GOD TOLD ME- “THIS IS YOUR FINAL NOTICE” I God’s Message Now Today | God Helps

my beloved child I am your heavenly

father the source of unending love and

grace in your

life when you find yourself in the

darkest valleys I am the light that

guides you out in your moments of

deepest pain I am your comfort your

shelter your unwavering

strength just as an eagle sores I lift

you up and my eternal truths heal the

wounds of your soul

I have opened wide the gates to a

supernatural world where you have the

authority to overcome any obstacle and

nothing can truly harm you the words I

send you today are a declaration of

Peace a promise of hope dispelling your

fears and filling your heart with

Tranquility I am your everpresent

protector watching over your life

especially in these times when the

world’s trials confront you daily

Temptations surround you and enemies

seek to undermine you at every turn

there are times when you feel lost

unsure of whom to trust friends may

become enemies and even your own family

may abandon you when you need them most

but I am here always

here my love for you grows with each

passing moment do not place all your

hope in imperfect people or temporary

Earthly possessions

today I come to reaffirm my eternal

commitment to you as you navigate

through this world I walk beside you

carrying your burdens forgiving your

sins and pouring out my Holy Spirit upon

you anyone who tries to harm you will

face defeat and those who lead you

astray will be held accountable many may

try to bring you down to cast a shadow

of Shame over you driven by the poison

of jealousy in their heart

but hear this no one can snatch you from

my loving arms rely on me trust in the

promises I have written for you receive

these words as a proclamation of my


Mercy open your heart and allow my

Divine breath to renew your

mind you have many years ahead many

important tasks to accomplish there is a

sacred and wonderful purpose calling out

to you but your sustenance and strength

do not come from this world or the

people around you if you seek lasting

and transformative

blessings if you desire a life-changing

Journey for you and your loved ones then

look no

further I am your only

solution you are on the right path keep


forward love me with unwavering

devotion let me take the highest place

in your heart I long to be your top

priority and I ask ask for just a few

moments each day you have been chosen

and accepted through my sacrifice and

Resurrection I know you are not perfect

but I have covered you with my grace you

are not a hopeless sinner trapped in the

depths of sin turn to my word when you

need guidance open your Bible when you

seek wisdom listen to my servants who

guide you for I will speak to you in


ways pay attention and you will find


you know that I have never promised an

easy life but responsibilities and

challenges will always be a part of your

journey however there is a significant

difference when someone like you puts

their complete trust in me I breathe

life and joy into your being I place a

crown of Victory upon your head I have

seen you clothed in Robes of

righteousness I Empower you to Triumph

and stand unshakable a pillar of

unyielding Faith Like a Rock that stands

firm an example for those who stumble

those who cling to their own ways and

underestimate the incredible blessings I

am pouring out upon them my joy is to

make your path straight to open doors to

answer your prayers to provide solutions

to strengthen you and to guide you

through life

storms I want you to mature to have the

humility to learn from hardships when

they come your

way if you you open your heart to me I

will reveal A New Path filled with my

glory where the impossible becomes

possible people change hardened Hearts

soften and the source of your provision

flows abundantly deaths vanish sorrow

flees and joy Embraces you warmly my

love and mercy will always be with you

even when you cannot sense my

presence I am interwoven into your life

a witness to every tear that has

moistened your face and every smile that

has graced your lips in your darkest

hours I am your Guiding Light in times

of weakness I am your

stronghold in moments of uncertainty I

am your unwavering guide trust in me you

have sought a message that touches your

heart I must speak to you about what you

hold in the deepest parts of your being

the secrets you think no one else can


but be assured we both

know every time you awaken train your

thoughts to avoid wandering into

distraction or drowning in anxiety each

day your first action should be an

expression of thankfulness for your

family your life for still having time

and a soul in need of

healing I love you deeply and I have

been merciful for

eternity I have not punished you

according to your your mistakes nor have

I abandoned you due to past sins do not

murder do not give false testimony do

not deceive do not gossip do not

belittle others and do not constantly

dwell on

betrayal there are many aspects we could

discuss none more important than the

other each sin has its own heavy

consequences adultery and sexual

immorality can destroy body and life yet

gossip and lies Pride and Prejudice also

sow Discord they can tear families apart

if these words resonate deep within your

soul and you feel that my holy spirit is

speaking to you today then you must work

twice as hard to seek me daily to

receive my word and to obey it do so


hesitation I am always close to you

seeking me means coming with faith

believing that I will answer and

patiently waiting for the blessings that

I will provide in my perfect

timing enter my presence today and find

someone you trust with whom you can open

your heart your chains will be broken

your guilt and pain left

behind from this day forward nothing

will hinder the blessings and the future

of goodness and peace that I have

prepared for you be still close your

eyes cry no more lest you run out of

breath each time you falter you say so

much your tears reveal your needs but my

voice heals and comforts you easing your

distress my love dries your tears and

wraps you in peace it is not yet time

for you to

leave my beloved child linger here a


more I want you to leave this place with

a fortified Spirit unafraid to face the

world head on walking with confidence

through dark valleys and Barren

wastelands feel safe and protected

wrapped day and night in my eternal love

trust in it have faith in it my Holy

Spirit surrounds you with love and keeps

you from harm feel it embrace it believe

in it my spirit will fill you with

passion it will flood your mind with

Heavenly peace it will put laughter on

your lips it will give you New Vision

and dreams that foretell things to come

immerse yourself in my word come listen

every day open your Bible and feed your

spirit with its wisdom pay no attention

to those who come to you with seemingly

great Revelations trying to control your

life with false prophecies or manipulate

you with

threats if doubts ever assail you my

holy spirit will be there again

comforting you any time of day he will

will open your eyes and Whisper to you

that your heavenly father protects you

and no enemy can defeat you say it out

loud declare my heavenly father is with

me no enemy has power over

me watch your

words don’t speak badly of others don’t

spread gossip or lies don’t hurt those

who are faithful to you or deceive those

who trust

you if you’ve stumbled in this way come

into my presence I forgive your faults

purify your heart seek me in prayer each

morning I long to free your soul from

guilt and

regret I gave my life on the cross and

rose again so you could be free from all

mental and spiritual

pain you’re human and in this world your

body soul and mind can get tired even my

Faithful Servants who lived holy lives

got weary and made mistakes they humbly

admitted their sins came back to this

altar of forgiveness and got up to face

their challenges without hesitating come

to me now if you’re tired if you think

you’ve stumbled if your words have gone

too far if you’ve carelessly hurt

someone you love or if you’re trapped in

a damaging physical or mental habit if

you truly love me and believe I’m here

to help you then come to me I’ll touch

your lips purify your heart and forgive

you don’t return to the same wrongdoings

I’m renewing your spirit and

determination you’ll rise up as a Victor

let go of the burden of guilt and sad

times if you must remember something

think about happy times and your past

victories just as you’ve shown faith and

overcome before you’ll do it again with

the warm embrace I’m

offering I urge you to face life with

unshakable faith and

determination I’m with you I love you my

Victor you need patience with everything

happening in your life you need to stand

firm remember I’m right beside you ready

to honor your faith everything happening

now has a purpose even if you can’t see

the reasons right now when all is said

and done and you receive the blessings

I’ve prepared you’ll understand why it

was important to believe to trust to be

patient and to

wait you’ve received much because you

held on and much more is coming

I know how you feel I know your heart

intimately and there’s nothing you can

hide from me even if you

tried you know you can come to me

anytime any hour without hesitation you

can share your situation your feelings

because I’m always in tune with your

emotions and needs it’s always been this

way how could you ever think you’re

insignificant to me when I saved you and

gave you a new life you know love and

understanding are rare in this world but

here with me you have all that and more

to quench your thirst for peace to fill

your days with my love and to warm your

heart with the powerful feeling that

comes from knowing you’re cherished


measure because I love you and that love

has never wavered even in your times of

doubt and hardship my love for you has


diminished I loved you I love you now

and I will keep loving you stop trusting

those who betray you

pouring affection on those who don’t

appreciate it and prioritizing those who

have made you cry they don’t deserve it

don’t put those who have hurt you at the

center of your life no matter what

happens because you know I won’t let you

fall or be

disgraced choose your friends carefully

and don’t listen to those who want to

discourage you or steal your faith you

won’t be in this difficult season

forever I’ll come at just the right time

to set you free

I know your spirit is tired that

sometimes these trials shake your faith

but stand strong and stay

determined soon I’ll make your steps

firm on the path you must walk the path

that will lead you to my blessings I

know waiting is hard and sometimes it

might feel endless with many reasons to

give up hope but I beg you to keep going

what you’re facing today is The Crucible

that shapes your inner strength and and

no one will take away the blessings that

are coming the gifts I’m giving you my

beloved know deep in your heart that I

claim the highest Place give it to me

freely recognize and honor me with the

reverence I rightly deserve in your

life understand that I must be your God

your lord your king and no other have

you let someone else take my rightful

place that my dear may be one of the

reasons for your recent trouble

those lingering feelings inside that you


explain let me shed light on your inner

turmoil there’s an emptiness in your

heart and it will grow larger if you

keep rejecting my love it’s why you feel

sad while you wake up at night with

tears on your face you long to be loved

but you’re looking in the wrong

places know this no one in this world

can love you as deeply as I do

come to me and I’ll give you peace love

and rest what are you waiting

for do you want to keep giving your life

and love to those who cause you so much

pain will you suffer again before coming

back to me in

tears even then I’ll welcome you because

my love is bigger than your mistakes and


choices but you don’t have to wait for

pain to come before running to my arms

you can come to me now

I’ll hold you close and show you my love

come today I’m waiting with open arms

don’t lose hope today I’m here to help

you even before you ask for help my ears

were listening long before your lips

parted to pray to me remember I love you

and I want to save you from the trials

you face I’m truly pleased by Your brave

stand in the face of

hardship my dear child I want you to

hold on to your faith and trust trust

that I your true and Powerful God am

always with

you please stay away from those who

ridicule you and say things that steal


happiness they are not your real friends

but people who have lost their own faith

and are jealous of your future they know

that you are deeply cared for and

favored even if they can’t admit it to

themselves don’t waste energy trying to

persuade them or seek their validation I

will remove those who cause you harm

from your life and Surround you with

people who sincerely care about you so

let go of Despair don’t allow worry to

occupy your thoughts don’t let peace

stealing ideas take root in your heart

block out all negativity from your mind

and spirit protect your mind with the

helmet of Faith guard your heart with

the armor of righteousness and carry the

sword of my sacred scripture get ready

for a fight that you are sure to win you

will not be be beaten and even if you

stumble and fall sometimes know that I

will pick you back up Take On The

Challenge don’t let fear control your

future get ready to battle against

sadness and anxiety with all your

strength tell me you have faith in me

and that you are ready to

succeed I will bless your home restore

Health to your body mind emotions and

family you will personally witness my

miraculous power at work


attention I love you and I want you to

believe that fully and honestly I’m also

asking you to come to me each day and

feed your soul with my word let your

faith be set Ablaze and let those Flames

burn away the fears holding you

back you can’t reach the promised land

if you’re still afraid of the fake

Giants that scare you with

lies you can’t claim the rewards of

Victory if you won’t take a step of

faith and place all your strengths

struggles and shortcomings in my hands

at this point in your

life there’s no need to waste time

doubting all the good things I’m about

to do for you remember on the cross your

enemies were humiliated and I took the

punishment for all your

wrongdoings your debt has been erased

there are no more loads for you to

carry you are now seated with me in the

Heavenly Realms and I have already

anointed you with the oil and sweetness

of Heaven understand this you are not a

weak unimportant person doomed to

failure stuck in a life ruined by

feelings that steal your right to

thrive I’m talking about a real

authentic Victory freedom from debts

healed finances forgiveness and peace in

your home I mean wisdom and good

judgment in your heart and mind a

supernatural calm that lets you keep

going why keep living based on what

others say I’m telling you to stop being

being a prisoner to the thoughts of

bitter people who resent you and look

for chances to take what I want to give

you trust me in my word get away from

those who want to see you fail because

Victory is found in my presence and in

my presence you will Triumph each

morning I will give you strength joy and

peace I am here ready to whisper loving

kind words to you filling you with great

strength and joy I am bringing favor to

your life and home trust accept and love

me more each day come my child because

today is a new beginning a day when you

will experience incredible blessings and

always remember I am your Shepherd and

you will lack nothing I am your provider

everything missing in your life will

soon arrive I am your healer I surround

you with my love and I give you

restoration I am your guardian I will

cover you with my wings and under the

protection of my presence you will be


my word is truth my promises are

sure everything I have told you will

happen because I am God and I do not

lie I will do what I have said I will

walk alongside you on the journey I have

planned for you in every season in every

situation I am with you no matter how

impossible things may seem even when you

think a miracle can’t happen trust me

completely and entrust your plans to me

daily I’ve picked you to be a blessing

to your loved ones get rid of defeated

thinking because now is the time to

Prevail and take your life to new

heights leave the old fights behind and

step into a new phase of success and

restoration this is where I change your

life where a new chapter starts for you

let me lead you on a fresh path of

goodness and understanding I give you my

love and peace so your heart and mind

can be at rest

thank you for listening to these words

because they bring you peace listen to

them again letter by letter you’ll feel

my presence right next to you touching

your heart and calming your troubled

soul amen

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