God Says: Victory on This Path | God Message Today | God’s Message Now

my beloved child I speak to you this day my heart overflowing with love and grace for you you are not traveling this

journey alone for I walk with you every step of the way I know the trials you

now face seem insurmountable but I will lead you through the storm soon the strength to Prevail already resides

within you for my spirit makes its home in you though you may feel weak and helpless you are an overcomer because of

my finished work my victory is your Victory my power is now your power you

must believe this with expectant faith if you go through your days focused only on thoughts of defeat you will remain

trapped in cycles of negativity unable to move forward but renew your mind to

see yourself as I see you seated in Heavenly Realms high above any scheme the enemy tries to bring against you my

perspective overpowers the limitations trying to restrain you a with what my word declares over you and reject any

thought feeling or impression that contradicts it even if breakthrough seems distant stand firmly on the truth

of my promises placing all your expectations on my ability not your own

simply believe and align yourself with this spiritual Reality by declaring my word daily type if you believe in

God for many of my children the obstacle holding them back is unbelief refusing

to trust that my promises are for them in this moment but my word is living and active

sharper than a double-edged sword everything I speak contains power and anointing to free captives heal the sick

provide abundantly protect and Empower those who dare to believe Faith overcomes the worldly systems of this

age if you feel weak boldly declare that my strength is perfected in weakness if

you feel poor Proclaim his fact that I am Jehovah Gyra you the God who supplies all needs according to my riches if you

feel burdened renounce weariness and announce that my yoke is easy my burden Light walk by faith in what you believe

not fickle feelings anchor yourself to my truth your feelings and circumstances

will eventually align as it is written the righteous shall live by faith your

faith moves my hand ask boldly for nothing is impossible to the one who believes wholeheartedly remember when

Moses held up his staff before the Red Sea that Rod represented faith in my ability not his own likewise your faith

accesses my Miracle working power with me nothing is impossible because you

believe I have given you gifts talents and abilities specifically suited for your Divine assignment use them boldly

and confidently as I order your steps do not compare yourself to others each member of my body has a unique role to

play with passion and Excellence watch what I will do through your stewardship of what I have placed in your hands your

neighbor gifts may seem greater but I do not make mistakes type I am abundant to

affirm abundance into your life if you feel unqualified insecure or afraid of

failure be at peace I am perfecting all that concerns you remain willing humble

and submitted I myself will Empower you mightily in proper time for now start

where you are with what you currently have step out in obedience to my leading do not be anxious over provision or

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