God Says, Your Name Is Not On The List My Child! | DMFY-832

your voice and heart matter to us share

your thoughts and let’s cultivate a

space of support and spiritual

enrichment remember our shared journey

is one of love learning and Limitless

potential your support through a super

thanks or joining our Channel membership

is invaluable as we can continue to

spread a message of Hope and

transformation together we embark on a

journey of Faith Guided by Divine love

and a shared commitment to growth let’s

continue to uplift each other Foster a

community of Believers and walk hand in

hand toward a future filled with Divine


in the Journey of life every step you

take is Guided by a purpose Beyond the

Veil of the physical world this realm

unseen by human eyes is where I

orchestrate events for your ultimate

protection and well-being listen closely

to my guiding voice for it is the beacon

that illuminates your path making your

journey toward your goals smoother and


discernible In This Moment your life’s

narrative encounters a brief Hiatus a

moment to pause and reflect Embrace this

pause with gratitude reminiscing about

the instances when your prayers were

answered your pleas for help were met

with my unwavering support Han I stood

steadfastly by your sigh

let these memories fortify your faith

for I who have aided you in the past

will do so


unceasingly now is the time to une Earth

those dreams and aspirations you’ve

shelved away dust them off for with my

blessing what seemed unattainable before

is within your reach your successes will

serve to magnify the glory of my my Holy

Name you’ve been endowed with the

strength to overcome detrimental habits

for no power surpasses mine reflect on

these affirmations for they will guide

your decision making soon you’ll find

yourself distancing from circumstances

that detract from your well-being reject

invitations that lead you astray

and cherish your relationship with me

above fleeting

Pleasures though once you were joyed in

laughter by many as you walk this path

with me you might find criticism in

their stead yet do not despair you have

known true forgiveness the trials you

face will eventually subside and your

testimony my miraculous works in your

life will be a Beacon of

Hope your family remains in my care and

as you’ve grown in faith know that I

have peace joy and salvation for them

start each day in your home with words

of praise and worship setting an example

through your actions practice

forgiveness emulate patience and

maintain humility for these virtues will

anchor you like a tree by the water

flourishing in All

Seasons your resilience in the face of

adversity your provision of shade to the

weary and your unwavering fruitfulness

and drought or testimon as to my favor

and peace with confidence and trust your

endeavors to me and your plans will come

to fruition my protective Embrace

extends to you and your family shielding

you from future

tribulations my

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