GOD TOLD ME- “WARNING YOU’RE BEING WATCHED BY…” I God’s Message Now Today | God Helps

my beloved child I want you to know that I have incredible plans in store for you

plans to bless you abundantly and give you a future bright with hope the good things I have prepared for

you go far beyond anything you could dream up or imagine these amazing blessings and

Promises aren’t for everyone th they are specially reserved for my faithful children who have remained true to me

through thick and thin the ones who didn’t give up or turn away when times got tof or Temptation

came knocking so if this message strikes a cord deep within your spirit pay

attention I am confirming something I’ve already placed on your heart you know I’ve called you to be a Channel of my

financial blessings anointed to generously pour resources into my Kingdom’s

work this isn’t just about getting wealthy for your own benefit no this is

about taking back ground the enemy has stolen and using wealth to advance my

purposes Financial abundance will flow through willing vessels like you who will Steward it well and selflessly

invest it right back into the ministry I will begin to bless you in remarkable ways my child you will see my

Supernatural favor manifest in your life like never

before I’m going to increase your talents and abilities enabling you to excel in your

Pursuits I will fill your mind with inspired ideas that will produce extraordinary results as You Follow My

specific plan for you step by step as you continue to put me first above money

or possessions passionately pursuing my presence I will add all these other

things to you as well people around you even those who don’t know me will be

amazed by the blessings I place on your life they won’t be able to help but

notice the evidence of my favor on you my glory will increasingly shine through

you causing you to stand out you will become a Showcase of my goodness and

power a living testimony that points others to me because your motives have stayed pure

Desiring to use prosperity to help others in need rather than indulging yourself I know I can keep entrusting

you with more you’ve passed the test proving you’ll generously share the blessings I give

you this brings me great joy your generosity moves me to pour out even

greater blessings on you like I abundantly blessed Solomon with wealth and honor because he asked

for wisdom above riches I will also shower you with blessings because you’ve put my kingdom

first right now new opportunities are opening up for you relationships and

networks with influential people are being established by my hand stay closely connected to me so you

can accurately discern which opportunity unities are truly from me and which are counterfeits from the

enemy I have great plans to prosper you and reveal my glory through you I’m

bringing you before leaders and influential people you could never reach in your own ability your gifts are opening doors to

interact with the wealthy and Powerful stay humble and thankful not

proud Steward well all I place in your hands and all always remember to direct the

glory back to me nothing you’ve accomplished or gained has been by your own power or Talent no it’s purely by my

spirit working through you I’m the one giving you the ability to produce wealth

I own it all and I’ve chosen you as a conduit to funnel these resources through to fulfill my plans in these

last days pay attention because the financial increase coming to you will

happen very suddenly one day everything will be the same as it’s always been

then practically overnight it will all change that’s how quickly I move when I

decide it’s time my blessings will overtake you I’ll pour out my favor so

abundantly that you won’t have enough room to contain it all don’t be scared or hold back when these opportunities

appear move forward with bold confidence knowing I’ve already gone ahead of you to prepare the way Trust my guidance

alone because the enemy will try to distract and mislead you he hates to see

my kingdom Advance through selfless servants like you expect him to attack

but don’t be afraid just listen carefully for my voice directing you

stay alert and attentive bring every opportunity to me first in prayer when

something is truly from me I’ll give you a deep peace and Assurance in your spirit there won’t be any doubt or

confusion only excitement and a sense that partnering with me in this is exactly right move according to my

timing and leading not your own reasoning or what seems best to you let me connect you with the right people and

open the right doors don’t strive to make things happen by your own effort or

intelligence remember you’re not in this alone I’m with you every step of the way

empowering you any opposition that comes is is not a sign you’re on the wrong

path it simply means the enemy feels threatened because he knows the impact

you’ll make for my kingdom so fix your eyes straight ahead focused fully on me keep your heart pure

and your hands clean be careful not to lean on your own understanding but in all your ways acknowledge me and I will

direct your paths just as I supernaturally empowered Joseph to Steward the wealth of Egypt and Daniel

to advise Kings so will I equip you and give you extraordinary favor and wisdom

get ready my child for you are about to see the manifestation of promises and blessings so big they will leave you in

awe and wonder prepare your heart now stay close to me and watch what I will do for I

Delight in prospering my children I love pouring out my abundance on those I can trust to Steward it well for my

glory in this new season there will be no limits to what I can do through a yielded vessel like you so stay humble

and surrendered continually give me the honor and praise for every success and

Open Door use the platform and influence I give you to point people to me the

source of Every Blessing if you remain faithful with this first wave of increase I will

quickly release even more to you for my desire is to funnel resources into the

hands of of my trustworthy ones in these Final hours the time is short and there is

much Kingdom work to be funded I am accelerating things in the spirit and the natural what would

normally take years will happen in weeks or even days suddenly will be the new

normal don’t be surprised when your inbox overflows with new contracts

clients and opportunities you didn’t pursue it’s simply the result of my

favor I’m bringing it all to you get ready to be blessed beyond measure my

precious one not so you can live in luxury but so you can help Finance the

advancement of my kingdom in the earth I love you so much I’m proud of you and

I’m excited for all that lies ahead so take my hand and let me lead you into this new season stay softened

and obedient to my voice Steward well all I place in your hands and watch in

amazement as I do exceedingly abundantly above all you could ask think or imagine

it’s who I am it’s what I do and it’s what I’ve prepared you for be sensitive

to my spirits leading every step of the way together we will accomplish more

than you could possibly imagine for this financial blessing will not be in small amounts my child no I am a god more than

enough and I plan to pour out abundance until you are overflowing why do I shower such lavish

blessing on my faithful ones for through your willingness I am able to Showcase my glory to a world stuck in darkness

and despair like a lighthouse on a hill the testimony of what I can do through a

fully devoted trusting follower will shine brightly it will capture people’s

attention and point them to the source of true riches and prosperity which is me

your life poured out in service overflowing with Supernatural blessings that cannot be explained or contained

will draw many to seek this same God you serve people will be saved delivered and

set free because you dare to believe my promises were true you took me at my word and allowed me to use you

powerfully for my Kingdom’s advancement oh precious child you have no idea the impact I plan to have

through your obedient life and willing heart the rewards waiting for you in eternity are truly Beyond

Comprehension While others hoard their wealth and live self-centered lives of comfort your joy and satisfaction comes

from being used by God Almighty to transform lives now and for all

eternity this brings me incredible Joy so do not grow weary or lose heart my

child the waiting is nearly over the drought season is coming to an end

I am about to pour out a blessing so extravagant so over the top it will overwhelm and Amaze you like Ezra of old

who led the people out of captivity back into the promised land so too will you

lead many from despair into Hope from lack into more than enough from Darkness

into my glorious light yes this financial blessing will involve substantial amounts of gold and

silver I own it all I I hold the deed to the Earth in my hands and I have heard

your heart’s cry your desire to make a difference in this Fallen World truly I

tell you a great harvest of souls is coming in there will be an outpouring of my spirit across the Earth like nothing

you’ve ever seen and Revival requires resources my child it requires committed

generous believers who I can trust to Steward the funds properly those who will use them wise

and effectively to reach the Lost and make disciples until the day I return

you shall be mightily used as part of this Endtime Harvest precious one keep your eyes focused on me alone

remain humble and pure free of greed Pride or Envy over what I choose to bless others with rejoice when one part

of the body is blessed for you all benefit maintain integrity and godly

character in the midst of increase walk in wisdom regarding decisions guarding

your heart closely seek my will above any Earthly desires continue serving and giving with

a joyful thankful heart my precious precious child how I love you and Delight in you

great exploits for my kingdom await you in this next season yes the financial overflow is

coming and it shall be Monumental but keep your eyes fixed on the true prize

fulfilling your Destiny and bringing me Glory through the gifts and talents I’ve

invested in you stay near to my heart where you will find shelter and rest for

your soul abide in my love which will sustain you for all that lies ahead lean fully

on me your provider your Source your strength I shall bring forth rivers in

the desert places Beauty From the Ashes Joy where one was only mourning Victory where you

once tasted defeat you are about to step into a new realm of influence and

increase my child I need trustworthy stewards to manage this next outpouring

of resources and blessing prove yourself faithful with what I’ve currently entrusted you with so I can expand your

borders even more bring praise and honor to my name through every decision and

investment seek my wisdom and guidance continually assume your proper place as a son or

daughter of the most high God wear your identity in me with boldness and courage

speak truth to the lies and distortions of the enemy be a pointer always back to

me as you walk uprightly with Clean Hands and a pure heart I shall continue

to promote you and open doors only I can provide the sky is truly the limit as

you remain rooted firmly in me your source and strong tower together we will

accomplish more than you dared dream so get ready child of God the ride

is about to get intensely good brace yourself for the tidal wave of Supernatural blessings and favor that’s

already cresting on the horizon this is only the beginning my beloved I have seen the

cries of your heart I know the adversity you have faced and the wounds left

unattended I see how adverse it has tried to harden your heart yet beneath the protective layers awaits a softness

I placed within you the hardness developed over years of coping and surviving yet those layers do not define

you within you I also see strength and perseverance that refuse to let

difficulty extinguish your light I see beauty wonder and untapped potential

awaiting release I did not intend for your light to remain hidden under layers of

protection that block you the time has come to walk A New Path of healing I will be your shelter in

Safe Harbor we will proceed slowly gently together we will rebuild

foundations of trust Truth and Love Not overnight but steadily each day what was

meant to harm you will become a testimony of redemption scars will

remain but even these shall be redeemed come to me when memories of

past trauma feel overwhelming let me speak words of comfort compassion and gentle correction

when necessary I will affirm your belovedness and help unpack experiences that seemed

senseless together we will unravel confusion appeal verdicts unjustly rendered against you and restore what

circumstances stole do not isolate yourself let others

speak into the healing process be Discerning but recog iiz that avoidance

also blocks blessing engage with those who point you toward me consistently detach from those

speaking or acting from selfish motives build connections fostering Mutual

growth a Al for this leg of your journey will be Stillness cultivated through spiritual

discipline silence Solitude Simplicity prayer postures meditating on my word

These Quiet habits must increase as busyness decreases hurry wrecks Souls it will not

redeem them this inversion of priority looks like weakness to some but releases

streams of Supernatural strength those who understand such sacred rhythms will support you lean on

them While redirecting Skeptics gently toward my light remember that earlier versions of

you did not understand either until encountering my love as you walk this narrower path with disciplined

consistency you will encounter others hungry for guidance to walk their own some will attach themselves to you

hoping to shortcut their own Journey disciple those willing to submit fully to my lead releasing the preoccupied to

walk their own Wayward Road a while longer they remain beloved to me

regardless not all who begin will persist to the end with you some will stray but return later manage

your expectations while keeping the door open protect progress made so far

continue investing in those who consistently realign when veering off course not all can endure the cost of

discipleship required for leaders entrusted with my people you will know you have moved into new territory when

sensing you have outgrown certain soul ties That served earlier Seasons honor what you gained from those

connections reassign bits of your heart woven into them while entrusting those people to my care wish them well with

sincere affection as I lead you on paths meant to catalyze your unique callings this process expands Your

Capacity to hold complexity and Paradox you will speak and live boldly

while doubting yourself more than observers ever realize you will walk in confidence and

power while retaining cultivated humility rooted in your awareness of utter dependence on

me when you question if a costly investment is worth the diminishing time left on Earth remember that Earth’s

measures don’t fully capture the bigger picture what seems like a loss here can

be a great gain in the larger sense avoid settling for a false sense of achievement embrace the transition

between transformation and ongoing growth let these words wash over you

like waves eroding walls that once felt necessary for survival

let them work within to awaken and affirm what you have always known at core you are seen known loved you are

safe with me you are home and home is wherever you dwell in awareness of my

presence my child I see you and I know your struggles I am taking notice of you

my faithful ones I see how you have been wronged yet you have not harbored

bitterness in your heart you have continued walking the narrow path though it has been difficult and now the tables

are turning I am restoring what has been taken from you and then some your

enemies will look on in disbelief as I Elevate you as I cause you to prosper in the

land I have prepared for you they will be dismayed as you dwell in houses you did not build and eat from Vineyards you

did not plant do not gloat over their downfall but show them them the same

Mercy I have shown you for some of them will come pleading for your help in their time of need they will realize

that while they were persecuting you mocking you trying to thwart my plans for you at every turn I was with you my

favor was upon you they rejected my spirit but you welcomed it so when they

come desperate and broken do not turn them away show them the same Grace that

I have lavished upon you perhaps perhaps then their eyes will be opened to who I truly

am I know that many of you have been concerned for your families especially your children you have spent countless

hours interceding for them pleading with me to keep them from the enemy’s grasp and I have heard your prayers I tell you

do not worry about your children anymore release them to me I know the plans I have for them plans to prosper them and

not to harm them my plans give them a hope in a future

your children are mine I created them in their mother’s womb and wrote their names in the book of life even when they

wander for a time my spirit calls to them and I will gently guide them back

home my child have I not said that I leave the to pursue the one your child May

wander far but I will go to the ends of the Earth to find

them I will send dreams and visions I will speak to them through my

word I will place Believers along their path to speak truth into their lives I

Lov them before you knew them before you held them in your arms before their

first breath left their tiny lungs they have always belonged to me I

created them I knit them together and I will be the one to complete the good

work I have started in them so release your children to me let go of the fear

that they will never find their purpose their lives rest securely in my hands

Focus instead on the destiny I have called you to on advancing my kingdom and trust that at the right time I will

draw your children back to me many of you have been cultivating your spiritual gifts learning to hear my voice with

Clarity and soon you will begin operating in higher levels of anointing

the training season is drawing to a close you are stepping into new mantles of authority mantles that will shift

atmospheres and break strongholds off of cities and regions the enemy knows what

I’m about to do through you and he has attempted to sabotage my plans at every turn he has come to steal kill and

destroy but his efforts will utterly fail no weapon formed against you will

succeed every accusation brought against you will fall to the ground ground I am

giving you divine strategies and leading you along paths unknown to your enemies

so that everything they plan will backfire on them I will silence every lying tongue raised up against you I

will vindicate you in front of those who did not believe in you who spoke evil of you when your back was

turned they will know that I have loved you with an everlasting love and they

will see clearly that my hand is upon your life they will watch in dismay as I

take you from the margins to the center your enemies are already uneasy though I have only given you a

small glimpse of what’s to come it is enough to stir up jealousy and anger in their hearts they see me beginning to

elevate you while they remain stuck in Old Cycles do not concern yourself with those who persecute you they have their

own path to walk keep your eyes fixed on what’s ahead I am taking you higher

increasing your capacity for blessings beyond measure wealth and abundance will

chase you down until you are overtaken you will not have to strive

anymore Prosperity flows easily to those walking in their Divine assignment so

stay closely attuned to me allow me to guide your every step I am restoring all

that has been taken from you all that rightfully belongs to you

I am Redeeming the years eaten up by locusts I am repaying you for all of the

seeds you have swn in tears if you remain in my word and in my

presence nothing will be able to stand against you no obstacle will block your

path no Warrior will prevail against you I have Heavenly armies at your command I

will part Seas to make a way for you when there seems to be no way when you are pressed in on all sides

cry out to me and watch as I split open the heavens feel the Earth shake Beneath

Your Feet as my Angel armies March ahead of you into battle the battle belongs to

me you will not need to lift a finger against your enemies because my angels

will drive them out and establish a perimeter of protection around everything I have given you but you must

stand in unwavering Faith you must refuse to Bow under the weight of old mindsets telling you this

level of blessing is unattainable you must break free from limiting beliefs passed down through your bloodline that

lock finances and abundance out the old wine skins cannot contain what I am

pouring out in this new era they will burst so be intentional about shifting

into Kingdom ways of thinking and perceiving allow me to restructure how your mind processes spiritual matters

let me renew your mind daily in my word and above all have faith in what I can

do even when circumstances seem contradictory or opposition comes at you from every side I Am The God Who Parts

oceans with a word I speak and Angels rush to carry out my

commands Heaven backs my every decree so boldly agree with what I have

said about you align your confession with my word regardless of what your

eyes see let your faith roar I am pleas seed by faith that stands firm on my

promises even in the raging Storm many of you have perceived this

new era as a point of reset and realignment which is very true this season will continue to be a

time of recalibrating strategic positioning and closure of old

chapters you will notice momentum rapidly increasing projects will take off suddenly doors of opportunity will

swing wide open key connections will come out of nowhere accelerating your

advancement there is a divine wind of acceleration and favor in the atmosphere right now it will catch up to those who

have been faithful and Propel you exponentially faster into new levels of influence things will happen quickly and

I need you to be ready that is why I have impressed upon many of you to get your houses in order streamline

operations eliminate clutter pay off debt sever toxic ties bring order to

your homes and eliminate distractions when I open the floodgates

over your life I do not want you bogged down or bound to pass Seasons you have

been crying out for acceleration and promotion but before I rapidly Advance you I must know that you will Steward

higher levels of authority and blessing with integrity and

wisdom some of you have been in the fire broken down so I could rebuild you from

the inside out as kings and queens reflecting my nature and character I am pleased with how you have

allowed me to purify motives root out unhealthy mindsets and cultivate

servanthood in you through the trials I will now reward your endurance

and perseverance by transitioning you into the long awaited promotion the extremity of your

Wilderness season mandated the magnet ude of the promotion coming your testing qualified you for

increase you will hear testimonies of my goodness ringing out across Nations my

glory will permeate all spheres of society government education and family

I am bringing forth my kingdom in New Dimensions The Perfect Storm is upon you

the sudden lies I spoke to many of you will begin manifesting rapidly and I will continue accelerating Kingdom

advancement exponentially in the months following the world will Marvel at the speed and intensity of my move they will

stand in awe of what I am doing through yielded vessels turbulence is coming to the Nations but also magnificent moves

of my spirit the Earth has not seen the scale and scope of what I’m about to do

through my people signs and wonders Miracles and mass salvations prophetic

words coming to pass in accelerated time frames I am taking off limitations and

restraints I am unleashing powerful weapons from my heavenly Armory to tear down enemy encampments the world is

groaning in anticipation of my arising Sons and Daughters all of creation is waiting

expectantly for the revealing of my matured ones who will pour out rivers of Living Water to heal and

restore the recent past was difficult and painful on many fronts as I prune dead branches EXT raed root systems of

Pride exposed hidden sins and tore down monuments raised in my temple but it set

the foundation for unprecedented Kingdom expansion I am looking for those who

will Steward the new era not carelessly or Loosely but with fervor with

passion living every moment as dedicated ambassadors representing my interests in

the earth I am looking for commitment resolve perseverance that refuses to Bow

Under Pressure the path of promotion is not for the faint of heart or

half-hearted it is for wholehearted abandoned lovers willing to pay any price to see my kingdom

established across every sphere I am mantling this company of Trailblazers with unprecedented wisdom

discernment and spiritual sight to navigate Days of upheaval with peace and

Poise while simultaneously birthing acceleration I am igniting spiritual

entrepreneurs who will awaken cities through Kingdom principles and reformational Truth spoken in

unconventional ways Divine Wells of wisdom on how to reform failing systems of Economics

education government tongues of fire upon mouths declaring

Solutions those who sit at my feet and dwell in the secret place will have access to Heavenly

wisdom vital for pioneering Uncharted Kingdom territory with Mastery and

Grace Divine clues for establishing thriving expressions of Eden across

every sphere of society I’m preparing the head and not the tail forerunners who will run with

endurance and steadfast commitment not swerving to the left or right from my commands and call they will invade space

rces of influence with my love and disrupt dead systems with my light no more hiding I am mantling reformers to

take back territory the enemy tried to cut off from my influence a holy fire is Raging through as I am consecrating for

Kingdom establishment mandates I am pleased and my heart thrills as you step

into long awaited assignments for which you were created how beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of Messengers

announcing that the king is now taking his throne and the Kingdom has come

misrepresentations and false labels Stripped Away true identity revealed

Divine blueprints unlocked governing mantel and Kingdom keys of

authority full circle moments manifesting long awaited Vindication and

Justice resistance will only confirm you are moving in my timing breakthrough upon breakthrough as you walk into the

new era in step with my spirit manifest Victory and Kingdom bless blings will

track you down until you are overtaken as you remain in your secret

place of communion with me the world will watch in Wonder at the

favor and explosive blessing upon my beloved ones though scoffers will attempt to belittle and undermine my

Endtime Army do not listen to them stay rooted firmly in what my word says about

you do not become distracted arguing and debating with those who refuse truth do

do not waste time trying to convince them move forward boldly in what I have spoken their arguments may seem logical

but are riddled with unbelief and solish reasoning they cannot understand my ways

for they lack my spirit but you have an anointing from on high within you

revealing mysteries of my heart you need no man’s affirmation or permission to move in what I ordained you to walk in

long before this age began stay hidden in me away from dissenting voices and I

will continue revealing Revelation and wisdom for navigating days ahead I will

prepare you to rise above the snake line with solutions to shift atmospheres of lost hope amen

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