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God says you’re about to see why I had

you waiting you about to see my glory

you about to cry tears of joy you’re

about to forget the pain of the past as

I replace it with your beautiful new

beginning says the Lord are you ready my

child this thing it’s so much bigger

than you know stay in my presence as I

read your beautiful

soul it’s coming the Lord

says and while you feel crushed and want

to buckle the Lord is saying can you

hope in me once more can you come to my

Throne so we can talk I have so many

things I need to reveal to you your

faith has not gone in vain you will soon

see I was working it all together for

your good now comes my favor my

child the spirit of the Lord is saying

what appears to to be falling apart is

actually coming together I know it looks

like it’s in

pieces everything is scattered and it’s

left you afraid but God wants you to

know that it’s actually coming together

the pieces are coming together and you

will finally understand I know you are

going through a difficult time in your

life right now and you are dealing with

multiple circumstances and a lot of

emotional pain it seems as though before

you can get through one thing another


happens I don’t always steal the storm

around you sometimes I steal the storm

raging in you don’t give up I am

strengthening you in areas that you

cannot even see right now you and I will

get through this together like we always

do everything will be all right God

heard your prayer last night he felt the

anxiety the anguish the confusion and

the pain he saw the tears you shed for

your parents your children your friends

and your

situation God is saying to you today for

Every Teardrop for every sleepless night

I have a blessing for you you’re coming

out of this I have sent a regiment of

angels to clear the path for you the

pain you’re feeling is coming to an end

blessings healing Miracles Solutions and

my Divine favor is coming your way you

have have done so good and the father

sees you fought so hard this year you

faced things in silence you cried alone

a whole lot God wants you to know that

he hasn’t

forgotten he seen it all and your reward

isn’t far you held on during the

toughest of

times I gave you strength to endure that

at times you did not even know it was me

when things changed for you many left

you and rode you off but not only did

you endure the storm you grew in the

storm you are different I did not create

you to fit in I created you to stand out

now I am about to bless your

faithfulness I am about to take you to

levels you never even thought was

possible even it in my name you’ll wait

you’ll cry you’ll want to give up but

you’ll wait some more you’ll find Hope

you’ll find

disappointment trials will come the

weight of the weight will get heavy but

God will strengthen you to

continue but in the end one beautiful

day it’ll all come together and

everything leading up to that moment

will be worth it start believing that

things are going to change for the

better God knows what your silent heart

wants even if you don’t include it in


prayers God hears what your heart


he may not give it to you now but

someday when you least expect it things

will happen in the best possible way God

has not forgotten you he is closer to

you now more than you can imagine

because he loves you very much and The

Best Is Yet To Come for You


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