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my most precious cherished child from the moment I first envisioned you you

have been the object of my deepest most profound love and affection you are

truly the crowning Jewel of all my Creations the Masterpiece that stands above all others you my dear one are my

little artist of Life the one I have entrusted with the sacred task of bringing Beauty meaning and purpose to

this world when I gazed upon the blank canvas of the Universe I saw the potential for

something truly extraordinary I longed to fill that vast expanse with awe inspiring works of art

breathtaking Landscapes moving portraits intricate abstractions that would Captivate all who beheld them and in the

center of this Grand artistic Vision I saw you my child shining

brighter than all the rest just as a skilled artist meticulously plans each stroke of the brush

selects the perfect pallet of colors and chooses the most fitting medium so too did I craft every element

of your being with the utmost care and intention I carefully selected the unique combination of traits that make

you who you are your Compassionate Heart your insatiable curiosity your

unwavering Spirit your boundless creativity I mix the Hues of your

personality blending them in Perfect Harmony to create a masterpiece unlike any other other and oh the intricate details I wo

into the fabric of your life the delicate lines of your expressive features the vibrant Hues of your

everchanging emotions the depth and complexity of your thoughts hopes and

dreams each element carefully considered and placed with the utmost care you are

a living breathing work of art a tapestry of experiences and Impressions that

leaves all who encounter you in awe As you move through this world my

child I watch you with the pride and wonder of a parent gazing upon their most prized

creation I see the way you approach each day as a blank canvas ready to be filled

with the Bold sweeping Strokes of your passions and the intricate details of your experiences I Marvel at the way you

blend the colors of your relationships painting portraits of Love friendship and community that radiate

warmth and connection I am in awe of the masterpieces you create through your work your art your

very existence for you my child are not just a work of art you are the artist

the Visionary the one who brings Beauty and meaning to the world around you with

every step you take or every choice you make every dream you pursue you are

adding your unique touch to the Grand canvas of life you are the one who decides how the colors will blend where

the shadows will fall and what message your creation will convey and O the

messages you have already shared the joy and wonder you have sparked in the hearts of those around you the comfort

and inspiration you have provided the change you have ignited these are the true

masterpieces the lasting legacies you will leave behind each moment each

encounter each life you touch is a brushstroke in the grand mural of your existence a testament to the profound

impact you have on the world never forget my child that you are not just

any artist you are my artist the one I have entrusted with the sacred task of

bringing Beauty meaning and purpose to this world I have imbued you with a

Divine spark a creative spirit that sets you apart from all others through

you I see the world a new and I am endlessly Amazed by the

magnificence you bring to life when I look at you my child I see a

reflection of my own creative Essence just as I am the ultimate Creator the

one who brought this entire universe into being so too have I blessed you with the ability to create to transform

to bring forth new and wondrous things your artistic Vision your

boundless imagination your ability to we weave together the threads of your experiences

into tapestries of meaning these are all gifts that I have bestowed upon you a

Divine inheritance that makes you truly special and what masterpieces you have already begun to craft the way you have

used your words to paint Vivid portraits of emotion your hands to sculpt intricate works of beauty your very life

to compose Symphonies of love and connection these are the brush strokes The Strokes of the Chisel The Melodies

that bring me the greatest joy I Delight in watching you explore the depths of your creative potential pushing the

boundaries of what is possible and revealing the true magic that lies within you so my beloved

child continue to embrace your role as the artist of your life approach each

day with a bold adventurous Spirit unafraid to experiment and try new

things unleash the full power of your creative potential allowing your

passions and dreams to flow freely onto the canvas of your existence and always always remember

that you are not alone in this endeavor I am with you every step of the

way guiding your hand inspiring your vision and rejoicing

in the masterpieces you create I will be the canvas that catches your tears the

palette that provides the colors the brush that helps you bring your dreams to life

together we will craft a life that is a true work of art one that leaves an indelible mark on the world and inspires

all who behold it when others look at you my child I want them to see the

reflection of my own Divine Artistry I want them to be captivated by the beauty the depth the sheer

Brilliance of your Creations I want them to be moved to Tears by the emotions you evoke to be inspired by the messages you

convey to be transformed by the change you ignite for you my little artist of

Life are not just a reflection of my own creative essence you are the embodiment of it the living breathing manifestation

of my greatest artistic vision and what a vision it is a canvas filled with vibrant colors bold strokes and

intricate details that capture the very essence of what it means to be human a portrait that radiates warmth compassion

and a deep abiding connection to the world around you an abstract Masterpiece

that defies easy categorization that challenges the viewer to see the world in new and wondrous ways that is the Legacy I hope

you will leave my child not just a life well- lived but a life that serves as a

masterpiece a work of art that inspires and transforms all who encounter it a

life that adds depth meaning and Beauty to the Grand tap tapestry of existence a

life that in the end reflects back the True Glory and wonder of its creator so

my precious cherished one continue to create to explore to pour your heart and

soul into everything you do for in doing so you bring joy Beauty and purpose to

all who encounter you you are a true Masterpiece a living breathing work of

art that fills me with the Deep most profound Pride I am forever

grateful to have you as my most beloved creation my little artist of life with

an abundance of Love admiration and awe your

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my dear child believe in what I say all the tough times you’ve gone through

through will soon be forgotten the sadness that’s weighing you down will vanish and won’t come back

a new source of bravery and happiness will spring up in your heart if you just trust in my miraculous power stay strong

in this belief you won’t ever be on your own in this world my love will always

surround you day and night I keep telling you these words every day so that your soul will truly understand

that there is a God in heaven who protects you from storms and keeps you safe and loved say this word out loud

trust think about it remember it because I want all of you to learn to believe and trust with all your heart it’s the

truth I love you believe in it show me your faith right now and when you’re

surrounded by problems and fears feeling like everything’s falling apart remember

that I’m asking for your trust come to me with your requests and I’ll provide what you need be confident that I’ll

respond to you give me your dreams your deepest wishes and your goals and I’ll

be right there with you guiding your steps my child type Amen in the comment

box I won’t leave your side not even for a second I don’t get sidetracked by

Small Things call on me when you’re struggling and I’ll be there to hear you out when life gets too much find comfort

in being with me I’m here to calm your concerns and bring peace to your heart don’t think of me as far away because in

my eyes you’re valuable and unique as you go through life look up at the sky

the bright Sun and the gentle clouds are reminders of how important you are to

me always keep in mind that with faith and trust in me everything becomes

possible enjoy the blessings you can have today Peace Love safety

forgiveness understanding warmth patience and comfort you know I’m ready

to do whatever it takes to ensure you live peacefully to give you strength during tough times and to fill your

heart with bravery don’t be afraid you’ll wake up every day feeling refreshed and with a new outlook go

ahead without doubt and climb to the top of that mountain no challenge life throws at you will be too hard so you need to have

trust in me feed your mind with my teachings and let the spark of the Divine gift I’ve given you grow brighter

you’ll receive Abundant Blessings so that you can be a blessing to others your foes will witness you and turn away

as they observe my Holy Angels en circling and safeguarding you the powers of Darkness will hesitate to confront

you this is the spiritual height I aim to lift you to so come listen to me

today and return to hear me again tomorrow let me etch this message aresh in your heart today I intend for these

words to instill Stead fast courage within you tonight when you shut your

eyes you will encounter me once more your spirit will rejuvenate and your

afflictions will mend as you perceive my voice comforting your soul in your dreams I will visit you I’ll converse

with you about the grand designs and formidable wonders I will enact in your life stand up proceed March ahead with

Assurance triumphant blessings are On Your Horizon Prosperity abundant Divine

ins it I will set you amongst kind people who will support you numerous

opportunities will unfold before you don’t overlook any chance utilize this

Vigor to commence new Ventures concentrate on acquiring knowledge and working diligently I Aspire for you to

mature spiritually yet your education should also Advance heed My Words Be

attentive ready yourself and your family for I am guiding you to unfamiliar territories where you’ll need to

communicate in different languages you’ll transport my might to places unknown to you you’ll Ascend Like

an Eagle to the farthest corners of the world you will travel extensively yet

always remember the source of your blessings never lose sight of the crucial word

trust disregard the bearers of negativity who idle away their time looking for reasons to dismiss my

message ignoring my teachings unwilling to trust in me choose to walk with me

steer clear of insincere friends who flatter you with sweet words yet Harbor harmful intentions they do not wish for your joy

and will strive to distance you from me if you face troubles approach me if

you’re exhausted talk to me if you Harbor any uncertainties or needs

remember I am always here eager to listen demonstrate your love you have a

bright future filled with blessings ahead but always remember your heart is

mine and I seek your loyalty faith dedication and

Trust I have the ultimate say over everything so you can rest assured your

life is safe in my hands I won’t let you down people might have their opinions

and say things about you but they can’t touch you their words won’t impact you I

love you you won’t stumble or be defeated you will Thrive I will heal you

of any sickness and I will shower your family with wealth and serenity now is your

moment that’s why my voice reaches you who claimed you can’t change they

are deceiving you with jealousy in their eyes and envy written on their faces they told you that you’d stay the

same that you’d only get worse that failure was your only path that you

deserve nothing but you chose to come closer to me and although initially you felt

Unworthy of my love and doubted I would ever notice you you found out that my words my loyalty and my presence are

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our ministry by clicking thanks button Heaven showers you with an abundance of love the disdain you once felt has been

washed away by this overwhelming love I’ve replaced your hardened heart with one that’s pure and tender ready to love

and Embrace Life innocent yet as steadfast as a Warrior the past no

longer defines you embrace your new self enriched with wisdom and patience I

bring you peace and your role is to pray and strive to eliminate old harmful

habits and thoughts my protection and Care envelop you day and night in the

darkest times don’t fear falling my light forms an unbreakable

shield around you open your heart to me ready yourself for transformation and

welcome my Holy Spirit who will lead you to the truth he will guide and shape you

just as a Potter shapes the clay fear and doubt have no hold on you your heart

reserves room only for my love do not succumb to worry or uncertainty you are

cherished the commitments I’ve made to you are unfolding my intentions will prevail I have the final say in all

matters and am ever present by your side trust in my unwavering nature solid as a

boulder immune to the influence of others pause for a moment take a deep

breath of the Heavenly calm I offer especially if time presses and you must leave carry this Serene peace with you

and leave your worries with me you may feel unworthy at times but my commitment

to you persists out of love my view of you remains

unchanged you wish to come closer to me yet there’s hesitation when it’s time to let go of the burdens causing your

unrest doubts arise and you find yourself still lugging around that heavy load of

resentment listen to my voice lend your ear to the sweetness that heals you let

me write and sew my word into your soul hear me say I love you you are

free tenderly I embrace you holding you in my hands today you may encounter many

challenges on your path but wherever you go listen once more feel

it I’ll be with you Whispering these words into your ears healing you so you won’t forget me

so you won’t drift away so you won’t let your emotions deceive you I’ll leave a

flame burning in your mind a warmth in your heart and when darkness comes

enveloping you with its coldness and Terror my light will shine brighter just

as the sun illuminates your world evil can cannot hide when confronted with my eternal light any spiritual enemy

seeking to cause you sorrow today will cease to exist give me the opportunity to show you how much I love you pay

attention throughout the day when my voice Whispers In Your Ear I’m speaking Divine oil upon your head I’m preparing

you to be blessed I clear away wrong beliefs from your mind if you

stumble my forgiveness purifies and raises you I don’t wish for you to be

downcast overwhelmed by fear and guilt troubled by past

mistakes I’m not here to blame you or to reprimand you I’m not in a position of

Holiness to pass judgment as I’ve said before I’m here to cherish you if it

were my intention to punish you you wouldn’t be standing here so think again and embrace the love

I’ve been offering you for so long now you face a choice between two paths one

of Truth and life leading to a splendid forever or another that draws you away

from me following me doesn’t mean your life will be effortless but you will always have my assistance and backing

when necessary my holy spirit will soothe you in times of Sorrow my words

will Enlighten you my presence is accessible day and night you’re welcome

to bring your earnest and heartfelt prayers to me with trust if you pray for your family and entrust them to me I’ll

hold them in my hands with great love love I’ll surround them with a mantle of Joy I’ll bless them with abundance and

Harmony I’ll drive away their enemies the Devourer the thief the false

friends surrounding your home with thousands of angels ready to fight and defend you against any attack and threat

I’m unchanging the same now in the past and

forever just as the Earth revolves each day and stars illuminate your nights my presence will continuously surround you

never question it I will confront any adversary that dares to challenge you

fear nothing and no one your family is not abandoned you are never solitary you

have me I’ve been eager for this chance to speak directly to you and affirm the immense blessings on their way to you my

child click on the join button to join us as a cherished member of our community I chose you named you and

claimed you as my mine I will never release you and if there comes a day when you say you’re weary of me even

then in that exact place you’ll weep remembering how I contended for you

reached out my hand and saved you from Peril I bestowed upon you peace and

extricated you from Strife when all turned their backs no one else cared for you but I always gazed upon you with

compassion and my love for you persists my affection for you intensifies each day through joy and

sorrow in lack or abundance in well-being or illness my Perpetual promise to you will

stand today you sense my presence profoundly and tangibly and this assurance will last eternally I will not

abandon you thus dismiss any doubts there is nothing in this world

that can take away the warmth the peace and the profound Joy I hold for you I

love you I’m your true father I came to you kissed your forehead with my holy

lips and planted great aspirations in your soul when your eyes first opened to my light I love you my dear child l so

much I cherish you I value you I come to you before the sun rises because I want

you to feel upon waking up this gentle breeze of affection you’re feeling now it’s

true that your soul struggled in your dreams with so many worries there are so many ungrateful

ones who don’t treat you well they deny you a bit of tenderness and offer you bitterness when they see you’re

thirsty but after the darkest night you’ll always wake up to my love if your

tears wet your pillow my Holy Spirit Will Comfort your heart when the Sun

rises here I am I don’t want you to lose heart or abandon the dreams you hold

don’t let your faith dwindle your father in Heaven adores you and his love is

powerful enough to lift your burdens stop your tears don’t yearn for people’s

affection or recognition you are mightier than that you possess a resilient spirit I have

dressed you in Regal attire and your gaze reflects my Brilliance yet the world often spurns

those who cherish me they fail to appreciate your worth as I do don’t lose

heart when faced with treasure y continue to love and assist others but

don’t await their gratitude or Applause I will remain by your side when so-called friends desert you and when

they turn against you even if your parents or family abandon you or if your own children are misled to Bear

animosity towards you my love for you is eternal and I will endow you with

immense fortitude your spirit won’t be crushed by the lack of affection they might

withhold you won’t be demeaned Begging On Your Knees or pleading for their

attention my grace and the love I offer you are ample In My

Embrace you find your strength particularly when others aim to break you for their

Amusement yet when they raise their hand against you their strength shall wither

their malevolent intentions shall be consumed by the Earth they shall not harm you for I shall always Stand By

Your Side defending you I heal you and support you I watch over you and provide

for you I love you and console you therefore fear nothing fear no one for

my power fortifies you and my mighty hand protects you it has always been so

even when you felt alone and thought your struggles might defeat you you’re still standing if you’re listening to or

reading this message it’s because you hold Faith you long for a better life for joy and

happiness who said you don’t deserve that ignore those empty words and false

judgments you are my child having opened your heart to me showing me love and

seeking me daily I’ve chosen you to inherit the finest things Purity Beauty

goodness and kindness your dreams grounded in truth and virtue will come to

fruition therefore March forward with firm faith in your achievements and work hard for them it’s never too late you’re

never too old don’t fret about feeling unprepared I equip those ready to

embrace me I call out to those eager to come closer and serve me with devotion you

are here in this world to accomplish great and meaningful Deeds despite past mistakes or failures this is why you believe in My

Sacrifice and Resurrection I am forgiving your transgressions offering you a new chance

to rise and reshape your life I will make you a leader in your family a source of

blessings I will quiet those who scorned you and in their presence I’ll showcase

your value and the love I hold for you so stop heeding those who claim you’re unworthy I am your almighty God the one

who saves and rescues you who crowns you with favors and mercies I give life to your weary bones

and I shall continue showing you every time you breathe how much I love you you must believe me

and accept my love without imposing conditions upon this depends your eternal life your happiness and all your

blessings namely telling me that you love me and believe in me you know that in good times and bad I will always be

with you I’ll quickly settle what disturbs your rest I’ll bring blessings through those around you hold on to my

words embrace them I’m said to to open doors you didn’t anticipate I’m lining

up even more surprises and wonders than you’ve imagined your dreams can become reality because nothing is beyond my

reach I’ll smooth your journey and be your ally in every challenge I need your

bravery don’t let fear or discouragement take root in your thoughts my love has

fortified you endowed you with A Warrior’s resolve and Infused you with

my spirit so grasp the sword of my word with your hands I urge you to keep

battling no ailment will cause you to run no Financial struggle will scare you

or force you to back down no Menace will daunt you you’re unstoppable when your trust is in me I

reel in supporting you each day I look for ways to bolster and comfort you to

guide you to enable your spiritual sight to recognize that I am in control of your fate when you feel surrounded by

troubles remember my promises and fear not when bad news knocks at your door

remember that you are not alone and you have a heavenly father who loves you see how many things you can

accomplish when you decide to believe and trust distance yourself from the pessimists from those who Delight in

thinking negatively from those who believe every problem is insurmountable stay close to people who

uplift and support you be grateful and keep moving forward keep dreaming and

believing through belief great mirac Les will keep unfolding in your life humble

your heart and allow yourself to be nurtured let me hold you close and show you increasing love each day you will

reach places you never thought possible and rise to Heights beyond your imagination I am with you nothing can

stand in your way when challenges arise remember you have your faith in

me hear my words I envelop You In My Embrace and protect you I I am always by

your side especially in overwhelming moments so remember these words well

when sorrow comes think of me and steer your emotions away from loneliness I am with you that’s the

truth say my name hold me in your heart and let the tears stop don’t let your

tears nurture the sad memories that shouldn’t grow in your heart stop focusing on the past it’s gone and won’t

come back don’t the thoughts or lies aiming to claim a space in your mind and Destroy You All My Sacrifice on the

cross where I paid for your sins with my powerful blood think about my glorious

Resurrection I Rose to revive your dreams to change your life to Grant you

eternal life and to strengthen your heart you faced much in life yet you’ve

persevered and now you’re Rising again you are my child my power is within you

you today you’ll keep moving towards your blessings and nothing will stand in

your way I’ll fill you with wisdom clear your path remove obstacles

and you’ll witness the return of many good things you thought were gone the key to finding the freedom peace and

blessings you long for is to truly believe in my words to keep going without pause or fear and not to be

intimidated by challenges or foes was aiming to bring you down you’ve heard my thoughts you know I want to bless and

assist you now it’s your turn to follow my guidance and act accordingly believe

me seek me out rise and walk for surely

you will reach your Victory you know well dear child that I

always aided you do not allow doubts to hinder your experience of this love with which I envelop you today I will also

assist you in your life performing great Miracles tell me now that you believe

feel how your heart fills with my love my presence and power you need not walk

your path feeling empty yesterday today and forever more I

remain the same just as in those days when you did not seek me I loved you and

rescued you even more so today as you love and seek me

I am with you it is my desire to help you support you fill you with strength

encourage you and uplift you so that you may witness the workings of my Supernatural power in your life you are

now at another level of faith it is time for your spirit to Behold The Great and

marvelous things I will reveal to you I’ve made this promise in my word

telling you that if you call out to me with faith I would be there for you revealing my might that time is here so

tune in closely to my voice and pay sharp attention immerse yourself in my written word hear my blessed intentions

in your heart and get ready for a year brimming with blessings While others may feel

disheartened and think about quitting you will stand as a beacon to Nations offering hope and strength to your own

life and those around you people will be astonished when they see the extraordinary power I manifest in you

Miracles will unfold the grief that your loved ones have faced will turn into Joy the days that were filled with one

challenge after another will now become days where they witness such remarkable and unexpected Miracles that they’ll be

convinced of my sovereign rule overall I’m here to Aid you to stand by

you my help won’t falter you’ll continue to seek me

cherish me and you know well that my love for you is unending

I know well what you need today that which only you and I know

that burden that fills you with concern that situation for which you’re crying

there are no secrets from me I hope that as you listen to me now you realize that

nothing is hidden from me I know the burdens you carry on your shoulders

share your pain with me tell me every detail of why you are distressed though I already know your thoughts and your

reasons you will see that as as you express your feelings to me your spirit will begin to heal all confusion will

leave your emotions and your joy and peace will return bow down in prayer and share your feelings with me I am eager

to listen let me mend your heart I wish for your suffering to end you deserve a

joyful and liberated life I long for you to realize your dreams to complete your

initiatives to witness your family’s Prosperity you’ll be overjoyed to see

their endeavors flourish I didn’t create you to dwell in Gloom or despair I

sacrificed myself and triumphed over death so you could be imbued with bravery and strength to Prevail always

to relish my love in my eternal company plenty of Life lies ahead for you to be

lived victoriously trust in my promise and my might and Splendor will be evident in

your life day by day you are meant to experience numerous Miracles I have

crafted your fate and my love has always been and steadfast you will reach your goal

powerfully you will conquer the promised land you will overcome all loneliness and sadness with your faith in my

miraculous word do not worry about the days to come I know well what you will need I will provide for your

sustenance your expenses your needs I’m asking you to

have faith to walk confidently to work diligently and to always trust in my

promises I’ll never leave you I I won’t let you endure more than you can handle stay alert to my guidance stay in

tune with me to grasp all that I’m accomplishing for you now stand up and embrace this day with happiness relish

the blessings I bestow upon you every day from my heart flows a river of love and life-giving water drink from it and

you’ll never feel thirst or loneliness again I’m looking after your health your job your family and all that matters to

you even before you think to ask I’m aware of your needs and I’m already at

work to ensure everything unfolds in my perfect timing my child let go of your

concerns and take this moment to seek me and sing praises to my name I yearn to feel your happiness and thankfulness as

you grasp how deeply I care for you tell Mia my child express your love for me I

long to hear you joyfully Proclaim my name I desire for your life to overflow with blessings and happiness even even

if my ways seem mysterious to you understand that I cherish you and will never want never leave you place your

trust in me and fortify your faith hearing your prayers Delights me my

child type yes if you agree with me your faith is precious to me it fills me with

immense joy to see you dedicating time and space for me each morning you bring your honesty and reverence your

petitions your praises and your adoration your Readiness to open up brings me

immense happiness it’s beautiful to see how you offer your heart to me you’re genuine in

your faith while various life events might have marred your self-image today I want you to hear

directly from me you have a kind heart it’s true that you have often

stumbled but you have always come before me repentant seeking opportunity and it is this new

opportunity that I want to give you every day as long as you come to me with faith you

have my promise that I will respond whenever you pray with the certainty of receiving the blessing you anticipate

don’t be doubtful I’ll take action when the time is right I know you’ll wait with

patience for that moment to come don’t get anxious keep your eyes on the

blessing that’s on its way my promises stand firm and true my word lasts

forever my power is active in your life your faith and commitment are what keep

you going I need your faith to perform more miracles in your life you need to

welcome and embrace the blessings I’m sending your way don’t slip back into Old Habits when believing and accepting

the wonderful things I offer seem so hard for you you felt unworthy your

faith was lacking it’s great that you’ve learned from those experiences and have grown

now you understand that your faith also helps you make significant choices protects your heart from harmful

influences and enables you to follow and act on my words your faith has been the key to

many Transformations you’ve shared that your faith feels small yet even Faith as Tiny

as a mustard seed impresses me greatly you’re starting to notice changes around you your prayers getting answers and

your heart growing stronger even more remarkable Miracles await on the path I’m guiding you on hold my hand tightly

we’re close to your breakthrough you’re set to rise with plenty of life ahead numerous tasks

to accomplish and dreams to realize demonstrate your faith by trusting in my words and keeping

negativity away from your speech don’t let others fill your mind with doubt I

Am The God Who breathed life into you your future rests in my hands and my

plans for you will unfold my decision is clear I want you to thrive starting now wake up every

morning feeling like a Victor I’m instilling in you the ambition to scale mountains to change your life to recover

your Vigor and wellbe indeed I have the power to heal you but

you must also cherish and look after your health there’s a wonderful future for your family they are as important to

you as your own life they are part of your existence and if I have given you

so much strength until now it is because I see how you care for them

you have asked me to give you the strength to keep fighting saying you cannot give up because your family needs

you I hold in my hand all whom you love even when you may not want it you are

the leader of your household others could have taken your place but they chose to be

irresponsible to underestimate the wonderful blessing of dedicating their entire lives to such a beautiful family

out of love your children may cause you frustration often disobeying and

ignoring you but believe me deep down their souls cry they know they are wrong

and just as you have asked I continue to work in their lives the tears they shed

in secret for their negative attitudes are slowly watering a small seed and the day it sprouts they will realize their

sin and error they’ll come back to you seeking your forgiveness and you’ll weep

too but out of Joy seeing that all is coming to fruition your effort and

persistence are yielding results that’s why I encourage you to Embrace Life Joy is on its way to you

you will witness your loved ones conquering their struggles and succeeding Against All Odds my promises are coming

true come Be In My Embrace don’t fret so much about your

feelings or the events around you leave your fears at the door after spending time in my presence

presence you’ll see those emotions should remain outside your mind should be free of

thoughts that bring you distress my presence has touched your soul bringing my peace to calm you I’m the first to be

there my holy spirit will fill every space of your mind reaching every individual in your household who seeks

me relax and feel at ease with me here have confidence feel at peace I do not

judge your appearance or attire I only see your beautiful heart that you have brought to me I see a bright light

emanating from your soul Illuminating everything around you I feel the warmth

coming from the flame growing within you I see your faith I receive your love

value your trust and am pleased with your worship today or tomorrow as you

continue your journey remember my words well indeed there are times when you

will face big and unexpected problems but when these worries come knocking hard on your Soul’s door trying to break

in remember and find comfort in my promise to you I live deep within your

heart where no one can barge in Uninvited those negative feelings have no way to get inside you even though

they try to sneak in through any crack they can find many people around you choose to

live in constant worry I’ve tried so many ways to reach them to touch their

hearts but they push me away they prefer to walk down the wrong path leading

their life lives astray ignoring their own suffering and not caring for their

families as they should they continue to pursue dreams that have turned into mere

fantasies forgetting how crucial it is to put me first in their lives if you

meet them on your path treat them kindly but don’t let them influence your heart

don’t let them plant false ideas in your mind because remember you are

mine you are in a better place next to me now you understand what it feels like to

have a heavenly father who deeply loves you and I promise you you will always stay close to me you won’t find this

kind of holy and profound love with anyone else amen my dear child today I

encourage You Be Brave and Bold do not be afraid or waver doors are opening for

you opportunities from the Divine trust me completely and I will bless you more

than than you can fathom I will bless you when you get up guide you on your way and Lead You carefully so you arrive

safely I will bless your work enhance your intelligence put a Godly smile on your

face and many opportunities will appear for you my love for you is genuine

Everlasting pure and heartfelt I want the very best for

you you might be hesitant now because you’ve been let down before which damaged your faith made you feel

unworthy and crushed your spirit but now tell me write down or shout if you can

who sacrificed their life for you who Whispers Comfort during your trials who stands and battles on your behalf who

gently kisses your forehead lifting you up who fills your heart with the Deep Joy you feel today let me ask you again

Who Bore the cross and sacrificed their life for you say it loud It’s you God I

know you’re not embarrassed about me true many may pray and plead for you but

only I have the power to Grant you lasting happiness so don’t look for blessings in the wrong places don’t give your heart

to empty promises of Love don’t share your deepest secrets with untrustworthy friends I love and bless you not because

you are perfect but because of my deep love for you my divine plan

and my steadfast commitment to you I’m really touched and impressed by how you pray and thank me for everything what a

joy and pleasure it is to have you my child who prioritizes me and is proud to

love me your bravery and attitude are worthy of an everlasting reward but for

now as you live on earth call out to me and I’ll respond feel free to ask

anything you desire for I’m eager to bless you abundantly enabling you to wake up each day with Assurance knowing

I’m with you I’ve chosen and summoned You by my grace to achieve the purpose I set for you before the world was made

just like the sun ascends in its Grandeur so will your future Ascend and

you’ll realize your most cherished dreams believe in it for it’s truly

possible your age or Perfection isn’t what I’m looking for to bless you I’ve bestowed upon you my spirit of power and

love empowering You To Boldly share all I’ve accomplished in your life silence

is not an option for you as you spread this message expect my blessings I have

endowed you with a spirit of timidity but with one of power love and

self-control you are saved by me there’s no room for fear or hesitation don’t hide away overwhelmed

by thoughts of defeat by your adversaries stand up courageously confront your challenges and face

forthcoming obstacles with faith and resolve by embracing this Victor’s

mindset your conflicts will crumble those causing you distress will exit

your life and your financial circumstances will transform await with faith a new era of Freedom plenty Divine

provision and miraculous abundance it’s through Hearts like yours that I reveal

my might here’s a profound truth I only request A Bit of Faith from you even if

it’s as Tiny as a mustard seed don’t let doubt and negativity invade your thoughts heart or actions and

particularly avoid such negativity in your home encourage your household to uplift one another not to bring each

other down with pessimistic words or defeat us talk each night I want you to pray

Ponder and recall these words I’ve implanted in you feel the emotion engulf

you as you close your eyes Hearing in your heart this Genuine Voice addressing you with

affection when morning Dawns and your eyes open you’ll awaken with a zest for

Life brimming with excitement your spirit fortified and your whole self thankful

for the Marvels I’ll bring into your day I repeat do it tonight let your mind

Ponder every word you have heard and let your lips whisper beloved God I believe

in you I await your blessing cry do not hold back your tears for your heart

overflows with so many agitated emotions transformed into waves

cry you and I both know it there are so many storms in your mind and your soul

is weary you do not have to hide what you feel from me you can speak to me

truthfully for I prefer sincerity your tears touch me deeply

washing over me as you call out stirring My Heart You Weep from Deep anguish when

words fail to capture the turmoil inside you when life’s upheavals overwhelm you

you cry at the brink of your endurance confronting insurmountable barriers feeling defeated unable to move forward

you bow down burdened by a sense of failure yet this isn’t the end it’s a

moment to realize that only with my Aid can you navigate the challenges that lie before you now is the time for your

Liberation you no longer need to Bear such scorn or contempt if you hold in your heart the belief that the king of

Heaven endured immense suffering for you that I laid down my life on a cross so you could truly experience life then

embrace the courage I bestow upon you now experience this healing and empowerment surge through You by my

strength today I grant you the fortitude and vigor to stand up and step away from all

that brings you pain and sorrow proceed with Assurance into your day I feel you today with peace and

strength no one can steal this Joy from you I will be here by your side if you wish to talk to me to ask how you have

fared or if you want to return to my arms and cry come and cry I will receive

you embrace you with all my affection you requested a response and here it is I will bless

you do not fear face with faith whatever comes tell me you believe in me keep

fighting until the end for in my love and forgiveness you will always find comfort

and strength it is my will that you persevere it is my desire that you

confront your adversaries do not remain confined to your room weeping over your failures or recalling all the words and

insults that have wounded you indeed many people with malicious intentions

crossed your path they were instruments of pain and sorrow used against you by the enemy you know I’ve chosen you for a

reason you’re set apart having witnessed Miracles firsthand and I’ve repeatedly assured

you of my love hoping it resonates with you now it’s crucial for you to

understand that it’s no longer time to entertain falsehoods or endure the attacks from adversaries believe in the truth of my

words and the Marvels I’ve enacted in your life which you’ve seen with your very eyes my assistance and deliverance

thus far are rooted in my deep love for you you are invaluable to me

if others fail to see your worth or significance lean on my promise and Trust wholeheartedly that you are

precious in my eyes the depth of your value and my love for you are immeasurable my child like the video now

your heart will sense this truth and tears May flow as you recognize the numerous times I’ve reached out to you

caring protecting and loving you my commitment

to guide support and cherish you remain steadfast

trust me completely knowing that my love endures regardless of circumstances anticipate days filled

with blessings prayerful communion and the Harvest of your faith and

perseverance a time will come when Joy will replace your tears and laughter will Echo your Delight but for now

firmly believe in my promises you mustn’t waver when you encounter a hurdle stand strong against it and as it

collapses the heavens will part showering you with copious blessings Time Marches On Life

progresses every Sunrise brings a new chance fresh joy and novel challenges to

tackle with the Vigor granted by the sacred scripture affirming my constant presence beside you through dark nights

and radiant days through tempests and gentle drizzles a season of blessings is

on the horizon because your sacred God proclaims it to be blessed is to say the

happiness from on high to Relish in the Heavenly sustenance that satiates and completes you being blessed means

confronting each trial with the conviction that you will prevail it’s about dedicating Your Existence to The

God Who delivered you sharing with those less fortunate enduring rebuff and

hostility for Christ’s sake blessing is Joy it is maintaining faith and peace

amid hardship and grief in deep sorrow it’s about raising your your head and

smiling as though you gaze upon the Sovereign who oversees and steers your path being blessed is finding

satisfaction in your daily sustenance and placing your trust in your Celestial Shepherd I will fulfill your heart’s

desires and your family’s needs I will bestow upon you the insight to fortify your spirit daily to be a

devoted follower in every aspect of my teachings be assured days filled with

blessings are Nearing and they will surely arrive affirm your belief in me for you

are already aware that the firm promise of your omnipotent father will invariably come to pass pay attention to what’s in front of

you it’s not a hurdle not a hardship not a clash and it won’t beat

you I’m infusing you with my extraordinary strength stand up proceed

and with the bravery and might I bestow upon you you’ll overcome adversaries and scale barriers commit to me that you’ll

do this hear me again no Grim news will overpower you a doctor’s diagnosis won’t

bring you down any risk of riffs in your family won’t Rob your joy you might feel

overwhelmed thinking the challenges ahead will best you that negative words from others will break you that you

can’t bounce back and Happiness Is Out Of Reach yet I’ve LED you here to hear

my words assure uring you that I’m looking out for you and everything affecting you is significant to me I

notice how many daunting situations Loom over you as if they sense you’re on the verge of receiving a significant

blessing it’s no accident they arise to trouble and worry you just when you’re close to realizing your dreams if your

foes think they’re formidable don’t fear you’re mightier they aim to intimidate you but

you’ll stay composed they won’t anticipate the astounding turnaround you’re about to

unveil I’ve granted you the authority to make the forces of Darkness influencing those aiming to harm you listen to you

don’t feel isolated or unprotected it’s time to refresh your thinking and feed your soul mind and

spirit with my teachings and directives I’ve repeatedly encouraged you to be brave and strong the adversary is

testing you with its onslaughts probing your resilience no challenge you face

regardless of its size can overpower you I am the mighty one beside you you dwell

in my refuge and under my care I’ve cleansed you with my blood and endowed you with my Holy Spirit I your

God immensely powerful omnipotent and you are my child made in my image and

likeness this is wonderful news that should fill your being and your words with praise tell me now will you trust

in me you faced many hardships and the enemy tried to pull pull you down at every turn placing people in your path

to discourage you those who belittled mocked and doubted your faith but don’t

worry for no one and nothing can dominate you as I am your Shield your Defender your healer and your source of

power dear beloved would you like to lend a helping hand and support our mission click below to buy me a coffee

and be an integral part of spreading God’s message through our YouTube channel your contri ution means the

world to us thank you kindly for your support I will lay my powerful hand on your life healing every hurt and sad

memory in your heart you stayed true even in tough times the enemy tried to

create conflict in your family at work and in your home but you kept going stay

strong I know these challenges are complex and hard often leaving scars that upset your feelings weaken your

thoughts and diminish your energy to continue you so today I am here to

repair what’s broken in your life you must keep moving forward stay determined

and stand firm the enemy has tried many times to stop you but if you’re still standing

it’s because my grace strengthens you everything you’re going through and all you’ve endured isn’t the end of your

story my dear child you won’t lose this fight and when others think it’s your

end I will interview with my powerful hand and my angels proclaiming get up

your prayers have been answered and your life will change I must caution you many do not

believe even witnessing Miracles daily they still doubt my existence my love my

power yet you are not among them you shall continue to believe to fear

not one day all will witness the change in your life and comprehend the mag mag

itude of your God therefore fix your attention on me on my words and believe

in my promises do not place your trust infallible individuals nor entrust your

future in life to those who Proclaim love but cannot sustain it your heart belongs to me you’ve already given it to

me love me Above All Else your life your loved ones and your future hold more

significance than wealth belongings career or

recognition don’t fear losing material things instead value what truly matters

love and pursue me wholeheartedly for I am your sustainer ready to provide all you require this

year I will shower you with authentic blessings opening numerous paths and

laying out favorable chances before you stay true to my path to receive a downpour of

blessings be mindful of your environment understanding that even adverse situations can lead to beneficial

outcomes don’t lose hope when you encounter seemingly insurmountable challenges I have hidden prosperity and

blessings within each difficulty and frustration be prudent With the blessings I grant you seek guidance in

my teachings to nurture the skills and talents I have endowed you with today

resist the Allure of material gains the pursuit of fame or the burden of debt

for mere show concent on what’s genuinely important aim for spiritual

growth commit to learning from my teachings for I plan to unveil remarkable wonders in your health and

family life this year do not delay for I grant you the strength and intelligence

to resolve various situations today Place me first and I

shall not only assist you but Prosper you showering upon you blessings far

more precious than gold though you face many problems I make you stronger though numerous

situations arise your faith in me renders you courageous do not fear your afflictions

confront your struggles and battles fixing your gaze upon my promises and words I have never forsaken you in

moments of weakness never abandoned you I have alleviated your anguish and

filled you with joy if you diligently seek me every day

shut I cherish and bless those brave enough have to trust in me however those

who cling to negativity who doubt my truths who dismiss my words and scoff at the love I extend though I yearn to heal

and rescue them those who lack The Bravery to trust in a tangible God will miss out on the blessings I’ve reserved

for the faithful and diligent seekers in your times of Despair when you lay your

please before me you will soon see your Liberation fortified and elevated by my

affection and might love and pursue me bow down in my presence cling to your faith Proclaim your commitment for I

understand your innermost thoughts and emotions I possess the responses to your inquiries the resolutions to your

dilemmas shortly all will be granted to you I will whisper to your heart and you

will listen deeply within your being let go of your tears your

anxiety and restlessness will fade away do you trust in me your belief is

what empowers and upholds you Faith planted in your mind’s soil provide solidity and steadiness to

your feelings your faith shall work miracles Vanquish adversaries surmount

obstacles and Forge New Paths your faith in me in my shed blood in my eternal

Covenant in my written word through your faith nothing shall topple you no one

shall rob you of it always ask me with confidence in your prayers and I shall

grant you all you need I shall remove from your life whatever hinders or causes stumbling I desire for you and

your family to be liberated from all anxiety and fear I wish for you to always Place unwavering trust with all

your heart that I am the one who heals provides sustains guards and watches over you I’m

setting up some big opportunities for you it’s important for you to keep learning from me so you can recognize

when your blessings are coming don’t overlook the little things I provide because even the smallest can grow with

my touch and they will you’ll be surprised by many great

things I have planned for you I want to Delight you and see you joyful when you

thrive it brings me happiness I love seeing your eyes light up with joy you mean the world to me

more valuable than the rare Treasures my wish is for you to live fully and achieve all that you dream of

you will trust in me and your heart will always belong to me will you agree to

this no one can stop my blessings on you I’m watching over you I’ve given you my

shield and my angels are there to keep you safe from harm your future is in my care I am your

powerful and loving God I adore you with a love that lasts forever offering

patience and care care as I make sure my plans for you take shape promise to trust me and Donna get down over rumors

or what others say their words will just blow away when tomorrow comes you’ll

stand up leaving their induced sadness behind depression won’t grip you because my love will uplift you open your heart

wide to me and stop listening to those who mean you harm trying to steer your life their way hear me say I cherish you

in so many ways be brave and confident not swayed by what people think or say

before you worry about hurtful comments remember I see the real you I recognize

your kindness I have a meaningful role for you to play your family and true friends love you they’ll stand by you in

everything use your time to seek me to serve me to spend time with those you

love do not take away quality time from your family to give it to those who will trample on it those who attack you think

that no one protects you and they let their words harm you but do not allow it

do not give room to slander and lies you will receive strength to focus on my

teachings to do things for your growth to use your energies to bring joy to

those you love many people have been with you through thick and thin you can also lend a hand to those in dire need I

intend to use you to bring blessings across your city setting you as a beacon of fairness and Integrity you’ll guide

others to follow my path that’s why I’m lifting you up giving you encouragement

and strength so you can be a source of blessings through you I’ll perform

wonders commit to me that you’ll face your fears and stand undaunted maintain your trust in me don’t lose heart keep

lifting your hands to the heavens especially when weariness hits hard during your journey when pressing

forward seems impossible remember the warmth of my love reassures you of my constant

presence don’t Focus too much on people they might let you down your soul shouldn’t rely on others

affection or approval yes I made you to love and be

loved but remember the only true Everlasting Love you’ll always have is

mine unfailing close and secure do not give your heart to those

who may abandon you nor give your future to those who after giving them

everything stop loving you do not give first place in your soul to people who may turn their backs on you hurt your

heart and ruin your life you asked for Hope and it has arrived You Prayed For

Peace here it is if you are ready to rest then rest if

your tasks continue persist for when you sleep in my arms

you are safe and when you walk my powerful hand will protect you from the

world remind yourself that you’re not alone you’re not orphaned even if your father mother family or children leave

and abandon you the most beautiful and precious of all affections mine is

always available to you it’s truly heartwarming to sense and acknowledge your heavenly father’s care for you I

understand that these are the words you need to hear humans need more than just food to live they need every word that

flows from my heart right now you need peace

encouragement calm and confidence I gift you my peace a peace

that neither the world nor people can give you a peace that only I can

provide accept this peace into your heart today you will

flourish I affirm this it’s my desire for every good thing you receive to grow and be blessed Believe In This Promise

without any doubt don’t use past failures or imperfections as excuses if you’re going to trust in me

with all your heart trust in my ability to forgive as well to experience full

blessings turn away from the accuser ignore any accusations

criticisms or negative talk don’t let Envy’s words occupy your mind and spoil

your future instead of being overwhelmed with fear and worry imagine feeling my hand warmly on

your heart filling you up with happiness peace hope faith and

Assurance I’m going to bring joy into your life and put songs of praise on your lips your life is about to change

your blessings are coming straight from Heaven expect abundance in your home and get ready to be freed from the chains of

debt and past Financial mistakes it might look like you’re in a tough spot now but hold on to my

words look around with eyes full of Faith pay attention to the new chances and people I bring into your path

appreciate and treat well those you meet along your way as they’re sent by me be friendly and considerate show

respect to everyone because I plan to bless you and work through you in ways Beyond Your Wildest Dreams in

challenging times you’ll Stand Tall you’ll be a beacon in the dark empowered by me

live as a testament to my love and power you’re going to see for yourself I’m sharing something special with you the

message you’re reading or listening to I’ve shared with many of my children but not all of them take it to heart some

turn away coming up with all sorts of reasons they’d rather listen to those who don’t want the best for them who

want them stuck in sadness and wrongdoings in hurt and grief they ignore the good things I promise my

words my Assurance but I care for you even more deeply it’s

better for you to trust me because if you doubt you might miss out on the good things I’m ready to give you but I’ve

seen how you’re different you’ve shown me time and again you believe in me and my love for you is immense except my

blessing now you won’t be missing anything I give you my word I’ll look

after you I’m fully aware of what you’re going through and what you need don’t

worry about your current troubles Just Close Your Eyes and think of what I’ve told you your mind and heart will find

peace and calm there are many doors around you that will be opened go forth and knock on those doors with

determination and resolve I command you to do so and as you do do not

fear I will put the words you need to speak on your lips make the decision today and Advance on your path do not

remain stagnant out of fear when you rise and walk the windows the heavens will open

for you I will pour abundant and true blessings upon you with them you will

gather provision abundantly you will be free from creditors and debts you will have even more than you expect to share

to give to bless to seow you will continue to reap and seow thus it shall

be from this day forward every day every month and every year

therefore read and listen to these words again until you clearly understand me you must do as I command nourish

yourself with my written word in advance for all it is time for you to awaken for your faith to ignite to accelerate the

plan I have had for you for a long time let go of past failures and feelings of guilt choose to stand firm to battle

each day and ignore the negative talk and assaults from others forgive in

advance leave the past behind and progress my words will protect you your

faith will serve as your weapon I’ll support you in navigating the challenges ahead commit to enduring I provide you

the Vigor to contend again I affirm I am

your guide your provider I’m aware of your needs and will supply your deficiencies and even

more profess with your voice and whole heart that you’ll keep fighting living

and believing keep moving forward don’t halt I’m Your Divine parent your God

your Redeemer I understand your heart and see beyond your troubles I know the difficulties you face you regret some

choices feeling overwhelmed by defeat yet you are also aware of my deep love

for you you can’t stay down your purpose and your calling are to rise the enemy

has sought to shake you like wheat but I have decreed that your faith and courage shall not fail you will rise I will

transform form your life and your character but you must accept the changes do not compare yourself to

anyone I have made you different stronger braver wiser and more

intelligent I’m placing valuable Tools in your hands to shatter rocks to blaze

New Paths to remove with the power of my word and your faith all the weeds and rubbish that try to hinder you except

today what I tell you you are in a new land of Supernatural blessing don’t let

your emotion or feelings take control you don’t need to respond with fear or make Hasty choices when others try to

manipulate you with guilt and blame I’ve always envisioned a beautiful plan for your life the enemy has

attempted to crush your zest for life and your desire to see your family Thrive that’s why I encourage you every

day to choose joy to trust in me I’ve infused you with my Holy Spirit

empowering you to keep trusting and aiding others yes some will disappoint

you accept your help then turn away badmouth you and betray you in the world

of those without hope such behavior is common they act out of desperation consensus unrated as they

betray and harm those who assist them budding the hand that feeds them don’t

be scared you’re upset you’re following my example I too have aided and loved

many I’ve blessed countless individuals and yet some have let me down however

I will never cease to bless in love just as the sun rises and the rain falls on the just and the unjust alike your

fortitude inspiration and peace your sustenance

safeguarding life and Redemption comes solely from me let’s move forward

together you and me I cherish you deeply and look forward to meeting you again

tomorrow when I assure you that all will be well trust in my words dwelling on

concerns you’ve entrusted to me will only Tire you out you’ve reached out your hand to me now let me guide you to

a place of peace and abundance I wish for you to want for nothing to be filled with my love and

gentleness do not fear any challenges ahead you’ll stand strong and I’ll be

right beside you I won’t let you slip away I’ll hold you close I understand

you felt weak and that’s why I’m connecting with your heart now I’m here with you instead of getting

lost in worry and despair spend a moment with me don’t agonize over what’s yet to

come or the turmoil in the world concentrate on what truly matters your family your spiritual growth enriching

your life with my teachings praying performing kind acts and extending

forgiveness to those who’ve wronged you even if they continue to treat you poorly if they confront you again

respond with kindness instead of retaliation show them your immense love just as I sacrifice myself for my

children you’re ready to go all out so your family can know me be blessed and

live freely as the world spins and Whispers of conflict spread let not fear invade

you in your family’s Hearts I will always be with you never abandoning you

stay alert While others are overwhelmed by fear you’ll witness incredible Miracles the trumpets are sounding

signaling that the moment for your Liberation is approaching but for now

pray believe strive and live

fully don’t be scared of future events believe in my promise nothing is too

hard for me I cherish Your Love tell me you love me it brings me joy to hear it

from you amen my dear child today I gift you with peace calmness strength

and wisdom I’ve heard your prayers touched by the sincerity of your heart reaching out to me you’ve come seeking

guidance and you’ve come to the right place be assured you are dearly loved

just as you are I know you’re not perfect but I see true remorse in your heart you’re working hard to change your

ways your attitudes how you see things and how you treat

others I’ve set you apart for a life filled with blessings you face tough times but going forward you won’t have

to endure so many challenges my Holy Spirit and my teachings are providing you with extraordinary wisdom you’re

learning to make wise choices staying clear of those who pretend to be friends but are actually robbing you of your

peace faith and security from now on you’ll stand strong

in any challenge you came to me today because you need me and you’ll leave here empowered your face shining with my

authority your eyes radiating Joy your thankful spirit and your lovely smile

will open doors and break chains I’m about to shower you with plentiful blessings stand up and start your

journey I’ll bring good people into your life who will support your spiritual growth and Foster Harmony in your home

but keep away from those trying to drive a wedge between you and your loved ones planting seeds of doubt and

division yes you have faith and even if some in your family are still skeptical they haven’t

fully opened their hearts to me I plan to work through you to show them my love and offer hope I give you the strength

and bravery you need to care for your family effectively oh always remember

you need me seek me constantly and immerse yourself in my word and spirit

when you feel low remember there’s always hope for you and your family

a sure promise of my protection love guidance and plenty of

blessings your home will be wrapped in care and my love now do you accept my

marvelous blessing with joy and faith I find you so endearing especially how you communicate

with me The Way You Close Your Eyes in prayer I treasure the moments your heart

fills with joy and divine happiness which I give you easing any hurt or

worry after our time together I want you to feel overwhelmingly

loved you don’t have to walk in sorrow or dwell on your troubles I love you

immensely and today you’ll experience that love profoundly I’ll show it to you

Proclaim it with my mighty words if anyone tries to trouble you you’ll be filled instantly with my Divine love if

anything saddens you know that my comforting Embrace is all around you taking away your pain and filling your

heart with joy your loved ones will notice your happiness and wonder about its source while those against you will

Retreat recognizing their inability to dismay you a Divine Shield of protection

surrounds you and Legions of angels stand guard over your home ensuring the safety of your family at all times trust

deeply in my love for you it’s genuine and Not Mere fantasy it’s as real as the

air you breathe more powerful and wondrous than any Miracle you could seek

my love sustains you offering true life the most precious gift of all your daily

gratitude waking up each morning to thank me placing your life and days in my care showcases your deep Faith even

when others doubt or ridicule you stand firm believing in an all powerful God

you cannot see embodying true belief and devotion yet you know well that I am

real Watching Over You attentive to your needs with this Faith you

possess you shall rise living

feeling knowing that you are a child of the creator of the universe with immense confidence in

every step you take with a radiant face exuding happiness my dear child your unwavering

gratitude touches my heart deep tomorrow I’ll be waiting to embrace you

with my love again even Before Dawn breaks I know how much you cherish your

children they are precious to me too I’ve inscribed their names their faces

their hearts their thoughts their desires their errors their battles and

their dreams in my book I haven’t overlooked what they signify to you I

wish for you to have peace to cease worrying about the decisions they’ve made are you concerned don’t fret over

things beyond your grasp hand over your concerns to me concentrate on your own Journey

excessive worry drains you and robs you of Peace conserve your strength and Faith

for I desire your prayers for them the time has come for you to let go of what you must release the doves have grown

and must now fly release them with confidence let them spread their wings toward freedom for as long as you pray

for them my protective mantle shall always cover them accept what I say and

have faith in my will your mind is burdened with concerns you do not need when you yield to the temptation to

control to make decisions for your children to open or close paths for them

leave those matters to me there’s a boundary they mustn’t overstep the honor of your family and

your home which must always be upheld if their silence is not your ally I’ll

endow you with strength peace and the wisdom necessary for

confrontation yet let anger not guide your words be conscious of your speech

for words and actions can either wound or heal I have treated you with kindness

offering you love and salvation now turn your focus to your beloved children trust me they may

falter and tears may be shed head but the Salvation you’ve received will reach them too at the right time they’ll face

the limits I’ve set true remorse will Dawn upon them and they’ll return home with blessings that bring joy and enrich

your household gifting you further years of happiness with open arms and Grace

you’ll receive them back offering another chance keep praying for your

children and soon you’ll feel my peace surrounding you know that your children

rest securely in my care a blessing to your family the moment for healing has

arrived to appear in my presence and lay before me all Discord all lack of

forgiveness it is time to cast aside differences and embrace a beautiful reconciliation if you accept this

blessing allow me to utilize you endowing you with abundant wisdom to fortify your character to acquaint you

with my word and to guide those beloved individuals in your household who have yet to follow me even though some people

around you might not yet be convinced they’ll start to change their minds when they see how my love has transformed you

don’t be afraid you won’t be embarrassed if someone mocks or tries to bother you stay calm because I will make sure they

come to see you as a role model always be ready to offer them encouraging words and prayers filled

with love avoiding any criticism or judgment if they make mistakes takes or

choose paths different from yours remember it’s not your place to judge them I’m not sending you to punish them

I’m asking you to love them just as I have loved you you’ve made many mistakes

but I’ve never turned you away instead I’ve always been patient forgiving you

again and again because that’s who I am my loyalty is unshakable my forgiveness

is Limitless yet you know that wrong choices have consequences that can cause pain so be

wise grateful for the life and forgiveness I’ve given you through my grace and love remember the patience I’ve shown

you as I have never punished you as harshly as your mistakes could have warranted every morning let me fill you

with patience and give you the wisdom you need to rise to a place where your whole family looks up to you with love

and respect you will lead them on the path of righteousness and soon they will all

come to know me because you have shared my message with kindness and shown my love and how you live get ready for a

time of happiness and blessings when your whole family will recognize me as their God and Lord today yes I have

something important to tell you listen carefully and stay focused these words

are for your good I love you endlessly and want to shower you with love bring

you peace during tough times guide you bless you and show you deep love but

since you hold a special place in my heart I need to talk to you about healing your inner self I want to let you know about

the actions I will take there’s nothing I can’t do in this amazing time when you’re getting to know me

better understanding and believing that my word is true and will always come to

pass I’ve noticed something important that needs your attention not to induce distress or prompt you to desist nor for

you to Proclaim your unwillingness to persist but because if you listen to me and obey your blessing shall

multiply receive and embrace these words I impart if you wish for the doors and windows of the Heavens to open unto you

facilitating passage to the Divine and Supernatural realm you need to let go of all bitterness and negative thoughts

your faith brings me joy but don’t let grumbling poison your genuine belief

avoid harboring negative feelings or cynical thoughts as they can grow and cause your vibrant Faith to fade away

stop complaining and keep away from friends who bring confusion doubt and

negativity look for companions who are wise my child subscribe to the channel

now today make a choice to trust me or to turn away from the good changes and blessings that are about to come if you

leave behind complaints hold on to faith Embrace hope and avoid

negativity amazing things will happen blessings abundance

Freedom healing peace in your family joy in your

spirit and a Heart full of gladness these gifts will come to you

because you chose to trust in me I cherish you deeply hold me close give me your

worries and complaints stop trying to do everything on your own let me bless you and show

you the immense love I have for you confirm your trust in me I will remove

the be barers in your path and clear the way to your bright future I’m breaking every cruel shackle causing your hands

to bleed and lifting the burdensome weight sinking Your Vessel for too long contrary winds have assailed your

sails steering you into the eye of the hurricane threatening to engulf you in the abyss of sorrow and despair that has

wounded you deeply today I bring you

freedom I shall breathe with Divine breath upon that storm of malevolence the the clouds of fear and

anxiety are clearing away my powerful words are starting to work real miracles in your life the

changes you’ve wanted and the breakthroughs you’ve prayed for are now close at hand but take heed you don’t

have time to waste anymore you must not forget what I’m sharing with you today

it’s important not to neglect the grace and mercy I’ve given you feed your soul with uplifting words let your heart

Savor the sweetness of heavenly guidance listen carefully to the guidance I’m

providing this year is for putting into practice all the good teachings you’ve absorbed I will remind you of this each

morning as you wake up you’ll be looking towards me listening with your inner

ear I desire to Grant those petitions that arise within your heart if in this year you seek to

witness Supernatural Miracles you know what to do Surrender Your Heart to

me act with righteousness relinquish the Reigns of your life to me and be attentive to my

guidance I have been heralding potent changes that will soon come to pass fulfilling the promise I made to you you

will be liberated from debts provided with employment and

strengthened you need to get up from where you are and face the tasks I have laid out for you without complaining or

backing down in your diligence a blessing is waiting for you

it’s your faith that will unlock lock doors for you the massive barrier that was in your path is no longer there

don’t be afraid proceed with boldness and Assurance I Am With You Always leading

and filling you with energy towards the end of this encouraging message I’ll share something wonderful

that will bring you Joy incredible things are on the horizon the blessings

coming your way are unprecedented but before that I want to

express my deep love for you I’ve heard your cries in times of sorrow and have provided Solace to your heart I’ve

bestowed upon you peace from above and by the next day you felt rejuvenated

with a clearer understanding of your wonderful purpose and promising future I appreciate you deeply seeing how you’ve

learned to evade the enemy’s snares brings me great joy knowing you’re my cherished child is

delightful Abundant Blessings are in store and I will bestow them in my perfect timing as per my will such

happiness should hasten us yet in some areas you still need to mature and apply

the wisdom you are receiving remember some things of value when they come

suddenly and effortlessly may not be a blessing to your life before receiving what I am about to

give you you must understand its purpose and what you must do for your blessings to multiply

just as those who seow the field must await the time the rain the sun and the

seasons so must you patiently affirm your plans and intentions prepare yourself for the

numerous blessings heading your way greet them with calmness for they will come at the time I’ve designated they

will not surprise you be ready to embrace the victory that’s approaching

in this message’s beginning I expressed my admiration for you revealing a truth

shared since the dawn of time few seek to understand it While others Overlook

it because acknowledging and receiving it means submitting to me the omnipotent holy and everpresent

God I want you to know that my love for you is immense and my deepest desire is

to bless you let’s agree start your day with me humble yourself listen to my

voice in the morning Stillness and let Joy fill your heart avoid complaining

nourish your soul with my wise instructions delve into my scripture

treasure it in your being love and esteem yourself as I cherish you extend

the patience I have shown you to your family and to all around you take action the Wonders you’ve anticipated

are near I’m addressing you my dear child who seeks my presence each Dawn

who dedicates moments to commune with me in faith awaiting my response do not

become disheartened or abandon hope you persist day after day showcasing a faith

that is valuable Splendid and profoundly potent I want to fill your heart with

love and heal any hurt from the past making sure you always feel deeply loved by me imagine going to bed happy and

waking up every day with Solid Faith that today will be even better than yesterday picture my arms around you my

hands on your head blessing your thoughts and guiding you

I’m going to shower you with wonderful blessings and surprises but I need you to stay strong and keep visiting me

every day you don’t even have to say anything just close your eyes and feel

my love surrounding you take in these comforting words let this powerful feeling fill you up I want you to have

peace for your hard time to end and for you and your family to start a new chapter of

prosperity I know there are moments when you feel small or insignificant especially when you see others flaunting

their riches but keep in mind you possess something infinitely more valuable you

have a personal relationship with me having welcomed me into your heart

you’re sensitive to spiritual matters in ways many aren’t I’m always here for a conversation attentive to every word you

say I will open opportunities for you that remain inaccessible to others guiding you on the best pathway

never be envious or Covetous of others possessions or their ways things might look appealing initially but ultimately

they lead to ruin walk proudly knowing you don’t need to prove anything to anyone to be significant in my eyes fear

nothing you are well acquainted with my teachings my door is always open to you you’re always welcome here this is your

Sanctuary here you’re listened to with patience and care you won’t find such

pure and profound love any anywhere else dear child I hold immense love for you I’m

the light that wants to brighten your life today to chase away any darkness that lurks in your heart your home or

among your loved ones every day it’s important for you to look for me embrace my love and follow what I

want for you when you hear my words let them sink deep into your being and hold

them dear don’t ignore or forget what I’ve told you keep your Bible close

maybe right next to your bed wake up each morning eager to connect with me

read it with real faith and eagerness to learn the promises you discovered today will give you strength I’ll fill you

with such power that you won’t feel hopeless when you get up if you find my words

confusing take some time to understand me more come close to me early in the

day and you’ll experience my encompassing love carry this uplifting feeling throughout

your day you don’t have to be weighed down by anxiety or sorrow or be ruled by your

emotions stop greeting your mornings with fear I yearn for a deeper connection with you for you to trust in

me through all situations hand over your concerns to me I’m here to set you free look ahead with

optimism and faith in me I am sending you a surge of divine encouragement and

confidence allow the anxiety that distur disturbs your home to dissipate you won’t be overwhelmed by

Financial stress or discouraged any longer let your family be a place of love and peace not

conflict Embrace understanding and forgiveness among each other I’m your guide your truth and your source of life

I want you and your family to be enveloped in my care and protection throughout the year your household is

liberated from curses My Sacrifice has purified you from all sin and bondage

evil and curses have no hold over you by giving me your heart you and your family

are safeguarded and preserved trust not those who do not love or believe in me immerse yourself

In this River of power love freedom and Supernatural transformation my Divine

Light illuminates your home and family have faith and trust wonderful blessings are coming to your life tell

me you remember the times I delivered you from numerous trouble the Miracles I performed which made

clear the reality of my power write it down now do it with faith today you will

witness all that I can do in your life your blessing is here in my hands the

ultimate solution to all your problems come and claim it what are you waiting for you know my love for you

it’s been a constant feeling deep inside even when you felt far away don’t listen

to those doubts saying you failed or I don’t care for you that’s not true

there’s still a light in your heart a strong desire to come back to this place that eagerly awaits you don’t be

scared come to me I understand you’re overwhelmed unsure about your next steps

you thought you had Faith but then faced disappointments especially from those

you counted on who seem to leave you behind you might have felt abandoned

thinking I didn’t respond when you needed me but remember I’m always timely

I never abandon you I’ve been watching over you answering your needs even when

you doubted my words were meant to comfort yet you hesitated to accept them

struggling with the idea that your almighty God would speak directly to you don’t turn away you are truly loved here

this is your Sanctuary a place of peace and safety where you can find rest and profound

sleep let me guide you into a special experience tonight in your dream you’ll

find yourself beside a river its Waters clear and bright and there I’ll be with

you I’ll reach out and as you walk across the water Barefoot every bit of

your pain anger and worry will wash away in the morning when you awaken

you’ll feel transformed infused us with new Strength it’s as if all the weight has been lifted off your

shoulders this refreshing change is a gift for those who choose to believe again who acknowledge their faults and

revive their faith there’s no need to search Elsewhere for comforting words

I’m right here with you embrace my word let it nourish your soul and witness how

my Holy Spirit revitalizes you I am the essence of your life and the source of

true blessings offering the peace and answers your heart seeks tell me you

believe speak think write it with all your

faith those things you have lost you will recover I Am The God Who lifts and

restores I will return what has been taken from you because you have sought me sincerely and humbly I have seen how your heart

suffers at times thinking your life is over but soon you will understand

understand how much I truly love you your future has always been in my hands

and I have the power to change all those situations that came against you there were times when you felt alone

and lost the will to live but I am changing everything for you I have

approached you to show you with this love that I want to bless you greatly and that what others planned for your

harm I will change and use to lift you up strengthen you and prosper you

be courageous and set your sights on Grand Ambitions be bold enough to plan Monumental Endeavors with me by your

side you can achieve great distances if you wholeheartedly believe that I dwell within you start to think as I do for

there are no limits hurdles or foes that can thwart my might banish thoughts of

defeat do not entertain discouragement or failure in your mind you might be letting pessimistic individuals

influence you causing you to be unsettled like a ship tossed by the Sea and buffeted by the wind I will recover

all that you’ve lost but you need to cherish my love and the intentions I hold for you when I say

something accept it as truth when it’s inscribed in my scripture heed and follow it do not

disregard my advice avoid dwelling on the adverse aspects of your

experiences make time to converse with me each morning pause for a few moments during your day

to have a little talk with me as you prepare to end your day kneel and go over your day with me discuss the

obstacles you encountered and I will endow you with Divine Vigor you will behold miraculous events that will

transform your existence understand that I am a devoted God and Father and know this I seek your

complete dedication and loyalty let your words be filled with blessings and encouragement the truth is simple I

cherish you and this will never waver now affirm your love for me once more do

not overlook this message or close this page prematurely dedicate a moment of your

day to connect with me wholeheartedly listen carefully to the end don’t let anything distract you tune in Let My

Words Be engraved in your heart once you’ve embraced this message fully a deep peace will envelop you so listen

with intent my words offer Direction and insight pursue me with all your heart

and engage with the Bible every day read eagerly learn earnestly with every page

you’ll feel and recognize my voice within you waiting for your reply you’ve

prayed tirelessly faced many trials with patience and like clay in the hands of a

Potter I Am shaping you even when you don’t feel or see it I

at work within you calming your fears and refining your character and outlook on

life change is in progress after enduring many tearful

nights and patient waiting when my blessing arrives and my answer is at your doorstep you’ll see how much you’ve

changed I’m aware of the struggles you faced and it’s time for your peace and joy that day is near then you’ll be

prepared to welcome me into your home I’ll touch the hearts of your loved ones even those who seem distant bringing

transformation today notice the changes around you see the seeds of Love you’ve

planted beginning to grow a time of joy is on the horizon and the days of

sadness and hardship will fade from memory your days of struggling with Despair and emotional upheaval are over

I promised you a prosperous future and I’m making it happen dive into my

teachings renew your trust and build up your resilience [Applause]

don’t hesitate to dream big and make ambitious plans it’s your turn to start a new despite past hurdles trust me

completely this time your faith and dedication will lead to unprecedented success so approach me today I’m here

ready with open arms to listen to your prayers and unlock Heaven’s Bounty for you making your path to success

clear I’ll unveil that great blessing but stay tune to my words until the end

don’t let doubts cut me off your perseverance is noteworthy and it hasn’t been in vain the payback for your

steadfast faith and endurance is just around the corner I fully understand your journey and your heart’s true

intentions you’re not after fleeting Treasures fame or

recognition your battle is real you’re seeking just enough to care for your family get out of debt and assist those

you love I’m here to to bless you that’s my intention I’ll unlock the heavens and

shower you with true blessings until you’re brimming with the resources you need liberated from burdens and living

in peace if you trust me take action stand

up with resolve and keep on working rest when necessary but get back up the next day

move forward bravely and energetically proceed without grumbling or sadness with vitality and happiness

even when things don’t unfold as expected or when others try to disrupt your peace persist in your efforts even on

tough days face your opponents with bravery offer them a smile if they’re thirsty

give them water if they need help assist them but with

caution be wise don’t expose your vulnerabilities and don’t give them the

means to betray and harm you display love yet also stand firm in your

principles and all that you’ve learned from me avoid the company of those who do

wrong keep your intentions private don’t listen to or spread gossip about anyone

these adversaries will grow frustrated when they see they can’t divert you from your path our journey together isn’t

over continue moving forward with faith bravery and determination until I say

it’s time then you’ll grasp many things you’ll find yourself before a massive

door Beyond which lie incredible blessings affirm your belief in me and

commit to seeking me every day beginning this plan now my dear one you are

courageous step forward in faith for victory is yours amen my child subscribe

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