God Says: You Will Punished If You Skip | God Message

God is saying to you today my

child don’t worry I’m always by your

side even when it feels like I’m taking

my time to answer your

prayers I’m helping you grow your faith

so you can trust in my power knowing

that I’ve got everything under

control don’t think that the timing of

my messages is just a coincidence it’s a

sign of my presence in your life

even when things seem crazy I’m getting

ready to give you peace and

calm Embrace this gift of Serenity as a

symbol of My Endless Love and my promise

to guide you through every

Victory trust me success is just around

the corner and I’m right there with you

every step of the

way let’s find comfort in the fact that

even though Heaven and Earth may come

and go

our Lord’s words stand strong and

unwavering his promises are forever and

the Salvation PCT he made with us will

come to pass no matter what obstacles

come our

way do you truly believe in the power of


word are you ready to welcome the

changes he’s bringing into your

life rest assured he won’t sit back

while your enemies try to bring you

down he’ll step in and remove those

causing you pain and

Trouble the battle against evil is real


ongoing it’s crucial that we stay alert

against the constant threats that try to

shake our faith and

determination through daily prayer let’s

lift up to the Lord those in our lives

even those who may seem distant or

indifferent instead of in of holding on

to grudges or passing judgment let’s be

channels of God’s mercy and Grace

offering forgiveness and compassion to

those in

need remember we’re facing tough times

but it’s by God’s plan that we’ve been

chosen to be a blessing to

others Embrace this calling with

humility and gratitude knowing that

God’s strength shines through our

weaknesses type amen if you believe in

Jesus remember my child that in the

protection of the almighty you are safe


secure even when faced with challenges

do not be afraid as evil will not

triumph over

you have faith in the promises given to

you as they are reliable and

true even during tough times stay

hopeful as your blessings are

guaranteed trust in the assurance that

everything will work out for your

benefit as the Lord’s word never

fails he will keep his promises leading

you through difficult times and lifting

you up with his

strength celebrate for the days of

sadness are limited and a time of

abundance is on the

horizon our caring father wants to heal

your wound and ease the burdens on your

heart surrender yourself to his love

pouring out your feelings in his

presence let your tears wash away the

pain and worries that hold you

back release any false emotions that

cloud your judgment allowing the truth

to shine

through rely on his unwavering love as

he is the ultimate source of comfort and


may his peace surround you and his Joy

fill your heart as you enjoy the warmth

of his

presence type

I want you to know that there’s

always hope for a better

tomorrow even though things might seem

tough right now I’m here for you ready

to help you carry the weight of your

troubles trust in my support because I’m

here to lead you toward towards a life

full of happiness and

fulfillment I can see the challenges

you’re facing the relationships that are

causing you pain and the dreams that

feel Out Of

Reach but don’t worry I’ve got your

back I’m ready to clear away any

obstacles standing in the way of your

happiness and make sure your dreams come

true however I need you to make a tough


are you willing to let go of the people

and friendships that are hurting

you it won’t be easy but I promise

there’s a brighter future waiting for

you by letting go of these toxic

connections and trusting in me you’ll

open yourself up to a life filled with


blessings so choose to believe in my

plan for you and watch as I work wonders

in your life

embrace the journey ahead and let my

love guide you towards a brighter

tomorrow I’ve got an important message

for you

today you’ve been chosen to be a

blessing to those in

Need No Matter What challenges come your

way just know that I picked you for this


purpose I’m like your rock your Solid

Ground and life gets

crazy even when things things get tough

don’t worry evil won’t win against

you my promises are rock solid and you

can count on

them when things get rough hold on to

your joy and

hope my words have the power to change

your life in amazing ways your spirit

your money your family

everything my grace will touch every

part of your

life get ready for a fresh start because

I’m breathing new life into

you that spark inside you will be lit up

again and you’ll feel full of energy in

life let go of the past and embrace the

new you that I

see get up and get ready for all the

blessings coming your

way trust me we’re going to see some

amazing things happen

together amen

my dear child reminder that our time

here on Earth is short and borrowed so

let’s make the most of

it life is full of ups and downs but

let’s try to learn something from every

experience start your day by jotting

down your thoughts and prayers knowing

that I’m always here to

listen get ready because opportunities

are coming your way bring bringing

blessings and

favor keep the faith and trust that I’m

guiding you through life’s

challenges I’m working behind the scenes

to bring positive changes to your loved

ones finances and

homes I’m speaking to you through these

words offering wisdom and

guidance surround yourself with good

people who reflect my values and aren’t

afraid to show it

remember when you gather with others in

my name I’m there too showering you with

blessings get ready for a new day full

of blessings and

opportunities let’s make the most of it

together get ready to celebrate because

a season of Divine Healing miraculous

intervention is

here let go of all your worries and

burdens and watch as I clear a path of

Deliverance and abundance just for you

my beloved

children since the moment you were

created I’ve planned for blessings and

prosperity to be

yours trust in my word because it

promises abundance beyond your wildest

dreams don’t listen to those voices of

doubt and disbelief trying to lead you

astray some people can’t see see the

amazing things that await those who

follow my Divine

will forget about feeling defeated

because I the almighty have power over

everything there’s nothing I can’t

handle no challenge too tough for me to

conquer but you need to open your heart

to receive my holy

spirit with this Divine gift you’ll have

Supernatural strength and Faith to per

perform Miracles that defy

explanation I’m giving you this gift not

for your own Glory but to spread my

truth and light

everywhere Embrace this divine power my

children and watch as amazing things

happen in your


amen welcome to this special place where

we can all grow spiritually

together today I’m reaching out to those

of you you who have humble and repentant

Hearts those who know their faults and

want to serve me with

sincerity I’ve been looking for you and

now that I found you your heart is ready

for a big

change I’m here to fill you with my

Divine Spirit to give you Supernatural

power that will boost your faith and

allow you to do amazing things you never


possible I know it might sound a bit out

there right now but trust me I always

keep my

promises you don’t have to do this alone

you won’t achieve this divine power

through your own

efforts it’s a gift that you’ll receive

when you’re on your knees praying with

all your heart completely surrendering


love I can only give this special gift

to someone who admits their faults and

is dedicated to serving me with all

their heart

watch out for those who only care about

Fame and Fortune they’re just pretending

to be

good true happiness comes from serving

me with pure intentions without

expecting anything in

return so my friends open your hearts to

accept the gift I’m offering and let my

love lift your

spirits my child I have searched every

heart and found yours to be

true get ready to start a new journey by


side walk with me along the banks of my

Divine guidance where the pure Waters of

righteousness flow cleansing and

rejuvenating your

soul with each step let yourself be

surrounded by the cleansing Waters until

you are completely

immersed give your mind to me letting go

of all thoughts thoughts of defeat and

impurity trust in my power to cleanse

and renew your spirit as I am the source

of all Purity and

strength as you receive this Divine

empowerment don’t be afraid for my

blessings will overflow upon your

household listen carefully to my voice

and you will be guided by the peace I

bring remember I am your refuge in

strength always here to help you in

times of

trouble know that you are deeply loved

and my promises are

unwavering walk forward confidently

knowing I am with you every step of the


amen as you reflect on these words may

they light a fire of Hope and strength

in your

heart remember you are never alone on

your journey as my presence is always

with you even during life’s

challenges if these words have touched

you in a special way feel free to share

your thoughts in the comments

below let’s create a positive and

supportive environment where we can

uplift each other and share our

burdens thank you for joining me on this

adventure together let’s continue to

encourage and motivate each other as we

navigate the ups and downs of life’s


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