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my beloved child I come to you today

with a heavy heart for my son Jesus is

shedding tears of profound sorrow his

tears flow like a river carrying the

weight of humanity sins and the anguish

of a world that has strayed far from my

path Desiring a touch of divine favor

comment yes I need to welcome God’s

blessings look upon the face of your

savior and you will see a countenance

etched with pain a Visage marred by the

burdens he carries on behalf of all

mankind each teardrop that rolls down

his cheek is a testament to the depth of

his love for you and for all of creation

my child can you fathom the intensity of

his suffering can you comprehend the

agony that grips his heart as he

Witnesses the Brokenness the Despair and

the Darkness that have enveloped so many

Souls his Tears Are Not Mere droplets of

Sorrow they are a manifestation of his

profound compassion and his unwavering

commitment to redeeming every lost and

wandering Soul let his tears be a

Clarion call to your spirit a summons to

awaken from the Slumber of complacency

and to embrace the urgency of his

mission for too long many have turned a

deaf ear to his pleas choosing instead

to pursue the fleeting pleasures and

empty promises of this

world my child I implore you to open

your eyes and your heart to the reality

that surrounds you look upon the

Brokenness that pervades families the

hatred that festers between nations the

Injustice that oppresses the innocent

and the greed that devours The Souls of

men and women alike behold the rampant

corruption that taints institutions

meant to uphold righteousness the

exploitation of the weak and vulnerable

and the disregard for the sanctity of

life that I have bestowed upon every

human being each of these transgressions

each Act of wickedness each violation of

my Commandments pierces the heart of my

son like a sword for he loves you all

with an unconditional and everlasting

love his tears flow not only for the

sins committed but also for the

immeasurable potential that lies dormant

within each Soul a potential that is

being squandered in the pursuit of

fleeting desires and Earthly

Pleasures my child I call upon you to be

a Beacon of Hope in this world of

Darkness Be a vessel through which my

son’s love can flow a conduit of his

grace and mercy embrace the

transformative power of his teachings

and let them guide your every thought

word and

deed turn your eyes towards those who

are suffering those who are downtrodden

and oppressed extend a hand of

compassion to the Brokenhearted the

orphaned and the

marginalized let your actions be a

Living testament to the love that Jesus

has for all irrespective of creed color


circumstance do not be deterred by the

vastness of the task at hand for with

each act of kindness each gesture of

love your planting seeds of hope that

will blossom into a garden of

transformation every smile you bring to

a forlorn face every word of

encouragement you offer to a weary soul

is a drop in the ocean of healing that

Jesus longs to pour forth upon this

world my child heed the call of your

savior’s tears and let them ignite a

fire within you a fire that burns with

the passion to bring about change to

shine light into the darkest corners of

this world and to be an instrument of my

son’s Redeeming

Grace take action for the time is now do

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