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my child I see you wrestling with a

tangle of


emotions it weighs heavy on your heart

this struggle and you yearn for

answers fear not for I am here The

everpresent Observer the Weaver of all


is let’s untangle this knot piece by


first the burden of

doubt you question your choices

wondering if you’re on the right

path this my dear is a

test not a test to punish but to

strengthen my child patience and faith

are muscles that require exercise and

these challenges are your

weights embrace them for with each

hurdle you overcome your resolve grows

stronger remember your potential is

boundless you are a canvas waiting to be

filled with vibrant colors a song

waiting to be

sung but greatness requires

Mastery the anxieties that grip you are

not your enemy but your

teacher learn from them understand their

source and overcome them you are braver

than you believe and with each battle

one your courage becomes a beacon

guiding you towards your

dreams like this video And subscribe if

you believe in

me my child look back

now you faced trials before haven’t

you remember how you emerged stronger

wiser forever changed by the

experience this too shall

pass you have already cleared countless

tests and the vi victories you’ve

claimed line the path you

walk now onto the matter of your

heart the connection that troubles you

the push and pull the absence of

stability it is a lesson in

self-respect you crave a love that is

steady a partnership built on Mutual

effort this person however cannot offer

that they dangle affection like a carrot

testing your

boundaries your decision to step back is

wise love should not be a game of

Chase your detached demeanor May confuse

them for they expect a fight a desperate

plea but your silence speaks

volumus it speaks of a newfound strength

a refusal to compromise your

worth this distance will be a turning

point the fear of losing you will ignite

a change within them

they will realize what they stand to

lose and actions not words will

follow if their love is true they will

fight to win you back to show you they

can be the partner you

deserve however the choice ultimately


yours if their efforts ring Hollow or if

your heart no longer yearns for them

walk away with your head held high like

this video and affirm your faith by


my child there is a vast Universe of

possibilities waiting for you filled

with connections that nourish your soul

and respect your

boundaries as for your career my dear

there is a reason the path hasn’t been

clear every missed opportunity every

challenge faced has been a lesson

learned these experiences have sculpted

you prepared you for a grand Journey a

long road that will lead you to to your


calling Embrace this adventure for it

will not only shape your professional

life but also reveal hidden strengths

and talents you never knew you

possessed perhaps a period of rest is

needed first a welld deserved vacation a

chance to recharge your


spirit take this time to reconnect with

yourself to find Clarity amidst the

noise often the greatest breakthroughs

come during during moments of quiet

reflection if you believe in The Power

Within you then like this video and type

remember my child you are ever

evolving as you grow your desires and


change let go of the life that no longer

serves you and embrace the new reality

that is

unfolding it may not be what you

envisioned but trust that it is far more

beautiful than anything you could have

imagined the struggles you face are not

punishments but opportunities for

growth they are the fire that tempers

your spirit the Chisel that sculpts your

potential embrace the challenges learn

from the setbacks and celebrate the

victories you are on the right path my

dear and I am with you every step of the

way now go forth with courage in your

heart and faith in your

soul paint your world with vibrant

colors sing your song with unwavering

passion and know that you are loved


measure like this video and type to




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