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my dear

child as you read these words know that

they come from the deepest recesses of

my boundless love for

you feel my presence enveloping you

surrounding you with warmth and comfort

as I speak directly to your


hold fast to your faith dear one for it

is the foundation upon which your



unfolds trust that every aspect of your

life every Twist and Turn rests securely

within my

hands understand that as humans you are

but instruments in my grand Symphony

each playing a unique part in the divine

orchestration of

existence when your heart is pure and

sincere know that I see

it in my infinite Mercy I pave a path

for you smoothing the rough


terrain this unwavering faith my child

is what I ask of


if you feel the warmth of my love

surrounding you if you have unwavering

faith in my divine plan for your life

then type amen together and let your

spirit affirm the truth of my


grace like this video And subscribe if

you believe


God beloved something extraordinary is

about to unfold in your

life Can you feel

it it’s a stirring deep within your soul

a bubbling anticipation that Whispers of

imminent joy and boundless

happiness prepare yourself dear one for

the joy that awaits you is beyond

comprehension it will wash over you like

a gentle breeze on a summer’s day

filling you with a sense of wonder and

awe that defies

explanation embrace it my

child welcome it with open arms for this

divine blessing is yours to receive a

testament to my infinite love for

you like this video and type if you

are ready to receive

blessings life my dear child is a

journey filled with lessons each one a

precious gift from the

universe there is no judgment here no

condemnation only opportunities for

growth and

Enlightenment the universe in its

infinite wisdom reflects back to you the

lessons you need to learn the truths you

need to

uncover it is a beautiful dance of

synchronicity a magical interplay of

belief and behavior that shapes your

reality in ways you cannot yet fully


comprehend have you ever wondered my

child why the hero in a movie cries out

to the heavens asking what do you want


me perhaps the real question you should

be asking is what do you want from


yourself your reality shifts only when

you make internal changes when you break

free from the chains of your past and

embrace the infinite possibilities that

lie before

you like this video and type if you

believe in

me my dear child in times of hardship

when the weight of the world Bears down

upon you it is easy to lose sight of the

lessons that life is trying to teach


you but remember dear one that wisdom

ignored is wisdom gain it at a greater


cost the university will continue to

present you with the same challenges

until you have learn the lessons they


contain it is a testament to the power

of your existence a reminder that you

have the ability to learn and grow with

each passing


moment but let us not forget my beloved

that this rule applies not only to the

challenges you face but also to the

moments of of magnificence and


joy take heed of the lessons that

success and happiness bring for they are

just as important as the trials you

endure trust in your intuition follow

your joy and above all love yourself



for in doing so you pave the way for a

life filled with abundance and

fulfillment like this video and type

to open the gates of blessings

into your

life my dear child and what of my plan

for you you may



often you perceive my redirections as

setbacks as detours from the path you

had envisioned for


yourself but what if you were to see

them as blessings


instead for in every Twist and Turn of

your journey I have a plan a purpose for

far greater than anything you could


imagine so if I lead you down a

different path if I close one door only

to open another trust that it is for

your highest

good for I am not just leading you

somewhere different I am leading you

somewhere infinitely

better like this video and type to


this today my dear one I speak directly

to your

heart hear my words for they are meant

for you and you alone I’m about to do

something unexpected I

say your health will improve suddenly

doors will swing open before you and the

right people will enter your life at

just the right

moment you have weathered the storms my

beloved and now it is time for


abundance your enemies will be defeated

your troubles will be overcome and the

storms that once ragged within you will


subside I am here to rescue you

to break the chains that bend you and to

lead you into a future filled with

promise and


possibility beloved you stand on the

precipice of a new chapter a chapter

filled with Miracles and wonders beyond

your wildest

dreams you have worked tirelessly to

become the person you are today and your

efforts have not gone unnoticed


your mindset has shifted empowering you

to see the world through new eyes to

embrace the challenges that come your

way and to focus on Solutions rather



obstacles like this video and type

if you’re


enlightened your positive mindset dear

child is a beacon of light in a world

filled with

Darkness it draws to you miraculous

possibilities opportunities for growth

and expansion that will shape the course

of your


destiny stay focused on your dreams my

beloved for they are closer than you


believe in yourself believe in my plan

for your life and watch as the universe

conspires to make your wishes come


true you are destined for greatness my

beloved and nothing absolutely nothing

can stand in your


way embrace the journey that lies before

you dear one for it is a journey of Love

of Hope and of infinite

possibility and remember always that I

Am with You guiding you supporting you

and loving you every step of the

way with all my love your heavenly



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