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my beloved child allow me a moment of your time this is not a mere coincidence

that you are hearing from me now your heart Echoes a deep yearning and it’s in

response to this that I come before you let this be clear I wish for you to have

faith in me today and always and may you never disregard my words with the deepest love I speak to

you every moment every day my aim is to see you flourish to bestow blessings

upon you and to let you feel the holy anointment I place upon you recognize

that you have transformed you are no longer bound by past struggles

mistakes or the chains of those who belittle you and doubt your worth stand up for you are freed escape the confines

of your mental captivity today I break every spiritual bond you

are no longer bound to harmful habits or the desire of those who mean you harm

you are my precious child my beloved my love for you is immense

Beyond human comprehension a mighty Divine Force rejuvenating your faith

today you will stand strong you will rise Embrace and joyfully accept the

blessings I am laying before you you will hear my voice in your Slumber feel

my presence upon waking and wherever you go be filled with

bravery you will tread upon Embers and remain untouched even amidst the tempestuous Seas attempting to swallow

you rise and proceed act now walk steadfastly on the water step after step

keeping your focus ahead never lose sight of your aspirations the beautiful

destination you’re meant to reach behind you flows my blessings like a powerful River carving through valleys flattening

mountains uprooting the deepest rooted Thorns demolishing barriers and unlocking doors

these blessings are unstoppable no power can thwart them wherever your path

leads my love will always envelop you reaching the furthest Corners where you’ll find my peace Grace and

blessing my love for you is so profound that it challenges human understanding

simply feel it embrace it and receive it with faith in the days to come I will

reveal my presence to you in extraordinary ways rest assured nothing

will be missing for I have promised I am your provider ever

watchful of your situations and needs do not agonize over your current trials

close your eyes remember my teachings and your mind and heart will be filled

with peace and Tranquility surrounding you are numerous opportunities is awaiting your action

step forward and knock on these doors with determination and resolve I urge you to do this

fearlessly I will guide your words when you speak make the choice today to progress on your journey do not be

paralyzed by fear as you stand and move forward the windows of heaven will open

for you I will shower you with abundant genuine blessings and you will experience an

overflow of provision you will be liberated from debt and financial burdens receiving more than you expect

enabling you to share to give to bless and to invest you will continue to

harvest and sew starting today and into the future every day every month every

year thus revisit and reflect on these words until their meaning is Crystal Clear heed my command immerse yourself

in my teachings and move forward with purpose it is time for you to awaken for

your faith to flare up grow stronger and accelerate the plan I have for you

requires leaving behind past defeats and guilt choose to persist to fight each

day and ignore the Whispers And attacks of others forgive Forge ahead leave the

past behind and progress my words will protect you your

faith will be your weapon I will help you navigate through any challenges you encounter resolve to endure for I give

you the strength to persevere remember I am your Shepherd your

provider I am aware of your needs and will supply all that you lack and more declare with your words and your whole

heart that you will continue to strive to live to believe do not be troubled by

alarming news I understand the purpose of my actions I hold Supreme

Authority with my power I can calm stormy winds split the

sea enable you to walk on turbulent Waters raise you from sickness heal your

body and comfort your soul dear child like the video I collect your tears when

the world inflicts pain and suffering upon you in your faith find shelter love

and belief my presence will envelop you filling you with love and peace in times

of Despair time alone cannot heal wounds only I can heal them completely leaving

no Trace life’s trials will not harm you rather they have helped you grow and

become wiser I will also free you from the burden of painful memories my hands were nailed to the

cross enduring suffering for you cleansing your sins with My Sacrifice

offering you my grace and easing your your heart’s burdens and sorrows in joy

and in sorrow in health and in sickness my presence will never leave you this is

my solemn promise I will perform powerful miracles in your life demonstrating what’s

possible when my word is embraced and obeyed by a humble heart one that accepts both trials and blessings I will

change daunting circumstances for your benefit challenges and tests will lead you to a better place conflicts will

strengthen you and you’ll face situations that will grow your wisdom if I allow it this is for your good and if

I say I will be with you and protect you from harm it’s because I will you will

prosper as I have decreed every good thing you receive will be multiplied and

blessed believe without doubt without letting past failures hold you back if

you believe in me with all your heart also trust in my forgiveness for full blessings ignore the accuser pay no mind

to criticisms or slander don’t let them occupy your thoughts disregard the envious words

about your future instead of fear and anxiety feel my hand on your heart be filled with joy

peace hope faith and confidence I will Infuse your life with

joy and put Praise on your lips your life will transform blessings from

heaven will fill your home you will be free from the chains of debt and past Financial mistakes even in times of

scarcity trust in my words and view your surroundings with faith stay alert to open doors and

opportunities treat everyone you meet with kindness and respect I will bring special people into

your life to help you just as I do be friendly

amiable and respectful to all for I will bless you and use you in ways beyond

your imagination in times of adversity the wonderful things I plan to

do with you will become apparent you will rise and shine amidst Darkness you will bear witness to this

secret wisdom you are reading and hearing I share it with many but not all believe and some reject my

gifts they make excuses and listen to those who keep them bound to misery sin

pain and sorrow ignoring my blessings words and

promises but I tell you that I love you believe in me so you don’t miss out

on my blessings I know you are different I’ve seen it many times I know you believe in

me and I dearly love you receive my blessing now you are in my hands under

my protection fear not those who oppose you for they will contend with me even

though your problems are many I will deliver you those who fight against you will be confused in

shame even now you can see how they surround you but I will intervene I will

help you in a few days you will look around and your enemies will be no more

many are Furious because they can’t defeat you they don’t know or understand that your greatest friend your God your

savior defends you believe and have faith for with me well nothing is

impossible trust and act for I am with you act and make progress knowing that I

have fortified your faith and given you the power to walk on Waters you will combat and overcome all evil forces for

fear no longer holds you the anxieties and fears of the past are left behind

lift your sword and persist in the battle prepare yourself for the blessings that are to come you shall

claim the land that lies before you I will provide you with answers and Solutions in every

situation I have anointed you with my spirit to heal and uplift many hearts I

will bless your family and bring peace and Harmony to your home soon you will notice a change my presence will

dominate your household all the harmful forces that have caused distress will vanish and not

return seek me and you will find rest for your soul in my promises in my word

place your trust in me for I am your God your rock your health your strength your

salvation take my hand and never falter I am your protector your lord

your healer Proclaim now with all your might that you believe in me and hold tightly

to your faith I love you I have been I am and I will always be with you pray

for your family it is essential for your prayers are effective and Powerful you have seen many times

how I have responded when my presence arrives the challenges your family has faced have brought forth

trials you may see Smiles on their faces but inside they

struggle come to my altar On Bended Knees start to intercede and plead I

will surround your family with a spiritual Shield I will not let the enemy har them I will rescue them from

illnesses and accidents I will endow them with wisdom I will open doors that were once

closed they will discover many hidden favorable opportunities I will provide you with

strength peace calmness and inspiration to speak lovingly to your loved ones

never utter harsh words to them truly understand their emotions and the tough situations they face

when you are with them embrace them tenderly stroke their heads and as you

do pray my anointing will flow from your hands my power will erase all sadness

from their souls I will break every chain and bring healing to their hearts

share my word with them let my promises not be forgotten in your home my name will be spoken with

reverence you will witness the gradual resolution of problems and my presence will prevail in your

family a time will come when you will joyfully witness the transformation in their lives their character will evolve

and many who seem lost will find their path and reach their destined blessings in these moments it is crucial to hold

fast to me do not be discouraged by the negative things you see I have a grand

plan and my plan always comes to pass unaffected by any obstacles in your home

there must be someone who believes in me wholeheartedly with true sincerity praying for their loved ones

with steadfast Faith you are that person pray for your family and obstacles will

fall Victory will be yours I love you and I love them

too find rest in me for I hold your present in my hands your future in my

heart the blessings that are to come in your life are proof of my favor as long

as you believe in and cherish my word those who wish to see you humiliated will be astounded by the supernatural

Miracles I will perform in these days I will lift your spirit dry your tears and bring you

peace I will fill you with joy come engage daily with my promises open your

Bible sit in quietness read and feed your Hungry Heart grow stronger

feel the immense strength that I am instilling in you sometimes you look up hoping for a sign from

heaven but now I tell you to look ahead for I am already answering your

prayers and requests I am granting you the things you’ve asked for according to

my will so that you may truly Thrive and your life may be filled with

freedom and prosperity the abundance I bring into your life will not be accompanied by sorrow you

won’t need to accumulate debt or mortgage your future no one can take away or Rob what

I give you do not see yourself as unworthy or feel undeserving of the blessings I pour into your home they are

yours I give them because I love you and choose to bless you however be aware

that the adversary will try to so doubt aiming to steal your blessings and dreams I grant you wisdom to discern

between those who give sound advice and those who deceive you with lies they may use soothing words pretending to love

you but when they see you caught in their traps they will try to harm you be

vigilant I caution you to stay alert and avoid the snares laid by your adversaries I promise to protect and

watch over you you must pray daily and in doing so I will envelop you in my

presence persist in your faith in my word and trust in me I will encircle

your home and family with my choicest forces dear child type do not let

doubt invade your thoughts my love for you is Everlasting and your life is cradled in

my hands I am here to help you overcome challenges conquer

discouragement focus on the future and maintain steadfast Faith so you can Triumph and

flourish trust in me for I am your heavenly father feel feel free to speak

to me confide in me and express your needs for I am your great friend always

attentive to you my ear is always open to your voice sit and Converse with me

use your own words to share your thoughts plans and the depths of your heart voice your feelings for talking

with me heals your soul and instills peace in your mind by verbalizing your emotions you activate your faith and

Miracles start to unfold today is the day to tell me all you wish to say but

also to listen to my responses I am not here to judge scold or remind you of

past errors my spirit Whispers softly to you affirming my love for you eagerly

waiting each morning for you to awaken to express your need for me and your love for me your words of Love are your

worship your praise rising to my Throne like the morning sun done my presence

fills your life with love and protection reminding you that in your trials I am

ready to help I will not withhold any good thing you ask of me everything you seek for your blessing

I will grant swiftly enveloped in my love entrust me with your thoughts your heart hand over

your concerns that are wearing down your faith and dreams and surrender your worries that make you doubt my love you

need not endure these mental storms alone do not let the Winds of Despair drag you through the streets of

Sorrow whose voice will you listen to the cries of despondency the lies of failure or the

loving tone in which I speak to you you don’t have to struggle in anguish when I’ve shown you time and again that if

you believe in my word I will open the gates of Heaven wide for you you are my

child and my children do not dwell in darkness my spirit is with you offering

Comfort wherever you are in any place you find yourself it’s no accident that you’re

receiving this message I’ve seen the toll that life’s struggles have taken on you how past

adversaries have left you wounded and the reason behind your ongoing pain yet I am here now ready to save you

from this anguish if you choose to embrace me I aim to Shield you with my wings and cover you in my

shelter I urge you to listen closely to read my words attentively and to take

them to heart for I earnestly request your belief I do not want you to suffer any

longer your current trials are not a sign of my wrath or retribution my love for you is deep and

everlasting I am here to lift you up to heal your Despair and to lead you out of

failure you must rise even if you feel weary even if your heart is still aching

and and carrying the weight of pain take steps of Faith trust in me again and you

will experience miraculous healing the moment you decide to believe in me each step you take will bring you

strength and complete healing stand up now for your life is about to change and tomorrow will be

different why because I love you I am with you and that is all you need to

understand today you might feel downhearted and sad

but as you read and listen to my words your heart will be filled with peace Joy encouragement and faith I ask

you to remember my Tender Love repeatedly today yet do not linger on the painful experiences that have

scarred your life a new era of restoration and Recovery is approaching

you will see the return of lost blessings and I will open doors that were previously shut from Heaven I will

shower you with numerous blessings that will bring prosperity and comfort to your soul from this point forward walk

with confidence knowing that I your God and Heavenly Father filled with love for you

I’m am always by your side igniting the passion to live a purposeful and meaningful life in your heart my child

type amen if you feel the energy of this message embrace the fervent desire to obey the Commandments of your king and

Lord and never feel ashamed to believe in me and my word rejoice in the Wonders

I will perform in your life and for your family all who believe in me have the right to be heard in my presence and to

reap the rewards of their faith and obedience anticipate extraordinary and wondrous Miracles soon and you will see

many positive changes in the lives of your loved ones filling you with happiness so even amidst challenges and

occasional hardships remain assured that I will never abandon you I will be by your side in every

moment and situation I’m here to assist you and with confidence and Faith you can speak

to me however it’s essential that you also take the time to listen immerse

yourself in my written word through it I will reach out directly to your heart

infusing you with my spirit you’ll discover a strength that is unshakable a

gift from me commit yourself promise me that you will seek me every day with love and faith I

will be there waiting for you know this I love you deeply and this is certain I

have come to communicate with you to touch your heart at this very moment when you need me

most my love for you is boundless sincere and

everlasting nothing not even your own mistakes or sins can sever you from this

immense love I hold for you even in times when you felt distant from me my

tender hand was extended rescuing you from that which bound you and dimmed your will to live whenever you call on

me I am here when you cry out in your darkest hours I open the doors of my heart wide

seeing you kneel my eyes look upon you with kindness and my grace envelopes you

though your journey may take you through perilous and bitter paths s my presence will shine brightly in your life

dispelling all Darkness even before your birth I knew you I selected the precise

moment of your arrival into this world and nothing in your life unfolds without my consent or blessing while you may not

always understand or appreciate my workings in your life one day you’ll see that all I did was for your benefit to

fortify you to Foster your growth and because I always have greater plans for

you my intention is to elevate you to higher Realms of faith and dedication I

desire to place a gleaming sword in your hands so that when you declare my word miraculous events will unfold

around you do not feel Unworthy of what I am eager to accomplish in you cast

aside those doubts recognize who you truly are a child of the almighty God a

valiant Warrior filled with resolve strength and D for

Triumph believe this for it is the truth born from embracing and accepting my

love today I reach out to you with a heart brimming with Sacred Love as I have

always done to reveal the long- awaited answers that you seek these answers are

the key to liberating yourself from The Maze of Trials you face understand this profound truth each

event in your life each challenge you encounter serves a higher purpose

although it might sometimes feel like you are grappling with insurmountable challenges that defy resolution do not be swayed by fear I am

with you cradling all your worries rest in the peace I offer know

this with unwavering certainty I Am Your Divine father the Creator who loves you

deeply having brought you into this world with a distinct and Noble purpose

embrace the Divine Essence that dwells within you you have the power to perform countless virtuous acts and bestow

blessings upon many you have weathered storms of adversity which have tested the very core of your faith yet in the

depths of your being you long to believe you hold fast to my words yet

your soul cries out for Comfort night and day you search for the balm that will heal the conflict stealing your joy

leaving you with sorrow and pain trust in my words these trials did

not originate from me I’ve allowed these circumstances in your life as a call to awaken to help you

realize that my boundless omnipotent love is within you dear child subscribe to the

channel every struggle every tribulation and all the pain you’ve

endured are being transformed into a fortress of security and strength for your heart with a heart full of

tenderness and truth I call out to you today encouraging you to rise to a

higher spiritual level let go of the days when you woke up and aimlessly wandered through

life eyes cast down Spirits broken enduring harsh words and

belittlement you may have thought this was my desire for you but it was not

remember I created you in my image to live a life filled with strength and freedom to experience true happiness

free from the chains of serving others Wills these words I speak are significant tell me will you trust them

will you today choose to place your faith in me I urge you to stand up this very moment and walk forward in faith

don’t be troubled if you’re unsure of your path or actions I will guide you I will also protect you from those who

have aligned themselves with Darkness those who plot against you and wish you harm walk with me patiently and

fervently and I will guide you through the days months and years

ahead you may pass through valleys and climb mountains but I will be with you

every step of the way in your darkest moments I will be the light that guides

your path giving strength to your steps until you reach your destination I promise to bless you

abundantly you will thrive in foreign lands meeting many people along the way

I will open doors for you and in due time your blessing blings will arrive

when the time is right I will lift you up and you will

soar bringing healing and love to Nations you are not weak you are strong

you are not timid you are brave you are not a mere accident you are cherished

Chosen and protected by my immense love therefore I will not allow anything or

anyone to harm you I Will Reveal Your Great Value to the world myself

those who underestimated you will be dismayed and those who expected your downfall will be ashamed to see your

family’s prosperity and blessings if you heed my words daily now

is the time to make the most important decision of your life I’ve blessed you with immense

strength intelligence and capability now is the time for you to

rise stop wasting your time on meaningless distractions and giving your efforts to

those who do not not value you a land of blessings awaits you know that you have

the courage within do not be afraid move towards your blessings now for if you

delay you might miss them the time is right for Harvest seize your

moment I will open the gates and windows of heaven but only the Vigilant will receive these blessings the idol will

remain asleep afraid to face reality and continue to blame me for their plight

shutting their ears to my daily words this is my will let all who are weary

come to me and I will give them a life filled with abundance and peace I have a

plan of kindness blessings and prosperity for all who earnestly seek and love me as you do your faith and

attitude Delight me and each morning I wait to touch your heart and show you the blessings I have prepared for you I

hold you in deep profound affection do not think think for a moment that I unaware or devoid of love

for you sometimes my silence is a lesson in patience a message that certain things

take time to unfold trust that the outcome of your circumstances will surpass even your

wildest dreams I am infusing your heart with peace and calm all those worries

burdening your mind are firmly in my care and I am addressing them with complete attention take a moment close

your eyes and bask in my love let yourself be enveloped In My Embrace feel

the gentle kiss upon your heart when the tears threaten to fall talk to me I am

right here I haven’t left you I haven’t moved away use this time to glean wisdom

from me so that when these challenges are behind you and life is brighter you’ll be wiser you’ll know how to

choose friends who value you for who you are not what you have I will never leave

you nor give you more than you can handle be attentive to my guidance stay

in touch with me to understand the work I am doing in your life rise and embrace this day with joy relishing the

blessings I pour out from my heart where love and life-giving Waters Flow drink

from this well and you will never thirst again loneliness will become a thing of

the past I am vigilantly caring for your health your work your

family and all that matters to you even before you ask I am orchestrating events so that

everything unfolds in my perfect timing rest my dear child and put your

worries aside use this time to seek me and praise my name when you grasp how

deeply I love you tell me my child how much you love me in return rejoice in my

name and may your life overflow with blessings and joy even if you don’t

fully understand my ways just know that I love you unconditionally and will never leave you

place your trust in me and let your faith be strengthened if your plans have stumbled

it doesn’t mean defeat it’s normal to feel disheartened when things don’t go as expected but your faith in me will

revive your spirit and guide you back to my perfect plan I have scripted a brighter future

for you and your loved ones it is my desire to see the promises you believe in come to pass don’t let sadness linger

in your thoughts nor allow discouragement to weaken you trust in me

and your family will always be safe secure and

joyous they will have the strength to face life’s trials and the wisdom to avert

dangers they will stand as a beacon and a blessing to others infinite blessings

await when you place your complete and sincere trust in your heavenly father you can come directly to my

throne and speak openly with me don’t feel burdened by guilt I am ready and

able to forgive your faults you seek and need the cleansing power of my redeeming blood see how greatly privileged

accepted and treasured you are my promises are steadfast and true I will

never play with your emotions if I have assured you of a secure future even amidst your current

situation believe it for it is the truth if you’re plans haven’t unfolded

as expected don’t be distressed or anxious simply trust in me if you are

tired of things not working in your favor I will fill your heart with bravery and hope I recognize your inner

faith in me even amidst tumultuous emotions remember I faced trials so

immense that blood fell from my brow thus approach my throne of grace

with confidence worry no longer things will get better many aspects of your life will

soon change feel my love and peace filling you today when I speak to you

tenderly don’t turn away when I call you gently don’t ignore my

voice when I correct you firmly it’s then you should draw even closer to my love you are aware of my

love for you make me a promise promise that you won’t be upset when I don’t answer your prayers

immediately it’s true there are those around you watching for missteps waiting

to see you falter at times it might seem like things aren’t going your way and they’re

ready to mock your faith but you my beloved my precious one you are

different your focus is on the Divine not Earthly ridicule even as they laugh and Scorn

you should remain undisturbed I have charted a unique path for you walk it bravely letting the

scoffers drift aimlessly consumed by their pride and envy which can lead to their downfall but you are

my child and you have direct access to me through prayer I will surely answer those who

mock you will feel ashamed when they see how mistaken they were I have reserved a special blessing for you if it hasn’t

reached you yet it’s because I am preparing your heart for it without Deep

Roots abundance can lead to downfall without Focus

one can get lost in prosperity leading to arrogance in the enemy’s traps that’s why you need to be

ready strong and courageous grounded in my word filled

with wisdom and Prudence don’t sit back or hide from the mockers don’t believe the lie that

you’re worthless it’s a daily battle for your mind but I am here to strengthen

you we walk together day and night in the morning mornings we plan your day at

night we discuss your fears and dreams you trust in me believe in me don’t give

up embrace my love and recognize your worth when you undervalue yourself it

Grieves me you will overcome believe it not because I love you even if you

falter I will never abandon you this message is for my Warriors if you feel

you are one believe it I’ve confirmed it many times don’t dismiss my word because

of your age health or finances for my Warriors ready to believe I clear their

paths and open doors miraculously You Are My Chosen One and I am preparing you

for success in moments of Doubt cling to the hope my promises offer believe

wholeheartedly I will fulfill my will in your life bringing forth many

blessings this is your time to be filled with strength steadfast in faith and

Incredibly Brave don’t fear confronting Financial Health or family

issues I can part your sea of troubles making a way to the solution if you obey

my word when I command you to persevere to keep going and not to lose your resolve you will Traverse abysses walk

on stormy waves and remain unshaken even When Storms threaten your path my

warrior my cherished one your happiness and blessing are in my heart grow

stronger daily facing the enemy with steadfast unbreakable Faith be assured

that even amid Fierce conflicts and great needs even if you can’t feel see

or hear me I will arrive at the perfect moment to rescue you your foes will

retreat in awe of your Fearless stand against their taunts regardless of their size or threats today I give you a holy

sword the power of my word in your speech when you believe and speak it

your obedience and Faith pave the way and my power supports you in facing your

fears my warrior you are dearly held in my heart take the hand of those you love

your children your family and step through the door of your blessing with Faith and

Hope today he I reach out to you with heartfelt love and affection sharing the

depths of my heart’s intentions for you believe in the words I speak for they

are Eternal pure and sincere truths my love for you is immense

surpassing the vastness of the earth even in moments when you feel small or a bit lost remember you are blessed

cherished and protected in my love there will be days filled with sorrow and it

may seem like you are fighting alone but know this My Love Is Your Shield caring

for you and guiding you like the sun that gently warms your face each day my light shines upon you bestowing

blessings with my love by your side nothing in this world can harm you so lift your head smile with Hope For You

are my beloved child with me no harm can come to you be brave and hold on to the

truth my love for you is so profound that I sacrificed my life on a cross to ensure your Eternal happiness and

salvation let this be a constant reminder of the depth of my love for you

I have paved the path before you guiding your steps with my Divine Light trust in

me and you will never falter for I Am The Rock upon which you stand firm my

dear child in times of trial and tribulation do not lose sight of my

presence I am with you you always holding you in the palm of my hand when

the storms rage and the winds howl seek refuge in my love for it is an unyielding Fortress against all

adversity let my peace envelop you like a warm embrace soothing your weary soul

and calming the tumult Within You Are Not Alone on this journey I walk beside

you every step of the way though the path may be Steep and treacherous at times fear not for I am your steadfast

companion guiding you safely through the darkest valleys and the highest peaks

trust in my wisdom lean on my strength and you will emerge from every trial stronger and

more resilient than before my child do not be disheartened by the

challenges you face for they are but fleeting moments in the grand tapestry of your life

Embrace each trial as an opportunity for growth and transformation knowing that I am working all things together for your

good good have faith my beloved and let Hope be your Guiding Light in the

darkest of nights know that I am always listening to your prayers even when the

answers seem slow and coming trust in my perfect timing for I know what is best

for you surrender your worries and fears Into My Loving Hands and I will carry

you through the storm your faith is a beacon of light in a world shrouded in darkness shining brightly for all to see

my child remember that you are dearly loved cherished beyond

measure there is nothing you could ever do to separate yourself from my love for it is boundless and

unconditional let this truth be your anchor in the storms of life grounding you in the certainty of my unwavering

affection as you Journey forward know that I am walking beside you guiding

your steps and filling your heart with peace trust in

me and you will find the strength to overcome every obstacle that stands in your way you are my beloved child and I

will never leave you nor forsake you rest in my love and let it carry you through all

the days of your life I seek your faith on sincerity obedience do perseverance

tenacity and persistence in me my word and my presence do not

fear I am with you my child I want you to feel at ease

throughout your life your presence present and future are in my

hands and if I have said you will be blessed it is because it is true your

blessing is coming and it will arrive very soon I invite you to open your arms in

faith and receive with Simplicity all the good things I am say s sending your way wake up each day with my word in

your mind allowing your soul to be filled with beautiful thoughts put an end to fears and doubts

once and for all your faith is real my power is Supernatural your prayers are

effective and they will yield the long awaited fruit it’s feudal to First focus

on the negatives when you open your eyes your situation will pass feel assured that I

will answer you also open your windows let light

illuminate your home call out to me and I will fill your soul with my light

remember my word and banish all despair from your mind do not let bitterness or resentment take root in your spirit I

don’t want such feelings in your heart nor should you allow them don’t listen

to them don’t speak them don’t repeat them shut your ears to the gossip

brought to you you are not dependent on what others say in this world there are

many negative people you are not like them nor will you ever be but

also do not open the doors of your soul in your home to these people many will come to burden you with worries and

concerns that don’t concern you and are unnecessary stay focused remain

steadfast in your plans your projects your dreams and your faith stand tall

and brave walk confidently forward a Fearless soldier of Faith because my

eyes are upon you even if you see only problems I see an army of angels sent

for your protection listen well focus on what I tell you and close your ears to

malicious talk fill yourself with belief and today you will be richly blessed

filled with my power my love and my peace I cherish you deeply

my most beloved do you long to return that love to me I promise to dispel your

sadness and wrap you in Joy each morning as you awaken listen to the healing words of

love I eagerly wish to impart to you I watch as your eyes open sensing the Deep longing of your

soul for affection here I am again right by your side do not be afraid for I am

unchanging the same yesterday today and forever more my love for you grows with each

passing day and I long to come closer to bring you comfort and renewal do not

resist me have faith do not doubt that you deserve this nor turn away from the

wonderful blessings I plan to bestow upon you and your family you are worthy because of my love for you this is my

choice I trust you will value My Sacrifice and treasure my blessings you

have embraced it in your heart and for this reason I will continue to show you my love day and night eagerly await me

for I will seek you out personally wherever you are in your daily tasks or the depths of your soul there I will

speak to you softly with endless love you will recognize my presence and know that I am there accept my words welcome

my blessings be filled with hope and do not fear the challenges ahead for now

you believe understand and feel that I always encompassing you with my Divine

protection no force can break the formidable Shield I have placed around you nothing can overpower the warrior

angels I have stationed ready to fight when the adversary approaches you no

longer desire emptiness or Solitude I have heard your cries and I am here to

reaffirm that this love which flows from my presence remains yours magnificent and

Limitless even more immense than you can imagine do not deny yourself love do not

make excuses to avoid my affection do not run from my presence even in light of your faults do

not belittle my words and Commandments stay with Mia for I take nothing from you and ask for nothing

material your heart is what I seek and in surrendering it I offer you an

eternal life filled with blessings and happiness if only you believe in me tell me I long to hear it from your lips I am

your powerful and true God my love for you is genuine my affection is pure and

sincere no one loves you as profoundly as I do watches over you both day and night or cares for you as I do I have

never turned you away or left you alone I do not want you to continue feeling unworthy or defiled you were not created

to live each day burdened by self- condemnation punishing yourself for sins and mistakes that I have already

forgiven as stated in my word I have cast your sins to the depths of the sea see they are no longer in my

memory now you must believe me do not sink further into the murky Waters of guilt revisiting memories and emotions

that have been cleansed from you do not allow the enemy to remind you and torment you with sins I have already

pardoned there’s no need to suffer daily for the same mistakes focus on the future and the days ahead leave the past

behind never to revisit it I give you strength to overcome difficulties

victoriously after Hard Times great blessings and wonderful opportunities await your focus must remain firmly on

what I your God think of you rather than the opinions of the world or those who

scorn you your adversaries may continue to accuse and berate you claiming you

are undeserving of my blessings and favor but you must assert that my grace and forgiveness have been lavishly

bestowed upon you I am your protector March forward with determination for I

will rescue you from all who wish to harm you now open your heart to me receive my words with reverence honor My

Sacrifice the blood I shed with respect never entertain thoughts of returning to

past wrongdoings H look to the Future avoid being sidetracked by trivial

matters I have an abundance of wonderful plans for you I seek your Eternal devotion pursue me in all aspects of

life and be obedient I trust that you will I know your love for me do not

stray I long for you to remain with me you are safely nestled under my Divine

protection the despair that attacks you aims to pull you away to drag you through a perilous and deceitful

Wilderness but this is not your fate it’s not what I have in vision for you

today I speak to you to lift your spirits to bring peace to ease your

anxieties and to give you the strength you desperately need I wish for you to know true love I

want you to eventually realize that someone loves you with strong sincere

and heartfelt affection a tenderness unlike any you’ve ever experienced this is my

profound gentle and Powerful Love For You do not leave stay with me hand over

your Sorrows your frustrations place in my hands those thoughts of giving up of

forsaking everything lay down at my feet those Notions that convince you no one has ever loved you this isn’t true you

already know it I reiterate this to you I reaffirm it with my words I declare it

and your heart begins to ignite with the fire of my everlasting love you can feel it in your spirit I am imbuing you with

the will to live despite the daunting challenges the formidable

barriers the assaults you face today From This Moment

On Everything Changes you will not be the same you have welcomed me into your

heart you are completely renewed from within the past the hurtful all that has

caused you pain is left behind today you are reborn do you accept my love tell me now

do you embrace my strength respond with the utmost sincerity of your heart assure me that you won’t leave my

presence but be warned even if you wish to go or the enemy tries to pull you from My

Embrace I will not allow you to be separated from me or to be lost wherever you go I will be there I will take you

by the hand and lead you back to me stay steadfast once more I offer you

my love which is enough to heal liberate soothe your pain and Conquer your

anxiety wherever you are close your eyes and and sense the voice of your heavenly

father your almighty God speaking to your heart and Tenderly caressing your

soul all unease Fades away your Solitude and sadness are healed you are immensely

valuable to me and I send you my word to uplift you I eagerly await the day when

I see a deep smile on your face one that stirs your soul as you finally experience the Embrace of love and

affection I lavish upon you a hug more wonderful than any you have ever known I

long for you to be assured that each day you can approach my heavenly Throne Guided by your unwavering faith and

deepest struggles I will come close to you taking my place by your side and

just as I do today I will wrap You In My Embrace soothing your heart you will

feel the fullness of my love for you and know that your family is safely cradled in my Caring Hands I will bless them

with immense favor even those who currently stray for I am set to bring about a tremendous

transformation in their lives changing them in ways you can’t even imagine your

amazement will be vast your lips will brim with praises as you witness how I shield and sustain those who seek and

adore me I will forgive their sins leading and clearing their way preparing

a bounty of blessings thus what I urge you to listen to my words and find time each day to

kneel quietly in that quietude I wish to imprint upon your heart my words and plans so they remain

with you forever as night falls remember what I’ve said and persist in praying

with steadfast Faith do not be afraid or anxious for your life is entirely in my

hands I will gift you Joy and lighten your burdens do not hesitate affirm your

belief in me amen dear child like the video if you

truly believe in me

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