GOD SAYS: “TOMORROW MORNING WHEN YOU GET UP…” God’s Message Today #god #Jesus | Lord Helps Ep~1469

my dear

friends let’s start a journey of love

and devotion towards our

creator each morning as we wake up let’s

think of the one who is the source of


goodness in the peaceful moments of dawn

before the day’s activities consume

us let us express a love for the Lord

he’s not just a distant

Observer he is a caring father a loyal

guide and the focus of her deepest

love imagine waking up to the

realization that the morning itself is a

gift from him a sign of his Endless

Love let our first words be like a child

speaking to their

parents good morning lot you are the

dawn you are the light the very essence

of all

goodness inner communication with him

let us drop the act of

sophistication and wisdom for in his

presence we are as innocent as

newborns there’s no need for fancy words

or Grandeur for our heavenly father

Delights in in the Simplicity of our

hurs and when we stumble in life as we


do let’s not hesitate to turn to him

with humility and

honesty you must say father I have

stumbled will you in your infinite

Mercy guide me back to the path of

righteousness but our relationship with

God is Not not just

one-sided as much as it gives us his

Endless Love and Grace he also invites

us to participate in his Divine

work so let’s ask him Lord how may I

serve you today is there a burden you

wish to share a task you interest to

me by extending our hands to carry his

burden we show a love and commitment to

him it is through his grace alone that

we are empowered to

serve and it is his glory that shines

forth in our humble acts of

obedience so my dear Brothers and

Sisters in Christ let’s start each day

with a h full of love for our heavenly

father let’s talk to him as we would

with our closest friend

and let’s eagerly offer ourselves as

vessels for his Divine

purposes May the dawn of each new day be

a reminder of his unwavering love for us

and may a response be one of complete

devotion and

services amen

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