God’s message for you ?This is something very serious about your sister…This is going to happen…

my dearest child as i gaze upon the

depths of your soul I am filled with

compassion for the trials that weigh

heavy upon your heart fear not for

Relief is already on its way like a

gentle breeze promising respit after a

storm your prayers sincere and

unwavering resonate within the sacred

chambers of my Divine realm stirring the

very essence of my being know this my

beloved answers to your these are

already set in motion Guided by the

threads of time towards their destined

fulfillment yet as you await the dawn of


deliverance heed this gentle admonition

let gratitude be the cloak that adorns

your spirit for I do not seek mere

transactional exchanges but rather a

communion of Hearts a sacred Bond forged

in The Crucible of adversity as your

prayers are answered and burdens lifted

let your first breath be one of humble

Thanksgiving offer gratitude not out of

obligation but as a testament to the

richness of our shared

journey I ask not for grand gestures or

ostentatious offerings but for the

tender sincerity of your devotion let

your actions flow from a Wellspring of

receptivity and awe at my boundless

provision for True blessings multiply

not through material abundance alone but

through the generous stewardship of

Grace and should I in in my Infinite

Wisdom choose to withhold that which you

desire trust that it is but a

redirection toward that which is truly

meant for you rejoice in the unexpected

gifts for they are but Whispers of my

guiding hand in your life’s tapestry

above all seek Shalom the peace that

surpasses all understanding within the

walls of your home and the sanctuary of

your soul let answered prayers serve as

stepping stones towards deeper intimacy

with me the source of all true

fulfillment do not be swayed by the

voices of Doubt or the shadows of past

mistakes you are worthy of my love and

blessings my cherished one your

steadfast faith and unwavering devotion

bring me immeasurable Joy weaving a

symphony of Grace that reverberates

throughout the heavens

so continue to walk this path with

courage and Grace knowing that you are

held in the palm pal of my hand and as

you Journey onward may your heart be

forever adorned with the mantle of

gratitude a beacon of light amidst

life’s everchanging Tides let these

words be etched into the very fabric of

your being a sacred inscription upon the

altar of your soul a testament to the

boundless love that courses through your

veins know this my cherished one in the

moments when doubt threatens to Cloud

your vision it is I who have walked

beside you in the darkest of nights

guiding your weary steps toward the dawn

of redemption I have been the Healer of

your wounds the deliverer from your

chains and the bestower of blessings

upon your life with tender Mercy I have

drawn you from the depths of Despair

lifting you up from the pit of

condemnation into the Embrace of

unconditional love my love for you knows

no bounds gentle yet fierce in its

advocate y surrounding you like a

protective shield against the storms of

life through my power I have unlocked

the gates to the supernatural ushering

you into Realms of endless possibility

and Divine Purpose each breakthrough you

have prayed for is a testament to my

faithfulness and I entrust you with the

stewardship of these gifts to shine

brightly as a Beacon of Hope to a world

in need remain anchored in our sacred

connection Through The rhythms of

worship Thanksgiving and prayer let your

actions speak volumes of the truth that

resides within you as you share with

others the messages of renewal and

restoration that have transformed your

own life in The Quiet Moments of

reflection remember the promises I have

spoken over you for they are as sure as

the Rising Sun and the setting of the

stars as you graft my words into the

very fabric of your soul I seal you with

favor and calling anointed for a purpose

that transcends your wildest

dreams this is a season of laughter

after weeping of beauty arising From the

Ashes of

Despair I will walk with you through

lands Lush with possibility where lack

shall be known no more the chains of

emotional and spiritual poverty shall be

broken and you shall find Solace and

belonging In My Embrace no longer shall

you be plagued by the ache of loneliness

or the sting of rejection for in me you

are fully known and cherished safe and

Whole Health joy and peace shall be

restored unto you and you shall

ReDiscover Your Divine Purpose mobilized

by the vision of your kingdom

call though doubt may assail you let

your faith stand unshakable rooted in

the unfathomable depths of my love

together we shall tread the path of

Victory hand in hand as you lean on me

for strength and sustenance for you are

my beloved designed for intimacy with me

your Creator and sustainer our spirit

shall commune as one traversing the

galaxies of Glory for your life is

hidden within mine bound together in an

eternal dance of love and grace so arise

my beloved and Advance boldly into the

new Vistas that await you leaving behind

the shackles of self-doubt and complaint

let your passion for revolution be

ignited aresh for I have breathed

purpose into your very being and I hold

you firmly in the grip of my completing

Grace you are my beloved child cherished

beyond measure and together we shall

journey into the fullness of all that I

have destined for you amidst the

tempest’s fury as Shadows dance

menacingly take solace for I am the

beacon that pierces the darkest night

each Dawn unfurls according to my Divine

Design for you embrace the new day with

courage Ablaze for I have paved the path

ahead though trials Loom eager to shroud

your peace stand firm for I lead the way

clearing obstacles before you my angels

stand Sentinel around you Vigilant

against all threats fear not the cloak

of night nor the trials of day for my

word resides within you a font of wisdom

and Truth to navigate life’s Labyrinth

when confusion clouds your mind listen

for my gentle whisper I will Infuse

peace into your soul dispelling

unrest you are my cherished child bought

at a measurable cost imbued with a

spirit transcending mortal bounds seek

Me Above All Else dwell in my presence

for their Lies True fulfillment pour out

your heart to me entrusting your pain

pains and hopes into my capable hands no

burden is too heavy no storm too Fierce

my love knows no bounds my power no

limits in moments of stumbling do not

linger in remorse my Grace has already

paid the price for every

transgression approach my throne with

humility receive my

forgiveness and Rise a new in

righteousness my mercies renew with each

Dawn reaching even the farthest corner


Despair do not believe the Whispers of

hopelessness for you are cherished

pursued and loved beyond measure the

schemes of the adversary May rage but

they crumble before the might of my

redeeming blood you are firmly held in

my grasp your well-being is my delight

your desires hold great significance to

me together we shall unveil Your Divine

Purpose step by ordained step your days

are intricately woven by my hand I know

the depths of your soul the dreams you

hold dear trust in my plan for it brims

with goodness and purpose though

Mysteries shroud the future know that my

vision spans eternity and my plans for

you are filled with hope and

prosperity even amidst the darkest

valleys I am by your side ready to

intercede at your call I will scatter

the shadows and guide you to Higher


trust in my righteousness resist the

urge to retaliate against your

adversaries for my justice will prevail

in due time stand firm Serene amidst the

storm for I am your refuge and

strength in the Stillness of the night

amidst The hushed Whispers of the wind a

Celestial Symphony unfurls its Melody

harken for it is not the Clash of Swords

nor the Roar of Thunder but the gentle

Cadence of a promise whispered in the

depths of the Soul let adversaries hurl

themselves against the Invincible

Fortress of faith for their battle is

not with mortal flesh but with the

Eternal might of the Divine my Legion of

angels stand Sentinel their radiant

Wings unfurled in silent vigilance

though weapons may be brandished and

Flames May dance in defiance not a

single strand of your being shall be

touched by The Inferno of their malice

behold for I shall transmute their

curses into benedictions showering upon

you the Bountiful reign of my favor Your

Existence is imbued with purpose

profound the trials that assail you

serve not to break but to mold preparing

you for the sacred mantle of destiny


awaits a roll of significance awaits

Laden with the weight of responsibility

and the promise of reward stay steadfast

upon the path allowing love and wisdom

to burgeon within learn to discern my

voice amidst the clamor of myriad

Echoes embrace the spiritual armaments

and panoply I bestow upon you let

righteousness be your Shield against the

barbs of condemnation Faith your Bull

workk against the huy deceits of the

adversary brandish boldly the sword of

truth and let the arrows of prayer sord

to dismantle every impediment in your

path above all know this it is my joy to

Lavish upon my beloved ones blessings

surpassing imagination amidst tempests

that rage my desire is that you find

profound Serenity and unassailable joy I

yearn to infuse you a new with my spirit

each Dawn guiding your word thoughts and

deeds invite me to saturate the canvas

of your days unlocking the doors of


possibilities let me lead you into

Realms of intimacy unfathomed where

faith and Grace paint the canvas of your

horizons with Hues

resplendant the past lies interred its

Dominion vanquished I declare you free a

Phoenix rising from ashes filled with

the unwavering hope of

Resurrection as I unleash dormant

potential within you behold dreams once

distant Drawing Near and dormant gifts

stirring to Life In My Embrace pulsating

with purpose divine for nothing is

beyond the grasp of the one who flung

Stars into the firmament and commanded

the Seas to their bounds in your

weakness my strength finds its fullest

expression rendering you invincible

against the strongest bastions of

adversity say but the word aligning your

will with mine and watch as fortresses

crumble and the gates of Hades yield to

the advance of my kingdom in the Grand

Theater of existence you are not merely

a spectator but a protagonist of cosmic

proportions entrusted with the creative

authority to shape your reality few

grasp the magnitude of their rightful

power yet you are called to rise boldly

fueled by the fire of your

Birthright Stand Tall confront the

Giants that Loom large in your path and

storm the castles of adversity that seek

to imprison your spirit know this within

you resides a Divine Spark an

indomitable spirit that ensures your

Triumph will be nothing short of

Glorious no force in heaven or hell can

extinguish the Blazing torch of purpose

that you carry within your hand for you

are branded by the fire of Destiny

marked for greatness in the annals of

Eternity do not mistake The Quiet

Moments of your journey for

insignificance for even in the Stillness

the seeds of your unique greatness are

ripening nurtured by The Gentle hand of


embrace the trials that refine your

character for like a Precious Diamond

undergoing the expert’s honing cut you

emerge with facets a glow with

Transcendent luster though chaos May

swirl around you and the clamor of trial

persists be still and know that you are

cradled in the Sheltering presence of

divine love let waves of Solace wash

over you soothing the turbulence within

in the Embrace of the Almighty

find Refuge from the storms that rage

without trust in the unfailing love that

surrounds you A Mighty Fortress against

the onslaught of fear and doubt though

the road ahead May Wind Through valleys

of Shadow and scale the heights of

uncertainty fear not for you are Guided

by a faithful hand that never falters

keep your gaze fixed upon the author and

perfector of your faith drawing strength

and courage from the Wellspring of

divine grace with each step forward know

that you are not alone for the hand that

guides you is steady and sure

so my beloved do not grow weary or lose

heart press onward with unwavering faith

for your destiny awaits radiant with

promise and possibility rest now in the

Embrace of divine peace and let it

Infuse your soul with renewed Vigor for

you are cherished beyond measure now and

for all eternity

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