today God is communicating with you my

Christian Child the new season is upon

you and everything will begin to go in

your favor you learn it enough you

completed the task you have come a long

way you didn’t stop believing even after

hearing it you never gave up you

persevered and prayed your way through

it it’s now your turn to accept my

blessings and a beg you I’m giving you

permission to run this race and come in

first do it’s easy to start the race

it’s difficult to keep going you can do

anything with me I’m always by you’re

sigh I’m going to make up for the years

the enemy stole from you years that you

were mistreated and years where you

where alone there will be an abundance

of happiness peace resources and

opportunities for you I promised to make

a way there is nothing I can’t handle

though I’m giving you the courage to

persevere through it you might be in the

Battle of your life nothing aimed

against you will be successful you’ll be


right like this video if you trust Lord


uning my little child the world is too

much for you to handle your thoughts are

darting from one worrying to the next

two problem causing your thoughts to

become Tangled Up In panck Knots if you

continue to think in such a manner you

will keep me out of your world

view and your thinking will get more

complicated I have a strong desire to to

assist you but I will not go against

your free will do Dominion I am present

in the backdrop of you’re mine but I

remain mute do I am holding out hope

that you will not forget that I am here


you when you divert your attention away

from your issues your burden is quickly

reduced when you are in the room with

you circulation Although our positions

may not have shifted we are carrying

your burdens together your need to fix

everything eventually gives wait to a

profound and gratifying relationship

with a person like me regardless of what

this day brings we are able to manage it

together it

brings come to me when the weight of

your misdeeds gets too much for you

confession your transgression which I am

aware of and its whole before you even

utter a single word maintain your

presence in the light of my presence and

embrace the Forgiveness cleansing and

healing that I

offer be mindful of the fact that I have

adorned you with my

righteousness making it impossible for

anything to separate you from me I am

here to assist you whenever you take a

step backwards or fall dot up to you

because of his sinful nature man has a

desire to seek refuge in the shadows and

hide from

it right I love you Jesus if you

believe self-pity denial

self-righteousness blame and hatred are

all things that he can be found engaging

in there nevertheless I am the light of

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