today my dear child this is what God

wants to say to you when you hear this

message know that it’s more than just a

bunch of words put together it’s a sign

of how much I love you as far as I can

tell this love is beyond all

comprehension it has no limits or

boundaries from the very core of my

being I embrace you and wrap you in the

warmth of my divine presence I love you

so much my child and my eyes are filled

with pride and love I see a reflection

of my own Divine Light in you you are a

work of art that is filled with love and

purpose With Every Breath You Take You

remind yourself of the amazing potential

that is just waiting to be released

don’t ever forget that I am with you

every step of the way even if you make

mistakes I am your steady guide when you

don’t know what to do and I am your

comfort and strength when you are sad

since I know the insides of your heart

so well I can relate to your deepest

hopes fears and dreams I want you to

live a life full of Mercy compassion and

kindness please let the light of my Love

Shine through your actions so that they

heal and bless other people accept

forgiveness for it is by forgiving

others that you free your own soul and

show my Divine love to them hold on to

the Anchor of Hope when life throws you

a curve ball remember that even on the

worst nights Dawn will come and

happiness will return to your heart

trust me because I am arranging a

symphony of Divine Providence in your

life making sure that every note and

Rhythm fits together perfectly to make a

masterpiece don’t forget that you are

never alone my presence fills you up and

covers everything about you if you want

to pray to me I will listen because your

voice is like sweet music to me find me

in the quiet of your soul and I’ll show

you Mysteries and truths that will light

your way may your journey continue to

fill you with a deep sense of awe and

wonder my precious child enjoy the

beautiful things around you like the

bright colors the soft sounds of nature

and the wind every moment be aware of

the Divine fingerprints that are on your

life I love you so much that it has no

limits it’s like an eternal flame that

burns brightly igniting your spirit and

giving your life meaning you can’t be

replaced as an important part of my

divine plan and I am so thankful that

you are here with us amen click like

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believe in God I have been with you I am

with you and I shall remain by your side

for all eternity in the quiet hours of

Dawn and the bustling moments of noon I

stand ever Vigilant my gaze fixed upon

you with unwavering devotion I do not

falter nor do I rest for I am forever

attuned to The Whispers of your heart

ready to answer each sincere plea that

ascends to my Throne so let your spirit

take flight on the wings of faith

knowing that I am your constant

companion your Guiding Light your

Eternal source of strength amen my child

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cherished member of our community lean

into me when the world pushes hard

against you find in my words the truth

that sets you free the love that casts

out fear and the hope that burns Eternal

let my scripture be the bomb for your

soul the wisdom that lights your path

the love letter written in eternity’s

ink remember David who sought my face

with a Heart of Worship even amidst his

trials he knew the secret that in my

presence there is fullness of joy there

is Refuge there is hope for every

tomorrow like him keep your eyes ever

toward me and I will make your path

straight let your soul find its rest in

me for I am gentle and humble in heart

in me your soul will find rest from the

endless striving the Relentless chase

after the wind here with me you will

find the courage to face each task the

wisdom for each decision and the peace

that surpasses all understanding come

now rise and as you step back into the

stream of life keep your hand in mind

walk with me work with me and watch How

I do it learn The unforced rhythms of

Grace I offer do not be burden burdened

by yolks of your own making take mine

upon you for it is easy and my burden is

light together let us face each day each

moment and you will see that I am there

in the quiet morning light in the

laughter of friends in the beauty of

Creation in the quiet resolve of your

spirit there is no place no situation no

emotion where I am not fully with you so

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