God Says- You’re Choosing Hell By Ignoring Me | God message today for you | God Saying You

experience God’s continuous Blessings by

immersing yourself in his message until

the video’s conclusion my precious child

attend carefully to the words I speak

for they carry a truth of profound

importance the Sands of your time in

this Earthly realm are steadily slipping

Through The Hourglass of Life each

minute that trickles away is a fleeting

opportunity never to be regained claim

the abundance of God’s blessings by

typing yes I need in the comments do not

be lulled into complain y or falter in

the misguided belief that you possess an

endless supply of

tomorrows the days allotted to your

sojourn in this world are finite a mere

breath in the vastness of Eternity to

Fritter them away in pursuit of

transient Pleasures or meaningless

distractions is to squander one of the

most precious gifts I have bestowed upon

you the gift of life itself heed my call

to embrace each waking moment as the

Priceless treasure it truly is do not

merely exist drifting a lessly through


days no my child I urge you to truly

live to fill every second with

intentionality purpose and an unwavering

Devotion to the highest callings of your

spirit look around you and bear witness

to the countless Miracles that pervade

my creation from the delicate unfurling

of a flower’s petals to The Majestic

sweep of celestial wonders across the

night sky every facet of this world

sings out in reverence to its Divine

architect will you join in this Cor us

of awe and gratitude or will you remain

deaf to the profound beauty that

surrounds you elevate your spirit with

God’s grace click the thanks button to

support our ministry’s mission immerse

yourself in the lives of Those whom I

have placed in your path Forge bonds of

Love That transcend the constraints of


corporeality for an uplifting others

through compassion and selfless service

you honor the essence of my teachings

and pave the way for an eternity of

unity with the infinite love that

created you let your thoughts be a well-

tended Garden nourished by The Living

Waters of my wisdom carefully tend to

the seeds of truth that I have planted

within your soul allowing them to

blossom into a radiant reality that

illuminates all who cross your path in

doing so you become a Beacon of Hope in

a world that so desperately yearns for

the light of my Divine Guidance Do not

merely pay lip service to your faith but

live it fully allowing it to infuse

every aspect of your existence with

sacred purpose for faith without works

is like a tree without roots bereft of

sustenance and destined to wither before

bearing fruit time is the most precious

commodity I have granted to you in this

realm and how you choose to invest it

will ultimately shape the course of your


Destiny will you squander these fleeting

moments on trivialities and base

distractions or will you seize each

second as an invaluable chance to deepen

your connection with me and leave an

indelible Mark upon the Eternal tapestry

of creation the choice is yours my child

but The Hourglass continues its

ceaseless Flow ebbing Away the grains of

opportunity with every passing breath do

not be among those who awaken only when

their Sands have nearly run out filled

with the bitter remorse of one who has

frittered away their precious

inheritance seeking inspiration and

transformation subscribe to our Channel

and let God’s message lead the way no

let this day be a turning point a moment

of profound Awakening where you cast off

the shackles of sloth and complacency

embracing instead a life of vibrancy

intention and wholehearted Devotion to

the highest spiritual callings From This

Moment forth let your every step be

guided by an unwavering awareness that

your time in this world is a garment

that will one day be shed leaving only

the indelible imprint of how you

invested these Precious

Moments so fill each day with acts of

Love courage and selfless service that

will Echo across the expanse of Eternity

my child heed my words and live them


for in doing so you honor the sacred

Gift of Life I have granted you though

the Sands may be swiftly waning the

horizons of infinite possibility remain

vibrant and endless for those willing to

embrace each moment as the Priceless

treasure it truly is open the gateway to

spiritual abundance by sharing this

video with up to two individuals longing

for God’s presence so go forth with

renewed Vigor and purpose letting your

actions be a resounding testimony to the

truth that you belong to me now and

forever forever more the clock is

ticking but for those who walk

Faithfully in my ways the rewards of

Eternity await amen

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