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God has a message for you the Lord knows

you and your

struggles he knows what you’ve been

through but he also sees Hope on the

horizon the devil will never get the

best of you and your challenges are only

temporary God knows how to take away the

things that hurt you how to heal your

soul he sees you when no one else can he

hears each thought and listens carefully

to every prayer

he wants nothing more than for you to

feel is love in everything you do don’t

let anyone bring you down and steal your

positive energy you need to tune out the

noise of the world and listen to God’s

message God will bring you to a place of

abundance there are many voices and

distractions trying to get your

attention you must resist them as they

want you to lose your focus stay on the

high path with God at your your side

God’s words and love are powerful they

can create Beauty in this world in the

same way you must continue to speak with

positivity about your life when you say

things that bring down or hurt others

remember that you are also hurting

yourself you have a choice each moment

of each day in how you react to God’s

Divine energy you do not have to go in a


Direction instead you can choose to

express love and and light the more

often you do so the better your life

will be and the better your spirit will

feel the Holy Spirit surrounds you with

protection you are always safe with God

the Creator is with you you will find

the answers that you seek this time of

fear and confusion will end embrace the

present moment with all of your love and

attention be patient with yourself as

God is also patient with you God bless

bless you discover the Divine solution

to your problems right now we have start

a new series of prayers if you desire to

offer a special prayer for yourself or

for a loved one please comment below

with your name and the purpose of the

prayer we will arrange a special prayer

for you in the name of Jesus Christ God

bless you like the video If you believe

this message

contains something that will help

manifest abundance in your life

please don’t ignore otherwise one day

you will regret that you did not hear

this content earlier do not lose the

opportunity watch our next


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