my dear child I’m here with you always

watching over you with love and care

from the smallest and to the tallest

mountain I created everything around you

I made the sun to warm you and the moon

to guide you through the

night I see your struggles and your

Joys I understand when you feel L and

alone and I am here to comfort you even

in your darkest moment know that I am by

your side holding you in my

arms I gave you the gift of Life a

precious treasure to cherish and

natur your journey on this Earth is

filled with Challenge and opportun

unities but remember I believe in you

you have the strength and the courage to

overcome any obstacle that comes your

way I ask you to love one another as I

have loved you show kindness and

compassion to those around you for in

helping others you find true

fulfillment thought you may not always

understand understand my ways trust in

my wisdom I have a plan for each of you

a purpose that is Uniquely Yours embrace

your journey and know that I am guiding

you every step of the

way take time to Marvel at the beauty of

creation to feel the gentle breeze upon

your face and the warmth of the sun on

your skin

these are my gifts to you tokens of my


love as you go about your days remember

to seek me in all

things find Solace and prayer and

meditation for I am always listening

ready to offer you my grace and my peace

above all know that you are never alone

I am here here your ever present

companion your constant source of

strength and light with all my love your



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