my beloved I am bringing you this message today to strengthen and

encourage you I see the unrelenting spiritual attacks you are facing the

unusual hindrances and barriers that appear from nowhere to slow your

progress I see accusers rising up to speak lies spreading false reports to

undermine what I am building through you their slander Grieves me but I tell you

do not lose perspective of or heart the very intensity of this opposition signals that breakthrough is imminent

you are on the verge of a major advance of my kingdom and the enemy is panicking

his resistance always intensifies when my light is poised to break through I

want you to remember who you are my child I crafted you with my own hands

stitching together each detail of your personality and giftings you are an

original work of art not a copy how it brings joy to my heart to see you

fulfilling your purpose displaying my glory in unique ways do not expect your

path to look like anyone else’s Journey the qualifyings I take each of my children through are tailored and

personalized yours have prepared you well for the assignments set before you so move forward in confidence no need to

second guess or compare yourself keep your eyes fixed on me as you walk out your calling my opinion of you is all

that matters anger stirs within me at the sight of the injustices you have faced the harsh

words that break spirits and seow seeds of bitterness are a stark contradiction to their intended

purpose the power of speech meant to inspire and heal is too often turned

into a tool of hurt and Division in you however lies a profound

wisdom in the face of evil choose to act with kindness Embrace forgiveness even when confronted

with acts of Spite and cruelty by pardoning those who wrong you

you rise above and set a higher standard such acts of forgiveness especially

under extreme hardship are the truest form of strength and Grace thus let go of minor grievances

against you offer blessings in place of curses steer clear of the poison of

bitterness leave the matter of justice and retribution to me for these are

burdens not meant for you rest assured in the fullness of time balance will be

restored rise above every wound of betrayal through eyes of Faith fixed on

me I remain your shelter in life storms your strong tower upholding those who

take refuge in me I long to pour out unreasonable favor upon you even in the

midst of opposition wait for me with patient endurance the troubles will pass my plans and

purposes for you stand secure upheld by my hand no human schemes can override my

intent for you those who tried to harm you will answer to me lift your head

high beloved walk forward with dignity and boldness this is no time for fear or

settling for compromise there is too much at stake have I not prepared you for such a

time as this the fields are ripe for Harvest my child as you give yourself

fully to the work I have called you to be amazed at the acceleration I will

bring opposition Rises to match the size of the Breakthrough promised so do not

be surprised at the intensity of battles ahead but remember greater is he who is

in you my power prevails always Heaven’s full force is backing you no weapon

formed against you can hinder what I decree each test of your faith results in an

increase of Glory believe in my goodness dear one have confident assurance that I

am for you unconditionally who can stand against that any curse from the fall is reversed

in Christ sickness and disease must flee At The Mention Of jesus’ name lack and

insufficiency dissolve in the light of Heaven’s provision even deepest sorrows and

losses will become sources of joy those Bound in any kind of prison will

walk free the Lost will be found wholeness shall be the new

normal goodness and mercy shall pursue you all your days I will bless you

thoroughly so you can turn around and let it overflow freely you receive freely give

be my outstretched arms hugging a hurting World Pour Out Rivers of Living Water

Everywhere You Go you my Precious Child are the light in this world a city on a hill glowing

brighter as Darkness descends the schemes meant to Snuff out your light will only make you shine that

much farther what man means for evil I redirect for good to save many lives my

purposes Prosper through willing vessels I waste nothing even death cannot stop

what I start soon enough eternity’s Revealing Light will illuminate all things and you will understand

perfectly every puzzle piece will fit together give me your weakness embrace

my strength release your limited Vision receive my eyes to see from Heaven’s

perspective pour out your fears at my feet be fueled by mountain-moving

faith abandon yourself fully to me take up residence in my

promises bring me the crumbs of your resources watch me feed the multitudes

and provide overflow I have equipped you anointed you appointed you you will

never be the same your reward will certainly be great both now and forever

more do not lose heart or grow weary consider it pure joy When Trials

arise they are temporary endurance results in maturity and completeness you are so loved so

empowered so accompanied by Waring angels the very hosts of Heaven fight on

your behalf no weapon can touch you though storms rage all around you have

my perfect peace to Anchor your soul now restore and disciple others from

Brokenness back to wholeness love boldly with my love keep your eyes lifted

heavenward for you are seated there with me in Christ Jesus and remember though

the journey May Wind Through hardship all things work together for good for those who love me and are called

according to my purposes you my precious treasure are most certainly called and I

am intimately committed to ensuring your success I am your rear guard as well as

the lifter of your head I go before you to clear the way I am with you to

strengthen you and behind you to cover your back so now press onward toward the

prize of your High Calling in me run your unique race marked out for you with

endurance refusing to quit go all in hold nothing back buy up every

opportunity to make my love known never compromise the original authentic person

I created you to be ultimately it comes down to living in intimacy with me above all else this is

your joy Your Privilege your purpose Union with your God I have called you to

glorify Me by bearing fruit that remains allow me to prune and cleanse

you for greater fruitfulness come Feast at my table and drink the new wine of my Covenant one

day you will stand face to face with your Creator and see the beauty of my story from Heaven’s view until then take

courage and stand confidently in who I made you to be the forces of Heaven stand at your command when you live

according to my kingdom purposes War surrounded David yet in me he found

peace Beyond understanding take up the sword of the spirit which is my eternal Living

Word wield this weapon skillfully through sustained practice and intimacy with me its double-edged blade will cut

through the enemy’s lies effortlessly truth dispels Darkness every time use

this God breathed script to decree promises affirm your identity in Christ

and declare breakthrough against strongholds with this sword and my

loving presence ever interceding for for you you cannot fail my precious one I will bring

healing and freedom to multitudes caught in the snares of the enemy every

prodigal still lost wandering aimlessly down pointless paths to empty Pursuits

will taste my extravagant love through your witness my passion for Souls Burns

through you not one is forgotten when you see them as I do sincere compassion will compel you to

intercede and act the Godless systems of this world built

upon greed oppression and lust for power will crumble No Authority in the heavens or

on Earth Rivals mine all Thrones and dominions will bow down before the king

of kings and Lord of lords many lost will be found I will pour out Visions dreams

Angelic visitations confirming my word and while deceivers abound my truth

prevails you live in solemn precarious times as the day draws near but do not

despair or reach for counterfeit Comforts cling fervently to me alone and my presence will sustain

you many wander off the Narrow Path chasing temporal things rather than pursuing me first find your joy purpose

identity fully in me I hold Time and Eternity in my hands my reign shall

never end through struggle Reliance on on me increases Miracles shine brighter

against tumultuous backdrops my way sometimes leads through Dangerous Waters through Valley Shadows

but my rod and staff protect you my word lights your path the shepherd leads his

sheep to Green Pastures by Still Waters I restore your soul as you commune with

me my spirit comforts you with songs in the midnight mourning into

dancing as truth replaces lies Freedom expands and strongholds shrink

now rise up in courageous Faith to be and do all I have spoken my child I

speak to you now Heart to Heart through these words you find yourself in a season of

waiting a time that may feel stagnant and unproductive yet in this waiting

there is profound purpose the foundation of great things is often laid in silence and obscurity

do not underestimate the value of these Small Beginnings for in my kingdom it is often

the smallest seed that grows into the largest tree remember the temple in

Jerusalem was not built in a day each Stone was carefully placed each design

meticulously followed so it is with the work I am doing in you every experience

every challenge every Victory is a stone in the building of your character your faith your destiny do not be discouraged

by your current circumstances even if you find yourself in a place of unemployment or

uncertainty the vision I have given you is not dependent on your current

situation it is I who provides I who makes a way where there

seems to be no way as you wait be faithful in the small things in my

kingdom faithfulness in the little leads to Greater responsibilities and blessings

trust that I am working in your life even when it seems like nothing is changing the path set before you seems

impossible the promise I have given feels so far away but do not lose hope I

Am with You guiding your steps each day the work has begun though you cannot yet

see the end building my temple was no easy task for those who came before

laying Stone upon Stone the struggled under the weight of this calling were they fools to start this work not

knowing how it would be accomplished no for I was the architect

and I would bring it to completion just as I moved through prophets and Kings long ago so now my

spirit stirs through you I am building my Dwelling Place once more you are my

hands you are my feet though the task Towers over you like a mighty Mountain

though you feel small standing in its shadow take heart it will become level

ground before me not by human effort not by Earthly power or wisdom but by my

spirit will my promises be fulfilled my child I have placed a dream

in your heart a vision for the work I wish to do you feel the blueprint

burning within yet day by day it seems no closer to reality unemployment Bears

down doubt Creeps in let me quiet your worries help is coming connections are

being made even now behind the scenes but be wise in Discerning who joins you

in this labor not all who offer assistance build according to my design

seek those whose hearts are aligned with mine who want my glory revealed the time

has been set the New Year marks the beginning something new is being birthed

out of the established order it will happen suddenly wind blowing life into

long dormant places dreams Once Dead will be resurrected passions and talents buried

will spring up fresh and strong rivers in the Wasteland such overflowing abundance

cannot be explained except by my grace for All My Children feeling stuck

and stagnant take heart I have not abandoned the work I began in you even

when nothing seems to change I am moving strategizing preparing patience must have its perfect

work so that you learn to rely wholly on Me Faith is proven genuine in the

uneventful waiting times trust the promise I have spoken though fulfillment

terries long soon you will emerge from this cocoon stage and dazzling transformation will surprise you in my

perfect timing not a moment late suddenly swiftly I will bring it to pass and all EX flame and wonder only God

could do this my Dwelling Place my temple is not made of bricks and mortar

it is built of Living Stones you are those stones polished carved shaped day

by day through adversity and joy each one essential placed according to my

wisdom into my Holy Temple when all is completed a holy habitation for my

spirit to fill you will look back at words once spoken over Barren ground s

and Marvel at fruit now growing that Small Voice urging you on

despite impossibility has led to manifestation Beyond imagination the blueprint and vision

first glimpsed in hazy outline has become substantive solid

real and All God’s Children shall shout Grace Grace look what love has

built I receive all glory as The Giver the architect the the Builder and the

finisher of every good work begun in you my Living Stones my Holy Temple is not yet

complete but I will finish what I have started I affirm this promise to you my precious child not by human might or

power but by my spirit believe and see my child I know the tediousness of

waiting how each day seems no different than the last do not lose perspective

I dwell outside of time I see the completed work even now what seems static and dull to you is

actually rich with purpose consider the farmer who sews a field yet sees no sprouts for weeks is

the time wasted no under unseen activity soil transforms seed to plant hidden

growth silently matures until vibrant green bursts forth announcing Harvest

comes my ways are not man’s ways I speak of banqueting tables prepared

for you by enemies I call you to rejoice in suffering why because my vision is not

limited to here and now I use all things to bring about an ultimately glorious

future scene by scene season by season I Write Your Story beware measuring

progress by worldly scripts here lies the key fixing your

eyes on me when I become your constant reference point identity security

purpose and fulfillment and temporary troubles lose their sting urgency Fades

discontent gives way to rest as you relinquish unrealistic expectations for

how I ought to do things reach Beyond surface interpretations to grasp the deeper

spiritual reality I am unfolding there are intricate connections unseen right

now refuse doubts Hollow lies that I have forgotten you that circumstances

reflect how little you matter to me that problems imply my ways are flawed the evil one Whispers such

deceptions hoping to unravel my work in you dismiss these accusations as The

Great Deceiver tired scheme to diminish your faith in me his fate is already

sealed why I credit his campaign of Lies I am redeeming all things this is

my Grand Vision beloved creation imprisoned by evil Bound by sin’s Darkness enslaved by fear

and hate despite it all I declare ultimate victory over the powers of Hell

death defeated for all eternity the cross mocks despair’s delusions the open

Tomb proclaims now in the coming triumph which no enemy can reverse I have won the war I will win

each battle my children walk as light against encroaching Darkness Ness hope

lives on through their perseverance and proclamation of Grace by faith they partner with me in

ransoming this Fallen World back under benevolent rule though at times the forces against

us seem overwhelming have confidence that greater is he who is in you the

birth pangs do not cease until all things are made new but take heart Victory Day draws nigh I am pouring out

my spirit on All Nations my glory as endless Waters cover the sea what enemy

can stand against this Rising tide I am coming as a triumphant King to claim my

blood-bought inheritance and you my living Stone chosen to belong to my

temple you will shine as a jewel and torch in the Kingdom radiant Beauty will

exalt your offering of humble service the broken vessel repared by Grace will

overflow with a new thirsty heart your whispered prayer of desperation in

Darkest Night will transform into a bold song welcoming Dawn’s fresh Mercy for

now I say again courage trust my working in Hidden moments though visible change

terries rest in my unhurried Pace though impatience wears at your resolve hope

sees Victory through cross-shaped means Love Never Fails fix here your sight how

I yearn for your eyes to Glimpse reality I ities Beyond the Veil to perceive the

Untamed glory and Majesty that even angels shield from view the radiance of

my presence overflows with desire that you know truly know the extent of my devotion for you beloved cling to this

Evil’s seeming gain is but death’s last defiant torment before that serpent meets its rightful end beneath my heel

no longer struggle nor travail only joy drenched peace embracing my real purpose

for all things yes you will grasp just how essential was the role you played hold

fast to this while I make all things new do not Retreat back behind fear’s

barricade in The Quiet Moments When doubts ass sail and the night seems endless know that I am fashioning

strength within you the Stillness is not emptiness but a Sacred Space where my

voice Echoes clearer in these silent hours I am molding your character

refining your faith in this world of constant change and uncertainty find

solace in my unchanging nature I am the same yesterday today and

forever my love for you does not waver based on circumstances or time amidst

the chaos find your sanctuary in my presence in me find your true north the

uniring guide through life’s tumultuous Journey yes my plans for you are plans for good

plans to Lavish hope to restore righteousness to redeem life from

sorrow’s grasp continue leaning hard into me continue standing stward upon my

promises which cannot fail I shall bring fruitfulness from this agonizing winter

I shall transform tears to laughter Beauty for Ashes my child come sit beside me for a

while I know your spirit grows weary and your hope flickers low you have poured out

questions seeking answers to the pain and disappointment that has drained Joy’s color from your world why the

adversity the opposition the delay of promises once vibrant within you why has

your pathway into purpose been blocked at every turn by circumstances beyond

your control where are the dreams that once stirred your passion why has there

moment M slammed against impenetrable walls no amount of effort can break

through I see you beloved I know the anguish of dying visions that once held

such life within them I see the scars from careless words and accusations that

struck cruel blows to the tender soul I cradled close I grieve each time

rejections icy darts or disappointments bitter arrows Pierce one I cherish

stealing convictions of worth significance belonging when you lose sight of my

delight over you you lose Hope’s fuel that Kindles creative fire so let us

talk you and I lay bare your wounds so I may heal them name the losses that have

emptied your cup so I may fill it again to overflowing cry out the dreams that have

died so I may Breathe new life into their ashes allow me to speak truth to

combat the harsh lies you have listened to you were handcrafted in eternity past

delightfully and purposefully designed my song Still sings over your

soul my dreams still stir within your spirit my plans for you will not cannot

be thwarted take down the walls around your heart Brick by Brick reject thought

patterns poisoning your mind drop by drop renew your sense of identity value

and purpose day by day as you release these to me healing will come wholeness

will be restored and together we will walk into the fulfilling future I ordained long

before this world began here is truth dear

one you came to Earth on purpose deliberate design conceived Before Time

itself was breathed into being cell by cell I knit you together together in

your mother’s womb every detail and gift chosen I scripted the days of your life

before you uttered your first cry you emerged among Humanity as unique

expression of my creativity starting your journey on Paths of divine Destiny

until cruel voices convinced you did not belong false narrative said less than

unwanted disqualified so you made yourself small though A Warrior’s Heart p Ed within you

muted not just stilled songs but abandoned dreams and callings my

precious child I weep to see you losing sight of your Radiance because others

words dimmed your light you still glow within though blanketed in Pain’s

numbing fog I will fan Embers back into flame again sink into my delight be warmed by

my pride in you I do not make mistakes Your Design was in intentional dare

again to shine unfettered believing my view that no opinion outweighs mine I

declare You Beautiful whole treasured as my cherished one my dreams still stir

within you awaiting your yes say the word take my hand in trust again I will

unravel distortions together until you stand confident in who I say you are

then freely wildly you will beam blessings bright again I

never sto delighting in you beloved even when you stop delighting in your own existence my loving gaze never ceased

embracing you even when you pulled away unable to believe one so imperfect

deserved unconditional love and my desire never wavered to see you step

boldly again into confident courage and purpose written for your days before this world was

formed now I come to unlock doors once welded Shut by words that cursed that

crushed that told you someone else to find your worth I come with hope to wake the

dreams again Stoke dying Embers back into fiery passion I come to align your

perception back to truth I speak identity belonging and purpose over you

listen to me to truth not to deception that muzzled your voice stunted your

growth and benched you from Adventures I designed to bring your soul satisfaction you don’t end where

criticism began there are no limits to what I can do in a yielded vessel it is

time to unlock gifts stored for too long in Winter’s freeze it is time to sing the song

buried in your soul again it is time to laugh without restraint it is time to

embrace your Divine Design again my child let us linger here a

moment to see beneath life churning currents in Stillness perspective shifts

loss may prepare unseen blessings Winter nurtures Springs Awakening you felt

abandoned in obscurities lonely night awaiting a long delayed promise my plan

for your life holds goodness purpose hope will you walk with me into unknown

places on paths I alone foresee in quiet surrender you cultivate

Soul Space to resonate with Heaven’s fre frequency attuning your vision with Mine by faith Embrace this season let

delayed appointments prepare you richly for Destiny awaiting unveiled deeper lessons take root through patient

waiting that launches you further let go rush and strain my rhythms require so

rest as much as diligent labor what I ordain unfolds on time

perfectly fashioned through loss lack and long deferred hope the greater the

hunger developed in parched ground the greater the Bounty once floodgates open

to quench thirst at last you have what’s required within to weather

Wilderness together we will tend the dormant Orchard until Harvest consider the seed how it rests

dormant for a time before explosive growth beneath nurturing care or little

ones born in proper season who must wait through years of nurture and development before moving into life’s sweeter

freedoms there are appointments on Destiny’s calendar that cannot be rushed processes

that cannot be Sid stepped preparation essential to uphold you through future

tolls strength will fail if it has not been tested stamina grows through

resistance overcome so I allow the waiting the obscurity the wondering why

my beloved your most powerful work emerges from the pit perhaps current Landscapes feel devoid of purpose

numbingly monotonous perhaps you perceive this season as delay denying talent’s

expression but what if a quiet winter nurtures you for abundance unveiled in due

season consider the deeper work taking root beneath frozen ground while you await breakthrough in

one realm I develop richer layers in you so that you can withstand The Accelerated responsibility coming growth

unfolds according to my Seasons not yours but take heart spring always

follows winter light perpetually conquers Darkness your tears summon

Joy’s arrival soon here is a sacred exchange awaiting you the ashes for beauty the spirit of

Despair for garlands of Praise instead of mourning broken things made whole

even barrenness a wash in life’s fullness soon are you listening for my

voice calling you higher deeper away from smallness into expansive

possibility beloved nothing is beyond reach of my Redemption no one too soiled for

merciful restoration and no mortal words carry enough power to revoke what I have

destined for your days you emerged among Humanity wrapped in Divine

belonging stand now it is time to reclaim the identity given from the

foundations of the earth significant seen and cherished I am unlocking that

door once welded Shut by words intended to crush just as I protect a flickering

Wick and nourish to vibrant flame again I Shield your soul and fan into full

stature dreams temporarily deferred I know the way through this Valley of

Shadows I go before you to prepare the brighter broader Vista still obscured

from view but your eyes will soon adjust to astonishing revelation of new Vistas

filled with possibilities you had not dared to Hope still lay before you the

wastelands gray monochrome Landscapes soon yield to Destiny’s vast Horizons

shimmering in full dimensions of color the desert blooms with life’s

varied Hues and textures my love specifically chose for you listen for my voice singing over your soul beloved

drown out blaring false claim that cannot silence the shout of Truth declaring you belong to me let Broken

Dreams become seedbeds for longings now blossoming into maturity long prepared for I make dead things live again Beauty

rise from Ash heaps water and life burst forth from parched ground and fruit ripen slowly into exotic Sweetness in

Rich due season you shall soon taste at last my precious child take comfort in

this your winter is passing the wastelands fade as Destiny’s Horizons

Shimmer into view at last what once seemed dormant stirs with new life beneath nurturing care my declaring your

worth Rings louder drowning out words that crushed you already wear victory’s Crown

as my beloved chosen to display my glory now lift your eyes expectant and believe

your moment is coming my child The View ahead will leave you Breathless with awe

let your spirit soar confident on those wings of purpose I fashioned long ago just for

you my beloved child I see the questions that burn in your heart the longings

that remain unfulfilled you wonder why the journey has been so arduous why the waiting feels

interminable but I ask you to trust in my timing to believe that I am working even

when you cannot perceive it just as a seed must break open and push through the dark soil before it can bask

in the sunlight so too must you endure the breaking and the pushing before you

can fully step into the destiny I have prepared for you the process may be

painful but it is necessary for the growth and strength that will sustain you in the future I know the weariness that comes

from Hope deferred from dreams that seem to Wither on the vine

but I am the god who brings life from Death who causes streams to flow in the

desert I am not finished with your story yet the chapters ahead will be filled

with the manifestation of my goodness and faithfulness in your life even now I am aligning

circumstances and people to support the Fulfillment of my plans for you I am orchestrating connections and

opportunities that you cannot yet see trust that my hand is guiding each step

even when the path feels uncertain in the face of opposition and setbacks remember that I am your

Defender and your Advocate no weapon formed against you shall prosper and

every tongue that rises against you in judgment shall be condemned I will vindicate you and bring forth your

righteousness as the Noonday sun do not allow the opinions or criticisms of

others to Define you your worth and value are found in me alone own I have

called you by name and you are mine I Delight in you and rejoice over you with

singing my love for you is not based on your performance or achievements but on the fact that you

are my beloved child as you navigate this season of waiting and preparation fix your eyes on

me spend time in my presence allowing my word to renew your mind and strengthen

your faith surround yourself with those who will encourage and support you in your journey and when the doubts and

fears arise bring them to me I’m not afraid of your questions or your

struggles I invite you to pour out your heart before me knowing that I am a safe

haven and a firm foundation I will exchange your ashes for beauty your mourning for joy and

your despair for Hope hold fast to the promises I have spoken over your life

for they will surely come to pass keep moving forward in obedience and

Faith even when the way seems unclear I am leading you step by step

into the fullness of your destiny and in the end when you look back on this

season you will see how every trial and every delay was woven together for your

good and for my glory you will see the beauty that I brought forth from the ashes and you will rejoice in the

faithfulness of your God so take heart my precious one I am

with you I am for you and I will never leave you nor forsake you your story is

not over yet the best is still to come amen

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