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if you want God to always help you you

should carefully listen to this message

from God if you don’t do this God won’t

be able to assist you because you’ll be

blocking God’s angels so listen to the

full message type Amen in the comments

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friends and on your social media my

beloved child I come to you today with a

message that lies at the very Heart Of

Your Existence and your relationship

with me your heavenly father it is a

message about Grace my immeasurable

unending life transforming

Grace perhaps you have heard this word

Grace spoken countless times in sermons

Bible studies and worship

Services yet I fear that for many of you

the full depth and power of what it

truly means has not yet taken root in

your hearts and

Minds Grace is not just a spiritual

concept or biblical term it is the very

lifeblood of your faith the oxygen that

allows you to truly live and breathe in

me you see my grace is not something you

have earned or deserved it is a gift

freely given requiring nothing from you

in return except an open heart to

receive it it flows from the boundless

depths of my love for you a love so vast

so perfect so all-encompassing that you

cannot begin to to Fathom its True

Dimensions my grace meets you right

where you are in the midst of your

Brokenness your failures your deepest

shame and regrets it is the Embrace of a

father who sees through all your faults

and flaws all your stumbles and missteps

and loves you not in spite of them but

because of them for it is precisely when

you are at your weakest that my grace

shines most

bright overwhelming Shadows with

brilliant light Type A men in the

comments if you want God’s love and

presence my grace runs counter to

everything the world teaches you the

world says You must earn love through

performance that you must tally up more

Good Deeds than bad to win

acceptance but I offer you the

unfathomable truth that my love is yours

simply because you are

mine not because you have achieved some

standard of righteousness but because I

have already achieved it for you through

my son’s sacrifice let this think in my

children the God of all creation the

author of life itself has made a way for

you to be reconciled to him to bask in

his presence uninhibited by guilt

unhindered by

sin through the blood of Jesus your

slate has been wiped eternally clean and

you can boldly approach my throne of

grace accepted and adored despite your


trespass this Grace I have lavished upon

you is not a license to sin freely as

some misguided Souls may claim no it is

the key to True freedom freedom from

bondage of sin and freedom to live in

the Glorious light of my redeeming love

when you were trapped in darkness Grace

burst through like the dawn shattering

chains that held you

captive and each morning you wake is a

new opportunity to walk perpetually in

that Grace leaving the Shadows

behind but resist the urge to wallow in

past mistakes to rehash your former life

apart from me for my grace is new every

morning my Merc is as endless as the

East is from the West I do not keep

score of your shortcomings continually

holding them against you I have removed

them as far as the heavens are high

banishing them from my sight eternally

so let go of the shackles of guilt shame

and condemnation that seek to weigh you

down your past no longer defines you for

I have made you a new creation you are


redeemed justified by my grace see

yourself as I see

you washed clean as newly fallen snow

with a boundless future of Promise ahead

and from this well of grace extended to

you I call you to drink deeply being

filled to overflowing so that the same

Grace that has transformed you may flow

out in rivers of Living Water to a

thirsty world for you have been saved by

grace to become agents of that same

Grace ambassadors bringing my message of

restoration to the lost and the broken

do not squander my Grace by tiptoeing

timidly through life playing it safe

hoarding this gift you have been given I

have immeasurably greater purposes in

Mind by the power of my Spirit Alive

within you and my grace sustaining you I

am calling you to live boldy taking

great risks to further my kingdom extend

Grace to those who have wounded you

forgive * for you know well the

grace I have shown to you love


sacrificially just as I first loved you

pouring out Grace upon Grace speak

boldly the truth of my transformative

Grace becoming a beacon of light

piercing through Darkness all around

where there is pain and suffer offing be

Ministers of my grace bringing comfort

and healing where there is hatred and

division wage peace through the grace

that has torn down every dividing wall

where there is Injustice and oppression

fight with the weapon of Grace

empowering the downtrodden and

advocating for the weak do not merely

speak of Grace but incarnate through

lives of selfless service being my hands

and feet making tangible the depths of a

love that can scarcely be put into words

and do it all not through your own

feeble strength but by the power of my

boundless Grace which is at work within

you for I can accomplish more through a

vessel that is broken and yielded to me

than through one Paralyzed by pride and

self-sufficiency I take your weakness

your Thorn In the Flesh and through it

display my power made perfect through

Grace the things that cause you to

stumble and recognize your utter need

for me these are the very catalysts that

enable you to experience my grace most

abundantly if you believe in the power

of God then type I believe so do not run

from Pain loss or

trial in those moments of desperation

when you have nothing left and nowhere

else to turn you will discover Grace

waiting with open arms you will taste

how sweet and satisfying is my provision

how complete is my every promise for

though the world’s Wells run dry my

grace is a Perpetual spring anyone who

drinks will never thirst again my

children you have been grafted into a

long line of Faith Heroes who have

persevered and accomplished the

seemingly impossible through my divine

grace from the former persecutor Paul

who was transformed into my most

passionate Messenger to the martyrs who

faced horrific death deaths for the sake

of the gospel Grace proved sufficient

and so it will be for you in every

hardship and struggle that lies ahead

never doubt that the same Grace reaching

back to the dawn of creation is at work

today in your life it hovered over the

void birthing light and life into

existence it covered Noah’s family in

the flood seeing them through to the

other side it enabled Moses to part an

entire sea leading Millions to Freedom

it gave David the courage to slay a

giant and Solomon the wisdom to lead a

nation this same all powerful Grace is


inheritance so Avail yourself of its

strength today draw near to my Throne

asking with confidence to receive mercy

and find Grace for every need cast every

burden upon me resting in the truth that

my grace is sufficient regardless of the

weight you bear stand firm in the

knowledge that I am working in you both

to Will and to do according to my good

purpose you are not left to struggle

through in your own ability type Amen in

the comments and like the video if you

truly believe in

God and one day when your race is

complete and your purpose on this Earth

fulfilled you will finally see the

fullness of what my Grace has

accomplished in your life all that is

yet unseen will be revealed every tear

washed away every momentary Affliction

swallowed up in an eternal weight of

Glory for the grace that redeemed you

and upheld you through each step will

give way to the grandest revelation of

all my glorious uplifted face gazing

upon you with perfect love welcoming you

home at last so be encouraged my beloved

ones every struggle every battle every

every Mountaintop and Valley is working

an incomparable eternity as you steadily

progress on the path laid out by my

grace my ways are higher my thoughts

deeper my vision far outreaching what

your eyes can see but know this the same

immeasurable Grace that has brought you

safe thus far will most certainly see

you through to the end for it was always

my grace from beginning to end Grace

that chose you before the foundations of

the world

Grace that redeemed you at the cross

Grace that sustained you through every

season of life and Grace that will Usher

you into your Eternal reward it was

grace and grace

alone this


untamable unending River of my unfailing

love nothing can separate you from it or

render it ineffective in your life so go

now and surrender yourselves a new to

the power of my Gra Grace live

unabashedly as children of the most high

unashamed and unafraid for it is my

grace that qualifies you pour out that

same Grace generously just as it has

been lavished upon you without measure

Let It cover every sin tear down every

dividing wall and embolden you to live

on the Glorious freedom for which you


created I am working in you greater

things than you could ever imagine

through the conduit of my immeasurable

unwavering Grace so have courage my

children for The Best Is Yet To Come


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