep sorrow compel me to act even from my heavenly

Throne The Echoes of your heart’s cries reach me brace yourself for emergence from the trials

you face disregard the naysayers who claim your dreams are unattainable let your aspirations be

reborn and pay no mind to those who try to dampen your spirit without contributing to your growth embrace my

vision and purpose for your life let my voice alone guide you your fervent

faithful prayers infused with patience and hope are the keys to unlocking Miracles and

blessings recall the moments you feared defeat only for the tide to turn in your

favor following your prayers you chose prayer over despair Faith over fear how

often have you found renewed strength and courage through prayer this is The Testament of my unfailing attention to

your calls my child he my words now even in the bleakest moments when darkness

seems endless when strength eludes you Victory remains Within Reach I hear your

prayers I see your struggles even your faintest Whispers for help do not go unnoticed today marks the day I Elevate

you beyond the reach of your troubles seize my hand this instant and Ascend

the steps to victory with steadfast Faith your prayers amidst pressure and

disp spare have been heard your trust in me has summoned my Aid and from this day

forward your life will be transformed I will position you where no

trial can impair you in both challenging times and moments of distress I am with

you tell me truthfully do you have faith in me gaze deeply and feel the truth in

my Proclamation that my love for you renewed daily is the most profound truth

you’ll ever embrace recall the promise in my words even if you’re closest your parents siblings

friends or children turn away under any circumstance my love’s vow remains

unbroken sealed in my blood I will never leave you my presence will be a constant

in your life both day and night let peace fill your heart as you absorb these words kneel and surrender your

burdens to me there’s no reason for you to be consumed by anxiety or distress

throughout your day accept my peace this instant and be comforted knowing your

life and your loved ones rest securely in my care my steadfast Everlasting promise is

to Shield you and Usher you into a future brimming with hope and

serenity the blessing you’ve longed for is on its way your pleas have not gone

unheard my ears are always open to your supplications and unseen seen to you

I’ve encircled you with Legions of angels to safeguard and direct your path ensuring you tread firm I understand

your imperfections and acknowledge your missteps unlike those who claim

faultlessness yet live in Folly your humility and authenticity will bring you

favor so let not your heart be troubled by the apparent success of others in

times when you find yourself grappling the seeds you’ve planted or budding the

Harvest of your labor near you’ve heard my voice sensed my nearness and I wish

for you no further anguish this moment marks the beginning of reaping the rewards of Faith planted

within your mind soul heart and family a transformation is underway affirm your

belief and ready yourself for the Marvel soon to unfold before your eyes my love

for you is unwavering persist in your trust in me never falter continue to reach for the heavens

particularly in moments of utmost exhaustion when the path seems insurmountable the warmth of My

Affection reassures you of my constant companionship look not to mankind for

they might fail you let not your spirit hinge on the approval or affection of others you were fashioned for love to

both give and receive yet remember the soul so enduring love that will forever

stand by you is mine a love infallible everpresent and

unshakable guard your heart against those who might forsake you and entrust not your destiny to those who having

gained all from you might withdraw their affection your call for Hope has been

answered your plea for peace has been granted if rest is what you need then

Rest In My Embrace if persever is required press on

with courage in my arms you find Refuge while you sleep and as you Journey my

mighty hand Shields you from harm know this you are never solitary you are not

forsaken even when those closest to you may drift away the most profound and

magnificent love still seeks you out it’s a remarkable Comfort to recognize

your heavenly father’s care for you I understand and your needs extend beyond

mere sustenance you thirst for every word that flows from my heart your true

nourishment now comes from peace encouragement calm and

faith I bestow upon you my peace a Tranquility that neither the world nor

its inhabitants can offer love and calmness my joy to give despite the assaults and the unjust

suffering you faced my blessings continue to Reign upon you embrace them

and cast aside fears stirred by those who wish to intimidate you you are blessed indeed you are privy to

Revelations and words unheard by others stand firm in this let not your resolve

waver remain focused jealous Souls have tried to entangle you in hardships to pull you

down to malign you yet you stand resilient your faith

unwavering I admire your ability to discern what truly matters ignoring the

harmful chatter and schemes of your foes their jealousy obscures the light

shining within you my presence in your life agitates them and my favor over

your household drives them to vexation while they toss and turn in Envy you can rest assured and at peace

knowing I am your protector I keep watch over you your family your home and all

that you hold de here leave them to me their attention will soon turn elsewhere

they’ve come to realize their efforts to dismay you are in vain their households

falter because they spurned my word and my love I extended my guidance for their

welfare but they dismissed it straying from my path you however chose to walk with me

understanding that the resolution to your struggles lies within my embrace you surrendered wholeheartedly to my

will embracing my word without doubt you recognize not everyone shares your

conviction look around many could bask in my love yet their hearts have

hardened their troubles unceasing and they blame me but you you are

different now you grasp that your joy and your destiny are not anchored in others your life and blessings are

anchored in me alone I encourage enourage you to persist on this path

with each passing day you’ll grow stronger and more resilient to such a

degree that even those who once opposed you will seek you out Longing To Learn of me a more significant blessing lies

ahead on your journey hold fast to this faith and your unwavering devotion I

will accompany you every step of the way continue to strive and Never

Surrender my love for you is boundless a profound blessing is just on the verge

for you accompanied by an unmistakable sense of impending Joy I implore you to

feed your spirit with my teachings and not let doubts erode your belief remain

unshakable my decree is final I will relieve you of all afflictions stand

with Valor and all curses debts and the shadows of past Sorrows will vanish from your existence your Liberation is

imminent to today marks the day of Breaking Free and joy and contentment will flourish in abundance I am about to

manifest a miraculous work within you and your words and heart will brim with

gratitude you will be endowed with all you require and even Surplus to share with others and support the

needy pray with passion invite my transformative power into your being

dispelling all despair open your Soul’s doors wide to me and be imbued with my serenity you’ve

battled bravely holding firm enduring and Resolute you disregarded the

naysayers and the critics the moment has arrived for you to seize Victory gain

provisions and Thrive rejoice in my company and I will fulfill the desires

of your heart call upon me and I will disclose to you things both great and hidden I

challenge you to place your trust in me my assurances stand before you and

you’ve been told time and again that all things are within reach for those who believe show me your faith affirm your

belief the time has come for you to choose to step away from distractions and companions that draw you from my

side they will not stand by you in moments of dire need worldly possessions will hold no

value if your faith wavers clasp tightly to my promises with steadfast

resolve seek me earnestly From Dawn till Dusk and in the quiet before night falls

lay your petitions at my feet believing wholeheartedly that I will grant all that nourishes your growth and uplifts

your spirit dear cherished one nestled in my heart I am set to transform your grief

into might and your weeping into laughter I promise to bestow upon you health and

happiness easing your afflictions should you wish to escape the oppressive Shadows of Despair and

Melancholy place your trust in the words I impart to you today follow me with

your whole heart for it is righteous to do so submerge yourself in my might and

vigor Adorn yourself with Spiritual armor to achieve a resounding victory in

the Ethereal battle for your essence the foe aims to sever from me eternally yet

I know your wish is to endure and Advance be comforted for I vow never to

abandon you continue the struggle wield the sword anchored in my teachings your

conflict is not with Mortal foes but with forces in Heavenly places when

besieged by the spiritual armies of malevolence knel in steadfast prayer

call upon me and I will respond I will furnish you with the tools for Triumph and unveil marbles

before you you are on the verge of attaining the objective for which you’ve shed tears dismiss all despair expel

from your thoughts any discouragement and sense of defeat Victory is Within

Reach merely a step of Faith away should you ever feel your strength

waning extend your hand to me and I will lend you support embrace my truth wrap

yourself in my righteousness Dawn the Footwear To Tread the path of my blessings protect your mind and heart

with the shield of Faith Waring off the enemy’s attempts to seow confusion pray

without ceasing for yourself for your loved ones for your

companions your prayers are crucial for ushering in this new chapter my grace

and peace will be your companions never forget my love for you I understand your emotions I am

intimately familiar with your heart there’s nothing you can conceal from me

even if you try remember you can always approach me with Assurance at any time

on any day and at any moment you can share with me your circumstances your

feelings and your needs this has always been so how could

you think otherwise I have saved you bestowed upon you a new beginning you recognize that

this world cannot offer love and comprehension but in me you find all

this and More Everything necessary to quench your thirst for peace to envelop

Your Existence in my love and to infuse your heart with the profound joy that

comes from knowing you are cherished for I love you and this truth stands

unwavering even amidst the trials that might have stirred doubts within you

I cherish you and my love for you endures stop entrusting your heart to

those who betray you stop giving your love to those who fail to Value it do

not hold in high esteem those who have caused you tears they do not deserve the

Paramount place in your heart that place is reserved for me recognize me and

venerate me with the devotion due to the Lord your Sovereign let no one else take

my rightful place this contrib rutes to the discomfort you’ve been experiencing lately you feel something stirring

within yet it eludes description let me clarify for you a vacancy in your heart

is widening because you’re turning away from my love this is the root of your

sorrow the reason you find yourself awake at night tears streaming you long to be cherished yet

you seek it in all the wrong places no one in this world can offer you you the depth of love I have for you

draw near to me and I will provide you with peace love and

Solace what are you waiting for do you choose to continue dedicating your life

and love to those who bring you pain will you wait for another wound before

you come back to me in tears even then I will welcome you for my love overcomes

your missteps and misguided choices however you don’t have to wait

for hardship to seek me out you can come right now I will unfold you with

gentleness and show you the magnitude of my love come right now I am here

awaiting you your future will shift and your present struggles will ease I am

poised to act in your life in ways beyond the ordinary soon with your own

eyes you will behold clear resolutions to your challenges do not be among those who

settle for mediocrity or heed the counsel of those content in spiritual

destitution pay attention something extraordinary magnificent potent and

breathtaking is on the verge of unfolding in your life I Adore You

affirm your belief in this maintain Faith you will not be crushed I am preparing you with minor tests to

ultimately bestow upon you Grand blessings I am acquainted with your anguish and resonate with your suffering

amid your lowest points my spirit is present comforting your soul and

enriching your heart there may be times when you feel I am distant that I’ve

withdrawn unwilling to engage with you or that I am displeased yet consider this do you

think our journey together has been futile are you under the impression that

the blessings I’ve granted have been wasted everything I have provided you

holds immeasurable value my words are akin to Diamonds and your blessings are

like seeds though some may seem to fall and perish they are destined to sprout and

flourish into verdant trees bearing plentiful fruit for you and your kin

thus I urge you find Solace now accept my peace and exercise patience you stand

in the sanctuary of my presence a place where all you hold will flourish expand

and where your grief will dissolve every necessity within your household will be

met with abundance just be patient and allow time for the process to unfold if tears fall

over a seed you deem lost let them be tears of anticipation for through the

Fertile ground of your prayers you’ll soon see the greatest of blessings emerge ushering in vast prosperity for

you and those you cherish this blessing will serve as a beacon to Nations therefore fear not for

I Am by your side let not your heart be troubled for I am your God I will

fortify and assist you I will sustain you with my triumphant right hand your

tomorrow will not mirror your yesterday I will ensure this I wish not for you to revisit past

pains or endure further injury from Old Wounds it’s time for the scars that

linger in your heart to mend you will Step Beyond your past holding only the

wisdom gained resolved never to regress place your unwavering trust in

me henceforth I will guide you onto a brighter path my presence ever with you

you are welcome to share with me to unburden your heart when fatigued do not

hesitate to weep approach me with your true self I am fully aware of your

trials and cast no judgment you possess a genuine spirit

and a Compassionate Heart yet you’ve been wounded having offered Your Love

generously to those who failed to recognize your value treating you harshly instead they left you to cry in

isolation but now I urge you to hold your head high heed my words with conviction and believe that such

experiences will not recur I desire your complete trust in me

I will Elevate you onto a path of improvement my presence will be constant

you can confide in me and express your weariness I do not wish for you to share your innermost thoughts with those who

Fain affection only to betray you spreading your concerns for all to hear I implore you my child immerse

yourself in my teachings deepen your understanding of me seek out my company and Ascend to fulfill Your Divine

Purpose my Solace will always accompany you a new chapter awaits filled with joy

a stark departure from Days marred by sorrow and tears should You Weep again let it be as

you witness my promises coming to fruition tears of elation streaming down your face affirm your belief in me rest

securely In My Embrace here you are protected and None Shall harm you those

intending malice will face me my love for you is boundless I will stir your

heart profoundly so that henceforth each day you’ll be drawn to seek my counsel

bask in my presence and Savor my wondrous Grace I Aspire for your bond with me to

strengthen and Blossom into something truly magnificent do not let your spirit Wayne

may you experience feelings of beauty the Supernatural and renewal within your

soul I will bestow such a profound blessing upon your spirit that both you and your family will be drawn to seek me

with love and I will dissolve all Strife from your household believe that I can grant you a

new beginning miraculous Transformations are on the horizon for both your life and

the lives of your loved ones hold on to faith for nothing is beyond my reach If

Today finds you with a wounded Spirit disheartened and uncertain about the future

trust in my assurances and believe that I will soon bestow upon you the love Grace forgiveness and understanding you

seek I will eradicate all scarcity Discord and division within your family

the moment you’ve awaited is nearing prepare yourself to embrace it

fully ensuring Joy does not Escape your grasp your character will mature you

will gain wisdom and you will not be misled or robbed of this

blessing I intend to bless you richly safeguarding all that I impart to you

those Green With Envy may approach with smiles and sweet deceits attempting to lure you into error and piler what’s

rightfully yours then Revel in your distress for a long time you’ve yearned

for prosperity and now I am introducing Divine Prosperity into your life

untainted by sorrow or stress filled solely with happiness and

blessings in moments of weakness you’ve doubted my existence and questioned the reality of my love for you here is my

response you will feel it in your heart you will see with your own eyes that my promise endures and everything I’ve said

will indeed come to pass entrust your heart to me my child let your tender

heart turn towards my ways look into my eyes your blessing is here with me if

you’re hearing or reading these words it’s because I’ve endowed you with Insight you’ve matured and you’re ready

the door is about to open I am not an imagined deity you are cognizant of who

I am do not question my words any longer in every instance of hardship

I’ve been there to rescue you with my loving Embrace I’ve enveloped you in love bestowing life a new even if your

past was tumultuous since my intervention your present has continually brightened let the dream

I’ve planted in your heart flourish it will grow into a tree that offers shelter abundance and sustenance

not just for you but also for those you hold dear embrace the life I’ve given you and

let Joy surge within you for I am about to act in ways that will alter your

perspective enhancing your understand understanding of my plans for you even though there have been failures

I’ve always remained by your side offering forgiveness lifting you up never leaving you desolate or forsaken

new days are Dawning your grief will fade and your heart will overflow with boundless Joy

at the miracle soon to manifest before you Proclaim your faith and commitment now saying I

believe and as I always assure you I love you I am fully aware of what you need

today those concerns known only between us that issue burdening you that

situation causing your tears Nothing Is concealed from me I

hope you realize as you listen to me now that nothing escapes my notice I’m aware

of the burdens you bear share your sorrows with me tell me every reason for

your anguish though I already know your thoughts and worries you’ll find that as you express yourself your spirit will

begin to mend and any confusion clouding your emotions will clear your joy and

peace will be restored kneel and share your feelings with me I’m eager to listen let me heal

your soul I wish for you no more suffering you are entitled to a life

filled with happiness and freedom I desire for you to see your dreams realized and your projects completed

the joy of seeing your family Thrive knowing their Endeavors will prosper awaits

you I didn’t create you to dwell in depression and sadness I sacrificed my

life on the cross and Rose with power so you might be imbued with courage and strength to Triumph eternally and to

bask in my love in my eternal presence much time remains for you to live

victoriously trust in my word and witness my power and Glory manifest in

your life daily you were created and chosen to experience numerous

Miracles I have crafted your destiny with my own hands and my love has never

left you you will powerfully reach your Promised Land overcoming loneliness and

sorrow with your faith in my miraculous word concern yourself not with the

future I know precisely what you will need I will provide for yourself sustenance cover your expenses and meet

all your needs I simply ask that you believe walk in faith act responsibly

and never cease to trust in my promises

amen my beloved child in your darkest moments when the world seems daunting

and uncertain remember that I am here come to me with your fears and worries

for I am always listening and I deeply care for you take solace in knowing that

I am in control even when the world appears chaotic many things are not as they

should be but your yearning for perfect goodness will one day be beautifully

fulfilled consider the prophet habach who faced the impending Babylonian

invasion of Judah he grappled with the weight of this knowledge but in the end he penned

A Hymn of unwavering confidence in me despite dire circumstances he proclaimed

yet I will rejoice in the Lord I will be joyful in God my

savior feel free to share your concerns with me even wrestle with them but

always remember that the goal is to find a place of unwavering trust and Transcendent Joy you may not comprehend

my mysterious ways but you can Discover Hope and assistance in my presence for I

am your strength to all who receive me and believe in my name I grant the privilege

of becoming children of God there is a deep connection between receiving me and believing in my name

which embodies who I am receiving a gift requires open

goodness and I am the most magnificent gift you can receive as your savior God I assure you

that eternal life is both real and meant for you being a child of God is a wondrous

and glorious blessing I am your savior and your constant companion walking with

you through life in this imperfect world I provide not only light for your path

but also for your heart and mind I take Delight in filling your life with joy both now and for all eternity

your brightest moments on Earth will pale in comparison to the radiant Glory of heaven where you will gaze upon my

face in Splendid Splendor and bask in Endless oceans of

Love do not be surprised by the Loose Ends and Imperfections in this Fallen

World I created Adam and Eve in a perfect environment the Garden of Eden

and your longing for Perfection is natural and indeed

Supernatural as my follower your ultimate destination is heaven a place

of magnificence and Glory Beyond Your Wildest imagination there your deepest longings

will find complete satisfaction when the Brokenness of this world overwhelms you lift your eyes to

me remember that I the perfect one am with you share your trouble with me and

let me assist you in navigating them seek my guidance to establish righteous

priorities in alignment with my will take moments to rest in my presence

and offer me worship through worship you shift your focus from the Brokenness of the world

to my glorious presence and in worshiping me you participate in my

glory if it is possible live at peace with everyone to the best of your ability occasionally someone may oppose

you without cause and I do not hold you accountable for such conflicts more often however you may

have contributed to the Discord in these situations it is essential to repent for

your role in the conflict and strive to restore peace regardless of the circumstances

remember the importance of forgiveness both for those who have offended you and

sometimes s for yourself my beloved be quick to listen

slow to speak and slow to become angry take the time to think through your

words and listen carefully to others before responding this practice will help you

avoid unnecessary anger and strife whenever you fall short in

maintaining peaceful relationships and are at fault do not despair I paid the price for all your

sins so that you could have lasting peace with me me you are a letter from me not written with ink but with the

spirit of the Living God on the tablet of your heart because you are one of my

followers the Holy Spirit resides within you he equips and empowers you to

accomplish far more than you could on your own do not be intimidated by

challenging circumstances or difficult times the third person of the godhead

dwells within you consider the profound implications of this truth when you walk in my ways seeking

the helper’s strength step by step you can achieve much more than you believe

possible the spirit writes on the tablet of your heart not only to bless you but also to draw others to me when you are

in the company of those who do not yet know me the Holy Spirit can make you a living letter from me one of the most

concise yet powerful ful prayers is help me Holy Spirit use this prayer as often

as you need inviting him to bring the truths of the Gospel to life through

you a bruised Reed I will not break and a dimly burning Wick I will not

extinguish I understand that there are times when you feel weak and helpless

like a bent Reed or a flickering flame embrace your weakness and Brokenness for they open your heart to

me you can be completely yourself with me because I understand you perfectly as

you share your troubles with me I will refresh you and offer you a piece that surpasses all

understanding instead of trying to solve everything on your own place your confident trust in me take a break

knowing that I am watching over you and working on your behalf my healing within you is most effective when you rest in

my watchful care even when the mountains shake and the hills are removed my

unwavering love for you remains steadfast and my Covenant of Peace

endures when you feel weak and wounded come boldly into my presence to receive

abundant love and peace do not fret about your inadequacies instead embrace

them for they are the perfect link to my boundless sufficiency when you feel lacking your natural tendency is to

worry the best way to resist this temptation is to acknowledge your insufficiencies openly and thank me for

them this frees you from trying to be your own Savior and provider because you are weak and

imperfect you need a savior who is strong and perfect a provider who can meet all your

needs you access my boundless Resources by being both still and active spending

time time alone with me waiting in my presence deepens your connection with me

I work for those who wait for me accomplishing what you cannot do on your

own however there are many things you can do when you carry out your

activities relying on the strength I provide I am glorified and you are

blessed the next time you feel inadequate turn to me immediately I will lovingly meet you in

your moments of need come to me and rest in my presence I am

always thinking about you and I desire for you to become increasingly aware of me even when you are busy knowing that I

am with you can bring you inner peace this awareness flows from the

knowledge that I am with you always it permeates your heart mind and spirit and

can fill you with profound Joy do not fret about your inadequacies

instead embrace them for they are the perfect link to my boundless

sufficiency when you feel lacking your natural tendency is to

worry the best way to resist this temptation is to acknowledge your insufficiencies openly and thank me for

them this frees you from trying to be your own Savior and provider because you

are weak and imperfect you need a savior who is strong and perfect a provider who

can meet all your needs you access my boundless Resources by being both still

and active spending time alone with me waiting in my presence deepens your

connection with me I work for those who wait for me accomplishing what you cannot do on your own however there are

many things you can do when you carry out your activities relying on the strength I provide I am glorified and

you are blessed the next time you feel inadequate turn to me immediately I will lovingly meet

you in your moments of need come to me and rest in my presence I am always

thinking about you and I desire for you to become increasingly aware of me even

when you are busy knowing that I am with you can bring you inner peace this

awareness flows from the knowledge that I am with you always it permeates your heart mind and spirit

and can fill you with profound Joy many of my followers become consumed by the

problems they see and the dire predictions they hear causing their joy to be buried beneath layers of worry and

fear if this happens in your life bring all your concerns to me discuss each one

with me seeking my help and guidance ask me to remove the anxious

layers that have concealed your joy as you you entrust your concerns into my

care your joy will gradually resurface nurture This Joy by offering

praises to me the king of glory who loves you eternally I am gracious and

compassionate slow to anger and abundant in love explore the wonders of my grace

unmar favor poured out on you through my finished work on the cross by Grace you have been saved

through faith it is a gift gift from God furthermore my compassions are new Every

Morning begin each day with expectation ready to receive fresh compassions do

not allow yesterday’s failures to weigh you down learn from your mistakes and confess your known sins but do not dwell

on them instead keep your eyes fixed on me I am slow to anger so do not hastily

judge yourself or others instead rejoice in the richness of My Love For Love is at the very core

of my being as you grow in Grace strive to be more attentive to me more receptive to

my loving presence this requires diligence because the evil one seeks to distance you from

me remain Vigilant and remember there is no condemnation for those who belong to

me when you feel downcast the best remedy is to remember remember me

contemplate who I am your lord God Savior and Shepherd the friend who will

never abandon you I am intimately acquainted with every detail of your life including your thoughts and

emotions you are precious to me in every way reflect on the countless ways I have

cared for you and provided for you thank me for each one that comes to

mind and rest in my loving presence share with me the burden that weigh you

down for in my presence you will see things more clearly together we can discern what is

truly important and what is not as you linger in my presence my face

shines upon you blessing encouraging and comforting you I promise that you will

once again praise me for the help found in my presence to infuse more joy into your

day seek to increase your awareness of my presence an easy way to do this is by

saying thank you Jesus for your presence this simple prayer can be repeated frequently connecting you to me and

expressing your gratitude you do not have to feel my nearness to pray this way but the more

you thank me for my presence the more real I become to you align your mind

heart and spirit with the reality that in me you live move and have your

being you can also heighten your awareness by observing signs of my unseen presence around you the beauty of

Nature and the joy of loved ones can serve as reminders pointing you toward

me most clearly you can find me in my word for I Am The Living

Word ask my spirit to illuminate scripture for you shining his light into

your heart and helping you see the glory of my presence I take Delight in those who

rever me who place their hope in my unfailing love fear of the Lord may be

misunderstood but it is the Bedrock of spiritual wisdom and knowledge it comprises reverential awe adoration and

submission to my will when you exchange your attitudes and goals for mine you submit to me

since I am your creator a finding yourself with me is the best way to live when your lifestyle reflects this

biblical fear I take great pleasure in you seek to sense my pleasure shining

upon you during such moments living in accordance with my will is not always

easy your journey with me may have many ups and downs nevertheless no matter

what is happening you can find Hope in my unfailing love in today’s world many people feel

Despair disillusionment and cynicism because they Place their trust in the wrong

things but my steadfast love will never disappoint you it will never let you

go hold on to Hope dear one for it is the golden thread connecting you to me

dedicate yourself to prayer with a Vigilant mind and a grateful heart for my followers prayer is a way

of life a means of staying connected with me however it is not without its

challenges the evil one opposes your Devotion to me and His Dark Forces seek

to interrupt and weaken your communication with me therefore it is crucial that you commit to this

discipline determined to remain connected to me you can train yourself to call on me

even while engaged in other activities inviting me into your world to make your work smoother and your life more

fulfilling allocate specific time to focus solely on communicating with me

this can be quite challenging but effective prayer requires both a keen mind and a thankful heart ask my spirit

the helper to empower your prayers enhancing your mental acuity and

gratitude a Vigilant mind and a grateful heart will not only improve your prayer

life but also enhance your overall existence give thanks to me and praise

my name


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