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my dear child it is I your heavenly father who speaks to you today I have

called you here to share a message straight from my heart a message that I hope will uplift encourage and inspire

you in the depths of your soul you my cherished children mean the world to me

from the moment I knit you together in your mother’s wombs you have been the profound focus of my affection and

unwavering love there is not a moment that goes by where you are not at the Forefront of my thoughts nor a breath I

take that is not imbued with a father’s care for you when I look upon you I see

the Pinnacle of my creation beings fashioned in my own image imbued with the spark of my divine nature and

destined for an eternal purpose that transcends the boundaries of this Earthly realm you are the crowning

jewels in the vast tapestry of my handiwork the Beloved Sons and Daughters whom I have called to myself I know that

the world you live in can often feel cold cruel and

unforgiving the Darkness that permeates this Fallen creation can sometimes feel like it is suffocating The Light Within

you you face trials tribulations and temptations that seek

to pull you away from the path I have laid out for you but I want you to know with every fiber of my being that

you are never alone in your struggles I am here my children I I am here standing

beside you walking with you carrying you when the burdens become too heavy to

Bear my love for you is a constant unwavering force that transcends the EB

and flow of your circumstances no matter what you face no matter how dark the night may be I am

steadfast in my commitment to you when you feel weary I will give you rest when

you are afraid I will be your Fortress when you are lost

I will be your guide when you are broken I will be your healer for I have

formed you I have named you and I have claimed you as my own you are precious

in my sight and nothing not even the powers of Hell itself can snatch you

from my loving Embrace oh I how I long for you to know the depth and breadth of my affection

for you I look upon you and see the Fulfillment of my eternal plan the living embod ment of my heart’s

desire you are the reason I sacrificed my only begotten son that through him

you might be redeemed and restored to the rightful place as my beloved children the world may look upon you and

see weakness insignificance or even failure but I see

Perfection I see beauty I see potential Beyond Your Wildest imagination for I

have crafted you with my own hands imbuing you with gifts talents and a Divine Purpose that is

known only to me when you stumble I do not condemn you when you fall

short I do not turn my face from you instead I reach down with a father’s

gentle hand and lift you up Whispering words of encouragement and hope into your weary soul for I am not a God who

stands aloof content to watch you struggle from afar no I am a God who burns with a

passionate love for his children a love that compels me to walk alongside you to

guide you to carry you and to see you through to the Fulfillment of your Eternal Destiny I know that the road

ahead may seem daunting riddled with obstacles and challenges that threaten to overwhelm you but I want you to know

with unwavering certainty that I have already gone before you clearing the way and preparing a path that leads directly

to the abundant life I have promised every step you take I am there

every burden you bear I am there to shoulder it with you for I am the Good

Shepherd and my sheep know my voice I will never abandon you nor will

I ever leave you defend for yourselves in the moments when the world seems to be crashing in around you

remember this you are mine you are the apple of my eye The Treasure of my heart

heart the reason for which I have poured out my very life I have engraved your name upon the palms of my hands and I

have pledged my eternal love and commitment to you nothing not even death itself can separate you from the love

that burns within my heart for you so my dear precious children lift up your

heads and let your hearts be filled with the boundless Joy of knowing that you are loved beyond measure let the

knowledge of my unwavering affection for you be the anchor that that steadies your soul in the midst of the storms of

life for I am your father your creator your

Redeemer and your everpresent help in times of trouble you are the reason I breathed life into this

world you are the reason I sacrificed my son on the cross you are the reason I

have poured out my spirit to guide and Empower you you are the reason I have prepared an eternal home for you where

we will dwell together in unbroken Fellowship for all eternity oh how I long for you to grasp the

fullness of this truth how I desire for you to live each day with the confidence and assurance that you are the Center of

My Universe the focus of my affection and the Beloved children for

whom I have laid down my very life for you my precious ones mean the world to

me when the darkness seems to be closing in remember that I am the light that

dispels all Shadows when the waves of Despair threaten to overwhelm you

remember that I am the rock upon which you can stand firm when the enemy seeks to steal your joy and fill your heart

with fear remember that I’ve already secured your Eternal Victory and that

nothing can separate you from my love you are mine and I am

yours we are bound together in an unbreakable Covenant sealed by the Precious Blood of my son no matter what

trials you may face no matter how heavy the burdens you carry no that I am

always there ready to unfold you in the Embrace of a loving father’s care so

take heart my beloved children take heart and be of good courage for I have

overcome the world and in me you too shall be victorious let the truth of my

unwavering love fill your hearts and minds and let it be the driving force that propels you forward in the mission

I have entrusted to you you are the light of the world the salt of the earth

the ambassadors of my kingdom om go forth filled with the power of my

spirit and let your lives be a testament to the transformative power of my love shine brightly in the darkness and

let the world see the glory of the God who calls you his own I Am With You Always even to the End

of the Age trust in me lean on me and rely on me for I will never fail you I

will guide you protect protect you and keep you safe in the palm of my hand you

mean the world to me my precious children you are the Beating Heart of my

eternal plan the living embodiment of my Divine Purpose and I will stop at

nothing to ensure that you fulfill the destiny I have ordained for you for you are mine and I will never let you go May

the knowledge of my unending love fill your hearts and minds and may it be the foundation upon which you build your

lives for in me you have everything you need strength

peace joy and the Assurance of an eternal hope that can never be shaken I am your

father I am your God I am your Redeemer your sustainer and your

everpresent help and I say to you with all the love and affection of a perfect

Heavenly parent you mean the world to me go forth my beloved children and let the

world see the radiance of my love shining through you for you are the reflection of my heart the living

embodiment of my grace and the reason for which I have poured out the fullness of my being I am with you always I love

you with an everlasting love and I will never ever let you go my dear child hear

these words of Solace bringing peace to your soul and fortitude to your heart

sit beside me let us watch The Horizon together bathed in the glow of Splendid

blessings as you confide your dreams to me I trust you’ve not forgotten them I

recall them distinctly you were so young then and I delicately painted your aspirations in

your mind’s canvas dreams of Joy adventure and fulfillment your youth

brimmed with happiness my child type Amen in the comments box But as time passed your smile dimmed

shadowed by the weight of the world I see you and in your struggles you are

not to blame you’ve been burdened with a load not meant for your shoulders the

true fault lies with those who should have been your pillars yet they turned away leaving you a drift I’ve silently

observed as the spark I kindled in you Shone through your darkest moments revealing an enduring hope you

understood that others rejection wasn’t your destiny something unspoken within urged you forward you knew you had to

persevere surmount your challenges and leave behind your pain to embark on a journey toward a distant Haven I’ve

watched you moved by your spirit you are not self-centered your aspirations are

noble you seek growth Victory and envision a day when

you’ll return to Aid many you cherish this I’ve always known about you within

your heart lies the seed of Vitality and your essence is cloaked in my Divine

spirit all the trials you have endured have prepared you to reach this point I

love you and I believe in you I know that you can achieve what you set your

mind to and you do not give up easily I’ve seen you cry you’ve battled fear

and anxiety but as the night passed the new light of day illuminated your

face and with a new smile you stood tall this is my daughter this is my

son exclaimed the angels in the heavens watched attentively and were

ready to lift your arms remove stumbling blocks and assist you in any way possible to make your dreams come true

you call out to me and I answer I’ve shown you Supernatural Revelations I’ve

strengthened you I’m deeply moved by your courage and I must bless you in a great way I have no other option I am

faithful to my word and I fulfill my promises you have demonstrated the maturity and seriousness required and

you are ready to ascend to a unique and distinct spiritual level do not compare yourself to others you need nothing more

with what you have now you have your own dreams focus on them and do not waste

time feeling resentful of the success of others whether it is Gen genuine or false let others live in their dreams

but you will live in reality you have worked hard fought tirelessly and your

plans will not be forgotten or left written on a Dusty piece of paper you did not come this far to turn back I

brought you to this place to conquer your land of blessings the beautiful desires for which you have worked so hard will come

to fruition multiplied in a great way your family and you will be blessed in

this moment when the Earth trembles and people complain due to need but you give glory to my holy name for your

Prosperity the masses weep because opportunities are drying up but your mind is like a field to me every morning

when you listen to me I am sewing seeds and these seeds will soon Sprout into

new ideas the doors and windows of the heavens will open and your heart will bear witness to this great love you will

no longer be able to turn back failure will no longer exist

my presence in your life is so strong that you will have nowhere else to go but here listening to my word you will

truly be happy every day whether the sky is cloudy or sunny motivated by a

powerful determination this divine inspiration will encourage you your arms will feel

strong your legs agile and good ideas will pour into your mind my holy spirit

will guide you to go out of your home and knock on the doors you need to touch forget about fear you will not be afraid to speak

with people in Authority there is no one in this world so Grand or important that can cause you

anxiety you will extend your hand and smile and people will open their hearts

to you you will bless them and wonders and miracles will happen the temporary trials you go

through do not signify defeat everything you have lost will be return to you multiplied and

blessed you were not born to fail you belong to me you were not born to be a loser I love you my promises have made

you a Victor do not fear I have been I am and I will always be with you rise

with faith for today I will bless you and give you strength I will be with you

and I will never forsake you I will test you and I will answer you my word is in

your heart and I will remind you every minute that I am always with you and you will

not walk alone in this world of Affliction I command thousands of angels to watch over your steps to destroy

hidden dangers in the darkness you need not fear and if fear attacks you rise

again firmly get used to walking with the attitude of a Victor remember that my love for you grows every day My

Sacrifice on the cross was to save you and give you life in abundance I will surrender myself to you without

reservation always available to listen to you embrace you and provide you you

with the peace you need do not fear for I will never abandon you you are my

precious treasure and nothing and no one can separate you from my love rest now do

not dwell on your problems any longer receive this holy Tranquility I

embrace you and cover you with my grace your well-being and happiness matter to me I want to listen to you and

understand everything that is affecting you and hindering your journey just remember that I will support you no

matter your situation if there is something weakening you or causing discouragement

let me help you find the solution my Holy Spirit resides in you and is giving you the power and Mastery

over your own emotions right at this moment so decide to be happy and do not rely on any human being to bring you

happiness I wish for your heart to be free from the shackles of emotional turmoil still and clear of internal

battles with sin and temptation instead entrust your thoughts spirit and heart

to my care avoid environments that unnecessarily weigh you down stay away

from places where adversaries lure you into actions against your will trapping you in habits that grieve my spirit

protect your heart for it is the Wellspring of your life stand Resolute and do not let the aggressive steal your

joy I long to be the central focus in every facet of your life seek my counsel

before making decisions or taking action I will guide you helping you evade the

traps of the deceitful and the pitfalls of Destruction my aim is to daily endow your family with wisdom blessing them in

all aspects as their souls flourish may they value my teachings prayer and the Art of speaking

thoughtfully avoid voiding words that wound close your doors to gossip and

slander exercise caution in believing others especially those known for falsehoods do not allow anyone to seow

resentment and fear within you come into my presence bring forth your situations

your thoughts your emotions focus on me throughout the day and you shall

perceive my voice guiding you take heed of your surroundings many people suffer

and their sadness is evident upon their countenances nevertheless I desire that my glory

radiates from you that your Resolute countenance uplifts the spirit of countless individuals for you are my

beloved Son my cherished daughter I have endowed you with unique gifts and

talents to be employed in my name and for my glory fret not about the future

for I have a purpose for you my love is unconditional and eternal my plan is impeccable and shall unfold in due time

it is true that I desire your heart and that your gaze remains fixed upon my righteous paths I have known you since

the dawn of the universe and I am cognizant of your triumphs and shortcomings in the event of your

transgressions seek my forgiveness with faith and sincerity do not confine yourself to a dim chamber to lament your

sins believing that your life has concluded and that I am incensed I have

atoned for your transgressions even before your acknowledgement approach with confidence and genuine intent I

shall offer you another opportunity fear not entrust to me your concerns for they

attempt to confound your soul you belong to me you have surrendered your life for my keeping my words are a

soothing balm for your bones hence I communicate with you always with love and the intention to steer you along the

righteous path abandon your fears and place your trust in me I am your rock

your secure refuge in times of Tempest cling to these messages whenever you hear and share them your peace and

happiness shall multiply your home shall be saturated with my love I am your

steadfast friend your protector approach me daily in Earnest prayer and I shall clothe your

heart with strength calm yourself be anxious no more for I shall alleviate

your anxiety if you grant me the chance set aside even if for a

moment all concerns and distractions and open the door for me to sew this word within your heart my child click on the

join button to join us as a cherished member of our community I am with you

even if those who claim to love you forsake you I remain with you should you be assailed by those who Harbor hatred

for you and you find yourself alone I love you and shield you I am your father

your God and your friend Perhaps it is challenging for you to comprehend that someone loves you so

deeply a love as marvelous as you have never conceived an affection as sweet as

you have never experienced you are self-critical believing that your errors render you

Unworthy of such love refrain from such self- flagellation do not belittle yourself

for it plunges you into sadness and despondency I shall remove the spiritual blindfolds from your eyes enabling you

to behold me I shall transform your heart so that you may believe in me come

to me for I know that you are weary and burdened draw near to me and partake of

that peace you yearn for and I shall Grant you rest rest I do not wish for your days to be burdensome nor for you

to rise in sorrow and dejection my death and Resurrection are a gift of love to you that you may live

your life with Divine Joy I am breaking the chains that have impeded your growth

today those bonds are shattered Release Yourself from those restraints that hinder your advancement

toward the future of blessing that I offer you do not regress by seeking the counsel of those who had once ens snared

your decisions the choice to love and follow me as yours I am concerned solely with your

peace and well-being your adversaries only wish to see you sink therefore strive be

courageous and March resolutely toward this new life I now bestow upon you your blessing is

decreed and soon You Shall Behold it you must believe in my word and receive it

with faith and joy do not dwell upon your errors and do not shackle yourself

your future lies before you I reiterate waste not your time

gazing backward if you feel weak and weary remember that I am your father and

I love you extend your hand to me I shall Aid you in conquering I am here to

listen embrace you console you and speak words of life and affection to your ears

I adore you deeply and I desire for you to feel worthy of my love

speak to me with confidence about all those things that harm and pain you it is not my intention for you to spend

your hours in distress nor for your mind to be ens snared by fear my beloved

daughter my cherished son you are of immense value to me today I convey that

even when you may no longer have the strength to recount everything that has befallen you I am already laboring and

aiding you and emerging victoriously from this circumstance I can sense all that

resides within your heart I can hear every thought that traverses your mind and on this day when it appears you

suffer even more I am closer to you than you can imagine my dear daughter my

precious son calm yourself for I have everything under control do not fear and

continue with faith I understand that at times everything may seem to take a considerable amount of time however I

want you to know that there are many tasks to be undertaken and each piece has its designated place in my perfect and

Supernatural plan exercise patience I’m clearing

Pathways Moving Mountains removing obstacles and contending with

adversaries imperceptible to your natural eye the miracle you have beseeched me

for will come to fruition I am infusing you with peace and serenity be at ease

smile for all will be well I want you to be happy at this very moment Ponder and

speak of those beautiful things for which you are grateful allowing no corrosive complaints negative words or

discouraging phrases to escape your lips fix your gaze upon my promises and live

each moment with intensity seize your days to recount all your Joys look

forward and bolster your faith contemplate all the beautiful things that can occur as you converse with me

I am composing your destiny and it is already sealed Mighty Miracles shall come to

pass come to me each day that your faith falters pay great heed to my words whenever I speak for I shall reveal

wondrous things to you your life is transforming and all shall be well those

troubles that weigh on your mind will vanish you seek my assistance because you know I love you and my promises are

secure indeed I shall Aid you rest with

Tranquility Venture forth to face life with fortitude peace and the joy of knowing that your

heavenly father is always by your side even in your moments of weakness when you believe you have AED know that I am

boundlessly gracious and my Mercy is unconditional I did not fail you before

and I shall not fail you now when you need me most when your heart aches when your soul Weeps

open your eyes with this knowledge when you awaken in the morning

listen to me once more and you shall find the strength to carry on with your day I implore you to believe in me I do

indeed have a future of Peace joy for you I beseech you to cling to my love

and to life with all your might you must live you must persevere continue walking despite the

obstacles and fix your gaze upon my promises when adversity strikes do not

be disheartened when problems arise do not be saddened when you are threatened

remember the courage you possess before me believe wholeheartedly even if others

scorn you this year is yours a time for Spiritual and eternal riches to emerge

from the lessons of your current circumstances I will bless and prosper you for you are chosen seek me in prayer

humble your heart daily and Delight in my presence your desires will be fulfilled as you Heed

These words and take your life’s task seriously remember this is your moment I

will bless you and your family and there’s nothing my love can’t provide for you I will restore your dignity and

rightful place embrace the healing and forgiveness my love offers and Trust in the promises already written in your

heart believe with all your soul and mind strength don’t be like those who speak of my love but lack true Faith

they yield to the judgments and Scorn of others following selfish doctrines and impossible rules they themselves can’t

uphold these individuals draped in false righteousness will never value you I am

guiding you towards true Freedom tonight sleep in peace my holy spirit will speak

to you healing your soul and mind breaking all remaining chains when morning comes you’ll be

forever free independent of others opinions you’ll truly be my wise intelligent child with

a gentle yet steadfast and brave Spirit maintain your vibrant fiery

strong faith especially in dark times when hurt by others surrounded by

Darkness feeling lost remember you belong to me look towards the brighter

things I have in store for you do not remain trapped in a corner weeping under a roof where you are met with disdain

remember I cherish you I support you I forgive you I will rejuvenate you I’m

capable of gifting you a future filled with light abundant with gifts and formidable

talents discover profound peace joy and wellness claim your rightful place Stand

Tall With Honor you are a princess a prince forever under the Vigilant care of your

Mighty Heavenly Father speak to me with your words affirm your belief in me

beloved father I am opening the door you seek I am clearing the hurdles that block your

way I will fulfill those Earnest prayers you’ve offered as various aspects of

your life shift you will see transformations in yourself your family

and your home today concentrate on the future let go of the past and trust in

me for a complete metamorphosis of your life awaits you must let go of many things

that draw you you towards a deep Abyss turn your eyes towards Heavenly things and leave behind worldly

vanities your life is precious your family is wonderful and the plans I have

for you are so immense they might seem unbelievable your dreams won’t be realized by your might alone understand

this your success will come through faith in my grace and power do not place

your complete trust in people who come and promise unbreakable friendship people may fail you but I am the one who

will never fail you the time is approaching when you will receive the blessings you have long awaited soon the

days of worry and need will be behind you and a holy and true abundance of Peace will reign in your life your

confidence in my word is crucial for you to reach the place you are meant to go and remain steadfast in the face of

challenges a new revelation will come upon your spirit I will share my secrets with you you will be amazed to see how

much I love you and how greatly I have blessed you answer me are you ready to receive your blessing in tell me what

your heart feels I know you love your children they are important to me as well I have their names

surnames faces Hearts thoughts

desires mistakes and wishes written in my book do not fret over the decisions

they have made it may seem to you that they are on the wrong path but do not anguish over things you can no longer

control Place everything that worries you into my hands and focus more on your life excessive worries weaken you and

steal your peace preserve your energy and Faith because I want you to pray the

time has come to let go of the things you must release the doves have grown and now they must fly release them with

confidence let them spread their wings toward Freedom the truth is while you pray for

them my protective mantle will always cover them accept what I tell you and

have confidence in my will your mind becomes burdened with unnecessary worries when you yield to the temptation

to control to make decisions for your children to open or close paths for

them leave these matters to me there’s a line they must not cross the Dignity of

your family and home must always be respected if they are doing something wrong you cannot remain

silent I will give you the strength peace and wisdom when you must confront

them but never speak to them in Anger guard what comes out of your mouth

for words spoken and actions taken can bring deep wounds or bring about healing I have not been harsh with you I

have come to give you love and salvation now do the same with those children who reside in your heart

believe in this mistakes will come tears will be shed but the Salvation that came

into your life will also reach your children in due time as written in my perfect time in they will reach the

limit I have set true repentance will come and they will return home carrying

blessings of Joy Joe in their arms that will fill your home and add more years of happiness you will open the door to

them with your forgiveness and your gracious attitude keep praying for your children and now you will feel my peace

feel the certainty that your children are in my hands you are a beautiful person I appreciate your disposition

I Delight in the way you feel when you converse with me when you close your eyes oh how I love your heart when it

beats with the rhythm of Joy filled with Divine happiness with which I am saturating your being removing any

discomfort pain or illness after you listen to me I want

you to feel deeply loved you do not have to walk with heavy steps disheartened

lamenting the situation you are facing I love you and today you will feel it in

many ways I will demonstrate it to you and through my powerful word I will tell

you that if someone comes to cause you conflict you will immediately feel this Divine love filling you whenever sorrow

dares to touch your life feel my encompassing Embrace driving away the shadows of distress filling your heart

with pure joy your loved ones will Marvel at this newfound happiness in you curious about

its divine origin your foes once looming and fearsome will shrink back in defeat

their attempts to unsettle you found feudal around you a Celestial Shield of

protection stands guard and by your home Vigilant angels in Camp ensuring the

safety of your family night and day Embrace this truth wholeheartedly for my love for you is

profound and unwavering beyond the whims of imagination it’s as real as the air you

breathe more miraculous and glorious than anything you could ask for my love

infuses life into you the greatest blessing one could ever receive I am deeply moved by your thankful Spirit

each new morning your life and Destiny rest in my hands despite the doubts of

others your faith in an unseen omnipotent presence stands firm you know

I am always watching over you caring for your every need this steadfast belief

empowers you to rise live and walk as a child of the universe’s Creator carrying

immense confidence and joy your Resolute Spirit and the beauty of your heart touch me deeply my child if you want

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button tomorrow I will be waiting to greet you again with infinite love in

the quiet moment moments Before Dawn breaks I cherish you deeply if you yearn to break free from

your current struggles listen carefully today I will speak the answer you seek

your situation may seem complex but remember you’ve already entrusted your

life and heart to me my spirit dwells within you instilling the firm belief

that nothing is impossible for me reflect on this speak it out shout it

write it down but most importantly believe it with all your heart Proclaim it with faith for

there is nothing beyond the reach of the Divine imbue yourself with this certainty my promise is ever vibrant

dispatch to heal your land and affect transformative changes in your life my word shall not return void at

times it may appear arduous for circumstances to shift but you are a child of the omnipotent God urgently

renew your way of thinking my Holy Spirit resides within you and you bear

the mantle of my Supernatural power Mighty Miracles shall come to fruition when you speak my word with

love treat others with gentleness control your temperament and cease to berate those

you love replacing hurtful actions with love I am opening your eyes revealing

wonderous things to you draw near to me and I am here for you seek my word every

day listen attentively and attune your ears open your Bible Understanding fully

that you have access to a supernatural realm where you are loved protected

guided and led by your heavenly Father Day and

Night in all places regardless of your emotional state I shall be with you a promise

embedded in my word yet it is crucial to grasp this fundamental truth your spirit

and mind are intertwined you possess an open gateway to the realm of Miracles but your feet

remain grounded in a natural world challenges will arise conflicts will

ensue enemies will appear attempting to harm you this is an inherent part of your life and your

journey however nothing shall overpower or defeat you for you have my unwavering

support and assistance my word dwells within your heart and you possess the strength of a

champion your unshakable faith is your ultimate solution now rise and confront your

challenges with unwavering determination I love you deeply and I am

fortifying you affirm your belief in me shout it write it once more nothing is

impossible for God Place yourself in my stad and ask yourself how could I not

love and bless someone like you my greatest desire is to Grant you Eternal salvation fear not for you shall always

feel deep ly loved protected and Walk Through This World With Your Head Held High surrounded by

my love I gave my life upon that cross so that you might Traverse this life in Victory never succumbing to sorrow and

defeat I resurrected on the third day so that you may lead a supernatural life

not merely one confined to the material realm indeed many may suffer Solitude

Affliction rejection and pain in this world world but you my dear are

exceptional should you ever feel weak or weary emotions clouding your soul rise

to your feet lift your arms in a gesture of Triumph and declare to the Four Winds

that you are my beloved child you are strong Valiant a Victor in a thousand

battles a champion among the mighty nothing shall overcome you no one

shall conquer you you are neither alone nor a solitary Soul do not resign

yourself to a life of depression and darkness come here for I’m calling you

in my presence you shall find your rightful place when your knees touch the

ground my armies shall arrive brandishing gleaming swords cleaving

through the air shattering malevolence when your spiritual adversary beholds the immense power and

Glory that surrounds you he shall flee in Terror uttering empty threats from

afar never daring to draw near that cowardly deceiver possesses neither The

Valor nor the strength to harm you to how many Valiant Souls do I speak

I am speaking to you listen to me for this message is crafted to fortify your

soul to inscribe these words into the recesses of your mind and to resonate within your heart Raise Your Arms once

more and Proclaim it aloud I am beloved eternally by my Celestial father

marvelous my Lord and my God I am healthy free prudent and wise I possess

the skill and loyalty of a true warrior a conqueror thus I wish for you to

embrace this sentiment every morning I desire for this Faith to take root deep within you my word dear child

little one I am with you you need not seek anyone else’s attention or friendship my

heart’s darling I will continue to explore every conceivable Avenue for you to perceive even the tiniest details of

my love tell me that you too love me with all your heart have more patience with yourself I love you and I

understand you I have forgiven you and stand ready to assist you however cease

doubting your worth you are mine I have not come to judge you according to your sins all your mistakes have already been

erased and cleansed you stand pure in my presence my righteousness shines upon your countenance even if believing it

proves challenging you made poor decisions because you were distracted things did not turn out well and you

felt frustrated do not worry I understand you and I have not come to punish you or withhold my

love cease blaming yourself for the events transpiring I know you have faced

difficulties in your life and occasionally fear making the same mistake and enduring further suffering

however you must learn to rest in me to feel my arm to grasp my hand at all

times I watch over you day and night protecting you I will care for you and

guide your steps so that you no longer stumble but you must calm yourself and learn to wield your faith however small

your faith is like a Tiny Seed from which great Miracles will Sprout do not be so harsh on yourself you have learned

much from your own mistakes and your way of thinking is evolving you are growing becoming

wiser accept the greatest gift in this world a gift that no one else can bestow

but me that gift is my forgiveness wrapped in my love paid with great

sacrifice be certain that you are already cleansed and feel at peace cease punishing yourself for past events or

lamenting what has been lost I have something better in store for you but

you must believe me tell me that you accept my love and forgiveness and that you will come to

hear my word daily I understand your struggles your concerns and your

emotions I’m deeply aware of what you need and desire your tears and the times

you feel disheartened and alone therefore I won’t let go of your hand you need me again M

recently you were overwhelmed with sadness you cried out my God

where are you now I send you this message as a sign that I hear you and am attentive to your needs I am listening

and I am showing you this in the clearest way I can though you might not feel fully ready yet but that time will

come keep praying every day feel my presence beside you and get to know me

more I am your father and my love for you is perfect trust in my words when I say I

love you believe me for I do not lie I

deeply desire your well-being and strength and for you to relish each day of life I give you prepare yourself for

what lies ahead I’ll keep encouraging you each morning with heartfelt messages

instilling hope in your heart your moment is now it is your time to thrive

I never intended for you to live in defeat and despair ignore those who criticize and belittle you calling you a

failure or or loser claiming you’ll achieve nothing their words are empty

and Powerless don’t give them your attention they are of no

consequence Victory and hope lie in my hands today let go of all negative

thoughts and self-doubt my words are here to heal Inspire uplift and rejuvenate your

joy they are meant to fill you with new beautiful dreams and aspirations I want to see you happy

smiling as you are now your heart brimming with joy your life is not ending your path is

long but it is filled with lovely surprises and good people answer me and tell me that you

believe tell me that you will value yourself and that you will hold on to my hand Never Letting Go I commit to Loving

You Always and caring for you this Sacred Love I give you no one can rest

from you I have great great things in store for you my child like the video

now give me your hand step by step and you will reach peace

happiness it is not a matter of how quickly you arrive but of your firmness and

persistence let your faith remain Serene and strong do not look to the sides

focus on me and keep your gaze forward you will arrive it does not take an

eternity however your your mind and body may be telling you that the days are growing longer and you are becoming

tired of waiting but you have grown and you no longer lead your life according to your

emotions you know that I wish to go to your family and clear the path for them to face whatever comes without fear or

trepidation the enemies will be defeated the obstacles will be overcome I make no promise of an easy

life but I assure you that faith and strength shall never forsake you be

filled with courage knowing that your assured Victory awaits receive my sacred

promises which bring healing to your body Clarity to your thoughts and

fortitude to your heart I intend to shatter the chains of discouragement and depression all forms of Despair that

burden your shoulders and so doubt in my words beware of deceitful friendships that lead you toward failure all such

Illusions shall vanish today a powerful Miracle shall unfold if you commit to

obeying me and cling to my love do not be like others who prefer to wallow in filth and embrace the lies of their

Destroyer they chase after false promises seeking material wealth empty

positions corrupt control and fleeting Fame they believe that my presence and

power reside with those who flaunt their actions in public measuring their worth by their debts their attire and their

dining choices such Sinister deception such cruel delusion for they abhor my

word and reject me as I am they want nothing to do with the one who came into the world as a servant who gave his life

on a cross but you have opened your heart to me and I wish to perform wondrous Deeds

within you close your soul in humility reject the offerings of the

Devourer and I shall assist you I shall bestow upon you more peace and wisdom so

that you do not grow weary in your waiting let neither complaint nor doubt stain your faith in happiness speak my word

with faith Proclaim with confidence I can do all things through Christ who

strengthens me and never shall I be defeated I desire that your heart be

filled with a Divine sensation one that shall remain with you forever reminding you of my promises

when challenges arise I urge you to pay heed when you come before me in the morning and listen with your whole heart

I desire your well-being a future filled with Harmony and holy Prosperity may

your family be free from negative emotions with no Strife or division in your home there are countless wonderful

things I can accomplish in your tender and innocent heart and thus I desire for you to be as such you shall witness with

your own eyes the downfall of your enemies and false friends who may mock you considering themselves wise but

failing daily they believe themselves to be intelligent yet are scorned by the

people wealthy but dwelling in a deep and dark pit of spiritual Misery all

they can do is envy you shall have my blessing always but you shall also encounter opposition

wherever you go someone will challenge you and engage you in battles remember this never fear them for they boast of

what they lack and they pretend to be what they are not they are filled with sin yet outwardly they Fain perfection

you are my child and there is nothing and no one who can stand against you for I am your Defender You are not alone you

place your trust in a God created not by your imagination but a living a powerful

real and Majestic God my love is true and I have already shown you what I can

do for you do not distress do not weep and do not surrender to depression due

to threats and lies I am with you I will deliver you from the attacks of evil

from danger scarcity death and

illness accept my word receive my blessing tell me that you believe in me

I love you I hear your prayer I receive your

supplication I know the needs of your heart your pain reached my

ears and your plea was so profound that my grace was immediately dispatched to answer answer you I will not leave you

reaching out in vain I am unlike those who have let you down in life your heart

once trusting and full of Faith was bruised by false promises and deceit you heard of me and doubted weary of belief

I came close to you in your dreams seeking a moment of your attention in your sleep I saw your tears

born of deep pain your spirit wandered dark Paths of the past haunted by the

disdain that once broke you yet Dawn is Breaking today as you awaken a new

flicker of Faith stirs within you you realize now there is no one but me who can truly help you I alone have the

grace patience love forgiveness and strength to raise you from wherever you

are fear not but it’s time to rise again your past pains are not etched in any

Ledger your transgressions are forgiven I remember them no more

I will shower you with such love that your future dreams will be peaceful bathed in

light you will walk through Lush vibrant Gardens I offer you a new life and I ask

only that you accept it my promise isn’t of worldly wealth material gain is not

your purpose here what I offer is love peace wisdom kindness to and forgiveness

Embrace and accept them first know with certainty that I am real true with de

and that my love for you is eternal and genuine understand that in this world

Amid falsehoods and betrayal there also exists healing and salvation for those who trust in my word there is pain and

despair but there is also peace and a new chance for those who accept My Love

From This Day Forward let us walk together I hear your prayer I love you

deeply I shall deliver the miracle you have asked for into your hands Amen in

my profound desire to bless you I assure you of a bounty beyond measure there is

no power that can hinder my will what I have declared shall indeed come to pass

in the face of any challenge remember I’m always with you even if it seems

otherwise do not dwell on the intensity of your trials instead listen intently

to my message let it be a balm to your soul as you hear my voice cherish these moments

as you dedicate a little more time to me I am etching my teachings my

intentions and my commands into your heart I seek not just your attention but

your deep faith in my promises give me your unwavering loyalty and steadfast belief for in you I place

my trust and faith just as you do in me you are a chosen Warrior destined for a

specific purpose do not stray from your path remain steadfast irrespective of

the events around you The Whispers you hear or the sights you

behold my pledges to you are etched in time they will not disappoint what is decreed shall come to

pass I have made promises and your eyes will bear witness to their realization I bestow my blessings upon

those with Resolute Spirits those who might waver momentarily but never forsake me for fleeting charms and dece

F grins I bestow prosperity and strength upon those who stay true to me those who

humbly embrace my cause and adhere to my teachings the challenging moments you face will soon Fade Away transforming

any shame into Victory joy and success prepare yourself to be a bearer

of my values love patience hope and Redemption for all a

new Joy will light up your countenance and and you will be wrapped in Grace in your hands I will place the

power to heal wisdom will be your gift sought after by many for guidance Your Righteous efforts will

Thrive every blessing you receive will grow this is the reward for those who

have faith in me and trust in my ways an everlasting life filled with calm happiness peace and

abundance my angels will keep watch over your dwelling seek out the Miracles in

my teach teachings read them attentively and absorb their wisdom yet know that

with your own eyes you will witness even more remarkable and profound events

these are new times many fabricate wonders to deceive the unwary but the Miracles I will work through you will

surpass these move forward with confidence unshaken by hurdles should a vast Mountain block

your way do not fear for it will yield spend no time Fring over adversaries

attacks do not let them claim your time or your thoughts focus on the path I’m unveiling before you and strengthen

yourself in my company for it will bring you immense benefits you know that you are different

and though I love all with eternal love I have chosen you for greater blessings

I know that you shall use what I bestow upon you wisely and not squander the gifts you receive you shall work

diligently to multiply the riches and talents that will soon knock at your door I did not choose you to become

wealthy and use your riches to Humble others I chose you to surround yourself with prosperity to guard your heart in

humility to Aid your family to feed the hungry to extend a hand to the poor and

to do all you can to bring Comfort to those in need tell me that you are willing to use my blessings wisely show

me your obedience to my Commandments I yearn to witness your loyalty and sincerity

guard your lips against speaking ill keep your thoughts free from the filth of this world Shield your eyes from all that is

wicked and never let harmful words Escape your lips refrain from using your hands or

actions to cause harm speak no ill of anyone accuse no one without

knowledge and do not share slander that kills and destroys families when you open your eyes cry out

for my affection in your mind proclaim a that I am your God your lord and your

Shepherd use the smile I gave you so That Others May witness the powerful work I am performing within you listen

to this message once more word by word understand it grasp it share it live it

and feel it these words bring you great blessings I’m inscribing them in your heart accept

them for in doing so uh you surrender your soul to me and I

shall lead you with my marvelous love I shall lift you out of adversity headheld high and hands

full all those who threaten and attack you have placed themselves in grave trouble I myself defend my children my

sword is drawn and I shall confront all who assail you in battle I want them to

see you calm and full of confidence surprise them with your courageous demeanor your firm steps and your gaze

filled with faith they shall shout they shall lie they shall attempt to deceive

you and instill fear in you however Stand Tall my arm shall

support you and you shall not fall you shall not be defeated with my wings I shall cover you

day and night in warmth or in cold my love shall always be with you I have

witnessed your steadfast Faith amidst trials and it touches my heart deeply

you’ve stood strong facing life storms with Grace and dignity now it’s time for you to ascend and embrace the fullness

of my blessings cast aside sorrow leave behind all hurt and banished thoughts of

Despair and desolation from your mind understand as I cherish you you

must also value yourself recognizing your true worth do not let false beliefs take root

in your mind suggesting you are unworthy nor heed those who spread such lies

break free from these chains embrace my Holy Spirit in its entirety I long to liberate you I urge

you to help others who are suffering embrace my love accept my forgiveness and welcome the love and

peace I offer you for my love for you is profound as you well

know even through the darkest nights your faith has been your Shield

you’ve spent many Dawns in reflection wrestling with many thoughts

but each new morning brings renewal in my Divine Mercy perhaps those who do not love you

will attempt once more to assale you but each day remain in my presence and partake of my word nourish yourself with

the Heavenly honey for I am your God your father your friend your fellow

traveler I wish for you never to feel abandoned only to be continuously filled

with the peace and confidence that comes from knowing how dearly you are loved I shall administer Justice I have

witnessed all your struggles and the tribulations you’ve endured your adversaries took advantage of you yet

you reacted with Serenity you sought no Revenge nor did you become agitated you

maintained your composure you understand that all rests within my hands and I

shall confront those who have harmed you I will continue to strengthen your heart

just as you approach and receive this word that envelops you with love and imparts wisdom much like the daylight

illuminates the fields my presence will radiate throughout your being in your home and

in your work I will grant you greater courage enabling you to make decisions without fear closing the door to false

friends and the Devourer henceforth place your trust solely in

me come and receive this word that I sew within you every morning with faith and

diligence cultivate this garden and you shall soon witness the sprouting of beautiful plants

Exquisite flowers and flourishing trees All Shall witness the powerful and

Supernatural fruits burgeoning in your life no one shall toy with your emotions

nor shall they deceive you for I am endowing you with my wisdom and spiritual discernment enabling you to

listen observe and decide intelligently you shall not react

impulsively to any situation pressured by people return to my peace the attention

surrounding you shall dissipate and all your adversaries shall depart this year I shall Grant you a

time of Joy Abundant Health and energy seize

this opportunity dedicate time to me every day dedicate quality time and

attention to your family greet them each morning with a smile do not retire to bed harboring

anger towards anyone do not judge or shout at anyone I shall provide you with

the strength to seek calmness before making important decisions do not attempt to resolve issues when weary and

refrain from bringing workplace troubles into your home a soft response turns away wrath never react with harsh words

or violence I desire to bless you even more but I urge you to let your daily

attitude reflect my power love gentleness and Holiness I desire that no

course language be uttered in your home not even in Gest mind your words and let

each room be imbued with the essence of spiritual Purity may your home be a Haven of Peace radiating spiritual

Harmony while Perfection May elude you aim for this

ideal importantly ensure that my teachings resonate in every part of your dwelling

beloved you who cherish and trust in me stand firm against the day’s trials for

I have been am and will always be by your side my

protection Shields you from heart foes ensuring your Triumph is complete I promise to restore what has

been unjustly taken from you enhancing the gifts and talents once lost you will be raised to honor adorned

in garments fresh and pure hold these words close my child and embrace them

with hope let them not fade from your memory day or night my voice will guide you as you

step out and as you find rest at night my presence is a constant in your life feel its empowering Embrace in your

pursuit of me with faith as your offering peace and comfort will be yours

this year Abundant Blessings await you so ready your heart believe for it shall

manifest in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit walk steadfast

in faith casting aside doubt seek me with the dawn’s first light and as the

sun ascends bathing you in daylight so too shall my glory illuminate your path Darkness will fade

your heart will be anchored in my truth and your spirit strengthened doubt will find no refuge

in your mind I want you to recommit yourself to prayer to seeking me to

setting aside distractions and to surrendering your thoughts and decisions to me you are facing serious

problems and challenging situations moments when you do not know what to do therefore I repeat my command and

request that you walk in faith everything is possible for those who believe in me who know that I am real

and exist and who have chosen to trust in me with all their might despite the challenges they encounter along the way

those who know that I love them and cling to me even when they the enemy attacks and Whispers that I have forsaken them because I want to see them

suffer they know that my love is eternal and unbreakable I have always protected

them in faith my dear child I want to guide your path and watch over you but I

ask that you truly believe in me I am your life your future your

strength and your Shield believe that you will receive those Miracles that you cannot yet see

with your eyes you can anticipate what you cannot currently behold you may think your faith is small but that is

all I am asking for and that is all you need to continue receiving many beautiful

blessings Have Faith remember my promises come and listen to my word

every day leave your sins behind surrender your life to me I know that

you believe in me and you will continue to walk in faith it will happen suddenly

when you least expect it your heart will leap with joy your dreams that had died

those hopes you had stored away in a drawer and forgotten in your despair they will be revived your life will be

filled with faith once more you had contemplated giving up you believed you

were out of breath and your conflict seemed insurmountable yet I come today to offer you my love and to bring you

many gifts great joy and greater blessings prepare your mind and heart

because I announce in advance that people you thought were lost will return to your life you have grown in your

faith and now it is time to assist those who are broken you must be ready for when those doors open and the locks are

broken the chains that held back your blessing will be destroyed everything is possible when

you can believe in my word and for me there are no impossibilities my cherished one prepare

yourself for what is coming is greater than the dreams in your heart family restoration is possible

forgiveness and healing knock at your door you must welcome them those who once wronged you are now

approaching extend to them forgiveness and a second chance withhold Not Your

Love from them I am ready to bless you with a superior job and genuine Prosperity bringing into your life

individuals who value your skills and will reward your dedication and talent maintain your faithfulness and let no

falsehood or harsh words pass your lips speak kindly of all and do not fall prey to the SN of gossip and deceitful Tales

stay vigilant against deceivers aiming to rob you of the Bountiful blessings you are destined to

receive I have been guiding you persistently and now the moment has arrived for you to ascend to Greater

Heights immerse yourself deeper in my word and trust in me with unwavering Faith place not your trust in monetary

gains and resist becoming embittered over the loss of material possessions or employment I have planned something far

superior for you offer me your complete faith and Surrender Your Heart fully the

time has now come to embark on a life filled with the supernatural express your love and belief in me and today

witness how I will impact your life and your families with my love and power know that I love you deeply and long to

enter your home to enact a wondrous transformation I stand at your threshold

calling out to you will you open your heart and home to me allowing me to

infuse your life with something extraordinary powerful and divinely

Supernatural I have seen your struggles and I assure you scarcity will never

plague your home or family I will bless your household with an outpouring of Abundant Blessings for years you’ve

shown unwavering faithfulness through prayer fasting and tears you have

consistently prioritized me in your actions and thoughts now the time has come for you to harvest the fruits of

your devotion I will Infuse your home with abundance Joy encouragement and Health

Trust in my word for I am committed to fulfilling every promise I have made to

you prepare for a profound transformation let go of past habits of worry and despair along with my

blessings come wisdom strength and the Insight needed to make prudent choices

and Steward my gifts wisely what you receive will not only enrich you but also extend as blessings

to others remain thankful and faithful for I am reshaping your life readying

you for a future brimming with countless opportunities for a long time you sowed

seeds of faith in your heart and wherever you went I saw you endure great

difficulties and complex trials yet you never doubted my power never doubted

that I was by your side that’s why you triumphed you believed in me and for

that reason I bestowed my grace and mercy upon you my grace and mercy have

poured down upon you and today with my mighty hand I shall make all these seeds you’ve

planted bear abundant fruit in your life and in the lives of those around you the time has come to harvest the

fruits of your faithfulness for what I shall bring to your home is infinitely greater than you believe you deserve you

deserve the best and even more your faith is precious and your humble and sincere attitude

will carry you far prepare yourself for I shall open new

doors introduce you to new places and bring abundance to your home I love you

do not fear your life is in my hands do not heed the bad news do not open your

Soul’s door to the insults of tongues that attack you do not believe all the things said about you your enemies seek

to instill fear to control your life your destiny and your heart to divert you

from the divine plan designed for you to rob you of the blessings that belong to

you so when you receive insults when they speak ill of you when

they seek to slander you hold fast to my love and my word seek my presence and

spend time with me so you can pour out your heart I urge you not to let these trials

dampen your faith and love for me I am actively reshaping your environment lifting the burdens that

weighed you down and uprooting the negative emotions that had Anchored In Your Heart obstructing your

path you are reborn your spirit rejuvenated into a life free from

depression loneliness resentment and envy your soul and mind are now brimming

with faith optimism strength and joy

your transformation will astonish even your adversaries who will find themselves perplexed and unable to

unsettle or harm you they will witness how you clung steadfastly to my word

your belief in Me growing stronger than their baseless Scorn the pains that once hurt and

wounded you have dissipated the worries that once shook your faith have vanished

Embrace a new day filled with peace and joy accept and Trust in this change even

if it’s not immediately visible to your eyes deep down you feel the transformation

you sense the difference within you my Supernatural presence is enveloping you

showering you with all my love and affection remember you are not frail you

are fortified with strength you are not a failure you are triumphant you are not

vanquished you have risen empowered by my might now a

conqueror affirm with your whole heart your belief in me I am here to reassure

you that you are never alone yesterday’s tears shed over sudden tribulations are transforming into

today’s strength and resilience things did not go well you were betrayed and abandoned by people

you thought loved you they turned their backs on you when you needed them most and you are sad and I

understand but I have come to tell you that your tears your weeping have

reached heaven my holy Throne where your future is decided where all diseases are

healed where your problems are resolved and where I can console you in your

distress You are not alone I have not abandoned you though those in whom you

trusted have distanced themselves I remain by your side loving you more each

day and it shall always be so you must live with confidence knowing that I am willing to

listen and by the power of My Blood you can access my heavenly Throne directly

here with me you can bring your petitions I am willing to listen to you with patience and love just as a good

friend would I do not ask you to stop crying it is better to weep and let it all out

release all that hurts you from your soul so that I can fill you with my peace but there is something I must warn

you about after your tears come joy and great happiness because the time has come to bless you you are ready you you

can now appreciate what I am giving you all the things you have gone through have been preparing you for this long

awaited time it is time for the windows of Heaven to open and enormous blessings

to rain down upon you even in the midst of Silence you shall feel my peace and

it does not matter if people leave because I with you to embrace and comfort your soul you are growing

stronger every day you are getting to know me better seeking my face and my word to me that means you are loyal wise

and intelligent as you close your eyes today and reflect on my words feel my love wrapping around and healing you

know that you’re never alone my presence fills your soul with joy Paving the way

for your success I’m ready to unlock the door to magnificent blessings for you but listen

to me fully without letting doubts interrupt you your hard one battles haven’t been for nothing the fruits of

your faith and resilience are close at hand I see all you’ve been through and understand the depths of your heart your

quest isn’t for fleeting wealth or fame you’re fighting a noble fight striving only for what’s necessary to uplift your

loved ones to rise from hardship you care deeply for those you love and I

intend to shower you with blessings my plan is to open the heavens and rain down true blessings filling your life

with the abundance you need freeing you from strife and granting you peace

believe in me and take action stand up with resolve and continue your efforts rest when needed but Rise Again full of

vigor work hard be brave approach each day with unwavering spirit and joy even

when things don’t go as planned or when others try to cause you distress let us persist in our plan on

those challenging days as well rise with fortitude when you face those adversaries offer them a smile be

patient and extend a helping hand and if they thirst for water or require Aid do

so judiciously employing your intelligence refrain from revealing your

life or weaknesses lest you furnish them with the means to betray and harm you show them love but also reveal your

character and all that you have learned from me you shall demonstrate to them do not associate with the malign do

not disclose your plans do not receive listen or partake in slander against

anyone these adversaries shall despair when they realize there is no way to make you stumble from your path I shall remove

them our plan is not yet complete you shall continue to advance with faith

enthusiasm and effort until I decree otherwise at that moment you shall

comprehend so much you shall stand before a colossal gate and behind it you

shall discover marvelous blessings tell me that you believe and make this commitment commment to come

into my presence daily and commence with this plan this very moment my dear child

you are exceedingly Brave rise with faith for you shall Triumph you have already given me thanks

today for another day of life what do you await it costs you nothing to part

your lips and express your gratitude in your own words I am well acquainted with your needs even before you voice them

just trust in me and spend a moment in Tranquility seek a moment of silence and Ponder upon all the reasons for which

you can Express gratitude on this day your life your family your health the

air you breathe the sustenance upon your table the roof over your head my

Supernatural protection enveloping your home my warrior Angels who encamp and stand guard who watch over your dreams

and stand ready for battle there are countless reasons for you to feel blessed you possess so many beautiful

motives to cling to life and you must daily contemplate them so that your mind is filled with virtuous thoughts and

your eyes are always open to witness my goodness in your Pathways feeling the security that I

hold your destiny in my hand I reside in a grateful heart that acknowledges its need for me that seeks me with Faith and

Hope for it knows it is greatly blessed at times I perceive your worries concerning

the events that transpire but this is natural do not fret over it

you bear the burdens of your responsibilities wishing for everything to go well for provision in your

home health for your family and for peace and stability to remain

unthreatened yet there are times of darkness when gratitude slips your mind Whispers of the adversary creep in

planting impure thoughts turning worries into fears surrounding you with lies and

escalating fear into panic and despair I observe and wait for you to raise your arms in

defiance to speak the words that will send the enemy fleeing be thankful for your life your family your health and

all that you have and are your genuine faith and a heartful of gratitude are your armor keeping you strong and

resilient in challenging times as you walk through difficult trials know that

I will be right there with you waiting to hear your voice I long to hear your first UT es of the day words brimming

from a soul full of thankfulness gratitude for life for each new day in

the heavens blessings are ready bearing your name trust me

wholeheartedly for in both Heavenly and Earthly Realms circumstances are aligning for your good I have given the

unwavering command for you to receive abundant provision freedom from debt

Supernatural wisdom and blessings specially prepared for your family and yourself the Divine inheritance that is

rightfully yours you are not a product of chance I loved you before you existed I have

prepared many beautiful things for you foremost among them is my eternal love I loved you when you were distant

and I continued to love you when you returned to me if you think that because you occasionally

falter I become angry and distance myself from you you are mistaken

your mistakes do not frighten me I shall not discard you for your sins you always

approach me filled with pain and repentance speaking the truth I know that you love me and if you lie I

understand your heart and your reasons I cherish your sincerity others wear a mask of

perfection and Holiness they come into my presence to accuse those who are different or do not believe as they do

but you are not one of those who criticize everyone and believe themselves to be righteous your spirit

is gentle your demeanor kind your thoughts pure even when you fall you

shall rise with confidence and Faith let no one judge you for in this world no

mortal has the authority to do so as long as you stand firm in your faith when you come into my presence each day

with a humble heart and a willingness to listen and learn from me I will bless your efforts

abundantly I know that material possessions are of little concern to you your true desire is for blessings and

protection for your family fear not for I will provide these and much more I am

preparing you so when opportunities arise you will confidently step through the doors as you listen now miraculous

events are unfolding in the Supernatural realm new people and opportunities are entering your life bringing challenges

that will turn into blessings peace and provision through your faith and

patience the greatest of these blessings my unwavering love is already

yours believe in me have faith and find comfort in My

Embrace I am in control of your life there is no need for fear I am

protecting you and watching over you at all times feel my presence each morning as you wake do not be swayed by

distractions instead come and listen to my word let my spirit assure you that I

have everything under control and that you must have faith in me do not fear

adversity for with me by your side nothing and no one can harm you many of

the problems that trouble you today will be resolved more swiftly than you anticipate at the right time all the

answers you seek shall arrive as you pray I am Paving your path

scripting your story nothing eludes my wisdom and Will I Am opening the door to the

blessings you fervently requested in your deepest prayers I am increasing your faith I am here to uplift and guide

you towards a new life a fresh beginning where everything will be different do

not concern yourself with what others think of you hold your head high and live your life with faith and dignity

envious people will always speak of the poison they carry in their souls but only my thoughts of you should

matter I believe you to be a wonderful individual with a pure and sincere heart

place my words in your mind when people attack you seek refuge in my love I have

been by your side throughout all your battles aware of every fall every defeat

every Victory and every hardship now is the time to Triumph to elevate your life

even higher leave behind the old battles and enter a new era of success and

renewal this is where I transform your life and a new story Begins for you

allow me to guide you along A New Path of blessings and wisdom I give you my love and peace to

soothe your soul and mind as you receive them I will open the Heavens to fill your hands with blessings I will

inscribe my word on your heart so your steps remain steadfast never stray from this love

that envelops you forgive yourself for your mistakes you are human

and you may falter I am a god of Mercy I accept your repentance and will rescue you even from

the deepest Abyss my blessings are far greater than any material wealth the things I have in store for you are more

valuable than all the riches this world can offer if I assure you that I will open the heavens for you accept my

promise with faith and reply I believe in you treat my words with the gravity

they deserve for this is no trivial matter my love for you is evident not

hidden my affection for you is clear not a mystery step outside look up at the

sky breathe in the air feel the warmth of the sun’s touch these are my gifts to

you my way of expressing I love you and I am always with you countless times I

have guarded you saving you from the brink of death liberating you from darkness and falsehood you began this

year with enthusiasm and aspirations for any Noble Endeavors now as you encounter

challenges and trials do not falter keep moving forward your dreams

will come to fruition you have a destiny to fulfill and I wish to demonstrate my love and

power through you I am imbu you with my holy spirit daily enhancing your spiritual awareness

soon you will perceive Beyond appearances discern people’s true intentions

and gain profound wisdom your intelligence will soar almost as if by Supernatural means you

will impact many lives and assist them exhibiting my teachings through your actions let others observe the impact of

a life lived in belief of my power open your hands for the immense blessings that await embrace them with diligence

and Faith the heavens are unfolding in your favor at this very moment however I

urge you never to straighten from my side declare your love and faith in me with your heart promising to stay true

Until the End dismiss the anxieties that plague you entrust everything to me I

will dispel your fears and anxieties I will cover you with my love and reveal what I can do in your life today with my

power this day will be different you will witness a transformation in your surroundings and experience many changes

in your life your family and people’s attitudes towards you you will see how

individuals smile when touched by my powerful presence within you they will feel me and you will witness their

surprise as you greet them with friendship and joy today I’m filling you with abundant

wisdom and a strong determination to fulfill the desires of your heart I know how much you need happiness that’s why

I’m telling you this you must believe me I am attentive to your feelings and

everything that happens to you I want to protect you from further F harm strengthen your character and help you

rise with courage so no one can humiliate you change your attitude put a

smile on your face come and pray every day trusting that I will assist you in all things celebrate This Love that I am

giving you when you praise and worship me my presence surrounds you your

worries flee and you are filled with my spirit celebrate and rejoice despite the

problems smile and sing offer your hands in worship if asked why you are

celebrating say it’s because God is with you many may not understand but that

should not concern you my mighty armies will Aid you in battle when you raise your hands and surrender when you bow

your face and your heart yields when you decide to give me everything that hinders you and when you

cling to trust in me you desire to change and I want to give you a new hope

a new heart soon you will see how I am covering you with my love

amen my child subscribe to the channel now share this video with your five


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