God Says- You Will be Punished If You Skip | God message today for you | God Saying

my beloved children as you open your

hearts to receive this message I beckon

you to listen with the ears of Faith

allow my words to resonate within the

depths of your soul instilling A Renewed

sense of hope and reassurance in the

unwavering truth of my love in the vast

tapestry of Life each of you embarks on

a unique Journey intricately woven with

moments of joy and sorrow Triumph and

adversity it is during the most arduous

of trials that your faith is truly

tested and it is in these crucibles that

the resilience of your spirit shines

forth like a beacon Illuminating the

path ahead receive divine grace type yes

I need to open the floodgates of

blessings recall the times when the

weight of the world seemed to Bear down

upon your shoulders when the darkness of

Despair threatened to extinguish the

flicker of hope within your heart it was

in those moments that you turned to me

casting your burdens at my feet and

allowing the soothing bomb of my

presence to wash over you

like a loving parent cradling a child I

embraced you Whispering words of Solace

and strength reminding you that you are

never alone think back to the moments

when your faith was tested when the

Winds of doubt and uncertainty howled

relentlessly seeking to uproot the very

Foundation upon which you

stand it was then that you clung to the

Anchor of my promises weathering the

storm with unwavering resolve knowing

that I your everpresent guide would

navigate you through the

Tempest just as a Mighty Oak withstands

the fierce Gales its roots deeply

embedded in the fertile soil so too must

your faith remain rooted in the fertile

ground of my love for it is in this

sacred soil that the seeds of your

resilience take root flourishing into a

canopy of unwavering trust providing

shelter and solace in the face of Life

storms my children let the stories of

those who have walked before you serve

as a testament to the transformative

power of faith

consider the example of the righteous

ones who in the face of overwhelming

adversity found solace and strength in

their unwavering belief their lives

serve as a tapestry of Faith woven with

threads of resilience and perseverance a

Living testament to the truth that when

you place your trust in me no mountain

is too high no Valley too deep let us

reflect upon the metaphor of the

butterfly a symbol of transformation and

renewal just as the caterpillar must

endure the seeming darkness of the

Cocoon emerging from its chrysalis as a

magnificent winged creature so too must

you embrace the transformative power of

faith for it is through the trials and

tribulations of life that your faith is

refined enabling you to SAR to new

heights unencumbered by the weight of

doubt and fear Empower Divine blessings

click thanks to strengthen the presence

of God’s

grace my promises are your Assurance in

the face of uncertainty they are the

Bedrock of upon which you can build the

foundation of your faith a fortress that

shall withstand the onslaught of life’s

challenges cling to my words for they

are a lamp unto your feet and a light

unto your path guiding you through the

darkest of nights and Illuminating the

way towards the dawn of a new day as you

navigate the winding Paths of your

journey remember that I am ever

presentent a constant companion at your

side when the way seems shrouded in mist

and the path ahead is obscured trust in

my guidance for I shall lead you through

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