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if you want God to always help you you

should carefully listen to this message

from God if you don’t do this God won’t

be able to assist you because you’ll be

blocking God’s angels so listen to the

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friends and on your social media my

precious child as I look out upon the

world I have created my heart is filled

with joy to see the incredible abundance

and provision I have lavished upon you

from the Lush Landscapes teeming with

life to the intricate designs and

perfect order underlying the cosmos my

creativity and generosity are on display

in Majestic Splendor yet of all my works

you my image Bearer Remain the Crown

Jewel fearfully and wonderfully made

blessed beyond measure with every good

gift in you I have invested so much not

just breath and physical life but the

impartation of my very spirit and

essence you are imbued with talents


resources positions of influence an

immeasurable wealth of potential to

Steward for my glory everything you call

your own from your next breath to your

bank account is ultimately on loan to

you from my eternal storehouses for I am

the true owner of all that exists and

you are are but sojourners and managers

of the rich abundance I provide do not

let the LIE take root in your hearts

that you can claim ownership over

anything in this temporal realm for what

do you possess that was not first given

to you by my benevolent hand the air you

breathe the food that nourishes you the

relationships and communities that

enrich your lives all of it flows

directly from the Fountain of my grace

and loving kindness you brought nothing

into this world and you will take

nothing out except what you have

invested back into my eternal Kingdom so

you must ask yourself am I proving to be

a wise and faithful Steward of all that

I have been entrusted with have I become

so intoxicated by the illusion of Plenty

that I have forgotten the true Source

from which everything Springs or do I

recognize that every good gift is meant

to be utilized not for my own selfish

Pursuits but as a sacred entrustment for

the furtherance of my Divine agenda for

far too many of you the seductive

Whispers of greed

pride and self-indulgence have lured you

down the path of the unrighteous Steward

hoarding wasting and squandering the

Abundant riches you have been given you

treat lightly the resources under your

care whether physical or Spiritual

Living only for the fleeting pleasures

of the moment rather than investing

eternally my children this shortsighted

thinking Grieves my heart for it spits

in the face of the sacrifice of my own

beloved Son who left the glories of

Heaven to become poor so that you could

experience the unfathomable Riches of my

grace he had no place to lay his head

willingly divesting himself of all

Earthly possessions and Comforts so that

you could become heirs to an inheritance

that will never fade or perish how dare

you then take lightly your

responsibility as managers of what

rightfully belongs ons to me have you

forgotten that the day is quickly

approaching when you will have to give

an account for your stewardship each one

of you will have to stand before my

throne and be examined by the

penetrating gaze of my perfect judgment

in that hour it will not matter how

large your retirement fund how

impressive your career accomplishments

or how many likes your social media

posts received all that will be left are

the choices you made the thoughts the


the priorities that governed your life

and use of my resources type Amen in the

comments if you want God’s love and

presence Every Idle Word every moment

wasted in fruitless Pursuits every

opportunity hoarded and kept to yourself

rather than leveraged for my glory these

are the things that will be laid bare

and I the Lord of all will ask you to

explain how your day-to-day decisions

and stewardship made an eternal impact

for my Kingdom

purposes what return did you make on the

Investments I entrusted to your care on

that day some of you will be commended

for your faithfulness not because you

achieved worldly power fame or wealth

but because you wholeheartedly devoted

whatever I placed in your hands small or

large back to my service a life lived in

outward Prosperity means nothing if you

do not regard all that I have given as

tools and resources to Steward for

greater purposes than your own

Ambitions others will be filled with

remorse and shame realizing how they

constantly lived beneath their

privileges selfishly hoarding what was

given to them to distribute they blindly

indulged their appetites for bigger and

better constantly seeking to acquire and

consume rather than making an eternal

impact so much opportunity squandered so

much abundance

mismanaged my children

do not find yourselves in the position

of the unprofitable servant burying

their talents and resources out of

foolish fear ultimately having whatever

they neglected Stripped Away and given

to others for no waste Grieves my heart

more than the waste of untapped

potential gifts left to atrophy

influence untapped callings unfulfilled

due to laziness complacency or the

pursuit of lesser priorities

I have raised you up for such a time as

this you are bestowed with a lavish

array of spiritual gifts material

blessings relational Capital positions

of influence not to mention my boundless

power residing within you for the asking

every region language

group and sphere of society is

represented among you as a platform for

you to be my

ambassadors so take stock and weigh

carefully how you are leveraging the

immense treasure in entrusted to your

care Steward diligently not just your

finances but every thought every Talent


relationship seize intentionally the

incredible privilege of introducing

others to the unfathomable inheritance

that awaits those who put their faith in

me Shepherd my resources well forgoing

the temporal pleasures of today for the

greater prize of hearing me declare over

you well done good and faithful servant

do not seek to amass wealth for the sake

of wealth but so you can be generous and

lavish means upon those living in lack

pursue not fame or recognition but

influence and position from which you

can lift up my name higher employ your

skills and talents not for your own

fleeting Renown but to further my

eternal purposes in the Earth this is

the heart of an exemplary Steward one

who brings inre increase and multiplies

the Master’s resources for his glory not

their own consider the example of the

wise servant who took what was given and

invested wisely generating a bountiful

return this is the heart attitude I am

calling you to one of industrious

faithfulness with whatever has been

entrusted to you no matter how small it

may seem for I do not measure

stewardship by magnitude or outcome but

by the pure and devotion of your motives

the Widow who gave her last might

invested extravagantly in my storehouses

the young boy shared his few Loaves and

fish which I then multiplied to feed

thousands these examples of unreserved

surrender and sacrifice are the very

seeds that enable my kingdom to flourish


advance every time one of you makes the

courageous choice to forfeit your life

resources and Ambitions at my feet the

spiritual Harvest multiplies

exponentially for I Delight to take your

seeds of faithfulness and transform them

into a yield beyond your wildest dreams

my power flows freely through empty and


vessels not straining against the dam of

Pride selfishness or fear it is your

radical Reckless abandon that allows my

fullness to fill you up and spill out in


fruitfulness so do not concern yourself

with whether what has been entrusted to

you seems large or small impressive or

meager in the world’s eyes the question

is not how much you have been given but

whether you are willing to give it all

back to me for my

purposes come as you are holding nothing

back and watch in awe as I take the

little you offer and compound it

hundredfold this is the essence of wise

stewardship holding everything I have

lent you from my gracious hand with an

open Palm ready to pour it out lavishly

for my glory as I direct for you are not

owners of anything merely managers and

caretakers entrusted with bringing

increase to the Master’s

portfolio and I promise you invest with

me and the Dividends are absolutely

unbeatable and The Inheritance

inexhaustible nothing you could pursue

for yourself will ever compare my

children my heart aches to see how often

you have settled for so much less like

The Prodigal Son squandering your

Birthright among the pigs Pride causes

you to forge your own path turn your

back on your covenantal blessings and

miss out on all I have in store I shower

you with gifts from above yet constantly

find you chasing the unfulfilling vapor

trails of the world divorced from True

riches turn from this madness and

embrace your calling as my wise stewards

root out every vesage of entitlement


laziness and

greed for you cannot manage the true

riches while flirting with the

counterfeit wealth of this world where

your treasure is there your heart will

follow you cannot serve both God and

money you must choose whom you will

worship with every thought

resource and moment entrusted to you I

am searching for those who will be

singularly consumed with my agenda and

the advancement of my king om at

whatever personal cost or

sacrifice I invest in those who make

themselves available as living

sacrifices laying down their very lives

for my eternal purposes for out of the

Hallowed Ground of such yielded vessels

my spirit cultivates spiritual abundance

multiplication and fruitfulness that

confounds every Earthly mind to those

who have tasted and seen that I am the

greatest treasure whose hearts and

affections are eternally aligned with my


heart I entrust the true riches not the

fading counterfeits of this Fallen age

that rust and Decay my faithful stewards

will be lavished with Glory upon Glory

Revelation upon

Revelation Heavenly resources and

strategy that changes the course of

cities and Nations for you are my

ambassadors representing the Dominion of

a Heavenly

Kingdom how you Steward and Leverage

What I have entrusted to you has Cosmic


your sphere of stewardship no matter how

seemingly small or insignificant is a

critical Outpost in the war between

light and darkness good and evil so

recognize that in your families

workplaces communities churches wherever

my spirit has strategically positioned

you you are on the front lines as a vice

Regent of my rule and

Authority I have supplied you with every

spiritual blessing and weapon to

dismantle The Works of the evil one and

establish my sovereign reign will you be

a wise Steward of the Dominion and power

I have invested in You by calling

Heaven’s realities into the Earthly

Realms under your care when you face

Injustice or oppression poverty or

sickness demonic torment or spiritual

Darkness I have given you the authority

and anointing to Route the forces of the

enemy you represent my governance so

Steward that influence by bringing

Supernatural intervention healing the

sick and demonstrating the reality of

your father’s Kingdom if you believe in

the power of God then type I believe do

not permit wickedness and evil to

perpetuate in the Realms under your

stewardship you have been charged with

increasing my reign in every sphere

every relationship and every resource I

have lent to you as managers and

stewards your homes

neighborhoods workplaces are all

outposts for heaven’s Dominion to be

multiplied and expanded

whether crowds and Nations or a solitary

life under your care my command is the

same Master those environments through

my wisdom and Authority so that my

perfect will is realized on Earth as it

is in heaven I have already supplied

everything required the same

resurrection power that raised Jesus

from the grave lives inside of you so be

bold and

courageous demonstrating your father’s

heart to the world around you in the way

you oversee and Steward what I have

given you charge

over you are not powerless in the face

of the world’s Brokenness but Anointed

with influence and Dominion through the

blood of my son type Amen in the

comments and like the video if you truly

believe in God raise up this generation

to be my righteously influential

stewards teach them from their youngest

age the truth that all of life is a holy

calling to be managed Faithfully under

my screw scy and for my purposes may

they Embrace their roles as my

ambassadors even in the routine tasks of

school work and Community for I do not

make a distinction between the sacred


secular all is spiritual and all is

within my domain as king of kings train

them diligently as the next generation

will either multiply and increase what I

have invested in this age or squander it

in waste and immorality

it falls upon you to ensure my abundant

resources are leveraged for Kingdom

impact that will endure long after you

are gone disciple and impart not only

your accumulated knowledge and talents

but your heart for managing all of life

with eternity in view this is my heart

cry for all of you from the wealthiest

and most influential to the most

materially poor and

obscure every one of you has been

entrusted with staggering abundance and

access to resources beyond what you can

comprehend so make it your life pursuit

to be found faithful with that abundance

no matter its outward appearance or

size just as a wise farmer diligently

swws and tills their land I am calling

you to Steward all that you have with

foresight and planning do not consume it

all carelessly on your fleeting

pleasures and temporary whims but invest

for a harvest that will extend far

beyond your Earth

lifespan be strategic disciplined

Visionary keeping your eyes fixed on the

Eternal impact your stewardship

decisions can make so manage your time

wisely redeeming every Wasted Minute for

my kingdom

purposes Steward your bodies with care

bringing every appetite under submission

so you can bring glory to me as living

temples multiply your influence

constantly leaving an imprint on every

life you encounter by leveraging your

words resources and positions as

platforms to expand my reach never

forget that everything belongs to your

father so use it in a manner that

reveals your loyalty and love toward me

pour yourself out give extravagantly

live open-handed each day by returning

to me a portion of all I have given do

not just go through the motions but

awaken to the exhilarating reality that

I have granted you the Great privilege

of participating with me in a cosmic

revolution of restoration

reconciliation and expansion of my

glorious Kingdom as you Faithfully

discharge this colossal responsibility

by being a consumate steward of my

gracious abundance you are storing up an

inheritance Beyond Your Wildest

imagination everything poured out from

an undivided heart will be rewarded with

Everlasting dividends in the age to come

I myself will be your

unfathomable boundless treasure and

Delight so I call you to fully embrace

your role as my wise stewards take

dominion over the spheres of influence I

have granted you and cultivation

Heaven’s realities everywhere your feet

tread with Reckless abandon invest

yourselves wholly in my purposes laying

up inexhaustible riches in the only

place that matters my heavenly

storehouses take what has been given and

generate an eternal return turn

preparing to be entrusted with even more

in the Glorious age to

come go forth now and Steward joyfully

the lavish abundance of your father as

those who have tasted and seen that I

alone am the greatest treasure to

pursue may you overflow with

wisdom vision and diligence as managers

of all my resources and catalysts for

bringing increase to my glorious

Kingdom amen

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