God Says: Today You are Taking a Big Risk | God Message for You Today | God Message Today

if you want God to always help you you

should carefully listen to this message

from God if you don’t do this God won’t

be able to assist you because you’ll be

blocking God’s

angels so listen to the full message

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message with your close friends and on

your social media my beloved child in

the annals of Eternity where time

unfurls its tapestry

I jesus your savior and Redeemer extend

my hand of Grace and bestow upon you my

message of love and gratitude from my

heavenly Throne i gaze upon you with

eyes that behold the depths of your

heart perceiving the longings and

aspirations that reside within as you

journey through this Earthly realm

amidst the EB and flow of life’s trials

and tribulations I call upon you to to

cultivate a heart of gratitude towards

me your Creator and

sustainer gratitude is the fertile soil

in which the seeds of Joy

contentment and fulfillment take root

and flourish when you awaken each

morning let your first thoughts be of

gratitude for the gift of Life a

precious treasure that many yearn for

yet never receive behold the beauty of

creation that surrounds you the Majesty

of mountains the Tranquil murmur of

rivers the vibrant tapestry of Nature’s

Hues these wonders are but a glimpse of

my boundless love and

creativity if you resonate with this

message then type Amen in the comments

and hit the like button and please make

sure to subscribe to the channel as you

partake in your daily tasks whether they

be mundane or seemingly

insignificant let gratitude accompany

your every step recognize that even in

the most ordinary moments there lies a

hidden Beauty

a spark of Divine Purpose type Amen in

the comments if you want God’s love and

presence embrace the opportunity to

serve others to extend a helping hand to

those in need to be a source of light in

a world often shrouded in darkness in

times of adversity When Trials beset you

like raging storms let gratitude be your

anchor your steadfast companion that

weathers The

Tempest remember that I am ever present

with you walking beside you through the

darkest valleys bearing the weight of


burdens it is in The Crucible of

suffering that gratitude truly shines


brightest for it is through the fires of

adversity that your faith is refined

your resilience is forged and your

dependence on me is deepened when you

choose gratitude in the midst of Trials

you acknowledge that my plan is perfect

even when you cannot comprehend it dear

child gratitude is not merely an emotion

it is a transformative force that has

the power to reshape your perspective to

heal wounds and to mend broken hearts it

is a conscious Choice a daily practice

that requires intentionality and

perseverance but be assured as you

cultivate a heart of gratitude you will

discover an abundance of blessings that

were once hidden from your sight

gratitude opens the door to a deeper

communion with me your heavenly father

as you express your thankfulness you

draw closer to me and I in turn draw

closer to you our hearts beat in unison

and your spirit finds Solace and rest in

my eternal Embrace remember my beloved

child that I am the source of all

goodness the Fountain of Life The Giver

of every perfect gift let gratitude be

your constant companion a Melody that

fills your heart and overflows into the

world around you may your life be a

testament to my love a Beacon of Hope

for those who seek Solace and salvation

may your heart be a vessel of gratitude

overflowing with praise and adoration

for your Creator and Redeemer I love you

with an everlasting love amen

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