I am very moved by your unwavering faith and courage the thing that would make my life complete would be to adopt you you

demonstrate your wisdom by taking my advice and seeking comfort in prayer you

fortify your character soothe your home and nourish your spirit through your

dedication keep in mind that the enemy is lurking along your path even if it

leads to Victory and plenty of benefits I hope that no matter how

difficult things become come you will not give up but instead overcome your worries and persevere I love you and

will always be here for you never forget that you can rely on me without

hesitation because I am always nearby if you continue to study and be good

stewards of the abilities I provide I will meet all of your needs and more reflect on and release the lessons of

the past to break the cycle of loss and happiness continue with comp composure

and determination following my example unafraid of the challenges that lie

ahead because of your repentance I have forgiven your sins and removed them from

your Consciousness now with my Holy Spirit dwelling within you I will tenderly

guide you to completion of your purpose your trust in me will bless you and the people you care about my power wisdom

health and wealth will descend from on high as you pray for the sick and consed Soul the oppressed people who serve with

all their hearts have this extraordinary ability let us pause for a moment to express hope and love before we begin

our message we would be really grateful if you could like this video and affirm

our message by saying Amen in the comments area if you found the words said here

encouraging with your help we can achieve our goal of spreading the Limitless love that we feel for each

other and the whole globe while you work to achieve your dreams I will be by your

side encouraging you every step of the way I ensured that the announcement of

the wonderful presence for you and your loved ones came at the perfect moment it gives me great joy to see your

unfaltering faith and steady advancement when you are completely weary I will be

there to reveal the Wonders I have weaved into your life trust in the comfort of my Embrace and weep if you

must with tender care I catch each tear as it falls treating it like a precious

gem as shall see the enchantment that transforms your Sorrows into evidence of

my steadfast love as we endure life’s challenges side by side with each tear

that falls may it be a strong sign of the struggles you have conquered and may the clouds part revealing your

adversaries and diminishing your challenges in the beautiful tapster of Life your tears May emerge as a soothing

stram dream carrying the potential for immense blessings so let them flow

freely I have kept watch dissolving Into Thin Air and warding off the abyss that

loomed above you in times of sadness we become more resilient and Resolute in

times of joy we let go and dance the grace nurtures your Soul’s Garden sowing

each tear that falls amid the Stars the davin’s warm embrace will provide the safety you desire salty release The

Melancholy that has been limiting your progress learn how the Divine Whispers can restore your soul and mind as you

allow the gentle scent of Grace to tend to your inner Garden you will feel the weight of the world Fade Away learn how

the Divine Whispers can restore your soul and mind embrace the fragrance of

Grace and release your burdens then feel free to share this new light with others

in times of trouble may the light of your unfaltering faith guide others to find comfort you may be confident that

the divine’s highest desire is for you to prosper and Rise Above Like a Phoenix

every day embrace the insights that lie within and rise above the ashes of

Despair prepare to ignite a mission of enormous value you are here for a Divine

Purpose and may the way you live your life serve as an example to everyone around you for those who rally behind

you benefits abound those who have your back will get you through the bad patches so treasure them show empathy to

your opponents your wounds will heal and your scars will fade with time for those

who listen attentively the Divine has words of Solace and healing remain steadfast for an increasing number of

Marvels are transpiring both outside and inside of you as time passes love and

blessings May flow through you like water through a conduit just because you’re here the Limitless devot of the

Divine to you has no bounds and is infinitely loving Infuse your boundless

love into the lives of those you meet always seek to improve the lives of others around you by showing them

compassion love and understanding extend an open hand to those you know and those

you don’t forgive those who have harmed you and follow the path of kindness if

you can bring your family together and forgive each other my darling your family will flourish

may your love illuminate all who encounter you as you journey into the bosom of the Divine with courage and

determination you face each day with Hope and Faith in the journey ahead care

for the individuals that matter to you it’s your obligation no matter what challenges

life throws your way may your kindness and generosity light the way with positivity humor and endurance gently

guide others offering love-filled encouragement and Direction believing that their transformation will take

place at the proper time pray for their return to the Divine whenever they stray

it may be helpful to pray to the Divine releasing your anger and frustration when things get tough at home the Divine

holds all the answers to life’s mysteries and challenges the Divine will answer your worries if you want to stay

afloat when you’re weak seek solace in the divine presence the Holy Spirit within you prays to God trusting him to

provide even when times get tough place your trust in The Guiding hand that will

protect you from harm and lead you to peace and prosperity incalculable benefits await

you so seize the opportunity for a fresh start continue to receive blessings as

you hold the divine within you pay attention to these realities my darling

because I am always there to love and care for you no matter what I am the

shepherd the provider the Healer and the protector your life

will be filled with all the good things I have promised since I am God and my mouth never leaves a lie be strong I

will support you through all of your difficulties as You Follow The Path I have laid out for you put your faith in

me and allow me to realize your aspirations even when it appears impossible prioritizing me will

guarantee my steadfast support in all of your endeavors when you’re down and out feeling being abandoned and all by

yourself my love for you grows stronger I will love you so much that I will

forgive and comfort you when people try to bring you down by speaking ill of you

have faith and trust in me without worrying because I am confident that you will succeed in everything that you do

both now and in the future my darling you can rest assured that you will

receive an abundance of blessings you will recover all that you have lost

when the time for healing and regeneration Comes The Impossible

becomes achievable when one establishes a deep connection with God I alone hold

the power to determine your destiny in this desolate Wasteland where everyone else is moping about their lack and

sinking into despair beloved child I will cultivate your prosperity in these

seemingly Barren plains as you uncover hidden sources of power rekindle the

flames in your dreams fear not the impending challenges have evaded all efforts to impede your progress climb

boldly toward Victory by tomorrow they will have changed into resounding Declarations of Victory something truly

miraculous is about to transpire as your prayers come to fruition in Perfect Harmony all of your wildest dreams will

come true with the designs I make for you have faith in me because I am about

to reveal incomprehensible Mysteries keep trusting in me no matter how

uncertain the future gets there’s no need to be scared if you feel like you’re sinking into a pit of despair

I’ll be right here to help you get out I may be silent at times but please know

that you have my unwavering support and I will be there for you until the day you win your best interests are always

my first priority when I schedule events your best interests always come first

seize this chance with unwavering resolve now is the time for you to act

do not waver in your resolve if I tell you to walk do what I say with unwavering determination and rejoice in

your Victory with all of your being unburdened by your past shortcomings and errors witness the profound influence I

have had on your life listen closely for I am your unwavering protector and

guardian therefore react to this message with unwavering conviction speak boldly

demonstrating your unwavering faith in me and stand up for I am holding your future in My Loving Hands a period of

Plenty is approaching you because you have maintained your faith and never changed your mind I beg you to leave the

shadows of your past and embrace the light of your Divine Destiny I am prepared to bestow upon you the

blessings I have in store for you do not waver in your belief in these words my love my children’s failures do not

Define them and they will not because they are valuable to me I watch over

them bolster them encourage them and guide their every step after each fall

they get back up even more determined than before the fact that my children always come to me contritely begging for

my forgiveness shows that they are very patient and kind people with their unwavering Faith rooted in my promises

and their sights fixed on the ultimate reward they persevere through adversity picking themselves up dusting themselves

off and continuing on my darling I beg you to understand this you are greater than the sum of

your mistakes and Imperfections accept this truth trust in my ability to

restore everything you’ve lost even when your adversary spreads false rumors to

undermine your joy and self-worth In My Embrace you will discover healing and rebirth so Embrace The Liberation that

comes with letting go of the past let go of the chains of insecurity and

self-criticism you will succeed my child so seize the opportunity that comes your way now as you deepen your dependence

and trust in me I invite you to join me in welcoming a life of abundance and

success remember that you have been chosen to bring blessings to those you care about no matter how terrifying the

path ahead may appear self-imposed limitations should not stifle you you

must conquer con ER the self-doubt that burdens you because my love for you surpasses all words my dear child in a

world filled with endless negativity you serve as an inspiration to those around you have faith that I am by your side

guiding you step by step as you pursue your Noble purpose whatever obstacle we face I am confident that we can conquer

it if you trust in me because of everything you’ve been through and learned you’re stronger now than you

were before as you triumphed over baseless fears and misunderstandings your strength and wisdom were on full

display armed with your newfound knowledge get ready to embrace a future teeming with extraterrestrial Marvels a

higher power has handpicked your good fortune be brave and open your heart

because you deserve everything that comes your way you can count on my unwavering support as you pursue your

life’s purpose your unwavering commitment to praying for me is a testament to your deep faith and I

deeply appreciate and respect it I want to hear about the tough times and challenges you faced if you need Solace

or guidance I am here to help even when others fail to grasp it your uniqueness

reflects my Divine Design for you celebrate your successes rather than

wallow in self-pity over the difficulties you’ve encountered prehistory made a decision that brought

you into this world not by accident embrace your individuality and fearless

LLY pursue the path I have laid out for you this will bring you unimaginable greatness even though others have hated

and hurt you to dim your light your chance for salvation and Triumph has

arrived drain you of Happiness your enemies will fall at your feet when you

release the things that hold you back such as regrets guilt and the need for validation from others my precious child

you are worth more than anything because my blood has redeemed you you because of the trust you have bestowed upon me I

have transformed you your love for me knows no bounds it is eternal and

unwavering I will remain by your side forever you remain a shining example to me have unwavering faith and accept this

blessing if you accept these words with an open mind and spirit the clouds will dissipate and you will be able to

commune with the Divine and the miraculous to accomplish this you must

eliminate any NE negativity and hatred from your heart I appreciate your

confidence but the poison of grumbling will weaken you so be careful negativity

and pessimism will weaken your beautiful Faith this is true as long as you

refrain from complaining quiet down and stay away from people who sow Discord

and suspicion choose now my wise and understanding friends whether to trust

me and enjoy the fruits of my transformation or reject them faith hope

and Joy are the threads that when spun into the fabric of your life will reveal Abundant Blessings Freedom healing peace

in the home contentment within and an abundance of Joy are just a few of the benefits that your unwavering trust in

me reveals hold on tightly to my extended hand releasing any doubts or

gripes I beg you ether to put an end to your lonely struggle so that I may bless

you and demonstrate my love for you make your Allegiance known to me and watch as

you determinedly overcome the challenges your enemy has set for you causing their

plans to crumble whether you’re awake or asleep no one will be able to tell that

I’m watching every move in the snare standing guard with their blazing swords

my Celestial Guardians are here to Shield you and ensure that you remain authentic may I always clothe you in my

sacred armor impart my wisdom and shower you with abundance blessings through prayer fasting and devotion you can also

walk on scorpions and snakes a power I bestow upon you to avoid their deadly

bites in order to save your enemies from more harm I will step in and make them

regret what they did they will always mock my holy name but may they understand the power honor integrity and

truth that come from unwavering Faith one of the many things that will become

clear to you is how crucial it is to to continue exploring your spiritual path

this is not a joke because following Christ leads to boundless Grace and profound personal growth my darling as

you stride fearlessly forward remember to keep your head held high and your gaze fixed on the unlimited heavens

above I envelop you in my loving Embrace protecting you from the malicious intentions of those who would bring you

down accept this blessing and let it cheer you up stay strong in the face of

ridicule and false accusations giving in would reveal a vulnerability that does

not exist within you and fill your heart with fear the truth exposes their attempts to devalue you and their feudal

Ambitions when I’m present remain steadfast in your faith and integrity

the victory is rightfully yours with my love enveloping you and protecting you from all evil and darkness you and your

loved ones can rest easy today relax into each moment and release the

criticism that other people hold clinging to the boundless love radiating from me to you will shield you from

every evil in this world relax and greet the new day with an abundance of energy

my number one priority right now is making sure you know how much you deserve my love both now and

forever I only want what’s best for you to enjoy life to the fullest so let go

of any lingering feelings of unworthiness my love for you is unwavering regardless of how many times

you make a fool of yourself no matter what you can count on me to come to your rescue redeem you and Lead You Away from

the difficulties you faced my love for you will always be open and honest it is

my sincere desire that you experience a life filled with abundance wellness and

achievement I will never leave you as you pursue a life filled with remarkable accomplishments my darling I will be

right there to support and encourage you by putting your trust in me I vow that we can overcome any obstacle here and in

the future if you will my darling you are well aware of this I greatly

appreciate your love obedience and steadfast dedication to being my companion there will be more and more

advantages for you as you get closer to my goal when the weight of life’s challenges becomes too much to bear I am

here to lift you out of your pit of despair and point you in the direction of the numerous blessings I am showering

upon you have faith in my provisions and fully embrace them regardless of how

many rainbows appear in your life you must never forget to prioritize me reaffirm your faith tell me how much you

love me and make a solemn vow your steadfast devotion will welcome the love

I give you letting the profound Joy within you flow freely my heart goes out

to you I understand the worry and racing thoughts you’re experiencing do not give in to your

anxieties I implore you I am driving the demons from your life so they can no

longer torment you as you let go of the weight of your past errors the chains that bound you finally break and today

marks the beginning of the healing process for your longsuffering wounds do

not lose hope for what lies ahead I will be your constant companion From This Moment On take in every bit of my truth

and run with with it my selfless sacrifice on the cross demonstrates the boundless love I have for you I have

come to you today using my infinite power to Grant you eternal life if you

trust my promises I will open the gates of righteousness and close the gates of hell let my teachings play out in the

lives of those who trust me and I will reveal to the world the incredible things that are attainable I am ready to

bestow many blessings upon you seize them with both hands I implore you to remain steadfast in your commitment to

me even though the clouds are parting in your favor as you embrace them with unwavering Faith a new era of healing

freedom and boundless benefits is upon you so declare your devotion confirm your faith and pledge an eternal loyalty

I am freeing you from the bonds of fear I will give you the strength you need because I love you because of my

assurances you can continue on your journey with unwavering ing resolve the

idea that you might not seize the future I’ve planned for you and fall short of your potential breaks my heart you need

to have faith in order to receive the life and encouragement that I am giving you you need to have faith your health

will improve and life will go back to normal after you win your words make me

happy just to hear them and hearing your appreciation first thing in the morning makes me even happier it’s wonderful

that you seek me out before you leave your house that you yearn for my presence and that your heart longs for

me keep firm in your faith you withstood your enemies Onslaught in a valiant and

unrelenting struggle and you emerged Victorious you are now secure in my

promises and held In My Embrace as they ought to be because I arrived in time to

offer you my hand you are a bundle of potential but you’ll get further down this road if you stick together you you

can always trust me share your dreams with me and ask for my advice I find motivation in the fact

that you keep speaking out even when faced with unexpected obstacles I will

reveal my secrets so you can witness the Miracles that happen when we are together nothing can get in our way

because I am here for you whenever you need me until I respond you must not

allow the devil to use fear and uncertainty to dissuade you from following me the Bible contains my

Divine word ready to reveal Marvels to your Ardent heart make sure you don’t

offend or annoy me in any manner I see you bringing your whole being into a state of submission genuflecting before

your Sacred Heart pay close attention I intend to keep that quality going forward please I beg you spend some time

with me today if you are proclaiming a new beginning there is no better time than now to receive these words they

came at the exact moment you needed them after have finally made room in your heart to hear me out and confirm our

commitment today after days of wanting to talk to you contact me by phone please consider what you’ve said again

it makes me happy to know that you’re considering me it’s a miraculous occurrence it represents genuine

devotion its Worship in its purest form anything and everything is fair game

when it comes to our conversations desires fears aspirations setbacks and

doubts feel free to conf conf in me or discuss anything on your mind your

spirit has taken a beating from all the unexpected hardships rejection and harshness you’ve been through and I know

how much you want a life without them you may be struggling to breathe but I promise that my word will give you the

fortitude to overcome any obstacle even when you’re exhausted you won’t be

afraid you’ll be able to stand firm in the face of adversity I have faith that you will

remember my promise when the burden becomes too great come see me never

forget that you can count on my unwavering support I love you so much that I’m bestowing these advantages upon

you don’t allow doubt to keep you from enjoying them wherever you go they will

be waiting for you your immense value to me has led me to choose to Lavish you with kindness and mercy my love for you

is unending and will remain forever regardless of the amount of time I spend at your house my commitment and

determination will remain unwavering your pain and confusion caused by The

Tempest that tore you apart will fade away as time passes when you put your trust in me I will destroy the invisible

foes that stand between you and the happiness and peace that you seek you

will no longer have to deal with bitterness or poverty many blessings have come your way as the clouds have

parted to show you their abundance many doors will open for you leading to Greater personal growth and wisdom your

honor and Faith are too precious to risk so I will Purge your home of all evildoing as we move forward focusing on

the kindness Purity and miracles I want to bring into your life stay away from

bad people and don’t associate negativity with us you will see the Marvels and benefits that await you on

this sacred path if you remain faithful to my teachings and my promise I am here

to meet all all your needs and bring you genuine happiness getting other people’s

blessings is not important my favor toward you does not depend on anyone giving you permission therefore do not

seek approval from other people while loving and serving me you will find an unadulterated unfaltering comforting and

healing love in me alone though I am the only one who has ever died and triumphed on your behalf granting you salvation

and everlasting life my beloved you have greater Ambitions in everything you do I

want you to bring me Glory so protect your mind and intentionally mold it with

things that Inspire excellence and uplift you may learn to control your

thoughts rather than let them control you by being more alert to the feedback

loop that begins with your thoughts which then shape your attitudes and emotions which govern your actions in

the outside world instead of letting your mind go wild you should learn to re

it in seize the power I have given you as one of my Global ambassadors by standing up

and doing what is right use it today with purpose accuracy and respect as it

tries to take hold unchecked in your inner Sanctuary banish every toxic idea and mindset immediately keep these

Invaders informed with my truths on purpose because my word is powerful and always true and it will raise a bar

against any intrusive idiocy my my words will also change you by making you think more like me what

you look upon and cling to will shape you more and more before you do anything

else carefully choose the things that will occupy your attention because of this goal I have

emphasized my words and used my names extensively to structure them for all

time it will remain unmatched supporting those who abide by the holy principles

contained within its sacred Pages it is brimming with benefits for those seeking me there so fix your gaze fully on my

word above all else for it possesses the power to fulfill all your desires and deepest longings my love immerse

yourself in this spring and its vital Waters will perpetually revive your spirit quenching your thirst and

satisfying your heart’s hunger its revitalizing Vapor brings about healing

and rebirth invigorate your body and spirit face the days ahead with unshakable trust for I will walk by your

side from now until the end of time never leaving you and embrace the depth

of my love a love so great that I gave myself up for it with the power to give

you everlasting life hold on to my promises I can lead you in the path of

righteousness and keep you from the path of wrongdoing without fail my grace will

surely surround you if you draw near to me and grasp firmly to my promises my

heart longs to protect and nourish you shielding you from any feeling of confusion or loneliness praying for you

keeps me close by and I hope you’ll wait patiently for the unexpected benefits

that are on the way have faith the benefits you want will materialize soon

hold my words close to your heart and really call out to me I can respond at all times in the face of adversity I can

strengthen your will and anchor you securely no longer need you to be afraid of empty threats lies and deception

because whatever I say it will come to pass your enemies have only served to bind you but you are not helpless rather

you are strong and capable get rid of the pointless stress in your head and release the shame of the sins you

forgiven let your bitterness flow find peace with those who have harmed you and

let the past Fade Into the past I possess the ability to safeguard your future and guarantee its fulfillment in

accordance with your divine plan be amazed at the wonderful Miracles I can do in your life benefiting you and the

people you care about most your own family when you fully embrace me as I am

my love has no bounds and I will shower you with blessings until your mouth is full I can meet all of your nutritional

needs by providing you with the finest wheat and the sweetness of rock honey

release the demons from yesterday let go of guilt and shame and I will Channel my

energy to strengthen you against religious assaults and Temptation on a daily basis let the truth of my Living

Word fill your whole being refreshing your ideas and perceptions as you immerse yourself in it pay no attention

to the naysayers who are trying to bring you down my love for you is stronger than their comments stay away from those

who get a rush out of pointing fingers and be wary of those who twist the truth

regular prayer and scripture meditation provide solace in my presence every day

let me fill your heart and spirit with pleasure and comfort always keep my Kingdom’s Prosperity at the Forefront of

your thoughts my baby who values obedience with modesty and dedication

will meet all your needs abundantly you are entering a time of difficulty just

as spring showers reawaken the Earth after winter Slumber so too does the dormant Force inside you and your times

suddenly burst out with fresh Vitality my love for you is Limitless and my grace and desire are overflowing my

promises to you are unwavering and eternal and I will do more than you could ever ask or think now I command

you not to speak a single word of blessing as it will bring you low but you will perform great Deeds you won’t

let difficulty control you I will magnify your vision to fully embrace the fullsize abundance I pour out upon you

which will multiply and overflow Ena you to bless others as well are you still

going to worry oh you unbelieving person stop Trying to Find Your Way backwards

amidst the darkness of concern my hands are still outstretched ready to embrace

you the light of my love invites you into a wonderful future filled with pleasure and promise speak it with

confidence May the sky bear testimony to the unfaltering faith and pillar of your

soul a soul that trusts in me with all its heart your genuine Embrace of me

surpasses transient emotions using fleeting emotions does not influence you

your faith is unwavering your devotion and steadfastness in following my holy

message are very remarkable build your confidence in it and say with conviction

I agree with you Christ Jesus you must know that Legions of angels are fighting for you right now even though you cannot

see them they will not rest until you overcome your obstacles and find Freedom

from your trials it has been confirmed and decreed I’ve sworn this and I intend

to keep it as far as I’m concerned permit joy to light a fire in your soul giving you the courage to face fears and

the peace you want even if it stirs you up in times of quiet I want you to know

that I am with you my beloved and I urge you to keep this promise beyond words

the depths of my affection for you are Limitless I am the one who will will always be there for you watching over

you from the break of dawn to the last Light with each passing day I am at your

side loving your spirit I will respond as soon as you contact me I have heard

your screams on those sorrowful evenings so you may relax I would want to share a

deep truth with you so that you might overcome sadness and loneliness overcome Despair and heal your broken heart you

have a radiant faith yet I wish I could hold your soul in my arms as you prayed every one of your reports conceals

nothing embrace my promises because they provide Refuge from the evil that

threatens your joy and Tranquility despite the ups and downs the wounds from the past and the lingering

bitterness allow these words to reverberate throughout your home surrounding your loved ones in an aura

of Exquisite Serenity as I provide you with health provision Independence and

wealth you will see the incredible blessings that are hard to put into words but who else can give you an

unspeakable sense of joy is there anybody else who understands your true aspirations and the depths of your soul

think of my love it is kind and far-reaching and it will bring you peace and comfort at every time I am the only

one who gave you salvation by dying on a cross and then Rising again each day I

write the screenplay for your future and shape your fate I don’t believe in deceit far from my reach the sector’s

deceptions deceive many they question my love perceive me as a messenger of Retribution ignore my devotion and

succumb to lies nevertheless I stand before you as evidence of The

Magnificent plans intended for you and your loved ones your omnipotent God did

not create this illusion with Limitless affection and unfaltering persistence I

speak to you now I’m about to reveal my goals shower blessings onto your path

and invite you to accept This Magnificent loving kindness that is kind finds Delight in truth and envies never

in the midst of your miraculous benefits of Love desire and Faith embody this Everlasting Love because it maintains

believes and perseveres through all tribulations the love you’ve already

received is truly the best hold on tight and keep going you’ll be able to look

back on your journey and be proud of how far you’ve come if you do put true love

into action and reject feelings of worthlessness my gift to you is to keep

praying I long for the day when you will be under my holy mantle and this love is

beyond anything you have ever known finding safety and refuge is your mission this is not your fate or my

intention for your life and the discouragement that befalls you is an attempt to pull you away from the beam I

speak to you with deep affection so pay careful attention your soul Longs for

the refreshing Waters of heavenly nutrition lest it wither away as I see you caught up in the chaos of work so I

beg you to stop what you’re doing listen to my plea and know that I can love you no matter what at any moment in any part

of your life I can humbly tell you that my love for you remains steady and true

even while the World Turns a blind eye to you regardless of how much you pour out your heart’s anguish I will be here

for you even when it seems like everyone else is ignoring you you may refuse to settle for less let other people’s

opinions pass you by for now you need affirmation not theirs put your Faith

and Hope in me alone because I will never leave you even when everything else fails the sector can only provide a

transitory and temporary Zone some may feel disappointed because their hopes have been dashed but I will not give in

to wasteful wants or turn a blind eye to those who disobey my word without seeking forgiveness from

you nevertheless gentleness and steadfast commitment accompany my words

as long as you accept and keep my words close to you they will bring you comfort

no matter where you are my promises can restore strengthen and Revitalize you

every morning my love may be eagerly waiting for you when you open your eyes

the same gentle light will greet you illuminating your heart with my Everlasting Love In The Darkest Hours

when others have tricked and misled you it is a Guiding Light that brings you pleasure strengthens you and protects

you from the hardships of life in Times of desolation and Terror I soothed your

Broken Heart by speaking the truth I held you close Whispering tender Promises of my love I can identify you

on a deeper level than you do yourself our souls will forever entwine if

thoughts of worthlessness or self- condemnation Cloud your judgment or prevent you from experiencing the

blessings that are about to spread let my voice cut through that mist because you are an asset to my

pride it is my pleasure to virtually lavish you with my benefits your only

responsibility is to approach me with a spirit of modesty and appreciation and then to stand in a amazement while my

benefits permeate your being a plethora of abilities and resources will outstrip

your most naive expectations you’ve been through many tests that have left you gasping for air but have you lost the

ability to feel my spirit surge in to sustain you even when the storms have worsened our dating relationship was a

Haven of Tranquility for your spirit you were aware that I had been in charge before finding a higher meaning in all

of your hardships Comfort is at your fingertips my love a clear sky will

emerge when the storms pass as I show you how to get to a better floor the Stars will illuminate your path my

darling I have crafted a magnificent future for you brimming with Wonder

promise and a wealth of resources that will liberate you to attain

greatness unveiling Revelation brings Adventures to come instead of listening

to the fearful voices around you I encourage you to be bold and open to communication seeking guidance from my

vision as I Reveal Your Destiny to you you will feel a profound resonance in

your soul you will confidently enter the Magnificent future I have planned for

you if you follow my unwavering leadership without question or reservation and accept my plan stay away

from dwelling on your mistakes from the past I have overlooked every mistake and

imperfection today blessed with Divine blessings and favors begins a new

chapter in my story do not let anything disturb your Serenity or cling to

Sentiments that are second rate or forgotten with my assistance you may

break free from harmful habits vices or previous failures standing firm in your

pursuit of my Divine will regardless of the numerous naysayers and enemies attempting to undermine you is the

essence of fulfillment there is no amount of external pressure on your life life that can change your predestined

fate I promise that my holy spirit will cause you to flourish even in the darkest of times by flooding your life

with benefits and joy you might receive all the knowledge you require embrace my

lessons wholeheartedly let them illuminate your way through the light and the dark and remain steady in them

gather your strength and have unfaltering faith in me while events develop as I have planned never give in

to Temptation or give up on adversity however my infinite love will never

leave you problems will arise and pass however I will shower you with peace and

joy thereafter those benefits are just rewards for being loyal so enjoy them in

the darkness your faith shines like a brilliant light in this world you are no

longer just puppets in the enemy’s Grand game you remain firm as puppets in the enemy’s plot you are a powerful champion

who has answered my call I will be there whenever you require a spark in fact I

might even yell at you I am an unfl flappable unwavering fighter of the highest order he has the power to

transform my life and when I put my loved ones in his hands we find safety

my advantages permeate every aspect of your lifestyle by seeking my face in prayer I will bless you with strength

peace and plenty under his watchful eye my family and I will find refuge and I

will ease my life my best wishes permeate all aspects of your lifestyle

you seek my face in prayer and I will bless you with health prosperity and Tranquility I will free you from the

chains of past mistakes and future anxieties reducing the burden you bear

you will Thrive as a result of my unending provision my Everlasting Fountain will nourish your roots your

foliage will remain Lush and your Harvest will be a testimony to my provision you will be a Haven for the

weary a light for The Wanderers in times of trial and my Tranquility will envelop

you protecting you from the dry seasons of life my favor will be upon you and

your endeavors will succeed because in me you find the self-confidence to

dedicate all your aspirations I have set aside you and your loved ones for salvation shielding

you from the impending danger as you go forward in my presence my guardian angel

angs will be there to guide you find contentment that surpasses the fleeting pleasures of this world as well as joy

that has no bounds never lose heart I will be by your side every step of the

way I will fortify you encourage you and lead you to success in any Endeavor you

choose when you help other people you also help me therefore do this with a

kind heart your efforts will no longer be in vain greater claim is on the way

if you put your trust in me entirely trust me with all your heart and surrender to me in every area of your

life I will show you the way even if you fall you will get back up on your feet

because I am the source of life after death I like modesty empathy and

tolerance keep these qualities I have given you wisdom and bravery do not let

anybody Shake Your Serenity when they are worried they find comfort in me and

I am able to protect them from harm whether you’re home or on the road I can

be your guide keep in mind that I am your God at all times I am your reliable

source of strength and assistance so you need not be worried anymore my love for

you is like a steadfast light in the night whoever tries to bring up your past mistakes has no power over you I’m

always here for you so don’t let resentment and guilt consume you to me

you are more than just an introduction your spirit is priceless find peace in

my presence and feed yourself with my lessons do not spend time with those who bring turmoil my novel reveals an

unfathomable love I the universe’s Creator have planned your lives so that

you can enjoy them to the fullest right alongside the wicked what is ahead of you is of immeasurable importance your

adherence to my invitation to live a virtuous life is a great source of joy for me because you have have found

refuge in me from the Troubles of this world I can shower you with blessings fear not the words of the faint of heart

I have forgotten your sins and forgiven your iniquities in this very moment I

will take your sorrows and help you change your soul the strength to overcome your challenges will be inside

you knowing that the best rewards are waiting for those who think of me fills

me with passion as I start each day your prayers mean the world to me so when you

B bow down to pray Proclaim from the depths of your heart that you believe that every word I say right and promise

to you has the power to materialize even if the universe were to explode my promises would remain true

and your hardships would seem small in comparison everything I provide is for

the betterment of your life and the people in it my goals are pure and unselfish from the center of your

property you will be able to see the Radiance of my advantages you and your loved ones will recognize and be

grateful for them with all your heart and soul you will adore and glorify me

now that we are not ignoring or allowing your prayers to intensify your anguish sadness or isolation we kindly request

your consent to alleviate your worry and fear this is incorrect you have my whole

attention from the very start I have listened attentively no matter how much pain

you’re in I will never turn a blind eye to your calls for help in this world you

are just as powerful as everyone else people seldom protect the power that is legitimately theirs empowered by Your

Divine Birthright rise with boldness because my spirit is inside you you will

succeed in your endeavors to Vanquish Giants storm strongholds free prisoners

and restore light to the globe once the anointed one of the almighty begins to shine the Light Of Heaven who will be

able to resist the burning fire in your palm is unquenchable by any means my

heart marks you for a Celestial fate embrace the boundless Majesty that I

have set out for you I have selected you for greatness so cease to denigrate your

humble beginnings untapped riches abound in my treasuries of Plenty that I have

laid out for you under my Tender Care your unique Brilliance is blossoming

there are more fundamental realities to comprehend my darling and I eagerly anticipate your embrace your touch

touches the very core of heaven and I will Sparkle with extraordinary Elegance keep your cool in the face of Mayhem and

Let The Crucible transforming power fortify you like a Priceless jewel in

the hands of mastercraft’s people unexpected Brilliance suddenly brings

your dormant qualities to life despite the chaos and hardship around you

careful plan planning not danger precipitates your rise to prominence still I beg you to take refuge in my

safe presence when you come to me we will share a Holy Communion I anxiously

anticipate hearing the depths of your affection as I listen attentively to every sincere word you utter please do

not be shy about presenting your case to me I will not ignore your concerns or

pass judgment without hearing you out you must remember that I cast my Nets carefully

and love you without condition just as others opinions have no influence on me

my love for you is painfully aware of the hurts that harsh words and betrayals have caused you but you must also know

that I did not leave you in those Hard Times see how I took you in my arms and pulled you out of your pit of misery

watch your enemies fall to their knees in defeat as you Triumph you are optimistic thriving and fortunate

despite the fact that the pain has intensified if IED you have come out on top interacting with me on this heavenly

connection strengthens your trust imagination and love for me whenever you

finish speaking I will be near your eyes and you will feel my presence encompassing your coronary heart please

know that I listen carefully to every word you say let the reality of my love

for you envelop you and make you happy again no matter what you can count on my

unwavering support and the safety of My Embrace have complete faith in me I am

always prepared to welcome you with open arms embracing you in my love and serenity your self-confidence and Faith

inspire me every morning when you seek my direction and I cherish your prayers and please it’s been a while my beloved

and Shining one there will be no more Oblivion for you where your talents and identity go unacknowledged through you I

am going to exhibit my magnificence must your courage and go forward pick yourself up briskly and step confidently

into the future that awaits you your entire salvation flows over you like a raging River I bestow my spirit on every

living thing and you will guide countless Souls into my magnificent light my Radiance illuminates you so

that everyone may see nobody is going to ignore you look out for your honor and influence I will not withhold any

specifics from you responding to Heaven’s call will fill your days ahead with promise and purpose even those who

dismissed you out of hand will be amazed by what I can do your deepest sorrows

conceal Divine appointments destined for this kind of period despite the crumbling buildings frantic people and

dwindling resources you will be my light in times of Despair my grace and Supply

Will Spring forth within you those of you who are familiar with me will do great feats demonstrating my resiliency

and vitality all the Restless spirits spirits will congregate at the table I’ve set out for you my little child

fear not the approaching night or the inclination of the wicked instead hold

your head up and stand firm be wary of The elusive enemies of pessimism and

uncertainty pay close attention if you feel the desire to let your anger or resentment boil over throughout the

trial whatever your defense is weakness evil forces will find and exploit it my

darling you need not be afraid any more because I will never leave you if you

cultivate an unwavering faith in my Limitless and everlasting love your spirit will remain intact while you’re

weak meditate and don’t let your mouth droop to the point where you stutter or cry out if you cling to me I can help

you realize that my kindness has redeemed and pardoned you when it comes

to my children my compassion Grace and gentle devotion know no bounds put your

worries on me and I will provide you with Tranquility with all your heart in prayer ask for my help and change will

begin to take place inside you listen up my little one I exist when people really

mention me my soul stays with them if you confide in me at your lowest moments

I may surround you with my reassuring presence via our shared Humanity when

the people closest to you hurt you or violate your confidence may you find comfort in my immense love for you

always remember that I am here to help you in any way I can and that with time I will be able to heal their broken

hearts so that they may love and forgive you again forgive those who have wronged you my beloved child you show compassion

when mocked love when rejected and reputation when rejected just as I have

forgiven you love is the greatest defense you have so defend your heart while keeping it open enter my presence

with enthusiasm because I am the one one who will bring you happiness and riches at this holy time bow down before your

writer May the Splendor of Heaven shower down on you and your family in abundance

as I have commanded rage to your feet and shock the Marvels rest healing

cleaning and Recovery will all be my responsibilities Liberation from every

form of bondage ask boldly of me make your request recognized trust

unswervingly in my provision and it shall virtually come to fruition even now Divine assistance rushes in your

direction are you able to not understand the signs cherished huge exchange

nonsecular renewal Revival those surges inside you want waves to collect before a tsunami the Vintage order Fades away

behold I am making all matters new the storms of this world will no longer toss you around anchor your soul deeply in me

permit my dwelling water to spring up within you on a blessed day a Fountain of unending joy and vitality will cross

your path surprise yourself with gratitude at the Glorious transformation unfolding within you let Brave Faith

dispel every Shadow of Doubt as you grow New Horizons beckon unencumbered by the

chains of yesterday a radiant purpose awaits you just Beyond the Horizon my beloved toddler I promise never to leave

or forsake you and I’m trustworthy just as I walked with you in darkness I shall

now lead you into the light then as I illuminate their attitude through the

lens of my grace you may witness a profound shift in those who previously ignored you exciting adjustments are on

the horizon heralding a new chapter abundant with benefits and preferences for you and your family yet I require

your unwavering dedication my child our bond should stay steadfast are you

searching for me earnestly in prayer and immersing yourself in scripture allow my Holy Spirit to WAFF through you as you

minister to others with kindness and healing acts you’ll be filled with surprise as you become a conduit for

miracles past comprehension methed me with boldness and unwavering religion to

request my most excellent blessings my treasured child for no plea grounded in

righteousness and Justice eludes my power to supply these days our covenant is renewed our connection deepened and I

will raise you to Heights of Joy previously unattained able as the electricity of my spirit surges mightily

inside you propelling you closer to your Divine Purpose now pass on my Champion

with humility and steadfast religion victory over each adversary awaits you

cherished do not dwell on past missteps they do not define you my cherished

son’s sacrifice has washed away all sin and shame leaving you pure and harmless

as a new infant you find protection from risk and darkness within the sanctuary of my love beneath my protective Wings

keep my teachings close to your coronary heart and continue to be humble in all you do your religion brings Joy To

Heaven and through it I can restore what has been lost walk in my footsteps and

you may discover Triumph and Grace stride forth boldly your future rests

securely within my Palms I had vanquished your adversaries rendering their plots futile technique me along

with your private yearnings and I shall fulfill them with a boundless love that is aware of No Limits I have witnessed

your struggles your aches and your unwavering patience in times of trial

stand firm a beacon radiating Serenity and quietness rest assured I have Divine

control over everything and I will confront those who have wronged you ensuring justice prevails I can

constantly reinforce your heart infusing it with understanding and love just as

these phrases envelop you in love and Enlightenment so so too will my presence illuminate each aspect of your existence

in your home your workplace and all of your interests my light will guide you

empowering you to make Fearless choices guard your coronary heart against falsehood and

deception trusting solely in me for inside my word lie the seeds of considerable advantages my loved infant

I impart these phrases of love and reassurance to uplift your spirit via adversity asale from each angle take

solace for I your Defender believe in me and your life will fill with boundless

Vitality place your faith in me and you’ll possess the courage resilience and strength to triumph over the forces

of adversity as long as you acknowledge that I have forgiven your trespasses and are prepared to move past your mistakes

I will never forsake or abandon you by embracing the affection of an everlasting and all powerful God all of

my promises and shrines will appear as reality for you these days today marks a

momentous event an afternoon of existence and Triumph that you will always hold pricey Ascend and prepare

yourself for the upcoming Adventure as you immerse yourself in my presence you will uncover my genuine intentions for

you ushering in a new era of Supernatural presence rest assured I am

always attentive to your every step I stand by your facet because I heard your

cries in the depths of depression ression I respond to you because even though you felt forsaken your tears did

not break out this is why I’m here now to reassure you with phrases of spirit and truth that you are never alone and

that each step of your adventure holds significance in its own Direction so when doubts assail you keep in mind this

even within the thickest fog your path is positive adversity Shields you under

my safety defender in the course of each trial and every Triumph in moments of

happiness and sorrow alike you are touring closer to me or even when your soul grows weary take comfort in the

understanding that at some point you’ll discover solace in my loving embody I

long to illuminate your spirit with Supernatural benefits to unveil my reason for you and to offer you guidance

signs and symptoms for your adventure I’m able to warn you of dangers and

assure you of my constant resource allow us to meet here again tomorrow and before you fall asleep tonight take a

moment for me all through your day my Whispers of affection will surround you

and as night falls we will speak like intimate friends about your Slumber goals for me for you to fill your mind

that is my promise to you no project is insurmountable no barrier is just too

bold and when you believe in me nothing and nobody can thwart my will for you or

restrict your desires although the adversary May ATT attempt to stitch Fear With Me by your side you may discover

unwavering electricity I can embolden you infuse you with bravery and energy

and rework you right into a valiant Warrior who triumphs in the face of adversity remember that the adversary

may also be searching for a way to understand my love out of your heart however their efforts will falter

realize this every experience you stumble upon serves to enhance your journey with my guidance and strength I

will raise you to Higher Nation States where the impossible becomes a fact in

my presence your Fitness will flourish possibilities will abound and solutions

will arise for every undertaking accept as true with me permitting me to paint according to my

will and all things shall align for your top even though I have doubts I might

also assail you to continue with unwavering perseverance understanding I’m using your aspect your bond with me shall t

Cen rendering you resilient in opposition to existences adversities you may question the pains I

permit feeling deserted and penalized but my plan for you is profound weighted

down with boundless benefits from past creativeness immerse yourself in my teachings treasure them and heed my

guidance release fears and doubts unshackling yourself from judgment and resentment and devote some time to me

focusing on my word which brings Solace and fortitude release past burdens free

your spirit from hurtful reminiscences and bitterness and embrace the present of this blessing allowing it to cleanse

your soul and elevate your spirit accept my plan as true knowing it shapes you

for greatness and surrender to my love which is miles long and transformative if ever you discover

yourself without words or lacking the will to talk come to me and kneel in the

quiet Stillness of your solitude I am there geared up to spread You In My

Embrace once again displaying the depth of my love even if your voice falters I

pay attention to the Whispers of your heart for you I understand your Soul’s language you place your faith in me for

a bright future filled with advantages you eagerly anticipate it because it’s

far away soon a time will come when you’ll yearn for transformation in your

Lifestyles you may do away with the chains of heart harmful habits that when they ens snare you there will come a

time a Divine hour when you’ll learn to cherish love and nurture yourself this

is not selfishness it’s my Divine commandment bear in mind love your

neighbor as yourself you need to understand and honor your own worth this awareness will no longer breed arrogance

alternatively it’ll imbue you with a heart that empathizes with the suffering of others even as you acknowledge your

very own worth and capacity you will eagerly receive the presence and

benefits I’ve got for you I bestow advantages upon you now not because your movements are ideal but because of my

boundless love and choice to do so I see your errors and imperfections but I also

see your abilities and skills I bathe you with my grace and mercy do not turn

away from the advantages I’ve organized for your destiny agonize no longer a season of abundance is drawing near our

days will be filled with peace and pleasure it’s far my love that blesses you and the blessings I bestow do not

come with ache or sorrow but from the deepness of affection that resides in my heart for you now tell me do you trust

this share your religion with me write it down I yearn to see your spirit and

heart overflowing with religion and blessings upon you I’m able to etch my words upon your coronary heart so that

you may walk steadfastly continually in developed in my love accept forgiveness

for your errors you’re human and vulnerable to falter but I’m a God of

boundless compassion I welcome your repentance and from the depths of melancholy I will lift you up and hold

you close firmly the protection of religion extinguishes the devil’s deceitful arrows boldly brandishing the

sword of reality and unleashing heavensent arrows of prayer to dismantle boundaries in your direction and

recognize this exception Al it brings it fills me with immense joy to bestow

significant blessings upon my loved ones surpassing even their most ambitious hopes regardless of the Tempest raging

around you it’s far my fervent choice that you experience profound joy and

enduring peace I yearn to pour out my spirit upon you a new each day anointing

you with fresh oil I’m hoping it will reside ever deeper within you guiding

your mind words and actions I invite you to capture each moment of your existence

unlocking the doorways to your future I will lead you into deeper National states of intimacy with me Realms become

richer and more profound than you ever imagined fear and Melancholy vanish as I approach replaced by bold faith and

charm as I embrace you the past relinquishes its hold ushering in a new

era filled with the unwavering yearning for the resurrection as I unleash the the latent

capability within you watch in dreams as soon as they are Out Of Reach spread earlier than your eyes and witness D

items spring to existence radiant with purpose nothing is beyond attainment for

the one who instructs the stars and the Seas your weak point becomes the very conduit through which my energy flows

Unstoppable no barrier no bond No failure or degradation can withstand the

electricity of Heaven that surges within you speak the word aligning with me and

Powerful strongholds will disintegrate foundations tly as they bow to my state

for your adventure avoid passing judgment and allow bitterness to find no place in your heart the proper battle

lies beyond the tangible in which foxy adversaries seek to ens snare you in webs of Despair yet worry no more for I

am through your aspect guiding you with unwavering love and unyielding assistance awaken every sunrise with a

coronary heart ready to commune with the heavens in prayer and reward and

discover the energy that dismantles Darkness recognize that this is the

outcome of past strategies put together your spirit beef up your property with team spirit and pray permit the Divine

Essence to lead your every stride infusing you with resilience that banishes worry and fills your soul with

Tranquility past comprehension the adversary may also scheme but his authority pales in comparison to mine he

cannot fathom the depths of your thoughts or the breadth of my designs as he observes your journey Envy keep in

mind that you live below the Refuge of the almighty my grace as an impenetrable Fortress makes your unconquerable

accusations and condemnations dissolve for I’m your Defender your champion and

your wavering Dad or Mom the time has come for you to reap the fruits of your hard work relax relax and know that I am

always by your side even if circumstances seem unfavorable flow

ahead with self assurance knowing that I’m able to combat your battles and guide you to Triumph in every

undertaking I’m your God and your protector with your unwavering supply of

affection and support even in your moments of weakness and doubt my grace will spread you consider that I’m able

to offer whatever you earnestly search for from the depths of your heart I have consistently listened to your prayers

which is why I am currently addressing your concerns realize that my love for you is

boundless and eternal by no means wavering or faltering I reiterate this

on a regular basis imprinting it on your mind to stay steadfast amidst the distractions of the

Arena rest confident that my phrase will always be earlier than you guide and luxury me do no longer succumb to

depression alternatively hold on to the Assurance of my love for you rise and

stroll with a bit of luck for I might be by your side as you Journey lifting you up while you are weary and

downtrodden my spirit will support you as you face the rigers of each day my

love will wrap you in solace in moments of uncertainty my guidance will bring you peace and the love you acquire from me

will strengthen you let the gentleness of my love forever dispel any darkness that threatens to engulf my affection

for you run runs deep and I yearn for your well-being no longer your soreness

these days the key is to wholeheartedly Surrender Your Heart To Me behold as I

work wonders within you you will no longer live in sorrow lamenting the past

rather you will upward push with a newfound radiant smile the advantages I offer surpass any Earthly riches the

gifts I have reserved for you are more precious than all of the wealth within the International Community once I claim

that I can open the Heavens For You embrace my promise with unwavering religion and respond with notion

approach my words with solemnity for This Is Not Mere rhetoric my love for you is evident not hidden away step out

of the door and behold the great expanse of the sky breathe in the gift of Lifestyles and feel the warmth of the

sun’s Rays those are the tokens of my love for you my way of expressing that I love you

is to say that I am always present looking over you with unwavering care

again and again I’ve rescued you from the depths of Despair guiding you far from the pitfalls of error now as you

encounter challenges and hardships persevere without giving up or losing heart your aspirations in your adventure

keep First Rate importance in my eyes and they will truly come to fruition you

possess a Divine Purpose that I bestow upon you through you I am trying trying to illustrate my boundless love and

infinite power each day my holy spirit is at work inside you refining your

nonsecular sensitivity and guiding your course quickly you’ll understand Beyond

surface appearances Discerning the actual intentions of those around you I

will bestow upon you an abundance of information enriching your understanding in top-notch ways your compassion and

Outreach will touch endless Hearts presenting Solace and hope to those in

need stay out of my teachings permitting others to witness the tangible

manifestations of your faith in your life and show the sector what is achievable through unwavering perception

in my energy I’m able to not only most effectively bring recuperation pleasure

and calmness into your life but you will additionally find out your motive pushed

with the aid of the Divine calling Upon Your Existence from ages p past despite

the immense suffering you’ve endured the Lo you’ve experienced and the despair

you’ve expressed I’ve chosen you for immense Endeavors realize that my love

shines relentlessly upon you dissolving all hatred the moment you humbled yourself before me my Gates of Mercy

swung hugely open now unite to experience the wealth of advantages I

have set aside for you I am cleansing your wounds transforming your confusion

into readability and transforming your scars into symbols of electricity and

Splendor remember I haven’t been annoyed with you rather I’ve lamented your

separation from me but now I’ve rescued you and lavishly decorated you with the

grace Authority and divine empowerment bestowed upon you I’m engraving these

guarantees upon your coronary heart so that you may also live and circulate with purpose in alignment with my Divine

will although doubt may also assail you your religion stands with me rooted

deeply in my love no scheme in hell can separate you from this Foundation fake affections or

counterfeit loyalties will no longer ens snare you or Draw you away we journey

together hand in hand while the path grows steep reach out for my hand and

ask freely for sustenance from me for I’m the Wellspring of existence rely on me for strength as fatigue sets in I

have prepared you for victory in each war and supplied all you want to flourish but don’t forget you’re my

favorite created for intimacy with me as we Traverse the nation states of Glory

our spirits come together I constantly remind you that my heart is always turned closer to you ready to respond to

your cries and bestow benefits tailored to your journey you’re sure to me by way of the sacrifice of my blood and the

breaking of my frame securing your freedom from The Sting of dying in I

have sealed my Covenant with you with my own sacrifice so no pressure not even

your own doubts disasters or adversaries can clutch you from my hand release the

burdens of past rejection and Abandonment for they faded in contrast to the boundless love I have reserved

for you draw energy from my inexhaustible abundance and run into my fingers unwavering in your resolve to

bask inside the unwavering gaze of love that I pour out upon you on this cohesive Journey you recall your

authentic identification and purpose you ignite another time with a Divine Venture with my purpose coursing through

your veins like life itself recognize that I stroll along with you each step

protecting your adventure with Celestial Warriors ready for conflict the course earlier than you is mine to manually

finish up the mountain revealing vistas of Eternity I recognize the way and I lead

with assurance calling you to follow along the trail when weariness overtakes you lean on me

closely I feel fatigued together we can triumphantly attain the summit planting

our flag of Victory on once reputedly impossible Peaks from there we will

joyfully survey the territory we have already gained Heavenly Nation realized in the world that after troubles assail

you I Stand By Your Side ready to intervene as you invoke my name

I have the power to disperse the darkness and guide you towards Greater Heights resist the temptation to

retaliate against your enemies and as a substitute accept as true my righteous

judgment and timing my subject is an indication of my love for you and I can

vindicate you in due time protecting you with my electricity you stand unshaken amid the

typhoon refusing to yield let adversaries exhaust themselves in feudal

battle towards the almighty without a doubt my Divine strength they cope with whilst they come against you their

efforts are but Folly my Legions of angelic Warriors stand equipped for the

fry despite the formation of guns and the flight of flames their malicious reasoning will no longer singe a strand

of your hair I can turn their curses into benefits showering abundance upon

you my beloved baby Your Existence serves a profound Purpose with the

rigers that assail you serve to refine and equip you for the First Rate duties I’ve ordained for you a pivotal role

awaits Laden with each Duty and praise stay steadfast in your adventure

continuing to develop in love and understanding learn how to figure out my voice amid the clamor of countless

counterfeit calls equip yourself with the Spiritual armor I offer cloak

yourself in my righteousness as a protection against condemnations assaults convey offerings to my altar

share your blessings with others others and domesticate a spirit of Joyful Thanksgiving even the smallest items

include glimpses of my Divine Glory especially accept as true in my knowhow

that what I withhold is for your own benefit shaping your legacy and nurturing your spirit if you are seeking

prosperity in your prayers and I release you from debt have a good time with the new found Freedom that comes your way

you must desire abundance and I will furnish you with opportun unities for honest paintings don’t worry Embrace

those opportunities to make use of your abilities and create a fee even though I

may be close to one door rest assured that I can open a wider window of opportunity for you follow my guidance

and you may Thrive through difficult work and honesty my preference is not to best bless you abundantly but also to

educate you on the importance of stewardship my blessings will improve your soul rather than decrease it let

gratitude encourage generosity within you just as the increase in benefits fills you with

thankfulness integrate these qualities of gratitude and information into your everyday existence and you will be

embellished with dignities beyond your creativeness I also desire peace and

Harmony in your family in which turmoil gives way to Tranquility perhaps your spoken back prayers will also deepen

your intimacy with me it is crucial to prioritize religious wealth over material benefit maintain a

focus on Heavenly Treasures despite Earthly successes and most importantly

maintain genuine gratitude regardless of the outcome of your prayers that is the key to unlocking the

supernatural existence a lifestyle of devotion adoration belief commitment and

charm my preference is to make your pilgrimage easier faith in me is your impen able shield and stward Fort

however to succumb to doubt and despair is to give up the Reigns of your destiny to those who are seeking your

downfall Sentinel my shielding and unwavering Love Remain steadfast keep

the flame of religion burning even if it takes a flicker each day flip to the Sacred Scriptures and immerse yourself

in their awareness for through them I am seeking to commune at once with your spirit I long to mold you right into a

paragon of authenticity and resilience impervious to manipulation a radiant

Beacon of fact in a world snared by using farhood if you make movements that

disrupt your internal Harmony you are the salt of the earth a luminary amidst the Shadows at the same time others

cower in the face of adversity you stand Resolute Shackled by spiritual

despondency and ens snared by destructive conduct my spirit courses through your veins illuminating your

root and my Celestial hosts instead of dwelling on past mistakes or lamenting

Earth’s captivities pave the way ahead you will magnify your Victory as you

confront and Conquer those who seek to weigh down your spirit it’s far a

day-by-day undertaking to dwell among those bereft of desire and ignorant of my love blinded to the fact of Eternity

that envelops them they fail to grasp the depth of my affection for you manifested Through My Sacrifice on the

move and the triumphant Resurrection empowered by the ceaseless vigilance of the Holy Spirit who guards you this

self-identical electricity resides inside you a testament to my abiding

presence in your Lifestyles immutable and unchanging I Am The Anchor amidst

Lifestyles Temptations the voice that Whispers Solace and recuperation rejoice

in the certainty of your Triumph for I am always by your facet upholding you

and pleasing my Divine reason your desires will blossom into truth when you tether them to mine be steadfast for

your faith let now not your clear up be a waiver for my word is the Bedrock of

everlasting reality I have ordered for you a destiny air with blessings and Marvels regen your acceptance as true

with me and let go of apprehensions about tomorrow Cloud your mind with worry for it is a thief that robs you of

joy and obscures your vision Vision stroll with me along the path of Serenity and peace a journey illumined

by unwavering faith when you draw close to me my love for you knows no bounds I

unfold you in my unfailing love wiping away every tear and surrounding you with peace this is uniquely Divine I tenderly

heal and repair your spirit infusing your soul with boundless joy and strengthening you in the midst of your

trials I am aware of and enjoy every feeling I am the only one who knows you inside

and out as your future and the heights you will reach draw closer I will shower

you with benefits I’m ready to do more miracles in your life than you could ever imagine in addition I’m prepared to

do miraculous deeds in the lives of those you care about starting with the most powerful Miracles and bringing you

daily into a religious world that goes much beyond what you have learned so far

step into a world of Limitless possibilities as you set off on a journey of Wonders unwavering confidence

in the actuality of my word rather than relying on transient emotions or what you see with your senses will decide

your destiny in this way you can hear me clearly and I will lead you to great

success wait patiently for I will reveal the right time and blessings will pour

down upon you in great abundance do not follow the Hasty ones who are searching

for miracle Ires on their own and who are claiming things I have never spoken they get religiously disillusioned and

lose themselves in their desperation instead I am molding you into a conduit of heavenly Grace that

may satisfy the Deep need for love that so many others have every good word you

say will bring you enormous benefits and support so take your time and utilize it

to bless others because of this your efforts will grow and Limitless doors of

opportunity will open I can give you whatever you need to hold tight to my message before we travel together down

the Paths of Glory as your God you need not be afraid when difficulties arise I

will give you the strength to overcome them I can Guide You by hand and show you the way to the advantages I’ve

planned for you you can’t return to locations that have deeply wounded your spirit we have become one and your way

of life is now a secret part of my Splendor we as a group are venturing out

into Uncharted Territory far from the pits of self-criticism and shame do not

let little desires drag you down we are one in our passion for change and I am

the one who gives you purpose and Kindles a sacred fire even though clouds

May gather and fears and doubts may Loom large my beloved child knows that I am

the light that shines through the darkness each day revealing my IDE ideal plan for your life I love you with an

unwavering love that resides in your soul with fire burning inside you rise

to face each new day no matter how many obstacles try to derail you know that I

will be there to help you cross the finish line first no longer will The Darkness of night or the heat of day

cause my angels to keep watch over you they will protect you from harm and

anxiety in the depths of your being I am a Wellspring of wisdom that may guide

you through times of confusion listen to my soft murmur I alleviate distress by

providing consolation to your soul our affection for you has no bounds the

spirit inside you which you purchased at a tremendous price empowers you to overcome worldly challenges and take

charge above all things make communion with me a top priority spend time in my

presence and today find your last ACC lishment a holy sword a representation

of the power of my holy message is in your hands my heavenly power will illuminate your way as you Faithfully

follow my lessons and remain steadfast in your faith may you find strength to

face your anxieties my Courageous one I now hold you in the most sacred place in

my heart along with your loved ones my words will reverberate within you and

penetrate deeply into your soul allowing my message to leave an ever Everlasting Mark your children and relatives will

approach the threshold of your advantages with unwavering faith and Limitless desire as the days of trouble

pass and a future illuminated by radiation Dawns there will be solace in

the knowledge that the hardships will eventually burn out even in the depths of Despair your heavenly father will

remain by your side fear not I will be your constant guide enabling you to

achieve your dreams even even while we Face a world filled with obstacles I have overcome Despair and retained the

keys to a life full of immense Joy therefore there must be something in me

that you understand your successive triumphs are in harmony with my Celestial plan success and prosperity

will be yours to enjoy for years to come let yourself be confused about your vision when you see failure remember

what was spoken to you because as you prosper in joy and blessing envious enemies may also rise as is the norm in

the industry I raise the ones I care about and their happiness and unfaltering Faith attract the attention

of enemies have no fear following my path will protect you from harm I value

your humanity and all its flaws therefore I am not seeking Perfection at the moment I long for your undivided

devotion and unwavering focus on my holy message you yearn for a life of calm and serenity live each day with unfaltering

faith in the promises I’ve made to you I am the one who will propose to you protect you lead you provide for you and

be your God you discover refuge and Security in my Persona you may count on

me as your loyal companion and we will enjoy ourselves to the fullest when the advantages you seek finally show up at

your door I firmly promise to fulfill my commitment to you get ready for a sea

change in many areas of your life fill your mind with the promises I have made to restore and rejuvenate it change your

perspective and response when you encounter limits remember you are very valued in my eyes and I make sure to

remind you of this often so that you never doubt or forget that my promises go beyond simple compassion their

Spirits are filled with boundless enthusiasm and absolute conviction my

love for you is eternal and indestructible thanks to your unfaltering faith and

moral decisions you are on a path that leads to boundless prosperity and favor from above you are living proof of how

profoundly my lessons have penetrated your soul with every step you take your

path so far has required deep introspection and surrender of your willpower but as you have made your way

to Warrior where we are waiting to welcome you I am here to shower you with unmerited Benefits my words are more

than mere words Birds they embody life a tangible expression of my boundless love

that will stand by your side no matter what continue moving ahead with a Resolute will and you will conquer any

challenge make your way across each Chasm and glide calmly over stormy seas

no longer my courageous fighter my cherished Offspring can even one storm

spark your fate with each step you take on this journey we call life I keep

nearing the the keys to your pleasure and success in the face of impending hardship Let Your Inner Strength

flourish furthermore may your faith remain firm founded on the assurance

that even when I seem far away and my voice is quiet I am always there ready to save you at the allotted hour your

enemy Aries will flee in fear at your unwavering resolve defeat will not be a

refuge for you even in the face of their overwhelming bulk and might you shouldn’t drag yourself down by clinging

to negative emotions or grudges as the sun rises bring to light the painful

memories that have only served to separate you from my affection I’m able

to revitalize everything turning successes into even bigger triumphs and

bestowing on you an everlasting joy that outstrips any level of knowledge your

focus is now on Reviving your goals get out of here away from the land of disappointment and misery a better

future is ahead of you always keep in mind that you have a Heavenly Advocate to stand by your side when you question

or challenge your faith every day in the faith you possess even in times of

emptiness I am listening thus the Dive In Justice method will confront those

who seek to harm you shift your misery and Chaos into being in my company my

hand will heal you and release you from your shackles with a heart full of heavenly

love you are attempting to reach me at any hour and I can envelop you in it I

am writing this letter specifically for my Warriors stay true to it until you reach your breaking point if you’re in

their shoes pay attention to what I’m saying here excuses don’t matter in

dazzling ways I will remove obstacles and open doors for those who agree with my promises I have selected you and I’m

confident that you will achieve success whenever you’re unsure cling to the hope

that my insurances provide believe completely and you could see amazing changes in your lives think of yourself

as full of life steadfast in your faith and brave when faced with any challenge

don’t worry I can guide you through obstacles and provide the necessary Solutions whether they pertain to your

finances health or family conflicts your needs will be more than met by my grace

release your troubles and find Comfort today here in my Safe Haven you may let

go of the chaos in your heart and listen to the Everlasting murmur of love if you

respond with seriousness the Gates of Heaven will open wide right now I am

sweet little one you reside in my domain while contentment fills your spirit do

not leave this holy Sanctuary for fleeting Joys or meaningless Pursuits it is the miles of my breath that give you

the gift of eternal life never again will you trade this Priceless gift for transient luxuries in my place please

make it a priority to care for your family every single day let go of any resentment When the Sun Goes Down And

instead joyfully welcome each new Daybreak don’t let superficial qualities

fool you only I can unveil the true essence of your heart in the same

boundless love and forgiveness that I have showered upon you I offer you the same compassion and kindness honestly

your previous mistakes will never haunt you or determine your future I extend

the same Grace to those who hurt you no matter how severely in response to

animosity I provide tenderness and Care use Extreme Caution while choosing your

words and defend your inner self with all your might avoid allowing

destructive thought patterns or poisonous mentalities to contaminate you they gradually propagate contaminating

everyone with punition ious views and opinions until they become the norm

allow the energy of my presence and power to envelop you through Sacred Scriptures and sacred texts my lifeblood

flows freely to you as my spirit fills you old wounds heal and l- held chains

dissolve boundaries perceived insurmountable sins release their grip on you when the light of Heaven

illuminates the dark corners of your soul Shadows of iniquity cannot endure

in my glory glorious presence indeed wherever it shines Everlasting radiation

dispels all Darkness Embrace this new day and walk like a newborn of light

unashamed and fearless the past Deeds have no power to torture or condemn

those who find refuge in me allow my healing light which nourishes and heals

to illuminate any remaining Shadows inside you and drive them out realize

that my kindness has no limits for those who come to in humility hence bring all

your faults into this world where sins are immediately washed away free yourself from the chains of guilt and

start again in health wear the worn garments of bygone eras with dignity

befitting a real Monarch your punishment has unquestionably been served those

clothed in the righteousness of my salvation have no more debt so take

heart in the abundant grace I’ve given you transform into the embodiment of the liberation ation I have bought for you

at a premium price by shedding the traces of your old self which represent the Transcendence of sin and

servitude those I hold dear are Unstoppable by any power on this planet

come close to me and you will find the strength to face hardship I will reveal the answers you seek including the Peace

of dawn in my presence I watch over you always listening to your every word and

cry so you know know how much I care and I hold you in my arms with Limitless love even when the world around us is

full of sadness even when everyone else is waiting for you to fall my soul will

hold you gently and tell you to push yourself up with honor and bravery you

are my beloved child and no Darkness will ever cast a shadow on you those

words will sustain your spirit as night falls providing peace and confidence

witness the Heavenly Legion protecting you from the harshness of the world world as you go on your journey soaking

in the light of my divine presence never forget that I am always by your side

supporting you in both good times and bad as the sun goes down and the Shadows

grow longer I pray that you may find comfort in the safety of your most Sacred Heart under God’s protective arms

I feel embraced by love always keep in mind that the Lord is powerful over you

even if the World Turns its back on you you must never forget it you have an Indescribable allure in my

eyes despite the sector’s best efforts to shape and determine you I can see the core of your being just the way you are

I truly like you I am the one who will decide your fate give in the temptation

to let go of your worries and your resolve keep your mind protected knowing that your attacker’s might is little

more than a passing shadow in comparison he rests in my luminous Dominion anticipating time of weakness

but even at such times you may call on me and I will give you a solution with a power that trembles the skies one that

will be relevant both now and for the future you leave your children entrust

them to my capable care where I will ensure their growth provide them with nourishment and shield them from my

affection keep moving ahead with unwavering confidence because I am your rock solid foundation and your Fortress

against any attack I invite your loved ones to let me into their hearts so they

may experience the warmth of My Embrace and the depth of my compassion I am a parent whose love has

no bounds and whose dedication lasts forever in the midst of Life storms I

find Refuge a place where fear and doubt have no place earlier I mapped out a

path that is Rich with blessings and riches when you close a door it will swing open wide and blessings will flow

like a powerful River with each New Dawn my promises stand firm and my commands

point the way to a life brimming with joy and fulfillment being here makes you

more sensitive to my hushed murmurs for it is in those rare times of complete release that I reveal the depths of my

love for you my ever Vigilant enemy there will be efforts to derail you and

make you forget the promises we made but you need not be afraid I deare deare you

triumphant with a courage that has no bounds while you travel communicate with me entrusting me with your deepest hopes

and worst Sorrows place all of your concerns big and small on my strong shoulders I am capable of handling

everything that comes my way my love has no limits no exceptions and no stopping

no storm is too strong for me to soothe and no difficulty is too great while you

make mistakes don’t wallow in shame and sorrow I have already paid for all my past and

future transgressions step down from your lofty throne with meekness accept my pardon and rise up again clothed in

righteousness each new morning brings forth new mercies but none surpass the Salvation I have attained put an end to

the falsehoods that tell you I can’t love you or that my Healing Touch will never be enough I deeply love you and I

will relentlessly pursue you refusing to surrender or succumb to the enemy strategy

even though force is no match for the force of my Selfless Love I have you safely in my grasp I am really concerned

about your welfare your objectives have great value in my eyes and working

together we will accomplish your sacred Mission I have delicately woven your

whole being into the fabric of my life stitch by Stitch I understand who you

are at heart and what you hold dear I will bring your life to fulfillment so

there’s no need to fret about the unknown I believe in my broad goal my

goals for you though hidden by Thrillers are filled with good intentions and purpose you may have to Trek through

some dark valleys but I will be there to guide and protect you let the E and flow

of my infinite love soothe your inner turmoil in my loving embrace you will

find Solace as I protect you from the tempests until they pass learn to relax

deeply let my reassuring voice muffle the in of less important concerns and replenish your strength from the

Abundant well of my grace as my perfect love chases away any anxiety that may be

devouring you rest assured you are well aware of this the cares of this world

are more than enough and my provision will be with you always so you don’t have to worry about the stresses of the

past or future when you put your faith in me when everything else fails and the

arena provides no nourishment I will screen myself in magnificent ways among

the desolate Landscapes put your fears of the future aside and do not fear the Wasteland

roads that lie ahead in the desert I am the Living Water that satisfies your

thirst and revives your spirit I am food from the Heavenly Storehouse where

invisible supplies outweigh worldly bread rising from the depths of Despair

embrace the path of Faith because true resilience lies in The Invisible and everlasting hidden within the sector’s

Anarchy I have loved you from ancient times knowing every celebrity by a call

so tune your ear to the Whispers of Heaven oh how precious you are the Priceless gem that adorns my heart this

boundless love is a gift from the Almighty maker pay attention to my request for a second don’t allow minor

issues to sway you demonstrate to me that you are paying close attention by

holding on to every every word I say I feel compelled to tell you how much I love you all over again it goes beyond

emotions and words this Covenant will last forever with my own voice I profess

my love for you it is written sealed and will last forever integral to who I am

my vows will never change no matter what happens you will always be in my heart

you may find guidance and a gentle reminder of your esteemed reputation in every every Celestial body in the night

sky there is an unseen but deep love that dispels all inner Gloom and it

exists so that you might also bask in the warmth of the light that radiates from above every morning as you open

your eyes to a new day my darling let this love surround you just as it does

every night before you sleep I love the experience incorporate this love with

unfaltering faith and confidence for it is now manifestly genuine and not an

illusion I freely shower love on your soul which is your deepest need I am

changing your views about Lifestyles by giving you something magnificent and wonderful your success your ability to

endure any storm no matter how great and your ability to walk confidently in the

knowledge of our unbreakable Bond are of the utmost importance to me because I love you very much in This Global

collapse into Anarchy you represent both my name and the name of an indiv idual

reflect my unfaltering light through life storms and shine brilliantly in the

middle of the gloom and ruin in the midst of their anguish and fury many

react violently to what they see as danger nevertheless they are able to hold their pride in check empathize with

others in distress and view everyone as a victim of circumstances beyond their control even if some may appear hopeless

keep in mind that there are no limits to my grace through my Ministry I have healed the

sickest hearts and freed captive Minds do not feel bad for each individual but

stay home always keep the Brave and admirable in your prayers you can best

assess a Soul’s capacity when you make room for my redeeming works but your

compassion can also ignite incredible exchanges my strategies are Beyond mortal comprehension and my shopping

prowess is like that of a treasured toddler may my words bring you peace and

liberate you from the cares of this world Focus only on myself at this moment now is the moment to liberate

your loved ones from the shackles of fear and tyranny that you have endured for an excessive amount of time

unfaltering faith is a tool I have given you to fight the evil that tries to

influence you nothing bad can happen to you or the people you care about when

you are my steadfast non-secular example radiating confidence in my heavenly care

fear not for I am with you to bring you in the right direction I am the one who

embraced the Earth as it erupted into life the one who brought order out of chaos with words and I will hold you

close tending to every part of you every thought and every desire my love and

power are like magnets drawing you closer every day Immortal beings in

artificial intelligence stand as witnesses to the immensity of my love which I am poor pouring out upon you in

the face of the Perils of Your Love in an effort to save the Fallon and mend the broken to illuminate your dim life

to uncover new Realms of light to amaze you and to prepare you for future

Explorations inside your spirit I have given you the tools you need to put my lessons into practice by

sewing the seeds of knowledge and understanding you have nothing to fear from the opposition anymore because

their attempts to thwart your fate will ultimately fail you are a shining

example of courage and strength under the protection of my heavenly supervision I have whispered this sacred

information in moments of solitude and life’s tumultuous Symphony amidst the rustle of leaves and the crescendo of

storms but I sense the turmoil that occasionally ripples through your being

when you let other people’s opinions sway you sacrificing your own pleasure and the abundance I offer for their

approval despite the range of rejections and the Allure of your Renown the light of your

true nature does not diminish with each such concession my dear in the vast

fabric of your journey the cacophony of opinions and a hint of contempt are

simply passing Shadows you will find everything you desire in me as my body

will help you conquer all your fears hold my hand my love you have already

defeated everyone who dared to oppose you in the vastness of Eternity their

threats are nothing more than weak irrelevant Echoes however do not take my

assurances lightly or mock them in times of doubt they reduce the efficacy of your cure even when many are casting

doubt on my credibility and the efficacy of my teachings remember that your faith

is what keeps you going in the face of criticism from those who would use your flaws to make you feel Unworthy of

benefits disregard their opinion you have no responsibility to follow their advice I find joy in your pursuit

of me and I’m able to realize this through your prayers and Thanksgiving your unwavering devotion

and determination in the face of adversity are inspiring and they echo through the sky as a testimony to your

faith for the moments when uncertainties arise etch this truth deeply into your

soul I have introduced healed and blessed you my kindness has saved you

from condemnation and embraced you with my affection the energy I have bestowed

upon you has granted you access to the Supernatural and a gateway to many

greater benefits I would rather that you retain those things sharing the words of

hope that have revitalized your spirit with others keeping my phrases alive for your movements and remaining anchored in

our relationship through worship Thanksgiving and prayer in times of calm

and Reawakening remember my vows as you absorb my words I will instill wisdom

and preference in you and I will provide you with a vocation and talents that bring you pleasure unfettered by worldly

troubles after a time of mourning this is a time of Joy when Beauty replaces

ashes I will lead you into a place ripe with opportunity where poverty and want

cannot reign supreme over Solitude you will break free from the clutches of sadness and rejection right now in my

body you may find complete satisfaction safe visible loved and entire when you

experience suffering you are not defeated if you are seeking comfort in my company you should bring your pain to

me if tears must slide allow them to flow freely if you need someone to cry

with I am here standing by your side you know that I understand your feelings and

I’m affected by your pain even in the midst of deep Despair and agonizing

isolation by your side I remain unwavering I will not leave you instead

I will be here to strengthen you and comfort you showing you how much you mean to me and how much my love for you

has grown embrace me there is nothing that can break our bond take this truth

to heart my unfaltering Limitless and truthful love for you will remain

unbroken no matter how much trouble persecution uncertainty or trials you

face do not waver from this assurance your flaws and mistakes don’t change the

fact that I adore you I am unflinching truthful and never exaggerate my

dedication to you has no limits so trust me when I say I love you at nauseum it’s

about time you took my adoration seriously and put any fears to rest keep

your trust steady like a ship in Stormy Waters we will no longer allow you to

stumble Veer or break your path your faith and unwavering belief are crucial

now more than ever I have showered you with many blessings already and there will be more in the future surrender

your broken heart to me and maintain unfaltering faith I will never leave you

let this truth sink deeply into who you are you can meet me here give me your whole heart lay your broken dreams on my

feet and divide your responsibilities remember that my fingers are ready in the event that you

trip or fall into sin I offer my eternal pardon because I care for you I can

forgive your contrite spirit and guide you back to Holiness I want to warn you about the dangers in this unstable World

your enemy is Crafty and will use your lack of focus or faith to lure you into hidden traps my words originate from a

deep love designed to keep you Vigilant at all times this discourse lays forth a

path to Blessings every morning as you awaken and enter the supernatural world

of my presence you find my Divine will and plan for redemption in my scriptures

are you seeking me there in these words of trust God is perfect with thankfulness I incorporate his favor on

these days I pour forth my boundless affection for you tell me how you feel when you hear my love for you and your

ideas I am sensitive to your deepest longings and am well-versed in all your situations

how does it feel to experience such profound love protection and value

whether you sense my presence or not my hope is that it enables you to remain steadfast in my love my written

statement is a steadfast pledge that nothing not even the most daring and

difficult conditions can separate you from my love it is no longer dependent on your feelings to Define our

connection strength or belief you should never feel hopeless or alone no matter

how many enemies you face my infinite love for you is something you can no longer deny you are familiar with my

unfaltering promise so you may rest easy keep things straight with unfaltering

faith even in the midst of Temptation weakness plans falling apart betrayal or

misery my protection encompasses you you shouldn’t look any farther for comfort

you know that their claims of futility are nothing more than empty r Ric and I

know that the hardships you face daily test your faith I want you to know that

my love and style are the foundation of your belief but that you can overcome any negatives by standing firm on my

promise stay steadfast for I will be by your side bolstering and guiding you no

matter how much the enemy boasts his words will not diminish the power of my truth think about me the one from whom

everything comes I am the one who commands the storms and enemies I may

also gravitate toward you alone if you fall I have the power to help you up I

am here to save you with my infinite mercy and compassion offering my assistance and showering you with

blessings is entirely my own decision pay attention take all I say to heart

and have unshakable faith in my promises hold on to your resolve because I am

about to perform miracles in your life and the lives of people dear to you and

you will experience them it warms my heart to know that you seek comfort and

worship in moments of isolation especially during the vulnerable times when we are close and I may share in

your hardships keep in mind that I’m here to lend a hand if you need it if you’re

feeling overwhelmed by the stresses in your life all you have to do is ask me to lift you off the ground those last

few words are a supernatural Assurance of how valuable you are to me I look at

you and my love for you has no bounds I am here to heal your broken heart if you

have any concerns about love maybe stemming from past experiences with unrequited love lots of joy is on the

way thanks to the love you’ve planted your strength and the beauty of all You’ fostered are wonders to me I am aware of

the love you have given even if returning it brings you no joy even even

when others have let you down and you have put too much faith in their abilities to control your lives I’m

always looking over you your altruistic efforts have not gone unnoticed for an

extended period of time you will receive more than adequate compensation for your

restlessness in the midst of suffering you will harvest what you have planted

in rich soil the power of my holy spirit is like a river it turns hardship into

opportunity my touch energizes you opening your eyes to the Future that awaits Baron after

all the battles and hardships you faced yearning for the fortitude to endure I

will renew the Earth fill your heart with love reward your unwavering loyalty and fill your hands with plenty if you

are steadfast in your perspective and determined in your Pursuits I ask that you let me into your heart I will be by

your side every step of the way providing strength strength protection and constant reminders of my unending

love perch on top of the world I’m doing okay the cruel murmur of doubt that

linger in the night are trying to hide the love that is already in your lives you must ignore them as an alternative

you may relax in my love’s tender Embrace I have zero interest in wasting

your time and energy on meaningless Pursuits in the future in the depths of

your heart I will not let others Ambitions divert you from your true purpose I have set objectives for you

and I will be there every step of the way to help you achieve them you will overcome every obstacle and overcome

every Darkness however you must remain faithful in my presence taking strength

and knowledge from my word the purpose of this Voyage is not to experience temporary Euphoria so there’s no need to

rush you have developed wisdom and character beyond your past boundaries with heaven skill my guidance will

illuminate your path and soften your demeanor with the break of dawn I give

you the gift of holy insight and the ability to follow the Divine path in response to the symptoms and signals I

send there may be days of Joy days of Sorrow times of numbness and instances

of Joyful jumps do not give up on these Expressions however in this heavenly

sphere consult the holy books feed your spirit with my word and return to my

loving Embrace when You Face choice or hardship my Holy Spirit Will embrace you

comforting and guiding you through the challenges life presents take my advice to heart I solemnly swear that I will

not incur any heavy long-term debt and that I will resist the temptation to enter the arena during the bondage

interval repeat after me Beware of the scum who pray for the easily duped you

protect yourself against dishonesty and refuse to make promises that go against my Divine will because of your wisdom

courage judgment and intelligence stay away from bad people and shield those

you care about from falling into a pit of despair because of poor decisions I long for your undying love and

commitment to me embrace my affection whether it’s in the good times or the bad this path we’re on together is

endless keep that in mind whether you’re in the path of gentle rain or a furious

storm keep on walking and praying Even If Tears obscure your vision despite

your disagreements march on fearlessly because I have the ability to steal the storms and calm the Rough Waters I can

convey tranquility and in times of need I will provide generously but what

really warms my heart is your unwavering dedication your dogged pursuit of me and

including me in other parts of your lives feel the Supernatural and spiritual strength bestowed upon you as

your your faith transforms into a powerful weapon driving out evil

overcoming weaknesses and enabling you to overcome any Temptation fear or

obstacle that life may present take a minute to bend your head every morning

before you leave the house you should commit your goals and Ambitions to me then pray for your family speak words of

faith and peace and rejoice because I am your Shepherd and under my care you have

all you need you are more than simply children to me you are loving sheep that I Shepherd to pasture but now your pain

has ended and a new chapter of your life has begun one full of Limitless love and

deep calm every part of your life has the potential for change and I give you the strength to face it headon with

trust let go of whatever shame or guilt you may be carrying being in my presence

will wash them away and give you the strength to face your trip fearlessly my my coronary heart flows easily to yours

so please be aware of that the joy that you bring as my beloved toddler is one of my greatest gifts and I’m grateful

for it you have the right to live a life that is well lit well informed and

prosperous never forget that I am by your side willing to sacrifice everything for what you want no matter

how tough the going gets have faith in my constant presence and you will find immeasurable amounts of abundance and

comfort put your wife worries to rest I am fully responsible for your and your

loved one’s safety right now my love for you is genuine and unadulterated do you intend to get it

you are the object of my infinite admiration in this moment my darling I want to tell you something profound that

will work out well for you I beg you to stay focused on those sentences and listen carefully my love for you will

never fade and I want nothing more than to shower you with abundant compassion and envelop you in Heavenly comfort so

that you may feel covered LED blessed and utterly adored even while you’re

going through tough times however I have something important to share with you

that will Aid in your emotional healing because you’re valuable to me please remember the actions that I’m going to

take I can handle everything that comes my way while you grow my word is genuine

and will never fail you must learn to understand and Trust Me based on what you know about me having said that you

are having difficulty in one particular area I don’t tell you this to let you

down or discourage you rather I want to show you how to get more benefits if you

follow my advice when everything else fails and the world’s problems seem overwhelming my steadfast love will be

there to comfort you my dear child even when it seems like everyone is leaving

you lift your weary Palms to the sky and and take solace in my Everlasting

embrace you are aware that my love is ever present a Beacon of Hope even when

everything else fails love between humans is transitory at best but my heavenly love is like a perennial spring

endless and unadulterated give me control of your heart because I am the one true friend

who will never abandon you or Stop Loving You In My Embrace safe from the

dangers of the world you will discover the answers to your prayers for hope and serenity your heavenly father’s care is

an incredible and lovely experience you can’t feed a human on bread alone but these words will satisfy your hunger

anytime I speak from my heart your soul flourishes in addition to Serenity I

bring you encouragement calm and faith today beyond all the love and Tranquility this planet has to offer my

calm is a gift that I give freely today is the day to open your heart and AC

accept this Priceless gift all the wonderful and miraculous rewards outweigh the difficulties you’re

experiencing right now let me get ready for you with the introduction of a new chapter the burdens of the past will

begin to recede my unending love has been a rock for you through all the

hardships you faced understand that the fact that you have come across these words is not

random but rather part of a larger purpose everything you need to overcome

your worries and and concerns and go from sadness to Joy is within your reach

resisting is your life’s Mission because of my grace and comfort you are filled

with peace and optimism your unwavering resolve willingness to let go of the past and enthusiastic pursuit of New

Opportunities ensure that you will not only survive but thrive in harmony with my

objectives the gifts I give you will not burden you with debt nor the richness

that enters your life life will bring you sorrow focus on what’s to come and

ignore those who would cast out on my message their negativity is an attempt

to undermine your faith so treasure and keep in mind the many promises I make in

my word hold on to your unfaltering trust knowing that my Limitless love

will be your anchor in times of need my enormous affection for you will shine through as your anxieties fade I can see

your unwavering resolve shine from the depths of your soul so it will never Shake if you feel that doubt is trying

to invade your spirit go down on one knee and pray for my Supernatural

intervention be assured that my Limitless Love Remains steadfast in your

faith let’s talk about the things you’ve been holding on to for far too long the

emotions you’ve tried to bury and the weight on your shoulders I know you well enough to hear you freely without fear

or guilt I protect your innermost Secrets within the security of my presence if you so desire please join me

in this holy conversation today take advantage of this chance to live a life free from the constraints that weigh you

down and enjoy the happiness that comes from having your heart and spirit not burdened let go of resentment and let

the deep love I have for you change your ideas and beliefs give you strength and

end your terrible history think about it and admit that it’s not a coincidence

that we’re having communion at this time Embrace Life with steadfast trust do not

look to this world’s fleeting things for answers or Solutions if you want a miraculous Miracle you must bow down

before me and I will grant it to you stay focused you did not enter this

world to endure servitude or misery but rather a life full of Plenty it is my

sincere desire to provide you with more than just Solace today I want to help you rise beyond the

depths of isolation let this goodness in accept it and live in its Embrace

embrace the infinite love and grace I have bestowed upon you with bravery if you possess the faith strength courage

and determination to conquer any obstacle you possess what it takes to Triumph in any battle keep in mind that

the god you worship believe in and adore is real all powerful and beyond your

comprehension share your your emotions with me and confirm your faith get up

and go about your day bursting with happiness I have many plans for you so make sure you put today’s teachings into

action throughout my life I have done it though you may have felt that I had left

you I was really the one who was closest to you shielding you from Rob’s plans

and the many threats that lurked around every corner after so many attacks you made the right decision to seek me out

even when you felt like giving up you reawakened your will to fight and live by my side over the years your

faith has deepened and you understand that in times of trouble it’s crucial to

maintain your composure and place your trust in my words you know that my love for you is real and that I can provide

for your needs therefore I admire your courage in asking for what you want as a

result I will reveal a wealth of information about upcoming events with rekindled resolve you will follow the

doors I open and the roads I show you which will be filled with benefits so

that you may be prepared for the new benefits I will give when the time comes

I will reveal numerous Secrets written since the beginning of time because of

your lack of faithfulness I will put you in the middle of your troubles I will shower your life with presence that I

have handpicked only for you as a token of my profound appreciation for everything that you do for me

the chapters will be filled with Marvels beyond your wildest dreams if you Embrace this heavenly adventure with

faith as you go keep your head down and your faith strong reflect on the life

path I have crafted for you as you weave it into the fabric of existence and never forget the transformational power

of gratitude as you boldly enter the promised land which I have purchased for

you with the selfless sacrifice of My Blood please give me the honor and a claim you deserve

my promises will soon come true in the brilliant future I have planned for you so get your heart ready my everlasting

love has chosen you from the beginning of time kissing your forehead as the sun rises and guiding your every step since

your childhood innocence this love knows no bounds it encompasses everything and

changes everything protecting you from evils clutches while embracing you with gentle compassion I am loving you today

because you are worthy of my my affection you have my undying love no one can love you more deeply than I do

so don’t let anybody else make you feel unloved as you open your eyes to a new day I want to speak with you reach out

and touch your heart and bless you no worldly power can breach the

supernatural protection that my love is ready to offer you never let the doubters discourage you I extend my

blessings to those I adore I have meticulously crafted you for my own use use choosing you so that you may know me

feel my love and understand the great Destiny I want you to achieve my

blessings overflow upon you and your loved ones embracing The Young and the old The Unborn and the

dying my elusive hand gently guides everyone’s steps even those who don’t

actively seek me bringing them closer to my Divine Embrace keep on praying do not

give up instead let your screams be heard with conviction

because I adore you so much I’m determined to bless you and your entire family remain composed declare your

faith in me let go of anxiety and embrace my serenity get a grip on your

worries and seek my kingdom prioritize being a witness to the unfolding of

blessings and prosperity as you start each day with an attitude of deep

appreciation put your faith in the one and only person who can lead you through life’s unexpected it turns put all your

trust in me and I will send helpers and intervene in many ways to fix problems

please love me with all that you have if you make me the compass guiding your goals and the continuous Muse of your

thoughts I will gladly give you all the kindness and Beauty you seek you may

have complete confidence in me this is the essence of prosperity this is the very definition

of a boon every morning before you go to sleep SP spare a few minutes to talk to

me let the spiritual bond between us grow as you fall to your knees and pour out your spirit please know that I am

more than willing and able to assist you in any way I can my magnificent plans for you and your family weave into your

life like a tapestry your unfaltering trust and optimism are all that I need

your trust is the key to knowing for sure something you can’t see everything

that happens is according to my divine plan and it will all work out for your benefit if you can believe if I say it

it will come to pass provided you remain true to your beliefs and embrace benefits that surpass financial gain

bringing you Wealth Beyond Your Wildest Dreams blessings will bestow the holy robe of humility upon your soul

protecting your heart from falling rather than focusing on temporary Pleasures seek out Pursuits that will

build you up for all time benefiting not only yourself but also your loved ones

and your spiritual Path stop fretting let my calm fill you protect your spirit

from the fears that afflict your mind and put your confidence in my strong hands I am in charge of everything the

change will start the moment you believe in this reality and put it into practice every day alter your expression may your

radiant grin Adorn your face as you embrace the plethora of fresh benefits

that are sure to come your way declare Clare with conviction that you are awaiting a miracle and assure those you

love that encouragement will abound soon speak to them freely always approach

people with the hope that they may undergo a good transformation let me show you the way

to Peaceful verdant grasslands and Placid Lakes I would like to offer my

assistance in lightening the load that you are carrying if you would only give me a little of your valuable time I will

relieve you of all your problems I want to change your problems into blessings and your tears into joy and you know

that this is my greatest wish take comfort in the fact that your prayers are a recognition of the ways in which I

have helped you on this path and that your daily Pursuit Of Me gives me great Delight if I hadn’t been here standing

firmly by your side you may have lost may you be able to see the difficulties I have brought upon you as

manifestations of my infinite love as you journeyed across the desert I

remained by your side offering you my unspoken support realize this deep

reality as I have delivered you from previous troubles you may be sure that I will repeat the action several times in

spite of all you’ve been through I will not let anybody take away the gifts I’ve planned for you take comfort in the fact

that I vanquished the Giants who dared to disturb your Serenity when you prayed to me my soul has always stood by your

side guarding your tender heart I gave you the grace to keep going even when it

became tough the strength to stand firm when you felt like you couldn’t and The Bravery to know how much I love you even

when you felt like you couldn’t I shower you with deep love not just affection

beloved and Priceless accept this truth hold on to it and allow it to guide you

through the upcoming challenges and hardships on this day I humbly beseech

you to open up to me letting my divine presence flow into every part of your being for my

determination to show you love is unfaltering and constant Embrace this life-altering

shift and you’ll open the door to a world filled with miraculous Marvels Revel in the anticipation of hurdles

crumbling shackles falling and miraculous happenings orchestrated as you humbly accept my guidance each day I

solemnly promise to guide you on your path bringing you many blessings and a bright

future in The Verdant pastures of your heart I am like a canvas painted with

the colors of divine grace I bring Fresh Life to it and you can rest certain that

no enemy can stand a chance against you because I am your shepherd’s enemy I

will keep Misfortune at Bay and provide for all of your needs when they arise

there are many ways in which My Love For You shines through when you encounter difficulties that limit your abilities

or weaken your will symbols of Everlasting Love Will emerge and my words will uplift your soul protecting

you from hopelessness and loss I see your genuine desire to grow your good

intentions and your courage a Guiding Light in the darkness is your will to

make changes and follow your passions now is the time to put your faith in the

Mighty God and Seize the Day in the name of your loved ones embark on this

Odyssey and never look back being brave and hardworking until you achieve your

destiny Summit is the furnace of faith in my word upon reaching your

destination you will be filled with an overwhelming sense of delight knowing that all your perseverance and

determination to improve your life were really worthwhile I reiterate this

eternal truth those who place their faith in their heavenly father will experience Abundant Blessings in light

of this outpouring of love and devotion my words ring true with you today

however I beg you to Be watchful protecting your spirit from those who would derail the hopes of people who

hold me in high esteem refrain from associating with those who spin false

tales in an effort to seow Discord if you refuse to be influenced by them

protect your soul from their Sway and ignore their misleading words then you will be able to see clearly that I am

about to bestow on you a miraculous blessing an opportunity Straight from Heaven so open your eyes wide and seek

me in prayer accept it with Grace with a spirit attuned to the sound of my

heavenly Direction always know that my love for you my darling will never

change you must not give into dread since your life is about to undergo significant changes know that I the

almighty have carefully orchestrated your path raising you to a level where

plenty of benefits are waiting for you as you face new difficulties when you find yourself

unsure of how to handle seemingly insurmountable problems it’s good to seek my heavenly presence and speak with

me get the help you need and know that I will be there with you at the break of dawn according to my promise peace

Serenity and joy shall be upon you as I lead you out of every troubled place and into the light I will prevent you from

stagnating enabling you to persist persevere maintain your faith and

diligently work towards fulfilling my promises never forget that I have forgiven your crimes and that you are

holy and blameless when I am around having a deep connection with me as I

sacrific my life for you and rose from the dead so that you may live is the strength that allows you to stand

courageously in my presence today do not doubt the immense value of my death on

the cross cross and the powerful Resurrection you may have faith that I will use my love and power to keep every

promise I have made to you the adversary and all other forms of hardship will not

be able to take away the benefits that have been bestowed upon you via my precious blood you are more than a

Victor I say it again there is nothing and no one that can ever take you away

from me have faith in me and I will wipe away your tears put your fears to rest

and restore your peace my unfaltering love and desire to bless you are demonstrated by bestowing upon you the

strength to face this new chapter of life with Zeal be strong and trust in me

I am your God and no amount of suffering can compare to my strength courageously

face any scenario remove any dread from your spirit and know that you are traveling through difficult times I’m

aware of your Hollow cries for help your exhaustion your dwindling enthusiasm and

your dwindling will to live pay close attention and decide with determination to find me have faith in me and be

unwavering in your choices it is not a heavy responsibility if you choose to follow my instructions your faith will

produce patience and calmness and obedience will bring you Tranquility keep my word and obey my commands and

you will see that no one can bring dishonor upon you because I will protect you from Liars at all times consequently

my beloved I beseech you with all sincerity to let go of any remaining uncertainty that may obscure your

judgment and to concentrate steadily on carrying out my instructions my word has the power to

uplift your spirit soothe your broken body and mend your broken Soul free

yourself from the chains of anxiety worry and Dread as you begin this next

phase of your life imagine yourself free from the shackles of the painful emotions that have plagued you and see

the darkness of Despair Melt Away replaced by the light of optimism and

happiness my power is not just enough it is Paramount and my love for you

incompasses all comprehension may you find solace in the arms of your family as I pray that you

live a life filled with abundant pleasure and contentment where miraculous things happen for you in all

areas of your life from your personal development to your financial stability

protecting you while you endure the trials of suffering make a mental note of this I will return everything your

enemy has stolen from you in excess reject thoughts of death stay calm and

do not cry or be disturbed stay vigilant and do not be fooled by your enemy stay

close to me I’ll continue on this adventure with you because I love you both you are well aware that the enemy

has already been defeated I am on my way to help so don’t give up hope you are aware of my affection for

you you feel my love in your heart and your spirit understands in the gentle

Embrace of my words I declare this to be true releasing you from all sorrow and Terror I want you to know that the

hardships we’ve endured together have only strengthened my love for you in every prayer I see your unwavering faith

in my word you speak with an expectation of wonderful and loving L things coming

to pass you have my word that I will always be there for you may the knowledge you share with me provide you

with Tranquility today and may your trust in me bring you deep calm pause in

quiet contemplation of the Glorious future I desire to give you but please accept the love and blessings I am

sending your way and place a higher value on yourself do not ignore them because you feel unworthy or are waiting

for the right moment put an end to the thought that my love for you is insufficient to provide you with

countless blessings we are ending this thought today I am the one who can

change your mind and spirit you will undergo a transformation renewing your faith in me will set your heart on fire

to seek me out and obey my word every day your senses will intensify when I’m

close and you’ll clearly hear my voice in your mind you will experience an overwhelming sense of Love From This

Moment forward which will help you let go of pre previous disappointments and move ahead in your spiritual life on a

hopeful peaceful Road discover the hidden Riches of pleasure plenty and

contentment my beloved child have faith in the complex web of existence that I

have painstakingly created for you if you live for Extraordinary purposes you

may expect a rich and fulfilling life filled with triumphs and blessings if you live a life full of extraordinary

purposes rest assured that I will always have you by my side regardless of how

far away you may feel my presence in the universe at the moment I always send mercy and pardon in your direction like

a never-ending stream remember this my darling an overwhelming power overcomes

all odds and completes all tasks put your faith in me and even in the darkest

hours of grief and suffering I will be ready to answer your prayers do not worry I am not acting as an impartial

bystander your cries reach my ears and my sympathy for you has no bounds my

love’s bonds are too strong for you to break Beyond human understanding and the Heavenly spheres my love surpasses all

shortcomings and flaws in your hour of need May the boundless Wells of mercy

and Grace be revealed to you through the Embrace of My Embrace every time you

fall I am there to help you get back up and I want you to know how much my love means to you with each blunder comes a

chance to fix your ways and go closer to Holiness no one here will think less of you because of your past today you’ve

experienced a significant change you are distinct from one another a change has occurred in your heart keep from being

hard on yourself raise the sword of my resurrection which is a blessing from me

and use it to withstand the deceit and lies spread by the devil in his assaults and slander take it easy their efforts

will be lifted up by the wind and blown away like ash go back to the people who

wrongfully tried to hurt you a revitalized existence bids farewell to misery and hello to genuine Joy your

Miracle is on the horizon therefore come to me for peace and comfort accept my

Holy Spirit as an inheritance and live a life beyond this world you are Untouchable because I will lift you up

with my protection you will be impregnable you are immune to curses I’m

going to shower you with blessings you will not be overcome by despondency you are filled with my Holy Spirit who gives

you strength hope and joy when you wake up in the morning have faith in my love and devotion because they are

unfaltering keep in your heart the words I said to you today you may experience moments of Despair when the world’s

attacks lead you into profound discouragement and perplexity offer a helping hand to the person approaching

you whenever you are in need I am here to lend you a helping hand I

am the Lord of your life your father your guide your friend and the universe’s Creator I humbly want your

undivided devotion and unwavering commitment when you’re weak you trip but

I know where you’re coming from if you come to me in humility and recommit to following me I know that you have no

intention of stumbling I’m willing to provide you with a second opportunity and pardon you after falling seven times

The Godly will rise a new I promise you infinite forgiveness because I have

faith that the love I bestow upon you will keep you from betraying me when the

time comes for you to join the Heavenly chorus and prepare for the greatest challenge we are approaching a time of

greatness and a new era of Marvels may your unfaltering faith in me endure even

when the world’s problems disintegrate may your blessings be many and your wealth extraordinary my kids have a day

of tremendous Victory coming up I will guide you mend you protect you and keep

you going in this Safe Haven you and others you care about are snuggled you

can put your trust in my protective arms and I will bring you a Triumph so great

that your previous Sorrows will seem like Distant Memories Are the scars of

disappointment still visible to you remember that in this world alone I am

unwavering yet my love has no bound and watch as C puts her faith in

meaningless promises with my words I will heal your broken heart and ease

your pain let go of the fear of the memories left behind by those who betrayed and harmed you they will fade

it is critical that your soul mend and your spirit surrender completely to my desire it is my intention to restore

your aspirations and give you renewed optimism I will carry you on the Wind to

the top of the world taking you to places you’ve never been before your enemy planned your Demise by withholding

chances trying to bring shame upon you and Sully your reputation they tried to devalue you by

taking away the value I gave you but they failed miserably you were confused at first but now you know that you are

loved and that your strength comes from me your heavenly father you will not be

swayed by those who plot against you no matter how many Legions try to harm you again your faith has strengthened you

your confidence and Trust are in me not in human beings who are prone to making

mistakes do not give them up to anybody else they are mine I will now separate

your spirit from those who have deceived you know that you are serving no one but God in your life I am Paramount I swear

to you that you will live forever beware of worldly Promises of unending delight

and devotion they are tricksters Please be aware of how much my love for you grows as you learn more about me you are

my beloved lamb and I can find you no matter where you go at any time an

eating fire might be lurking around the corner I protect those I cherish from harm even as you release your suffering

your own being may be brimming with immense Joy reiterate your conviction

that talking to me helps you recover when you’re feeling down and anxious being in my company will give you the

strength to confront the situation headon please get in touch with me do this

immediately stay away from those who deceive others live in two places at the same time and profit off of my name no

matter how they appear virtuous trustworthy slaves caught in the web of Deceit must be on guard at all times and

avoid such traps you know that I shower those who truly follow my teachings with

boundless love compassion and for forgiveness but you also need to know that I have a lot of pressure to protect

my loved ones from harm consequently I am addressing my words to your spirit today pleading with you to listen

carefully and with all your being I hope that my words will lead you to Freedom

that they will bring you healing and that they will encourage you to pray first thing in the morning and dwell on

my phrase depending on the very wonderful plans I have made for you entrust your life and your family’s

well-being to to me ignore those who tell you that your life will be filled with misery and pain that your errors

Define you and that you will always fail do not listen to such lies keep in mind

that I am always taking advantage of the fact that you are mine I’ve seen your contrite spirit and your sincere desire

to follow my path so that you can grow and prosper from now on there will be no

returning to Old Habits or joining forces with the wicked surround yourself with those those who will support and

encourage you and keep your distance from those who will criticize or attack you it is my preference to make an

effort to feel my love again to better understand its fundamental nature and to

be sure that I’m not angry with you as we get closer your change and happiness

are my deepest Desires in every situation I can help you maintain your calm and master your emotions because of

the radical change you’re about to experience many people people will struggle to identify you a smile will

spread across your face and worries will melt away you will speak with compassion

and walk with determination always keep in mind that I am here with you and I will give you the

strength to face every challenge that comes your way no matter how misunderstood you may feel at any given

time I will always be here to support you and Stand By Your Side as you fight

the good fight I am here ready to hear your every word ready to love you no

matter what and ready to lend you a hand in any way I can allow my love’s

comforting Embrace to wrap you right now my darling you understand that my love for you is like a flame that never goes

out it’s always there ready to comfort you whenever you need it this hug is a

constant source of natural and unconditional pressure and my love for you is unfaltering and

unreserved raise your hands now and allow my love to envelop you tap into

your inner strength your will to overcome obstacles and the knowledge that you will never be alone on your

journey embark on this journey alone with the knowledge that my love for you is Everlasting a constant push to do

great things for you because you are my chosen one you will succeed and receive

rewards listen carefully because I am speaking now to comfort you and encourage you not to give into despair

or to be afraid of the diff difficult things that are coming your way do not allow Panic to take root in your soul

and do not be afraid of the unknown road ahead even when we Face difficulties side by side I will be there for you I

will not leave you now you may rely on my presence to provide support and

protection in the middle of all your struggles don’t let the negativity and criticism of others get you down you can

overcome whatever obstacle you face know that I am right right here by your side

in spite of enemy attacks I have found that your unfaltering faith status remains strong your unwavering position

truly reflects my love and energy my heart swells with joy and contentment at

your courageous sharing of my words my beloved baby in this intricate Web of

Life you shine like a lamp radiating both strength and Charisma I am grateful

to my toddler in order to further my advantages I will continue to pave the road Ain faithful to my word and work

diligently and intelligently among other things stay focused on my path and

resist the worldly temptations that try to derail you it is through unfaltering faith that you will find the Fulfillment

of my heavenly promises make the most of the unique blend of your talents and experiences to not just survive but

flourish in pursuit of your professional passions and business Endeavors if you weave honesty and kindness into all you

do you will see the Divine Alchemy at work multiplying the benefits and wealth

that I pour into your life like palm prints your difficult challenges and experiences will eventually come to an

end hold your head high my little baby as we honor your unique trait Let My

Words Melody reverberate through your body these days I go through it with you

telling you not to give into your sadness anymore stand firm and unwavering protect protecting your

emotions from concern and your thoughts from uncertainty I will be unwaveringly by

your side carrying you through the storms and uncertainties even on the darkest nights have no fear I will not

abandon you now you may rely on me to support and protect you as you make your way through this complex World Raise

Your Eyes to the Sky and call upon me in your time of need I’ll be there to get your materials as soon as possible I

will be by your side starting now no matter how bad things get right now I can stay by your side you are always

there and no matter how dark it gets a new day will always break with the promise of fresh opportunities my love a

constant and unwavering force that gives you the strength and bravery to face and conquer any challenge will always enrich

your lives while I hold you in my arms I invite you to close your eyes and feel

my gentle touch as a healing balb for your SP Spirit receive Comfort words of

encouragement and steadfast support my darling surrender your broken heart to me put your anxieties to rest in my

person you will find release tranquility and freedom my love can Encompass you

reveal a truth Beyond degree heal scars and restore your soul to its full Splendor if you choose to let me be your

safe haven as you navigate the twists and turns of life’s challenges always

keep in mind that you are are more than just a Gateway you are my greatest treasure a beloved Spirit whose value

goes beyond any monetary valuation my love for you has no limits it is constant and unfaltering may the

unbreakable guarantee ring true in your soul my beloved child know that I am

your Everlasting support standing by your side through every difficulty and victory even in the midst of the most

daunting situations let go of your worries and let me carry them with an

ethereal power that is beyond our comprehension today I am here to support you on the path that lies ahead so you

don’t have to bear the burden alone you my beloved child are known to stand firm

against the bases of these forces and these days Mark the moment when I take

control of every missing part of you filling the gaps to the brim and even to

the fullness of your soul stay away from the fleeting promises and Illusions

spread by the prince of this world listen closely world for the seductive

murmur that try to change the truth I embody and take you off the holy Road I

laid out for you before you despite the fleeting Temptations of the Arena my

love for you is eternal if you want to live a life full of joy and deep satisfaction it is critical that you

accept my lessons hold them close to your heart and allow them to permeate your whole life this teaching is more

than just a set of rules it is a beacon that will lead you on your path and give

you strength when times are tough you should bravely confront the world’s challenges without succumbing to its

destructive norms and beliefs rather than isolating yourself be an

inspiration a conduit for my love and truth and let the light shine through the shadows of people’s lives following

my teachings and beliefs you will discover inner Serenity and the right riches that come from living in harm

with my divine presence hence I hope to be a symbol of desire in a universal

yearning for genuine love my baby shouldn’t give into fear when confronted with difficult or scary

circumstances throughout your trip I will be by your side unwavering and

constant I see the challenges not as reasons to give up but as stepping stones toward greater success happiness

and prosperity have complete faith in me and I will lead you through the Maze of

Lifestyles let my guidance guide your decisions and you will come out better

smarter and more connected to the Divine Purpose in your life please do not

assume that I have ignored your request Everything About You from your aspirations to your deepest desires is

known to me I will not keep anything from you until I have fulfilled your desires act according to your strategy

with wisdom in carrying out my plans caution in avoiding the the Allure of hasty Pursuits and The Traps of ambition

caution and common sense in making decisions and courage to step into the future I have lovingly woven for you

within the complex fabric of life I will provide you with all the resources you need to carry out my Divine will

carelessness may lead to the desolation of poverty while cautious planning unfolds toward abundance there’s a

beautiful Tango between free choice and Destiny nothing is in stone even if you

have sailed without me before circumstances will provide you with the ability to alter The Winds of your

choosing I have shown my council’s expertise as a patient witness but right now you’re about to experience a

transformation you still have the power to change your path pay attention to me

because I’m speaking at the perfect time not too soon nor too late when

extraordinary and advantageous opportunities present themselves seize them with confidence assured that no

matter what challenges you face your unwavering faith in me will keep you WorryFree but every difficulty is a test

of the Faith’s transformational power and a doorway to a great reward to

transform your life into a tool of my heavenly might a lighthouse I will rearrange the ideas that are circulating

inside your head as I guide others I am able to see where you are in your lives

provide you with wisdom and put your resources in your hands my deepest desire is to see you succeed

in all parts of your life the gates of blessings will open and a torrent of nonsecular riches will pour in through

the Heavenly Windows as you rest your acceptance of Truth inside me this will

fill your soul with an Indescribable Harmony of joy and Tranquility believe in me and you will

see the benefits of palm art my blessing will be by my side every step of the way

even in the most TR of times in the depths of my infinite love for you my beloved put your trust in my heavenly

ways and see the amplifying of your efforts as they bring you success in every Endeavor you do every step of your

life’s path will be a testimony to the inner Brilliance that will guide you through the intricate web of human

experience and I want to be a part of it remember that difficulties might also

cross your path putting your trust to the test but know that my presence remains constant like a constant

companion by your side through all the turns and twists within the hearts of those who love me and in the Divine

orchestration of your life I am always working to help you succeed don’t let the weight of modern

struggles or the unknowns of Fate deter you I have carefully plotted your route

to Victory I have planned your Triumph and when you put your faith in me you will find the strength to overcome any

obstacle you may rely on my steadfast guidance and I will illuminate the way ahead for you my little child in the

infinite fabric of life keep your head up in the face of the material world’s

crashing waves the Allure of fleeting Temptations can lead you down a path of misery if you give into them or you

could just dive head first into my lessons and absorb all the wisdom they contain they might hold the secret to a

life full of success and plenty refrain from succumbing to the deceptive cries

of dishonesty echoing through the arena halls and instead stay true to your path

prepare for the trials that lie ahead by arming yourself with truth and honesty

you will also emerge from them unharmed the path may be challenging but remember

that the reward for your unwavering commitment will be abundant when you follow my heavenly guidance a Haven of

benefits awaits you to reveal the true nature of the happiness contentment and

success that I am capable of bestowing upon you my sincere preference is for

you to flourish in all parts of your life accept the comforting warmth of my

loving Embrace and let go of the sector’s confusion come to me and I will

give you peace have faith in my Divine guidance even when darkness seems to

cast its long Shadow my darling you will see the stars align in Perfect Harmony on your last right in spite of

everything everything my love for you and my dedication to your happiness will never change so don’t let the challenges

of today depress you they are simply little threads in the vast fabric of your path it is my desire that your

spirit may enjoy my advantages and the completeness of Liberty approach me

fearlessly and with confidence you expect your family and friends to Grant

all your wonderful requests even if they don’t meet your exact specifications you may have faith that I can provide

something more substantial for my expensive toddler please don’t think that I’m angry with you I have always

loved you and will always love you so I can protect you with my adoration I have fulfilled all of my promises and if you

have not receive my blessing yet it is because I am not obligated to every part

of it gets its Moment In The Light feel the impact and have faith in the not too

distant future I will be able to bring you joy and contentment heal you soothe

you guide you step by step envelop you in love and fill your heart with

profound peace and lovely feelings they usher in a fresh day devoid of any

misery pain or bewilderment if you need someone to help you relax cure you of

any mental or physical sickness or break any spiritual or emotional attachments

I’m here for you please be quiet for I am now here in my Majestic presence your

every every emotion and heartbeat rhythm are audible to me stay true to the love

that gives you life no matter how bad things get keep in mind that your heavenly father loves you and wants to

visit you and talk to you first thing in the morning resonate with these Expressions Express Yourself verbally

and honestly my mighty and loving God has greatly valued me and will continue

to do so indefinitely you’re still fresh in my mind my holy presence nourishes

your Spirit strengthens your soul and examines your faith you’re reaching a

new level of development ready for an age of extraordinary wonders for the one

who has faith in me anything is possible every stride you take will write the wisdom you gain into the anals of

existence and nothing can stand in your way those feelings of worthlessness and

desertion that other people have implanted in you are something I want to eradicate from your mind you are no

longer born with a horrible fearful and unbelieving world viw you

hold significant value to me I have arranged endless benefits for you and I

sincerely adore you how could I possibly want to leave you no one can persuade me

to leave you even if you have doubts in your heart and mistrust in your words

your affection for me has never changed no one can shake the affection I have for you so why put yourself through

needless pain let go of uncertainties that cause suffering I will alleviate

sadness and despair if you give me the chance rather than facing Doom you will

prosper as time goes on you’ll find that many of your difficult circumstances

transform into opportunities for growth wisdom and resilience have faith in me I

embrace it as my own truth please allow my love to envelop you and your loved ones never again will it be worthwhile

to wallow in dread instead I will envelop you in this tremendous love I

amplify my steadfast call for you to let go of all your worries and surrender them to me place your financial

aspirations in my heavenly Embrace and you will see the Divine handiwork of blessings upon your creations and every

business never forget that I am the rightful owner of everything and that my

Bountiful Supply is ready to bless and Advance you in every area of your life

my love I promise to do my best to create an atmosphere of Harmony within our family ties so that you can relax

health and emotional Prosperity will surround you enabling you to give and receive love abundantly I’m with you is

a constant reminder that my love for you is full encompassing every detail of your life my beloved child put your

trust in me and I will show you the way to righteousness I will lead you to Regions that are bursting at the seams

with abundance you are my greatest treasure and my universe’s Center and I

will never leave you no longer will you have to worry about the future I have devised magnificent plans tailored to

you that will come to fruition at the appointed time follow my example of

faith and obedience and you will see the change I bring about in your lives because I am your God your father

and your Everlasting companion miraculous benefits will abound I assure you that your journey will yield

abundant rewards also my darling little one may these words strengthen your trust and ReSound in your heart the

blessings that are about to enter your life are a manifestation of my infinite love for you do not question me or my

words rather embrace them and keep them safe in the depths of your heart always

be thankful both for what you have and what is yet to come you will earn a high

quality price for those tears of Liberation which are drops of love that carry your request with them nestled

close to my breast I embrace and adore them the Heavenly Court noticed your tears so they were not in vain do you

ever find yourself wondering whether God hears your prayers listen closely as you

scream out I will not miss a word and I assure you that God will hear and answer

your request I am responding to you your tears are the music and song of true

suffering a grief that understands it is mourning and it will find relief from

the same all powerful God While You Weep I’ll write my answer to you in the exact

shade of your tears we are reviewing your response I wrote it all by myself

the sound of the trumpets has sealed and registered it kilometers away the river of your sorrow which came pounding on my

door will eventually flow back to you transformed and unleashing a torrent of

new water that will finally satisfy your thirst for joy and contentment I’m here with you keep your

language simple and direct feelings should be proportionate describe your problems in detail I can now control my

irritation I’ve decided to listen to you as an expression of my attentiveness and

understanding I have decided to listen to you in order to alleviate the stress

you’re experiencing and provide you with the Tranquility you want I I need the words you use if the need to cry comes

over you remember that my Throne is a Wellspring of healing and peace thus you

may cry without fear because your tears will be a blessing and an outpouring of my spirit your sorrow is not

insignificant my ears are always open to hear what you have to say in my heart

you have an everlasting Place reserved please God share this encouraging message with those you care about and

become a member of of my Army of top information if you want them to experience the benefits that have

impacted your life join me in making a positive impact on people’s lives do not

base Your Existence on transient and unimportant things such as this world’s

transient Joys and concerns let the Eternal principles outlined in my holy

word lay the foundation of your existence put up a fight against the worldwide Allure that is attempting to

harden your heart as well as the alluring currents of this period that are threatening to carry you away in the

end they lead to embarrassment failure and ruin they’re like dangerous

quicksand that ens snares not just your progress but also your spirit my

precious little one you must realize that the roads in this world are blind and deceitful leading you down Paths of

uncertainty and concern it’s critical that you be alert and prepared to face

the difficulties that life may throw your way put on the armor of perseverance the armor of faith and the

unbreakable might of my strength keep your head held high and your heart protected from the enemy’s manipulative

falsehoods watch out for the alluring and deceitful remarks that attempt to steal your good fortune and Lead You

astray from the Heavenly plan I’ve carefully orchestrated for you keep me in mind as you stubbornly confront the

lies that seek to lead you astray for following the path I have laid out for you my beloved Advent always keep in

mind that you are more than just a product of this world you are a work of art adorned with the truth and the

Luminous light of my word live out the unfaltering love I have for you and pay

attention to the wise guidance I have given you today always keep in mind that

my first concern is your well-being I will do everything in my power to help

you succeed and I will stand firm by your side while you face the challenges

of the enemy have faith that I will fulfill your every desire hardship and

Prayer by weaving magnificent and miraculous deeds into the fabric of your

lives in the infinite depths of my love let my love surround you and guide you

toward the Glorious future I have meticulously planned for you you are my precious diamond and I am always by your

side directing your dreams remember remember this at all times your life is

a never-ending Chronicle of Pursuits and goals supported by an endless supply of love this book loaded with lessons on

love and personal growth that cling tenaciously to hope will show you that the tough times are temporary as you

reflect on your journey and see the size of your growth and the great distances you’ve covered thanks to your

resiliency my beloved child press on within you infusing you with love and

energy and desire I lead the path like an Unstoppable Force no matter how far

apart we seem my love for you will never end and I will treasure you always I

know I can’t be physically there for you all the time but know that I’m watching over your challenging day Journey with

great care I have seen the anguish you went through and the tears you shed

never in my wildest dreams did I want for you to endure such suffering my love has no limits there will always be p

periods of darkness and uncertainty but this love will be there to embrace you in its Embrace remember that I am by

your side a steadfast companion leading and protecting you so you never have to face adversity on your own have trust in

my grace Reservoir which is more than enough to get you through the worst of times I’m listening to the Cadence of

your prayers and reacting according to my perfect will for your lives I’m with you every breath my words reverberate

throughout you continual call to action to follow my advice and live a compassionate life accept this blessing

with joy my darling in the midst of uncertainty and Terror may my heavenly

light illuminate you send your worries flying away with the melody of my voice

in the middle of life’s ups and downs this letter is more than just a reflection it’s a vibrant manifestation

of my Everlasting Love and a passionate desire for your full blossoming

wear these sentences like a necklace of knowledge hold them in your heart like a

Priceless Diamond that adorns your soul with brightness and feel the calming

balm that cures your spirit and the brilliant light that guides your path with every statement instead of just

echoing let their words reverberate throughout you do not be afraid this

letter contains a deep truth that will alter the course of your life my darling I address your coronary heart’s tired

take hold of these words embraced by my infinite love despite everything you’re going through remember that everything

is aligning with my perfect plan so don’t let the challenges you’re currently facing dishearten

you in the same way that the concerned father in The Prodigal son’s story

greets his Lost Child with wide arms I unfold you in an eternal Embrace of love

may you receive Abundant Blessings these days sit quietly and fall to your knees

let us discuss the days leading up to this I’m presenting you with an Exquisite gift your heavenly father’s

energy will manifest in you portraying you as a champion and acknowledging you

as someone of considerable Authority before you receive your blessings get yourself ready pray and

think about what you will say using the wisdom I have given you be bold in speaking up when needed and quiet when

silence is required but never be afraid afraid to fight for what you believe in or the people you care about keep an eye

on your own family and confront any coward who attempts to damage your house headon your joy tranquility and the

strengthening of your faith are my choices I pray that my presence May calm

your racing heart and give you peace of mind I have faith in you my Brave

energetic fighter you already possess the indomitable Spirit necessary to

conquer any task at hand put your problems in perspective you go for it

even if you manage to outrun them they may not scatter you have a strong will your disagreement is vital remain

steadfast I wouldn’t be speaking to you if my words didn’t strike a cord inside you just in case you forgot I’m

repeating myself you are unbeatable my enemy may attempt to confuse you every

day by suggesting that I have abandoned you when times were rough but you can be sure that I will never leave your side

through Joy sadness Despair and blatant loss I am by your side a beautiful idea

is already taking shape and I will encourage you to see it through by touching your soul let go of the Despair

and confusion caused by the developing events you must know that I am fond of you I am not angry nor do I have any

grudges against you please I would rather not put you through that I desire complete Clarity for your unwavering

Faith at first light I will have a convers ation with you revealing my Splendor so that you too may feel my

soul inside you when I am here your spirit will know and a beautiful feeling

will Encompass you from head to toe there will be no doubt in your mind about your ownership of me when I

display my magnificent and Supernatural eternal love you are my beloved and I am

always devoted to you loving you with unadulterated and kind compassion I will

never mistrust you what benefit do I gain by making you suffer I am no longer

leading you to your doom on the contrary I eagerly await your arrival so that we

may discuss your offenses you are of an age to understand that errors yield

outcomes and a slip up can also lead to failure I am neither your parent your

friend nor your God while I am actively seeking out and consuming fire it’s

important to remember that I am also your steadfast protector I see the report as evidence that you are innocent

my strong blood has atoned for your sins while on this planet you may have to deal with the Fallout but I can save you

even from that pain please study the lesson and promise yourself that you will never again disobey our rules or

upset someone if you haven’t already I encourage you to be brave and determined

so that it never happens sometimes it’s hard for others to understand the complexities of my designs rest assured

that I am arranging every aspect to fulfill your final goal even if you cannot see my hand actively at work in

your present conditions if you put your faith in me I will show you the way to a

life filled with Limitless Joy the waiting times in every shed tear will

reveal their profound significance pay close attention as my words aim to

illuminate your path in times of uncertainty I give you the power to overcome obstacles and I command you to

breathe deeply stand stand firm and execute my Divine instructions to the letter be aware that you are not alone

at all you need not be afraid of the Hidden enemies who plot your demise since my protective barrier encircles

you and your loved ones making you unbreakable is the Majesty of the beings that are with you something you can

comprehend from above it is I the king of kings and the Lord of lords who am

keeping watch over your life you need not fear or be hesitant in your enthus I

Astic March towards Triumph because my very presence is enough I am the one who

will lead you strengthen you and bring you Victory do not be alarmed when

difficulties cast a long Shadow over you keep those words in mind while you’re going through the worst times my

spirit’s light will guide you through the valleys of Shadows empowering you to overcome today the solutions you’ve been

seeking May finally reveal themselves allowing you to put your worries to rest BL May the knowledge that you are safe

in my arms sink deep into your being my darling know that you are not venturing

out on this journey alone as you go through life’s challenges know that my

love is always by your side my strength is there to help you and my promise will last forever I am shaping you into a

strong and resilient person prepared to take on any challenge that comes your way Plant your unshakable trust in me

and put your confidence in me alone I am greater than any difficulty or giant

that may be limiting your life my heart’s desire is that you find refuge in safety confidence and serenity that

you fill your soul with boundless optimism and that you let go of any and all pain vulnerability and Terror my all

powerful hand is working out every detail so Embrace religion and hold on to the whole guarantee I will guide and

educate you through this revolutionary approach so that you may achieve all your goals and live a life full of

blessings have I decided this is your fate do not let the assurances I have given you fade from your mind they are

more than just words they may serve as a testament to an everlasting commitment

hold them near you as Rays of Hope within those assurances you will

discover the steadfastness of my commitment they will no longer Fade Into Oblivion or become lost in the shuffle

of everyday life instead they will become shining lights in the night

emerging at the perfect moment to reveal my purpose a drive that knows no bounds in space or time keep in mind that the

difficulty of your challenges directly determines the significance of your rewards one of your greatest triumphs

will emerge from what may seem to be a severe test right now travel my darling

with steady footfall and unfaltering cleanup recognize that you are never

really alone and work through each problem with faith when I wrap my arms around you I sometimes transmit the

vitality and courage that have kept you going on this journey have faith in your

ability to overcome any obstacle even when the road seems difficult and the weight of the world presses down on you

Embrace The Gentle light of desire which illuminates your heart through hardships and storms being patient pays off in the

the end and those who stick it out to the Finish get something very special by

continuing along this path of perseverance and success you are bearing witness to the Everlasting influence of

faith and the steadfast support that flows from my infinite love for you

realize the vastness of the inner power that is inside you an energy that is

much bigger than what you can now understand find the power to change negative experiences into positive ones

sadness into joy and fear into unwavering courage inside this electrical Reservoir do not give up or

back down because in your unfaltering commitment and unshakable trust is the

power to cross borders that you have never imagined let me guide you on your journey by tapping into the latent

abilities I’ve implanted in you to handle life’s challenges know that my beloved child

you are more than just a collection of talents skills and POS possessions you are also a radiant energy that can shine

a light on your journey even in the darkest of times do you also have the courage to move forward be strong and

determined because I am always by your side helping you along the way on your

Odyssey during such moments I try to bring you closer and demonstrate my

immense love for you which is beyond anything you could ever imagine I’m always by your side seeking you out and

ensuring that you never question fear or feel abandoned even when the arena

betrays you keep in mind and take it seriously I have vanquished this planet

and given you more powerful weapons you have placed your trust in me your desire

and my love I assure you of my love allowing you to rest easy May optimism

permeate your being draw strength from your faith to defend yourself from the enemy’s attacks your difficulties will

eventually pass as you look back with delight you will see how you have triumphed over many obstacles and

enjoyed the fruits of your now lost idea I hope their words bring you much joy

when you have everything you need why be sad you are welcome to take the path to my Throne move with confidence and

divide our requirements in half I like paying close attention to you I hope you

are able to respond to the offer and go confidently and comfortably along your path as time goes on and the days go by

my love for you becomes hotter and hotter there is a Celestial pressure that surpasses our comprehension its

enormity incomprehensible to Mortals take a giant leap forward now my little one neither my son nor my daughter dwell

in the Hereafter no matter what happens you can count on me to be by your side stop worrying and start firmly agreeing

with me grounding your view on the truth of what I say at the right moment an

abundance of rewards will shower your unwavering faith my heart is sensitive to the burdens you bear my darling

everything around you is difficult and it could seem like there’s no way out

exhaustion anxiety and stress stalk you you feel like you’re approaching

insignificance despondency and hopelessness then you see this young child I control everything that happens

to you have no fear I am on your side put your fears to rest I will I will go

before you in the March fighting for you so that no one or object can harm you as

I painted a tale of Elegance and style for your life my hand became famous for

its omnipotence get comfort in knowing that I will not leave you no matter how

big or difficult your current trial seems rather I will strengthen you

giving you the strength and wisdom to conquer any challenge whether it’s Financial emotional or spiritual my

presence is a shield around you and my grace will not let go of the benefits I have planned for you you and your

offspring are safe and secure from danger therefore on this special day I

beg you once more my darling resist the temptation to give in to meaningless activities and hold fast to the purity

of your will hold on to the strength and bravery that are already inside you my love and stand firm in the face of this

storm Infuse your life with Marvels that reveal my Limitless love and energy and

watch as they magically work to your advantage Blooms of happiness and success will Adorn the tapestry of your

life my darling root your faith in my promises and cling tenaciously to them

always know that I will be by your side until all of my promises come true in

your time of Sorrow you are seeking comfort in me let my Everlasting Love

soothing Embrace surround you my boundless love reaches out to you offering steadfast support rest assured

I have grand and magnificent plans for you when you believe in me you’ll see a light that breaks through the darkness

and restores hope in your heart rest in my grace Walk Tall and stand firm in

your determination because I will be by your side every step of the way you will

be the medium through which I impart the knowledge and infinite love that fill my

universe your enemies will see the foolishness of their schemes to destroy your lives when my love and peace

reverberate through you rest assured I possess the immense capacity to

transform circumstances my darling I am not alone with you leave the past in the past I

will not allow you to experience the extraordinary future that I have planned for you never let the specters of

uncertainty obscure your view of the coolest thing that is waiting for you I

have transformed every fiber of your existence stay away from the place I saved you from the past is just a faint Echo now

that you have been cleaned and rescued you know that you will triumph over any difficulty because you have the strength

to endure difficult times influence your feelings avoid acting on impulse and

maintain composure in the face of adversity by drawing strength from the unchanging faith I have implanted in you

declare my sacred sayings with Resolute conviction Proclaim to the Meer that I

am your God and let your testimony reverberate sharing the countless Miracles I’ve blessedly interwoven into

your lives brings light to everyone’s Hearts as a god of Limitless love slow

to anger and generous with Mercy I want to emphasize how my forgiveness and

faithfulness endure forever I never leave my children even when they’re going through tough times in the

fleeting nature of Earthly life I recall that even the most violent storms give way to the soothing Embrace of quiet the

power of my word and faith in me has no bounds just as the sky and Earth will pass away so too will the passing

difficulties in your life find their way to a proper settlement you should quickly practice religion because the

principles I am sharing with you now will remain unchanged neither will I leave you nor cast you out of my arms

for you have my affection and I will guide you in the way of righteousness little one give your all at every moment

never give up on your Ambitions and work tirelessly to achieve everything that you set out to do do not let the words

of others deter you from continuing on your path of disregard instead go forth

with unwavering commitment my buddy instead of listening to negative comments and rumors that might derail

your progress tune in to my voice of guidance inside its reverberation you

will discover an infinite well of blessings that will enable you to achieve all your dreams when you put

your faith in me and your dreams in my hands I will grant you a Serenity that goes beyond what you can understand a

release for your spirit my steadfast presence is like a diligent guard looking over you with Limitless love my

little child nothing will ever get in the way of your dogged persistence I can

assure you that I can pay you handsomely the seeds you planted with passion and dedication will soon bear the Limitless

Harvest you had hoped for adorning your life with plenty happiness and success

never give up or compromise your principles when faced with hardship no load is too great to bear I will provide

you with the strength to resist any evil that tempts you keep going strong and courageous because I will be by your

side no matter how bad things get some of the amazing abilities you may learn

include riding waves controlling storms with your thought s and even calling upon the Heavenly Fire to consume

obstacles in your path as you count your blessings on your life your family’s

finances and your private home in this contemporary day May the Heavenly Army

watch over you your enemies may have driven you to the brink of Despair and taken away all joy from your life if I

hadn’t come to your rescue protecting you at all hours you may doubt my existence at times but I don’t forget

that difficult difficulties surround you but I beg you do not let up of your faith the praise you have longed for is

on the way let me into your heart and soul and you will get the possible Miracles that you believe in listen

carefully to what I’m saying I send them with a great deal of care I will no

longer deceive exaggerate or hide the truth if you have faith in me and I will

fulfill all of my promises I say things just as they are your riches are of no

importance to me make the most of your good fortune by lending a helping hand to those in need in my call I no longer

seek the construction of huge mansions keep looking no one is going to jump in and assist you but keep blessing people

do not lose hope in the blessings I bestow upon you even if you may be experiencing financial difficulties at

the moment people or places will appear out of nowhere you should not treat those I have placed by your side

unfairly or criticize them seeking modest Souls that adore and concur with

me my eyes Traverse the world when I met you we allowed our relationship to grow

your father and trusted Confidant may be me if you reveal the deepest darkest secrets and tactics inside you I may be

able to gain your trust you may know that I am already aware of them there’s no way you can hide them from me forgive

me because I have seen your frailties let go of your past and mistakes let go

of bringing them into the present get back on your feet my darling and climb with unflinching resolve despite the

hardships you must not let them Cloud your vision because beyond the gloomy valleys is the vast grass of my promises

on that Hallowed Ground blessings abound flowing down like a river to benefit you

and future Generations the idea that I will keep my promises and see things

through to fruition is something you must always keep in mind consequently my my darling I beseech you to exert

yourself with strength and courage maintain your resolve and put your whole faith in me since I am working

ceaselessly to help you I love you with an infinite capacity and my grace and

compassion never waver embrace the abundance of blessings I have in store for you free your mind from uncertainty

cast out the unclean ideas that drive a wedge between us purify your heart from those obstacles and see the specific and

distinct advantages that grow in an atmosphere of righteousness and honesty

we designed you to conquer challenges so persevere through challenging times I

have clothed you from the start with a Divine Purpose a path that leads to a life of blessings success and Triumph I

am here by your side offering you encouragement and strength in every Endeavor so you need not be afraid of

the challenges that may arise it is well known that every challenge presents an opportunity to become stronger through

perseverance and overcoming adversity I will complete all the work you initiated

you are on the cusp of a life filled with happiness and plenty and an abundance of good things are on the way

forever free from the shackles of anxiety I will release all your suffering I pray that you find

contentment in your life and have a joyful materialistic existence count

your blessings because today is your opportunity to do it all over again and and make the right choice amidst The

Tempest you remain steadfast and fortified your adversaries are unable to

hurt you for any of them it’s too late your presence exudes confidence and

Assurance your character and mentality are undergoing changes the anxious feeling has left and is not coming back

this is Jesus Christ your Eternal friend we will be the same yesterday today and

forever you hear me speak and I am here to keep my word that I will never leave

you or abandon you you have no idea how much I adore you at some point when you

question yourself I will be patient and forgive you so that you do not trip I’m

able to extend a helping hand when you feel weak from love there is no way for you to separate from me your originality

is no longer a factor I am really present today at last I’m able to

provide the long awaited sign to you making my love real when I reveal the long await waited signal to you before

you even open your eyes it demonstrates the depth of my devotion it is a concrete manifestation of my love

because of the special connection we have it is natural for you to feel a rush of anticipation when I reveal a

life-changing truth to your soul you’re one of a kind your distinct and delicate

coronary heart is the reason I fix my eyes on you you will see this happen fast prepare yourself for a new

beginning as I will reestablish the things you’ve lost and enhance others upon their return what your adversary

took from you will become better for you the lack of abundance you’re experiencing right now will eventually

become abundant for those who have faith and are able to continue the course my

promises become reality learn to listen to your heart and prioritize your own

and your loved ones needs robust preparations are underway the difficulties you are experiencing should

not dis enourage you hold on to these phrases I avoid being angry or negative

toss a smile on your face and let my Holy Spirit sprinkle holy oil over you driving out evil spirits and

perplexity I will not penalize you for your mistakes it is a ridiculous concept

I no longer have the advantages that I truly gave you have confronted the repercussions of your actions did you

happen to notice the day and hour when I let those gifts go someone spread incorrect information about me and

tricked you rest assured I am not dishonest and do not mean any harm to you this is where I laid down my life I

don’t see why I should curse you since you came to me in Contrition giving up your sins I am willing to forgive you

everyone understands and forgives you who or what can you rely on at this point stay accurate in your assessments

never lose your cool or become furious with me if problems arise or disputes

appear to be getting the upper hand for a short time just so you know I’m not angry if you think that way challenge

the deceiver who led you astray have you ever ignored me when I’ve spoken you are my Everlasting Love and I the great God

have promised you everlasting life be very careful with this find a quiet spot

in silence and tell me your sins feel free to voice your uncertainties remove

such inquiries from your mind no slouching on the floor weep if you need to but pour out your soul first thing in

the morning throughout your life I steadfastly want you to never feel guilty or remorseful my religious

teachings will Enlighten your thoughts on a daily basis the enemy will continue

to accuse you and attempt to bring you down in my presence do not give into such feelings or impulses however as I

have warned you before not only does my statement prove it but my very existence

in your life does the same with faith freedom and Assurance you may approach

me without fear my heavenly Kingdom’s throne room is wide open for you I am

quite capable of revealing my love for you and I have already made that declaration now that I have eagerly

forgiven you I will answer your requests and not reject you right now you

shouldn’t be scared or discouraged I will keep you from falling while my might and Charisma take you for

kilometers it is my responsibility to guide you toward virtue maintain

vigilance pay attention to what I say do what I say and let me lead you to the

places my will is get ready for a meteoric Ascent no matter how much your

enemy tries to break your trust in them you can turn any bad circumstance into a good one by believing in yourself and

taking action my heart is Overjoyed to bestow goodness on you you must cease

viewing yourself as an abandoned and rejected helpless newborn in order to alter your perspective reconsider your

thoughts and trust my Assurance that your love is evident make it known that

you’re here to receive my love and that you’re open to this immense Serenity I

am here listening intently while you shut your eyes and convey your thoughts to me in a quieter more prayerful way no

matter how faint I can still make out what you’re saying and treasure the tears you shed as a token of your

affection after you have listened to me and absorbed my words step away from

your daily tasks grant me some time agree and keep your faith before your

father’s Throne whatever you put your faith in me to accomplish I can double many times over the more time you spend

with me the more years I can add to your life with each kind word or sigh you let

out to me I can make you feel better and bring you more happiness you may count

on my love knowledge and unfaltering support as gifts when you let go of your

negative emotions resentful people withdraw and those who have harmed you seek

forgiveness my heavenly Aura will envelop you I will tell everyone who asks a question that you are my loving

son and daughter and that my Divine energy is flowing through you to those

who want a miracle you may show the way to believe in me no matter how dry the land becomes the joy I provide will last

forever it sustains your encouragement in all circumstances and even when fatigue sets

in the gift of joy and victory Remains by your side you may choose to believe this

promise or disbelieve it when you’re depressed your decisions and Trust

determine this deep Joy regardless of what others do or the state of the Arena the hidden beautiful sweet and

gentle pleasure that envelops you each morning as your spirit Rises with Delight caressing your face in the

Splendor of Daybreak endures through every challenge goal and test that life

throws at you until you realize that my divine presence is your source of

inspiration it imbues you with bravery it acts as an endless stream of energy a

reliable companion helping you every step of the way to the Abundant benefits because I am your steadfast support

always willing to lend you a hand I have made it a point to embrace you no matter

what even when times are tough realize that I the indestructible God have

wrapped my favoritism around you like a mantle bestowing upon you an abundance of blessings and mercies that will bring

you an overwhelming sense of contentment and Delight There Are No Boundaries to the

boundless Limitless holy love that I have for you with me by your side

helping you towards a life of accomplishment you may walk with the confidence that comes from knowing that

everyone has the potential to be properly you should never compromise a state of tranquility and plenty during

times of mission overcome challenges with unfaltering faith unyielding

resolve and a sense of purpose as you watch Fear fade and Nightfall give way

to my eternal light leading you to Joy and the incredible benefits I have in store for you my darling child each step

you take take is a confirmation of your trip so keep going feel the immediate

gratification of your hard work now heed my words for your life will fulfill my

prophecies you will reap the rewards of your labors when you place your hopes and dreams for the future in Christ the

unshakable solid rock the breadth of our planet is filled with obstacles that will test your faith and fortitude I beg

you then to build your foundation on the solid rock of Christ Jesus my friend

instead of avoiding those who use accusatory and dishonest language you should really pay more attention to me

your commitment to maintaining a highquality product is clearly visible to many recognize that you are no longer

alone even if it’s hard to feel it while going through tough times and feeling

punished or abandoned take my statement into consideration and keep it close to

your heart maybe I will forget to tell you how many many times I have forgiven you stop thinking about it never be

afraid calm down I don’t think a miracle is even an option regardless of how

desperate you are or how certain you are that your Miracle will never happen your troubles will soon pass it is my eternal

love that I am about to share with you your skepticism over my ability to bring you blessings is completely

unwarranted truthfully I can’t deny that I adore you even when you turned me down

I loved you and sort you out at my lowest points How likely are you to trust those who use misleading language

sit on my knee for a moment I’ve showered you with many benefits that have nothing to do with religion now

listen up now it’s your turn to take up this heavenly message and live it out

right now I beg you to decide if you want to live a supernatural existence or

sit back and watch other people progress ride this symbolic staircase to the summit the pure anointing oil I’m

offering here May illuminate your path and Kindle a fire inside your heart and

I extend an invitation for you to come into my presence extend your hand

further so I can make a bold move forward bolster your unshakable confidence and resolve to undertake this

holy mission proclaiming to the world the existence of compassionate god-seeking individuals who have

wandered and yearned to surrender their spirits to me join me on this hopeful Journey as we both soak up this heavenly

path hour feel its impact on you right now and see how it changes you do not

let the passage of time or a lack of prompt fulfillment of your prayers cause you to lose heart keep your faith in me

as your faith and perseverance will reveal the Fulfillment of every promise

in these times you will see how unwavering my love and devotion are if you have faith in me I will be by your

side every step of the way I will never leave your side and I will see to it

that you win every fight stay steadfast in my presence and no one will stand a

chance against you your enemies will flee and I will give you the victory your greatness extends beyond that of a

conqueror always keep in mind that I am your Everlasting support your everpresent resource and your

everpresent help this will help you get through any situation I’m here to honorably and magnificently lead you as

the unconquerable god I will shower you with an abundance of mercies and kindness with all the twists and turns

of life’s challenging roads my love for you remains unfathomable and not even

the vastness of the universe can dampen or control its intensity I hold you in the unfaltering light of my love and

strength my darling I am with you in all things in every blessing and in all your

steps let the awareness in your heart be a constant reminder of this perceive my

loving Embrace as it envelops you filling you with Limitless strength to confidently pursue your objectives and

achieve your deepest aspirations know that there is more to success than material possessions resist the Allure

of worldly wealth put my nation and righteousness first use my teachings as

a map to your journey and I promise that your every wish will come true your

sincere prayers and the dreams you hold dear will come to fruition thanks to your dogged perseverance blessed by my

grace in embrace your vocation to serve others let the waves of generosity and

Grace wash over you as you freely distribute the Bounty you’ve received as

a result my beloved child you run to me for Solace strength and light because my

body is a Haven of all three have no fear in putting your whole confidence in me by being faithful you will discover

that nothing can stand in your way not even The Darkest Hours never let your faith falter When Trials come your way

rather use them to strengthen your faith and increase your confidence in me if you encounter difficulties just pray to

me and I will show you the way forward opportunities that have previously been

inaccessible will materialize allowing your life to grow in ways you never imagined possible with my love shining

brightly on your path you will experience the boundless opportunities that come from trusting in a higher

power’s plan instill unfaltering faith in you every morning remember my

promises follow my direction and walk the paths I’ve laid for you shielded from thieves and dishonest forces when

Darkness Falls I’m able to fight back against those who have bad communication skills when it comes to you you can

unwind in peace adorned with Celestial Shields your undying devotion purity of

heart and unfaltering support are the things I want in return no I want want

to be the one to motivate and cheer you on as you pursue your dreams and Ambitions I just want you to be

completely committed leave your journey in my hands and you will see the Abundant Blessings I shower upon you for

everything you do I have blessed you greatly and I can finish what I started

I implore you to take my advice and get in touch with reality your love has no

bounds nothing can ever change its reality permanence or eternity the words

I speak have the power to entwine with your thoughts and bring deep Tranquility to your spirit express your genuine

Feelings by saying my God I like you in your personal voice my undying Devotion

to you is my solemn vow my love for you will never end I promise to be your rock

no matter what no I will not make a promise of Happiness only to leave you

because I’ve known and loved you from the start I can tell you this if you wish to find a way out of the inner

turmoil that pulls you off course I can show you the way if you’re skeptical

about love I get it the people who say they love you have been patient but all

you’ve gotten in return is pain if you need someone to rely on you can find me

here your value is greatly appreciated right now you can think about it or

ignore it if you’re having trouble understanding why someone loves you so much just accept it I would would rather

see you succeed in life than anyone else because you are my beloved baby stop

paying attention to your enemies lies and start focusing on the incredible future that lies ahead there will be an

abundance of blessings for you and your loved ones my ability to regenerate and replenish everything lost eliminates the

ongoing Agony hey I’m right there with you you have recognized the gift of my

affection and have shown your profound love for me by accepting it you would not spend your nights worrying

about insurmountable problems if you truly grasp the depth of my love despite

the difficulty of the circumstances please do not forget my promises to relieve you of the anxiety that has

taken over your mind stop worrying it’s counterproductive you’re on a

NeverEnding path so I implore you to trust me with all your issues perhaps

you are oblivious to the fact that your excessive worries are dragging you down no bad thing should happen happen to you

encouraging you to let go of your worries is my preference escape the bonds of anxiety and liberate your

spirit from the clutches of pain in order to rescue you from the depths of uncertainty and Terror I’m going to

enlarge my hand I want you to know that everything I do is done with the

intention of drawing nearer to my salvation and love I gave up my life in a move and now it has evolved into

something greater I will apply an electric ring in in . days I’m by

your side no matter what I have already forgiven you for all of your sins and there is nothing that can separate us

now submerge yourself in The Game’s name it is now contained in the ocean’s

depths you must not go back to the pit to find it the burdens of your past no longer confine you they have liberated

you give some serious thought to the area you believe in when you are feeling low about yourself resist the seductive

voices of evil that tempt you to forget how much I love you and the wonderful things I have done for you those who are

trying to hide in my word are the ones who persistently reject the truth and reject the lies and doubts that others

are sowing in the safety of my presence you will discover the steadfast energy

you need and the loving Embrace of your spirit as you draw near to those spiritual anchors through

prayer my darling toddler you will once again find the Limitless Joy you seek in

a realm of Eternal Serenity and calm put your life’s foundation on something

solid I beg you no matter how difficult the storm or trial you will not back

down from confronting it headon the unfaltering stability and power that the uncomplicated Christ can offer will keep

your lifestyle firmly planted Christ the unmovable Rock shapes a life impervious

to even the most violent storms and waves because he is the key to everlasting life and the boundless

Wellspring of Salvation in your soul you will face difficulties and tests remove

any uncertainty beloved child and place you may have about me regardless of your

goals concerns or desires I share them all my light will shine on you and I

will give you the strength you need to face and conquer the obstacles life throws at you if you ever feel

overwhelmed or confused remember these Timeless phrases and build your life upon the unwavering Foundation that

Christ is here by doing this you will equip yourself for every good deed my

phrase is fight the good fight of Faith with the sword of the spirit as I stand

firm against the attacks of the enemy when that happens you’ll be able to fully experience the Magnificent

advantages I’ve woven into your lives and celebrate Victory May you embody the

Tranquility that I provide with courage raise the fears that weigh you down have

faith in my steadfast last word and knowledge that nothing can stand against my Divine will and power be not afraid

of the variety of diseases for I the Lord your maker retain ultimate control

over them my Healing Touch will be with you more frequently as I wrap you in the Embrace of my love you will achieve

great success and abundant Prosperity as a result of the plans I have carefully

devised for you I am the steadfast parent of your spirit and will never abandon you so come to me with

unfaltering faith my darling and tell me your individual needs with Assurance my

heart aches for your happiness and prosperity in all that you do you are my beloved toddler and I pray that you come

to know me better every day as a token of My Affection I give you this profound

blessing a life of everlasting joy and contentment backed by a faith that is so

powerful that it will help you overcome any obstacle you encounter as as a

result when you’re facing challenges and fear is trying to overwhelm you take a moment to let these words fill your

heart woe you’re kind when you need someone to talk to know that I am here

to listen and offer words of encouragement joy and peace even though

the circumstances in this world change my love for you will remain constant and

I pray that this love and serenity within you will remain strong as the days pass the love I am expressing to

you right now symbolizes my undying devotion a legacy of my grace and

kindness will last forever I beg you to face the trials of life with unwavering

confidence and to hold fast to your longing for the warmth of the inner fire the storms within you will be fiercest

but your love for me will strengthen with every passing second find solace in my love’s arms as we embark on this next

chapter of our lives together and know how much I value you pay pay attention to my subtle nudges every day and I will

show you all the ways I have contributed to your life I am eager to shower you with even more blessings and the key to

doing so is cultivating an attitude of gratitude which I will do with all my

love amen [Music]

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