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my child listen closely for I have a

message of Hope and encouragement for

you great things are stirring a

beautiful unfolding like a flower

reaching for the

Sun a miracle is taking place right

before your very eyes even if it’s not

quite clear


yet the dreams you’ve held close to your

heart the desires you’ve whispered in

prayer they are coming

true don’t let the doubts of others dim



there may be voices urging you down a

different path a path that serves their

purposes not the Magnificent plan I have

laid out for your

life remember my child you are here for

a reason a unique purpose only you can

fulfill trust in the paast I have set

before you and don’t be swayed by those

who would lead you


astray everything that happens in your

life every Twist and Turn is designed to



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it may not always feel that


way challenges may come storms may rage

but know this they are all part of the

grand tapestry I am weaving for your

good your perception shapes your


choose to see the difficulties as

stepping stones not


roadblocks each experience positive or

negative strengthens you and prepares

you for the Abundant Life that


awaits Embrace every challenge with

courage and greet every blessing with a

grateful heart

thank me for the sunshine and the rain

for the laughter and the tears for they

all play a part in making you who you


are now cast off those burdens you’ve

been carrying burdens I never intended

for you to


bear release your worries and anxieties



me I am your Refuge your everpresent


strength like this video and type if

you believe in


me my child when you feel overwhelmed

remember my my words do not be anxious

about anything but in every situation by

prayer and petition with Thanksgiving

present your request to


God simply lay everything at my feet and

trust that I will take care of


it you are doing an amazing job my child

even when it feels like you’re not


not you are strong you are


resilient you keep getting back up no

matter how many times you


fall your perseverance pleases me


greatly when you pray don’t limit

Yourself by trying to dictate the

answers my ways are far beyond human


understanding open your heart to receive

my blessings in unexpected ways for I

work in mysterious and wonderful


ways just trust that I hear your prayers

and will answer them according to my



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open the floodgates of blessings into


life my child yes you may be feeling

physically and emotionally drained right


but don’t give up I am with you every

step of the

way you will overcome this you and your

loved ones will be all


right just hold on and let me fight this

battle for you surrender your worries

and Trust in my



there’s so much on your mind I know but

you don’t have to carry that weight


alone release your burdens to me and

keep moving forward with

faith don’t waste your energy worrying

about things beyond your



I am here and I am taking care of

everything trust that I am removing the

obstacles that seem to stand in your

way the patience you’ve shown is a true

treasure it will be rewarded Beyond Your



I am working behind the scenes putting

all the pieces together for your


good this message is not a coincidence

my child it is a confirmation of my love

and my

promises you will overcome any challenge

you face no matter how difficult things

seem right now hold on to

Hope blessings Solutions healing love

and positive change are on their

way so stay strong keep the faith and

never give up on your


you are next in line for a

miracle like this video and type a man

to claim





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