God Says: Today, I Am Begging Your 2 Minute | Jesus Affirmations | God Message

today my beloved child you will feel the

depth of my love wrapping around you

like a warm protective

blanket you’ll grasp the magnitude of my

care solid as a towering Mountain

unyielding and

unwavering no Force no foe will ever

have the power to sever the bond between

us today the essence of Love Will paint

vibrant Strokes across your heart

revealing its resilience in the face of

of any

adversity you’ll see how love blooms

like a radiant sunflower steadfast and

bold amidst the chaos of the

world and as you stand in the glow of

this boundless affection you’ll realize

that nothing can shatter The Fortress of

love that surrounds

you so my dear child rest assured for in

my love you will always find your refuge


strength release the grip on the path

F open your hands wide to welcome the

blessings hurtling towards you like


stars these blessings will sweep you

away from the shadowy Realms of sadness

to vibrant Landscapes where

opportunities flourish and wisdom

blooms picture your hands as vessels

empty and ready to be filled with the

treasures of Tomorrow feel the

weightlessness as you let go of the

burdens that tether you to

yesterday embrace the free freom to

embrace the future With Arms Wide

Open these blessings will be your

compass guiding you towards New Horizons

where growth and Enlightenment

await so prepare yourself to seize these

gifts and embark on a journey of

transformation and

Discovery you are blessed because your

soul has cried and I have a crown for

you a spiritual blessing that you can

enjoy treasure and

share this blessing will grow and

grow now is the time to walk through my

words forget about your past pain and

focus on the end goal don’t look for

happiness in those who want to stop the

plans I’ve made for you or in memories

that make you feel

trapped if you trust me believe in this

powerful plan I have for you with all

your heart because I’m giving you

powerful gifts talents ideas dreams and

new new skills you haven’t even thought

of yet everything is real and I’ve given

you the power to work smartly and

win get up and knock on doors they will

open with the eye of the door open so

that no one can close it don’t allow

yourself to dwell on the sorrow of


dreams I refuse to let you succumb to

doubt instead I want you to stride

forward with unwavering

confidence picture your dreams as stars

in the night sky each one twinkling with

potential though some may still seem

distant remember that you hold the power

to reach them visualize confidence as a

sturdy bridge spanning the gap between

where you are and where you want to be

with every step feel your resolve

solidify propelling you towards your

goals so vanish doubt from your mind and

embrace the certainty of your

success walk with your head held high

for you are destined for greatness it

won’t be easy you’ll have to fight but

angels from heaven will help you my word

is your sword your faith is your

Shield my spirit is your flag and your

drive to live and do my will is what

will keep you going don’t be afraid or

give up if you believe nothing and no

one can separate you from my love even

if you make mistakes and fall

short get up and if you do Walk Don’t


Back if you walk I’ll be waiting for you

at the end of your journey with your

blessing in my

hands if you ever feel like you need

help my strong arm is ready to go no

matter how far away you seem or how down

you feel because of your

mistakes I understand

I made you and I will always love care

for and protect you don’t listen to Bad

Things remember that my word told you

not to

faint don’t let your emotions control

what you think how you act or what you

do don’t let the bad things that happen

in life destroy your

faith I have been by your side through

good times and bad bear your faith no

matter matter how small it seems even

when you feel like giving up no matter

how you feel my spirit and my word tell

you today not to stop don’t be

scared I’m here to help you you are

brave Someone Like You doesn’t run

away you will walk through fire and

rough water without getting hurt even

when things are hard don’t give up

because I will follow you

everywhere I won’t leave you give up on

you or turn you

down I don’t want to see you sitting

there without any energy and dragging

around the sadness that’s in your

heart I feel care and love for you when

I see you because I know that no one

else can really understand how much pain

you’re in you deal with it in silence

but your spirit is breaking down inside

and I can see that you blame yourself

for all the problems you have but I’m

not here to judge you I’m here to show

you my love and help you find a way out

of the darkness around you I refuse to

watch you drift further into the abyss

of guilt and

despair my desire is for your salvation

your Liberation from the chains that

bind you every sin you’ve confessed I’ve

pardoned erasing them from the Slate of

remembrance it’s time for you to release

yourself from the burden of your past


transgressions picture them as heavy

Stones weighing you down preventing you

from soaring towards brighter

Horizons just as I’ve cast them aside

it’s within your power to let them go

too imagine forgiveness as a gentle

breeze sweeping away the dust of your

mistakes leaving behind a clean

slate Embrace this Fresh Start for it

holds the promise of redemption and

renewal so lift your your head high

unburdened by the weight of your past

and step into the light of forgiveness


Grace you need to start a new part of

your life that is free and

happy let go of your worries your pain

and your

anger don’t hold grudges in your

spirit I understand the pain runs deep

inflicted by those who treated you

poorly it’s as if they’ve stolen your

happiness leaving you feeling robbed of

Joy but I’m here as your protector Your

Guardian against the Shadows of the

past the era of hurt is behind us now so

release its grip and bask in the warmth

of my love and compassion once

more picture your pain as heavy chains

chaining you to a past you no longer

belong to but with my support those

chains can be broken setting you free to

embrace the present and future with open

arms visualize my love as a beacon

guiding you through the darkness towards

a brighter

tomorrow so let go of the hert and let

my kindness wash over you like a

soothing tide restoring your faith in

the goodness of the

world type amen if you believe and share

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