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my beloved child I come to you with a heart full of love and a desire to

connect with you in this moment I see the longing in your soul for more success strength and prosperity

and I want you to know that I am here to bestow these blessings upon you I want to congratulate you for

taking firm steps and approaching me with faith today your trust in me warms

my heart and I want you to understand that I have watched over you in every moment of your life life I have

protected you from illnesses and dangers you may not even be aware of if you hold

fast to my word you will see open doors and provision raining down from the windows of

Heaven open your heart to Faith not only this month but in all the months to come

for I will always be with you do not stray onto Paths of Disobedience and do

not let foolish ideas take root in your mind you stand here today not just

because of my love but because of your unwavering Faith your belief in my promises has

brought you under the protective shadow of my grace open your eyes as well and

come to me daily to hear my message in this month I will reveal the

special purpose I have for you you are valuable to me to my work to your family

to your children and to your friends your heart carries a special Mission but

do not rush into projects without my guidance do not let your emotions dictate your

steps consult me before making decisions for I want to bless you in my way do not

covet the blessings of others or copy their actions I have prepared unique

gifts for you treasures and talents waiting to be uncovered these blessings are on their

way but you must remain steadfast in my word and presence to receive what is

rightfully yours do not waste your days comparing yourself to others take your

place and your dreams will come true your desires will be fulfilled and

your leadership will prosper I will ignite a desire within you to live to

fight and to work prepare yourself to conquer the land I have set before you

but go into Conquest with my my word in your heart do not take a single step without

consulting me for all that is your part you will achieve with strength and bravery no matter where you are treat

people with Grace and be an example of love and simplicity do not chase the fleeting

Fame of this world for it leads to emptiness do not boast about your

possessions to seek temporary Applause for true satisfaction comes from me alone

their souls may be filled with loneliness and deceit but yours will be filled with my Everlasting Love if I

bestow great blessings upon you do not flaunt them in the open where envy and danger

lurk do not risk your family for the sake of false Applause do not invent

titles for yourself guard your heart for this is my solemn warning to you you may

choose to ignore me or dismiss my message but know this my word will be fulfilled

it is planted in your soul and will not return empty soon it will Sprout and your life

will change I bless protect and prosper those who remain loyal to me who do not

ignore or abandon me it is my will that you prosper in all things just as your

soul prospers through my holy word I do not ask for the impossible

I want to hear your prayers your repentance and your desire for change I

am opening your Supernatural vision and touching your spirit with my powerful

anointing feel my presence I am here everything I speak to you will come to

pass seek me in my word and ask for miracles that may seem

impossible you will see that your faith and loyalty have not been in vain come

cry out to me and I will answer you I will reveal great and hidden things to you with powerful blessings that will

astonish you write it down now and declare your belief in me this is a month of blessings a month

of prayer it will be a beautiful time of joy and reflection but I urge you not to

miss a single word of this message this is a month to hear my word every day so

it is etched in your soul and comes alive when you face problems conflicts

threats rumors attacks and doubts do not fear or be discouraged for

I will always be by your side to offer my help I am

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