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my dearest child in the vast expanse of this world know that you are never alone

when the veil of night descends obscuring the light of day look to the heavens and see my radiant glow shining

down upon you I am your moon beam a Celestial Beacon guiding you through the

Shadows though the world may sometimes feel cold unforgiving and shrouded in darkness

take solace in the fact that I am an everpresent comforting Force watching over you my

luminous light envelopes you offering Solace and reassurance in even your most trying

hours let the soothing glow of my eternal love fill your heart dispelling

any lingering doubts or fears that may take hold I am the Celestial Guardian

the Divine Lantern illuminating your path through the night no matter how deep the darkness May grow I will always

be there a shimmering guidepost to lead you home trust implicitly in the steady

unwavering light of my affection for it burns Eternal and pure gaze upwards uh

my child and see my gentle Radiance painting the night sky that is my way of

reaching out to you of letting you know that I am near I am the moon beam caressing your skin the soft glow that

dances across your face as you Slumber I am the celestial Spotlight

casting its Radiance upon your your world a Divine Spotlight to illuminate your every step wherever your Earthly

Journey takes you remember that I am but a glance away reach out and let my moon

beam unfold you in its warm comforting Embrace I am here now and forever more

shining my Radiance upon you my most precious and cherished child you need

only raise your eyes to the night sky to feel my loving presence surrounding you when the weight of this world threatens

to crush your spirit spirit let my Moonlight revive you bask in its gentle

effervescence allow it to wash over you and replenish your weary soul for I have

imbued every beam of my lunar light with the purest essence of my Divine love and protection they are extensions of myself

Celestial threads that connect us across the vastness of creation let my moon beam be your constant companion a

Celestial friend to guide you through life’s darkest nights when the Shadows grow long and the path ahead seems

obscured simply raise your eyes heavenward and you will see my radiant glow shining down a Eternal Beacon to

lead you home for I am the moon the Serene Celestial orb that watches over

my children with unwavering devotion I am not some distant unapproachable deity

my child no I am an Ever present intimately involved Divine

parent one who longs to unfold you in the the warmth of my eternal Embrace though my realm may exist in the

heavens my heart resides within you a sacred Wellspring of love that flows

Without End I am as close as the very air you breathe as near as the pulse thrumming

within your veins so when the night falls and the world around you grows dark do not

despair for I am here my luminous moon beam casting its radiant glow upon

you let its soothing light fill your soul reminding you that you are never

ever alone I am your Celestial Guardian Your Divine protector your Eternal

companion through life’s es and flows no matter what challenges you may face know

that I will always be here a constant source of comfort and reassurance my

moon beam will guide you through the darkest nights leading you ever onward towards the dawn trust in its steady

unwavering light for it emanates directly from the Wellspring of my eternal love for you

you are my most precious creation the apple of my eye I have watched over you

since the moment you came into this world and I will continue to safeguard you for all of

eternity so when the shadows of Doubt or fear threaten to overwhelm you simply

look skyward and bask in the radiant glow of my Moonbeam let its Celestial light fill your heart restoring your

faith and courage I am Forever by your side my child in

times of deepest Darkness call out to me and I will envelop you in my Divine

Embrace trust that I have grand designs for your life plans that will unfold in

perfect Divine timing have unwavering faith and know that you are precious beyond measure in my eyes I am your

mother your father your Eternal companion let my Moonbeam light fill

your heart and may its Radiance shine forth from you to illuminate the world you are

beloved you are blessed you are mine now and forever more so whenever the night

falls and the world around you Fades to Black look up and behold my moon beam shining down see in its Celestial glow a

reflection of my eternal love and devotion my beloved child I am ready to

bless you greatly as I wish to shower you with blessings nothing can stop me what I

have planned will happen do not fear any challenge for I am always with you no matter what you

see around you do not be preoccupied with how hard the situation seems keep listening to my words until

the end Let My Words touch and soothe your soul as you hear me value this time

as you give me another moment of your day I writing my words desires and

commands on your heart I ask for for your full attention and unwavering belief in my

promises offer me your loyal and firm faith I want you to trust me

completely as I also put my trust in you you are a fighter chosen for a unique

purpose you must stay true to your path without straying stay firm in your

journey no matter the circumstances what you hear or what you

see my promises are secure they won’t disappoint you everything that is

Promised will happen you will witness what I have assured I extend my blessings to those

who are indecisive who one day commit to me and the next are swayed by persuasive Liars or Charmed by insincere flattery I

bless prosper and strengthen those who proudly stand with me those who are willing to

face scorn for my name’s sake who follow my commands your tough times will end

soon and any disgrace you face will turn into a cheap ment joy and victory be

ready to uphold my principles of Love patience hope and salvation for all I

will give you a reason to smile and your eyes will show the mercy surrounding you

I will grant you the ability to heal I will give you such deep wisdom that many will come to you for advice all your

positive efforts will Thrive your blessings will grow this is my promise to those who have faith fath in me and

rely on me everlasting life calmness

happiness peace abundance at your table and my angels guarding your home explore

the wonders in my teachings study them closely and absorb their

lessons yet prepare to see even mightier and more remarkable things with your own

eyes these are new times and some concoct miracles to deceive the naive

however the Marvels I will achieve through you will surpass those keep going undaunted by any

hurdles should a huge mountain obstruct your way do not fear for it will be

moved ignore your adversaries plots don’t let them consume your time or thoughts focus on the path I lay before

you and gain strength in my company as it will bring you immense good you are

unique and while I cherish everyone with everlasting love I have selected you for special favors I

trust that you’ll use wisely what I grant you you won’t waste the blessings I place in your life you are to nurture

and grow the wealth and talents that are on their way to you you weren’t chosen to amass wealth for self-pride or to

look down on others I chose you to be enveloped in abundance to maintain a modest heart to support your kin to

provide for the needy to lend a hand to the less fortunate and to do all within your capacity to bring bring Solace to

those who lack affirm your Readiness to utilize my gifts judiciously show me

your adherence to my teachings I’m eager to see your faithfulness and truthfulness keep your speech clean

Safeguard your thoughts from worldly impurities defend your sight from malevolence refrain from uttering

harmful words avoid actions that inflict pain speak no ill of others do not

falsely accuse anyone steer clear of Gossip that ruins lives and fam

when you wake summon my love in your soul declare loudly that I am your God

your leader and your protector I will raise you above your trials your dignity intact your hands

brimming with blessings those who menaced and assailed you will find themselves ens snared in their own traps

I stand as the protector of my children my sword is UN sheathed ready to face those who threaten you I wish for them

to winess your tranquility and confidence astonish them with your boldness your unwavering stride and your

eyes Al light with belief they may shout they may fabricate falsehoods they may

attempt to scare you but you remain unshakable my child click on the join

button to join us as a cherished member of our community I will reinforce your courage

and My Embrace will sustain you you won’t falter you’ll remain remain steadfast Beneath My Wings you’ll find

shelter at all times whether in warmth or chill my affection will forever accompany

you I acknowledge your heart and your faith amid adversity it touches me now

is the moment for you to stand tall to grasp my blessings fully to step out of

Gloom to Cast Away all anguish and to banish any thoughts of Despair or defeat from your mind I

desire that just as I love you you shall love yourself that you shall recognize

the True Value within you that you shall not allow anyone to implant false ideas telling you that you are worthless and

you should believe them enough of this slavery receive my Holy Spirit in all

its fullness I desire to Grant you freedom I wish for your assistance in rescuing

those who currently endure suffering accept my plea receive my forgiveness Embrace in your arms all the

love and peace I offer for I love you deeply and you have always known this

even in the darkest of night your faith has sustained you many early mornings you spent awake pondering Myriad

thoughts yet at dawn you could once again breathe in my Divine Mercy there

might be some who don’t wish you well trying to trouble you again but keep yourself in my presence daily soaking in

my words feasting on the Divine sweetness I offer I’m your God your father your ally your

travel companion I never want you to feel deserted my wish is for you to be

constantly enveloped in peace and reassured by my deep love for you justice is on its way I’ve seen your

trials and the pain you’ve been through your foes took advantage but you remained calm you didn’t seek payback

didn’t get upset or lose your cool you’re aware that I’m in control and I’ll deal directly with those who’ve

wronged you as you embrace my word filled with love and wisdom I’ll keep

fortifying your heart like sunlight spreading across the fields my presence

will brighten your existence your home your workplace you’ll gain more bravery to

make decisions fearlessly shutting the door on false friends and harm from now

on place your trust only in me come and receive this word that I sew in you every morning with faith faith in labor

nurture this garden and you will soon see beautiful plants Gorgeous Flowers

Lush trees sprouting forth everyone will witness the powerful and Supernatural fruits burgeoning in your life no one

will toy with your emotions or deceive you anymore for I am imparting to you my wisdom and spiritual sensitivity so that

you may listen observe and decide intelligently without being swayed by

people’s pressures you will return to my peace PE the attention that surrounded you will fade away and all your enemies

will depart this year I will grant you a time of Joy robust health and vigor but

see it dedicate time to me every day also give quality time and attention to

your family to everyone in your home greet them each morning with a smile do

not go to bed angry with anyone do not judge or yell at anyone I will give you the strength to

seek calmness before make making important decisions do not try to solve problems when you are weary do not bring

work problems home a gentle answer calms anger never respond with harsh words or

react with violence avoid hurting others I long to bless you greatly but I also

yearn for your actions to reflect my power love kindness and Purity every day

I hope no harsh words are spoken in your home even in playful banter pay attention to what you say let your house

be filled with the essence of spiritual and genuine cleanliness like The Waters from a blessed well pure water shouldn’t

be tainted with the contaminant of spiritual pollution may your home be imbued with the scent of peace let the

glow of spiritual Harmony light it up you don’t have to be perfect but strive

towards it there’s nothing at stake make sure that my words fill every corner of

your home let songs of praise and worship reverberate through its walls decorate your home home with simple art

that carries encouraging words if you desire to please me allow me to see that

this holy word is transforming your being and if you are changing your home will be

rebuilt all those you love will feel motivated to open their hearts to me they will finally recognize that I am a

true God not merely a routine to be followed weekly I am your all powerful

holy and genuine God I will show you endless mercy and unleash my fury on

those who aim to Rob and Destroy I hold dear those I love cradling them gently

in my hand those who adore me hearken to my voice dedicating time to grasp and

comprehend my words those who grasp my teachings follow them spread my message and seek

me in solitude and silence their lives transform their character strengthens

and matures you are one of these devoted Souls who love and trust in me and you

won’t surrender to the trials you face today knowing I have been I am and I

will always be by your side I will shield you from malevolent foes and Grant you complete

Triumph I will return what was unjustly taken from you I will enhance the gifts and talents you’ve been deprived of I

will Elevate you clothe you in honor and dignity and Adorn you in New and pure

garments these words will inspire hope hope in you you won’t forget them whether by day or by night you will hear

my voice when you step out of your home and when you lay down to sleep I am with you feel this power you

will receive peace and comfort when you come to seek me and bring me your faith there are so many blessings that I

will give you this year therefore it is better that you prepare yourself trust in my promise for it

shall manifest in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy

Spirit tread the path of belief Harbor no doubts seek my presence with the

first light of dawn and as the sun ascends and bathes you in daylight so too will my glory shine on you casting

light upon your life Darkness will fade away your heart will brim with my truth

your spirit will be imbued with Vigor and doubt will vanish from your mind I

urge you to dedicate yourself to prayer to earnest ly seek me to devote your

time to put aside distractions and commit your thoughts and choices to my

guidance you are confronted with grave challenges and perplexing circumstances there are times you feel uncertain about

your next step thus I reiterate I assert I

decree and I request of you live by faith all things are within reach for

those who trust in me for those who acknowledge my existence and reality for

those who entrust their entirety to my care even amidst numerous trials faced

by those who embrace my love and adhere to my path while the adversary taunts them with Notions of neglect as if I

relish their torment they persist secure in the understanding that my love is

Everlasting and steadfast always have I shielded them in faith my beloved daughter my cherished

son I desire to guide your path to watch over you but I implore you to truly

believe in me I am your life your future your strength and your

Shield have faith that you will receive those Miracles which currently elude your sight you can anticipate what your

eyes cannot behold you may deem your faith is feeble yet that is all I ask of

you and that alone is sufficient to continue receiving Abundant Blessings remember my promises come and heed my

word daily leave your transgressions behind surrender your life to me I know

you believe in me and you will persist in Walking By Faith suddenly when least

expected your heart will leap with joy dreams once thought deceased will be

resurrected and hopes long stored away in the recesses of your soul due to despair will be revived your life will

be imbued with faith a new you come contemplated surrender believed your

breath was failing your conflicts insurmountable Desiring not but an end

to the burden of existence yet today I come to offer you my love and to bestow upon you abundant

gifts great joy and profound blessings prepare your mind and heart

for I foretell that those you deemed lost will return to your life you’ve grown in faith now it’s time to help

those in need get ready for when doors open wide and locks break the barriers

blocking your blessings will be removed everything is possible when you trust my words for with me there are no

limits dear child get ready for the extraordinary future ahead greater than

what you’ve dreamed reconciliation within your family is possible there’s a chance for forgiveness and healing right

at your door my child if you want God’s grace always upon you then please

consider to support our ministry by clicking thanks button offer forgiveness freely don’t

hold back your love I’m ready to bless you with better job opportunities and true wealth people who appreciate and

reward your hard work and talent will come into your life stay true to your

path avoid lies or harmful words speak well of others ignore those who stir

trouble with rumors and lies stay alert to those trying to steal your

blessings I’ve been guiding you for a while now it’s time to elevate to delve

deeper into my teachings and trust me completely don’t rely on money or be

upset over lost possessions or jobs I have something far greater planned for you entrust me with your complete faith

and Surrender Your Heart the time has come to Embark upon a supernatural Journey affirm your love and belief in

me and you shall witness how I touch your life and that of your family with my love and power I love you my child

and I yearn to enter your Abode to orchestrate a magnificent miracle I stand at the threshold beckoning will

you permit me entry to enact something new marvelous potent and Supernatural I

have observed your plight and shall never allow scarcity to befall your home or afflict your family I shall shower

your household with an abundance of blessings for many years you have remained faithful you have prayed fasted

and placed me first in all your deeds and thoughts the time for reaping what you have sown draws near I shall inundate

your Abode with abundance happiness courage and health rest assured in my

word for all that I have promised you I shall fulfill prepare yourself for a

significant change and do not cling to the Past perpetually riddled with worry and

despondency with my blessings come wisdom power and the ability to make

sound decisions to Steward what I bestow upon you so that your blessings May multiply

and become blessings for others be grateful and Trust for I am transforming

your life I am removing your burdens and eradicating the negative sentiments that have taken root in your heart hindering

your progress you are a new creation liberated from depression

loneliness hatred and Envy prepare yourself for I shall open new doors

introduce you to new places and bring abundance to your home I love you fear

not for your life rests in my hands pay no heed to negative news or the slanderous tongues that assail you

disregard the fearmongering of your enemies design to rest control of your life Destiny and heart away from the

divine plan laid out for you when faced with insults and calumnia cling to my love and my word seek my

presence and take time with me to unburden yourself I do not wish for your faith and love for me to waver due to

assaults your heart and thoughts are filled with faith hope strength and

happiness your enemies will be surprised to see your transformation unable to confuse or

attack you they’ll see that you’ve chosen my word over their harsh words the troubles that hurt you are gone the

worries that tested your faith have disappeared today open your eyes to a

new day filled with peace and joy accept it and believe even if you can’t see it

right now you can feel it you’ve changed I am blessing you with my divine

presence surrounding you with my love and care you are not weak you’re strong

you are not a failure you are successful you’re not beaten you’ve risen with my

strength and you are a winner tell me with all your heart that you trust in me

I want to reassure you that you’re not alone yesterday you cried over the unexpected hardships that came your way

things didn’t go as planned you felt abandoned by those you thought cared for you they left you when you needed them

the most I see your sorrow and I understand but I’m here to tell you that

your tears your lament have reached the heavens even my holy Throne where your future is

decided where all ailments are healed where your problems are resolved and

where I can console you in your distress you are not forsaken I have not

abandoned you though those in whom you trusted have departed I remain by your

side loving you more each day and it will always be so you must live with

confidence that I am willing to listen and through the power of My Blood you can directly access my heavenly

throne here with me you can bring your petitions and I’m ready to listen to you

with patience and love like a true friend I do not ask you to cease weeping

it is better that You Weep and relieve your soul of all that ails it so that I may fill you with my peace but I need to

warn you about something after your tears there will be joy and immense happiness because it’s time for me to

bless you you you’re ready to appreciate what I’m giving you all you’ve gone through is preparation for this moment

you’ve long awaited now is when the heavens open up to pour out great blessings upon you in The Quiet Moments

may you feel my peace and remember it doesn’t matter if others leave you because I am here to hold and

comfort your soul every day you’re getting stronger knowing me better

seeking my presence and my words this shows me your faithfulness wisdom and

understanding when you close your eyes today and think over my words again you’ll feel my loving Embrace healing

you you realize you’re not alone my presence fills your heart with joy and clears the way for your

Triumph I’m about to unlock the door to a marvelous blessing but hear me out to

the end hold back your doubts you have fought so hard and your struggle is not

in vain the reward for your faith in suffering is near I know well all you

have endured I know your heart you seek neither Pride nor false riches neither

Fame nor popularity your struggle is genuine you only desire the provision necessary to

support your family to overcome difficulties to Aid those you love I

wish to bestow blessings upon you it’s my intent I plan to unlock Heaven’s floodgates showering you with genuine

blessings until you’re brimming with what you require ultimately freeing you from burdens and bestowing you with

Tranquility if you trust in my word I ask you to act stand up with

determination and persist in your endeavors take your rest as needed but

then rise a new work hard and boldly infused with the zest your soul can gather move forward without grumbling or

sadness with vitality and joy even when things don’t go as planned or when some

aim to bring you down maintain your course even on tough days

show bravery in the face of adversaries greet them with a smile

handle them with patience offer them water if they’re thirsty help them if they’re in need be cautious employ your

wisdom keep your personal matters and vulnerabilities hidden don’t hand them the means to betray and harm you display

kindness yet also demonstrate the strength and wisdom you’ve gleaned from me

avoid the malevolent keep your strategies confidential refrain from engaging in or

spreading gossip your foes will grow frustrated upon realizing they cannot divert you

from your path our plan is ongoing you will keep moving forward with faith

vitality and perseverance until I deem it complete and then you’ll grasp so

much more you’ll find yourself before a grand door and Beyond it lie incredible blessings affirm your belief in me and

commit to this pact enter my presence daily and embark on this plan now my

precious child you are very brave rise with faith because you will Triumph you

have already thanked me today for another day of life what are you waiting for it costs you nothing to open your

lips and express your gratitude in your own words I know your needs before you speak them just trust in me and spend a

time of Tranquility find a moment of silence and P under all the things for which you can be grateful today your life your family

your health the air you breathe the bread on your table that the roof over

your head my Supernatural protection around your home those Warrior Angels

who camp and stand guard watching over your dreams and ready to enter into

battle there are so many reasons to feel blessed so many beautiful reasons to cling to life Ponder them daily so that

your mind is filled with with good thoughts so that your eyes are always open seeing my goodness in your paths

feeling secure knowing that I hold your destiny in my hand I dwell within a

grateful heart that acknowledges its need for me seeking me with Faith and Hope because it knows it is greatly

blessed sometimes I see you troubled by the occurrences but that is normal do

not fret excessively you feel the weight of your responsibility it is your desire that

all unfold favorably that there be provision in your Abode Health in your

family and that nothing and no one come to snatch away the peace and stability that they

require yet there are tough days when you lose sight of your thankfulness and the enemy sneaks in injecting your mind

with negative thoughts escalating worries into fear wrapping you in

falsehoods turning fear into Terror distress and hopelessness I observe and

await your call to action your hands lifted High declaring those powerful

words that will send the enemy running Express gratitude for your existence

your family your well-being for all you embody and possess your genuine faith

and a Heart full of thanks act as your armor sustaining you in testing

times when you walk through the furnace of hardship know that I am with you

beside you each Dawn eager for you to wake I yearn to hear your day’s first

utterances born from a soul deep in gratitude proclaiming thank you Lord for this new

day there are blessings in heaven specifically with your name on them I have my reasons for everything trust me

with all your heart in heaven and on Earth many situations are aligning in

your favor I have given the unbreakable order for you to receive abundant

provision freedom from debts Supernatural wisdom blessings prepared

especially for your family and for you the Divine inheritance that is rightfully yours you’re not a product of

chance I loved you before I formed you I have prepared many beautiful things for

you this is foremost the greatest blessing my eternal love I loved you

when you were dist I continued to love you when you returned to me and if you think that

because you sometimes falter I become angry and turn away from you you’re

mistaken your mistakes do not frighten me I will not discard you for your sins

you always come to me full of pain repentant speaking to me

truthfully I know you love me and if you do something wrong I understand your

heart and your reasons I love your sincerity no one can deceive me others

put on a mask of perfection and Holiness coming into my presence to accuse those who are not like them or do not believe

as they do but you are not like them criticizing everyone and thinking highly

of themselves your spirit is peaceful your attitude is kind your thoughts are

pure and when you fall you will rise with confidence and faith never allow

any mortal to point fingers at you no one in this world has the right to do so so if you keep this faith-filled

attitude if you come to me every day with a humble heart eager to hear and learn from me I’ll answer your

dedication with Abundant Blessings I understand that material wealth isn’t what you’re after you’re

seeking blessings and protection for your loved ones and this I promise to provide along with much

more I’ll get you ready for when the doors swing open don’t hesitate to step

through Miracles are unfolding in the Unseen realm even as you listen new

faces and opportunities are approaching bringing challenges that with your steadfast faith and patience will morph

into blessings into peace for your household and into provision you already

possess the greatest gift my true love confirm that you trust me Rest In My

Embrace I have your life in my hands there’s no need to be afraid I’m your

Shield constantly Vigilant by your side with each New Dawn and I wish for you to

sense my nearness every morning as you awake let nothing else distract you in these first moments of the day seek my

voice listen to what my spirit is imparting to you I am telling you that I

have everything under control and you must believe me do not fear adversity

with me by your side nothing and no one can harm you and many of the problems

that concern you today will be resolved faster than you expect Ed at the right moment all the answers

you seek will come to you while you pray I’m Paving your

path I’m writing your story nothing escapes my wisdom and my will those

blessings you pray for I’m opening that door I am increasing your faith I am

here to lift you up and guide you into a new life A New Beginning where everything will be different do not

worry about what people think of you hold your head up high and live your life with faith and

dignity my child like the video now the envious people will always be speaking

ill but only what I think of you should matter I think you are wonderful with a

pure and sincere heart keep my words in your mind and when people attack you

come and take refuge in my love I was by your side through all the battles you faced I know of every fall every defeat

every Victory and all your difficulties it’s time to win to lift

your life higher move past old struggles and embrace a new chapter of Victory and

Fresh Starts Now is when I change your life starting a new narrative for you let me

lead you down a fresh path filled with blessings and wisdom I offer you my love and peace to calm your heart and

mind if you’re willing I’ll unlock the heavens showering you with blessings I’ll

inscribe my words in your heart ensuring your steps are steady never veering from

this enveloping love and I forgive your errors you’re human and can

stumble but I am a god of compassion I accept your sincere regret

and will lift you from your lowest points my blessings surpass any Earthly wealth what I have for you is more

precious than all worldly possessions when I say I’ll open the heavens for you

embrace my promise with faith and affirm I Trust You Lord take my words seriously

for this is no mere game my love for you is not hidden the affection I hold for

you is no mystery step outside and gaze upon the sky feel the air you breathe

and bask in the Gentle Touch of the sunlight these are gifts I send your way this is my way of expressing my love to

you and here I stand I have watched over you countless times

rescued you from the very jaws of death saved you as you walked in darkness and error you started this year full of

excitement and hope for many good things now facing challenges and difficulties

don’t give up don’t stop your journey here keep moving forward your dreams are

important and valuable to me they will be realized I have given you a purpose to fulfill I aim to show my love and

Power through you filling you daily with my Holy Spirit your spiritual awareness

is evolving you’ll soon understand things more profoundly I’ll provide you with great wisdom you’ll become sharper

and in extraordinary ways you’ll impact many lives and assist them demonstrate

my word by how you live others will see the results of your faith in your life and what someone who knows and trusts in

my power can achieve open your hands great blessings are coming your way be

diligent receive them with faith the heavens are opening in your favor at this very moment but I ask that you

never stray from me tell me that you love me and believe in me until the end

that you will remain faithful to me forget all these things that trouble you surrender everything to

me I’ll take away your fears and worries envelop you in my love and demonstrate

the incredible things I can do in your life through my power today marks a new beginning you’ll notice transformations

in your surroundings significant shifts in your life your

family and how people behave you’ll see the difference as people begin to smile

their hearts touched by my profound presence that lives within you they will sense my presence and you’ll witness the

amazement on their faces as they encounter kindness and happiness today

I’m endowing you with abundant wisdom and Readiness to turn your deepest desires into reality I understand your yearning for

happiness that’s why I’m sharing this with you and it’s crucial you trust in my words I’m mindful of your emotions

and everything you experience my protection is yours so you won’t be harmed anymore so your character remains

strong so you know how to uphold your dignity so you stand up with Vigor ensuring no one brings you

down change how you present yourself wear a smile come to me in prayer daily

and have faith that I will assist you in every aspect Embrace with joy the love I’m bestowing upon you when you praise

and worship me you are enveloped by my presence your worries disappear and

you’re filled with my spirit even amidst troubles celebrate and be joyful smile

and sing praises pray and worship raising your hands to me if someone asks

why you’re rejoicing say it’s because God is with you some might not

understand but don’t let let that bother you my powerful forces will back you up in every fight as you surrender bow down

and commit your heart to me letting go of all that blocks you and fully trusting in my Mercy you long for

transformation I am ready to renew your heart and soon you’ll witness how I drape you in my love I embrace God’s

word wholeheartedly and pledge to listen to these messages daily and share them across my social platforms for the

benefit of my family community and Country I am a warrior for God spreading

his word of blessing is my mission no force on Earth can stop my blessings on you neither rulers nor authorities can

obstruct my favor for I will lavish Grace and blessings upon your life so

today open your arms and accept these words for a shower of blessings descends

upon you guiding you on Paths of wealth and Triumph through Realms of peace and

where Joy is your constant Ally each step you take will be under my immense love and Heavenly protection do not

doubt these words for they are faithful and true they are promises that reveal my purpose to bless you in astonishing

ways ways that surpass any obstacle and adversity even the most difficult

circumstance so Forge ahead with faith and courage for from today your life

will never be the same your sadness is over no more pain or suffering

today is a new day where I will fulfill in you every one of my promises granting you all that you have ever longed for I

will bless you with success and victory placing you in a position of leadership not

subservience these blessings are a part of my favorable and Flawless plan for you Embrace these words with happiness

for they Mark just the beginning of the wonderful experiences you’ll have in me for You Are Meant To Succeed trust in me

and you will reach your OB objectives your aspirations and dreams will become reality and your deepest yearnings will

be satisfied no force on Earth can hinder these promises not the schemes of the

wicked nor the defamation or rumors spread by those with harmful intentions nothing will hold you back

because I am on your side aiding you in accomplishing your endeavors and no one can thwart my plans

to bless you profoundly I wish for you to understand that I will not only increase your

material wealth but also enrich you with love patience and wisdom I will pour out

my grace on your interactions with others thus when you encounter obstacles or professional challenges you will

discover opportunities to evolve to acquire knowledge and to demonstrate my

glory to the Skeptics I will instill in you a rejuvenated Spirit you won’t have to

live in worry or anxiety anymore I will will restore everything that the adversary in this world has

attempted to take from you for all the gifts and blessings that are in the spiritual realm are yours they already

belong to you so rise and move forward do not stop take secure and firm steps

on your path to success and prosperity remember that I will be with you holding

you in my hands and I will never let you go so Advance without fainting cast away

from your mind doubt and fear move forward with the certainty that I bless you and prosper you on this beautiful

day my beloved Son my cherished daughter I entrust to you my promises of love and

blessing that you may cherish them in your heart as a precious treasure place your trust in my

faithfulness and in my care for you have confidence that in me you will find the strength and wisdom to confront any

challenge that may cross your path do not fear for the future nor be distressed by the unknown for I have

plans of goodness for you plans that will grant you hope and a future brimming with blessings trust in my

purpose and in the beautiful blessings I will pour into your life all that you require will be

abundantly provided for I am a generous and faithful God a father who

unfailingly fulfills his promises today I encourage you to move forward

with bravery and determination walk steadily and with courage knowing knowing that my light guides your way

and my love supports you constantly stay strong in your journey of belief cling to my teachings and be

confident that everything will turn out fine when you seek to hear my voice you’ll find it in my written word read

it with faith and affection embed it in your mind cherish it in your heart and

believe in it wholeheartedly my child type Amen in the comment box follow it Faithfully and

your heart will be filled with joy your spirit uplifted as they imbue you with

the faith and Assurance you need to accomplish your goals from now on may your life be

richly blessed may my provision nourish you my love lead you and my teachings

feed your soul let this message heal and fortify you with my affection may my

peace which exceeds all understanding fill your heart and reassure you that I am always with you

embrace my words and walk knowing that my blessing is with you at all times for it is my wish to see you thrive and

prosper from this day forward forever I have a perfect plan for you

believe and you will soon experience great promises fulfilled in your life I know that at times you have felt

disheartened and hopeless having to endure failures and losses wondering if all your efforts have been in vain but

today I want to tell you that things are not not as you perceive them to be every struggle and every sacrifice you have

made has not gone unnoticed by me all that you do is taken into account even

the hard and toilsome work you undertake to achieve your dreams I want you to understand that the

efforts you’ve made and the persistence you’ve shown will soon bear fruit your dedication witnessed in the tears you’ve

shed before me has not gone unnoticed even in the toughest times you’ve kept your faith in me showing

bravery amidst vulnerability my wish is to see you flourish to turn you into fertile ground

that produces plentiful Harvest enriching not just your life but also those around you you might find it hard

to believe what I’m saying now but it’s a change I’m gradually implementing in your life just trust in me rely on the

plan and wisdom I have for you I promise that the outcomes you’ve been waiting for are on their

way don’t get hung up on the specifics or your current situation just maintain

your trust in me believe in the Flawless plan I have designed for you and even

though things might look challenging now you’ll soon witness a breakthrough I know that sometimes you

may feel alone but I want you to know that you are not I am here with you and will always be I want you to feel my

love my presence and my protection at all times I want you to trust that I’m in

control of your life and that everything that happens is within my perfect plan for you please do not Retreat keep

moving forward I want to bless you abundantly I want to give you the peace

joy and happiness you crave I want to Grant your deepest dreams and

desires I want you to feel my love and care at all times when you feel like you can’t go on anymore when you think the

burden is too heavy and fear and doubt overwhelm you cling to my arms I will

strengthen you and give you wisdom to face any adversity never forget that my love for you is greater than any fear

remember that my light shines within you illuminating your path and dispelling the Darkness that seeks to Cloud your

vision so trust that light will lead you to places of peace and abundance where my blessings will flow

over you granting you rest renewal and strength to continue on your

journey even when life storms try to shake you and obstacles appear too big to overcome believe that I am your shelter

and Solid Ground where you can find support in my presence there’s Solace

tranquility and a chance to renew yourself you’re never fighting alone I

Am with You defending and empowering you with my boundless strength stand firm in

faith and look up to the skies seek my presence there you’ll find the solutions

you’re searching for the peace you Craig Brave and the fortitude to continue my love offers you the comfort

that soothes your uneasy heart and the confidence that everything will turn out fine for with me by your side nothing is

impossible so press on confront the challenges ahead because each hurdle is

a chance to grow gain knowledge of and become more resilient believe that every

difficulty is a chance to thrive and succeed in every aspect of your life remember that I have a perfect plan for

you a unique purpose know that my ways are higher than your ways and my

thoughts higher than your thoughts trust that everything that happens has a Divine Purpose and in the

end you will see the beauty and Perfection of my plan for your life do not be discouraged by trials and

tribulations keep pressing forward even when the path seems difficult and Without End remember that I am the way

the truth and the life in me you will find the guidance the comfort and the

hope you need to continue on with courage and determination Advance Journey to the realm where peace

and prosperity shall reign in your life progress forth and never forget that you are

cherished valuable and worthy of all the goodness life has to offer do not

depreciate nor underestimate yourself continue onward for within you Shines My

my light the light that shall reveal New Horizons and fulfill your deepest

aspirations today I give you my peace to surround you my love to hold you up and

my presence to be with you at every step of your life have faith in me and in

yourself and you will soon see your life blossom into a splendid creation filled with light love and blessings you are

never alone you are cherished and important to me deserving of everything that’s good pure and full of blessing in

the midst of everything happening around you know that I am here with you even if

it feels like you’re on your own neglected or not heard remember I’m

always at your side I’m your heavenly father always ready to hear you and help

you with anything you need my love for you is endless and unconditional

regardless of your past actions or what the future may hold my love for you remains unwavering you

are my beloved daughter and I am proud of you you may not always feel the love

of which I speak but my love for you is not something you have to feel it is

something you have to know and believe in your heart for even when things do not go as you planned it does not mean

that I’m not with you or that I have ceased to love you challenges hardships

tests and even life storms may come your way but but my love for you is

constant and I am always looking for ways to save you from any trouble you might be feeling unsure and

questioning the plan I have for your life right now but remember I will forever be by your side in moments of

doubt and turmoil When Storms brew and fear seems to obscure your way I will be

right there guiding you towards achieving your goals and realizing your true purpose know that at the tunnel’s

end there’s always a beam of Hope waiting for for you don’t be skeptical

my child trust in the words I give you today for there’s always an answer for

every problem and an escape from every predicament so don’t fret about what’s ahead or feel overwhelmed by the hurdles

you might encounter each barrier is a chance to grow and to unearth the strength you possess

inside trust in the capacity I have placed within you to overcome any adversity leading you to victory do not

worry anymore my daughter for regardless of what tomorrow

holds you can be sure that I will be there with you placing Grace in the midst of your journey and favor before

men blessings shall pursue you my grace shall be upon you you only need to trust

in me I will be your rock your refuge and your strength in times of

tribulation I will be with you protecting you and guiding you along the

right path remember that I will always be by your side to help you achieve your goals

and your most cherished dreams beloved do not forget that in me you have a purpose in life you are a

unique and special person I have given you abilities

gifts and talents for you to use and make this world a better place so do not be discouraged if you

face obstacles along the way fight courageously using your faith for that is how you will overcome

challenges and emerge Victorious from every difficulty I only ask that you keep this message in your heart and

believe in it with all your might always trust in my love and the words I share with you

today step forward with belief and certainty knowing that my love for you

is endless and will bring wonderful things to pass in your life so continue on your journey my child with hope and

expectation in your heart proceed with the knowledge that my sole desire is to bless and enrich every

aspect of your life I want you to be confident that my promises will come true for you and that I will always be

there to support you in achieving your dreams and aspirations my child type yes if you

agree with me understand that life’s hurdles trials and tribulations not only make you

stronger but also Prime you for future challenges that will draw you nearer to your Divine Destiny so tackle them with

bravery and resolve olve do not be intimidated by hardships for they are merely steps on the path to where you

are meant to be today I encourage you to keep moving forward stand firm and shine

brightly upon this Gloomy World shine and bear witness to my love through your

actions inspiring others to follow the light of my love for with that same

light I will be by your side offering you my unconditional love and guiding

you toward a future filled with blessings and accomplishments may my love envelop you

today May my light guide you and may my peace accompany you in every step you

take do not forget that you are loved you are valuable and worthy of all the

good that life offers you trust in me in the potential and strength I have placed

within you I will always be here for you ready and willing to bless you guiding

you toward the fullness and happiness you deserve amen you will have a day full of promises and

blessings my hand will touch your home today like every day I want to remind

you that you are not alone my presence is with you in every step you take the experiences you will live today Are Not

Mere coincidences but part of my plan designed for you every moment whether

it’s filled with ease or challenges is crafted with love and kindness to enrich Your

Existence I’ve designed these experiences to mold your character and push you forward demonstrating the

extent of my love for you today no matter what comes your way you’ll live a

remarkable day brimming with blessings and new chances my favor will envelop you

unveiling paths that will lead to personal growth and Triumph I’ll provide the strength and insight you need to

make smart choices and pursue your deepest aspirations stay alert for these chances they are not mere

coincidences they are expressions of my boundless love and benevolence meant to fortify you and elevate your journey in

life I know it may not be easy to face these situations and it will demand much

willpower and perseverance to confront today’s challenges but I ask you to trust in me for every step you take

today will be marked by my grace and favor there will be no challenge trial

or obstacle that you cannot overcome remember that I’ve instilled in you the strength and wisdom to do so so

trust in me trust that everything that happens today is part of that plan for

my desire is to bless you and to make you a prosperous and successful individual I know there will be moments

when it seems like everything is against you and things are not going as you expected however it is in those moments

that you must remember that I am with you no matter how difficult your situation may seem I will not forsake

you but will do great and marvelous things in your life life things you have never dreamed of therefore do not let

fear take hold of you limiting your capabilities for on this day I have

grand plans prepared for you no matter how modest or immense your dreams may be

I’m here to help you achieve them so trust in my unconditional love because

amidst the uncertainty I will be working in your favor to give you a future full of

achievements peace and abundance do not be discouraged by

temporary challenges for they are merely steps towards the Wonders I have reserved for you always remember that

each moment in your life is a piece of the puzzle I’ve designed for you every obstacle every stumble and every bit of

discomfort is a chance for you to grow and evolve into the person you’re meant to be don’t lose heart over hurdles or feel

down about unmet goals for each as a chance to grow a moment for you to uncover your true strength every win

every smile and every blessing is a sign of my deep love for you they show my

ongoing support and my wish for your success my child Embrace this

day knowing you’re more resilient than you think endowed with untapped

potential you have a unique and extraordinary ability that marks your path in life so press on don’t hesitate

to step out in faith remember your you’re equipped with talents skills and

determination that Empower you to meet any challenge headon today be vigilant about the Small Things stay focused and

observe carefully listen with all your heart and keep your thoughts clear for today is filled with blessings and

you’ll see your courage and resolve shining through as you accomplish your goals I assure you today you’ll achieve

wonderful things New Paths will open an es will present themselves and

you’ll have the Vigor to seize them place your trust in me and witness how today turns into an exceptional day

brimming with success and blessings that draw you ever closer to your ultimate purpose bear in mind that at every point

in your life through every Challenge and victory I am with you I am your

unshakable foundation your secure Haven the Lord who will enrich you and meet

all your needs experience this day with joy Jo cherish moments that fill your soul with

thankfulness and embrace surprises that feed your innermost aspirations proceed with the knowledge

that today will be a remarkable day abundant in Opportunities and blessings amen my dear child put your

faith in me and the plans I have for your life you’re stronger than you think and many successes are On Your

Horizon incredible blessings are on their way when you fully commit to what I want for you you’ll be surprised by

the Wonders I can do through you I’m by your side guiding each of your steps

with kindness and insight you can’t fix everything in your life all at once but

I have the power to change the whole world and rearrange things for your benefit don’t worry about what’s ahead

or lose sleep over it future events shouldn’t cause you anxiety seek peace from me and I give

you calmness so stay peaceful when facing difficulties when urgent issues

arise remember what to do I’ve given you my peace now trust in my kindness lift your

hands to the sky and with deep faith in you say thank you my God for being so

reliable I want to hear those trusting words my angels feel Joy and worship when they hear your praise the Heavenly

hosts sing glory to God Almighty and all creation stand still everything in

existence knows I’ll reach out my hand and as a caring father I’ll answer your

prayers with Miracles and wonders I will work Marvels in your life because of your thankfulness and

adoration you can freely enter where I am present your heartfelt praise is the key come closer and I will fill you with

my spirit you’ll be empowered I’ll enhance your spiritual insight and gift you abundantly when it feels like you’re

drowning in problems and can’t find the light because of the heavy burdens realize you’re being rooted not

buried I’m cutting away the dead branches that block your growth new Roots will emerge I’ve planted you in

rich soil to thrive and prosper my love for you is vast and everlasting you have

tremendous strength inside you capable of surpassing your wildest dreams you’re

imbued with my Holy Spirit and loved beyond your understanding to reach your dreams and Rise High you must let go of

burdens free yourself from constraints that block your path don’t hold on to

material things or human accolades they’re not truly significant no one in this world can dictate your life your

joy isn’t tied to possessions certainly you need material things and money to help others but

remember what I’ve told you don’t worry too much put me first give me your heart and soul focus on your family pray and

work hard and honestly treat everyone kindly and with respect I’ll make sure you have

everything you need and you won’t have to be sad stressed

worried or afraid you’ll do well better than you can

imagine but listen to what I’m saying stay focused don’t get sidetracked and don’t

spend your energy and time on things that wear you out I want you to be ready alert

well trained and prepared I’m getting you ready through this important message get up from any

loss or failure they’re just part of your journey stop looking back and focus on

what you can do from now on what feels like a huge storm in your life now will seem like just a light wind later keep

going with faith and you’ll see the beauty and hope in every new start I’ll

always be there for you loving you guiding you at every step trust in me in

my power in the dreams I’ve put in your heart and in the abilities and Gifts

I’ve given you show kindness and respect to your family and those who stand by you I’ve arranged for your Prosperity

not for selfish gains but so you can be a blessing to others in your moments of need I’ll be

like water in a dry land those who seek me will be drawn to you

Embrace this Divine affection with happiness with this love you’ll be able to overcome any obstacle you

encounter now with affection say I welcome your love dear

God you’ve asked for my guidance you wish to be reassured that you’re on the correct path today I’m here to share my

intentions and plans for you but first cleanse your heart of any negativity I

forgive you for feeling isolated I’ve always been with you steer clear of those who feel alone and refuse to trust

in my promises I vowed to be everpresent if they choose

disbelief don’t let their doubt affect you hear me again I’m with you trust and

perceive I’m your father sense and acknowledge I’ve never abandoned you

consider and Ponder you’ve faced some really tough days some really hard times

now it’s filled with struggle but think about it when did you ever truly lose

look in the mirror touch your face feel your heartbeat you’re still

here strong in spirit free to make your own choices and think your own thoughts

if you’re missing something material remember it doesn’t change the fact that I love you deeply I’ve always

been with you I’m with you now and I’ll always be there my promise is are

steadfast and deep inside you know this I love you so much remember on that

cross when I said it is finished it was the ultimate Act of love forever

remembered through time this love which is unshakable not something anyone can take

from you understood by only a few is yours to hold on to through any storm my

plans for you are filled with love consistent through true time I’ve always loved you I love you now and I will

never stop loving you trust in this find comfort in my presence Let Me ease your

burdens you’ve kept your faith strong now continue to trust in my words stay

close to me I’m right here with you never leaving your side don’t be afraid

I cherish you don’t lose hope I am your support always timely always perfect

Trust trusting in me will bring you incredible blessings and joy you’re stepping into a time of happiness and

celebration greetings today I am here to assure you that I am with you watching over and

protecting you and yours I have decreed your comings and goings ensuring nothing

disrupts your path I understand your concerns and I know you are right you are human and

your adversaries are formidable yet this loving and faithful God residing in your heart is even

mightier bring your burdens to me lay them down before me and watch as I

transform your concerns into magnificent blessings through my promises and strength remember what I’ve always told

you I was with you I am with you and I will always be with you you will never

be abandoned be courageous know that you possess great bravery use all the gifts and tools I

have given you to overcome the challenges in your life you will be victorious in your struggles

overcoming hurdles defeating adversaries and banishing every harmful spirit that

tries to invade your home with sin and negativity stand firm and Proclaim my

teachings break the chains that bind your loved ones this is the reason for your faith to stand against unseen

spiritual foes they are afraid of me and will scatter when they see your bold and confident Faith however if you show Fear

if you lament over your circumstances if you become upset with me during hard times or when blessings

are delayed harmful spirits will take advantage of this and attack you when you are most

vulnerable but do not be afraid protect your heart immerse yourself in my word

and hold fast to your faith no matter what stay steadfast in your belief avoid

doubt and complaints do not speak negatively about this Divine love that holds you so

dearly and wants the best for you even when you feel weak or if you’ve stumbled

cling to your faith because my forgiveness is available to you when you come back to me turning away from

sin no enemy can overpower you when you are under my protective care listen

closely Gras my words and learn from them I am your God your

Redeemer the one who forgives your mistakes and purifies your heart I have overcome those who accuse you res

rescued you from Despair and I am real as you’ve experienced when you kneel and

talk to me extraordinary things happen I will support you through the toughest

times and even when storms rage and strike you hard you will find refuge in

my affection safe from Harm’s reach you won’t be trapped in sadness if

you’re feeling overwhelmed now if fighting seems pointless hold on to me

tightly ignore the criticisms and attacks from others keep holding on to me and don’t let go

nor be swayed by fear in the entire universe there’s no love deeper than mine for you nor is

there anyone else who can save and free you from the repercussions of your wrongdoings the harsh and unjust

criticisms of so-called friends or the shame imposed On You by family members

today they try to knock you down but I’ll lift you up right in the middle of your family the time is coming when

they’ll see the truth regret their actions and cry over the hurt they’ve caused you you’ll forgive them just like

I forgive but you won’t let them close enough to break your heart again give your heart to me instead I’ll protect it

and keep it safe this is your day to Stand Tall look ahead with hope because I’ve got many blessings in store for you

and your loved ones but I need you to commit to me seek me follow my commands

and let me guide your life I want to use your voice to spread my message your hands to heal and free

those who are suffering your faith allows me to do amazing things in your life I trust you

and you can trust in being in my presence ask for anything that’s good

pure and uplifting and I’ll give it to you picture a book where I’m writing

about us today renewing our promise to each other that you choose to serve and believe in me I love you

and I will do incredible things through you backed by my sacrifice and coming back to life now it’s your turn to agree

with dedication and love remember this you will overcome and succeed in this

life with your humility and Faith despite any challenges I’m your God

you’re my warrior you serve me with a whole heart and I will not fail you do

not let your guard down stay alert I will help you but your mind and soul must be ready and

awake you have told me that you feel there is no rest for you but you must trust and come into my presence when you

are troubled I will help you find rest do not let your distress take away your

faith or your peace the enemy does not rest seeking to make you fall setting

traps to rob you of your courage and make you give up your faith this has always been the case but

I watch over you and protect you from the enemy’s attacks even when you sleep sometimes you may feel that cruel

and violent struggle but you have also gone through great battles without even realizing it I fight for you in the

Heavenly Realms confronting evil spirits and I will not allow them to reach you

when they try to harm you you are highly privileged and blessed you have a great advantage over

those who seek to wage war against you because you have me I am your Heavenly Father all powerful and Invincible do

not see problems as greater or stronger than me do not let difficulties corner you and choke you do not fear when you

hear their shouts or threats you don’t need to be flawed or have never AED for me to love and Safeguard you your family

and your residents adversaries May rush to topple you with deceit and vain chatter with

elcer dilemas and unfounded claims I will guard you against their harsh onslaughts and navigate you to emerge

triumphantly from these trials avoid fixating on past errors what you lack or your

vulnerabilities my promise to you is that my victory is also yours you will soon receive from me the recompense for

your endurance the Accolade for your bravery the award for your resolve to

Prevail the Crown of Life and numerous blessings you must Embrace and Trust in

Proclaim with your voice and in your heart your Readiness to accept them if I stood by you in the past rest assured I

stand by you now I’ve accompanied you through both challenging and joyful times in periods of delight and hardship

I haven’t cast you aside I haven’t overlooked you stand Resolute when your faith seems to wne boldly voice the

promises I’ve bestowed upon you my dear child as you embark on this journey of

faith and trust in me I want you to understand the depth of my love for you and the intricacies of my plans for your

life you are not alone in this endeavor I am with you every step of the way

guiding you protecting you and showering you with my boundless Grace and

blessings as you navigate through life’s challenges and uncertainties remember to put your faith in me and the plans I

have meticulously crafted for your well-being though the path ahead may seem daunting at times know that you

possess within you a reservoir of strength and resilience that can weather any storm trust in this inner strength

and you will find the courage to overcome every obstacle that stands in your way I understand that the road to

success may not always be smooth and setbacks may occur along the way but do

not be discouraged by temporary failures or disappointments for they are mere detours on the journey toward your

ultimate Destiny instead view them as opportunities for growth and learning

for with each setback comes the chance to emerge stronger and more determined than ever before in moments of doubt and

uncertainty when the weight of the world seems too heavy to Bear turn to me for Solace and

guidance seek refuge in my love and find comfort in the knowledge that I am always by your side ready to lift you up

and carry you through even the darkest of times do not allow fear or anxiety to Cloud your judgment or dim the light of

hope that burns within you instead cast your worries upon me and trust in my

unfailing love to see you through for I am the one who holds the future in my hands and I will lead you safely through

the trials and tribulations that lie ahead Embrace each new day with a heart full of gratitude and a spirit of

determination know that with each Sunrise comes the promise of new beginnings and fresh opportunities to

fulfill your purpose and realize your dreams so my dear child continue to walk

boldly along the path that I have set before for you keep your faith strong

your heart open and your eyes fixed on the horizon of possibility that stretches out before

you for in me you will find the strength the courage and the guidance you need to

navigate life’s journey with Grace and confidence my dear child inform those

troubling you that I am with you every day until the end of time rely on me

hold fast to my Mercy do not dwell on doubts about whether you deserve such

blessings if you will believe me accept this blessing I give you when you

receive it it will multiply into great gifts and beautiful presents in the end

you will have what you need to bless your family and share with the needy but you must use your faith and

come to receive these Blessings Now do not doubt anymore do not walk

backward do not hide from my presence in the Darkness I am speaking to you because I want you

to come and I want to answer your prayer to remove from you and your family every curse and sickness I am not seeking to

take something away from you but if I do it is because I will give you even better things you are entering an

important and decisive moment you have changed so much you are not the same as yesterday you are ready you will make

decisions with confidence do not seek opinions from those who only think negatively do not try to please

anyone many do not want you to be blessed and when you go to inform them of the steps you will take they will try

to discourage you and make you return to where you came from defeated and Fallen but it will not be so because I

am with you you will walk without stopping and when the time comes for the

doors to open you will use your faith and I will enter with you they will hear

of the challenges that overwhelm you I will will place extraordinary blessings in your grasp yet I ask you to Steward

them carefully utilize these blessings wisely allowing them to grow and lay the

groundwork for even greater BS in due time you and your family will strive toward a brighter future in Homeland

motivate your children instruct them in diverse Fields with their gifts and

intellect they have the potential to transform families and even Nations within your home the leaders and

champions of tomorrow are maturing before my return they will serve as vessels for my word achieving Grand

Feats but this will only come to pass if you honor me in your dwelling visible to your

Offspring let your actions and demeanor bear witness to your faith do not resign

yourself to a quick temper as though it’s an unchangeable part of who you are in my eyes nothing is beyond

transformation I can soften the hardest Hearts those who once communicated in

anger will soon Express joy and laughter like that of children upon the mouths of

those who spoke against me I will place refining fire and they will utter only

kindness words as sweet as honey thus I can change you so that your family sees

that my power is real even though the world attacks them because of their faith even though they say I do not

exist and that I cannot do anything for you believe me now that my glory will be manifested in your home

your neighbors will see my Radiance at night and angels will shine on every corner of your

house people will be amazed by the Supernatural and miraculous things that happen in your home many will come and

you will lay your hands on them in response to your prayer I myself will

heal the sick fix their problems and heal their wounds a wonderful spiritual Revival is

beginning in your family you are in the the last days and many announc them wanting to know the

mysteries of my coming but in their hearts they do not seek me I will only

reveal my love to those who believe in me sincerely and with Integrity who do not fear to give me their soul carry my

word and give their lives for this message and out of love for others this is the powerful word that I am sewing in

you pay close attention to where you’re hearing this message and remember this day and time stand up straight and look

far into the Horizon I plan to use your life to spread my glory to distant places to

lands you’ve never visited where you’ll hear unfamiliar languages yet I will be with you and my

holy spirit will work through both your family and you a spiritual awakening is starting within you today you’re going

to experience a change in your life a positive shift in your finances and an

increase in love within your heart I’m aware of your struggles your hard work

and your feelings of hopelessness your plight moves me so profoundly that my own tears mingle with

yours remember I also endured suffering for you and Spilled my blood on the cross so

you could live fully and joyfully you’re carrying a burden of guilt you don’t need to Bear your heart is pure and

straightforward don’t make life harder for yourself you’re not the ca of all your

troubles you’ve merely tried to do what’s right you’ve made promises but others have asked too much

of you you’re facing great pressure and those who make demands on you lack

compassion cease blaming yourself cease feeling bad if you cannot fulfill their

expectations take time in my presence and leave those Scoundrels to me pray and do not lose heart I will provide for

your needs do not promise anything to anyone nor involve yourself in debts I

will help you resist the temptation and need to please people and say yes to all for that is why some take advantage of

you do not accept the punishments imposed by others I do not judge you I have forgiven you so why continue to

suffer for what others invent to humiliate you there is no condemnation for those who have made a place for me

in their hearts for those who repent from their wrong paths abandon old vices

and distance themselves forever from bad influences and false false friends I present to you A life filled with joy

and a soul cleansed of guilt this is the most remarkable Miracle you can request

Embrace and anticipate all other needs will follow relief from debt peace within

your family food on your table job opportunities and the dignity

that comes with work these are the blessings I aim to provide you accept this incredible Miracle of Love in Your

Heart today confess with all your being that you trust in me and sense right now

the Holy Spirit filling you entirely I cherish you approach today with bravery and Assurance for I am set

to perform wonders in your life greet the day with happiness rise with Vigor

and step out confidently knowing your Triumph is near I grant you the peace you’ve sought in prayer along with

patience and insight The Bravery you’ve implored for and Supernatural strength I bestow upon you steadfast Faith to

navigate the path toward your success you will achieve it fret not your

destination is near stay focused maintain your drive and

persevere it is time for you to fight with all your might with all your spirit

and with all your faith it is time for you to face your fears and

limitations the blessings I am sending are not only for you I’m also thinking of your family

I continue to build a wall of protection around all whom you love even those who do not want to know

of you or speak to you their way of thinking will change I will ensure it

soon they will return to your home with my hand guiding them division in your family will cease I will remove all

Strife forgiveness and unity will return You Will shout for Joy when your home is

once again filled with smiles place your right hand upon your heart and at this moment give thanks for

this great blessing keep being thankful and if anything tries to mess

with your blessings stand strong nobody can take away what I’ve given you be

courageous let go of doubts and fears because your tough times will soon be forgotten history I’m writing a whole

new chapter for you and your family I’m wiping away the scars from the lies and betrayals you faced now listen to a

secret I’m sharing with you if you’re up for the challenge to get up keep moving forward stay strong against

attacks and listen when I guide you my child Embrace this journey of

faith and when the time comes to see the results of your hard work you’ll be utterly amazed believe me when I say

you’re going to be astonished I’ve got a plan and a direction for us hold on to my hand

trust in what I’ve laid out for you stick with me me and relax let’s get rid of that worry in

your heart it doesn’t belong there I’ve Got You In My Embrace I walk over coals and Flames for

you you won’t get burned you won’t suffer anymore together we’ll navigate the stormy seas of your troubles even

when waves Tower over you remember I’m right there with you you won’t drown put

your fears aside and focus on the incredible blessings that are just over the horizon for you trust in those who

love and protect you you thus you shall remain with that sense of confidence and

an attitude of Hope the dark clouds seek to obscure you from the Sun of your freedom to separate you from the light

that will illuminate you but the sky and the Earth are mine I am the creator of

the universe and my creation obeys my voice I am ushering in fresh breezes of

renewal the storm’s menaces are diminishing the sunlight streaming through your window unve veils a

stunning Vista ahead behold it and be glad it’s time for Joy you will witness

great happiness in your family those who left will come back reconciliation will

unfold and misunderstandings will be resolved those lost in bewilderment will

think again I will bless them with New Beginnings all who abandon their

misguided ways and place me first in their lives shifts are happening around

you some may go unnoticed yet others are observing you while many might envy you

there are also those who respect you and they will voice it the change is evident

in you you seem vibrant and joyful when asked about your secret you’ll reveal

that I am your lord the founder and finisher of your faith and salvation the

sole source of your blessings because the might of my resurrection rests in my hands my name

is Jesus sacred and potent now close your eyes kneel where you

stand and pray embrace my blessing in your heart and Proclaim with all your might and

Faith Christ is alive stand and proceed secure in my purpose for you my pardon

is genuine once your heart is purified by my powerful blood the gates of forever

swing wide for you celebrate with joy this is the day of your Supernatural Victory you will defeat Giants overcome

all your paths in my mighty name you have prayed you

have despaired now it is your turn to be uplifted and prospered your weight has a

limit your distress has an end the nights of sleeplessness are about to end

today the thoughts racing in your mind hindering you worrying you and

discouraging you will depart from you when you thought your suffering would never end you’re free from Cruel

emotions I’m healing those painful memories that marked your life with love patience and

affection there is nothing impossible for me I can lift the Fallen give life to the dead and heal

your wounds those that bleed and tear your skin and those very hidden I can

see them you have no need to feel ashamed I love you I understand you and

know you well you were greatly struck by the envious by those who detested you and

could not bear to see you but my blessing upon you is immense I’ll do so

many amazing things in your life that you’ll forget all your sadness you’re under my protection with

countless Angels by your side but stick to the righteous path I’ve set for you

avoid the snares of those who don’t believe don’t join them or sell your soul for fleeting

gains it’s better to be alone than in bad company that does you no good I’ll

soften the hearts of judges and authorities in your favor you’ll have victory in your legal battles you’ve

already won in the Heavenly realm and now my angels are bringing your Declaration of Freedom your worry and

despair will vanish let your face glow with joy stand strong and smile feel the

authority I grant you I’m your Defender battling those who come against you let this Faith your feeling shine through

your eyes your success is assured it’s written and will happen stand tall and

face your Challengers with courage I hold the ultimate decision the victory is

yours and when you grasp this wonderful Miracle go to your room

kneel and most importantly dedicate your life to me

Pledge Your Allegiance I’m sealing a forever Bond of love with you in my blood accept it

wholeheartedly promise me your devotion do not give up even if you think you

have not received my answer do not stop on the path

today if any obstacle arises Do Not Bow your head or look down do not accept

insults do not be discouraged by foolish words remember who you are a child of

the almighty washed with the blood of the Lamb of Great Value to your heavenly

father beloved and cherished in the heavens this is who you are I want you

to to think and feel it at every moment feel the support of my eternal love I’m

yours and you are mine live it believe it open your mouth and I will fill it

with great blessings I want to provide for you I want you to trust in my love and believe

with all your heart that I will always be by your side to bless you and support you you may face some trials perhaps at

times you will find yourself in difficulty but you must never feel insecure about

your father’s love I’m keeping an eye on you always listening ready to hear

whatever you wish to share with me I’ve made this promise and my words

are true your daily battle is in your mind where doubts confusing feelings and

baseless fears are planted aiming to make you question and mistrust the love I’ve extended to you I have loved you I

love you now and I will always love you delve into my word absorb it and let it be engraved on

your soul never to be forgotten don’t doubt my love it’s steadfast feel not abandoned I’ve always

valued you I’ve acted on your behalf and I trust you remember this the words I

speak to you now will stick with you each day you’ll recall them and from now

on when you wake your first word words will honor my name expressing thanks for

your life you mean so much to me which is why I will grant you plentiful and

unique blessings therefore stand firm and press on do not be swayed by gossip or slander

so you do not forget I repeat with affection I love you my

beloved My Chosen One my child I love

you on this day let not sadness Prevail behold how I demonstrate my love feel the Embrace of

my words recall how I’ve rescued you from Affliction before and be filled with strength you cannot forsake all you

must not stray from me take hold of my hand and confront your struggles with faith so you may endure yet do not allow

your emotions to overpower you if you find yourself in a moment of despondency

and weakness ingrain this in your mind Beyond this mountain of conflicts lie

many of my beautiful blessings awaiting you thus do not allow the enemy to

deceive you it has never been my intention for you to suffer I never thought of leaving you behind even on

that day you felt I wasn’t answering I was listening to everything you said I wanted to make you stronger to

show you that your faith becomes unbreakable when you go through tough times and big challenges trusting in me

and what I promise without getting l lost in all those confusing feelings inside you don’t let sadness take over

I’ve promised you peace and I want to give it to you now so you don’t fall into despair talk to me share your

worries and I’ll gently take away your fears and fill your heart with hope keep

fighting even if you’re upset because you haven’t received all the good things you want and

need I’ve made you a promise and I’ve said it myself ask me

and I’ll give to you trust in me and I’ll bless you more than you can think

these blessings are for you and for everyone who really trusts me and is brave enough to believe put me first in your life look

ahead on my path wait for me soon you’ll see my

power now tell me do you believe feel free to ask anything from me as I am

eager to talk and answer you dive into my teaching pray and sink your spirit

with with mine for better understanding I sought you out first picking you before you even knew me so

reaching out to me is neither hard nor unachievable call on me I’m all

ears cry out and I’ll respond but be ready for my answer for it will surprise

you showing what I plan to achieve through you fully grasp my intentions

I’ll bless you beyond your imagination yet you must trust in me and avoid putting yourself down or questioning

your value you are my creation destined to exist precisely now and here even

when you’ve doubted or felt off track due to challenges and hurdles or amid your current struggles I urge you don’t

lose focus or forget place your faith and trust in me even through tough times you’re never

alone I’ve always been there safeguarding supporting and leading you don’t over

look my words you sense that I’m speaking to you I want your happiness and betterment seek me and I’ll clear

away all that’s unsavory or blocking your journey towards your true purpose if you’ve strayed a bit come to me in

prayer and I’ll make your path straight again stay away from those who bring you

down who don’t see your worth and who try to diminish you leaving such

negative friendships behind won’t be a loss for I will bring into your life Kindred Spirits who are calm and have

Noble Hearts get ready for a miracle incredible blessings are on their way to you I cherish you amen my child

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