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dearest child of mine within the sanctity of your home a wondrous Miracle

is poised to unfurl its Divine Splendor I sense the fervent anticipation stirring within your soul the profound

yearning that resonates deeply within your heart fear not for I am here to

reassure you to implore you to hold fast to your faith and to never falter in your resolve this miracle ordained by my hand

is swiftly making its Journey towards you poised to fulfill the sacred Covenant I have made with you its

arrival shall Herald an abundance of joy and fortitude an a fusion of blessings that shall embolden and uplift you be

patient for its Advent is inevitable nothing in this world can thwart its destined arrival I bestow upon you these

sacred utterances to soothe the tumult of your soul to speak directly to the depths of your being offering assurances

that bring Solace and renewal to your spirit truly I am present to infuse your life with

Tranquility to tenderly remind you of the boundless love that infolds you at

times I bestow upon you fleeting moments of delight serving as gentle reminders

of my unwavering presence in your life yet there are moments when the truth

beckons for deeper understanding and in those moments I extend my hand with gentle

Grace caressing your brow in wrapping you in the warmth of my enduring love I

impart unto you words of profound potency words that Shall Serve as a balm to your Wounded Heart I am attuned to

the Cadence of your prayers cognizant of the anguish that grips your soul in moments of Despair I understand the

trials that beset you my precious child I am intimately acquainted with the

frailties that beset humanity and I have forgiven you for your transgressions yet heed the this caution

do not Place undue trust in Mortal beings for they are fallible creatures prone to ER though it is commendable to

love and to trust exercise discernment in your dealings with others do not

entrust the entirety of your being nor your future into the hands of mortal

beings for none among them have sacrificed as I have for your sake none have tasted death and emerg triumphant

as I have done for you therefore guard your heart against the Folly of

misplaced trust For Those whom you hold dear May ultimately disappoint you

remember the Commandment I have imparted unto you love the Lord your God and serve him alone with the entirety of

your being mind body and soul this my

child is the beacon that shall guide you through the darkness should you seek Clarity turn to

me in Earnest supplication and I shall illuminate your path path Surrender Your Life your

future your very essence unto me and behold as they burgeon and flourish

abounding in blessings and prosperity beyond measure oh cherished one within

the sanctuary of your home a Divine spectacle is poised to unfold a

spectacle of such magnificence that your very Soul strains with anticipation your heart’s fervent

yearning does not go unnoticed it resonates deeply within the sacred chambers of my

being take solace for the promise I made to you shall soon find its

fulfillment a joyous Revelation potent with fortitude approaches

inexorably a testament to my unwavering commitment to you do not falter maintain

your faith resolutely for this imminent Miracle shall not be deterred from its destined path in the soothing Cadence of

holy words I extend Sol to your troubled Spirit speaking directly to the depths

of your heart these promises Laden with Tranquility are bestowed upon you to

assuage your Soul’s unrest to mend the fractures of your spirit at times I

scatter morsels of delight along your path gentle reminders of my divine presence yet when the truth demands a

more profound resonance I draw near with tender caresses enfolding you in the Embrace of

genuine love my words imbued with power serve as a bomb for your weary soul I am

attuned to the Cadence of your prayers intimately acquainted with the ache of your desperation your struggles do not Escape

my notice for you are my beloved child though your transgressions are known to

me I have pardoned them however one grave error persists the

misplaced trust infallible Mortals my child type Amen in the comment box

understand dear one that human Frailty knows no bounds even the most faithful

are prone to falter beware of placing undue faith in others for their imperfections render them incapable of

bearing the weight of your trust love and Trust are virtues to be cherished

yet they must not Eclipse your Devotion to me the one who sacrificed life itself for your Redemption do not Surrender

Your entirety to those who are destined to disappoint point for they shall only inflict wounds upon your soul remember

the Commandment love the Lord your God and serve him exclusively with every fiber of your

being this is the beacon of guidance you seek should Clarity elude you fear not

to seek my counsel entrust your life your future and your time unto me and I

shall nurture them fostering a garden of blessings and triumphs in your wake

behold my child for within the intimate confines of your familial Hearth and

among the farthest reaches of your kin I shall orchestrate Marvels and wonders my

benevolence knows no bounds extending its Embrace to Encompass your circle of

friends yet I implore of you a solemn Covenant a pledge to wield the blessings

prosperity and spiritual fortitude I bestow upon you as instruments of compassion and upliftment consider

earnestly whether you are prepared to receive my Abundant Blessings for I shall not compel you down a path for

which you Harbor reluctance I beckon you forth upon the path to prosperity and Triumph but I

yearn for your steadfast devotion your daily communion with me and fervent prayer speak to me declare your

Readiness to embrace the blessings I offer for the season of Victory Dawns upon you extend your hand to mine for

you are deserving of boundless Joy and it is my fervent desire to Lavish you

with my munificent gifts courage and honor shall envelop you elevating you

above the Skeptics and naysayers the floodgates of Heaven shall swing wide open pouring forth riches

upon you in this new chapter of your journey let this message Infuse your spirit with Vitality for my Holy Spirit

breathes life into your being shattering the shackles that bind you eternally in moments of distress and

weariness seek Refuge beneath my protective Embrace know that No Love in This World

Rivals the Purity and devotion of mine I covet neither wealth nor ostentatious

displays nor do I entertain transactions with those who believe they can sway me with material

offerings my love for you is unconditional and unwavering a steadfast Beacon of guidance and Solace ever shall

I keep vigil over you cognizant of every Nuance of your existence it is my desire that you too

acquire the capacity to nurture others to fortify the vulnerable and to Steward

wisdom and prosperity may you emerge as a Bastion of strength offering sustenance to those

in dire need thereby perpetuating the cycle of benevolence and Good Will I

beseech you dear one to take a bold leap of faith into the realm where Miracles

unfurl their Divine tapestries may your hands be conduits of healing tenderly touch ing the infirm

and igniting the Flames of restoration it is my fervent wish that you be Unshackled from the burdens of

financial worry discovering honorable means to sustain yourself isue the snares of

indebtedness sparing yourself the unnecessary anguish it brings never allow yourself to be ens snared by the

debts you owe to others when confronted with the plight of those in need extend

your hand with unwavering resolve harness the power of my words to IM emancipate others from their chains

beseeching me in prayer for their Deliverance be mindful that your acts of kindness are not in vain for I multiply

the offerings of your benevolence manifold embrace the opportunity to Aid the less fortunate for they may be

angels in Disguise sent to test your character and amplify your blessings as

you Embark upon this new phase of existence teeming with Divine interventions brace yourself for the

Wonders that wait and wield the gifts I have bestowed upon you to confront every challenge my child like the video now

let the rhythm of prayer course through your veins like a life-giving stream drawing you into my presence where

wisdom awaits immerse yourself in the Sacred Scriptures delving into the depths of

Proverbs and Psalms allowing their Timeless truths to resonate within your soul Feast upon my

words daily savoring each morsel of divine revelation and gaining frh fresh insights with each passing moment find

inspiration in the steadfast devotion of my followers and remain vigilant for the signs that Herald the unfolding of our

divine plan refrain from engaging in contentious debates over my promises for

True faith is not showcased through intellectual prowess but through unwavering trust in me extend your hand

to those in need with genuine kindness and empathy embodying the essence of my teachings in your daily

Endeavors know that I have absolved you of your transgressions and bestowed upon you sacred

Freedom wisdom and divine insight though there may be moments when

you feel isolated and burdened take solace in the knowledge that I am with you at every Twist and Turn of your

journey in my presence Beloved the burdens that once weighed heavily upon

your heart shall dissipate like Morning Mist beneath the sun’s gentle caress within the sanctuary of my love

you shall find solace tranquility and an abundance of blessings awaiting your

Embrace permit me to orchestrate a Divine transformation within your life breathing new Vitality into your spirit

with each passing moment let your faith and devotion Burge in Daily nourished by

the boundless depths of my love know this my beloved even on those days when

the fervor of prayer eludes you I shall persistently knock upon the door of your heart extending my hand in steadfast

companionship in my presence your soul shall find rest ins sconed in the serenity of blessed

calmness my Celestial Messengers stand watchful in every corner of your Abode

dispelling the shadows of fear that once haunted your days every noble Endeavor undertaken in

my name shall find fruition for I do not promise mere superficial self-improvement or fleeting material

gain it is ordained that you shall perform even greater Marvels for I bestow upon you my Divine favor from the

throne on high embrace your victories without reservation for the time of your

triumphs has dawned and you are worthy of their Bounty your unwavering faith

and steadfast perseverance have not gone unnoticed my child the moment has come

to enter into my presence and receive the blessings that I shall soon Place into your waiting hands declare boldly

your belief in me for your blessing is swiftly making its way to you furling

its Grace upon your home with unrelenting abundance be vigilant my dear one for

wondrous events are poised to unfurl before your eyes embrace my teachings with fervor

that you may discern the blessings that are poised to Grace your path my gaze seeks out the humble and modest Soul

infusing their lives with the radiant glow of generosity love and

forgiveness you have been chosen dear one hold fast to your faith without

faltering for your purpose has been inscribed upon the annals of Eternity I

have guided your journey thus far and now in this moment the splendors I have

ordained for you await your eager grasp enter into my presence each day my

beloved bringing your hopes fears and aspirations to lay them before the altar

of my grace seek me in Earnest us inquire of me your doubts and unburden

your heart of its transgressions for in my presence forgiveness flows abundantly

arise and prepare yourself for the hour of Triumph draws nigh my imminent

arrival Heralds a time of great significance wherein Myriad Miracles await to be wrought through your hands

together we shall advance for you are upheld by my unwavering support and boundless love my child type yes if you

agree agree with me know this dear one in the celestial Realms blessings of

unfathomable magnitude await your claim trust implicitly in the Divine orchestration of events for every

circumstance unfolds according to my sovereign will with your ultimate benefit in mind across the vast expanse

of Heaven and Earth the currents of Destiny shift to aign with your favor I

have decreed with unwavering certainty that you shall receive abundant provision be released from the shackles

of debt and be endowed with Heavenly wisdom bespoke blessings crafted

specifically for you and your kin Your Existence is not happen stance but

rather a meticulously designed tapestry woven with threads of divine love and purpose even before your Inception my

affection for you burned fervently and I have ordained countless wonders to Grace your

journey foremost among these blessings is the unending Wellspring of my love which knows no bounds and remain a

remain steadfast through every trial and tribulation do not Harbor the misconception that your mistakes

estrange you from my presence for my love for you remains unwavering and

unconditional when you approach me with a contrite heart bearing the weight of your faults I perceive the sincerity of Your

Love amidst the shadows of your imperfections your honesty is a precious offering and I discern the true intent

of your heart cherishing your authenticity above all else you stand depart from those who wield judgment

with huy self-righteousness for your spirit emanates Tranquility your actions are

imbued with kindness and your thoughts remain pure though you may stumble your

faith shall boy you with unwavering certainty shielding you from the censure of others remain steadfast in humility

and I shall shower you with Abundant Blessings beyond measure your aspirations are not rooted

in the transient Allure of worldly possessions rather you seek blessings and protection for

your kin and I shall Grant these unto you in abundance prepare yourself for when the

doors of opportunity swing open before you you shall stride forth with confidence emboldened by the Assurance

of my Providence even now as you listen the Unseen Realms ReSound with wonders

yet to unfold new connections and extraordinary opportunities shall cross your path presenting challenges is that

shall through your unwavering faith and patience metamorphose into blessings

your home shall be suffused with Tranquility your needs shall be abundantly provided for and the greatest

treasures of all shall be within your grasp awaiting your eager Embrace today

I implore you to heed my Divine guidance opening wide the gates of your heart to receive the profound peace that I offer

in this moment let the tumult of your thoughts subside as I The Sovereign

ruler of all creation command the storms that rage around you to be still no longer shall

The Whispers of worldly threats seow seeds of fear or weaken your resolve for

I bid you to cast aside all doubt and surrender all that you have achieved though you may perceive

yourself as feeble hear me now it is in recognizing the limitations of your own

strength that you find the true source of invincibility as faith intertwin with my power renders you

indomitable with renewed Vigor let your spirit rise shedding the

cloak of weakness as you boldly declare I am strong and Ascend towards

the mountain where I eagerly await you upon this Summit your highest aspirations shall find their fruition

and your dreams shall be realized embrace my divine plan for you

for you have been LED not to falter but to soar Above the Clouds unfurl your wings and Ascend to gaze

upon the realm of blessings I am eager to bestow upon you no longer shall desperation haunt your days nor shall

distress shroud your nights or despair Cloud your mornings henceforth your life shall be

characterized by Dynamic faith and with each New Dawn choose Joy

unbounded undeterred by the trials that may beset you my child type – in the

comment box remember my child you are unique and

need not conform to the expectations of others while many may be swayed by The Whispers of uncertainty your faith

fueled by Divine Love Remain steadfast and unwavering be liberated be filled with

happiness and share with your loved ones the messages I impart unto you this day know that I cherish you deeply and

shall rescue you from the depths of despair infusing your being with boldness and courage approach this day

with unwavering resolve for I walk beside you ensuring that you shall not

stumble fear not the challenges that lie ahead for I am greater than them all

though illness May seek to steal your hope my plan is one of restoration troubles within your family

may unsettle you but fear not for I about to unveil miraculous changes in

your circumstances now I ask you will you trust in me or will you waver if you

choose trust you shall Ascend endure and emerge

Victorious though silent tears may have been your companions know that I now unfold You In My Embrace wiping away

your sorrow and satisfying your deepest needs with my renewing presence you shall be vibrant with health refreshed

in spirit and no longer shall your soul thirst though the enemy may assail you

you shall stand firm supported by my love and grace the difficult days of recent times

shall Fade Into memory for I love you deeply and will drive away every trace of fear look towards me dear one for is

there anything too hard for me just as I stilled storms and performed miraculous Deeds so too shall I calm the turmoil

within you and Lead You Through the uncertain Waters ahead fear not for my

angels stand guard ready to lead and protect you and Abundant Blessings await

you on the other side let none of your worries linger for I shall Vanquish them

and your adversaries with the boundless depths of my love rejoice in the Splendor of this new day knowing that

with me by your side you possess the strength to overcome any trial this morning rest assured that I

heard your prayers last night witnessed your tears and perceived the burdens hidden beneath your pillow in your

anguish you sought Solace strength peace and assurance and now

behold yourself risen to greet the dawn fortified and emboldened by the Revival of Your Inner

Strength no longer are you frail or disheartened but imbued with The Bravery to confront any challenge that dares to

cross your path where once fear held sway now Faith Reigns Supreme where

hesitation once lingered now courage Stands Tall though yesterday may have seen you

tremble at the thought of impending troubles today finds you Resolute ready to March forward with unwavering

resolve I Kindle within you a deep-seated desire for victory for I am

not only the guide who has brought you to this juncture but also the Wellspring from which you draw your strength to

surmount every obstacle though the trials ahead may seem daunting remember that nothing

surpasses my grace I have not abandoned you I stand beside you in every Skirmish

and battle lending you the courage and determination needed to emerge

Victorious shift your focus from your concerns to me and let your faith be

nourished by my promises in my loving presence fear dissipates replaced by the

unshakable Assurance of Triumph stand tall and March forward fortified by my unwavering

love and at the close of this day let us commune once more that I may bestow upon

you a special blessing infusing your spirit with renewed strength and purpose

March forth knowing that with my Holy Spirit guiding your steps no foe can withstand you you are not weak you are

strong imbued with my love and faith remember for those who believe all

things are possible do not lose hope for I am here to sustain you to provide you with the

fortitude needed to endure I grant you the strength to persevere to rise above

afflictions and to continue your journey with unwavering resolve your past

victories ATT test to your resilience and the challenges you face now shall not overcome you take heart in my words

of encouragement and arm yourself with courage for your faith in me is Paramount in these days

prepare yourself for you are on the cusp of witnessing a remarkable Miracle my

words possess the power to heal you to provide for your loved ones and to meet

your every need your table shall overflow with abundance and your home shall ReSound with joy and genuine

Prosperity accept my blessings with humility and gratitude and remember to extend a hand

to those in Need for as you share your blessings so too shall I unlock the

treasure of Heaven for you filling your home with peace and gladness true blessings manifest as Harmony and

well-being within your family as health and wisdom Usher in joyful times and Herald a fresh beginning believe in the

possibility of a brighter future for all who hold love for me in their hearts

soon you shall witness the realization of many dreams dreams that once seemed

unattainable I your Almighty and Supernatural God am ever present by your

side ready to care for protect and sustain you not just for today but for

all eternity I am hastening the time so that you may soon hold your blessings in your hands and receive the long- awaited

answers to your prayers the changes unfolding around you are orchestrated for your benefit therefore prepare your

heart and mind open wide the doors of your home and allow my presence to

permeate every corner rest assured as you hear these words today your life

is poised for transformation I am intimately acquainted with your needs even before

they arise yet I desire Clarity in your thoughts desires and

dreams be Resolute in your prayers knowing precisely what you seek and where your aspirations lie achieving

Victory comes with a price it demands unwavering belief fervent prayer

diligent effort and sometimes significant personal sacrifices I pledge to bestow upon you a

success that will enrich not only you but also your loved ones for eternity I will never Grant you anything that could

bring sorrow or Lead You astray from me your family should not suffer due to your absence excel in the world be a

Beacon of Hope but let only joy accompany you home never neglect those

dear to you guard against the encroachment of strife and prioritize your well-being my de deepest desire is

for your ultimate good that you may live in genuine peace free from worry over

Earthly possessions remember worldly riches are transient you entered this world with

nothing and you shall depart in the same manner however while the love care faith

and support you bestow upon others will yield true spiritual Treasures one day I will personally

beckon you my cherished Child Say saying come you who were faithful in small

things now I grant you immense blessings and you shall be crowned I hold the authority to shift

epics and sway Hearts everything unjustly taken from you will be restored in abundance stand firm refusing to

accept defeat though life may strike you and people may betray you I you’re

almighty God am with you and I will not forsake you my child type amen if you

agree with me through my grace and love I Infuse your heart with strength

enabling you to rise like a valiant Warrior those who seek to trouble you shall be confounded for they will

witness the Wonders I shall work within you trust in me for I am the one who

orchestrates Miracles and transforms Destinies I bestow upon you all the fortitude I can summon so that you may

persevere so that you may not be crushed by afflictions but rather feel empowered to

rise to continue walking to face difficulties and to persist in the fight you have

tasted victory before so the challenges you face now will not conquer you you

will not be broken or disgraced hear my encouragement and arm yourself with courage for in these days your

unwavering faith in me is Paramount you are on the brink of witnessing a remarkable

Miracle my words possess the power to heal you to provide for your loved ones

and to meet all your needs your table will never lack sustenance joy and true

wealth will flourish within your home accept my blessings with gratitude and humility remember those enduring

hardship share your blessings extend a helping hand to those in distress and

observe as I unlock the abundance of Heaven for you filling your home with peace and joy my truest blessings

materialize as Harmony and well-being within your family as health and wisdom Usher in times of joy and New Beginnings

believe in me and acknowledge that a brighter future awaits all who love me soon you will witness the Fulfillment of

dreams you once deemed unattainable I your Almighty and Supernatural God am always by your side

I will nurture you Shield you and sustain you today and for all

eternity I am hastening the times so that you may soon hold your blessings in your hands and receive the answer answer

you have been awaiting the changes unfolding around you are for your benefit prepare your heart and mind open

the doors of your home and welcome my presence to its rightful place just as

you hear it today I assure you your life will undergo a

transformation I understand your needs even before you recognize them yet I seek Clarity in your thoughts and

desires be certain of what you ask of me know well your wants and the path you wish to Trav head Victory comes at a

price it demands genuine belief fervent prayer unwavering effort and significant

personal sacrifices I pledge to bestow upon you a success that will enrich both you and

your loved ones for eternity I will never Grant you anything that could bring sorrow or drive you

from me your family should not suffer from your absence excel in the world and

be a Beacon of Hope but ensure that only Joy accompanies you home never neglect your

loved ones guard against allowing Strife to overwhelm you or jeopardize your well-being trust in my guidance and

together we shall navigate the path to a future brimming with promise and fulfillment my deepest desire is for

your ultimate well-being I long for your genuine peace and unwavering Faith so

that you may live serenely free from worry over Earthly possessions material wealth is fleeting

you enter this world with nothing and you will depart with nothing however the love

compassion and Faith you have cultivated within your community the beliefs you have shared

the support you have extended to those in need and your steadfast devotion these are the true spiritual Treasures

you have amassed one day I will personally welcome you my cherished

child and Crown you with immense blessings I have the power to shift eras

and influence Hearts everything unjustly taken from you will be returned to you manifold stand firm do not succumb to

defeat life’s trials may have struck you and people may have betrayed you but I

your almighty God am with you and I will never forsake you by my grace and

boundless love I Infuse your heart with strength you will rise like a valiant

Warrior and Stand Tall those who seek to trouble you seek only to humiliate you

but they will be astounded by the Wonders I will work within you with their eyes wide open they will witness

how I lead you from the desert into fertile lands where Miracles abound though you have faced countless

challenges the time for your blessings has arrived I am here to heal your afflictions and liberate you from all

that holds you back ushering you into a life brimming with joy and freedom cling

to hope for it is your precious gift let my teachings be your greatest treasure

anchoring you amidst the storms of life do not be swayed by the negative chatter of those who Envy the blessings I am

pouring into your life I will provide you with honorable work sustenance for

your table Abundant Health protection from harm true

companionship peace within your family inspiring dreams and an unyielding desire to live

fully and overcome every obstacle remember your age holds no relevance in

this never underestimate yourself or use your years as an excuse I will perform wonderous deeds in your life out of my

boundless love for you and my desire to see you thrive no force can thwart my plans you have my unwavering support my

enduring love and my steadfast faithfulness I ask for your trust and

devotion prepare yourself for an extraordinary life beyond the ordinary I love you eternally amen

my child I sense that you are in need of a message today for

I your lord desire you to walk the path of Faith as it is written in

scripture the righteous will live by faith when you chose to accept my gift of

Salvation it was by grace through faith that you became my own and it is by that same faith I now

call you to actively live many Proclaim faith yet that fail to walk in it daily

but fear not for I am faithful not only to save you but to uphold you in every moment

thereafter I will unfold you in perfect peace a peace far beyond human

reasoning I give it freely as you abide in me for I long for your companionship

along life’s journey my deepest desire is to disciple you that you may grow ever more into my

likeness and fulfill my purposes with me as your Shepherd you you shall not want

my responsibility is to lead and guide yours is but to follow me wholeheartedly

wherever I direct your path as you Embark upon this journey steadfast

following ensures arrival at the destined end in safety yet trailing far

behind Harbors the risk of Separation at crucial Crossroads seeking to shortcut the path

I guide may result in missing essential stations every one of these holds importance in the unfolding of what I am

crafting Within in you and in the achievement of my grander designs but as you stay close you will clearly hear my

gentle Whispers go here do this help them for I have good works prepared for

you that you should walk in them they flow from our intimate relationship and time spent together seeking me first

enables you to be led by my spirit who lives within this daily dependence was modeled by my disciple Peter whom I

called to walk upon the waters beckoning him to come Peter stepped out in faith

his Focus steadfastly fixed on me yet as soon as his eyes shifted to the

surrounding storm his trust in me wavered losing confidence in my ability

to uphold him he began to sink oh if

only he knew no wave or wind could ever overpower my might for even the winds

and sea obey my voice I allowed the adverse conditions to reveal his faltering Faith then reaching to catch

him I lifted him to safety for I will never forsake my own nor allow them to

be engulfed in that which seeks to overwhelm I remain Sovereign over all created things now Peter at that moment

faced a critical Choice whether to remain safely aboard the boat or to walk upon the waters with me and herein lies

the Crux of your decision as well my child for there are always Myriad

reasons that will try convincing you to stay put where it is comfortable and secure yet do not be

deceived true security is only found in close dependence on me what may falsely

promise safety is often disguised bondage keeping you from stepping into all I have destined for your life let

not popular opinion nor fear of the unknown prevent you from boldly following me for nothing is impossible

for those who believe did I not Proclaim that Greater Works than these shall you also do as you trust in my ability

working through you so doubt no longer that you are well able to undertake whatever I am calling you to for it is

through faith that my divine power permeates your Humanity accomplishing the

supernatural remember when Peter first peered out at me through the storm he was already walking upon the Water but

the instant doubt crept in his footing faltered causing him to sink so keep

your spiritual eyes anchored steadfastly on me ignore the winds swirling disregard the waves roaring for they

shall not Prevail against you my child type Amen in the comment box I am

upholding you thus determine in your heart not to retreat back to the perceived safety of old ways and habits

remain fixed on me and you shall walk supernaturally through every stormy trial just as your instruments are

continually refined to possess enhanced faculties so I desire to bestow upon you heightened discernment and spiritual

strength this requires first silencing the clamor of worldly diversions and disturbances to humbly accept what I

offer unlike the unexpected halts brought by the Turning of Seasons or the sudden rains that pause the day’s labor

I choose the most propitious times to endow your spirit with new understanding and wisdom as you yield to my

handiwork so let today be a fresh start in pursuing intimacy with Me Above All Else even small gestures towards me are

are most meaningful when profer out of genuine love rather than religious routine something anything no matter how

tiny when given wholeheartedly pleases me greatly for I

cherish fellowship with you who are the Delight of my heart I am always wooing

you to draw nearer still will you choose to walk in faith today by responding to my prompting for I promise to uplift and

uphold You by my strength and Grace sufficient for each step ahead head

listen for my whisper bidding you to come then boldly arise to follow wherever I lead as you walk through the

tumultuous Waters of Life be sure to keep my teachings close for they shall energize your faith when it grows weak

fear is a Sly adversary capable of immobilizing even the most Resolute among my followers planting seeds of

uncertainty that can halt your progress yet Faith

beloved faith invigorates have you not pondered the words bestowed upon my servants in the scriptures now

Faith is the Assurance of things hoped for the conviction of Things Not Seen without hope faith wanders

aimlessly akin to a vessel devoid of its steering they must operate in Concord

empowering each other just as the joining of oil and Flame brings light to the

darkness walk always with the eyes of Faith open wide envisioning the glories I have prepared for you not Blinded By

The Shadow the enemy casts to frighten you whenever false evidence appears real

denying its deception saying no I will not cower before these

Illusions face your fears Trace them back to their sources of untruth erase

them from your mind and replace them wholly with my word if fear still plagues you recall my goodness which

never fails do not Envision the worst outcomes but trust in my plans to prosper you and

do not accept defeat prematurely nor reject the ways I have set out before you stand firmly on my

promises choosing a path illuminated by faith not obscured by anxious doubts you

must persist ahead even when the way seems dark and obstacles arise what other choice is there to give

in to despair to stop short of the purposes I have for you no

my child you must keep walking in faith believing that the light will Dawn and

your trials too shall pass if you stumble fall forward and if you fail

fail forward for nothing is final as long as breath remains a setback does

not indicate defeat no more than losing early rounds spells Doom for the determined

boxer as long as your will to strive remains Victory shall be yours in in due

time have I not written it thus that you overcome in the end the author of your

story has already seen the closing lines though the middle chapters remain yours to write take heart that the one who

began this good work in you shall surely complete it I am not hindered by your past errors for when you asked my

forgiveness were you not washed clean as freshly fallen snow therefore let not

old regrets weigh you down near needlessly A New Day Has dawned you cannot change what came before but you

can transform what comes after so begin again with the end goal firmly in sight

fulfill the purpose I’ve ordained for you staying true to my call in your spirit moving forward in faith fueled

positivity for your outlook helps determine the heights your dreams shall reach my beloved child the Journey of

Faith I have called you to is not one you walk walk alone but one we Embark upon together I am with you always your

constant guide and faithful companion along the way the course ahead May at times seem dim and obscured but I have

not left you without a compass to chart your path my word my spirit my very

presence within you will illuminate The Way Forward even in the darkest

Valley Fix Your Eyes Upon me let my voice echo in your ear be led by my

gentle nudges within your spirit and though the way may Wind Through uncertain

terrain I will lead you safely to the destination I have prepared for you in a

world that offers fleeting Treasures false hopes and Urgent demands

constantly contending for your focus do not let them drown out the sweet sound of my voice gently Whispering guidance

deep within regularly Retreat into the quiet sanctuary of my presence training

your soul to find its rest in communion with me alone as you learn to soar with eagles

Rising Above The Fray you gain necessary perspective for each unfolding leg of

your journey you cannot endure its demands Running on Empty let me fill you a new my child I

walk each step alongside you do not lose heart or yield to fear of what lies ahead the course May hold hardship to

but greater still is my promise of Victory purpose and profound joy as you walk in trust

with me I know the plans I have for you plans not to harm but to prosper to give you

hope in a future what I have started in you I myself will complete let this journey of

faith we share strengthen your trust in my promise and provision that never fails great is your reward as you follow

in faith with your hand held securely in mine amen

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