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my precious and beloved child creation of my infinite love and wisdom hear

these words that flow from the depths of my eternal heart you stand among the select few who have been called forth

from the masses chosen to Bear witness to the resplendant glory of my Divine

Majesty upon this temporal plane from the primordial Mists of creation it has

been woven into the very fabric of my grand design to raise up a consecrated company of souls Souls forged in the

fires of unwavering Faith tempered by profound courage and girded with the

unshakable conviction to serve as Ministers of my Transcendent will

you my child have been handpicked from among the multitudes separated from the

ranks of the ordinary and set upon a path that transcends the fleeting whims and poultry Pursuits of this perishing

World until this pivotal moment the world you have traversed has been

but a preparatory vestibule a training ground upon which I have painstakingly molded and shaped the essence of your

being every high and every low each moment of jubilant Elation and anguished

sorrow all have been perfectly orchestrated by my unseen hand to instill within you the qualities

requisite of one called to serve as my Ambassador in Realms visible and invisible but now the hour is nigh for

you to tear your gaze from The Familiar shores of the known and UNM yourself to sail upon uncharted waters you are being

summoned to the Vanguard of a great spiritual battle a conflict that rages unseen by

mortal eyes yet reverberates through eternity with consequences that will echo through Realms and ages

Untold be not consumed by trepidation my child for though the

trail winds perilously through through valleys of Darkness that threaten to obscure the light of truth I shall be

your constant guide and bullwark I have GED you with the full armor of spiritual

fortitude equipped you with the Weaponry of my eternal wisdom to demolish the strongholds of deception and untruth

erected by the adversary who seeks to Blind Humanity to the Brilliance of my sovereign

Majesty let your faith be the impenetrable shield that protects you from the flaming arrows of the wicked

one Let Your Love be the sword blazing with the purifying fire of my Holiness that

pierces and lays be the iniquitous intents festering in the hearts of the unrighteous let the very words that

Thunder forth from my mouth be the arrows that find their Mark in the innermost chambers of lost and wandering

Souls Awakening them to the Clarion call of redemption you are appointed to be a

radiant Beacon that pierces the suffocating miasma of despair that shrouds this bited world a Wellspring of

immutable truth in a desert of lies and ever shifting deceptions my miraculous power will

course through your hands defying the frail constraints of human comprehension your voice will resonate

with the very weight of my authority and your deeds will be a Transcendent testimony to the reality of

my eternal presence to those gripped in the icy Talons of sin and death you will

be an Angelic Harbinger ushering in the resplendant gospel of my salvation and the promise of endless life and joy in

my Everlasting Kingdom yet to the unrepentant the proud and the

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