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my child open your eyes for I have a

message for

you if you are reading this it is no

coincidence you are exactly where you

are supposed to

be take a deep breath and release any

worry or doubt that may be clinging to


you you are strong you are loved and you



seen Financial burdens will

ease there will be abundance not just of

material possessions but of

opportunities and experiences that will

bring you

Joy true love a love that fills your

heart and uplifts your spirit maybe

closer than you


think don’t shut yourself off from

possibilities keep your chin held high

for the very best days of your life are

unfolding before

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God my child remember the effort you’ve

put in the dedication you’ve shown to

your growth and


it hasn’t been in


vain all the hard work is about to pay

off open your arms and be ready to

receive the fruits of your

labor you deserve happiness and it is

already yours for the


believe in yourself and trust that the

blessings you’ve longed for are already

on their


way you are a masterpiece created in my

image you are blessed with unique

talents and a strength that may surprise


you your purpose is to shine your light

on the world to make a difference to

leave it a better place than you found

it the time for you to step out of the

shadows and into your full potential is

now you will be celebrated your voice

will be heard and your gifts will be

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if you believe in me

my child there may be those who have

challenged you who have tried to dim



light but know this their negativity has

no power over you I am your Shield your

Defender when doubt or fear Creeps in

remember that you are not alone in this

battle call upon me stand firm in your

faith and watch as I deliver you from


hardship this journey you are on is far

from Over The Best Is Yet To


Come the struggles you faced have only

made you stronger and the Lessons

Learned have prepared you for the

greatness that

awaits trust in my plan for it is a plan

filled with love joy and



follow me and I will guide you every

step of the

way like this video and type if

you are ready to receive

blessings my child look within your

heart and you will find the strength you

seek I am always with you a Guiding

Light on your


when you feel lost or confused simply

turn to

me my word will be your compass leading

you through any

darkness no matter the obstacles you

face I will grant you the wisdom and

Clarity to overcome

them let go of the burdens of the

past forgive yourself and others and

allow yourself to move forward with a


slate the opinions of others hold no

weight in the grand scheme of

things their thoughts are not yours to

carry trust that time will heal any

wounds and allow yourself the grace to

heal at your own

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life my child remember you are the

author of your own


happiness don’t give the power to

control your joy to anyone

else stop comparing your journey to the

journeys of


others each path is unique and each Soul

has its own lessons to

learn embrace the mystery of

life it’s okay not to have all the

answers sometimes the greatest growth

comes from Simply letting go and

trusting in the

process smile my child a smile has the

power to lift your spirits and brighten

the world around

you you are not responsible for solving

every problem in the

world focus on what you can control and

let go of the

rest take a deep breath and know that I

am with


you I love you unconditionally and I

believe in you with all my heart

go forth and shine brightly my child the

world awaits your

light like this video and type to

claim this


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