God Says, Will You Leave My Crying Like This Forever?

super thanks for embracing the potential

of each day your openness to my

blessings is truly inspiring if you’re

seeking ways to share your blessings

with others consider joining our Channel

membership for opportunities to make a

difference in the

world let us walk this day together with

hearts attune to the symphony of


eyes open to the beauty I have laid

before you and Spirits willing to be

moved by the Grandeur of my love as you

navigate this life I am your guide your

strength your wisdom and your

peace super thanks for walking with me

on this journey of Faith your

companionship is a gift beyond measure

if you’re seeking deeper spiritual

growth and connection consider joining

our Channel membership for ongoing

support and


encouragement I am the friend who will

never turn away who will never grow

weary of your company who will never

fail you my promises are sure my

presence is constant and my love is

unchanging lean into to this truth into

this trust and find rest for your weary

Soul super thanks for finding rest and

peace in my love your trust in me is a

source of joy and strength if you’re

seeking deeper rest and peace consider

joining our Channel membership for

ongoing support and encouragement


so come to me in prayer not as a ritual

steeped in formality but as a child

coming home eager to share every aspect

of their day knowing they’re loved and

welcome just as they are share with me

not just in times of need but in times

of gladness as

well super thanks for sharing your life

with me and prayer

your openness and vulnerability are

truly beautiful if you’re seeking deeper

intimacy and connection consider joining

our Channel

membership in the hushed moments of your

day amidst the clamor of the world I

beckon you my cherished one to embrace

the Tranquility of our shared Stillness

together let us dwell well in the quiet

spaces where my whisper gentle and

tender rides you through life’s

intricate tapestry as the days demands

fire for your attention resist the urge

to drown in the

nose instead invite me into your tasks

whether you’re immersed in the clickety

clack of keyboards the gentle Artistry

of handcrafting or the strategic

planning for what lies ahead with a

simple request my wisdom becomes your

guy infusing the ordinary with the

extraordinary presence of my

spirit amidst the weight of

responsibilities that often burden your

shoulders remember that I Am The God Who

Bore the burdens of sin and death trust

that I can carry the weight of your

worries and cares for I am infinitely

strong and Tenderly

compassionate in moments when the

mountain of tasks seems insurmountable

and doubts Cloud your path speak to me

say be with me daily manifestation for

you and I will make your path straight

in your openness I will clear the fog

illuminate the way forward

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