God Says- You Will Cry Later If You Skip Me | God message today for you | God Saying

my beloved children in this journey

called life there will be times when the

path seems arduous The Valleys deep and

the mountains too high to climb it is in

these moments of darkness and despair

that I call you to lean on the

unshakable foundation of Faith lean on

my strength for I am your Fortress in

times of trouble have you not witnessed

the remarkable transformation of the

lone seed buried deep within the Earth

it begins its existence sheathed in a

hardened shell yet when the Warm Rays of

the sun embrace it and the nurturing

rain softens the soil around it it sheds

its protective coating the tender Chute

then emerges slowly unfurling in an act

of resilience and trust that the light

will continue to guide its Ascent

attract Divine Miracles let your

intention be known by typing yes I need

your faith my children is akin to that

fragile seedling when you surrender to

the Divine nurturing of my love and

allow it to saturate your soul the

constraints of fear and doubt dis

integrate the nent stirrings of belief

take root and you find the courage to

break through the darkness that once

bound you I understand the trepidation

that weighs upon your heart when life’s

challenges appear

insurmountable permit me to share an

experience that may provide Solace there

was once a deeply faithful woman whose

unwavering trust in me was her Bedrock

when the cruelties of this world

rendered her bedridden she did not

falter her body may have failed but her

spirit continuously blossomed in full


in those solitary hours as she lay

enveloped in silence she found communion

with me through prayer and

contemplation her soul became a

sanctuary where we would convene and I

would drape her in the warmth of my love

her physical sufferings did not cease

but her heart discovered a Wellspring of

peace and indomitable strength it was

her faith that enabled her to transcend

her afflictions and Invision the larger

tapestry I was weaving each seemingly

feudal struggle was a thread

contributing to a Masterpiece her life’s

resplendent Journey towards ultimate

Union with me align with Divine

abundance click thanks to ensure God’s

grace remains abundant my children I

yearn for you to cultivate this depth of

faith it is an Ever evolving Journey a

continuous cycle of planting the seeds

of trust nurturing them with the Living

Waters of belief and bearing witness to

their blossoming into extraordinary

resilience when the harsh Winds of

adversity threaten to uproot you cling

to the truth that I am an unwavering

Presence by your

side my love is the soil that fortifies

your roots allowing you to remain

steadfast even as storms rage my Divine

Embrace is the radiant Sun that beckons

you to unfurl your pedals of Faith

revealing the beauty etched into the

depths of your

soul embrace the transformative power of

your belief for it has the profound

ability to reshape your perspective what

was once perceived as an obstacle

becomes an opportunity to strengthen en

your resolve the anguish that tore at

your heart transforms into a catalyst

for spiritual growth the Shadows that

loomed in the recesses of your mind give

way to the brilliant luminescence of my

love bathing you in its infinite wisdom

and guidance as you navigate the winding

paths and rugged terrains that life

presents remember that I am the compass

that will forever Orient you towards

your highest truth my love is the

unwavering Beacon that pierces through

the thickest of fogs illuminating your

way when all seems lost and when you

reach the precipice of uncertainty where

the way forward appears perilous let

your faith be the bridge that carries

you across the chasms of

fear for in those moments of seeming

Frailty you will discover reserves of

courage and fortitude that will leave

you in awe of the Miracles your belief


manifest my precious children as you

undertake this sacred sojourn I unfold

you in my unconditional love may it be

the soothing balm that heals your

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