GOD:- “YOU ARE MEANT TO WATCH THIS BEFORE 7 PM” | God’s Message Today #god #Jesus Lord Helps Ep~1451

people of God you are meant for

something not for a single moment but

for countless moments during your life

Journey life is not a mere sequence of


events it is a purposeful Journey

carefully orchestrated by a loving

Creator let us delve into what it truly

means to embrace a Divine destiny

in the Book of Genesis we encounter the

call to Abraham later known as

Abraham God

said go from your country your

Kindred and your father’s house to the

land that I will show

you Abram was chosen for a purpose

Beyond his viest dream me

similarly each of us is uniquely crafted

with a

purpose you are not an accident you are

intentionally designed by the master

architect of this

universe have you ever felt a gentle

whisper deep within your soul and

knowing that there exists more to life

than what meets the

eye Visionaries don’t always receive

their visions

from external

sources this sense an internal drive to

create something

meaningful listen closely to that

whisper it is your destiny calling

you consider the life of King David the

shepherd boy who became a mighty ruler

his journey from tending sheep to

defeating Giants was marked by a

profound connection with God

thought in Samuel

– David

declares the Lord is my rock and my

Fortress he heard my

voice David success wasn’t merely about

early achievements it was rooted in his

intimate relationship with the

Divine think about David standing on a

palace balcony gazing over the city

below lies a modest one room tent the

Tabernacle that housed the Ark of the

Covenant God’s tangible

presence David wondered how did this all

come to be about

me I reside in a palace while God’s

presence dwells in a

pure despite his

accomplishments David recognized that he

was part part of something very

bigger the Eternal story of God’s

love people of God hear this truth you

are meant for something bigger it is not

about Fame wealth or worldly success it

is about aligning your Hur with God’s

purpose when you feel

insignificant remember that God sees you

when doubt creeping recall that you are

part of a grand narrative a story of

redemption Grace and love may your life

equo the words of Isaiah

which says see I have engraved you

on the palms of my

hands you are important cherished and

destined for

greatness amen

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