God Says: You Will Cry After Skipping, So Don’t Skip | God Says Today | God Message Today

if you want God to always help you you

should carefully listen to this message

from God if you don’t do this God won’t

be able to assist you because you’ll be

blocking God’s angels so listen to the

full message type Amen in the comments

and share this message with your close

friends and on your social

media my beloved children gather around

me for I have much to share with you

today as each new day Dawns know that it

is is a precious gift a blank page upon

which you have the power to write the

story of your

life Embrace this opportunity with

purpose for you are The Architects of

your own

destiny in this vast and everchanging

world it is easy to feel overwhelmed by

the challenges that may come your way

yet I assure you my child that within

you lies an indomitable Spirit a spark

of Divine Light that can illuminate even

the darkest of paths when trials and

tribulations arise remember that you are

not alone I am with you every step of

the way guiding and supporting you with

an everlasting love that knows no bounds

as you write the story of your life let

it be a testament to your faith in me

let your actions reflect the love and

compassion that I have poured into your

heart be kind to yourself and to others

for True greatness lies not in power or

possessions but in the ability to love

unconditionally seek wisdom and

knowledge for they are the keys to

unlocking your full

potential pursue your dreams with


determination for they are the seeds

from which your greatest accomplishments

will grow be not afraid to venture

beyond your comfort

zone for it is in the unknown that you

will discover the Hidden Treasures of

your soul embrace the beauty of

diversity for it is in our differences

that we find strength and unity

celebrate the cultures beliefs and

traditions of others for in doing so you

will enrich your own life and make the

world a more vibrant and harmonious

Place type Amen in the comments if you

want God’s love and

presence remember my

child that the story of your life is not

written in stone it is a dynamic and

ever evolving

masterpiece shaped by your choices your

actions and your unwavering faith in

me with each passing day you have the

power to rewrite your story to turn

adversity into Triumph and to leave a

legacy that will inspire generations to

come so as you embark on this incredible

journey called life embrace the unknown

with open arms for it is in the

uncharted waters that you will discover

the true depths of your soul

trust in my guidance rely on my love and

write your story with purpose knowing

that you are never alone go forth my

beloved children not and let your light

shine brightly upon the world be the

change you wish to see and live each day

with a heart filled with love compassion

and unwavering faith for I Am With You

Always even unto the end of the age


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