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God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so please do not ignore this

video as it is a message from God’s

heart to bless your life today before we

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said my dear son whom I have known since

before you were formed in the womb I see

the weight of your concerns and the

suffering that afflicts your heart I

promise you with the certainty of my

eternal love love that relief is on the

way your prayers filled with Faith and

Hope have reached the depths of my

Divine Kingdom and the answers are being

prepared carefully woven in the right

time however dear son I ask that you

keep a grateful heart even as you await

the Fulfillment of your

supplications I do not seek only the

transaction of favors but rather the

deepening of our bond through this

journey of faith

for when your prayers are answered and

the burdens of your heart are lifted I

desire that your first thoughts be of

humble gratitude remember the words of

Psalm The Lord is my shepherd I shall

not want he makes me lie down in Green

Pastures he leads me beside Still Waters

he restores my soul he leads me in Paths

of righteousness for his name’s sake

even though I walk through the valley of

the shadow of death I will fear no evil

for you are with me your rod and your

staff they comfort me thus may your

faith be strengthened and your gratitude

overflow like a river flowing from your

heart to the heavens for in each answer

to your prayers lies the manifestation

of my infinite love and my constant care

for you may your faith be steadfast and

your hope unwavering for in you will

find comfort and peace today and always

this simple practice though often

overlooked in its Simplicity carries

with it immeasurable power capable of

triggering profound and Lasting

transformations in our lives it produces

countless riches not the worldly riches

sought by men eager for gold and status

but rather The Riches of the heart and

soul those that transcend the ephemeral

and take root in the Eternal I suggest

moreover that you put it into practice

right now without hesitation or delay

show your gratitude in the comments

writing thank you for everything Lord

for I do not seek from you great

offerings or extravagant tributes no

what I desire is the sincerity of your

heart the fluidity of your actions

nurtured by receptivity and awe in the

the face of my provision this is how

blessings multiply through generous

governance by Grace when I intervene to

resolve your struggles when my hands

reach out to dry your tears and

alleviate your pains do not forget the

giver in your Victory do not attribute

all the credit to your own strength or

cunning for that path though it may seem

radiant to human eyes leads to the slow

decline of Pride and ingrat itude

instead water your Conquest with praise

bring offerings to my altar find ways to

share relief with others for it is in

selfless giving that true fulfillment is

found cultivate an attitude of Joyful

gratitude for even the smallest gifts

contain glimpses of my glory evidence of

my unconditional love for you my beloved

Son above all trust that if I withhold

something something you desire still I

give you what is best for you your

family your legacy and your spirit if

you pray for prosperity and I release

you from the debt that suffocates you

rejoice in the New Freedom found if you

ask for abundance and I grant you honest

work do not worry open yourself to

opportunities to create value through

your talents for in them lies the seed

of your Divine Purpose where I close a

door know that I will open wider Windo

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